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Full text of "The marriage, baptismal, and burial registers of the collegiate church or abbey of St. Peter, Westminster"

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In the seventh and eighth volumes of Collectanea Topographica et 
Genealoffica, published by Messrs. Nichols and Son in 1841 and 1843, 
were printed certain extracts from the Registers of Westminster Abbey, 
from a MS, in the College of Arms,' with annotations by the late Sir 
Charles Q. Young, Garter. These extracts will be found on pages 162-174j 
243-248, and 355-877 of vol. vii., and 1-21 of voL viii., of that work. 
They proved a great boon to historians, biographers and genealogists, and 
have ever since been accepted as stanilard authority. A conviction that 
the series was imperfect, and the entries often erroneous, induced the 
present Editor to collate his copy with the original, and the result was so 
startling that it was felt that the knowledge obtained ought not to be 
confined to himself. In a word, it was found that the errors, both of 
omission and commission, were so numerous and so serious as to render the 
Collectanea version untrustworthy and practically worthless. In some 
instances, also, the identifications by the annotator of persons named in 
the text were found to be incorrect. It would be impossible to point out 
all the discrepancies revealed by a careful examination of the original 
Registers, and they can be ascertained only by a comparison of the two 
versions: some of the more flagrant errors, however^ are referred to in the 
notes ID the present volume. The late Mr. John Gough Nichols was so 
profoundly sensible of the injury unwittingly done to the literary world 
by the Collectanea version that he at once proposed to print the corrected 
one at his own expense, btit this arrangement came to an end by reason 
of his untimely death. It was then intended to reprint only the oldest 
volnmes of the Registers, embracing the period covered by the Collectanea 
extracts, ending with the year 1705; but on consulting with the present 




Dean of WeBtmiiifter, he naively a^ked the qitention, WLy ntop there? 
Tlie filial result wu that, at the instaticc of Dean Stialcy, and with the 
cor<lial npproHntion «f tlie Cliapter, ihe entife Hegii!it«rA were allovcd to 
be ^ivcii to the world. It 19 onif juit to my that for tbi± publicity of 
t)ie«e fularestin^ aod raluablc records, ft:) illustratiic of the i>cn(gijn3 
history of the venerable Minster, the world is indebted to the liberal 
spirit of its present ehief digiiitar}'. From thr inception of the design to 
Ihe la»t mouient of its completion, he has taken the Uicliest intcr^^t iii 
the work, and tlu^ Kditor cleinrcM to reertrd permanently here his gratitu<lfl 
for the Dumcroua courtesies, generous oiyuipnthy, and cordial enoouru^c* 
tueut, which ho has received from him during the many year* uf hit 
Interewthig laboiir. 

Anything like biographical skctchea of the variom penoQA uamcd in 
tlie Abbey Rein^tera would have swelled the work into half a dozen t'oIumcSj 
and it wfu dcmiod hcxt that the Editor idioulrl restrict bin labaarH to their 
idaotificatiou, giving, pcrhapn^ any voltcnt fact« concorruiig them, and 
rofareDcea by which their own history or tliat of their fniuilirH conid tic 
puraiied- The present volume ii Ibcrcfore dcaigoed for refcreBce, rather 
tliau for popular perusal. Brief aa mouy of the iinnotalioDa are, howerer, 
tJiey have often co^ much time aad labour, and there U many a line and 
half line which in the concvutrated ri^ult of vreeLM of pitEk*ot rcaenrch. 
Thu»e only who hare been engaged in a similar undertaking c«n hare iit^\ 
alighte^t couoeptiou of the amount of serious work embodied in t 
following pages. Still, while cJaimhig tiiat be has done Lis work earciidly 
and couficientiouaJy, the Editor ia not vaiu or fooliah eaongh to believ< 
or hope that no errors will he detected. He doca belieTc, however, tlmt 
they will bo very few, jiccldentul, and un important, aud that every state 
ment of faeU and datea may he absolutely rdicd upon. 

Whenever the autboritics for tJie aimotatiooB nftturally suggeat them- 
aelvea, and are common and open to all, they are not mentioned; bu: 
any unasual reference ia carefully given. Wlienever monumental iuscrip 
tions are quoted, it may be taken for gmntcd that the Editor haa peraoually 
examined them, if in exiatenoe; but, if tbey have dUappi^artd, then reaort 
has been had to the numerous book^ in which they have been printed 
numerous and ao common that it would have been idle to reproduce the 
tniohpikmA iu the notes. Whenever AVilla are referred to, it mar he 
QDderatood that Ihey are to be found at the Principal Registry of Prubat^^^ 
DOW at Somcraet Hoimi, unleaa otherviisc atated. The contractions "Mar. 


Lie. Pftc./' "Mar- Lie- Vic. Gcn./^ '' War. Lie Bp, Lond,/' und " Mar. Lie. 
D. aiu) C. W«&tm. " of cour«i^ iiiHi<*jiU* Miu-nag^ Tji(>j>nnrA, the ftllc^Ationa 
for vrUich aru to be fouud &t tbc FacuIcj Otlicc, or that of tliC Vicar* 
OcncrvJ of Uic Anjbbisliop of Cunlcrliuiy, tlic fCej^istry of the BuOiop of 
Lcindoiij or ia the Aci Iiook« of the Deau and Chapter of We4ttn)tiiHt(;r, 
Dovr at Somerset Houj«e. The full scu»c of miy other coutroctionA, auch 
as "datL" for dangbl^r, and "Admoa." far Letters of Admmistratioa, viU 
nwUIj be perceived. 

From the cnanDcr in which the carlJcat volume of the Abbey Renters 
iru Gonapiled (see Xhe beading, p. 1), and from the too evident cnrclcuneH* 
of some of the Ut«r ofilciaUj it is quite cerUin that maay other persons 
have been buried iu the Abbey mid iln Cloi»lcr» of wbouc ipt4>rmi'ut no 
record bow cxiatn. The %utiu: rvmark tipplic« to marringfra nnd hsiptun» 
to some cilcuL lualttuces of iliu Lattor occur wbcrv the ct-j-euioiiy wm 
uDdoubledLy performed in tbe Abbey, but the record of them iip]Tear» oi)ly 
in tbe parUh rcgiHtcrs of St Margaret, Weatiuitistcr. And, again^ 
aocordinft to tbe Abbey Kef^utera, it vould appear that no baplUmH took 
place, on one ocea^ion, (Vw n pmoJ of nboul thirteen yearn, whirh is, to 
mj the least, highly improbablo* So far a« Mr. Tynchare vaa oouccrDod, 
it ia but fair to preauiiH; ibaL Ihe »entiiueitt whieh led him lu thi; fimt 
ioAtanoe to aeetire ami perpetuate vhnt was left of tbe "imperfect books" 
alio induced hin to do his work as thoroughly as possible, but it is certaiii 
that the records antecedent to the Reftloration are udiy deficient, and the 
^raeH and dat«8 sometinieA inaceurate. ThcHc dijicfepnncics have been 
rocondled by the Editor whenever positive evidence could be obtained. 
Mr. TyuchttTt-, liowcver, died in 1U7S, and by whom, or uuder what nystem, 
tlie Kegislcr^ werv afterwards kept, it is impossible to determine. That 
at & much later period >ome reprelieuaible loojiene«ts eiisted ia abundantly 
pioved by tke action of the Chapter. The "Chanter" wa» ticver tbe 
proper official on nliom this dnty should devolve, bnt rather the Registrar, 
or Ckapttir CWrk, When the I»te Mr. 0<Kirge-Oi]cfl Viuc«pt was appmuted 
t^ tbe latter ofllcv, in 1803, he nppcarH Ui have no recorded the matter, 
as vtiU docs his Mucccssor, Mr, Bedford. The action of tbe Chapter jnat 
referred to will be fottnd id tbe folloviog entry in it« reoordsj under tbe 
date of IS June 18at: 

"Onlered, tliat Mr. Horsfall make up the Register Rook of Burials to 
tW time of Mr. Vinconf s sppointownt to the odUce of Chapter Clerk, and, 



tiitt Mt, Horef^l be filloired ouc month Trom this dtv to miki? ap die 
•aid book, Hnd, if it be not made up at tJiat day, Mr. ViDcetit be autborixccl 
to employ some person to make it up, upon such evidmce om u ttiii in 

Tbe riglit words italicuscd, atid capecially the Iftst tbrcCj augi^t the 
unpl€B«aut «iupiciuri th&i lUtrvt liud tjcen other "i-iidenrc" not tUeu in 
exittenee, aud the whole entry shews at leaat that the Rcgiatcra litd 
not been properly kept. From tJie unifomiity of the vriting and tbe 
colour of the iuk, it seems also certain that the nuglcet covered a very 
loDf^ period. 

Whatever the lotuica from thb nrglfct, it In impoaniblc now to retnere 
them from the Abbey rrcords themsciveB, ^hich have been carefully ez- 
untnerl with that object. The probability ia that the ditScolty grev out 
of the number of pcfMOiis anthcrizcd to oflieiAtc at tlie varioiu cereoiotiiala, 
wbop instead of makiug, or seeing made, the entries themtelves. trusted to 
iDDic pcrFion vh'honc duty it wiut supposed to be. In othc^r wordo, tbe duty 
waa throrcticaUy every body's ; but wan sult'orrd to become practically uobody's, 

For the oiniKeiona in Mr- Tynchare'a jMjrtion of the Registers there is, 
of course, & eufficieot excuse. One fact, however, should be notieed. It 
haa always been customary to attribute the mutilation uf ]karish regi&tera, 
as well as the spoliation of monuments aod sepulchral brassi's, to the 
rough soldiers or the stern officiaU of the Commonweslth. Even if this 
werti true generally, there is ^ood reason to believe tiiat part, at 
least, of the damage done to tbc Abbey Ue^sters vraH the vorV of some 
over zealous loyalist who had the custody of them, or access to them, 
immediuEely after the Re«tomtion. Else, why ilo vrc fail to find in them, 
for instance, tbc name of a single member of the Protector's family ? Yet 
Cromwell himself waa bnricd in the Abbey, a* were his mother, hia sitter, 
hia daughter, bis son-in-law, and his grandchild. Why do we alao fuil to 
find tbc names of Bradshav, and P^on, and Strode, and Boud, aitd Muy, 
all of vbieb appear in the royal warriirit for disinterment in 1661 (ecc 
pp. fi2l-3], aud of who«e places of burial there mu«t have been some 
record, as their coflina were readily found? It would be unfair to assume 
That Mr TyDchare himself purpo»cly omitlt-d tboe names, as be preserved 
an tesft than thirtt-cti olhrrn vhich appcsr iu tbc same warmntj the? memory 
of which must have been sufBdently, if not equally, oflcoaivc to the then 
roling powers. 

Some of tbe entries which were evidently missing vheo Mr Tynehare 




It will be iiouccd that, in anooixUncc with the system of nnnotation 
Q«lopt<!cl, ftx much care htt )>ccn taken with t1ie nunc^ of pCTBODs ID 
humble po&itionfi ai with thc»o of their tuprnors. This seemed iieoc»ur7 
IQ onlcr thnt their ^^er/ nftines, and their appcarsncv in t\te Ahhcy Rr^t^m, 
Bh<Hild Dot hoTeaftcr misUnd iiiLimrerv aa to th<fir oocial rank. 

Having vuid bo much couccrniii^ Uie dcfcvis xA' the Ucfrjaters, it mnat 
nol be forgotten tliat there is a reverse to the piriure. It jji eiioallj tmo 
that many persons haTc the historical repatatiou of iaterment in the 
Abbey for whom ito gaten were neter opcwcd. An eiaminatiou of idmo<t 
any of the priutcrd famtly histories will rexo;^] rrSt^mnct^ to s»oe«tOT« 
•aid to bo there buried, in support of which claimit there is Dot a shadov 
of Gvidcticr, but, m many iD^tnncr-H, aiiiptc proof tu the contnn^. t^o, 
thiOQgh carclcssncM, errors h&ve crept t&to the MSS. of cvm eminent 
Imtoriam aoti ^^enealc^ists, which liave bei'n perpetuated until they have 
bcfOEne a part of history. For imtaiicc^ Peter Le Neve, in his Diary, 
reeonlcd the burial of th« Moroo<» Amhssaador in thf; Ahb(*y na the 
31st of August I7l6p aiui cvon noted the name And address of tiir un- 
dertaker frmn vhoKC shup the body was carried. He was correct as to 
the date, but the iDtenoent actttally took place iu tlie ucighbounng eliurck 
of St, Margaret. ThiTc arc few who would not acc^ept Le Nere's authority, 
and yet thia is but ouo of a number of umilar error* dcterted by the 
Editor during a eartiful exstmijinticHi of hist MSS, Even tho DH>uun»eutal 
iwwriptions thcmM;lvc« could not always be trusted- In many iustaooea 
they cothtaiti nothing to ii>dieato tliat the peraona to irhoae ia<imor)' tlwy 
are inscribed arc imt actually there iDterrcii, and it would be difficult to 
determine whether tlie stereotyped **UicJac*i" and "In memory of" 
were not regarded an »ynonymoit4. It may be suspected tliat the cxistonoc 
in tho Abbey of a merely honorary memorisl has inorQ than once led 
pcraona in modem timca to assume the actual burial there of their aucestors. 

It may be a;^ well to add that tlw Editor baa u large oolleetian from 
which be may cicatually decide to print a list of such persona as were 
probably buric^l in the Abbey, but vhoae tiames do iK>t appear in the 
Betters, with the oidcneea, and also that, if his lUc is spared a f^w 
ycara kmger, be iateads to embody io a Supplement such important 
information aa lie m^y aojuirc rc39}>^cting the jMimouv tiatncjd in tlie 
prcaent Toltime, and especially concerniug the few still uniden tilted. 

In bringing to a dose the labours of love «hicb have occupied him 
so many ycftiB, the Editor haa to rctum his hearty tliank» to all tlMwe 


vho bftve in any way assisted him in his icTestig^ations, and feels bound 
to name particularly the kindness of MesHrs. Moore and Correyj and 
Mr. Taylor, o( the Faculty Office^ John Shepbard, Esq., and Mr. John 
CoUis, of the Bishop of London's Registry, Francis-Hart Dyke, Esq., and 
Mr. Henry Watts, of the Vicar- General's Office, and T, G. Godfrey- 
Faussett, Esq., and W. H. Culleu, Esq., of Canterbury, for the unlimited 
uee of the records in their custody ; Sir Albert W. Woods, Garter King of 
Arms, George-Edward Cokayoe, Esq., Lancaster Herald^ and their associates 
generally, for unreBtrained access to the invaluable MSS. relating to , 
personal history in the College of Arms and in their private collections; 
Rev. Dr. John Griffiths, Keeper of the Archives of the University of Oxford, 
for permission to eoniult ad Hbitum the matriculation registers of that 
University; the Rev. H. O. Coxe and Mr. Henry J. Sides, of the Bodleian 
Library, for great kindness and much assistance during a long period passed 
in that Library; and J. F. Coleman, Esq., Senior Record Keeper, and 
J. C. C. Sraithj Esq,, Superintendent of the Literary Department, of 
Her Majesty's Court of Probate, for generously and very greatly facilitating 
the necessarily extensive and protracted researches among the archives in 
their custodyp 

London, 30 Aprils 1876. 

'•Cfjc Kcutsta" of tijc CaUcaiau Cfjurdj of 
aaiUstmmstn' of QlSclttiincjs, Cfjristiitngs, 
mXts fiurialls ; sue!) as roulU Ijc foimti in 
tmpcrffct boofecs, anti mtlj as Ijauc btcnc 
carrfuUi> taken notice of stnrc tijc f)appi> rc= 
staiiratton of Jbts iHa'9f i^iiitj Cljavltc tljc 
^cconti : i)j> i)l)ilip Cpttjarc. COaunttr of 
tfjc saj^tj Cljurcij, nistallcti ffthx. 11 : 1660/* 


WM Maj 7 Walter Bildcc and Mary DuDton,* 

Jane 28 [j^nard Bowman and Aniuj IVringhAm.* 
Jnlj I-i John Haftting* and EIi£a1)etfi furry* 

^ RewtmotHn^hBitUf, Esq,, )djtsiiir Cook U> K. ChuJ4. 1., who wubuiod ftt SL Moricftrot'*, 
Wctftnimior, is Ucb. Jfi4«-V. flbo bU poooql] wifo. Ho wm marrloil, lint, at SL Uultu In Itia 
Fkldj^ 1 FcIl lfl3D-Wi U> C*miUn <tftu. <il Jotn take, ot Orocuwioti* Vc^taaei of the Pulr^, uid 
■he WW feurlod it QrccnvHcb IS Feb. ICri3-4. He died before U Oct. IGG^, u on thnt da; hia 
widow U117 bftid lioeiuw ffom tbv Vicar-GcarrA] to marry Willlun ttajca uf Depirord, Kent, 
r«aiiLiB. Old Ucb, leTO-t, ifit De&a«jid CbftpUrof WMCiiiiti»i«r iraitf^ totters i>r Admlot*- 
uaUou toHvjr lUfc* ii/fu biilcj, tctlctoT WaIIot Ulilcr, Ijiu od fit, Mtrgtlvt^, Walmlii0t«r, 

< lie rouiih too of Kdvftnl Bowman *>t Ilnikj. In the p«rif b of Wllarj. v-o> Oxford, gent., 
bj Jnne d*u> 0I Ur- H^ftdKOi. of Worviebuhirc. He ww of Romwlen. o). OjifoTd. and an 
AUccrvtu ()< lb* c^i; of OsCord. Ilia will. diLcd 10 Doc. Ill65>wu proved 26 Fob. 1660-7. Stie 
kU ueaad «lfo. Ili^r nlll, nn of KldlioKluii, oa. Oxfonl widow, diiirc^ £4 Apl. !(91, wnn proTtil 
5 Jalj l*>r, &j Lbc lt<TV. Thwa/im I'lrptrr. D.D-, whcae wife KaibcHne wju bur nitcc, ttr. Bow- 
nui'a tint ^-Jo vu EUiAbcib. dau. ot WlllUm PotUir, Ald^nnnn oi OxJm^, Ijgr wbou bo b*d 

three toot and tbitrc d«af. (Ste \idtM.Utm of OtfoidMhufi. 1609.) 

■ TIte ii«fl«i«r of SL Bride'ib U>ndon« rcoprd» tbni a oenLdoiU for ibit narrbfc wai giTtn 
lOJuIj, flftci)i>E«pnbticMlotti. Id C^at rcoord bv is ca1l«d '* Jobs nA^tJcgn, E«j.," and iha 
" Mm. EUtmbath -PffrriU'' |q \hc rcoonl of pubHroUoD tn the regUlcr of f^t. Morgnnt'i, Woa^ 
iaipM«r, he if doMVibod lu " Jobu Uutingo. of t^U Dridc't, LovidoD, Biq.*" fMi'l sbo ju *" Un. 
Eliubdb Pttrit. ol St. Uar^trct'i. n>«taiini(ct. widow.'* It tcttnt probubTe. tbt^n^ore, that 
far flnB b««hu>d'a oame wu /^i*m. oiid not Pftri^. Scu h(<r tblid mojrla^ 30 Doc 1&6T. Four 
diildmi by tbln nuartagr, vis., 'HiciniAAp WItliAin, John, and Sanh HMtiing*, were IMtif 6 iTuikA 
14193, when ttej wens pionilone^ to the wlLl of bet Ulrd biwlwid, wha AdmlnlilQreil to bcr 
•■UCif 1 Att^. am, di« boU« d<Acrlb<bd u ■' KUinbotb Felthmn nfitff l]aiti&|7«;' of $t, &<^1pb, 

AidvnftBte. 6be appcnn to hnvc bad no imac hj bor third biubAnd. and wu «videaUj nueb 



























l£AilBIAG£8 IN 

John Wiiiyard and Margaret Eettlebee.^ 
Thomaa Hatton and ElizabeCph Kettlebee.* 
NicbolaA Love and Elizabeth Bngga.^ 
JameB Clntterbnck and Millecent Wilde> 
Arthur Sparkes and Mary North.^ 
George Whale and Lucy Ponlton. 
Richard Paget and Abigail Dickinson,' 
Jobn Stockdale and Grace Wiade/ 
Matthew Gafford and Martha Bartlet. 
Edward ChriBtiaii and Elizabeth Armeatrong,* 
Sir FraDciB Hollie and Mra. Lncy Carre.' 

' BtiptismB of five children ol this marriage occur at St. Margaret'si Weetmineter, where she 
was buried H Sep. 167 4^ &nd he also 13 Not. 1690. He married another wife^ Ann, Emd had by 
her five other children, all baptized at St. Margaret^s, among whom was Qeaerai John Wjnjard, 
buried in the Abbey 27 Feb. 1TC2. Sbe Bnirived him and admiQiatered to bis estate 15 Dec 1690. 
He hod probabt; alreadj been married, aa there is a monumental inscription at BoEvell, co. 
Gloucester, for Alice, dau. of Matthew Huntlej, of Boiwell* Esq., and wife of John Wjnyard, 
of Westmiuster, Esq., who died 2 Sep. 1650. <Qt. 23. 

' She probablj aieter to Margaret in the preceding entry, A Thomae Hutton was admitted 
to Oray's Inn 27 Oct. 1666, as son and beir of Richard Htitton, late of Poppleton, co. York, Esq. 
deceased, who was living at the Visitation of 1665 with a wife Anne and three cbildreu, the 
eldest of whom was then only three years of age. This may hare been a first maniage, 

' Recorded also in tbe register of St. Margaret's, Westminster, same date, as Nicholas Loret 
Qent., of that parish, and Elizabeth Bugges, of Lambeth, apinstei. 

' Tbe dale should probably be December. Published at St, Andrew's, Hotbom, £6 Not. and 
3 and 9 Dec. 1655, James Clntterback, Gent., son of James Clutterlirzck, of WellSy co. 8omeTset| 
Esq., and Mrs. Milliceut Wilde, dau. of John Wilde, of Bagabot, co. Surrey, Gent., then both of 
St. Andrew^B aforesaid. 

' According to Cha^ncey (Hut. HerU) he was an utter barrister of the Middle Temple, 
Deputy to the King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer, Steward of tbe borough of Hertford, a 
J.P, for the County, and M.P. for the boroagh in 16^ ; and she eldest dau. and cobetr of Hugh 
North, of Harden, in the parish of Tewin, in that county. Their second son^ Arthur, bom ! Mch. 
1661-2, died 12 Jan. 1665-6, and was buried at St. Andrew's, Hertford. 

' He son and heir of Richard Foffitt, of Westminster, Gent., by Susan, eldest dau. of the 
Bev. William Pelsont, B.D., of Market B4>sworth, co. Leicester, Prebendary of Lincoln, and was 
baplixed at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 12 Jan. 1620-1. She eldest dau. of Lyming Diekrnmnj 
of 8t. Martin in the Fields, Esq., by his second wife Frances (dan. of John Morris, of London, 
Qent., and widow of Edward Qratwicke, of Itford, in Bedingham, co. Sussex, eon of Sir William 
Gratwicke, Kt.) She was buried in the New Chapel, Westminster, 10 May 1670h He remarried, 
about Not, 1667, Elizabeth Sands, widow. His will, dated 9 Jan. preTioua, was proved 3 Jnly 
!6E»6, and be was also buried in the New Chapel 16 Jane of that year. Richard Pagitt, LL,D, 
of Cambridge in 1687, and a weU known AdTOcate, was a eon of this marriage, and was buried 
with his parenta 14 Not. 1726. 

7 Patent to Jobn St^kdale as Bellringcr, It Dec. 1660. See tbe b^itism of a eon 9 May 
1666, and the burial of a dan- 28 Apl. 1661, and probably of another son 13 Dec. 1670. 

■ Admon, (D. and C. Westmr.) 24 Aug. 1682^ to Elifabetb relict of Edward Christian of St, 
Margaret's, Westminster, where he was buried on the IBtb of that month. 

» Francis HotUx, only surviving son of DecEell Holies first Baron Holies of Ifleld, by hia 
fint wife Dorothy only dau, and heir of Sir Francis Aabley of Dorchester, co. Dorset, Kt., was 
bom at Dorchester 19 Aug. 1627. (Horoscope in Ashmol. MS. 243, Bod. Lib.) He was created 
a Bart. 27 Jane 1660, and succeeded as second Baron Holies 17 Feb. 1679-80. 6be third and 
youngest dan. of Sir Robert Cirr, second Bart. ofSieaford, co. Lincoln, by Marjdau. and coheir 

















Mr. John Dagd&le and Mrs. Maiy Baken^ 

Mr. Robert Powell and Elizabeth Littleton alM Tynchare.' 

Mr. Edward FreHhwater and Mrs. Frances Blount.^ 

Mr. Kicbard Smith and Anne Bett.^ 

Edward Littleton alias Tynchare and Elizabeth Bnah.'^ 

Sir Francis Pridgean and Lady Margaret Fleming-* 

of Sir Richard Gargrave of Kingslej and NoBtell, co. York, Kt. Sho died the ]6th and waa 
boned at Tfield, co. Susaez, 25 Sep. 1G67, in hertbirty-Becond year, and bei bueband adminf Htcred 
to bei estate 22 Feb. 1668-9. He remanied, at Eeneingtoo, 6 Jtme 1670, Aixne eldest dan. and 
coheir of Sir Franoia Pile, of Compton Boanchamp, Bait,, who waa also buried at Ifleld 4 May, 
1G32. He is said to have died I Mcb. 1689-90, aged 63, and to have been bnried at Aldenham, 
Heria, bat hia burial is recorded at Ifield 11 Jaly 1692. His will, dated 3 Sep. 1G80, waa oot 
proved autil 4 Mch^ 1694-5. By his firat wife be had two dana. who died yonng. His sod 
DeuteU, by hia secbod wife, aacceeded aa third Baroo^ but died uDmarried, 1G94, and tbe titles 
became extinot. (See bis father's third marriage 14 Sep, 1666,) 

^ He ooly aou of Sir William Dugdale, Garter Kiog of Arms, by Margery dau, of John 
Huntbach of Bewail, co- Stafford. He became Windsor Herald in 1676, and Norroy King of 
Armi in 16S6i and was then knighted. She bis first wife, second dau. aod coheir of Alexander 
Baker, of Kew Windsor, co. Berks, Gent., by Eliaftbeth dan. of Thomaa Farrar of Harold, co. 
Beds. Bbe died 9 Jan. 1670-1, and waa bnried at Windsor, with ao infant son and daughter. 
See her graDdfather's burial 2 Oct. 1635. Sir William remnrried, 4 May 1672, Klizabetb dau, 
and heir of Thomaa Pigeon^ of CoTentry, Esq.. by whom he had issne, and, d.ring 31 Aug. 1700, 
At GoTentry, was buried at Shastock, co. Warwick. 

' Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen, IS June 1663, for Robert Powell of ETcrbarj, co. Worcester, Clerk, 
widower, about 26, and Bliiabeth, dau, of Philip Tinker aliat Littleton, of Westminster, Gent., 
spinster, about 20. See b^r father's burial 12 May 1673. They were both living at tbe date of 
bis win the preceding February, in which she is called bis third daagbter. A Robert Powell, 
son of a Minister, matriculated at Oxford, from Mertoo Conegc, 1 Apl. 1656, and another, aa 
servitor, from 6t. Jobn'a, 16 June 1667. 

■ Mar. Lie Vic Gen. 28 July 1663. for Edward Freshwater of Lincoln's Ion, Esq,, bachelor, 
aged about 55, and Frances Blunt, of St. Andrew's* Holborn. widow, aged about 37. 

* Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 14 Dec. 1663, for Richard Smith of St. Martin in the Fields, Esq., 
bacbelor, aged about 35, and Anne Bett of tbe same parish, spinster, aged about 22, with conseot 
of her father John Bett, Gent. Their eldefit child Jobn-Charlee was bom the 1 2tb and baptised 
21 Dec. 1664, at St. Martin in the Fields. A Richard Smith was clerk of tbe Cbeqoe to tbe 
Yeomen of tbe Qaard irx 1673. 

' Mar. Lie. Fac 19 Jan. 1663-4, for Edward Littleton aliat Tinker (he so signed the allega- 
tion) of St. Botolpb Alderagate, Clotbworker, bachelor, aged 26, and Elizabeth Bush of the same 
parish, widow, aged about 29. See bis father's burial 12 May 1673, in whose will he is called 
fourth son. He was living 31 Aug. 1696, as appears by the Probate of his brother John's wiU. 

* Francis Pr^jean^ a native of Essex, matriculated at Cambridge, from Caius College, Apl. 
1610,and waa M.B. 1617 ; M.D. 1625 ; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians 1626, and ito 
Prendent five successive years, 1650-4 ; knighted 1 Apl. 1661. His will dated 23 Apl. 1666, as 
of lit. Martin's Ludgate, was proved 6 July 1666. He died in the Old Bailey 24 June, and waa 
boded 17 July 166G at Homchnrch, co. Essex, with bis first wife Margaret (buried there 24 Jan. 
1660-1) and bis only son Thomas (buried 16 Oct. 1662). Jn the Homchurch register be is styled 
'' Fint Physieian to the King." In the license for this marriage his age is stated to be GO years. 
Margaret, his secojid wife, was dau. of Edward first Baron Gorges of Dundalk, and rcUot of 
Sir Thomas Fleming. In the Mar. Lie. Fac. sbe is called of Si. Martin in tbe Fields, aged 40 
and upwarda, and, baring been dangerously ill, the marriage was to take place in Westminster 
Abb<7, " or in some convenient room in tbe house of Thomas Gorges D.D., one of the Pre- 
** bendaries, situate in the cloisters of said church.'' Sbe survived ber husband, and maniedj 
thirdly, Sir John Hajnard, Kt., Serjeant-at-Law, 



















Mr Thomw DutcktiB and BUzibtth Fox.^ 
8ir John Dcnbftm and Mar^nt Brooibi.* 
Mr WiJU&m 8colci and Milliccnt ThnrJow,* 
Mr. Tlioiuftfl PeirsoD &Dd Jooite Slanghur.* 
Mr. Ttiomaft Clerk and Mai^ Plemmin^.* 

The Lord HoUiH aud Uju I-«dy [blank].' t^44^ •^ ^^^^^ 

' Contcllr ^"^^' H«e hia Ijurial ft Fob. insg-il. 5k« dftu. of Jolm Fos^ Etfi. («Mbli 
burial 25 Sot, 1B91) vid ntoc* ol tho celoliniUil Sir ST.qilicn Koj. 8le btijr ACTircid li«f 
bvisluuvt. Iinr wii WtlHuo jbdmimitcHQg lo her caIaIa 12 Jajl. 1T27<^, Tbo borJAb of twdve of 
Uiclr cljlldrcLi. knd tUc marrtiigc c^f one duuglitcr, occur lu Uicio ItcgUtcn^ 

- S«hU boriAl :£3 Uob> ICfiS^O. Sbc hii tvoond wifv. tLird dAU. &ud «oh«ij of ^WTIIUin 
Brcohf-. Kit. Lncpbw ol Ht-iiiy la«t Lor^l Cbbham, iA «ciq of Iu8 trotlitr 0«orxD who «m 
executed r<'r hljih IrcuHin at WinchcKtor r* Drr. Wi%) Lj h1« »oeODd wlfn P<tul(i|jr, dnu, of Sir 
ldo}i«» Hill, of UtlUboi-ough, c-x Down, Kt,. U.r.ror AnUttn, itfiu,Aiid i^vc«t-l[ATBt)aJof Ui« 
frUTUioc of UIbIcJj 14 ApU UIT. t^hc WBg tjuni Aluiib 1443, azid ^ <Ujb bvforc lim cnvtikfo 
l»d ft Tormnl of pm^fHf^r^ u Uu* iltfcii^ht*^ i^ n IviTxin, Ort? of ftir' famoiii li^wirSMnf Dia 
Ctoart. \\a oaner both before ui<l tficr murlocc *r«nift iKfl to liAvc boun quite wUb^nt rcinvach, 
ftod abo rl^i)^ ufidrr r^thrr nijEtcrioni <?ijTiinuiajicM nn the fjUi of Jail lMG-7. nnd ««■ boried 
Ibc Sth. iti ibc middle chanwIafSL Miir)airptft, WoiUninilcr. Tbe UotCBe for Ibia lUArrtngi; vu 

Thurlow. widow, l>crth of St, UftrffiknVH, WfittmliiftUir.— Alr>. June Kxiult* wiw ImrS^'d a1 S(. Mar* 
ffAmx'H le:; Juoc l^a7.— Baptised Kt 5l 3Car^«rcti. 13 Jar. tti£2<3r ^[^rj, Ana £C Doc ICU. 
John, children of BnniatJj AtiJ Alitlii^cia Tliiirluw.— f<^ a niiuringi? IT June ItSeS. 

* tlmr. Lie. Vk\ Oeii. 14 N\<t, MtiA, fi^ir Tbr-niM rvinp>u. Ocuu, bocliclijr, a^cd 3T. vid Hre- 

* Hat. Lk. FrLC. 2^ Jaa. Iftfirt-C. for ThocuM CVdr^, Umfsttr of Bm&ipl'^a. 00^. HLdc^ 
bacliolor, about ilfi. And Un:7 Fltnttngf of Sl Qrcfforj'A. Ixiniion^ ruAliJjia. About 35i u>d At bcr 
own diipoaU- The AlIegAtiuo ima inndc b^ Wtlliam [UjvjIi of St. GtegorT^ CoUer. 

' Hu fr]df«t veil of Air (inH^ Ikjnji^n. of I^ndoh, iCt,. by Allgo diw. of FVAVcAi WoM of 
IfORilnm lift clfrrl A fr<\v nmiitlLh Af1'4r liii iimrritigH (Itinr^n RmrnT) Evrj. waiA irii^ nf tliA 
Ocntl-^incQ of ttic lYJr; CliAmbcr to Kiu^ ^'^^- H. in 1i>i)tO la ttic 5Iat, Lie. (D. udC 
Wcnmr,) ihe Ik callc^l £Hx^ IfufiX^ord^ She rvmonicd. vfaortljr After htrt bustnuid'ii 4oAtJi, Uio 
]l«Tf. John War<i, Vkftr of AVcSon, co. XortlianLpUni, ihc Vkut. Lie. ¥ic. Ociu liatt^ duM 
?3 Ikii. |f<'<7, And ihc;r were |« dulttj ae Miil<>, I^ioc^cr. ^. Wfkrd wn* deprived of his 
Vn'ltn> in U'Tfi. *"for dint^ mnici commitlod tml dutlEti ftmiM*c!"" (HaI^-t'ii Xi>rthukt#). 

' Vic DOt€ in fbf^^MMTd ideutif jing tbc pnitJCA to thiM lOAiTtA^ aa John. AflcnrHnU D<d» 
of Xowewitle. nud Lwlj VAr^arcc (Urffidlnh, U taaniToatly orroneous, Cdt thftt Johu B^lot «ra« 
not bom uoiil If Jnn. JtiOl^s. "The Lord /f»tlft'' of thih porlnd wm I>«nt4^;i BcCIm, iVMond ns 
of John Ant Karl of CIatCi bj Adilc dim. oC f^ir lliumw SuuibujK, of Sbdffvil, co^ KoUa, Kt^ 
H« wA«cn>Al«dCnron nolle*, of Ifidd, eo. Su«vx.24J ApL \G&i. UriUM IT IVU. inT9-Wlaccd 
Bl jm. Jl tpoh And IC dAj^, «nd nt burled 10 Apl. foLlowiiig. in 8(. Pctor'« Cburuh. DoTclieAttf, 
wltliliiifim wife. Dorothj, 0ii3jdAiL. andbdrof ^r ?nutt:i« Ahhl^j, of Uul pbcv. Ac<«rding 
to m HorCKKOpc tn Athmol^ H8. 2IS, Boil, LEU, he wm bora Al Cm. 15^, nt O'lO p-m^ And vD* 
■lAirtod to bU llrvt wiF« 4 .Iuilq UWi who dlvd Jl Jutto IGIO- 1I« nufiiod. Kvoodlj, JaacqUaiC 
dAB. Bad ODhi3ir of ^ir John Shirlrj, of I4fIt^ld. ou. Suna. who had prvviouitj boeo Uic viCe 
•aOOMrimjr ijf WrWaUet Oovctt of Sloughttm. lio. Sumwx, Kat.. aij) of John Kr«k(,of Onct 
€0. I>ariei. E^q. Tho Lirauw for the Uitn wauiagt wu Uraod at tbe Faculty OAec SO Dce^ 
1039. •lie bda^ ibtn Jcf-^nb«d awvf CirmnbrnUoj. Bavkiv, and Aged about M. t^ Wtw monkd 
to Loird Itollv* 12 Mairr^ ]A4l-l>, AHnr^lIng lo tlx* HAr(>*A>]>v Al»r« mcnti^aed. ^ikd in ber will, 
dsted 31 Julj 1659. bnt AOtc^ouptinl Retilcnent U dtcd, bwrij^ dai^ 10 Mcb, 1041-3. 6U va* 
teried ttt T^irerac CbnrloAj, cc. Dorwt. 25 April IflflA. 

The Uank lo t^ «dU7 tbou]d doubtlcn be AIM irlUi tb« muno of Lord Holla's third wiie, 



















Thomas Ei^get and EUonor Boe.^ 
John Lyon and Etizabeth PauL 
ifr. Tbomae Harwell and Margaret Tajte." 
Dr. William Lloyd and Mra, Anne Jones.* 
MryThomafi Hall and Snaanna Firebraaae.* 
James Tyrrell and Mary Hutchinson.^ 
John Brisiow arid Katharine Chapman,^ 

*^ Tit, Bslher, second dan, end coheir of Gideon Le Lon, Lord of the Manor of ColambierB in 
< Nonnand^r and widow of James Richer^ Lord of Cambemon in the aamo proTince. Her will is 
dated 24 Aug. tfi83, she Iben being lU in the manor boaw Deechamps, in the parish of LiGut7, !□ 
Franco. Bhe left all hex estate to her children hj her former huebatid, bnt directed that ber body 
ihould be carried to Dorcheetcrf to be buried near her 1a^ husband Lord HoUes. From docu- 
ments attached to her will, ahe appeara to have died after 22 Juno l684Tandlettersof administra- 
tioo were granted 23 Dec. in that year, 

^ fiee his borial 5 Apl. 1679, and here 17 Mch. 1689-90. 

* The Har, Lie. (D. and G. Wc«tmr.) ia da^l 25 ^bv. She was baptiiwd at St. Olave, Hart 
Btreet, London, 5 Jan. 1642-3, as dau. of Lewis and Margaret T^te, and was buried there 6 Sep. 
1677, — The will of Thomas Haremell, of 'WcHtminster, Gent-, dated 27 Aug. 1688^ was proved 21 
Nov. 1690, by the relict Klitabeth. He left books to Worcester Cathedral, where he was educated, 

' The identification in Coltectanra of Dr. Lloyd as Bishop of Llandaff, Peterborough, and 
Norwich, is erroneous. This William Lloyd was son of Richard Lloyd, B.D., Rector of Sonniug 
and Vicar of Titehurst, co. Berks, by his wife Joati Wickins, and was bom at Tileburst Aug. 
1627, being baptized there tbe 26th of that month. He matriculated at Oxford, from Oriel College 
25 Mch. 1630, aged II, bat remored next year to Jesvis Coll., and was B.A. Oct. 1642, M.A. at 
Cambridge I&60, B. and D.D. at Oxford 2 Joly 1667, and succeBsiyeJy rector of Bradfield, co. Berks, 
Bee. 1654 ; King's chaplain, 1666 ; Vicar of St. Mary's, Heading, 9 Jan., and prebendary of Salisbury 
6 Feb. 166T-8 ; Archdeacon of Merioneth, 13 Juno 1668 ; Deao of Bangor, 2 May 1672 ; Vicar 
of St. Martin in the Fields, 31 Jan. 1G76-7 \ couaecrated Bishop of St. Asaph. 3 Oct. 1680 ; con- 
firmed Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 20 Oct. 1692; aod translated to Worcester, 22 Jan. 
1699-1700. Be died 30 Ang. 1717, in hia 9lst year, and was buried 10 Sep. following at Flad- 
boiy, 00. Worcester. His wife was eldest dau. of Walter Jones, D-D., Prebendary of Westminster 
(sec bis burial 16 Jaly 1672), by his wife Pbillppa dan. of Dr. Samuel Fell, Dean of Christ 
Ghurcb, Oxford, where she was baptised 18 Nov. 1646. She died 17 Sep. 1719. (See her 
brother's baptism 10 l^iic. 1663, and her sister's marriage 7 Feb. 167B-6.) 

* He of BIymore Hall, co. Durham, Gent., and died in 1680, aged 36. She dau. of Sir 
Henry Firehracf, St, Chief Clerk of the Kitchen to Kings Chas. 1. and IL, by his first wife, 
EUsabeth, dan. of Thomas Davill of Stoke Gelding, co. Leicester. She survived her husband 36 
years, dying 26 Nov. 1715, aged 74, and was buried in tbe church of Pittiugton, co, Durham. 
The Har. Lie. (D, and C, Westm.) is dated 5 Jan. 1669-70, and, as the same occurs with 
refereuce to the next entry, it is clear that the error is in the Register, and that the date should 
be a year later. 

* He eldest eon of Sir Timothy Tyrrell, of Oakley, co. Bucks, and Shotover, co. Oion, £t., by 
Elixabelb only dau. and heir of tbe Most Rev. Dr, James Usher, Archbishop of Armagh, and 
was baptiied at St, Giles in the Fiehia, 14 May 1642. He was admitted to Gray's Inn 7 Jan. 
1665-6. He was author of a well known Qgneral ffi^ttry of Engtandj and died 7 Jane 1718. 
(See bis sister's marriage 3 Dec 1672.) She only dau. and heir of Sir Michael Hutchinson, of 
Fladbuiy, co. Worcester, Kt., one of the Body Guard to King Chaa, I., by Mary eldest dan. of Sir 
John Brereton, Kt., and sister of William second Lord Brercton. She died in 1687, and was 
buried at Oakley. The Mar. Lie. Yic Gen. is dated 18 Jan- 1669-70 (see end of preceding note). 
Their son and heir, JamsSj became a Lieat,-General inthe Army, and was Governor of Gravesend 
and Tilbury Fort. 

■ CDiia entry is only in the unofficial register mentioned in the Preface). — Mar. Lie. Vic 
Gen. 28 Apl. 1679, for Jeukin Fluellen, of St. Martin in tbe Fields, Apothecary, bachelor, about 
S2, and Mary Chapman, of the lame parish, spinster, about 17, with consent of her mother Mr*. 
Etttberine BriitDW, wife (rf Mr, John Bristow : to marry at Waltbamotow, co, Bssex. 



























Mr. Joseph Coliag and Cbrietabel Middleton. 

Mr. John Ditchfeild and Mary Griffith,' 

William Hichardson and Anne Tingle.' 

Mr, George Lane and Tbomasin Bromfeild 

Mr. Isaac Honblon and Elizabeth King." 

Sir Samaci MorTand altaa Morly and Carola Haranet^ 

Dr. John Wilflon and Anne Peniell.* 

Mr. Stephen Rolph and Mary Waehboume.' 

Mr, Henry Hemmin^e and Mary Benson.^ 

Mr. Arthur Barnardiebon and Mary Lloyd.^ 

^ The Mar. Lie. (D. and C. WeBtmr.) b dated 18 Oct., and states that they irere both single 

■ M&r. Lie. Bp. Lond. 19 JuXj 1044, for Anthony Tingle, Gent., bachelor, about 40, and 
Elisabeth P^e, spinstCT, 2G, both of the city of WestminsterT to tnany at St. Hary Magdalen, 
Old Fish Street. — Baptised at St. Margaret'a, Westminster, 21 Oct 1647, Ann daa. of Anthony 
and Elizabeth Tingle.— Bnried, at SL Margaret's, 10 Not. 1665, Mr, Anthony Tingle, in the 
cfaQrcb (be died of the Plague). His relict filizabetb admiiiiBtered to bia estate 27 Nor. 
following. He bad a patent from tbe Dean and Chapter, as Sacrist. 27 May 16?19, and a license 
as pariah clerk of St. Margaret's, Weatminster, 31 Jnly 1663. Dr, Robert Newell, Bnb-dean of 
Westminster, in bis Will dated 11 Jnoe 1642, mention! bib "serrant Antbooy Tingle.*' 

* Mar. Lie. Fac. 16 Aug. 1670, for Isaac Honblon, of St. Mary Woolchurch, London, 
bachelor, 82, aud Elizabeth King, of St. Martin in the Fields, spiDSter. 21. ber parents dead. 
He was sou of James Honblon, the eminent merchant kaown aa the *' Father of the Eicbaoge," 
by his wife Mary Ducane, and was also a merchant. His will, dated 14 Feb. 1701-2, was prored 
27 Mch. following. Bee bis brotber^a marriage 2 Jon.lfi71'2. She was youngest dan, and coheir 
of Henry King (aecond and yonngeat aon of Henry, Biahop of Chichcatcr) of Chichester, Oent, 
of the PriTj Chamber to K. Chas. II-, by Joan dan- of Henry Smith Esq., of Guildford, <x>. Gurrey, 
and was bom before 1653. She died 36 Ang. 1719, and her wiU, dated 29 Oct, 1717, was proved 
1 fiep. 1719. 

* Bee her bnrial 14 Oct. 1674, and note to bnrial of Sir Samaera third wife 24 Feb. 1679-80. 

* Mar- Lie. Vic. Gen. 12 Jan. 1670-1, for John Wilson, widower, about 66, and Anna 
Penniall. widow, abOQt 50. both of St- Maf^aret'a, Weatminater. See hia burial 27 Feb. 1673-1, 
and that of her first hrtsband 13 Jan. 1666-7. 

' Date in Collectanea erroneously 10 Mcb. 

^ The nnofficial register gives the date as 24 Nov. and aays '^ A wedding: their names 
unknown.*" — Married, at St. Martin in tbe Fielda, 12 Dec. 1675, Henry Hemmings and Alicia 
Newman, both of that parish. 

' He eighth and joungest son of Sir Nathaniel Bamardiston, of KedingtoD, co. Suffolk, Et., 
by Jane dan- of Sir Stephen Soame, of Little Tbnrtow Hall, aame county, Kt. He waa a 
merchant of London, and of Hoxton, Midi., and was buried at Eedington, 7 Jan. 1691-2. Bbe a 
dau. of Sir Richard Lloyd, of Halam, Notte. The record of a hatchment in a Herald Painter's 
Work Book at the College of Arms eatablishcs the date of ber death as abont 11 May 1687, and 
she was bcftiod at Eedington on the I9th. A second wife has been aaaigned bim in the accounts 
of the family, vis.. Mazy dan. of Sir Samuel Luke, who is also said to have remarried Bamael 
Blackerby, Esq. If so (and the fact seems confinned by tbe record of another hatchment in the 
Work Book above mentioned, dated 1 Jan. 1691-2, where the coats-of-anns ordered to be painted 
are those of Barnardieton impaling Luke) the marriage must have taken place on hia death bed. 
He was a widower at the date of his will. 20 Dec. 1691, for the finrt- itpm in it reads. ^' I give to 
Mra. Mary Ellis my intended wife £400." Mary, dan. of Sir Samuel Luke, was baptised at 
St. Anne, Blackfriara, 27 Jan. 1640-1. and would have been CO years of age at this time- 
Le Neve, in hia Baronets (MS. Coll. Arm.) says Arthur Bamardiston's second wife was " Mary 
dan. of Samuel Luke of Woodend, Cople, Beds,'^ without giving him the knightly predx. It 
may be donbted, therefore, that she was a daughter of Sir Samoel. but it seems clear (hat she 
was a Luke, and widow of an Ellia. She married^ first, Simon Middleton, of Haokney, Hidx>t 


167^ Jan. 2 Ji/ir. Abraham Houblon and Dorothy Habart,^ 

1672 April 28 Mr, William Nottlye and Catharine Fettiplace.* 

July 18 Mr. ThomaB Wazre and Elizabeth Newman.^ 

Sept. 1 Dr, Thomas Willis and Ura. Elizabeth Collier,* 

Esq. (father of Sir Hugh, first Bart.) to whom abe waa fourth wife. Id the Uar. Lie. Vic. Qea., 
dated ft ApL 1672, abe is c»llod " Marj Luke, oE Woodon [Woodend], Beda, spinflter, aged about 
24, aod at her own disposal." She renounced the probate of ber huaband'a will 29 Xot, 1680, 
atid most have sabseqaentl j Euuried EZZia, Bam&rdistou, and Blackerby in euccefiaioa. She 
florriYed the latter and appeara to hare died about 1 May 1718^ on which day a hatchment was 
ordered, to contain the anna of Blackeiby impaliog Luke. It has also been stated that this 
Arthuj BanumliBton'B daughter Anne was the first wife of Edward Fowler, Bishop of GlouccstcTp 
Thia is an error. He had do daughter of that name, aod the Biabop's wife waa bis coasin, 
daughter of Arthur Bamardiston, one of Cromweira Masters in Chancery in 1655, aa appeam hj 
the inscription on her moonment at Heodon, Midx. 

* Be brother of Isaac Houbloo (see hla marriage IS Aog. 1670, and note)- He waa GoTenior 
and Director of the Bank of Bogtand, and died 11 May, 1722, then of Laugley, co. Bucka, in hia 
83' year. She dan. of Sir Bicbard Hnbert, uf Laogley, Groom Porter to Kings Chas. I. and JL, 
bj Dorotlty dao. of John King, Bishop of LondoD, and sister to Henry King, Bishop of 
Chichester. She was bom at Chichester 1642, and was buried 7 July 1703. Their only dao, 
Aqne married Henry Temple, first Viscount Palmeraton, and was great-grandmother of Che late 
Lord Palmeiwton, 

1 Har. Lie. Fac. 21 Sept. 1664, for William yutUy, of the Middle Temple, Qent., bachelor, 
aboqt 36, and Mary Prefltoo, of Bt. Mary Savoy, widow, to raarrj at Bt. Mildred, Poultry. — Mar, 
Lie, D. and C. Weetninster^ 22 Apl. 1672, for William Nntlej, of the Inner Temple, widower, 
and Catherine Fettiplace, of Bt. Margaret's, Weatminster, widow. William Kutley was admitted 
to the Middle Temple 17 July 1651, as son of William Nutley late of the town of Soutbamptoa, 
Gent., deceased. His will, dated 25 Feb, 16B4-G, was proved 21 Juoe 1686, and this wife also 
died before ita date. 

' He eldest son of Thomas Wane, of Swell, co. Somerset, Esq., by Anne dan. of Oeorgo 
Speke, of White Lockington, same county, Esq. 8he dau. of Eicbard Kewmao, of Fifehead 
Magdalen, co. Dorset, Esq., by Anne, eldest dau. of Sir CbarlcH Barbord, Kt., Survejor-Qeneral. 
Bhe wos baptized at St Margaret's, Weatmioster, 13 Sep. 1653. Tbe Mar. Lie. D. and C. West- 
minster, is dated 22 ApL preceding. Sbe died before her buaband, and was buried in Shepton 
fieauchamp church, co. Bomerset, leaving four children. His will is dated 24 Oct. 1666, and 
Admon. was granted 26 Jan. following. A second wife. Cicely, survived him. (See marriages of 
her sistera 15 July 1675 and 6 Jan. 1675-6, and burials of her brother and sister 25 July 1GG8 and 
23 July 16730 

^ See hia bmiat IS Nov. 1675. In the Qnofflcial register her name ia writleo Canly. Bigbtly f 
she waa ^OBH Elizabeth Cdllcjf, She was Dr. Willis's second wife, and is mentioned in his { 
will ; but hia grandson, Browne Willis, the Antiquoij, appears to have ignored this marriage, 
and even her existence, as no record of it or her appears among his occounui of the family. The 
Biitjfrtiphut Sritanniea (first Edit. p. 4295), barely mentions ber as " a Knigbt'a widow, uai;;ed 
Kliaabeth Cawie^J" Curioosly enough, also, there is no record or tradition of this marriage in 
the family history of her first busboud, as the editor ia informed by the present representative of 
that family. And yet there seems no good reason why the memory of her connection witb the 
most eminent Physician of hie age sbould have been doomed to oblivion. She was the eldest 
dan. of the Bev. Dr. Matthew Nicholas, Dean of St. Paul's (who died 11 Aag. 1661) by Elifahcth, 
dau. of William Fowke, of Bulwick, co. Northampton, and was thus niece to Sir Bdward 
Kicbolas, the well known Secretary of State to K. Chas. II. She married, first, Sir William 
CaUey, of Burderop Park, Wilts, who was knighted 23 Nov. 1661, and administered (o his estate 
34 Jan. lG6d'70. After Dr. Willis's death, she remarried, and was third wife to, Sir Thomas 
Hompesaon, of Batbampton, Wilts, Et., who died U Jane 1701 and was buried in SalEsbni? 
Cathedral. She died, his widow, 29 Nov. 1709, in beF751h year, and was buried in Winchester 
Catiiedral, Her brother, the Rev. Dr. John Nicholas, then Prebendary of Winchester, and some 
tinw Wftnkn (xf New College, Oxford, adminiftered to ber esUte 7 Jan. foUowiog. 











March 13 



1672 Sept 19 A Wadding,- unknown} 

ilr. John Woorden and Mn. Locy Osbume." 
Mr. Charles Blount and Mrs. Elinor TerrilL" 
Philip Tynchare alUu Littleton and Frances 3torke> 

167J Feb, 3 Mr. Henr/ Gierke and Mra, HeBter De la Foantaine,* 
Sir Richard Langly and Mra. Ciciiy Ellia.* 

^ In the unofficial regiater oolj. Mar. Lie. Fac. 16 Sep, 1672, for Sir Jakn EmU, of Bury- 
towD. Wjhi, Ki-f widover, and Dame Eiiiabft\ Seymour^ widow, relict of Cbarlea Lord 
BejmoDT-T late Baron of Trowbridge, in said coTUitT, deceawd. This i^ the onlj liceoae to be 
fcmnd at either of the tbree officcsr near this date, autborixing the marriage to take place in the 
Abbe; ; which is probably a mfflcient identificatioo of the parttea. He wa» «oa of John Emle 
Cff Wbetham, co. Wiita. Eaq^ hj Philadelphia daa. of Sir Arthor Elopton of Wjtbam, co. 
SnmerHet, Z.t. He wna knighted Nov, 1665, became Chancellor of the Exchequer 21 Nor. Wl% 
whifTh post be retained until the end of the reign of K. Jamea II., and waa abo of the Privy 
Coaocil, being sworu 10 M^y 1676. His will, dated 23 Aug, 1696, was proved 29 Nov. 1698, and 
fae wai buried at Calne, co, Wilts. She was eldest dan. of William flrat Lord Alington, by 
Elizabeth dan. of Sir Lionel ToUemaehe, second Bart, of Helmiogham, co. SoffoTk. By her 6nt 
husband (to whom she was also second wife) Cbarles second Lord Seymoor of Trowbridge, who 
died 1G6d, she waa mother of the fifth and eixtb Dukee af Somerwt. By ber second husband 
she bad two daughters. Sbe was buried at Horsehenth, co. Cambridge, 30 Oct. 1691. 

' He eldest aon of Robert Warden of LeyUnd^ co. Lancaster, and of Cholmeaton, co. Cbestert 
Esq., Hajor General bs K. Jb& II. and Treasurer to Q. Mary, by his first wife Jane Backham of 
CO. Kent. He was created a Baronet 28 Kov, 1672, and D.C.L. at Oxford ac Hay 1683. He held 
Tarious Important public appointments, among tbem that of Secretary to H.Ii.H. the Duke of 
York when Lord High Admiral, and was Commissioner of the Customs in tbe reigns of Kings 
Jamefl II. and William^ and Q. Anne. She, his first wife, is only known in the records of the 
family as a dau. of the Rev. Dr. Oshoriu, and had no issue. He remarried Mary dan. of William 
Osborne of Kenyford, co. Devon, Esq,, by whom he bad issue, but tbe title become extinct on th« 
death of their son Sir John, second Bart., 13 Feb. 1756. He and both wives were buried at 8L 
Uartin in the Fields; Dame Lucy, 7 Feb. 1676-9; Dame Mary, 22 Aug. 1663 ; and hLmnlf 
7 Nov. 1716, having died 29 Oct, preceding, in his 77th year. In the register of that parish, as 
well as in tbe Oxford reconl, the surname is invariably Witrden, 

' He fourth but second surviving son of Sir Henry Blount, of TittenliangerT Herta, Et., by 
Hester dau. and coheir of Christopher Waac, of Upper Holloway, Hidi., Esq. (and widow of 
Btr William Uanwaring of Chester, Kt.), and was bom at Upper Holloway 27 Apl. 1654. He 
was a man of considerable literary celebrity m his day, bnt after his nife'a death his mind 
appears to have become somewhat unhinged, and he sbot himself on the 2Sth of Jnly 1693, be- 
cause, as is alleged, he could not marry her sister, and died from the effects of the wound oa the 
Slat Aug. following. She a sister of James Tyrrell^ Esq. (see his marriage IB Jan. 1668-9, and 
note), being fourth dau. of the same parents. She was buried in the church of Bolteston, co, 
Stafford, 27 Feb. 1688-9, but was afterwords removed and interred with her husband at Bidge, 
CO. Her1«- 

* In Mar. Lie. D. and C. Westmr. 5 Dec. 1672, he ia called only Philip Littleton, and she 
Frances Stock, both single. Sec his father's burial 12 May 1673, He was second son. Bee hla 
own burial 1 July 1666. 

* Bbe probably tbe youngest daughter of Sir Erasmus Dc la Ibntaiv^ of Eirby-Bellarg, co, 
Leicester. Kt-, by bis second w?fc Mary eldest dan. of Sir Edward Noel firvt Viacount Campden, 
She ia named in her father's will, doted fi Oct. 1671, with a codicil 13 Mch. 1671-2, and proved 
28 Mch. 1672, and was then unmarried, 

* Mar, Lie. Vic, Gen. B Mch. 1672-3, for Richard Langlsy of BexweJls, oo, Esaex, Gent., 
bachelor, aged 28, and Mra. Cecill Ellis^ of St. Mavtin in tbe Fields, spinster, aged 18, with 
her mother's consent- He was knigbled 5 Mch. 1672'3, oa son of Alderman Lougley of London. 
His will, as of St. Martin in the Fields, dated 8 Feb. 1677 -S, was proved 30 Oct. following, by 
bii friend Thomas Frands of the some parish. He left oU hia estates is Hold, ca Flint, and in 


1G73 Aprfl 30 Hr. Tbonus ^pwith and Eliubeth H»ddiMiL^ 

AprQ 30 Sir John Williama «nd SoBanna SkipwiUi.* 

May 15 GcK^ge Oottev and Eliubeth Uorfev.^ 

June 12 Thooua Ald^oe and Elit&beth Houeywood.^ 

the iolazkd of JuoAica^ to hia bthcr« John Lbd^t« Eaq., uid his wife is iu>4 mentiaDed. She 
wu odJj dML ol AzKimr EUU of Alrej. oo. Flint E^.« t? Pnoco oecoad uid joungest dAU. uid 
cobeii of Jmnm F^ermce, secood Tifcoont Sat and Sele. uid rpmuricd Williun Firrxncv, EM{~. 
elder bncither of Lawnskce fifth Viaoniuit, whom *he tAao sorriTed, 6he died, withoat iasae, at 
Bath, a JdIj 1T1S, in ber 58th rear, and w«s boHed at Brooghron. ro. Oxford, Hei CVistian 
came, according to all the records, vas OfcHK and she so filgn^ her will. Her fini husband 
app«an not to hare beeo offlciallj ivcc^nLwd u a knight, not hariag paid the mrtomuy feea, 
■nd she is not called " Ladj " either in her will or the probate. 

^ He iOn of Bdward Skipwith, of Gosbcrton and Qranthani. «v Lincoln, Eftq.. bj Elisabeth 
daiL of Sir John Hatcher, of Carebf (erroneooslj called COtebj in the Baronetages), oo. Lincoln, 
EL, who wi:re married at Carebr Ifi Mar lt^t7. H« was knighted £9 Maj 167^, made a Serjeant 
at Law £1 ApT. 167B> and crvAtcd a Baronet, as of Metberingfaam, co. Lincoln, 27 Jnlj 1673. 
He died at his bonse in Lincoln's Inn Fields 2 Jane 1694. and was boned at Cpmiiuter, co^ 
Esaez. with his flrat wife, EliEsbeth, dan. and heir of HaLph Latham, Esq.. of that place, (Sea 
hia danghter'a marriage next following, and the boiial of his sou^i wife 6 Jan. 17-ll-S)' Sha 
dan. of Bir John Be*, of Ixmdon aad of Richmond, co. Sun^, Kt_ and rtUct of Edwaid 
Haddiaon of Caistor, co. Lincoln, Bbc|., where he was buried 30 Mch. 1672. She sorriTed her 
second husband, and was bnried at Caislor aforesaid 19 Mch, 1^97-8, 

* The Baionetagea call this Sir John Williams son of Sir John Williams who was created a 
Baronet 2S ApL 1642, as of Hinater, laJe of Thanet. co. Eent ; but thia is an ertor. Sir John 
WiUlame of Hinster died a bachelor, 2T Feb. 1668-9. and la ao described in the record of 
adminifltjatjon, which also Bays that he died in the Inner Tbmple. His brother. Sir Edmund 
Williams, waa aln created a Baronet, 19 Apl. 1642, and married Hary, foorth dau. of Sir John 
Beaimiont, first Bart, of Grace Dieo, CO- Leicester, who afterwards remarried John Taabargh, 
Esq. Sir J<^ Willianu of this entry waa the only issue of that marriage, and was baptised at 
Bt, Andrew^a. Hutbom, II Sep- 1642- He sncpeeded his father as second Bart, of Hamhull, on 
hia death in 1644. He ancceeded also to Hinster Court, the estate of hia uncle, and was hia 
administrator. He died in St, Martin in the Fields, and bis wife administered to his estate 
23 Hot. 16S0, She was dau. of Sir Thomas Skipwith by bia first wife (see preceding entry and 
note), and, if the reports of the day are to be accepted, one of the favonrites of the Duke of 
York. Bee her borial 36 Sep. 1689. Her will, dated 15 Sep., was Brat proved b? her father, 
13 Jan. 1669-90, and afterwards, T Jan. 1692-S, by her two daughtert, Mary, then wife of 
QLarltfA Petty, Baron Shelbome (in Ireland), and Sosanna. then unmarried, but for the burial of 
wboae hnahand see £8 Feb. 1T16-T. 

■ Mar. Lie D. & C. Westmr., dated tbe preceding day, girea the names only. Hia will, 
dated 13 Aug. 1691, was prored the 27th of the saECie month by bis relict Elisabeth. He is 
called of St. Hargaret'a, Weetminst^r, Tallow Chandler, and bequeaths the leaae of hia four 
honsca la Tuthill Fields to his wife for life, with remainder to her son John Motffe (indicatfog 
her prerions mairii^^e), remainder to bia own brother Thomas Ofttif, and his sistera Mildred 
(Tottie and Hannah Wolfe. 

* His monument in Hereford Cathedral Btates that he was thrice married, and names this 
]*dy as his first wife. She was dau- of Sir Bdward Jlonyn^ood^ Kt, and first Bari. of Erington, 
Kent, by Elisabeth dan, of Sir John Maynard^ of Tooting, Surrey, Kt. Hia second Mar. Lie 
(Tic Qen.) is dated 11 Aug. 1675 (the lady named being Elinor Quiee), and he is described aa 
then of St. Martin in the Fields, Citiien and Draper of London, widower, about 25. ft ia 
probable, therefore, that an entry in the burial rcgieter of that parish, under the date of 2 Jnly 

1674, Tia., " Alder, woman," refers to this Elisabeth, his first wife. He became Mayor of 

Hereford, 1696, and, dying 3 Oct 1717, in bis 6Sth year, was boried In the (Cathedral. (See her 
brotbcr'i marriajEe Itt July 1676.) 













167S July 29 Craven Howard, E«q., and Anne Ogle," 
John Upton and Joanna Meggs.' 
Richard How and Elizabeth Thinne.* 

Dr. Stephen Lnddington and Anne DelJngham> 

John TilHard and Margaret Stansbje, 
Dec. 9 Joeeph Embry and Barbara Sudb. 
Dec, 25 William Tnrney and Mary Thacker.* 

1 He oqIj bod &nd heir of William Boward (fourth bou of Thomaa first Earl of B«ri(Abire) 
bj Eltzabclh dau, of LoChicl, Lord Dandat. She dan. of Tbomas Ogle of Pinchbeck, co. Lincoln, 
Esq., b; Anoe daa. of Sir John Rood of Wrmigtc, sanic oouoij, Kt^ and was Maid of Honour 
to Queen Katharine. See her burial B Jnl;, 1662. Ereljn calla tbia a clandestine marriageiT 
AtigmatiEea her ae ''an ancient maid/' and intimatea that she cierted an auhappj inflnence orer 
her huaband. Their onlj dau, Anne died onmarried. He remarried (Mar. Lie. Vic. (Jen. 30 Maj 
1G83) Mary, dan. and heir of Geo^e Rowen of Klford, co, StafEord, Esq., and their aon Hcnrf- 
Bowcfl Buccceded as foarth Earl of BerkHhirc, Craven Howard died 7 Jane 1 700, and waabnried 
at EJford aforesaid. (8ce the marriage of his sifter 13 Nov. 1677, and burial of anotJier, vix^ 
Mre. Graham, 17 Dec. ]70h) 

' He secood son of John Upton of Lnpton, co, Devon. Esq,, bj Dorothy dan. of Bir Aotbonj 
Ronse of Haltoa, co. Cornwall, Kl,, and waa a merchant in London. He married, fint, Bliubeth 
dan. of John Bcnce, of London, by whom he had only one daughter, and, secondly, Jane, dau. of 
Sir John Lytcot of Mouisey, co, Surrey, Kt.. by whom he had four sons and three dane.. and who 
was baricd at Btoke Xewington, Midx^ 8 Aog. 1672, where he was also bnncd 10 Dee. I(j89, aged 
about 73. She.histhird wife.wasdan.of aMr, Stow.of Canterbury, and married, first, a Mr. Agar, 
and,Becondly (Mar. Lie. Bp. Lond. 2* Nov. IGT.S) the Rev, Dr. Jamea Mcggs, rectorof Newington, 
CO. Surrey, andof TbeydonGamon^co. EB0ci,whodied S2 Jan. 1672-3, and wb« buried at Theydon 
Gamon. She Burvired her third husband, and was buried with him, at Htoke Kewingtoo, 4 Oct. 
17IB. Sec (be burial of her sister, Mrs. Gibbs, 12 Dec, 1710. 

■ He only son of Sir Richard Howf, second Bart, of Compton, by Anne dau. of Dr. John 
King, Bishop of London, and relict of John Dutlon of Sherborne, co. Gloucester, Esq. In the 
Mar. Lie, he is called of Grobbam, Wilts, bachelor, aged about 22. He was M.P. for Wilta, 
succeeded as third Bart, in 1703, and died, without issue, 3 July 1730. She is enonoonsly called 
** Elhahcth " in the Abl>ey Register, Her name was ,Vary, and is so given in the Mar. Lie Vie. 
Gen., dated II Aug. 1673, in which she is described as of St. PauVfl, CoTent Ganlcn, spinster, 
about 18. Shewaaeldcstdan, of Sir Hcniy Frederick rj^ynw^. first Bart, of Kemprfoxd, by Mary 
dau. of Thomas first Lord Covectty, and therefore sister to Thomas first Viscount Weymouth. 
She died 6 Sep. 1735, and her will, as Dame Mary Howe, was proved 22 Nov. following. &e« 
her sister's marriage, 3 Dec. 1674. 

* He eldest son of Rev. Stephen LodhigtoRj Rector of Leadeoham, co, Lincoln, by his wife 
Susanna Leedall, and was bapiiEcd at Leadeuham 22 July 1610. He became Rector of Carlton 
Bcroope, in that county, as early as 1640, and was collated to the Archdeaconry of Slow, 14 
Nov. Ifi4l, both of which preferments he held until his death, as ho did also the rectory of Potter 
HanwoTth, in the same county, to which he was instituted IS July 1663, Re was also collated 
to a Prebend of Lincoln, ID Nov. 1641, which he resigned 7 May 1674, in favour of his only 
turriving son. He was created S. T. P. at Cambridge, by the King's command, in 1661. He 
died the 7th and was buried 10 Feb. 1676-7, at Carlton Scroope, and not in Lincoln Cathedral, 
as is sometimes erroneously stated, fhc was his second wife, and he her third husband. 
She was the youngort dau. and coheir of Thomas Stroatfeild. of Shoreham, co. Kent, Esq., by 
Francesdau. of JobnRecTeB,of London, Esq., and had previously bccu (he wife of, first, William 
Stanley^ of the Middle Temple, Esq., and secondly, of the Rev. Samuel JJiUi«ffhan. Sbe appears 
to have survived her last husband. (See the marriage of his daughter, 27 May 1660 - and, per- 
hapa, of his Uother, 20 Apl. 1680.) 

• Mat. Lie Vie. GeQ. 22 Dec. 1673, for Wilfiam Tumoy. of St. Gco^'a, fSonthwark, Gent, 
bachelor, about S2. and Mrs. Mary Thacker, spinster, aged 17, with consent of her father, 
UilUrt Thacker, of the same parish, Milliner, 


Dec. 27 


Jan, 27 

March 3 


Joly 14 

Dec. Z 

Dec 22 


Charles Lord CornwallU and Elizabeth Pox.* 
Nicholaa Johnson and Dorothea Maplesden," 
Charles Brett and Maty Jefferson,' 
Christopher H&tton and Elizabeth Bnck> 
John Londer, Eaq„ and Katherine Thinne.^ 
Bartho : Woolse and Anne Cooke.^ 

' CIutIcSt third Lord Comw&llia, third bat eldest BordTiiig son of Cbftrlea, second Lord« bj 
Hvgwet dau. of Thomas Plajated, Esq. He wu baptiEcd 28 Dec. 1G63, died S? ApL 1698, oitd 
waa buried at firome. co. SuSolk. See biui&l of hb brother 17 Feb. 1682-3. She eldest dau. of 
Sir Stephen Foi* Kt.. bj his first vife Elisabeth, dan. of Wtlliam Whittle of co- Luicaster, Eeq^ 
and died at Tonbrid^ Wells. 1682. See burials of their cbildreu> 9 Maj 1679 and 30 May 1G60. 
See also boriaU of her brotbera 17 Hov. Ififi7, 20 Oct 1669, 28 Oct. 167S, 2! Nov. 1677, and 
33 April 1680, aod of her aocle 33 Nor, 1691 ; also of Lord Gomwallis's childreo bj his second 
wife, 25 Julj 1690 and 27 Maj 1693. 

' Probablj the Nicholas Johnson bnried 21 ApU 1682. and she bi» second wife, buried at Hi. 
Hargaret^fl, Westmioaler, 16 Apt. 1676. Letters of administration were granted, i July 1668^ on 
the estate of Dorcdhj Johnson atitti Mapleaien. late of St. Martin in the Fields, to Isabella 
Snelling, spiosterT nieoe bj aiater and neit of kin to deceased. She waa dau. of reter Mapli*den. 
td tit. Margaret's, Westminster, Gent., whose will was dated 12 Jtko. aod proved 17 Feb. I67t<3r 
and who was cFideutly of the Kentish famiiy of that Dame. 

' He onlj son of Major General Brett, of Rotherbj^ co. Leicester, aomctime Governor of the 
lale of Wight, by Frances dau. of Sir Hem-y Neville, of Billiogbeere. co, Berks, £t., and relict 
of Sir Richard Woraetey, flnt Eort.of Appaldercombe, He had been previously married to Anne* 
dau. of Sir Ambrose Browne, 6rst Bart, of Beechworth Castle, co. Surrey, by whom he had a 
daughter who died young. (In the pnblicatioa of their marriage at St. Bride's, Fleet Street, she 
is called Hrs. Ann Leeds, and was probably a widow.) He was a Gentleman Pensioner in Ordi- 
naryt anddied the 24th and was buried 27 May 1682, at St. Mnrgaret'e, Westmineter, aged fiO years 
and 4 months. A tablet lo hU memory bos been removed from its original position in the chancel, 
and is now on the wall of the vestibule of that church. Mary, his second wife, was daa. of CoL 
John Jea^rtaon, of Dullinghom. co. Cambridge. In the Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen., dated the day of the 
marriage, her age is j^iven as 23 years. She BurTived her husband, and remarried, but died before 
80 June 1703. as on that day letters of Administration dc bcaU nen were granted (o Christopher 
Jeaffreson, of Dullingbam, Esq., on the estate of said Cbarlcs Brett, hi^ relict and executrix, 
Haiy Morgan alioM Brett, being also deceosed- 

* He third and youngest son of Sir Thomas HattoD,firet Bart, of Long Stanton, co. Cambridge, 
by Mary dan. of Sir Giles Atington, of Horseheath, co. Cambridge, Kt- He was of the Mirldle 
Temple, and aged about 23 at his marriage. He subsequently succeeded his two nephews aa 
fifth Bart, and died Oct, 1720. She eldest dau. of Thomas Buck of Wcstwick. co. Cambridge, 
Esq., by his firatwife, Rebecca, dau. of Thomaa Levering, of the city of Norwich. lothe Mar. Lie. 
Vic. Gen., dated 15 June 1674, she is called a spinster, aged about 20, SLod was to marry with her 
lather's consent. She died July ITIO. He was nephew to Sir Christopher Hatton buried 11 
Sep. 1619. 

* He eldest son of Col. John Jjtitther, of Lowther, co* Westmoreland, by his first wife 
BlJiabeth, dau. and coheir of Sir Henry Bellingham, first Bart, of Hilsington, and was bom at 
Hackthorp Hall, in Lowther, in 1666. He succeeded to the (Nova Scotia) Baronetcy in 1675, and 
was created Tiscount Lonsdale 28 May 1696. Be died 10 July 1700, aged 45 years 2 months 
and 18 days, and was boried at Lowther. (See bis sister's burial 23 Oct. 1724.) She second and 
youngest dau. of Sit Henry Frederick Thyniu, Srat Bart, of Kempaford, by Mary dau. of Thomas 
first Lord Coventry, and was bom at Cans CastJe, in Shropshire, 21 Sep. 1663. Her will, dated 
30 Sep. 1711, was proved 26 Jane 1713. See het sister's marriage 12 Aug. 1673. 

* His name is erroneously WMUeby in ColUctanea, and the uuofScJal register gives it aa 
WoqY^. — Letters of Administration on the estate of Bartholomew Woolfe, of St. Andrew Hubbard, 
London, were granted, 1 Oct. 1720, to the relict Susan, perhaps a «econd wife- 



I57J P^b. 16 Edwurtl Kviiuet and rninci.*a Tajl^^r/ 

1675 Apil 22 Brian Pwfax and Charlotte Gary,* 

April IK4 Tbctna« Wecdou oiid Qriiov Ibitt»Jl> 

April 29 £'^t£>ai^ I'liii and ElkaUik Gupps? 

July Ifi Sir Willjicm Uotw^'vrood und Aitnu-Ohriatiac Newnwc* 

Nov. '1 Walkr VanMght £fui iUbecca Coqttr} 

Ift7| Jan. 6 Jului QxeoJwm aud Frances Newman.* 

■ Bdwmnt t^^mftt wra uue of tbc Orooiu* or Mcfocugcr* c^ cJ:« (^iviil Cbambcr la I09B. 
{Hotarri-rvd hvwiCfSAnfl hnJ llctfii«» from the Fmrii^lj Offii^ II U«f 1R03, In Ti-nmy ftuiftiiaA 
KuraeL widT>vr, both bclntf cf St. HftreBrei'»i W9tsiicneT-> (^ djiu. of Efii^lijud TajVVi d 
VeMmiiiHt«r, (knt, bj^ EuH^bta Strnour liU vltii. «ho vera iDUTiiHt bi gt. UArgAm WoiU 

* Hit vSioil vurriTitkg «□ of Kir John MoMon, K,ll^ bj JuJitb. cl<t(vl tlAn, uf 8ir 7\cnDBa 
PaUum. ^o^nd Itiirf. -if liimirhU^n. Hr wajl Implif'^rl kt Rnrton. <xi Lineoln IT Sffi. IHSS, «ua- 
ooiadod bin gnuxdfnEhcr u thirl Bart, of C-ftrltJAn 2P I»«; l(J»3. wiu M.P. for Ibc diy af TJacoln tn 
three iriicoeAire Fori tBiD<>ni]<, AM wtLhout 1i«ud Uia Otli, nnd wh» IjunM nt Soiif.b Carilon, ox 
LincolQ 10 Afil- M\^^ Hbc doa. of Ubarlo* Ckffyn$. firvt VIfcout^i Kfnrhnvcrk, bj bU Onl wttt 
Lvl/ Jauo CkvetkiUab, cMcflt BarTiirtng clau. of Wflli»u flnt DiLke of Nciru*Lle. Sbo ««« 
bnptJsmlnt rbolKB.(A.Uidi.. 18 HajI(A0, HUT|vi«dhcrliiu1>iuid,BDd,djingtheffHh.vnMfaiiriA4 
RJtb btm SU Apl Vt^. at Soulb Cartkfo. 

> Hff ibiitl liQt «ooond narvtving toe of tbc Hon. itnd fior. Hitu? FBJtftj: (fooTlli bat Aoeoid 
•orvmrxg ■ou cl TbciEona linrt Batoh FairfiLi of Ounnonj^ rector of Uoicon Itocj, cc^ Voifc, by 
Uftty dAn. <if SitUcnry Cli*linl<-y, am! wit? V->m At Xcwfcn Kjm^^o, York. A Oet. 11^^, Ue wa« 
M.A, <rf Oxford 2ft Rpp. llll.l. Hiid irviilrtl n,( .!,, fhi«f*> fl Aajr. IflTT- He wn4 %»i.-rrj W K. 
Cb40. M. *iiil minOUiiic S>^^^t4lTT lo ArcljHf-hopllElolBOH, nurUlivd 3)1 ^cpLITIh 6^e ciolj^ tUo. 
And hdrol Sir Ediaand Oirr. Kt, (grcni'graiiduxi of ibt^ tint Lord Hupitdon), bj Anno dUa, of 
airQxarto«Q«rvd,i>tlf&miLorj. LiLuwter Kt. Sbf-Oiod tl Not, I70VL 

' Tbomft* V««dou, H>q, wHsoacDf ih.<^ G«^Onn«ii of tho I'Hrj ChasibcrtoS. rhju-)e« It. 
b I6$3.— FiA&oM. vifv ui Tbcmfti HVi/za, ^^ n-ai bumtt ftl M. Puul'i. Comt (fAntoo^ftJim- 
lMS-9.— Th0 wUlof GmccWtcaon, of tbr^aiyof Uatibn, vidc>w. dai^d 7 Jnn^ IT!1],wvifi!OT«d 
6 Ang. 173fl.— Tbo will o! unolber Orate Woodon. of SL Itwlio in tbc FWd», Midi-t wfaoiv, 
dftled 4 Mcbt ITKO-IO, wh* |>rgTO*l 10 8t|i. M\^. 

* Soe hli burial 97 Kot. IOS^h And bin «ou'r H Oct mO. rhii ontrj n in Ifao ttnoAeUl 
ncivtor only. 

* He »ao of Sir EJwnrrl Ba%ifipood, fir«t Etui, o( Eringloix. by SlijubvUi d»u, of Sir Joloi 
Hajnanl, of Tooting. CO. Surrijir. Kt, Flo woa n^cond Xiv.'n^ itie<l B Jahi> Uf^ it> bi8 fitfa jraftT, 

And mw biuNMl ftt KlntAlcjiJ, oa KviA. (j^ih^ bi* )>iMtrr'n iuEirriii|{P \Z June MT3). Mm d*iL«f 
lUohard X««TaaQ of PlfcIuiiAd U«|pdiden, cxi. D^rnKf. E**!- by Ansa aldcAt dau- of S^r Ch*rlM 
Hftrbnrd. KL Ehc «iu UpUiod nt Kt, Unr^nrntX WotmlniiiRr. A 8tp. ]<>AT, diHl SG Oct 1T3(, 
ftod w buried al ClmrtcAd. 6cc muriigt^ of bcr ilBtcn 18 Jaly 14T3 and ft Jul ICTA-fii, a&d 
burUU of ber brnlber and (i1st«T 3ft July l€aS and 33 Jaty 1673. 

' In tii« Mu, Uc. D. uud C- WciUiir. dai«C 1 X^t. 1675, bo i% CAllod a widavttr ftnd hIm^k 
«]do«t«r, both of 8t, MnrgAt«t'«.W(**tmmitBJ' fiJic ftppcani noi to h*« llwd rarj Umg - ■■ bo hi4 
SAotber Hoenw. fnmi the Vic^r G«uenl, 3j Apl. ]Gei>. kii iir» tbcn btipv U, lo miny Mn. 
RlUabftJi Cotter, Abi« of St. UAfifUft^, A v-idow, ajc«d 43. Tbcy vere nhao \t> vunj h Iha 
Abbey, btt no reccad of tbo numitge ocvani in the remitter. Jn thU «cooad oArriA^v tkcme Ui 
iiMOo la Epvlkd FAftAwnAf, and be b cmlkd "Rsqitfie." lie ducd aI va, oo bwrd Lbe tfhlp 
Otooccatrr. lad ndialnialfatioB waa grkncM on hi* cofAte, 16 lunc 1C8?. \<i h1« rdlrt SliabMb, 
On tie 3Tlh ^^ H97 ttdnijiiMration lua tfTBi]ti>d oti h<!rT ulAlc to bf dAU. Elijutic'h CAfer 
(vho lb«u aifao adjblttiAcnd J^ ^Mttf ■<» to hor Hlrif^fafber), noi] bbe wka dc«criET<1 u Ul« of bt 
Ann'ft. Woatmiturcr, l>nldkd atSlopn«y, ox Uldx. (Iltin rnlrj in in Ibc micAclal rcgltltf POlj.) 

* Ctoo Ida barlal 16 Oct lOM. flhc jtwogtai Jau- oj lUobafd yciraiAii oj FlfchtaJ Magdfclcot 


167| Feb. 7 Benjamin M&rBhall and Elizabeth JoiieH.^ 

March 27 Sir John Brownlowe and Alice Sherard,^ 

Jane 1 Edvard Mitton and Elizabeth Gwinne.^ 

Jane 22 John Newton and Abigail Heningham.* 

Aug, 31 Edmund Fip$ and Elizabeth Ryall.^ 

Nov, 16 Sir Samnel Moreland and Mra. Airne Fielding* 

Nov. 22 Sir Richard Gibbfl and Elizabeth Poolly,'^ 

00, Dorset, Seq.^ bj Anne eldest dan. of Sir CharleB Harbord, Kt,, aod wa« baptised At 81 Har- 
gnret'B, 'WeatmiueteTf 8 Julj 1659, tibe administered on her huebaod's estate S June 168]» haTin^ 
already rf^muried Edward Bcott^ Bsq.| and both were still living in Sep, 1695, tbe date of her 
father's vrill. Kec burialj of a son by each of ber husbands, 23 June 1699, and marriages of ber 
■istera, IS Joly 1£73 and 15 July tG75 ; alfio burials of ber brother and sister, 25 Julj 1666 and 
ea July 1673. 

* He a Cititen and Fishmonger of London, of tbe parish of bt. Marj Aldermanbury. His 
will, dated 20 Feb., was proved 5 May 1699. She yoongcet dan. of Rer. Dr. Walter Jones. Pre- 
bendary and tinb-dean of WestTDinster (sec his burial 15 July 1672), by Philippa dau. of Dr. 
Samuel Pell, Dean of Christ-Church, Oxford, Bhe died before ber hasband, leaving issue Anne, 
Beniajnin, and Richard, Another son, John, whb living at the date of her mother'a will, 20 Sep. 
1678, but is not named in that of her husband. See her brother^s baptism 10 Dec. 1G6S, and hCT 
sister^ mairi&ge 3 Dec. I66B. 

' He, eldest eon of Sir Richard .^fwn^m, second Bart, of Humby, by Klisabeth dan. of John 
Frekeof Cemc Abbas, co. Dorset, Esq., was bom 26 June and haptLzed, at Rippingale, co. Lincoln, 
6 July 1659. He saccaeded as third Bart., on the death of his father, 3 Aug. 1668, married in 
his 17lh jeat, and died, witbont male issae, 16 July 1697. She eldest dau. of Kicbard Bherard of 
IrfDbthorpe, co. Lincoln, Esq. (father of the first Baronet of that name and place), by Margaret 
dan. of Lumley Dewe, of Upton Bishop, co. Hereford, Esq, She survived her husband, and her 
will was proved in 1721. Their four daus- and coheirs married, respectively. Peregrine second 
Dnke of Ancaster, John sixth Earl of Eieter, Francis second Lord Guilford, and John Viscount 

' Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 22 May 1676 : he of St. Olave's, Southwark, Citizen and Embroiderer, 
bachelor, aged 2B ; she of St. Dunstan in the West, spinster, aged 23, her parents dead. The 
names are there given Mytton and Qrtin : in the unofficial register they ore M^on and Qwyn. 

* He eldest surviving son of Sir John Newion second Bart- of Barr'a Court, by Marydau^of ^ir 
Gkrraae Bjtc of Rampton, co. Notts, Kt., and succeeded as third Bart, on the death of his father, 
31 May 1699. She dao. of William lieteningham, of Heveningham, co. Suffolk, Esq., hj Mary 
only surviving dau. and heir of John Gary second Earl of Dover. She died 1 1 May 1686, in her 
26th year, and was buried at Haydor, co. Lincoln. He rcmarne<i, nt 6t. Giles in the FlcHb, 23 
Mch. 169C'l, Susanna, dan. of Miuhael Warton of Beverley, co. York, Esq., and fourth wife and 
nljct of Sir John Bright of Badswortb, co. York, Bart,, who survived him. He died 12 Feb. 
1733-4, aged SB, and was buried at Hajdor. See burial of their grandchild, 30 Mch. 1703. 

■ Edmund Pipe*, Qeut. (so called in his marriage Ucenee) was Clerk of tbe Kitchen to the 
College, but was removed ftx>m that ofQce, 16 Jan. I68B-4, on account of certain defalcations. 
The Chapter Book also states, 10 Jan. 1686-7, complaints of " eeveral tradesmen from whom he 
bftd taken ap goods for the College, and hatl not paid them money given him for that purpose/' 
tthe was his third wife (see burials of his first and second, 6 Apl. 1665, and 18 June 1676). This 
entry is in the unofficial register only. (See also a baptism 11 Dee- 1666, and burials 7 Aug. 
166T, 11 Mcb. 1676-9, and 20 Feb. IGSO-1.) A dau- evidently of this marriage, named Kyall, was 
baptised at Drypool, co. Tork, 12 Mcb. 1692-3, but the name does not occur again in that register. 

* See bet barial 24 Feb. 1679'&0, and note thereto. 

' Sir Richard A>jv, of Homingsheath, co. Suffolk, knighted 20 Oct. 1676, died 28 Sep. 1631, 
■god 36, and was bnried at Hoxningabeath. Eliiabeth, dau- of Sir Edmund PoUy, of Badley, co. 
BnffoUc, Et, by Either, dau. of Sir Heniy Crofts, of Little Saiham, co. Suffolk, Kt., died 11 Nov. 
IT16, and was also buried at Homingsheath. On her monament her age is stated as 67, but in 
hv muriftce licen«e (Ti& Gen. 11 Nov. 1676) she is said lo be then about 32. 


Dec. 16 

Dec. 28 


March 8 


May 1 

July 22 


William North and Slisabeth [blank.]^ 

A couple matTied by Dr, Norlh.^ 

Sir Edward Pickring and Philadelphia Dawning,^ 

Martin Foster and Katberin Washington,* 

Mr. AehbnnihaiD and Mrs. Yanghan.^ 

1 Mar. Lie. Tic. Geo. 13 Mch. 1675-S, for William North of 8t Ho^ Magdalen, Bermondse^, 
marineTT a bachelor, aged about 23, and Elizabeth Stcne, of Oxted, co. Kent, BpiDster, about 18, 
with Gonsent of her father, Thomas Stone, jcoman ; to many at Oxted. But tbere is perhaps too 
great a discrcpaticy in datea. And it is possible that this William North was a relatire of the Ber- 
Dr. John North* mentioned in the oeit entrj (fonrth son of Dudlej, fourth Lord North), who was 
then a Prebendary of Westminster, and died Matiter of Trioity College, Cambridge, in 1682- 
(Tbis entry is in the anofflcial register only.) 

* (In the unofficial register only). Har. Lie. Vic. Oen, 23 Dec. 1676, for Timothy PtUler, of 
Sacombe, Herts, D.D., bachelor, about 3S, and Mrs. AUce (^drinfftan^ of Kingston, Burrey, spinster, 
about 25 : to marry at Henry 7lhs Chapel, Westminster, This seems sufficiently to identi^ the 
*' couple " whose names were unknown to the icribe 200 yeaiB ago. Timothy Puller, son and heir 
of Isaac Fuller of Hertford, Herts, Bsq.p by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Uabriel Barbor of Hertford, 
was admitted to Gray's Inn 12 Feb, 1657'#i, but appears afterwards of Jesus College, Cambridge, 
A.M. 1660, 3.T.B. 1667, and b.T.P. 1673. He became Rector of tiacombe 11 July tG7t, and of Bt. 
Mary-le-Bow, London, 23 Sep. 1679. and held both liFings until his death. His will, dated 9 Oct, 
1693, was proved 23 Jan. following. Anthony Woo<l says that he died in Nov. 169.^, and was 
buried io the church of St. Mary-le-Bow. His wife was the only child of William Codrington, 
of St. Gregory's, London, citizen and draper, by Mary dau. of William Haslefoot, of St. John 
Zacbary, London, Gent. Bhe survived her husband, as did also two sons and two dangbtere, 

* Rightly Sir Htnry Pickering, only eon of Sir Henry Piekering, firat Bart, of Wbaddon, co. 
Cambridge, by Elizabetb dau. of Sir Thomas Yiner, first Bart., Lord Mayor of London in I6&3. 
He succeeded to the baronetcy, on the death of his father, 4 Mch. IG67'3- She, his first wife, was 
second dau. of t^ir George Doivning, first Bart, of East Hatley, co. Cambridge, by Frances fowtb 
dau. of ISir William Howard, and sister of Charles first Earl of Carlisle. (See her aiater's mar- 
riage IS Feb. 1685>6.) A daughter of this marriage, named Bliiabeth, was baptiwd at St. 
Margaret's, Westminster, 27 Nor. 1679. The mother probably died at Barbadocs, where Sir 
Heni7 was liviog at the date of his mother^s will, IU93, with a second wife, Grace Sylvester, of 
that island, and where he also died. His will, dated 15 Apl., waa proved 27 Oct. 1705. His 
remains were brought to this country and buried at Wbaddon. The baronetcy evidently became 
extinct at bis death. 

' He held, in IiiTS, the place of Comptroller of the Castoms at Kewcastle-on-Tyne, wbeD he 
petitioned the Government for the reveraion of the same in behalf of his brother George^ Be was 
buried, as " Captain Foster," at ht. Martin in the Fields, 25 Mch. 1678> and in the record of ad» 
ministration on his estate, 8 ApT. following, he is called of that pariah, and " Bsq^" The name 
is sometimes written I'hrgter. She was one of the four daus. and coheirs of Col. Henzy Waab- 
icgton (eldest son of t^ir William Washington, Kt., by Aone ViUicrs, half sister of George firat 
Duke of Buckingham), by EliEabctb dau, of ^^i^ John Fakington first Bart. There was one dau., 
Catharine, of this marriage, Mrs. Foster remarried (Mar. Lie. Fac. 9 Mch. 16&6'7), being then 
about 27 years of age, Bamabas Tonstall, of the Middle Temple, Esq., son and heir of the Rev. 
Frederick Tonstall, of Bdgcombe, co. Surrey, and was living 24 Dec. 1698. The documentary 
evidence connected with her history establishes the fact that her father bad no male issue (at 
least, surviving), and therefore destroys the theory that he may have been the anc-estor of the 
first American President. 

' Jf^ARAshbumham, son and heir of William Ashbumham,or Ashburnham, Co. Sussex, Eaq,, 
by Elizabeth youngest dau. of John first Lord Poulett of Hinton St. George : he was bom at 
Qiiswick, Midi., 15 Jan. 1655-6, and was created Baron Asbbumham 20 May 1669. He died 
21 Jan, and was buried at A*«hburobam 1 Feb. 1709-10. Bridget, only dau. and heir of Walter 
Vaoghan, of Porthammel House, co. Brecon, Esq. : she died 12 May I7I9, in her 59th year, and 
w» buried the 19th at AstabDinhain. Th^ were parents of the first Karl of Ashboniham. 


1677 Ang. 50 Edmnnd Clark and EUen Oldfield. 

Nov, 13 Sir Gabriell Sylvins and Mra, Anne Howard,* 

Not, 17 Jamee Chase and Elizabeth Boi.^ 

Dec, ( — ) Thomas Letchmore and Jane Bl^ave,* 

1678 April 16 Michael Foster and Rebecca Blagrave,* 
April 25 Thomas Bilson and Snsan Legg.^ 

July 9 8ir Thomas Beckford and Mary Eversfield,^ 

1 Sir Ofibriel d^ J^Ipim had been Carver to the Qaeea, was iLQigbted 2S Jan, l(ia9'70^ ajid 
was afterwards Eesident at the Ha^G. In 1669 he married a dan. of Charles; Peliott, Baron dc 
la Garde, who was one of the Dreasers to the Queeu, and died in 1673- Anne Howard, his 
second Wife, was dau. of William Howard (fourth aoo of Thomae first Earl of Berkshire) by 
Blizabetb dau, of Lolhiel^ Lord DuodaSf and was one of the Maids of Honour to the Queen. 
Evelyn pleasantly notices tbia marriage. In the Har. Lie. Bp. Lond., dated the previoneday, her 
age ts given as about 21^ and Sir Qabriel's about 40, (A note in the Camden Sociely's volams 
of Wills fn>m Doctors' Commons erroneously eaya this maniage toolt place at St. Martin in the 
Fields.) Sir Gabriel's wi 11^ dated 31 Dec, IfiSG, was proved 15 Feb. following by the relict Dame 
Anne, to whom he left all bis estate " in ChaCtoe Galliare in Province " and elsewhere in France. 
He died at his house in Leicester Fields* and was buried 14 Jan- 1696-T at St. Martin in the 
Fields. She survived him, and, dying 13 Oct. 1730, was buried in the same church the 2Gth of 
that month. See the marriage of her brother, 29 July 1673, and burial of her sister, 17 Deo. 

' He son of John Chase, Esq-, of Marlow, Books, Apothecary to K, Chas. II.. by Elizabeth 
dan- of the Rev- Thomas Soame, D.D.. Canon of Windsor. In the Visitation of London, IBS7, 
he is also calJed '' Apothecary to the King's Koyai Person." Ho was afterwards M.P, forMarlow 
for 20 years. He died 23 June 1721, set. 72, and was buried at Little Marlow. She second and 
youngest dau. of Mr Ralph Boi, of London, Kt., by Elizabeth dau. of Phitip Jermyn. Esq., 
Serjeant at l^w. She died 28 Sep. 1736, st. 77, and was aleo buried at Little MarJow. 

' Thomas Leckmtre was admitted to the Middle Temple. 13 Fob, 1670-1, as son and heir of 
Thomas Lechmere of London, Qent., deceased. In the Mar. Lie. Vic. Geu., which is dated 24 
Deo., he is called a bachelor, aged about 26, and described as of the Middle Temple, Esq. He 
survived his wife, and was buried in the Temple Church I fJov. 1703. She was eKIest dau. of 
Thomas Blagrave, Citicen and Violner of London, sometimes called Captain Blagrave in the 
parish register of St. Christopher 1e Stocks, where he was a TCHiiient, by his firnt wife Jane, dau. 
of Owen Tajlor, of Upper Wycb, co. Chcstei, who was buried in that church ti May 1083. 
(Capt. Blagrave, according to his will, held the Crown Tavern in Threadneedle Street, and other 
property at Isleworth, Midi., and Cavcrsbam, co. Oxford- For an interesting notice of him and 
the Crown Tavern, see Barnes London Tradetmen't Tffkent, p. 190. He was buried at St. Chi-isto- 
pher'a 17 Sep. 1693.) There were two was and two dans, of this marriage, and Mrs. Lechmere 
was b-jried at St. Christopher's 9 Dec. 1684. 

' See a marriage 24 Aug. 1681. The nnofflcial register gives his name as '^Forster." 

' He Bon of Leonard Bilson, of Maple Durham. Hants. Esq. (see his baptism R Dec. 1616, 
and note) by Eleanor eldest dau, of Sir William Lewis, Bart., of Llangorse. co. Brecon. He was 
grandson of Sir Thomas BilBon, Kt., and great grandson of Thomas Bilson, Bishopof Winchester 
<Me bis burial 18 June lAlB). She second and youngest dau. of Col. WiUiam Le-gge. Groom of 
the Bedchamber to King Cbae. I., by Elizabeth dau, of Sir William Washington. Kt., and was 
sister c^ George, first Lord Dartmouth. In the marriage license she is called Snuannah, She 
survived her iaaue, two sons and a daughter, and was living in 1715. 

* He son of Peter Beckford, of Maidenhead, co, Berks, where bom. He waa Alderman of 
London, Sheriff in 1677, and knighted 29 Oct, that year. His wilL dated 10 Aug., was proved 
I Oct. 1685. She dau. of William Thomas of Folkington. co. buasejc, Esq., by Katherine dau. of 
George Rose of Eaater^ate near Chi cheslor. and of Woodman Court, co. Sussex, Esq., and was sister 
of Sir William Thomas of Folkington, Bart. She was baptired at \Vest Dean, co. Sussex, 3 Mcb. 
1$45-6. She married, first (Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 16 May 1665), then about 10 years of age, John 
Bvaisfleld of Horsham, co. Sussex, Esq. (see their daughter's marriage 10 Feb. IG80-1). After 
Sir Thoma« Beckford'a death she remarried (Mar. Lie. Fac. 30 Sep, 1686), Corbetl Henc, of St 
Uortin in the Fields, Qeut. Sorviving him also, she married, fourthly. Sir Heuzy Fermor, Bart., 
at Wclcbee, oo. Sussex, and died before 1732. 



1678 Jnir 






l€7f Jho. 




J AD. 




Pct^r Dftlt<m aiwl Mary Domlnlck,' 

Robert Lord Willoof^hby, eon lo th« Earl of Liodscy, SDd Ihln. 

Man- WiiiDc* 
Mktuwl itcdfllpli uid Mu-j Wbttlty.' 
WiUiam Willys and KutbariDe Evelyn.* 
Sir lUlph Dueton otid Mro. Mory Itw-wick* 
Mr, Jabn CotUjn iknd Mrk. l^litaboUi Shddao.* 
Mr. John Hanly and Mm, Anne OroBWJ 

* imong tlio mjumgc^ in tbe Fleet B«giileiii u one. 33 U<^- 1711*11; of Ihm4»i>pk A*/lim, 
» ftCOC Id Ola Lord DAiMjr't rvgfaeai, bvthclcir, nmt BltnbcUi Oolkt, of St. (Hln In tbc ITkskl^ 

■ fiolwrt Bert:6, «lde«l ttou of KoIhtI third Earl of Linilj^j. by fab vMimd vifo. Bliub«th. 
dan. ol ririlip !uurt|i L<ml VTIuvIod. Hi* sitoi^L-cclcd u fr>arUi Bftri en hi* fBt^e^'• dmtii, S Muj 
ITDI, wwcniftiol Miu-i)ulsof Liadv; ^^ iJcc. lTOi^« nail Duke dF Arjcomcr uid Kolctiai 30 Jojj 
ITia. Hawu Ixrru -in Ol^L I4;mi, aii>d 2fi JhI^ 17?3, vhI whH 1mri«d Hi RaAi^hnm, <*>. linoA^n. 
Haj^.oaljdAQH and hcireucJ ftr Rtchanl llV't't^. fi:itrlh tkn-tjif Gwcdjr, tijrSumh daa of Sir 
TboDM UyddclUMi, fiivl Bttrt> of Ctirk Cwllr. oo, Jicfibigh. Hhc tUcd 20 Sqi. 108*- She »na 
Lcipl Wlllc^glibj't Unt wlfr, 'fhcrlr kcouU vun. rGtcffTlDt.v ntccecOcd u Duk« of Anoutvr, 

> H« fildwlKu <iJ Sir Tlii^i>hLluH JtiJtSmipl, ICLnnd (Inrt-JlArt. Oif W(Alx:4inibv(Crooa<iHDfa),eo. 
E«tjt, bf SEuaniurluu. of Znrhnrj lli^Tilur^ Ah^cnnac of Lontba. According to tht U&r. lie 
P«., dfttcdthv prnioii* dnj. hi* ugc «-m 24. UflfDC^cciiwl Miecood Bart, on1ii>fa1h«r'9d«ath 
La A;ihl I0H3. Pibn hlfi nm wife. dan. c>r Col, Ki^rWhlUoy, Ujcn of H. \\<i\tiQt% Loodoo, 
■ftrETwnrtU of P^uIp oc>. ChtitUr, brClinrlollo <Ud. of ^ir CliarLr* nrrmnl of Kaltttll. «k i^jif^iuilAr, 
Kt. rwc bcr burinl 1ft Ocl. IflflJ), Tbt' Mnr. Lie. iriTc-B her ii«« u 20. iScc l*r burial 16 tiep, 
|ii»9, and note Sit Michncl rcmnrricd Kltr«l«ih dnu, of WiUUm D^Ojlryn Rjq, (who swrvir«i| 
btna). nnil LMinid lohavcoicd W ApL I7IM, tfoi liH will wm qoI firortxt nnill ?ii M»y ITI? 

• tl« fuuHh Irtit UiSr^l iturYWinK iwii of .KiTThocnik*Wi[lyi, first Pari, of Fon DlEtnit, «». (l^ui- 
bri^ct^ Anne eIdo«t duo. nnd c»hozr (<f r^^rJohnWtldr.of Oanicrburr, Kl He waiof LiodoD, 
a Bamburg ucrcbnnt. nud ira« tniticd at Ytn Dittnn 9 Aaif. ITW't »fcd nboal liT. bho Ua 
nOMid Tlfc^ dan, of Koixrt (iore» ol Ci*rllcle Hllb(\ Mi^mbHat of Undon. And of i:h<LNia. Kliff 
w»ii lint muricul. ^1 8t. L-ikflV Ciiobofe* 10 Poe. 11^7 (Unr. !,k, Vi?. Gvn. Ift Dc^-X >li«a at«d 
about 1^. to Gnjrjic Bvdjn, ddcit aou of Ocorire Bvolrn^f Wottun. fViL SuTTciTt RvQ-* vbodlcd iB 
1DT0. She died :!0 Aug. ITM, oud wttx tmrLod ai NaoMnjflon, Qo. Kcut Tbdr fon*, Tbomna »nd 
WlllUm, owinff to ibc fnilurc of nialc jf«u« iQ tb«elJ«r brancbt* of Uio tunSly, boeaae inOMfr 
HTT^r lifthAnii vixtli Blu-ui. of Kvn DJUob, and en tiie doalh ol tha 1«Uw» usowftloilr H A^. 
WAt^ the LoroQctcj br-Tftmc cxiinci. 

* tic j-onagcr >oo of Str fUlph Dulton, Genu of tt« Friry Chamber Kxtmordiiiory to K, 
CbuL J^ udSlipriff of aiiJUf«BlEr»bJrt 1690, bf Uatjdou. of 5]TWUlismI>uscoanbe,or L^^ 

Kt. He «■« MT. fvr Oluuo<viti-r«bJre, vid «u« tmitcd h Borunct 22 Jtiii<! l9Ta Sb« bb Mconid 
wiftvomlj fiirtiv!Ti|r rUiT. of ]>r Ppl^r Itkrwii^k, rbv^ioiui in OnKnnrjr »» K-Chi^ 11-. by bin «lfo 
Anne (jiinrnDUily tb« wife ci Bicbnni Howlct, Dean of Casbd in IrvUnd, aod or Mr. 8«;oo, a 
naofchant of Li^ndon, uid uAA to huve boon a near kinmronan of Arotbiahop Liii^l), i4»« wn* 
bAptind ax rfc, QnrgoryX E-omdon* 2 Fob, I«i3l-1 Tbr bafitlflmi of Hvcm) of ibcir eblklrro wcttr 
ta Uiq n^iciM^rv nf St, Mv|pu^tt WHtmiuvtvc, Hvr will, i1at#d Sf July. 179K Wu proved I 

Oct nw. 

• H<^ ddc«t vo of ^ Jcdin Cotton. firK B«rt. of LaDdwnde^ cOl CanbriLlg^. bj Juaa dau. tnd 
«olc bcir of Eilwuxl If Iti^k. Kv^. Ifc aiicivcdcil u nooud Dmi.. aboi:tl lODiX ami wa» Bcconler 
of OMBbHdffo, bnd U.R f-Epr Ibat tr-wu, H« diw! Ih« AHh And WM borfod fS Jan. ITI1»^ al 
Laodmdr. Hliedai^.of SirJoapb SbddoD. Kt., Aldenntn of Imdon. iii>d XxttA Mayor ta tfiT5, 
b«»g •ol; iurrEdog child by hit 5rFl wtfc. Elunbvth, iIau. of WiUikni (nillon of Si. l^nul'^ 
(Vtodl Oanlan, and cQb«ir vitb her only imrrtvluf ixiLif 41ki«t. Pb« bck^Hinv tloc motbc* oJ two 
«M« and htno daoglitonh (Jn l\*Uf*riai^a. 1^ m coHaus tlundur. hor uabip iv nnfUAd, afkd 
thai ol Uary Bftnrick, '>f th« prr^ri'iiiiL^ cniry, rtpvntiil intiind). 

f liar. Ltc Vk\ Oen. 17 Jan. HT^ii, f^ John Uiwly. of Ony'it Un, Kv]-, agtd abcnt M, 
bM&civ. mid UnL Akn OrcoM. uf St. Ucirtia in tHe nobU. kgrd nboul Ua H|>in»tcr, Icr porvnta 
dcadl IU«««adDil<taJ to Gm;'* loo I Nov. ISTt, aiMQ ud kckr uppaMOt of John Af«aiJr7uf 

Wrr^tai.cix Dcabtch, Genu, aad wa called to tbo Bar 11 Veb. Wh. 




















167J Feb, 27 John Walwin and Mary EMns} 

Robert Barclay, Eeq., and Mrs. Elizabeth Blake.' 

1679 April 7 Francia King and EUzabetb King," 
David WM and Mary FirteU* 
Thomas Vincent and SoBanaa Fielder* 
jSir Eoberi Barkham and Mrs. IlesUr Jeffmes.^ 
Mr. Haatred Jams8 and Mrs. Margaret M%ggt? 
Mr. Edmund Foraler and Mrs. Katherhts Mundy^ 
Alban Thomson and Elizabeth Leiger.^ 

16JJ Feb. 17 Richard Sheldon and Alice [blank].^'^ 

^ (Iq the QQofQciaJ register odIj). John Walrvyn matriculated &t Oxford, from St. Mary 
Hatl, 14 ApJ. 1671, Aged 17, as son of Robert Walwyn of Iho town of TJortltnmpton, and was B,A. 
24 Oct. 1674. His grandfather waa Richard Walwyn of Colwall, co. Hereford, second sou of 
Robert Walwyn of Colwall and aftenvards of Xewtond, co, Worocater, by Penelope aiater of Sir 
William Lygon, Kt. (Visitation of Woreesterehire, 1683)- He becitme rectov of Boodlflnd. uenr 
Rochester, co. Kent, about 16^2, and died there H Jan. 1712'^, aged 5!r. Hia will, dated 4 Sej^ 
1712, waa proved 23 Jan. 1712-3. His wife, Mary, died 15 Sep. 1712, aged 5&. and waa buried at 
Snodland. They left two aona. Thomaa and John, and & dan. Mary married to Robert Viilgcon. 

' Robert Berkeley of Spetchley, co, Worcester, aon of Thomas Berkeley of Ravenehili, same 
connty, Esq. (only son of Sir Robert Berkeley, Kt., one of the Judges of the King's Beach), by 
Anne eldest dao. of William Darell, of t^cotney, eo, Kent, Esq. He was l>orn 16 July 1650. and 
died 14 Jan. 1693-4. He was buried at Spetchley, and bis will was prored 2 Apl. following. He 
apparently left no issue. Elis^abetb, eldest dau. and coheir of Sir Richard Blake, of St. John's, 
cSerkenweU, co. Midi., Kt., by Elizabeth dan. of John Bathurst, M.D., Physician to Oliver Crom- 
well, and sabsequentTy of Richmond and Arkendalc, co. York. She waa born 8 Kov. 1662. She 
BorriYed her hosband^ and in May, 1700, remarried the Rt, Rev. OilbRrt Burnet, Bishop of Salis- 
bury, to whom she was third wife. *ihe died 3 Feb. 1708-9, and was buried at Wpetchley with 
her first husbaod. (See an interfstiog memoir of her preli^ed to her " Method of Devotion," of 
which there were aeveral editions). 

■ Mar. Lie. Vic. Oen. 2 Dec, 1678, for Francis King of Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Gent., 
widower, aged about 50, and Mrs. EliEabeth King of the same place, about 24, spinster, and at 
her own disposal. 

* In the onofficial register only. See a burial, probably of her father, 19 Mch. 1689-90. 
' Her name erroneously Mi^bctA in QtUfrctanfti. 

* He second Bart, of Wainfleet, co. Lincoln, son of Sir Edward Barkham first Bart, by Anne 
dau. aod heir of Sir Robert Lee of Billealey, co. Warwick, Kt, Lettcis of administration were 
granted on his estate in June 1701. Ber father was of Wigloft, co. Lincoln, and the arms on her 
hatehmeut are those assigned to Jeffretj^ of London- fShc appears to have been an heiress, and 
died about 1 May 1691 (Sloane MS. Brit. Mas. 4973. p. 1 2). (This entry is in the unofficial tc- 
gister only). 

' (Tn the Duofficial register only). Mar. Lie. Fac. same date : .he of Reigate, Surrey, bachelor, 
aged about 24: she of Whitechapel, spinster, about 17, her parents dead.— //aertrr^Af James was 
son of Roger James of Reigate, Esq. (only son of Sir Roger James Kt. and Mary Aiioher) by 
Elizabeth hie wife. Margaret Meggs was only surviving child of William Mcggs, Esq..and Mary 
his wife, and sole heir to her grandfather. Rev. James Megga, D.D., Rector of Nevrington, Surrey, 
ftud of Theydon Garaon, co. Essex fsee his second wife's remarriage 7 Aug. 1673). She was hap- 
ti«d at Theydon Qarnon 21 Sep. !f362. There wcreelevcn children by thismarriage. She survived 
her ba«band, to whose estate she administered 19 Nov. 1702, and was living 13 Nov. 1710, as 
appCATB by the wiU of her grandfather's widow, having remarried a Mr- Newton. 

' (In the unofficial register only). See burials 17 June 1689, 16 May 1600, and 26 May 1726, 
for Catherijie Forster ; also marriages 6 Nov. 1679 and 1 Jan. 1638-0, and burials 7 June 1670, 
24 Apl. 1678, 14 Dec. 1662, and 4 Mch. 1686-fi, all probably of her family. 

* The unofficial register says : *' Mr. Alban Tampion maried to Mrs. EUz. lAgxtf^^ 

» Mar.Lic. Vie* Gen, G L^. 1687, for Ricjiaid Sheldon, of St. Giles in the Fieldi, " CollyM^" 

















Jobn Singleton and Elizabeth Fiaher,' 
Daniel Loddin^n and Mary Ware.* 
Edmnnd Wheeler and Blanche Lodington." 
John Vamey and Elizabeth Palmer.^ 
Anthony WriffhUon and Margery Butl&r? 
David Fluellen and 8nBan Ring;.^ 

above 40, and a widower, and Alice ^^rfn^fm ot eo. Midz,, above 40, widow. — ^'L&at Fridaj night 
the corpse of Richard fiheldoQ, Esq.. who died last week at his hooae in Hatton Garden, waa interred 
in great Holemnitj in the fomilj raatt at Thomham in the oounly of Bsaei " {Daily Qaxetteer^ 
10 Jan, 1736-7). 

■ HiB will, dated 30 Jan. 1689-90, and proved 2 Feb. ia9U2f deflcribcB him as a gentleman, 
of St, Benct Grace Church, London, where he was bnried 28 Jan. 1691-2- His former wife, 
Hfljy, named in his will, wae biiricd at Bt. Endc's, Fleet Street, 16 Apl. IGTQ. Bj her he Ufi A 
Bon John (with wife Anne and children), and daua, Rebecca wife of Joshua Hopkins, and Eliia- 
beth wife of John Rollealone. Elizabeth Fisber, bis second wife, woa probably the relict of 
Lawrence Fisher, one of tbe singing-men of the Abhej (see bis burial 4 Mch. 1671-2, and note). 
She wns dead at the date of ber second husband's will, 

' Six children of this marriage were baptized, and one bnried, at St. John's, Hampstead, 
Midx., between 16 Mch. 1680-1 and 19 Oct. 1691, after which lafitdate the narne disappears from 
tbe register. Four other daughtera were born elsewhere. The only Daniel in the editor^s exten- 
sive Lodington collections was a younger brother of Archdeacon Lodington (see hia marriage 14 
Aug, 167?), who was baptized at Leadenham, co. Lincoln, 5 Oct. 1626, and who, though advanced 
in life, would not have been neceHsarily too old for this marriage. He was living as late ae 26 
July 1699, but died before tbe date of hi9 wife's will. The nnofficLal register gives the name as 
that family always wrote it, viz. Lodin^on. tihe was second dan. of Jomea Warn, formerly 
Citizen and Vintner of London, but described in hia will, in 1671, as of Hampstead, Midx^ 
Gent., by bis wife Elizabeth dan. of Thomas Prouse of Willesden, co. Devon, Esq. Her will, as 
of South MimmB, MIdx., dated 12 Aug. 1726, waa proved 13 Nov, 1733. 

> She youngest dau- and eventually coheir of Archdeacon Lodington (scebis marriage 14 Aug. 
1673>,by biB flrst wife, Dorothj, eldest dan. of William Dolbcn, D.D., Rector of Stan wick, co. 
Korlhampton, and niece of Jobo Dolbeu, at this time Bibhop of Rochester and Dean of West- 
minster, afterwords Archbishop of York. Whe was bom 20 Jan. and baptiaed at Carlton- Scroope, 
CO. Lincoln, 17 Feb. 1656-7, and was living in 16B9. A eon of thia marriage became an eminent 
physician at Chester. 

* He second but eldest suniTing son of Sir Ralph Vernqf, first Bart of Middle Claydon, 
Ducks, by Mary dau, and heir of Jobn Dlackuall of Waaing and Abingdon, Berks, Esq, In tJie 
Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. he is called of London, merchant, a bachelor, aged about 36. He aucceeded 
as second Bart, 24 Sep. 1696, and was created, 16 June 1703, Baron Vemcy of Belturbet and 
Viscount Fermanagh in the peerage of Ireland. He died the 2Hrd and woa buried 28 June 
1717, at Middle Clajdon, In hia 76th year. Bee his second maniaec 10 July 1692. Bhc woa 
eldest dan. of Ralph Palmer of Chelsea, co. Midx., Esq., by Alice White, of the family of Dr. 
Francis White, Bisbop of El;, and ber age is given in the Mar. Lie. as about 16. She died 
the 20th and was bnried 2H May 1686, at Middle Claydon. Her only son, Ralph, suoceeded 
aa second Viscount Fermanagh, and was created Eart Vemcy. (An entry of the marriage of 
** Mr. Venun and Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer " in the register of 8t. Luke's, Chelsea, under date of 
" 1680," is evidentlya mere meraorandnm referring to the ceremony, which undoubtedly took 
place in the Abbey, althongh the place named in the license is Chelsea. The absence of the 
precise date, and the incorrect speUing of the name, in the Chelsea register, render this almost 

* In the unofficial register only. Bee her burial 17 Sep. 16S2 ; also that of her husband's 
second wife 4 Mch- 1634-5, and that of a child of one of the marriages 1 1 Oct. 1666.— Mar, Lie 
Vic. Gen. 18 Hep. 166ft, for Anthony Wrightaon, of Bt. Margaret's, Weetminatet, Victualler, 
widower, aged 38, and Susanna Carter, of Kensington, Midx., widow, about 40; to many at 

' The unofficial register gives his name correctly Llejrelin. He was fourth son of David 
Llewelin, of Wmdaor, Housekeeper to K. Chas. I,, by Dorothy, dao. of William Dalwen, of 


1680 Dec- 7 John Gore aad Elizabeth Saladine.^ 

Dec. SO James Fincher and Elizabeth Adama.^ 

168t Feb, 10 Robert Fiaher and Elizabeth Eyre. 

Feb. 10 John Evelyn and Katherine Everafield ■ 

Mch, 24 John Tynehare and Katherine Gained 

1631 ApL 11 RenoIdB C&lthorp and Friscitla Knjght.<^ 

Aph H William Booth and Heater Sandys.^ 

WorriUe, Berks, and was bora about 1641 (Visitation of North RmptoDBtiire, 1681), He wa* 
of Christ'H College, Cambridge ; A.B, IfifiO, and A.M. IGG4. He became Rector of Tanaor, co. 
Northampton, and was coUated Prebendary of Lincoln 30 May 1G72, but resigneii in 1C75, and 
was inalalled Prebendary of Poterborougli 6 June 1676. He died Ifl Aug. 1665- She is described 
Iq the Visitation mentioned as dau. of Matthias Bing, Cilizen and Plumber of London, aod was 
his second wife. His first wife was Dorothj, dan. of John Sajer, of Bourchier's Hall, co, Easei, 
Esq. She died 22 Aug. 1677, and was bnried at Tansor. 

' Mar. Lie. Vic Gen. I Dec. 1630, for John Gore, of New Sanim, Wilts. Gent,, bachelor, aged 
about 30, and Blicabeth Saladine, of the same place, spinster, about 2B, and at her own disposal. 
She was dan. of Herbert Satladmof Saliabury, Esq,, by Anne hia wife» and was dead in 1710, her 
hnabaud and three children surviTing her. 

■ Har- Lie, Vic. Qen* 38 Dec- 1680, for James Fincher of Lanlegloa by Kowey, co. Cornwall, 
Clerk, bachelor, aged about 27, and Mrs. EliEabeth Adamfl, of Kt. Martin in the Fields. Midx., 
ApiiuC^r. about 26, and at her own dieposal. He matriculated at Oxford, from Trinity College, 12 
Apl- 1671, ftged 18, as son of Richard Fincher, of Chievely, Berks, Gent., and waa B.A, 3 Not. 
1674 and H.A. 2 July 1677. He waa instituted U> the Viearage of Lantee:loB 7 May 1679. Tbeir 
fion Richard matriculated at Oiford, from Exeter College, 23 Feb. 1699-1700, aged 18, and was 
BA. 16 Not. 1703 and M.A. 10 June 1706. 
^ 'Be only surrivbg son of George Evelyn, of Wotton, co. Burrey, Esq., and by his second 
wife, U&ry dan. of Sir Robert Olflcy, of Dalby, co. Leicester, and widow of tSir John Cotton of Kent. I' 
The Mar. Lie. gives hie age as aboat 27, aod he was buried at Wotton, 1 June tfi91, having no 
issne surviving. She was only child of John Evcrsfleld, of Horsham, co. Sussex, Esq.. by Mary 
dau. of William Thomas of Folkington, co. Sussex, Esq. (nee her remarrij^e to tiir Thomas 
Beckford, 3 Jnly 1678, and note). The Mar. Lie, gives her age aa about 15, and she survived her 
husband, but died before 1699. Evelyn, in hia Diary under this date, says that he was present at 
this marriage in the Abbey. 

* He was only son of Joho Tynehare (who always wrote his name ■* Tinker alias Littleton*'), 
Clerk, by his wife Elizabeth (see her brmal 13 Aug. Iri84), and grandson of Philip Tynehare, 
Chaunter of the Abbey, and the preserver of its old Register (see the heading at the commence- 
ment of the marriages.) He is called a Stationer in his father's will, and was buried at Bt. Mar- 
garet'B, Weatminaler, 18 Dec. 1710. She was a niece of Anne Bmythes (sec her bnrial i Dec 
1G83), in whose will her name appears to be written '* Game" The unofficial register says 
'* John Tynehare jQuiormaried toChatherioe Qinne^*' and this book was kept by tbe father of her 
husband. 8ce baptisms of their childrcD 1 Jan. 1686-7, 20 May 1689, 16 Mch. 1600-1, and IS 
Apl. 169fi, and burial of a son 4 June 1689. 

* Mar. Lie. Fac. 10 Apl, 1681, for Reynolds Calthorpe, of the Middle Temple, Esq., bachelor, 
aged 26, and Dame PHsciUa Knight, of Cbawton, co. Houlhampton, widow, nbo^it 28,— He was 
third BOO of James Calthorpe of Arapton, co, Snffolk, Esq, (sometimes called '' Knight,^' having 
jfeceived that title from Oliver Cromwell), by Dorothy dau. of (Sir7) James Reynolds, one of 
Cromwell's Admirals. She was dau. of Bir Robert Reynolds of Elvetham, Hants, by his wife 
Priscilla (who remarried Henry Alexander fourth Earl of Btiriing. and died in 1691, when her dau> 
PrificUlo Calthorpe administered to her estate). She was born 26 July 1650, and was first mar- 
ried to Bir Richard Knight, of Chawton, Hants, who was knighted 10 Jan. 1667 -B, and died with- 
out iasae. She died 29 Aug. 1709, and was buried at Elvetham, where her only son. Reynolds 
Calthorpe, bom 6 Nov. 1689 and died 10 Apl. 1714, was also buried. Her husband remarried 
(Spec.- Lie. Fac II June I7lfi) Hon. Barbara Telverton, eldest dan. of Henry first Viscount 
liongueville, and, dying 12 Apl. 1719, was also bnried at Blvetham, aged 63, 

* Mar. Lie. Fae. same date, for William Booth, of Morion, co, Burrey, Gent., bachelor, aged 
aboat26, andHeater Sandys, dan. of Edward Sandys, of Brinsfield [? BrimpsfieldJ* co. Oloucester, 
Qont., aged about 21 , with her father's consent. He was eldest son of Bev. Edward Booth, Rector 












1681 May 2 Gilbert Gerrard, Esq., and Mary Barclay,^ 

William Selwiu and Albinia liettiaon,* 

ThomaB WiUia and Aliue Browo.^ 

Michael Foster and Elizabeth RichardBon,* 

John Cleyton married to Anne Chapman at BromUyJ* 

John Godechall and Bathia Charleton.* 

of MordeQt co. Snrte;, bj Dorothy dau. of Robert Qrecnwell of the aameplaoe, Gent. AdAngbter 
of tbis mnrriage was baptized at Mordcit 19 Mcb, IG!^U2 and buried there the same year, aftcr 
wbicb the name disappears from th^ Mordeii register. Tbe immediate predecessor of Rct. 
Rdwnrd Booth in the Rectory was hia uncle Rev. William Booth, and they were of the familj of 
that name at Wootton. co. Lincoln. 

^ Mar. Lie. Vie. Gen. aamc date, for Gilbert Gerrord of t^t, Martin in the Fielda, eo. Midx., 
Estj., aped 19 and upwards, with consent of hia father Sir Gilbert Gerrard Kt. and Bart.^ and the 
Hod. Marj Bartlej, of the same parish, spinster, about ]8» vrith consent of her ^ardiaa the Earl 
of Dorset, her pArenls t>eiog dcad.^He was bod of l^ir Gilbert Gerard, first Bart, of Fiskerton, co. 
Lincoln (who was buried in Vork Minster 24 H«p. IG87). by bis second wife, Mary, dan. aod co- 
heir of Dr, John Cosin, Bishop of Durham, and Huceeedcd ad secood Bart. €be waa onlj dau. 
and heir (poBthumous^ or bom Tcry near the date of her father's death) of Ctiarles BerieUy, BarlJ*^ 
of Falmouth (sec his burial 22 June 1G65), by Mary only surviving dan. of Col. Herrey Bagot 
(younger aon of tsir Herrey Bagot, first Bart, of BUthficld, co. Stafford), who remarried Charles 
Sackville, sixth Earl of Doreet of that family, and died in 1G79. She was divorced from her 
huaband in 1684, and died 18 Apl. 1693. in her Stfth year^ according to her moaumeut at Bexley, 
CO. Kent, whore she was buried, tiir Gilbert (usually called ti^ir Gilbert Cosin Gerurd) remarried 
the divoreed (fourth) wife of Wir Samuel Morland (see nolo to a burial 24 Feb, 1679-60), and the 
subsequent history and fate of tbis wretched couple ore entirely onknown. The tiaionetoy be- 
came extinct at bis death. 

■ He was of the family of 8eircy% of Matson, co. Gloucester, Colonel of a regiment of 
Foot, aud Major General of the Forces. In 1701 he was appointed Governor of Jamaica, where 
he died 6 Ajil- 1702. She dau, of Richard lictcn*on of Wimbledon, co. Surrey, Esq. (eldest aon of 
Hir Richard Betenson Kt. and first Bart., but died in his father's lifetime), by Albinia dau. of t^ir _ 
Christopher Wray, of Afihby, co. Lincoln, Kt. Her wJU, as of Matson, widow, dated 7 Sep. 1736, 
with a codicil 22 Dec, 1737, was proved 5 Jan. 1737-B. 

' Ho only surviving son of Dr. Thomas WiUis, the celebrated physician of bis day (see his 
burial 18 Nov. 1675), by hia first wife, Mary, dau. of Kr- Samuel Fell, Dean of Christ Clmrcb 
(see ber burial 3 Not. 1670). He was bom about 1658, probably in the parish of St. John, in the 
city of Ojtford, He matricolated at Oiforil, from Christ Church, 22 Mcb. 1672-3, aged 15; and was 
B-A. 26 Oct. 1676. and M.A. 23 June 1679. He was afterwards of WhaddoD and Bletchley, co. 
Bucks, and, dying the ILth, was buried at the latter place 15 Nov. 1699. She dau- of Robert 
Bronm^j of Blandford St. Mary, co, Dorset, Esq,, by Alice dau. of Joseph Frankmore, of Sbore* 
ham, 00. SnsseXi merchant of London. She was born at Stepney, co. Midx., 2 Jnoe 1663, and, 
dying the 9th, was biiried at Bletchley 13 Jan. 1699-1700. This entry was unaccountably 
omitted in Collectanea, and, which is still more extraordinary, Browne Willia, the celebrated 
antiquary, who was their first child, does not appear, from a careful examination of his MSS., 
ever to have ascertained the dat« or place of their marriage. In one of his M&3. in the Bodleian 
Library (4to 40.) a note in his handwriting gives the precise date and place of his mother's birth, 
in order to correct the statement of her age on her monument, and he adds, "Tliifl was not 
known till about 1737 : Mr. Wotton, B.U., wrote these epiUphs about 1704." 

* Sec a marriage 16 Ap!. 1076- The unofficial register gives the prefiies " Mr." and »* Mrs/' 
and his name aa '* Fbrater" 

' (In the uQofl^cial register only.) Bee his burial 11 June 1713, and hers 17 Jan. 1727-8. 
The marriage ia not recorded in the register of Bromiey, Go. Kent, and probably took place in 
the chapel of the Bishop's I'alacc there ; the Bishop of Rochester being then also Dean of West- 
minster, and the parties connected with the Abbey. 

• He eldest son of John fiodschaP. of London, Merchant, and of East Sheen, co, Surrey, who 
died in 1691, by bis wife Jane. He was also an eminent Turkey Merchant in London, and of 


















Jamee Parker and Elizabeth ABhe.' 

Samuel Grasconib and Elizabeth Watkins.' 

Thorns Cbapmao and Elizabeth Ogden.^ 

William Helme and Mabetl Cooke. 

Charles Knipe and Jane Needham,* 

Sir Hngh Middleton and Mrs. Elizabeth Hall.^ 

Eaoi GbeeiiT where he died 10 Oct. 1T25. His will, dated 24 Sep., waa proved 22 Oct. the same 
jG&r. ^he died before her hnfibond. Their third aod, tiir- Robert Godschall, ]ciiight«d Bt Oct. 
1735, being then l^heriff of London, was afterwards Lord Mayor, and died ia that office 36 June 
1742. Their third dau. Jane was wife of the oelobraled Sir John Barnard, I^rd Mayor in 1737, 
and thus aDCeetie&B of the late Viacount Palmeroton and Lord HothAm. 

^ He fourth but eldest surriTing sod of John Parker of Rei^alc, co. Sniroj, Eaq,, bj his 
second wife, Anne, dau. of John Aehe, of Freabford, co, SomerBet, Esq., aniJ relict of Nathaniel 
Barnard, of Bhepton, co. Somerset. He died 23 May t68li, aged 35, and wna buried In Reigate 
church. Hifl will, dated 13 May, was proved 28 Juoe 1689, bhe dau. of Jamea Aahe of 
Fyficld, 00. WiltB. Esq., brother of her husband's mother. She died 11 Sep. 1720, and was also 
buried in Eeigate church. They had issue, John, James, Anue, and Elizabeth, of whom the 
three latter were liTiDg in 1593. 

' The nnofficial regieter aays t "Mr, SamueU Qraacomt mnried to Mrs. Elii. Watkina. 
Hy Lord mured them privately, ho bein^ hia onrate att Bromley/' Dr. John Dolbeu was then 
Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster. A Samuel GrMcoms was A,B, of M^dnleu 
CoU., Cambridge, 1664, and A.M. 1674. 

* Har, Lie. Fac. 6 May 1682, for Thomas Cbapmao, of SL Andrew's, Holbom, bachelor, 
aged about 25, and Elizabeth Ogden, of St. Margaret^a. WeetminsteT, spinster, aged 21, with 
consent of her father, Richard Ogden, of Acton, co. Midx. 

* Ho afterwards of Haughley, co. Suffolk, where his will was dated 4 June 1697, but not 
proved nntil 26 Apl. 1717- l^hc eldest dau. of Juho Nrdhant^ Receiver-General and Solicftor of 
the Abbey (see hia burial 13 Feb, 1T05-C) by his wife Jane (see her burial 7 Apl. 1708). Her 
will, dated I May 1724, was proved 19 Jan. following. See baptisnas of their children 
14 Oct. 1683, 11 Feb. 1691-3, and 26 July 1696, and burials 15 ly^ic. 1706, and 24 Apl. 

* The baronetey of Middleton of Kuthyn ia usually said to have merged into that of 
Htddleton gf Hackney, in 1675, on the decease without issue of ^ir Hugh Middleton third 
Bart, of the former creation. His succcsmr ia said to have been Hugh Middleton of 
Hackney, eldest son of Simon Middleton (youngest son of Sir Hugh Middleton Grst Bart, of 
Rathyn, the projector of the New River) bj hia second wife, Mary, dau. of John Soame of 
Bnmham Market, co. Norfolk, Esq, This is a manifest error, as this laat Hugh was himself 
created a baronet 6 Dec. 1681, and there could have been no necessity for such a creation ii he 
was already a baronet by succession. This E^ir Hugh, first Bart, of Hackney, married 
Dorothy dau, of Sir WQliam Oglonder first Bart, of Nonwell, L*le of Wight, from whom he is 
erroneoosly said to have been divorced. An Act of Parliament, which received tbc royal aaaeot 
2 May 1690, merely confirmed a settlement for her separate mainleoance. and she died his wife 
about 1700, and evidently without male issue. He ia further said to have wasted his estate, and 
to have died in obscurity about the commencement of the I8th ceotury, when the baronetcy 
became extinct. It haa alao been supposed that ho was identical with a certain Hugh Middleton, 
who resided at Kemberton in ShropHhire under the assumed name of William Raymond, and 
died *' 10 March 1702.'' All writers have left the history of the two families, and the fate of 
the two baronetcies, in the utmost obscurity, which this entry in the Abbey Regialcr may at 
least partially clear up. About the lady ther« can be no doubt whatev^. Bhe was dau. and 
coheir of Heoiy Hall of Qretford and Burtoa Goggles, co. Lincoln, Esq., by Elisabeth dan. of 
l^ir Edward Hartopp first Bart of Freathby, co. Leicester, oud relict of Montague Cholmley of 
Easton, co. Lincoln, Ksq. The editor finds among his notes from the parish register of St. 
Peter's, Nottingham, the bnrial, 7 Mch. 1732-3, of "Dame Elizabeth Myddelton relict of ^ir 
Hugh Uiddelton BamL'' Her will is dated 30 Apl. 1731, in which she ia called " of the (owu 


1683 April 10 William Yardly and Elizabeth Donckly.' 

May 10 Charles Earls and Mary Painter,^ 

Jane 17 James Scotes and Anns Drdke.^ 

July 24 Matthew Hamond and Sarah Ciendon* 

Aug. 21 Thomas Sciaaon and Arme Heam.^ 

Nov, 13 Henry Roberta and Frances Corington.^ 

Nov. 18 Richard Hart and Eii^Mh BopwoodJ 

of Nottingham, widow of Bir Hugh Middleton, Baronet.*' Rhe left beqaestfl to ber son Sir 
Hnf^b MidileJton, Bart., and to her dans, Charlotte, Aore, Atid Hargoret, and appointed said 
Charlotte and Uorgarot joint execntricea. Tb^i latter^ as Margaret Middletoo, Hpinater, proved 
the will ofi narvmng executirXf 8 Jan. 1735-6, the former having been buried at St. Marj'a, 
Kottingbam, 2 Dec. 1735. The editor findaaleo among hia notea from the register of St. Marr^s^ 
Nottinghaoi. the burial. S Feb, I70O-1, of '' Bit Hugb Middlelon, Baronet/' and thinks there can 
be little danger in regarding theee two entries aa referring to the persons married in the Abbej. 
As to the identity ef Sir Hugh^ the probability seems to be that Sir Hugh, third Bart, of 
Rntbyn, did not, oe has been supposed, die without male issuet but tbat this was bis son and 
SQceessor, nnmcricall; fourth Bart., and that bis son Sir Uugb, named in his widow's will, 
became fifth Bart,» and was married, at St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf, London, 8 May 1716, to Ann 
Com^ns, c^ Cbigwel], co. Essex, who were both buried at Chigwell, he 16 Not. 175G, and she 
31 Dec. 1761, having had a son Hagh, who succeeded as sixth Bart., and was sometime of 
Chigwell, an object of common cbarity. The Bir Hugh buried at Nottingham in IZOO-I appears 
to have left no will, which maj indicate tbat he was in il reduced state, while the fact that his 
widow's will was not proTcd until nearly three years after ber death would justify the inference 
that her bcqueets were comparatively unimportant. It may be added that Carlisle names 
Sir Hngh Middleton, Bart., as one of the Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber in 1665, and tbat 
Le Neve, m his Mti. Baronets, mentions as M.F., iu \G^4. Bir Hngh Middleton, Bart., "son of Bir 
Hi^b Middleton of Ruthyn and Elisabeth his wife/^ and this contemporaneous record^ it meet 
be remembered, was nineteen years after the third Bart, of Rulhyn is said to have died without 
issue. (A ^ir Hugh Middleton^ Bart., according to the Joomol of the House of Lords, 20 Feb. 
and [ Mcb. ]664'5t was Gentleman Csher in Crdioary to H.B.H. the then Duke of York.) 

■ See her burial 10 Aug. 1686. He was Clerk of the Kitchen to the Queen Dowager in 
1692.— Mar. Lie, Vic Gen, 7 Feb. 1605-6, for William Yardle^. of St. Clement Danes, Gent- 
widower, aged about 3B. and Mrs, Klizabetb Symonds, of St. Mary WooTnoth, London, apinater, 
about 28. and at her own disposal ; to marry at Putney, co. Surrey. (The marriage is not in the 
Putney register.) He was buried at Greenwich, co. Kent, 14 Jan, 1706-7, and his will proved the 
next day by bis second wife and relict, Elizabeth, whose will, dated at JSomerset House 19 May, 
waa pnaved 27 Oct. 1718. 

' Mar. Lie. Kac. 7 May 1GS3, for Charles Earlc, of St. Clement Danes, bachelor, aged about 
24, and Mary Painter, of St. Martin's, Ludgaic, spinster, about 23. (This entiy in tbe unofficial 
register only,) 

^ Sec a marriage 7 Bep. 1665. (In the unofficial register only.) 

* She apparently only dau. of Joseph Clendon, of fit Maigaret's, Wentminster, by Eliaabeth 
hia wife, whose will was proved, 7 Nor, 1681, by her friend and kinsman John Clendon of the 
Inner Temple, Ksq,, and whose estate was to be put out to the use of her daughter Somh 
BaviviBad and her children. (This entry in the unofficial register only.) 

• The unofficial register gives the names " Si^ttm " and ** Meame." 

" In Collins's Peerage (edit. 1756) this Henry Eoberta is identified as one of the aons of 
John first Earl of Kadnor ; but this is an error, as be died before 1 July 167B, on which day his 
brother Francis administered to his estate. These parties were probably of less esatted rank. 
The unofficial register gives her name as '^ Ck^rrintony 

' See his burial 11 Feb. 1689-90, and the burial of her first husband 17 Jnly 1683 ; also 
baptisms of her children by the latter. May 1677 and 23 July 1680, and burials 3 Oct. 1676, 
12 Aug. 1679, 9 Sep. 1680, and 5 Aug. 1682. She survived her second husband, and was hiil 
executrix, he leaving her bis sole legatee. (This entry in tbe unofficial register only.) 



















John Ckrka and Elisabeth P^ks} 

James George and Anns ShadweU.^ 

James Varet/ and RebecJca Sawcer.^ 

Sir Edward Villiere and Mrs. Martha Love * 

William Eeles and Anne Holies.^ 

Dr. Jobn Milla and PriBcilla Bramaton," 

John Anger and Anne Tither/ 

1 MftT, Lie. Fftc. 22 Deo. 1683 ; lie of St. Michael le Queme, London, bachelor, aged about 
28 ; abe of St. DanBtan in the Ea^t^ apinater* atout 28, and at her own disposal. (This entrj 
in the unofficial legiflter otjly). The will of Eliaabeth Ctarh^, of St. Margaret's, Weatinmeter, 
widow, dated 12 May I7H, was proTcd (D. k C. Westmr.) S3 May I71B, by her dan, Barbara 
Clarke, residuary itgaA/C^, The only other legatees were her son John Clarke, and her daua, 
Margaret Evans and Jane Pruin. 

^ (In the unofficial re^ater only.) Mar. Lie. Fac 31 Dec. 1683, for James 6ecrget,*il 
Bannton, co. Gloucester, Esq^ widower, and Anne Ghadwell of Kt. Martin's, Ludgate, widow. 
She was doubtlew widow of Tbomaa ahadwell, Gent., buried at bt. Margaret's, WestminBter, 
22 Feb. 1682-3, whose will was proved 2t Mch. following by bis relict Anne. 

* In the Letters of adminiHtration granted to bis son James, 8 Dec. 1710, be is described as 
of St. Martin in the Fields, tihe appeara to have been a dau. of Henry iSaweer of Chesham, 
Bucks (to whCMe estate his wife Anne administered 21 Feb. 165B-9), brother of Bobcrt 8awcer c^ 
Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Gent., whose will was proved T July 1G8L. She died before her 
husband. ^This entry in the unofficial register only.) 

* This entry, in ColUctanea^ i& erroneously placed under Ibe year 1685. See his bap- 
tism IC Apl. I620i and burial 2 July 1689. This marriage does not appear in the accounts of 
the Villiers family. Bhe survived her husband and was hie executrix. Her own will, dated 
11 July 1727, was proved 3 Nov. I73S, by her sister Ann Love, spinster, between whom and her 
sister Eliaabeth Dockwray she divided her estate. 

* Mar. Lie Fac. same date -• he of ^X. Margaret's, Westminster, bachelor, aged about 26 ; 
she b( St. Martin in the Fields, apinater, about 18, dan. of Barbara Holies, widow.— Will of 
WiUiam Eeles, of St. Margaret's, Westminster, Apothecary, dated 15 Feb. 170O-1, proved 
16 Feb, 170B-9, by the relict Anne (probably a second wife). (This entry in the unofficial 
register only,) 

■ He matriculated at Oiford, fiom Queen's College, 14 Nov. 1661, aged 16, as son of Thomas 
Milne, of Shap, co. WeetmorelaDfi. He signed bis own name ^' Jtfitne" in the Subacription 
Book, but subsequently waa known as Jf t^f, and sometimes Mills. Against his name in the 
matariculation register are Che expressive University indicators of the lowest social rank, viz,, 
" PL PP-" and ^' Ser.," but which, properly interpreted, may simply mean that he entered college 
as a servitor. He took the decrees of B.A. 3 Hay 1666, M.A. 9 Nov. 1669, B.D. 8 July 168D, aod 
D.D. 8 Deo. 1681 ; became Prebendary of Exeter 20 Oct. 1G77, Rector of Blechingdon, co. Oxford, 
Aog. 1681, Principal of Edmund Hall, Oxford, 5 May 1G85, and Prebendary of Canterbury 
14 Aug. 1704, and was aUo Chaplain in Ordinary to King Chae. II. His chief literary labour 
wa« the well known folio Greek Testament. He died the 23rd and was buried at Blechingdon 
25 Jnne 1707, and his father, as Thomas Mill, administered to his estate 12 July following. 
Tbc Hiimame of his wife is a manifest error in the Abbey Register. She was youngest dau. of 
Sir William Pahner, of Old Warden, Beds, Kt., by Dorothy third but eldest saryiving dau. of 
Sir John Bramston, Kt., Lord Chief Justice of the Kiug'a Bench, who were married at Ht, 
Mary Aldermanhury, London, 28 Jan. 1627-6. She died in the first year of her marnage, and 
was boned at Blechingdon 14 Apl. 16^5- 

' He, son of John A^ffier, Gent., Burgess of Westminster, by his wife Margaret, was 
baptixed at Bi Margaret's, Westminster, 11 May 1651. His wdl. as of Northaw, Herts. Esq., 
dated 19 July 1712, was proved 12 Kor. 1713, and he was buried at St. Margaret's. Westminster, 
tbe preceding day. She, his second wife, was dau. of Thomas Tyth^, of Northaw aforesaid, 
C^tiien and Draper of London, and was living at tiie date of her husband's vrill. 


1684 JdIj 6 Rxchard Hobson and Margaret QriffUh.^ 

Aug. 5 Mr, Thomax Lirutcre and Elizahelh Ma^kcarty? 

Kov. 20 William-DnttoD Colt and Maiy Shipman.^ 

Dec. 31 Donoghf Earl of Clancartj, and Lady Elizabeth Spencer, daughter 

to the Earl of Sunderland.* 
l^ 168f Jan. 6 Nicolas Sankey tnarrud to Frances Trtvfrr, in Si. Martm'i paruhj 

hy me John Tynchare.^ 
Mch. 3 James Clajbon and Mary AlstonB.' 

1685 M&y 21 Sir Franei$ Wilhins and Mtm. ElizaUih Taylor? 

' In the nDofflcial register only. 

* i^ hJa buria! 26 Ang. 1719, ftnd hera 6 Julj 1703, (Tb!fi entrj is in the nnofflcUt 
register onlj.) 

■ Re tbird son of Oeorge Colt of Colt-Hall, co. Suffolk, Req^ by Bltubcth eldeet dan. and 
cobcir of John Dutton of Sherborne, co. Gloucester, Ksq. He was brother of the first baronet 
of the name, &nd waa himself knighted six dajs after this marriage. He was aftcrwarda 
Besideot at the Court of tbe Elector of Hanover, where he died. His will, <Uted 4 Maj 1689, 
with a cotlicii 29 Aug. 1603, was proved 1^ Jau. 1G93-4. She, bis Cbini wife, waadau.of John 
Gamcys of Momiugtborpe, co. Norfolk, Esq,, and relict of William ShipmanT of London, 
Merchant. Her will, as of Ealing, Midx., dated € May 1735, was proved L July 1726. 

* Donogb MacCartby, only atrn of Callaghan, third Earl of Claocarty, by Lady Eliiabetb 
Fitigerald youngest dau. of George sixleenib Earl of Eildare. (Bee his grcat-graud father's 
bnrial 27 Hay IGlO, and bis Bne^c's 19 Juno, IStlS.) He succeeded as fourth Earl 16 Nov. 1676. 
On account of hie ulbesion to Eing James U. bis immense cetales (valued at a later period at 
£200,000 per annum) were forfeited, but his life was spared on condition that he quitted England 
never to return. He afterwards resided abroad, and died at Hamburg in 1734. Eliiabetii 
Bpcncer, sccood dau. of Robert second Eart of Sunderland, by Anne dau. of George Digby 
second Earl of Brintol. After her busband'n disgrace a considerable pension was allowed her by 
the GoTCmmentf which at her death reverted to the fnnd for augmenting small bcaeflcea. 
Hhe died in June 1704. See their daughter's burial, IG Feb. 1734-5. 

. * Mar. Lie. Vie. Qcn. 31 Dec I6B4, for Nicholas Sankey, Esq.. bachelor, aged about 2€, and 
''the Hon. Mrs. Frances Trevor, spinster, about 21, her parents dead ; both of St. Hartin in the 
Fields. This entry is in the unofQcLal register only, and tbe marri^^ does not appear to haTC 
actually taken place in the Abhoy. It is not, however, to be found in the register of St. Martin 
in the Fields, although that church is the only one designated in the license, and hence this is 
tbe only rcconi of it. She was one of the daua. of Colonel Mark or Marcus Trevor, created 
Baron Trevor and Viscount Dungannon- 28 Aug- 1662, by his first wife Frances, dau. and coheir 
of Sir Marmaduke ^Vbitechurch. Nicholaa Sankey was in active military service at and after 
this period, and was ailvanccd to the rank of Lieiit.-Gcneral, JO Jan. 1710. His connection 
appears to have been always with Irish regiment*. His will, dated 8 Mch. 1719-20, was proved 
4 July 1723 ; but from the record he evidently died before 6 Nov. 1722, having survived his wife, 
and leaving no isaue. 

« He only son of Kir Thomas Clayton, Kt,. Warden of Merti*n College, Oiford. by Bridget 
dau. of yir Clement Cottercll, Kt, He was of the Vach, and lord of the manor of Chaifoot St. 
Giles, BookH, where he died, without issue, 28 Nov. 1714. in his 66th year, and was buried io 
the churr-h. She was youngest dau. of Sir Joseph AUtoa first Bart, of Chelsea, Midi., by Mary 
dau. androheirof Mr. Crookenberg. a merchant of Bergem-op-Eobm. She was baptised at Chelsea, 
'2\ June 1663, and survived her bnsband until May 1730. (Shu was hie second wife, as on the 
Ist June 1677 he had license from the Vicar-General to marry Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Richard 
Gnibham Howe, of Wishford. co. Wilts, Bart, She died in childbed, 9 Apl. 16B1, and was buried 
in Merton College Chapel.) 

^ (In the unofficial register only.) He was son of William Withins of Eltbam, co. Kent^ 
Gent., by Frances dau. of Robert Kiug, of St. Mary Cray in the sajne cxiunty, Gent., and matricn- 
lat«d at Ozfordrfrom Kt. John's College, 13 Not. t6&0. He was afterwards High Steward of the 


1685 June B Mr. Sharole marrud a eoupl^} 

June 18 William Windham and Rebecca Strode.* 

June 25 William, Lord Biron, and Elizabeth Lady Stydolf.* 

July 20 James Lewis dn Puiasar and Hra, Katherine VillierB.* 

FranchiflC Court of Wefltminster, elected M,F. for Westminster for the PorJiikment summoned to 
meet iu 1679, knighted at Whitcbftll 18 ApLl&SQ, Scrjeftnt-at-Law 23 Apl 1682, a Judge of the 
King's Beach 33 ApL 1683 (but removed 21 ApL 16S7 for denjing the King's light to exercise 
mflrtifll Ibw in time of peace vrithoDtftn Act of Parliament), and Recorder of Kingston 'on-Th am es 
in 1685. He died at Eltham, which estate he then held, and was buried (here 12 May 1704. fc^he 
waa daa. of Bir Thomas Taylor, first Bart, of Fark-Honse in Maidstone, co. Eont, by Elizabeth 
dan. and heir of George Hail of the same place, Esq., and was bom in 1656, She figures in the 
'' Kev Atalantis," and other authorities more trustworthy agree in the statement (hat she wilfully 
involved her hiuband in debt for the parpoae of getting him into prison. She ia said to have 
survived ber husband and remarried Sir Thomas Colepeper, the last baronet of PreBtoo Hall, 
□ear Ayleafordt Kent, but the accounts of that family do not mention her. 

' {In the imcflScial register ooly). Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 6 June 168.^, for Ambrogs Nort/mj 
bachelor, aged about 30, and Mrs. Margaret LfUi^im, widow, about 30, both of &t, Martin in the 
Fields. The aUegation was signed b; Mr. John Sharole, one of tbe minor canons of WeetminHter 
(aee his burial 6 Aug. 1687), and this fact leaves tittle doubt that they were the parties indicated 
in the entry, which thus becomes one of considerable interest. He is elsewhere called Colonrl 
Ambro« Norton, and on bis monument in the Abbey Church at Bath is described as cousin- 
germau of Sir George Norton of Abbotts- Leigh, co. Somerset. The inscription also states that be 
served the Crown of England above forty years in civil and military empZoynientS- This was his 
firvt wife, and she appears to have been a person of some importan<:e, as in bis will he mentions 
her picture and a seal with the Littleton arms, Bbe was living as late as 7 Oct. 1702, when 
FraneeS'Tereao, Duchess Dowager of Richmond and Lenoi, left her a legacy of £60 ; but must 
have died soon after, as her husband marned, secondly, Martha Lowe, who was buried at St. 
Martinin the Fields I Feb, 1713-4. He then married, thirdly, at the Chapel Royal, WTiiteh all, 
23 ApL 171S, Dame Frances Norton, the widow of his cousin Sir George above mentioned, whose 
memory has been preserved as one of the literary ladies of her age (see ber burial 9 Mch. 1730-1). 
Col. Norton died 10 Sep, 1723, in his 77th year. 

' Har. Lie Vie. Gcu. 17 June 1685, for William Wyndham of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., bachelor, 
aged about 24, and Rebecca Stroud, of Chevelyn, Kent, spinster, about 19, with consent of her 
motlter Dame Catherine 6troud.-^He was son of John Wyndham of Dunravcn, co. Glamorgan, 
Esq., Serjeant-at-Law, and his will, as of Cowbridge, co. Glamorgan, dated 2 June 1691, was 
proved 8 Dec 1696. She was dau. of Sir Kicholas Strode, of Chevening, co- Kent,, Kt., by his 
second wife CatbarinG, dau. of John Savile of MethJey, co. York, Esq., and relict of Sir William 
Cholmloy, of Whitby^ Bart. Her will, dated 16 July, was proved II Aug. 1703. 

' He eldest son of Richard second Lord Byren^ by bin 5rst wife Elizabeth dau- of George 
Rofisel of Ratcliffe-on-Trent, co. Notts, Esq., aod widow of NLchclos Strelley, of Strelley, in the 
aame county, Esq. He succeeded &i third Lord Byron 4 Oct- 1679. He died 13 Nov. 1695, and 
was buried at Hucknall-Torkard, co. Notts. She eldest dau. of Sir Geo^e Stonhonse, of Radley, 
Berks, fourth Bart., and relict of Sir Richard Styd^lpk, of Norbuiy, tturrey, Bart, (to whom 
m«rried about July 1668, and who died 13 Feb. 1676-7). She died 28 Dec. 1703, fet. 77, and waa 
buried at Mickleham, Surrey. 

^ Louis Jacques Le Yasseur-Coagnt^, son of Gco^Le Vasseur^Coagnte, Marquis deTbouors. 
He also bore the oourtesy title of jdarquis D« Puistar^ He was a refugee officer, and in 1695 was 
appointed Colonel of tbe 24tb Regiment of Foot, which served afterwards in Flanders. He died 
as early as 1701, as tbe following year his widow was drawing a pension, and waa theu remarried. 
In ber will she mentions his, dated 7 May 1697, in which he left her a considerable sum charged 
on bis estate called Wreborgh, in Holland. She was a dau. of Sir Edward Yilliers, Kt. Marshal 
(see his buriol 2 July 168S), by his first wife Lady Frances Howard, dau. of Theophilus second 
Earl of Suffolk (see her burial 27 Nov. 1677). Sberemarried her cousin-german William Villicrs, 
second son of Geoi^ third Viscount Groudison, and her will, dated 20 July 1706, was proved by 
him 2a Jnly IT09. £ 





















Phiiip MuBgrave and Mary Legg.* 

Mn Thomas Kawkina and Mra. Letitta Littleton.* 

Richard Haesellgrove and Elizabeth Grainger,* 

Anthony Meeke and Elizabeth Price,* 

John Bncknall ^id Elizabeth Qraham.^ 

Sir Richard Bnlkeley and Madam Lncy Downing.^ 

Richard Monk and Priscilla Grofla.^ 

Thomas Mansell, Esq., and Mrs. Martha MilIinp;ton.^ 

1 He eldest son of Bir Chriatopber MusgrftveT of Bdeu-HaTI^oo. CamberlAQd, Kt. ftnd fotirth 
Bftfi^ by Ma firet wife Marj, dau. &ad cohcb of Bir Andrew Cogan, of Greenwich, Kent, Bwt, 
Be was bora in London 21 Mcb. 1660-1, aud became one of the Clerks of the Goancil, oite of the 
Officers of the Ordnaace, and M.P. He died in his father's lifetime, 2 July 1639, and was buried 
ID the cbnrch of Trioily Miuories, London. (See hiB brother's bnrial, 16 Sep. 1718). She eldest 
daa. of George Zfffffe lirat Lord Dartmouth, b; B&rbar& dau. of Bir Heni7 ATcfaboId^ of Abbotts- 
Bromley, CO. Stafford, Kt. She remDj-ricd Jobn Crawford, Ksq. (son of Commtosary-General 
Crawford) who waa buried at Chelflea, Midi. 23 Dec. 1720. She died 25 Feb. 1763, and waa 
buried at Chebea 2 Mob. foUowing. 

' See a burial 12 Jan, 1685-6. 

* Will of Kichard Hastcgrovej of the city of Westminster, ViotneTj dated 36 Apl. and 
proved 30 May 1690, by the relict Elizabeth, He was buned at St. Margaret's, WestminBter, 4 
May 1G90. and the baptisms of several of their children occur in tbe register of that pariah. 
(See burials, probably of faer parenta, 10 Apl. 1696 and I Aug. 1700.) 

* See her burial 27 Nov, 1696, and hie 16 Feb. 1729-30, and notes thereto. 

* Mar. Lie. Fac. 31 Jan. ]6e5<6, for Jobn Bucknall, of Oxhey, Herta, bachelor, aged abont 
26, and BliEabeth Graham, spinster, about 20, with cooscnt of ber father, Thomoa Oraham, of 
St. Peter-le-Poot, London, Esq. — He was aon of SirWilJiam Backnall, of Oibey, Kt., by his wife 
Sarah Cbltts. He became a merchant of Londou, was knighted 23 Feb. 16S6-6. SharifE of Herta 
1692, and M.P. for Middlesex 1697. Ho is ueualJy said to have died in 1711, bat his will, dated 
2 Feb, 1712'3, waa proved 13 Aag. foLlowiog. He was buried at Oxbey. She was his first wife, 
and the marriage license corrects on error in former accounts of her patentee, which say that 
her father was Richard Grobam of Westminster. William, a son of Ibie marriage, was baptised, 
at Bt, Giles in the Fields, 2S Aug. 161^8, and she died before 1 Oct. 1694, on which day her 
husband remarried, at 8L Martin in the Fields, Mary dau. of Sir Jobo Beade, first Bait, of Brockctt 
Hall, Herta. 

* He son of Sir Richard Bulkeley, first Bart of Old Bawn, co. Dublin, Ireland, by hie Ortt 
wife Catbarine, dao. and coheir of Jobn Bysse, Esq., Chief Baron of the (Irish) Excheqaer, and 
aucceededassecondBart. inieae. She third dau, of SirGcorge Downing, first Bart, of KaatBatley, 
CO. Cambridge, by Frances fourth dau. of Sir William Howajd, and stater of Charles fint Earl of 
Carlisle. (See her sister's marriage 8 Mcb. 1676-7.) Their reniKctivc ages, as Stated in the Mar, 
Lie. Vic. Gen., dated the previous day, were abont 26 anri 20- He died, without surviving issue, 
7 Apl. 1710. and was buried at Swell, co. Surrey, when the title became extinct. She died the 
following 9th October, and was buried with her husband. The inscription on their inonument . 
Btatea that both were in their 47th year, which does not accord with their ages as given in the 
[□axriage hcense. 

' See a marriage 4 Mch. 1700-1. 

' See ber burial 17 June 1718, He second but eldest surviving sen of Bir Edward ManaeU, 
Et. and third Bart, of Morgom, co, Glamorgaa, by Martha dau. of Edward Came, of Wenny, in 
the same county, Esq. He matriculated at Oxford, from Jesus College, 7 Mcb. 1684-5, aged 17, but 
in theMar. Lie. Vic.Gen., 14 May 1&S6, hisage is stated to bo about 20. He succeeded as fourth 
Bart. 17 Nov. 1706, and waa created, I Jan. 171]'I2, Baron Manscli, of Margam. He was 
Comptroller of the Household to Q. Anne, and of her Vr'wy Council, one of the CommlsaioDerB 
of the Treasury, and one of the Tellers of tbe Exchequer. He died 10 T}f:c. 1723. See burials 
ot hia t>rothera 22 Jane 1631 and 6 Apl, 1693. 














1686 Jnne 24 Thom&B Karriflon and Dorothy Hodges.' 
Peim" Taie married to Amis Morgan in ihs Gals House prison? 

1687 May 10 Sir John Abdej and Mrs. Jane Nicholas.* 
Virtue Radford and Snsannah Wright,* 
John Bnckvorth and Elizabeth Hall,'^ 
Richard Leighton and Mary Caper, 
Charles Feltham and Elizabeth Hastings.^ 
Bichard Norria and Mar; Shorter/ 

168§ Jan. 12 John Anien and Elizabeth "Wright.^ 

Feb, 16 Daniel Tibant alias De la Garchestera and Henrietta Blanchart.* 

^ Har. Lie. Viu. Oen. 4 June 1G86, for Thomu Harrison, of t^t. Paol s, Covent QiudflQ, Esq., 
and Mra. Dorothy Hodge*, of HftQwell, Mids., widow, aged about 20. 

* !□ the Tinofficlal register only. 

* He eldest eaa of Kobcii Abdjf^ £rst Bart, of Albins, co. Essex, by CatheriDe dau. of Sir 
Hobeit Gajer^ Kt., Alderman of London. H« waa bom about 1643, and aocoeeded oa aecond 
Bart, in 16T0, Adminiatration waa granted on bis estate 9 Mcb. 1G91-2. She onlj daa. of George 
Kicholsa, Esq. (jonngest son of Sir Edward Nicholas, Kt., Secretary of State), by Anne only 
dAQ. and heir of William Denton, M.D. (yoaogOTt eon of Sir TbomBs Denton, of HilJesden, 
Bucka, Kt.\ Phyaioian to Kings Chas. L and JI. She was baptized at St, Paurs, Covent Garden, 

26 Mch. 1G6G, died in 1T21, and was buried vrith her hnsband at Stapleford AbbotB, EBaci. See 
their daughter's marriaj^e 18 Feb- 1732-3. 

* He, second but eldest surviving son of the Rev. William fiadford, by Anue hie wife, wae 
bom the 18th and baptized at Richmond, co. Surrey, 22 Jan. 1657'B. He waa admitted to Gray's 
Inn 19 Not. 1684, baring previously been of Staple Ion. He k&s first married, aboat 14 Jan, 
1678-fl (Mar. Lie, Vic. Gen.) to Jane, third dan. of John Everaon, of London, Merchant, who 
died Id childbed of her second dau. and waa buried at Richmond 7 Oet. 1631. He ia said to 
have been afterwarde of Wilbartoo, lele of Ely, and to have been Recorder of London, though 
hia name doea not appear in the lista, and to have died at Ipswich in 1694. ^he, eldestdau. of 
Sir Robert Wright, of Wang^ord, ^uSolk, Lord Chief Justice, by bis second wife, Susan, dau. of 
the Rt. Rev. Matthew Wren. Biahop of Ely, was born the 21at and baptiaed at Ely Chapel 

27 April 1654^ and survived her huaband. Their only son Robert, who was baptised at St. FauPa, 
Covent Garden, 7 Aug. 1688, died at Eton, while a echolar there. 

* Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 24 Oct. 1687, for John Buckworth, of St. Peler-lc-Poor, London, Esq., 
bachelor, aged about 25, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, of St. Clement Danee, spinster, about 16, with 
her mother's conaent.— He, only eon of Sir John Buckworth, Kt., Alderman of London, was 
created a Bart, as of Sheen, co- Surrey, 1 ApL 16^7, and was Sheriff of London, 1704. Ho died 
the I2th and waa bnried 24 June, 1709, at St. Peter-le-Poor. (See hia sister's burial 16 June 
1731.) She dan. and heir of John Hall, of Tarmouth, co. Norfolk, Klcrcbant of tri:indon. See 
her remarriage 13 Aag. 1712, She anrvived her second huaband also, aud, dying at Sheen the 
20th, was buried at St- Peler-le-Poor 27 May 1737. 

* Bee herformer marriage, 14 July 1656, and note. He was an Apothecary, of St. Botolph, 
Alderagate, London, aud remarried (Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen- 31 May 16Q3) Sarah Newland, of tSt. 
SepuIchre^B, London, spinster, aged about 23. his own age being then about 40. Hie will, dated 
B June, with a codicil 23 Sep-, waa proved 4 Oct. 1693, about four montha after hia Last marriage. 
He evidently left no issue by either wife. 

' Bee h^ bnrial 15 Joly 1690, her father's 29 Jan. 1677'S, her own baptiam 6 Juno 1666. and 
boriale of her children 3 Mch. 16HB-9 and 5 Jan. 1689-90. 

* Hot. Lie. Vic. Gen. 24 Dec, 1687, (or John Arden, of St. Jamee, Weatminstcr, widower, 
aged abont Ml, and Mrs, Elizabeth Wright, of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, spinster, about 22, with 
her father's consent. 

* Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 16 Feb. 1687-&, for Daniel Tibant, of St. Martin in the Fields. Qold^ 
Bmitbr bachelor, aged about 3S, and Mrs. Henrietta Btanchardj of St. Anpe'a, Wcstmlnater, 
■pinvtei, about 33, and at her own disposal. 
















JoJjn EmiliG and Martha Broderidge.' 
OhurlcH Miubers and Mary Wentworth.' 
Jolm Huli'>ck oad Elizabeth Mandaj.^ 

John S|>eakctt, Eai^.f and Lady Essex Robert«> 
Sir Milcfl Cooke and Mra. Mary Agcr.* 
ilenkin Lewie and Elizabeth KafitingB.* 

^ I[« irtily Hori of Kclwanl RnilUo, of London, M.D. (of the ancient familj of tbii nune at 
Jli«1iiii1i>iit I'd. NoiilimiililoH)- ^*y Klinnbcth ouly BurriTing dan. of John MiUington, of WftodBWorth, 
Kurpi^y, <lmit. In thu Hiir. lAo.. V»c. Gun,, 11 Feb., ho is dMcribed as of St, Mary Abchorcb, 
liitiuh'ii, Mrn-lmut, liiicbrliir, aped about m. Hin wiJJ, as of Wandsworth, Merchant, was dated 
111 Muy mill priivi-d '2i Juno 1711- Hhc ftau. and coheir of Chrialopher Brttdridge, of the citj of 
K^iitUu'. MiMrliaiit* hj Miirthu \i\h wife. In the Mitr- hJc. nhe is dcBcribed an then of tit. Helen^St 
Li>nib>n. H]>ihiitor, ngivl atxini ^H, JIpi- will was ilatctl V2 July and proved IT ^ot. 1721^ and she 
dln^oU^I til in- hiiL^-il at Wandpuurtli, near hur busbaiid. See their daaghtcr'^ marriage, Aprilf 

■ Hoof <lmtl itiiHH-U miTot, St. Oilcsin the Ficlda. Midx.. andof Ugley^co. Esaez, second 
Aiu ti( Sir Jiiliu MukIl^jh. of Murnrti'j, Midx., and of Colrick. Notts, Kt^ by his aecood wife 
Karuh lliddul|ih. Ui- dlod 18 Uec I7iy. She dau. of John Wcutworth of Komcrieyton Hall, 
in>. SiilTolk, Kai|„ by hlx M>cond wife Lk^rothy, itnu. of 8ir Thomas Lcvenlhorpe, second Bart- of 
Widiridp^vft^rlh. i-.*. Hert*. Hit will, datwl 13 A|>1. 1742, was i^roTed 12 Oct. 1749, and she wm 
bnriiHl at Snbrldf^^ worth. (Sl-o lli^ mnrriat-o of bis half-siater 25 A[>l. 169I-) 

■ 8«v Unrlul.x. jiri'lMbly of hor iamUj, 7 June 1670. 24 ApK 1673, 14 Dec. 1682^ and 4 Udi. 
lt!S.^-r^ nud n marrinp'< A Nov. ItiTO, 

* III' oldivi and only imrviviug Am of John Sp^tfiitt. Esq. and Honor his wife, of Penheale 
m KfjUwikorry, iWnwall, wbrrt' bo was lkaptiE1^l IS ApL Ififiu, and was M,P. for that connty. Ha 
x\i\\\ \*t aiK^jxloxy. Iti Jnno 171V>h and was temiH^rarily iatorrtHi at St. Aoiie, Sobcfrom whence his 
ri'iiiaiiiA ^rix' tviuovihI and AnnUy bitriixlat Kghwkeiry 2lt July folkiwing. i^be fifth and youngest 
\\as\. \*t Jx^bii itt'^rrr*^ flrsf Karl of liuluor. by his sectHhJ wifo Let it i a- Isabella (called Isabella 
i^nly w ibo invrapvk and \\\ tlio -.^ntry of h»>r burial in ibt? Chelaen rvgi^ier Letitia only, bnl both 
in \hf Uivn:^ h^x hiT Ttwvitd uiarria^' to VimvutK Kt'whavvnV dau, of t^ir John i^mith. of Kent, 
Ki, Shv wn.4 IxupiiErtt ai t*hol*i*a. Miiix.. 7 ApL IfitTl*, She diinl within thr««wt«ks after her mm^ 
rii^'* a» an ^txIit wha ^i^r^u for tiatt;hmoni«> et*^^ aft^ her death. 1 Uay 1669 (i^ia^<T« Work 
JCiv*, iW;, .1'^. « I. K, IK :JltV^ 

' \\\' a y^Hm»:tfr s*«x ^'J Sir K*'U*n l\\>ke- of Ui>:bnam. ov*. GU^uivsteT. Kt- He was a Master 
w ^'bAiuYTv tt>^in '2% \\\\ h-TS until hi« iloath. aikd kiii^httM 2^ Jan. 1673-4. He died mddenly 
M bU boiiT* til * haixvvry l.AUo. and waa bnrUM at S(, Jaroos. We«tminjier. ^I Fetx 1696-9. (He 
apivarv W ba>»' ha*l a fv'ruwr ^ife. vit- Katto$:\ini1a. dau. of Sir IVlrt BalL of Mamhead. eo, 
lVx^^!^ Kt.^ Shf ft\>*v.<l dai^o-f >ir Itolvri Ih>1U'*, awihI 1>an-<'f S<Tfcnii<on. co. Lincoln. 1^ ^"7 
da'.!, of ;^:t Kdwarvl ILiswy <'f UvW^^jctv^i. in tht.- sanio o^'tinty. Kt. >ht was bom the 9th and 
ba^'tiiwt at >oAinv^"- ^*' **^''- l^^iS. Shtf hjui Wvu i^A-viv'uslT v^lar. Lif, Fao. ^ Jnne 1^4) 
*ho s^wf^i *i;V Of Vhx'!tia* ly-i-- oJ ib.f ^\,\<\W IVu^pt^s Ivfti. v^wto was ceTvr kni^t«L as n 
ifrtv^'\vi:\jf sta^^t '.:^ ii'!,\v"'.t»^j *x--^ c-sf>*t;ori'\ wbv' wa* Vuri^^i a; ^- Anne'». SohA. 1 Sep, 
l*S*, *i..l *^wr »'.::. ^lai^rtt it-x \xv\w^t i tVl\.she j'rv'Yftl U*Not. ■:: that year, i^se remamed, 
;i.r\l *. ^■*^^-!■J*> T.'.r'/.tf-, oi k--* jtstvc- »v. Kt-xi. K^,. al^'iMiiie: iu^ Cha:i\vrT, whom *te surriTed, 
^ *?C^ vs ' Aj',".: ir:J ^it*- •»» ^^^ :h.:\- ».^. h:s 3»\v^ lj,Ti-f du^l I ApeG. l^M.'J Her 
w- '. .U^fti. :;:; l\v\ tru. »i> yc.'*^*'.^ :^ J-iv^, tT3l. Vt tcr At Ko^n v\vke- *'te l^^oeie aad 

V'..-.v ^-: '. CLi'^-'^TOf '!. ,v, ^arr:ir*'.'C- .-.s^^ \S iVv-. IT J'. ;, Vj^^*-'_i I'i-v^vCr. :t. i33_^— Jk Jeohtn 
!.:*'> fc'jp".:-^'. ■- \^riii > v."; " 2 i.'i't- **ft? a* «'f. ai'^ i<'- .-i H^cry l*w?* ^ I^a^oae. co. 

«<4aA::t L*wti aati Slaa^ifti i:^ *-J» ^ !^mf^ &:f^nr\ 










1689 Nov, 4 Williftoi Wekett and Add Tong,' 

Nov. 28 Theopbilua Lee and Mary Bridges,* 
JameaTnockG and Anne HewitL^ 
Thomaa Eilerker and Anne MeUiah * 
^ 16f( Feb. 6 Alexander Ridgby, Esq., and Susanna Calvert.* *^ 
~ " Richard Bently and Catharine DaviB.* 

March 4 Mr, George Berkly, a Prebend, and Mra, Jane Cole-^ 

' He WAS oue of the Meflsengcrs, mxd aX hU death Doorkeeper, of the Trcaeurj, CoosLderable 
pajmeDta are recorded to him in the "Secret Herrices of Chaa. II. nud James 11/* (Camden 
Bociety'a Tolnoie, 1861) "aa a reward for bie eitraordinarj pains in cairpng letters on eevcral 
occasioDfl for our serrice." A former wife, described id Mflt. Lie. Vic. Oec^ 26 t^ep, 16S5, as Mar; 
Waith, of Bt. Clement Danes, apineter, aged about 21 » was buried at St, Margaret's, Wcstminetcr, 
23 KoT. 1688. Id that license he is also called of that pariabf gcntEcman, bachelor, aged about 
25. He died the 3rd, and was buried at Bt. Morgaret^s 8 Feb, 1717-8, She, hia second wife, w&e, 
as appears from his wilt, a sister of the Her, John Tonffe, who, at ite date in 1714, waa rector of 
Branoepeth, co. Durham, and was living is 1718, Bhe proved her husbajid'a will 26 April 171S, 
and the name occurs for some years later in tbo register* of St. Margaret's, WcBtmioflter. 

' Theophilus Leigh, o£ Aiilestrop, co. Gloucester, Esq., son of William Leigh, Esq., by hia 
third wife, Joan, dau. of Thomsfl Perry of tbe city of Qlou^atcr, Esq. He died 10 Feb. 1724-5^ 
aged about 76. Sbe bis second wife, dau. of Jamca eighth Lord Chandos, by Elisabeth eldest 
daa. and coheir of Sir Henry Bernard, of London, Et. She filed 13 June 1703, aged aboat 35. 
They were the aucestors of the present Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh. Bee their daughter's marriage 
29 Jau. 1712-3. (Bee also marri^ce of her brothers and sisters, 24 Dec. 1691, 26 May 1GQ2, 
27 Feb. and 10 Mcb. 1695-6, 2 May 1700, 7 June 1705, and 6 Oct- 1709.) 

' The wilt of Adq THoffhe, of St. James, Westminster, widow, dated 12 Nov. 1729, waa 
proved IS Feb. following by John Johnsoo, her sister^e son, to whom she left all ber real and 
persona] eatate. She directed to be buried at EeosingloD, near her 1ato husband. 

* He an attorney at law of Londoo and Doacaater, boq of John Ellerker, Esq., Aldertnon of 
DotJCiMer, by Elizabeth dau. of Peter Bbort, of the same place, and was there ba]>tized 4 July 
165G. Administration to his estate was granted 9 Dec, 1693, whea he was described as of St. 
Martin's, Lodgate. She dan. of Robert Mellish, of Rflgaall, Notts, Esq., and sister and beir of 
Bobert UeUisb of l^t. Andrew's, Holboni. She survived her hnsbaud, and remarried, at tbe 
Chapel fiojal, Whitehall, 16 May ifi&6, John WilUams, of Bt. Martin's, Ludgate (Mar. Lie. Bp. 
Lond. 11 Hay ; he a bachelor, and each aged about 30). 

* He second son of Alexander Righy, of Layton, co. Lancaster, Esq., hy Anne third dan. of 
Thomas Bircb, of Birch- Hall, near Manchester, Esq. He was knighted 28 Nov. 1095, and died 
20 April 1717, (He was a Turkey Merchant in London, and had property worth £40,000 seized 
t^ tbe enemy in Queen Anne's wars, which rendered him a bankrupt, and he was thrown into 
prison. He probably died m the Fleet, as in the register of Bt. Bride's is an entry of a ccrtidcate 
for the removal of hia body, dated 26 ApU 17 17. Although through his paternal grandmother he 
was a second cousin of the Queen, the Qovernment gave him no rcdreES, exoept tc make him a 
Knight and a Commissioner in Scotland, but an Act of Parliament w^is passed for his relief 

^ shortly before his death.) She dau. of Peter Calvert of Sine Ashes, in Hansdon, Hcrta, by bis 
wife Honoor Bates, of Hertford, whose Mar. Lie. (Vic Qen.) is dated 3 Apl. 1669. 

* Mar. Lie. Vic Oen. 3 Feb. 1C89.90, for Richard Bently, of Bt. Paul's, Cerent Garden, Sta- 
tiimer, bachelor, aged about 40, and Mrs. Eatherine Davis, of Bt. Martin in the Fields, spinster, 
■ibout 25, with consent of her mother, a widow. — Buried, at ^t Pattrs, Covent Garden, 23 Judo 
1697, Richard Bentley, and 16 f>ep. 1699, Katberine Bentley, widow {Parish RegiHery His will, 
as Citizen and Btatloner of London, dated 15 June, waa proved 16 July 1697| and her mother, 
Grace Davia, widow, administered de ImhU mm. 17 May 1700. She left no will, but her sister 
Ann Davis administered, as coratriz of her children, 26 Sep. 1699. 

' The Bon. and Rev. George Berkeley, second son of George first Earl of Berkeley, Igr 
Elizabeth dau. and oohdvof John Maasingbcrd, of London, Eeq- He matriculated at Oxford, from 
Christ Church, 24 Jane 1668, aged JC, and wai created MA. 9 July 1669. He was admitted U> 














IG90 May 8 Theophilaa Hastings, Earl ofHimtingdoD, and the Lftdy Frances 

Steren Hnmbte and Elizabeth Abell.* 

Ralph Carr and Anne Fairc&i.' 

Joseph Damfiell and Joanna Kidder. 

Philip AEtlej and Elisabeth Branshj/ 
1691 April 25 Sir Ralph Ratclife and Mrs- ilary ^ncer* 

Jdin JameB and Dorothy Waller." 

the HcctoT7 of Cranfori. Midx. S Apl- t6S6, and tas insUUed Prebendv; of WcstsjirifltcT 13 
Jnne, l&^T, He vu buried at Cnuford, M< Oct 1694. Juc, dfto. of Gcorg« Cole, of Backisb, 
CD. DevoD. and Enstoae, co. Oxford, Esq,, bj bis wife Anne. Sbe was bAptiied at Eostoiie:, 1670. 
(See bapiiem of Iheir ouIt child 22 Ucb- V6QU2}. She remarried JeremUh Ch&plm. Esq,, (me of 
lh« Gentlemen L'shera and Dailr Waiters to Q. Anne, and thej became- tluoogh their only 
danghtcrt anceetors of Ihe present Earl of Buchan. She died in 1747. 

' He fomtb bat only miriTtng eon of Ferdluando sixth Earl of Hiuitingdoii, by Ln<7 dan. 
and heir of Sir John Davies. of Etiglefield. B«rk£, Et. K^ vaa bom at Donningtoa Park 10 Dec 
leeo.socceededaa seventh Earl 13 Feb-»d died 30 May 1701. She hia Bccond wife, dau_ 
and sole beir of FrancLa Leresou Fowler^ of Haniage Grange, Sbropshuc (by Anne second dao, of 
Peter Venablea, Baron of Eonderton)* and telict of Thomu Xcedham, sixth Tiacoont Kilmorej. 
(A cnrious incident in her bistoTy is revealed by a Mar. Lie. Vic. Geti» dated 14 Feb. 1667-S, mare 
than two years before this maniage, and rery shortly after her fii^ hoaband'a death, via., for the 
Hon. Francia Brcreton. of Breretou, co. Chester, Esq.. bachelor, aged aboat 24, and the Bt. Hon. 
Pr&Dce« VisconntfSH ECilmorey, widow, aboat 23. From Bome nnexpLained cmnsc the marriage 
did Dot take place, aa he eacceeded ai Sftb Lord Brcreton. and died onmamed in 1722.) She 
remarried, thirdly* Michael de Ligondes. of Auver^^e in France. Enigbt of Malta, and Colonel of 
Hot% in the French service, who died in 1717. She had ifisae by each oS her hosbanda, and died 
26 Dec. 1723. 

' He youngest son of Stephen Hamble. of ?=t. Jamea, Westminster. Gent^ by Katharine his 
wife, and was baptized at St. Slargarei's. Westminster, J Feb. 1G61-2. His will, dated 18 Sep- 
1604 and proved 20 Nov. 1699. describes him as of Littleton, co. Uidx..GeDt^ bat in the calendar 
he ifl called of co. Soathampton. She survived bim. and was his eiecatrix Their Only son, 
Benjamin, was living at the date of his grandfathers will, 7 N^ov. 1706. 

' He only son of Sir Ralph Carr, of XeKCaatle-on'Tyne and of Durham, St.. by his 
second wife Isabella, daa. of James Darcy, of tfedbary Park, co, York. Esq, brother of ConjCiS 
first Earl of Holdemess. He was bom 19 June 16ti9. ami died 24 Uay 1706. b~he fifth bnt 
third surviving dan. of Henry fourth Lord Fairfai of Cameron, by Frances dan. and heir of Sir 
Robert Barwick of Tolston, co- Tork. Sbe was baptized at Brunham. co. York 27 Apl. 1670, and 
died 3 Jcly 16W. They were buried at Houghton^le- Spring, oo. Durham. 

* Mar. Lie. Fac. I Dec. 1690, for Philip Astlev, of Melton Constable, co. Niofolk, Esq-, 
bachelor, aged aboat 22, and Elizabeth Bransby, of Great Yaimoath, co. Norfolk, spinster, about 
l^T her parents dead, with ooasent of her uncle and gaardiaa Robert Bransby. Esq. — He second 
bat eldest surviving son of Sir Jacob Astley. first Bart, of Hill Morton, co. Warwick* by Blanche 
eldest dan. of Sir Philip Wodebouse, third Bart, of Eimberley. He succeeded as second Bart. 
Atig. 1729, and died 7 July 1739. She only dan. and heir of Thomas Bransby, of Castor, co. 
N'orfolk, Esq., and died in April, 173@. 

' He of Bitchin Friozy. Herts, son of Ralph Radrli^e. Esq. and Edith his wife, and grandson 
of Sir Edward RadcIiJTe. Kt., Physician to E^ James L Re was knighted 18 Feb. 1667-6, and 
died 15 Jnly 1720, in his tt7th year. Sbe his third wife, only dan. of Sir John Mostera, of 
Bomsey. Midx.. Et. Qrj bis first wife Anne dao. of Sir Johri Majnard. E.B.), and relict of Sit 
Richard Spencer, second Bart, (of the second creation) of Offley. Herts (to whom married at 
Borttsey 23 Jaly 1672, and who died Feb. 1^7-S). She died without issue the 3rd and was 
buried at HJtchin 14 i^p. 1719, with her husband. 

■ Mar. lAc. Tic. Fac. same dale : both of St. Andrew^s. Holbom, both single, and each aged 
aboat 30.— She was dao. and coheir of Thomas Waller (second son cd Thomas Waller, Kaq^ o< 












1691 Jnly 5 IJr. William Keedham and MrB. Margaret Needhara> 
Mr. John Weetwood and Mrs. Suaanna Nott,* 
William Ingoldatry and Tbeophila Lucy." 
Mr. Alexander Jacob and Mrs. Elizabeth BridgeH,* 
Mr, John QontdBmith and Mrs. Elizabeth Cope.* 

GregDTiea, Backs), tj hia wife BliEabetb, and thus distautlj- related to the emiueat poet. Two 
BODS of thU marriage were b&ptlEed at St. Andrew^fl, Holbom : Hogan, 30 Ma;I692 ; and Jolm^ 
I Jan. 1694-G. 

1 See her baptism 13 ApJ. 1670, her father's burial 13 Feb. ] 706-6, and her mother's 7 Apl. 
1706- She died 24 Oct. 1693, and was bittied at Alreaford, Hants. He wm of Emanuel College, 
Carabridge, A.B. IGl*, A.M. 1678, and 8.T.B. 1685, and wa^ Rector of Old Akeaford, Hants, fortj 
Tears, He was bom 2 Feb. 1665 6. died 22 June 1727, and wa« buried at Alresford. (See the 
baptism of their daughter 20 Juue 1692). His second wife Catb&rine died 27 Aug. 1731, ffit. 81, 
and was also buried at Atresford. 

" He eldest son of Rev. John Westwood, Vicar of Hales Owen^ co, Worcester, by Rebecca daa. 
of Bev. Thomas Littleton, Rector of Sucklej in that county and also Vicar of Hales Owen, and 
aifiter of Bev. Dr. Adam Littleton, Rector of Chelsea, Midi., and at this time Prcbendarj and 
Sul^dean of Weatmineter, He was baptised at Halce Owen 7 Mch. 1664-5, admitted to West- 
minster School 1680, ejected to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he matriculated as a Pensioner 
19 June 1681, and hod the degree of A.B. in 16H7- Ue was inducted Perpetual Vicar of Ovcrtoa^ 
Hants, 30 Jan, 1689-90, and was buried there 9 Oct. 1709. She appears to have been a dau. of 
Bdward NoCt of Mintj, co. Olouceeier, Beq., bj Anne dau. of William Webb alia* Richmood, of 
Lydiord Millicent, WiHh, and widow of Bdmnnd Webb of Miuly aforesaid. Her will, dated 18 
Dec nil, was proved 2 June 1712. The baptisms of ten of their children occur in the parish 
rvgister of Overton, as well as the marriages and burials of several of them, (It is possible that 
a burial, fi May 1691, refers to a former wife of Mr. Westwood). 

* William Inffirldshy, of Ballybeg, Co. Meatb, Ireland, boo of Sir George Ingoldaby second 
Bart, of Lethenborough, Bocks, by MaT7 dau. of Sit Peter Stauley second Bart, of Alderley, suc- 
ceeded as third Bart. His age, according to the Mar. Lie. Vic, Gen. dated the previous day, 
waa about 20, He died at his house in York Buildings the 25th, and was boried at St. Mortta in 
the Fields 28 Apl. 1726, leaving no male issue, and the title became eitinctp Thcophila, 
dan, of Sir Kingsmill Lucy, second Bart, of Broxbourne, Hertu, by Ladj Thoophila dau, of 
George first Earl of Berkeley, was bom and baptized at St. Martin in the Fickls 24 Jan. 1670-1. 
She died 30 Jnly, and was buried at Cranford, Midi., 4 Aug. 1731. 

* He younger son of Robert Jacob, Esq. (brother of Sir John Jacob first Bart, of Bromley) by 
his second wife, Mai^aret, dan. of Alo^Kander Packer of Kiugs Charlton, co. Oloacester, Esq., and 
woe a Turkey merchant in London. The inscription on his coffin-plate styles him ^' Mercator e 
Sodetate Turcic& primariua." and says that he was born 1 Feb, 1646-7, and died 3t Mch. 1721. 
(The words "a foreigner," added to his name in CfllUdancat are not in the Abbey Register, 
and the date there given is slightly erroneous.) the dau. of James eighth Lord Chandos, by 
Elisabeth eldest dan. and coheir of Sir Henry Bernard, of London, Kt. (Sec marriages of her 
brothew and aislerB, 28 Nov. 1689, 26 May 1692, 27 Feb. and 10 Mch. 1695-6, 2 May 1700, 7 June 
1706, and 6 Oct. 1709). See their son's marriage 5 Dec. 1717. -She remarried, at St. Paul's 
Cathedral, 27 Dec. 1722, the Bev. Thomas Dawson, D.D., Vicar of Windsor, where she died 23 
Nov. 1739, and was buried at Whitchorch, Midi. 

* He son and heir of John Q^mld^myth, of Nantwich, co, Chester^ Gent., by bis first wife 
Judith, dan, of Robert Woodroffe of Poyle in the parish of Scale, co. Surrey, He was baptized 
at 6t. Bartholomew the Great, London, 18 Aug. 1654 ; matriculated at Oxford, from Brosenose 
College, 31 Mch. 1671 ; and was admitted to the Middle Temple 22 June 1672. Ho married, 
fint, at St. Lawrence Jewry, London, 19 Dec 1682, Jane Radcliffe, of Islington, Midx., spinster 
(second and youngest dau, of Hugh Radcliffe, CitiKcn and Haberdasher of Loudon, by hia second 
wife Biizabeth dau. and coheir of Thomas Chewniug, Citizen and Skinner of London), wbo died 
^e lat and was buried at Nantwich 9 Feb, 1686-7. He was also buried at Nantwich 29 Sep. 
1702, and Ms relict adminUtered to his estate 14 Dec. foUowing. She eldest dau, of Jonathan 

J All. 





















169| Jaii. 19 Joan Louia Du Loi^a and Catharine De la-Barre.^ 

John Dq Commnn and Margaret Pnech.' 
169:J April 5 Benjamin Mott and Anne Clerke.^ 

Mr. Edmund Chamberlnine and Emma BridgeSp* 

Robert SJlkc and Mary Dowse. 

Mr. John Vemey and Mrs, l^Iary Lawly.^ 

Tiittletou Taylor and Mary Littleton alias Tyncare," 
u;i»| VAk 2 John Ward and Lucy Walker. 

Janwfl Tooth and Alice Chaplin/ 
1093 April 24 James Merle and Elizabeth Sabatier.^ 

K\y\v. Ra|, i^tUInl hut neoond aurvLTing am of Sir WiUiom Cope, aetx^nd Bart, of HanweM, co, 
OifoH^ of tU>iUmL Abtiej. v^>, StafTortl, hi Am^e dan. of Sir HattoD Fermor of Eaffton Xcston, co. 
Nonhiuii|>tt^Lk« Kl. Sdo vtu U'ni nl Roiil<,*ii Abbey 1 he I at, und baptizc^d at EUenhall, co. Btaffind, 
Sfi l><v, IfkM, Th**j left survivinB a dau. Judith, wife of Wall^ Stnbbs, of Beckboij Hall, co. 
^Uk|\ Ka^,. ativl a A'n J^mAihau> »ltow of th^* Rojal College of Ffajsidans. LoodoD, who died in 
N^vfolk Sireet, ytraiuK 12 \y\. 1732, 

> 11^7^ TmnnAuio 19 aJmotft uiLdtvI|khciable in the oifidal regiiter. bat the niu^cial one ^rea it 
diitiiiotly a* ai1o|>t(Hl iti tbo text. — ^Lntiii>ira THary menttons Manhal J)e Z^ryet ae in actire 
»?rviw \Hi th^ t\nitiucHt fivm 16V0 tk» 16»5). 

V John l^u U4nmau vfa& Y<omaii of the Confectionct7 to Xht King hi 169?. and waa nato- 
Talin^l in liJl*S. I^^ul INnvh w« nuturaHwd in 1^2. Her wilL ai a widow, dated at Bath 
inbow *bo tUrtU 3 Jan, 17SS-'J, wa* im^r^l I* Apl, IT33, hj her »n Pel«r Joha Da Commnn. It 
m? Litih^^tu a!«x> her ^4^ Johu. thou at Juuaii-x and hor daa. Jant-, wife of Ur. Daniel t>ebat 

* M*T. \.iK\ F»o- I \yi. If^^S* fkM- ttenjan^m M^Ht. bachelor. ^:^ abont 3(\ and Anne Cloia, 
«l^hisirr. a,:^! If l« with ixnv^otvt of hor mo«hi-r. >lary CIcAo. widow; all of $1. Botnlph. ^Uden- 

* UeeM<si swv^^f Johu *.'haiuK'rla;w of Maafer^btur. ixv GlocKffter. Evq« bj Mary dan. of 
Wa-Ti^T :^va«^- x^i t^^A^^iraij, ^v. >Vi'n:««(er« K;^, He wa^ N^n aN>ct 1^70, and waa high riioriff 
0/ iltv^iiox^crjt-.iv =.-A UvV*, Sh* ^lau, ^'f JaiKffl c:j:li:h U^rd Cbiit-iotf* by £l-nbeth cldert dan. and 
oofet".r ..: ^'.: Kt-x ty tVrrarvi of l.or.*!oi', Kl. v?^ ttarria^-^ of her broihon and s&tcn^ !S Sur, 
hi^V ;:i IW, X^\, r: tVK a::^l U* M^'h. Ift^V;. * Sit t7i.\\ 7 Jsce 1706, aai « OcL ITW.) 

> Sitfv S'j r.^i; ■■^A.-t:ipf. ::^: MiT :*AK ai^d ^.^i- th<^rv:o, Slxi b.:5 wwnd wife, e!deA dan. of 
:^iT rr*;x-* /jt.V^ 'Vvvro. !^t^ o; #;\vr.h::\ vv- Sa1o;\ by A=i* *:d«t d»^ of Six Thomas 
Wb,:s.v--\' f-?i Sjl?^. v-; Aj' Vx :■: :>.# sa-^c ^Vii^',T, Shtf .=W il As? a=a «a* tcried 5 Sep. IBH, 
alUv-,-:, V Ijiiv^'t, .V. fcck^ i^v.J.^ *:bh<ro=>:rifir.: cb::i J.i::. bcr-ed 33 VaTpmcdias. 
ll:r bi*.i::o. ^tULr:"^", Lb',^.i:¥. *: Kcx'siv^.tis S Arl, 1?"*^ ElrjaSrt^ ii*=. cf Danid B«ker.«l 

* Sof V* Vt'jl :i N,'> :rc: al\-\ Vr* :? >\*». :r\'L\ *a.l =oors Titfr*co. 

^? S -ii.x.i > -L* ^.,ii^ wMbi^'Mvvi: i:-vc.»x-b. .V. K^=:, 17 Avr,: It»* »j- a ftnt wi^ 
Ma^,ii. o Sil ,-i:H,:jtvit ■■b^- »vk b^^n^^Ni *: >;. V^.:./*. Co^rci sj^st^il. V-i marrwi flwood^, 
i:; 5;. *:I^'-.V s :» Ji> t'SSy^ Jizv l\ju-'::^ .^i Vi^^x.-ii^T ^'-^ w^ Vtir^^i *5 « SarfiRl'L 
^--^it-.^-'c :> y,v :»y: ;:- > ^ « ' , i.*:,>- * J'j.j I'v. : r.-i^c ; I^v. 17L* be ArwribRl hna- 
«~ t> ■ '*.■ -i Xv* -^Jiai, i,»^-:*aiiX'. Cb ». J * ;^'r;l «-??. sur*'.'^ Lai i::"! w*i ^CEecnmSL 
^2 ,c>-_ ... :ij » v^A^r^i^ «>;>,■ M-c-ai-'i V. >:. M\."y4S:i *> W^s-jt cst^r *^ Se, FSKtC't^ Co»«it 
^iiT-ivc. r^i:,'' x-.-xcr^t^ ft."c. S^-.-^4^.\ aij:-' .m V..\i i; ^^r.'f*.'. S-,m 3l<rejn Ctijey;, II DVt, 

* r!*j wn.dK'L:t. -*^"!S'.?- loi^ -S-coj Avc:',-. JtJK-Twt >5 It- ii^TT*;," A J<*a Safeaiaer 
>ftja:^f -'£ i^:.-:^..^ ^trw^ ii*:\-j i: A-L :~-j: aac ?f.*-At :• M,-i. I' tg-A tt<ttiam> ^tt > wan 


Bee 3 


May 15 


JOD. 21 

Feb, 4 

Feb- 27 

March 10 


April 80 

Ang. 27 


Leonard Marim and Hannah Bartholomew.^ 
Sir Charles Heron and the Lady Catherine PouUney? 
Thomas Browne and Sasao Cooke,^ 
John Walter and Jane Symplon* 
James Brid^ and Mary Lake.^ 
Charles W^cot and Mary Bridges.* 
Mr. Sherard and Mrs. CalverlyJ 

John JefieTy, of SanBton^ co. Cambridge, widower^ and Elizabeth 
Howell, of ConiDgton, CO, Huntingdon, single woman** 

I In Uie unofficial regiater onlj.^Mar, Lie Fac- 2 Dec, 1693, for Leonard Uartio, bachelori 
aged aboat 22, and Hannah Bartholomew, spinster, about 19. with conseat of her father, a 
" Tinman." 

* He tbird son of Sir Cnthbert Heron fint Bart, of Chipcbaae, co. yorthuroberlaiid, bj fais 
firet wife EUzabeth third dtw. of dir Richard Graham of Netherbj, co- Cnmbcrtand, Bart, He 
succeeded bU btother John, as third Bart., about \mZ. Bis will, dated 24 July 1694, was proved 
30 Oct. 1711. and the record states that he died in the Fleet prison. E^hc eldest dau. of Sir 
William Pnliemey of Histerton, co. Leicester^ Kt,, bj Oracc youngest dau. of Sir John Corbet of 
Stoke, CO- Salop, Barl. Her will, dated 20 Sep., was proved 26 Oct. 1720, and she waa buried at 
St. UaHin in the Fields on the IBth of the latter month. 8ee her sister's burial 2S Feb. 1745-6. 
(This entrj is !□ the unofficial register only). 

* Ttie dato of this entrj in CoiUdanea is erroneously 1693.— A Mr. Thomaa Browne woa 
sworn Qenl^ Eitrnordinarj of the Chapel Bojal in 1683. 

* From his will, dat«d 19 July and proved 9 Kov. 1713, he appears to have been a brother of 
Peter Walts, fiaq., the famous '^asurer" immortatiied by Pope. He described himself as of 
St. Harg&retf^ Weatminstcr, "Orocer," and was buried in that charcb, 3 Aug. 17IB. She 
Burrired htm and was his executrix. 

■ He eldest son and heir of James Brydgct eighth Lord Cbaodos, bj BliEabeth eldest dau. 
and coheir of Sir Henrj Bernard, of London, Kt. He was bom the 6th and baptized 12 Jan. 
1673-4, at Dewsall, co. Hereford, succeeded as ninth Lord Chandoe 16 Oct. 1714, and was created 
Duke of Chandofl 30 Apl. 1729, He died the Qth and was buried 23 Aag. 1T44, at AVhitcburcb, 
Midi. (See marriages of bis brothers aniJ sisters, 28 Kot. 1689, 24 Dec. iri9l, 26 May 1692, 
10 Mch. 1695-6, 2 May 1700, 7 Juoe 1706, aod 6 Oct. 1709.) She his Qrst wife, dau. aud 
eventnally sole hdr of Six Thomas Lake, of Canons, Midx., Et„ by Rebecca dau. of Sir John 
Langham first Bart, of Cotlesbrooke. co. Northampton. Bbc was baptised 18 July 1668, at Viliit- 
church, and died the 15th and was buried there 23 Dec. 1712. 

■ He eldest eon of John Walcot, of Walcotj oo. Salop, Esq.. by his second wife Elizabeth daa. 
of Sir Qeorge-Clerke, of Watford, co. Northampton, Et. He was baptized at Lydbury, co. Salop, 
24 May 1660, was M.P. for Ludlow in 1681, and High Sheriff of Shropshire iu 1710 ; and was 
biiried at Lydbuiy, 20 June 1726. She his second wife, and sister of James Brydgct mentioned 
in the entry and note immediately precediDe^ She is erroneously called " Maty " in the register, 
her name being Anne (see her sister Mary's marri^e 28 Not. 1669). She was buried at Lydbury 
2 Feb. 1703-4. 

^ BewMt Sherard, Esq., second bnt eldest surviving son of Bennet second Lord Sherard, 
Baron of Leitrim in the peerage of Ireland, by Elizabeth dau. of Sir Robert Christopher of Aiford, 
CO, Lincoln, £t. He succeeded bis father as tbird Lord Sherurd 16 Jan. 1698-9, aud was created 
Lord Harboroagh in the peerage of Great Britain 19 Oct. 1714, Viscount Sherard 31 Oct. 1718, 
and Earl of Harborough 8 May 1719. He died iu London 16 Oct. J732, and was buried at 
Stapleford, co, Leiceetwr, 16 Nov, following, aged 66. Mary, dau, and coheir of bir Henry 
Calrerij of Eryhotme, ca York, Kt., by Dame M&17 bis wife. In the Mar. Lie Fac 23 Apl. 1C96, 
her age i« stated as about 18. She died, without so^iTing issue, £0 May, 1702, and her husband 
did not remarry, 

* Mar, Lie Fac. 26 Aug. 1696, for John Jeflery of Sawston, co. Cambridge, vridower, and 
Bliubbeth Howell of Conington, co. Huntingdon, spinster, aged above 22, with consent of her 
father John HoweU, Gent.— (The entry in ColUctanea eironeously gives the dat« "Nov, 4," 
and muTvi Mr, Jdhaj tc Misa Smyth of the following entiy.) f 


1696 NoT» 4 Arthnr Moore, of 8t, Bride'H, London, widower, and Theophila 

Smyth, of 'Epsom, co, Surrey, sinple woman,* 
169f Feb, 11 Thonoae Crow, of CoUiton, co, Devon, widower, and Elizabeth 
Gili, of St, MaT^rct'a, WestminBter, single woman. 

1697 April 25 Charles Osborn, of Hall l»ie\ in Yorkshire, widower, and FranccA 

Digby, of Mansfield-WoodhoTiBe, Notts, widow.' 
May 25 Alexander Bosvile, of St, Danatan*« in the West, London, Book- 
seller, and Ann Grove, of the same pansh, widow.* 

* (See nota to proeeding entry). — Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 4 Wot. 1696, for Arthur Moore, of Bt, 
Britle's, Loadon, Esq., wii^owcr^ nged about 30, and Theophila SmythOj of Epoom, Snm-y, spinater, 
about 20, with conreut of her father "William Smyfhc, Ksq, — He sapposcd to be of humble Iriih 
deeoent, but acquired cooaidcrable Booial und poLiticnl stimdiDg, and is often named in the 
poUtical pamphlets aud squibs of his time. He appears to have been one of the ComptroUert of 
the Anny Accounts, a Director of the South Sen Compauj* and M-P. for Great Grimsby. He 
appears alao to have succeeded hia father-in-law as Paymaater of the Band of GentJemen Pen- 
sioners, in 1720, wbich office was tranrferred seven ycore later to bis boub James and Arthur 
jointly, fie was first married, J7 Mch. 1A91'2, at St- Bride'ft, London, to Susanna, eldest dan. of 
Di. Edward Browne (eldest son of Sir Tbomas Browne, author of " ReJigto Medici "). Presidezit 
of the Itojal College of Physicians, by whom he had only two dans., Yii. Juacj baptiud at t^t. 
Bride's 29 Aug. 1693, and buried thon^ the next ilay, and Susanna, baptized 20 Jan, and buried 
there 7 Feb. 1G94-5. The mother was also buried at St. Bride's 3 Mcb. 1694-5 ; but they all 
appear to have beeo afterwards removed to Korthfleet, Kent, where tbey hare a monument, fie 
died 4 Maj 1730, and was buried at Fetcbam, co. iSurrey. His will, dated 6 Nor, 1729, wm 
proved 30 May 1730. (See aJi interesting aoconnt of him in yotct and Qufrlet, 1st Ser. li. Ifi7, 
177, 197.) She» his Bccond wife, was dau. and heir of William Rmythe^ of thelnnerTemple, Kiq., 
Paymaster of the Band of Pensioners, by Lady Elisabeth eh^est dau. of Geoi^ first Earl of 
Berkeley. Her will, dated 12 Oct, 1736, was proved 3fi Jon. 1739-10, Theij eldest son William 
(baptfced at St. Andrew's, Holbom, 4 June 1699) snececded t<i his father's, uncIe^B. and grand- 
father's estates, and was M.P. for Banbui7. He died, without issue, 24 Oct 1746, making hli 
heir Frederieh, afterwards the celebrated Lord North- The seoond son, Arthur, was baptized at 
St. Giles in the Fields 1 Aug. 1700, aud buried there T June 1731. The third son, Jamea, 
aflflumed his grandfather's name of Smythe, and is freqaeiitly mentioned as one of Pope's anti- 
pathies. He died 18 Oct, 1734. There were three daus. by this marriage : TheopbEla, bciptiied 
at St. Andrew's, Holhorn, 9 Juno 1698. and buried at fit. Giles in the Kielda 30 Aug. 1703; 
Elizabeth, Ijaptixcd at St Gilea io the Fields 2 June 1701, who probably married Wy riot Ormond 
named in her brother James's will ; and another Theophila, bapti^ied at St. Giles in the Feldt 23 
Not. 1704, and bnried there IT Jan. foUowiog. 

' Mar, Lie. Vic. Qen. 21 Apl. 1697, for Charles Osbom, of Hull, co. Tort, Epq., widovrer, 
aged fifi, and Frances Digby of Mans^eld-WoodhouBc. Co. Notts, widow, aged 46. — Mar. Lie. Fac 
7 6ep. 1663, for John Dighy of MauHfield-Woodhousc. Esq.. bachelor, aged about 30- and Frances 
Pinckney, spinster, about 20, with conecnt of her father Leonard Piockney. of Weatmiustcr, Esq. 
—A Charles OMbome, Esq., was Lieut Governor of Hull in 1692, and M.r. for Hull 1690-8, but 
lie is said in the Peera^^ to have beco a brother of the Duke of Leeds, and to have died 
unmarried- (Query, if it should not read without isauc). 

' The well known bookseller of his time, " at the Dial and Bible over against St. Dunstan's 
Church in Fleet Street." The more notorious Cnrll was occup3-inir these premises in 1710. and 
Boffrile seems to have rctirciJ to Ht. Mar^jnret'H. "Weslminntcr, sb early an I70fl, as his will Is dated 
9 Nov. in that year. Be stytod himself ■ Citizen and Hialionerof T^niloii,*' and bequeathed all 
bis goods, one half to bib wife Anne, and aiic half io his only chiht Eliuibeth when of age or 
married, lie was buricil at St Sfargarel's, Wtf'tniinhl er, 30 Sep, 1717, and his will was proved 
24 Oct. following by hie rolict Anne, who appears to have been also buried at St. Margaret'a, bb 
the " widow Botwtl^" 7 Feb. 1717-B, 


1697 Jnne 3 Qilee Palmer^ of St, Bartholonjew Exchan^, London, and Honor 

Cwter, of Hertford, HertB, both single.' 
June 19 John Holworthy, Esq., and the Lady Judith Barkliam, widow," 
Oct. 17 Oliver Qoodacre, of St- Panra, Covent Garden, widower, and 

Mary Kellnm, of St. Sepulchre's, London, Bingle woman.^ 
Oct. 27 Edward Tnfnell and Anne Browne, both ginglc and of St. Mar- 

garet% Westminster * 
Nov, 24 Pet«r Birch, D.D., and Mrs. Martha Millington.*^ 
Dec, 19 Benjamin Dewell, of St. Mary ]:lill, London, and Ann Stampford, 

of St. Botolph's, Alderagate, both single,^ 

1698 Nov. 29 Thomas Gore and Elizabeth Hill, both single and of St- Mar- 

garet's, Westminster.' 

1699 May 29 William Fathers and Priscilla Strode, both single and of West- 

Oct, 28 The Rt. Hon. James, Earl of Anglesey, and the Hon. Catherine 
Dam ley,* 

' Har. Lie. Fac. 2 June 1697, for Giles Palmer, of Ht. BanholoinGW Exchange, London, 
Merchant, bachelor, aged 21. and Honor Carier, of All faints. Hertford, Herta, spinBtcr, aged 17 
and upwards, with consent of her mother, a widow. 

' He only eon and heir of John Holworthy, of tit. Swithin's, London, Merchant, by Anne 
dau. of Hemy Proby, of London. Hia gcaodfalher waa Richard Holworlhy, of Brintol, Merchant, 
and mayor of that city In ]ti35- He evidently dle<l before hU wife^ )Shc wad dau. of t^ir John 
flaJsey, of Great Gaddesden, Hena, Kt. (a Master in ChAncoqr), by Judith eldeat dau. and 
coheir of James Necton, Egq., and wa8 the relict of 8ir ,Wil]iani Barkhani, of Untton Garden, 
London, and of Eaet Walton^ co. Norfolk, thirfl and laut Bart, of tfouth Acre, who died in Doc, 
1696- Hhe appears to have been buned at Woolwich, Kent, 19 Mch, 1723-4, if we may so 
constrae a curions entry in the register of that paHsb, of that date* which reads '' Barkham 
Judith Lady/' 

* In (he Mar. Uc, Pac.f date*! the previous <lay, her age is pven as 32. He was buried at 
6t. Paul's, Covent Garden, 16 Sep, 1703. 

* Bee his burial 11 Kep, 1719, and note. Jn the Mar. Lie. Fac., dated the previous day, she 
is called of St, Margaret^ Westminster, fljHnftler, aped a'>ove 21 and at her own disposal- Khe 
waa one of the daua. and coheirs of Samnel Browne, of i^t. Mai^nrct'e, Wcstminetex, Gent., who 
diediDl720-L She remarried (Mar, Lie. Vic. Gen. 24 Oct. 1721) Thomas Mytton, of St. Lconard'a^ 
Shoreditch, Merchant, who died before her, and was buried at Camberwcll, co. Biirrey. Her 
will, dated 31 July, waa proved 6 Dec- 1727. 

* Bee hifl burial 4 July 1710, aiKl hem 2S May 1703, and notes thereto. 

' Mar. Lie, Fac. 15 Dec. 16y7, for Brijan Drtmit, of St. Mary-at-Hill, London, bachelor, 
aged 23, and Anne btampford, of St. Botolph, AJdcTf^atc, spinster, ag«l 22, her parents dead, 
and flhe at her own disposal : alleged by George llmjoi*, of tit. MarKarcts, WestminHttr, Gent. 
— It ia difficult io account for ibe violent dipcrt})ancy Jn the man's name, fur both recottls are 
nnmiatakeable. Geoi^e Throope was the Apparitor of the Dean and Chapter (see hia burial 20 
June less}. 

' Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 32 Nov. 1698, for Thomas Gore, of St. Margaret's, Weslminster, Gent., 
bachelor, aged aboTc 24, and Elizabeth HilJ, of the same jmrish, spinster, above 22, and at her 
own dispoaal. 

* He probably son of ETorard Fathers, of St- Margaret's, WestmiuBter. whose estate was 
adminiBtered (D. and C. Westminster) 3 Mcb. 1702-3. by his relict Cathwine. She dau. of 
George Strode and Mary his wife, and waa baptizes at St. Margaiet's, Westmineter, 7 Jan- 1676-7. 
They were liring ha ]at« as 7 May 1710, when their son Bverard was baptized at tit. Margaret's. 

■ He eldest BOD of James second Earl, by Lady EU£Abeth Manners, fourth dST;. of John eighth 


1G90 Nov, 21 Edward Carterctt, of St. Clement Danes, co. MiddJeflex, Esq,, and 
the Lady Bridget Sudbury alias Clntt^rbuckj of Ingataton, 
CO. Eflsex.' 
-ff^ Feb, 10 Capt. George Kirke and Mary Cooke, both of 8t. Mai^;aret'B, 
March 7 Nathaniel Parkharst^ of Cateeby, co. Northampton, bachelor, 
and Althamia Smith, of Kensington, arngle woman * 
1^1700 April 23 Hugh Boscawen, bachelor, and Charlott Godfrey, single woman* 
May 2 Brereton Bourchier, Esq., of Bamsley Hall in Glonceaterahire, 

and the Hon, Katherinc Bridges.* 
May 29 Edward Blount, singing man, and Annabella Qniee.^ 

Eail of KutlnQd- He waa bom about 1670. aod Buccecded as third Earl 1 Apl. 1690. He wOA 
divorc*^ from ihe Countepe, on account of bis cruelty^ !2 Jane 1701, and, dying 21 Jan. follow- 
ing, WA8 buried at Famborough, Haute. See her buiiAl B ApJ. ]743i and note. Their only child 
waa auccatress of the piesent Mar<)uis of Konnaubj. 

■ He third sod of Sir Philip Carteret (killed in the naval battle of Solebay, 28 Ma/ 1672) 
by Ijidy Jem[ma Monti^u, dau. of Edward first Earl of tiaodwich. He waa baptiied at Hawnea, 
CO. Bedfont, 28 Not. 1671, Ho wa£ in ecversti ParliametitG, and, 4 April 17£1, was conBtitut«d a 
joint Potitmaaler-OeucralT in which office he continued till his death. He died 15 Apl. 1739, 
and waa buried at Homchurch, co. fisaci, the 2lKt of that month, bhe dao. of Sir Thoma* 
Eiton^ Kt., LL.D., Donn of the Arches, Vicar-Genera) and Chancellor of London, and Hafltertrf 
Trinity HaU, Cnmbridgef by Isabella dnu. of Robert Horc, CitiEcu and Apothecary of London, 
and relict of Tbomaa Prujeai^ M.D. (son of Bir Francis Frujean, Kt.). She was boptiied at Bt, 
Margnrct^iS WesFmiuBter. 19 Sep, JC67. f:?he married, firat, r^ John Sudbury, only BorU of Eldon, 
CO. Dorliam, wbo died 27 Mch. and waa buried at Qonichurch, Eseei, 3 Apl. 1691. (The only 
ibauc of thin marriage, a dau. Auue, was buried at Horneburcb, 12 Sep. Ifi9l-) ^e married, 
secondly, Thomae Clotterbuclr, of Ingatebtone, Essex, Esq., by whom she had a aon, bom about 
lOOG, aftorwardfi the Rt, Hon. Thomaa Clutterbuck, Treaaurer of the Navy, who died 23 Nov. 
1742, and waa buried at Homchurcb. Sbc herBclf died 18 iScp. 1735, and was buried at Horn' 
ehureh the 261b of that month. Sec burial of the eldest non of Ihia maniage, 14 Not. 1718. 

' See his burial 16 Jan. 1703-4. and hers 23 Dec. 1754, azid notes thereto. 

* lu the Mar. Lie. Bp. Lond,, dated Ibe preriotiB day, bis age ts given ob 23, and here about 
16. He was eon of John Pajkburat, of Catcsby, co. Northampton, Esq., by Katherine dau. of 
John Donner of Leigh Gi'niige, co. Bucke, Esq, He died 20 May 1716. Bhe eldest dau- of 
Altham Hmith, of Grays Inn, Esq. (eighth Bon of Hir ThomaH tSraijth first Bart, of Hill-Hall, 
BsBci), by tiusanua {nie Gore) rehct of Sir Richard Munden, Kt„ Capt. E.N. 

* He eldest and only Burviviug eon of Edwanl Boscawen, Esq., by Jael dau, of 8ir Fancis 
GodolphiUf K.B., and sister of Kidney, Earl of Go^lulphin, Lonl High TreaaurcT. He waa created 
Viscount FaliDontb 13 June 1720. He died sudilenly at Trefusis 25 Oct- 1734, and was buried at 
Pcnkcvil, CO. Cornwall. She eldest of tbe two daus. and coheirs of Charles Godfrey, Esq., Master 
of the Jewel OfQcc, by Arabella Churehill, sister of John. Duke of Marlborough (see ber burial 10 
May 1730). She died 22 Mch. 17S4, anti was buried at Penttvil. They were the parents of 
eighteen children, of whom twelve were baptixetl at 8t. Martin in the Fields, See the maTriages 
of three of them, 17 Aug, 1732; 3 Feb. 1742-3; and 18 Aug. 1746. 

* He sonof WilliamBoiirchier,of BarneBley,co.GlonceHter,BBq., by Marthadftu. of Randolph 
Brereton, Eaq. (who were married at St. Bartholomew tbe Great, London, 27 Feb. I66l'2). In 
the Mar. Lie. Fac., dated 27 Apl, J700, he is called a widower, and of Bamesley. He was aged 
27 and upwan^a at the Visitation of Gloucestershire in 1682, She dan, of James Btydffvt eighth 
I^rd CbandoP, by Eliaaboth eldest dau. and coheir of Six Henry Bernard, of London, Kt. She 
died 11 July 1732, aged about 52. See Ihcir daughter's marriage, 2 Apl- 1719. (fsee also 
marriagea of her brothers an<l sisters, 2S Nov, 1689, 24 Dec. 1691, 26 May 1692, 27 Feb. and 10 
Mch. 1695-6, 7 June 1705, and 6 Oct. 1709.) 

« Har, Lie Vic. Gen. 27 May 1700, for Edwai^ Blonnt, of tit Anne's, Weitiiiiiuter, a«nt^ 


1700 Aug, 6 Thomaa Tidd, of Deptford, co, Kent, and Mary Elliott, of the 

precinct of Bridewell, London, both single.' 
Oct. 17 Bobert Jennens, of the Middle Temple, London, and Anne 
Quidott, of St, Andrew's, HolborOi both single.* 
170f March i William Llojd, of St. Austin's, London, bachelor, and PrlEcilla 
Monke, of 8t. Giles in the Fields, MiddleBes, widow.^ 

1701 July 17 Sir SewBter Peyton, Bart., and Mrs, Anne Dttshwood,* 

Aug. 7 8ir John Thorold, Kt. and Bart., and the Hon, the Lady Mar- 
garet Coven trie, widow,* 

bachelor, aged about 38, and Ura. AnnabGUa Guiee, of the same pariEh, HpiDBtcr, aged 21 and 
upwards, and at her own dispoeaL^Thcir dau. ElJEabcth waa baptized 23 Jan. 1701'2, aEid theii 
dau. Anit 27 Oct. 1703, both at St- Anne's, WcBUninatet, and in botb iiiAtaocea her name is 
written Arabella in the register. 

■ Ifar. Lie. Fac. 6 Aug, ITOO, for Thomas Tidda, Jr., of Doptford, Ketit, Chirnrgeon, 
bfichelorT aged 23 and upwards, and Mary Elliott, spinster, about SO, dau. of Mary Elliott, of 
Bridewell pFecinct, London, widow, whoae consent was att<Mtcd by Joseph Damscll, luicle of 
said MaJ7 Alliott the 3L0imgcr, 

' He fourth Bon of Humphrey Jennens, of Erdington and Nether Whitacre, co. Warwick, Eaq., 
by Haiy dau. of John Uilward, of t^nitterton, co. Derby. Esq. In the Mar. Lie. Tic. Gen., 
dated the previous day, he is called of the Middle Temple, bachijlor, aged 28, but no record of 
bis admission is to be found in the Temple registers^ Ue was afterwardii of Bedford Row, 
Hoibom, and of Aelon Place, Buffolk. He died Huddeoly, of ajxiplcij, 36 Feb. 1726-6, in bis 
54th year* and was buried at Acton. She only dau. and heir of Caicw Guidott of HL Antlrew's, 
Holbom, and of Hampshire, Esq. (The foUowiog Mar. Lie. Fac,, dated 23 Mch. 1671-2, appears 
to be that of her parents ; Carew Guidott, of Honiard, co. bkiutbampton, Gent., bachelor, 
aged aboDt 30, and Ann Fuller, of Chamber Hoiwte, co. Berks, npinster, about 22, dau. of 
. , . . Fnller, who consented thereto : to many at Herriard aforosaisL) Hhc died 24 Dec. 1761, 
aged S5, and was buried at Acton, Their only eon, William, died unmarried 10 June 1798, in 
biB QSth ytMTf leaving an immeDw fortune, which, although since legally distributed beyond the 
possibility of disturbance, has excited tbe coTetouaness of a host of greedy claimante, on botb 
aides of tbe Atlantic, who are to thiri day wjurting time and BiibHtance in pursuing the hopeless 
exttcrprise of its recovery and redistribution among themaelvce. 

' 8ce a marriage 4 May 1686. 

• He second Bart, (of the second creation) of Doddington, co. Cambridge, son of 6ir 
AJgemon Peyton first fiart., by FranccH dan. and beir of Sir Robert tvewstcr, of Raveley, co. 
Huntingdon, Et. He was Master of Ibe Buckhounds to Q. Anne. He died 28 Dec. 1717, in his 
45th year, and was buried at Doddington. She second ilaugbtcr of George Da»hwood, Esq., 
Aldeftnan of London (by bis wife Ma^aret Peny, of Thoriie, co. Surrey), and sister of Sir 
Bobert Dashwood, first Baxt. of Nortbbrook, co. Oxford. She fluiriTed her husbani). 

■ He thiid son of Anthony Thorold, Esq. (second son of Sir William Tborold, first Bait, of 
HaTBton, CO. Lincoln), by Qriailla second dau. of Sir John Wray Mecond Bart, of Olentworih in 
the same county. He succeeded bis two elder brethera ha fourth Barf., and, dying without 
issue, nt, fi4, was buried at Syaton, near Granthano, tn that eouuly- His will^ dated 12 Dec. 
1712, was proved 16 Jan. 1716-7. She third wife and relict of Francifi C&eentrtf, Esq., second 
son of Thomas firot Lord Coventry (the Lord-Keeper), who died 16 Kov. 1699, in his 87th year, 
and was buried at Mortlake, Sorrey, She survived Sir John, her second husband, and founded 
in her lifetime several important charities in Lincolnehire, which arc still in successful operation. 
Her will, dated 23 July, with a codicil 30 Oct. 1732, was proved 31 Jan. 1732-3, by Tbomaa 
Coventry^ Jr. Bhe described herself as then of St. James's, Westminster, and directed to ba 
buried wiUi ber first husband at Mortlake, or with ber second at Syston, She died the 23rd and 
was buried at Hortlake 29 Jan. 1732-3, aged about 81. 

(Aboat this lady there has always been a cousiderable mystery, which it is the editor's 
ivortaioe to cIcat op, at least in p«Tt All the printed accounts and MiS. pedigrees of the Thorold 

38 1CABR1A6E8 IN 

1701 Ang. 21 John Hicke, D.D., and Mrs. Sarah Trotman, single woman> 

Sept, 25 Natbaniel Brawne, of St, Mai^refa, WeHtminBter, widower, and 
Anne Turner, of Hayes, co. Middlesex, single woman.' 

bmil/ mcutJoii licr simpJy as the relict of the Hod. Francie CoTentrj and daughter of 
■* — Walera^" or "Walters, Esq.," BometimeB adding "of yurrej." The acconnta of the 
Coventry family ignore her name allogether. Among the relaiuere of the Thorold family in 
LincolDfihirc!, and the people in the neighbonrhood of their Beat, there exists to this day a 
tradition that Sir John, the fonrth haronct, taarried one of bia menial sorrantn. Thin is. of 
couthCt an error, for, ho far as he wa* concerned, his wife wna a lady of considerable weal1i» and 
the widoxv of a baroo's son. It is not improbable, however, that the story originally had some 
banu, although the delaila were snboequenUy pcrvorted. The facts, bo f ar aa the editor has been 
able to trace them, appear to be these: Mr. Coventry, then a widower, was married at 
Carsholton, (Surrey, 31 Jan. 1666-6, to Lady Elizabeth, relict of Sir Bdmond Hoekina, Et., 
beijcaot-at-Law, and she was bnried at Car»iha]ton 16 Sep, 1688. On 3£ Aug- 1689, ba plain 
"FfBncia Coventry/' he obtained a license from the Faculty Office to marry "Margaret 
Waterer^* (not WatetB» nor Walters), deacribed aa a "maiden, aged about 87.'' In the 
allegation tbey are both stated to be of Carshalton, and they were to marry at St, PauJ'ai 
CoTcnt Garden. They did not marry there, but about sii weeks after, <viE., 4 Oct, 1689, they 
were married at St. Mary Abchurch, London, and the entry in the register describes them aa 
"Francis Coventry, of Carshalton, widower, and Margaret Walercr, of the same parifdi." 
Mr. Coventry was bom In 1613, and was therefore at this date aerenty-six years of age, more than 
double the age of hie wife- His residence at Carshalton is explained by the fact that his second 
wife^s estate was there ; bnt the oame of Walcrer docs not occur in a single instance in the 
pBheh rcgiuter of Carshalton, from 1538 to 1S12, which is an ample proof that it was not the 
residence of her family. Under all these circumstances it ia not unrenAonable to suppose that 
Hiw Waterar htul been a member of bis second wife's family (perhaps a personal attendant or 
npper domefrtic), whose good qualities he bad had an opportunity of observing, and whom he 
tJiQB selected as a nurse and companion for his later years. Indeed, he says almost so much in 
his own will, at the cIohc of which be makes this extraordinary appeal to his family : " My 
dcNtre Jrt that my will may be received, constrned, and taken to the best advantage of my dear 
wife, whom I take myself to be bound both in honour and conscienoe to provide for, as my wife, 
and her that has expressed all the care and affection for me that I could dedre to be apphed to 
me in this ititinn and sickly part of my old age ; and let all my relations be of the same mind, 
anil wihh her the Go<lspeed. as they love me or hope for a bToHEJng upon anything they have and 
enjoy of mine." Such an appeal as this could hardly have been necessary if her rank and 
flocial standing had been equal to his own, and is not to be explained by the disparity in age. 
On the prcsnmption adranoed the Lincolnshire tradition would bo accounted for, as aieo the 
i(^norinff of his rank in the marrii^e license and in the record of the marriage, the marriage 
ItHclf at an obscure church in the city, instead of the then fashionable one named in the 
liccnMe, and the entire abfloucc of any record of hot and her origin in the accounts of the two 
families into which she marrie<l. Another fact may be mentioned in corroboration of this 
theory. The l^ocly of her will is in the legal langrnagc of such documents, but the codicil, 
evidently b«r own comporftion. both in sentiment and orthography, is clearly that of on 
uneducated person. fShe gives no clew to her family in her will, but incidentally mentions that 
she hftfl preferred to provide for thom in her lifetime.) 

^ He matriculated at Oxfonl, from Trinity College, 17 Nov. 1671, ogod 18, as son of Thomoe 
Hickes, of Warwick, " Flcb.," and was B.A. as of Magdalen College 26 June 1675, M.A. 16 Apl. 
I67X, B.D. 7 April 1690, and D.D. 2 June 1701, becoming a Prebendary of Exeter U Dec. 1706, 
Hhc was fifth and youngest dau. of Samuel Trotman, of Rucknell, co, Oifoni, Esq., and of the 
Inner TcmpTe, BaTTij*ter-at-J*aw, by his second wife Mary dau. of Sir Hamuel Warcupp, KL, and 
was living, a widow, at the date of her brother Samuel's will, 30 Jan- 1719-20. 

' Mar. Lie. Vic. Ocn, of same date gives their respective ages as about 30 and 22j an<l her 
father's name as Henry Turner. 










1701 Oct. 6 Mr. John Whalley^ Merchant, aiid Mrs. Jane Mede.^ 

Dec, 4 Francis Milles, of the Inner Temple, London, Gent., widower, 
and Alathea Wilton, of Doddershall, Bocks, spinster.* 
Hunt Wither, Gent., and Dorothy AIpe, widow,* 
William Genew and Elizabeth Genew, both single.* 
Robert Swan, Gent., and Ann Nedham, spinater.^ 

^ John WhaUey, Merchant^ was of FreelacdB, in Bromley, co. Kent, at this date, and liiH vrifc 
MatU-Bella was bimed in Bromley Church od the 9th of May in this year, a bod Winiom hoiiig 
baptiied there od the same day- Two other of their children were baptized &l St. QjIgh in the 
Fields, Uirabella Iti Jirne 1693, and Feou £ Feb. 1699-1700, This wad probaUy a second marriage. 
The DAzne does not occur again in the fiiomley register, ODd Frcelanda wati fihoitly after in the 
possesaion of another family. 

' He BOD and heir of FraDcis MiUce, Citizen and tikinner of London, by Elisabeth hia wife;, 
and was admitted to the Inner Temple 3 May 1694. He wfls previously married, at Kl. Bride's, 
London, IG Jan, 1690-i» to Mary Tannott (or FcLyuot), who in the marriage license ia described 
w a widow, but in the parish register as a spineter. Bj her he had a son John, and a dau. Elisa- 
beth, married to John Derlng. all of whom were living at his death. He waa buried at tSt. Paurs, 
Corenl Garden, 37 Jan, 1717-18, agetl about 56. Hia will, dated 13 Aug, 1702, woa proved 3 Mch. 
1717-lS. His second wife survived him. She is described in the marriage licence as a npinater, 
aged about S6. 

> He eldeat son of Robert Wither, Esq. (only son of George Wither the celebrated poet), by 
EliEobeth^ eldest dau. and coheir of John Hunt of Thedden, near Alton, Uanta, Esq., and wan born 
in 1662. He bec&me a Colc^ei of Foot in the British Army, and a Hngadler-Qeneral in the service 
of Ctaa. II., King of tipftin. He was buried at Shalden, Hants, 29 June 1718, where, until 
recently, there was a monument to his memory in the diurchyard. His will, as of Thcddon afore- 
■aid, dated 22 July 1717, was proves! 17 July I7lt^. tiho is simply called ia the accountB of his 
family " dan. and heir of Robert Wehd^ad of London/^ but her dome^itic history, wh^ch haa been 
somewhat difficult to trace, was so remarkable aa to deserve a more extended notice, which may 
be gathered from the fact that Ur. Wither was her fourth husband iu leas tban eight years, hhc 
married, firel, Henry Perin, a physician, wbo died i June lti94, aged 31, and waa buried in 
Winchester Cathedral; eeoondly, Qiehanl Wilson, also a physician, of St. Andrew's. Holbom, 
whose will waa dated 18 Nov. and proved 9 Dec 1697 ; thirdly (Mar. Lie, Fac. 4 Feb. 1698-9), 
Bdward Alpe, also a phyraciao, who died 2G Dec. 1700, and was bmied at Little Boalings, co. 
Snflolk ; fourthly, General Wither, as iu the text. By her first husband nhe hat! an only cbild, 
Dorothy Perin, who was married before 1717 to Thomas Bonham, Gent. By her second husband 
iibe bad no surviving issue -, but a stlU-bom child (evidently posthumous) was buried at bt. 
Andrew's, Holbom, U Dec. 1G97- By her third husband she had only one child, Edward ALpe, 
who waa baptised at Framliaghiun, Suffolk, Jan, 1699-1700, and buried there 4 June following ; 
ud by her fourth only one «on, Henry Wither, who was living in 17 17. about eleven ycam of age. 
Bhe survived General Wither about fourteen years, her dau. Dorothy Bonham administering to 
her estate 8 May 1732, when she waa described ob of Old AlrcHford, Hants. 

* He son of William Genew, of the Inner Temple, Esq.. by hia wife Mary, dau. of William 
Gladwin of St. PauPs, Covent Garden, Citizen and Girdler of London. He was bom 24 Apl., and 
baptized at rit, Paul's, Covent Garden, 9 Hay J67G. He matrienluted at Oxford, from Cbnst 
Church, 14 Dec. 1695, but appears to have taken no degree. He wa& Sheiifi of Surrey in 1711, 
and hia will, dated 23 Oct. 1729, was proved 16 Mch. 17:U-3. She hia cousin, dau. of his father's 
brotber, John Genew, Esq., by Bachel, dau. of Sir Thijmas CambeU &rst Bart, of Clay Hall, 
Essex, who were married at St. Martin in the Fields 9 Jan. 1667-8. Her will, dated 12 June 
1736, was proved 26 Apl, 1738. They were buried at Peterabam. Surrey. 

* Mar. Lie. Fac. 1 July, 1702, fur Robert Smann, of Newton, co. Cambridge, bachelor, aged 
30, and A»ne Aecdhavt, of 6t. Mai^aret^a. WestmiEit^ter, spiimter, aged 23 and npwurda. He ie 
elsewhere called of Sawston, co^ Cambridge, Geul., and wha Eivinj^ in 170G, i^ee her baptism 21 
Jan. 1672-3, aad bunaJa of her parents 13 Feb. 1705-6 and 7 Apt. 170S. She proved her mother's 





March 28 










170f Jan. 14 Thomaa Freocb and EHzabeth Claae,* 

Samuel Whitlocke, Esq., and Mrs. Katherine Dolben, apinster.' 
1703 March 28 Thomas JohDaon, Esq., and the Hon, the Lad; Unula Windflor, 
Warden Andrews, Gent., and Mary Booth, spinflter,* 
Thomaa Chowne and Phtebe Weatbrook, both amgle.^ 
John Paul and Mary Smith, both eingle, 
OharJeB Mompeason, Eaq., and Elizabeth Longueville, apmater.* 
Bept, 30 Michael Newnam, widower, and Judith Cooke, apinatcr^ 

^ See his burial, Teh. 1721-2, and note, tihe aurmed her hiteband and wu hie executrix. 
In his will he 1e£t £50 to Hem-j Ctace and bis wife Anne. 

' Ho eidMt son of Samuel WhitekcJ:^, of Chilton Foliot, Wilts, Eeq-, bj KUaabeth, dan, of 
Bobert Ciongh, of Vembam Dean, HaTtta, He woe bapti£ed at Chilton Foliot 23 Dec 1676, and 
bnried there 23 Apl. 1743. He was grandson and heir of the famous Sir BuUtrode Whitolocke. 
^0, his ficcond -witcy was eldest dau. of John Dolben, Esq., seeond son of John^ Archbishop of 
York, by BliEabeth, second dau. and coheir of Tanfield Molso of Finedon, co. Kortbampton, Esq- 
8he wan buried at Chilton FoUot 10 Oct. L7S2. having had three sons and nine daughtere. (Bee 
the baptism of one of her sistera 19 Feb. 1701-2^ and the marriage of another 3 Mot. 1706,) 

* He of Walthamstow, Essex, eldest son of Sir John Johnson, Kt., Alderman of London. He 
died 26 Jan, 1729, aged 59- bbe eldest dau. of Thomas Windsor- Hickman, seventh Lord Windsor, 
created Earl of Plymouth in 1682, by his eecoml wife, Ursula, youngeat dan. and coheir of Sir 
Thomaa Widdrington, of Sherburne Grange, co. Northumberland, Et. She died 20 Aug. 1737, 
aged 64, and was buried at Walthnmstov. 

* Warden Andrews matnculate<1 at Oxford, from Univermty CoUege, 9 Jane 1697, aged 16, 
as son of Oeorge Andrews, Esq., of Barbadoes (who was son of Jonathan Andrews, of Barnes Hall, 
CO. Worcester, Esq.). The will of Wardeii Andrcwa. of the parish of St. Joseph in the Island of 
Barbadoes, Esq,, dated 8 April 17 U, was proved in England 6 Mch. 1788-9. From one of tiie 
documentB attached to it he appears to have died before 9 Oct. 1714. The wife mentioned in the 
text probably died in Barbadoes. as the will calls his then wife Thomasine, and her maiden 
name waa evidently Thombill. He left an only eon William, in case of whose death before hia 
majority his entire estate in England was to go to hia coueio, William Andrews, of Barnes HaJl 
aforesaid, Uent- His mother was Lucretia, dau. of Thomas Wajxlell, of London, Merchant. 

* He son and heir of Thomas Cho^^Tie of Alfriston, co, Sussex, Esq., by hia wife EIiEabetb 
Foicc, of Shipley, in the same county (who were married at Shipley 19 May 1669], and wna 
baptiiwi at Alfriston 22 Apl 167U. He died the 16th and was buried at Alfriston 24 Sep. 17£4. 
Sbe youogcst dau. and coheir of William Weetbrook, of Ferring, co. SuAsei, Esq,, by Elizabeth, 
dan. of Thomas Hoi^hton of Mayfield, in the same county, Esq, The Mar. Lie. Vic. Qen., dated 

26 Jane 1703, gives her age as above 21, and states that her parent* were dead. She died the 
17th and was buried at Alfriston 21 Dec, 1713, The baptisms and burials of some of their 
children occar in the registers of St, Margaret's, Westminster. 

■ He only son of Sir Thomas Mompesaon, of Bathampton, eo^ Wilts, Kt., by his second wife, 
Barbara, dan. of John Walercr, of co. Midx., Esq. He was baptised at St. Martin in the Fields 

27 Jan. 1C71-2, but bom, according to the parish register, " 26 Jan. 1670." He was M.P. for 
Wilton and Old Sarum in several Parliaments. His will, dated 17 Aug. 1713, was proved 11 Aug. 
17U. He died 12 July in the latter year, and was buried ^vith his parents in Salishuiy Cathedral. 
She seeoticl and youngest dau. of William Longuevine, Esq. (see his buriaJ 30 Mch. 1721), by 
Klitabctb, dau, of Sir Thomas Peyton, second Bart, of Knowlton (sec her burial 21 Jan, 1715-6). 
t^he died 30 Sep. 1761, aged 73, and was also buried in Salir^bury Cathedral. Their only son, 
Benry^ was aim buried there Jan. 1731-2, aged 26. 

' (His name erroueoasly "Newman" in ColUetanfaS) He matriculated at Oxford, from 
Wadham College, 26 Oct. 1666, aged 16, oa son of Michael Newnam of Ivcr, eo. Bucks, Oent., and 
was admitted to the Inner Temple 17 Aug, 1667. She his third wife, and was bnried at Bt. 
Bride's, London, IB June 1707, her dan. Judith being baptised the Bune day. In hia flrst Mar, 


1704 Uay 4 Edward Dsnrergne, Clerkj and SoBarma Babenone, apmster.^ 

1705 June 7 The Hon. Henry BridgCH, Clerk, and Annabella Atkias, Bpinster.' 
June 12 Henry Pye and Jane Curzon, both single.^ 

Not. 3 Gilbert Meck^ Eaq., and Mre. Anne DoIben> 

[Rere tnd ihe Marriages in ths Firai Yoltime.'] 
1707 April 21 Sir Edmniid Andrews and Elizabeth Fitzherbert, single woman.' 

Lie. Vic. Q^j\.j 7 June IA77, bis age m glrea a» about S6. and he was to man? Mrs. Sara Bond, 
Bpiostor, about 21, dan. of Mra. Sara Bond, of Fleet Street^ LondoD, widow. (Michael^ a eon of 
this marriage, was baptized at Bt. Bride's, London, 3 Sep, 1680.) His eecood wife (Mar. Lie- Bp. 
Lond, 13 Dec. 1686J was Mre, Marj Barton, of St. BrideX Loodon, spinster, aged about IB, who 
was bcried at St, Bride'a 17 Dec 16S7, He waa himself boried at St, Bride's, 7 May 1737» and 
hia will, dated 10 Sep. 1725, waa prOTCd 16 Not. 1727. 

> He matriculated at Oxford, from Pembroke College, & Dec. 1679^ aged 15, as son of nUlip 
Daurergne, of the lale of Jersey, and waa B.A. SO June 16S3, and M.A. 1 May 1680. He had for 
a time the rectory of St. Brcladc, Jersey, but became Chaplain to the Royal regiment of Scotch 
Guards, and attended them through the campaigna ia Flanders, 1691-7, a History of which he 
published. He woa afterwards Chaplain to King William, who presented bim to the recfory of 
Great Etalliugbuiy, Essex, 11 Dec. 1701, where he died 7 Nov. 1737, ml. 73. 

^ Henry Brydff€4t second son of James eighth Lord Chandos, by Elizabeth eldest dau. and 
coheir of Sir Henry Bernard, of London. Kt. He waa baptized at DewsaEl. co. Hereford, 2G Jan, 
1G74-5, and was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where B.D, and D,D. A July 1711. H« was 
Rector of Agmondesham, Bucks, and installed Prebendary and Arehdeacon of Roche^^r 24 May 
1730. He died the E»th, and was buried 16 May 1728 at Whitchurch. Midi. (Sec marriages of 
his brothers and BisterB 2S Not. 1689, 2i Dec. 1691, 2€ May 1692, 27 Feb. and 10 Mch. 1695-6, 
2 May 1700^ And 6 Oct. 1709). She dau. of Edward Atkins, Esq., Barriater-at-Law (second son 
of Sir Bobert Atkins, Kt., Lord Chief Barou of the Exchequer), by Annabena dau. of Sir Richard 
Atkins, second Bart, of ClaphamT Surrey. She was also buried at Whitchurcbj 2i Aug. 1763, 
aged 84. 

' (The date in Collectanea is erroncoosly the 7thH) — He eldest son and heir of Edmund 
Pyo, M.D., of Faringdon, Berks, by Anne dau. of John first Lord Ciew of Stenc, and widow of 
Sir Henry Wright, first Bart, of Dagenbam, Essex, and was bom 23 Aog. 1683. She his first 
wife, dan, of Sir NatbanieJ Cuiwjn, second Bart, of Kedlestone, co. Derby, by Sarah dau. of 
William Penn, of Penn, co. Backs, Esq. (ancestors of the present Lord Scarsdale). She died in 
childbed on the 15th Mch. foUowing, and waa buried at Faringdon. He ren:tarTied twice, and, 
dying 6 Jan. 1748'9, was also buried at Faringdon, 

* He of Dalhsm Hall, co. Suffolkf only suiriving eon of John A^eck (or Auchinleck, de- 
scended from Sir John Aucbiuleck of Aachinleck in Ayrshire), by Neeltice, dau. of Gilbert 
SchapG, of Amsterdam, merchant. He waa M.P. for Cambridge 1722-7. She third dau, of 
John Dolben, Esq. (second son of John, Archbishop of York)^ by Elizabeth second dau. and 
coheir of Taofield Molao^ <^ Pinedon, co. Northampton, Esq. (See the marriage of one of her 
sisters 6 Feb. 1702-3, and the baptism of another 19 Feb. 1701-2). They had twelve sons and 
BJi ^dangblers, the baptisms of many of whom occur in the registers of Bt. Andrew's, Holbom, 
and Bt. Giles in the Fields. Their ninth son, Edmund, was created a Bart. 28 May 1782. 

' Sir Edmund Androt^ second son of Amias AndjOB of SauBmarez, Quemaeyf Esq. (Marshal 
of the Ceremonies to E. Chos. I.), by Elizabeth, sister of Sir Hobert Stone, Et., Cupbearer to the 
Queen of Bohemia. He waa bom in London 6 Dec. 1637. He held Tarioua positions at Court, 
and in the military serrice, but is better known as having been successively Governor of New 
Tork and New England. (In the latter office he became extremely odious to the colonista, and 
his njune was banded down to the latest American generations as almost synonymous with 
infamy. A recent American writer, William H. Whitmore, Esq.. of Boston, in an admirable 
memoir of Sir Edmund prefixed (o a collection of documents of his period (printod in 1868), has 
frankly and completely relieved his memory from the odium hitherto attached to it, and placed 



















John Trenchard, Esq., and Grace Peat, aingle woman,' 
The Hon. Francis Brjdgea, Esq.j and Mrs. Sarah Weaton,' 
John Hiccockfl^ Esq., and Mrs. Elizabeth Bnckworth, widow,* 
Mr. William Keylway and Patience Anbery, single woman, 
Peter Waldo, Clerk^ and Emma Leigh, single woman.* 
David Trimnell, Gerk, and Clare Wastfield, single woman,^ 

hiB chaxacter and official conduct in their tme light.) Sir Edmund, who wae knighted in 1681, 
was first married, in Feb. 1671-2, to Mary eldest dan. of Thomaa Craven, Esq., of Apletrewick, 
CO. York, bj Anne dau, of Prancia Proctor of Beckwith in that county, who died in New Eng- 
land £2 Jan. 1687-8, and waa buried at Boaton. He married, sccondlj {Mar. Lie, Vic. Qen. S 
Aug. 1691), Elizabeth, third dau. and coheir of Thomas Criepe, of Quekee, go, Kent, and widow 
of Christopher Clapham, Esq, : she was buried at St. Giles in the Fields 18 Ang. 1703. Of the 
familiy or history of Elizabeth Fitiherbert, his third wife, there is no knowledge or tradition 
whatever. Bir Edmund was buried at Bt. Anne's, Soho, 27 Feb. 1713-1 : she Hurrired bim, and 
waa also buried there 12 Feb. 1716-7. In his will, dated 19 July 1712 and proved 8 Mch. 1713-4, 
he bequeathed her a life annuity of £100, but she appears to have left no will, and no estate 
sufficient to call for letters of administration, 

* Mar. I.ic. Vic. Gen. 20 June 1709rfor John Trenchard, of Ash, in the pariBh of Stour Payne, 
CO. Dorset, Esq., bachelor, aged 29, and Grace Fech, of St. Giles in the Fields, Midi,, apinster, 
aged 22.— This marriage does not appear in any of the accounts of ihc Trenchard fsjnily. He 
was the eelebrated author of " Cato'a Letters," and was third eon of William Trenchard of Cutte- 
ridge, CO. Wilts, Esq.. by Ellen dau. of Bir George Norton of Abbotts Leigh, co. Somerset, l^he 
was dau. of WilUanx Peck, of Sampford Hall iu Little Gampford, Eseex, Esq., bj Qertrude d»iL 
of Sir William Greene, Bart., of Mitcham, Burrey. Accordiog to a monumental inscription at 
Littte Sampford, she died 50 Get. 1717, ^~ about an hour after sbe had been delivered of a dead 
son," and was buried at Leigh, co. Somerset. He remarried (Mar. Lie. Fac. 19 Nov. 1719, 
wherein described as a widower) Anne, dau. of Sir William Blackett, first Bart, of Newcastle, 
who survived him and remarried his friend and secretary Thomas Gordon, Esq. Mr. Trenchard 
died at Abbotts Leigh 26 Dec. 1723, in his 6Btb year, being then M.P. for Taunton. 

' He third and youngest aarviving sou of James Brydgea eighth Lord Chaudos, by Eliiabeth 
eldest dau, and coheir of Sir Henry Bernard of London, Kt., and was baptized at Dewsall, co- 
Hereford, 3 Sep. 1676. Be was of ChiBwick,and waa Receiver General of the Salt Duties, in which 
office he died, 25 Sep. 1714, and was buried 1 Oct. following, at Whitchureh, Midx. He left no isaae. 
(See marriages of Mb brothers and sisters, 28 Nov. 1689, 24 Dec. 1691, 26 May ]fi92, 27 Feb. aj^ 
10 Mch. 169B-6, 2 May IIQO. and 7 June 1706.) She dau. of Thomaa Wettem, of Riveuhall Place, 
Essei, Esq., by Martha dau. of Samuel Gott, of Battle, co. Sussex* Esq., and was baptiied at Bt. 
IHmstan in the East, London, 3 July 1663. She aurnved her husband, and is said to have beea 
bnried at Whitchurch, 31 Hay 1724, but letters of administration ou her estate were not granted 
until 10 June 1726. 

* Sec her first marriage, 27 Oct, 1687, and note thereto. He was admitted to the Middle 
Temple, 16 Oct. 1683, as son and heir of William Hiccocks, of South Lambeth, Surrey, Gent, 
deceased. He was a Master iu Chancery from 20 July 1703 until 1 June 1723, and was buried 
in the Temple Chorch 19 ApL 1726. According to his monument there, he died 5 April, in 
his 6Bth year. 

* He second son of Daniel Waldo, of Gray's Inn and of Harrow on the Hill, Midi., Esq., \fj 
bis first wife Adria. He matriculated at Oiford, from Exeter College, 18 Mch. 168B-9. aged 17, 
andwaJ)B.A. asof Wadham College 27 Oct. 1692, and M.A, 26 May 1695, and B.D. and of 
All Bouls College 6 July 1720. He became Rector of Aston Clinton, Buckfl, and died 26 Jan, 
174B-6, aged 74. His will, dated Oct. 1746, was proved 4 Mch. foUowiug. She eldest dan. of 
Theophilufl I-cigh, of Adlestrop, co. Glouceeter, Esq., by his second wife, the Hon. Mary BrTdgea 
(see their marriage 2B Nov. 1689). and was baptized at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 6 Oct. 1690. 
She survived her husband. See a burial, probably of their son. 22 Nov. 1726. 

* He fourth BOD of Rev. Charles Trimnell, Eector of Eipton Abbotts, co. Hontingdon, by 
Mary his wife, and younger brother of Charles, successively Bishop of Norwich and Winchceter. 













Mr. Thomafl Michell and Mrg. Mary Champion, single woman,^ 
John Bligb, Esq., and the Et. Hoik ThcodoBta Hido.^ 
William Edwards and Sarah Colbonrn. 

Mf, Thomaa Sprat, Prebendary oi thia Church, and Mrs. Frances 
May 23 Angofitine WoolafitoOi single man, and Elizabeth Nelthorpe, 

Sept. 6 Mr. John Kobinaon, single man, and Ann Turner, widow.^ 
Dec 29 Mr, Jonathaii Milboome, single man, and Elizabeth Peafle, 
1717 Dec, 5 Robert Jacob and Mary Chapman, both of fAU Clement's in the 

He DutricoUted nt Oxford, from New College, 16 Sop. 1693, o^eA IS, was B.A. M Apl. 1697, and 

MjL 14 Jan. 1700. Ho became Rector of Stoke Hammond, Bucks, 6 Fob. 1707-8, and Arch- 
deacoQ of Leioeffter 17 Jaly 1715, and died IS Hay 1756, aged 81. His momunent in liocoln 
Cathedral records that he waa ^' H.T.Pt Rector of Stoke in Bucks 48 jcatb, Prtbendary of Castor 
6 jcan^ Archdeacon of Leicester 41 jcstb, and Precentor of this church and Prebendary of 
Kilderby 38 jeatvJ" Her name was Sarah, not *•■ Clare," and she in bo called b all the willa of 
both families and in |>arish regiHter entries. She was Uau, of William Watttfield, of London, 
Merchant (caUed " Befincr'' in Ms own Mar. Lie), by his wife tSartUi Barton, BJetcr of Rct. Dr. 
Samuel Baiton, Prebendary of Westminster (see his burial 23 Aug. 1716), who were mnrried at 
St. Maitin Ontwich, London, 29 July 1680. She was bapliEcd at St. Alban's, Wood Street, Lon- 
don, 23 Mch. 1690-1, where her eon David was also baptiEcd 22 Feb. 1713-4, aa son of Bev. David 
and Sarah TVimneU. She proved her husband's will 17 June 1T5G. 

i Mar. Lie Vic. Gen. 21 May 17i3,for'niomaflMicheU,of St.Mary-lc-Bow^London, bachelor, 
u^ed 25, and Mrs. Mary Champion, of St. Colvimb, co. Cornwall, spinater, aged 20, with consent 
of her parents, Peter Champion and EliEabcth his wife. 

" See his burial 25 Sep. 1728, and hers, as Baroness CUfton, 15 Aug. 1722, and notes thecela 
Baptiams, etc., of their children occur in the regit^tera of St. Martin in the Fields. 

' Seehiflbaptiaml2Apl. 1673, and burial 15 May 1720; also her burial, as Frances Wiat, 29 
Kov. 1734 ; and notes thereto, 

* Mar.Lie Bp.Lond. 10May 1716, for Augimtin HWtu*ffl», of St. Bridc'is tendon, bachelor, 
aged 31, and Elisabeth Nelihorpe, of bi. Andrew's, Holborn, widow.— He probably eon of Richard 
and EUubeth WooUaston, baptisma of whope children occur in the registers of St. Bride's, from 
1686 to 1695. She dau. of William Bird, of Hiickney, Midi.. Eeq., Merchant of London, by 
his first wife Blicabeth dan. of Kdward Bushel], of Hackney, Merchant, and was baptixcd at 
Hwkn^ 13 Oct, 1668. She married, first, at fit. Martin Out^vich, London, 9 Dec. 1685, James 
AJther, who was baried at Hackney 13 Mch. 1690-1, and, pccondly, at St. Olavo, Hart Slroet, 
London, 28 July 1698, John Nelthorpc, eon of James NeJthorpe, of Charterhouse Yard, Mida., 
Esq., on whoflo estate letters of ailministration were granted 8 Nov. 1700. Her will, aa of St. 
Mwiin in the Fields, dated 17 Feb. 1735-6, was proved 29 Nov. I72fi. by lier husband, Avgu^ine 
WceUiUttm, Esq., then of Whitehall. 

* Sec bnrialfl, of himself 13 May 1763, of his wife 8 Jan. 1740-1, and of their children 15 Feb. 
1TS9-3 and 29 Apl. 1725, and notes thereto. 

* Letters of adminietration were granted, 16 Jan. 1732-3, on the estate of Jonathan Jtlilbum, 
late of Newcaatle-on-Tyne, who died on board the merchjmt ship Ockham, to the relict EliEabcth, 
then dwcUiag at Newcastle. 

' See the marriage of his parents, 24 Dec. 16flL He was their thinl and youngest but Bocond 
•arriving sou, and was bom and baptiEed at St. Mary Aldennanbury, London, 22 Jan. I69S-&. 
He became also a Turkey merchant, and died at Boston, in New England, in 1732. She probably 
ft relative, as Richard ChBpman, widower, and Blary Jacob, spinster, were married at St. Bride s, 
Londcn, 9 July 169L Bhe died in 1713. Their only child, Eliiabeth, died unmarried, 13 July 


1719 April 2 Henry Perrot, of Northleigh, co. Oxford, Eaq,, widover, and 
Martha Bonchier, of Barnesleyj co. Gloucester, widow.' 
April 16 Humphrey ParaoiiB^ of Ryegate, co. Surrey^ and Sarah Crowley, 

of London, widow.* 
Sept. 5 Sir Peter Mews and Lydia Jarvie, widow.* 

Oct, 13 Honatague-Gajrard Drake, Esq., and Mrs. Isabella MarRhall, 
17iJ Feb. 27 Harbord Hcrriott, aingle man, and Martha Ridley, widow,* 
1721 May 13 Francis Winckles and Blianor Forwood, aingle woman,* 

Jane 15 Sir Redmond Everard, Bart., and Mary Drake, single woman.' 

> He son of James Per/tftt, of North Leigh, co. Oxford, Baq-, bj Aime his wife- He wtM 
bom 29 Sep. and bapti/ed at North Leigb fl Oct- 1689^ and was M.P. for Oxfordshire from ITid 
Dntil hie death. He died at Porie 4 Feb. 17^&AQ, and was bojled at North Leigh 6 July following, 
B«e the marriage of ber pareots 2 May 1700. I^he died tiio nth, and waa buried at North Leigb 
17 Oct. 174!, aged 38. They left cmly two dai»., Caesandra and Martia. who both diod 

' He third and youngest but only eurviTing bod of Sir John PaTvom, Kt., Lord Major of 
London, hj Elizabeth dan. of Uumpbrej Beane, of Epsom, Surrey, Esq, He became M.P. tta 
London, and waa twice Lord Mayor, He died 21 Mch. 1740-1, during his second Mayoral^, 
and was buried at Rdgate, Sujtcj- 8be third dau. of Ha Ambrose Crowley, £t^ Aldermtui of 
London, bj Mary dau. of Ch&rlc« Owgd, Esq., son of Sir William Oweu, of Shropebire, Et. Bbe 
is erroneously called a widow in the Abbey Kegieter. Bhe died 28 Jan, 17e9, and was also b^uied 
at Eeigate. (See her aister's marriage 6 Mob. 1724-5). 

' Be eon of Colouel John Mews (brother of Peter, Biahop of Winchcater) by Barah, dau. 
of John Melljab, Citizcu and Merchant Taylor of London, who adminifltered to her husband's 
estate 9 Bept. 1679, and remarried, about f>ept, 1680, Sir John Matthews, Kt, Merohant of 
London, and of Kveyham, co. Worcester. He matriculated at Ojrford, from St. Joho's College, 
31 May 1688, aged 16, and waa B,C,L. as of All Sonla, 14 Dec. 1695, appointed Chancellor 
of Winchester 20 Aug. 1698, knighCe<i 13 July 171S, and was M.P. for Chriatchurch, Hant«, 
from 1710 until his death. His retddence was at Hinton Admiral in that county, and, dying 

19 Mch. 1725-6, be waa buried at Chriatohurch. Hia will, dated 22 Apl. 1725, was prored 

20 Feb- 172G-7. She is elsewhere called a daughter and coheir of George Jarvis, of London, 
and of IrtlingtOQ, co. Midi., Esq. (Wilson's HUtorj/ of ^. Zauretua Ptntntnfy, p. 249, and 
Clutterbuck^ Hertford4kire. i. 466). She died 6 Apl. 1751, in her 76th year, and was buried 
at North Mimms, Herts, with her father, as she directed in her will, which waa proved 27 
July following. They appear to have left no issue, 

* He only son of Mounfagne Drake, of Shardcloea, co. Backs, Esq., by Jane only dau. and 
heir of Sir John Garrard, third Bart, of Lamer, Herts. Ho was born the 14th and baptized at 
St. Martin in the Fielils 19 Oct. 1692. He waa M.P. for Agmondcsham, in the county of Bucka, 
from 1713 until hia death. He died 26 Apl. and was buried at Agmondcsham 8 May 1728. 
(See the marriage of his only sister 15 June 1721.) She only dau. and heir of Thomas Marshall, 
of tit. Michael Basaisbaw, Loudon, Merchant, who died in 1712, by hie first wife. The papers of 
the day record bcr fortaue as upwanla of £30,000. She was buried at Agmondesham 30 June, 
1744. Her step-mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall, then of Basingball Street, London, died 
IS Nov, 1729. Baptisms of their children occur in the registers of St. Giles in the Fielda. 

' He youngest son of James Ileriottt Cititcn and Clothworkcr of LondcFO (buried at St. 
Bride's, London, 11 Jan. 1704-5, and who is called '^cousin" in the will of Sir Charles Harbord, 
Kt.,PurTcyorGeneraL etc.), by bis wife Mary. Ho waa baptised at St. Bride's 12 Jan, I6S0-1, and 
buried there 17 Dec. 1727. Sarah, a child of this marriage, was bom the 13tb and baptized at 
Bt. Bride's 27 Jan. 1720-1, and buried there 29 July following, and her mother waa also buried'* 
there 17 Apl. 1723. 

• Bee his burial 4 Oct, 1738, and hers 7 Nov. 1724, and baptism of their child 18 Jan. 1723-4, 
7 He second eon of Sir John ETcrard, third Bart, of Ballybay, in Ireland, by Eleanor, dan. 


1721 NoY. ( — ) Thomae Brown, widower, and Mary Grnmball, widow, 

172^ Feb. S Richard Lee, of St. Andrew's, Holborn, and Elizabeth Ejre, of 
St GiieB in the Fields, both single,* 

1722 April (— ) Paul D'aranda, of St. MicbaeVe, OomhiU, and Elizabeth EmJlie, 

of Wandsworth^ co» Surrey, both eingle,* 

1723 Jnly 25 The Hon. Francis Willoughby, Esq., of St, Ann's, Westminster, 

and Mary Edwards, of St. Giles in the Fields, both single.^ 
172^ March 6 The Rt, Hon. John, Lord St, John, Baron of Bletso, bachelor, and 

Mrs. Elizabeth Crowley, of St. Ann's, Westminster, apinHtcr^ 
17S& Ang. 1 Samuel Stcen, bachelor, and Anne Tnder, widow, both of St. 

Margaret's, Westnnnster,'' 

<d Kerce Batter^ sixth Lord Cfthir, and Huoccedcd hie brother Sir Richard Everard, oa fifth 
Bart., belOre 1707. He was created D.C.L. at Oxford, 22 Bcp. I7)G, when the Earl of Airon was 
admitted Chancellor of the UTdvefrnty in place of his brother the Duke of Ormond, and probably 
at his instance. He is repeatedly mentioned in the correspondence of Bishop Atterbury, while 
in exile:, as " the Knigbt,'' or "the Knight at Cbaton,^^ and was one of tbe witnesses to the 
BiabDp'a will, 31 Dee. 1726- He is called "a relation of the Duhc of Onnond," and was 
eTidently a Jacobite, and one of tbo exiles of that period. His will, dated 10 Mch. 17B9-40, then 
■till rending in France, was proved at Dablio 16 Apl. 1746. She only dan. of Uouotague 
Drake, of Shardeloefl, co. Bucka, Euq., bj Jane onlj dau. and beir of t^ir John Garrard, Ibird 
Bait, of Lamer, Herta. She was bom the I5th and baptized at Agmondeeham, Bucks^ 26 June 
1694. (See tbe marriage of her only brother 13 Oct. 17 19.) tihe eurrivctl ber husband, but 
died intestate, and letters of adminiHtratlon on her eatate ware granted, at Uublin, to Kichard 
Lnane, a Paris banker, who also prored ber boaband's will. They eridently left no issMo. 

^ Mar. Lie. Bp. Lond^ 27 Jan. 1721-2,' for Riohard Lcc, of Winalade, co. Devon, Esq,, 
bachelor, *ged above 21, and Mrs. Elizabeth Eyers, spinster^ above 18^ with consent of ber 
father the Hon. Sir Eobert Ejere, Kt-, one of the Judgca of tbe King's Bench and Chancellor to 
H»KH. tbe Prince.— He died 9 Sep. 1724. She only dan. of the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Eyre, 
Kt^ afterwards Lord Chief Justice of the Conimon Pleaa, by Elizabclh dan. of Edward 
Badge, of Warley Place, Esaax, Esq. Bhe died the 20th, and was buried at St. Thommi, 
Balisbory, 29 May 1760. 

' He eldest son of Paul D'Arandat Merchant of London, and of Shoreham, Kent, by his 
wife Mary Barker, of St. Mary Aldermary, London, and grandson (by bis first wife) of Rot. 
Sliaa Paul D^Araode, Minister of the French Church at Canterbury, who was eon of Rev. Eliaa 
D'Arande, Minister of the Freneb Cbtirch at Southampton. He was aleo a merchant of London, 
in tbe Dutch trade. He died at Putney, co. Surrey, 2 May 1732, in bifl 46th year, and was 
buried at Sborefaam. His retiet Elizabeth admiuietered to his estate lit May following. Hhe 
■DTTiTed him nearly half a century, and, dying at l^ttuey, Surrey, 7 May 1781^ aged about 
66, was also buried at Shoreham. 8ee the marriage of her parents, IB Feb. lfi87-8. ^be 
was their second dan. and third chlTd. 

' He eldest son of Ejir Thomas Wlllonghby^ second Bart., and created Baron MIddleton 
3! Dec 1711, by Elisabeth dau. and coheir of Sir Richard Eolhwell, Bart., of Stapleford, 
oo. liCieester, and aucoeeded aa second Baron Middleton in April, 1721^. He died 31 July 
1756, aged abont 65. Bbe dau- and coheir of Thomas Edwards, Enq., of the Middle Temple 
and of FilkinSt co. Oxford, by Mary hia wife. She died 11 Mcb. 1762, aged about 58- 

* He a younger son of Sir Andrew St, John, second Bart, of Woodford, by Jane dau. of Sir 
William Btois of Cockfleld Hall, Suffolk, Kt., and succeeded his elder brother as tenth Baron 
Bt. John of Bletsoc in 1722. He died S4 June 1757- She fifth dau. of t^ir Ambrose CrowEcy, 
%t., Alderman of London, by Mary dan. of Charles Owgd, Esq., eon of tSir William Owen, 
of Shropshire, Et. Bbe died 24 Oct- 1769. (Sec her sister'a marriage 16 Apl. 1719-) 

* See her borial 14 Oct. 1727, hia second mairiage IB Dec. 1728, and his burial 
18 Jnne 1782. 


1725 Sept. 14 Joeeph Bond, of 3t.MaTgaret'e,We8Uoiiiater,aQdEli^}>ethYate' 

172f March 9 The Hon* Charles logram, Eaq., of St. Jamefl, WeBtminBter, 
bachelor, and Mrs. Elizabeth Brace, of St. Ann's, Wefltminater,' 
L, 172f March 1 8 HntchinB WilliamB, Eaq., of St. DuDBtan's in the West, bachelor, 
and Jodith Booths of St. George the Martjr, apiiiBter." 

1727 Jane 3 John PrcBton, of St. Martin'B, Yintry, Londonj bachelor, and 

EHziabeth Stracy, of Woodford, co. EBBex, Bprngter. 
Aug. 15 William HawkinB, of St. Margaret'B, Weetminster, bachelor, and 
Elizabeth Erlin, of the same pariah, apioBtfir,* 

1728 Dec. 18 Samuel Steen, widower, and Elianor Koberts, spiiuter, both of SL 

Margaret's, Weatminater.* 

1729 May 24 Nicholafl Hooper and Anne Levie, both single and of Bt. Aft- 

drew'fl, Holbom,* 
17|f Jan. 27 Thomas Tryon, of St. Dionia Backchnrch, London, ani. Maiy 
Yard, of St, George's, Hanover Square, spinaterj 

> Joflepb Bond, a decajr^d boafickeeper in St. Margaret's pariidiT to be plAoed in Bmeij 
mWa AlaahouaG (Chapter Soch. 16 Dec. 1728). 

' He seventh son of Arthur third Viscouot Irrine, by lBab«] eldest dan. of John Uachel, of 
Hills, CO. Suflee?t, Esq^, M.P. He was bom S Apl. 1696, and was a Colonel in the Foot Giuudfl, 
and M.F. for Horabam from 1737 nntil bis death. He died 28 Nor. 1748, baring smrired his 
wife- (Bee bis brother^e burial 17 Apl, 1721.) She dau. and coheir of Charles Scarborough, of 
Windsor. BerkR, Esq., Groom of the Bedchamber to Qeorge Prioee of Denmark, and one of 
tbe Clerks of the Board of Oreen Cloth to Queen Aooe. She waa first married, 1 Sep. 1720, to 
Francis Brace, of Biddcnbom, Beds, and of Fumivol^s Inn, Eaq„ one |of the Commissionera of 
Taxes, who died 6 Apl. 1724. He did not, boweveff even mentioo her name in hie wiU. (See 
her sister's second marriage 9 Aug. 1731.) Their only son Charles succeeded his uocle as nlDlii 
Viscount Irvine. 8ee the baptisms of two daughters, 21 Oct. 1730 and 2€ June 17&4. 

' He eldest non of William Peere Wmiams, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, by Anne seoond dan. 
and coheir of Sir George Hntcbins, Rt, ooe of tbe Lorda Commissioners of the Great Seal 
ffrnp. William and Mary. He was afterwards of Clapton, co, Northampton, and was created 
a Bart, i Apl. 1747. He died 4 Not. 17Bfl, aged about 58- Khe dau. and heir of Jamea Booth of 
Theobalds, HertA, Esq., and was " celebrated for ber beauty aud talenta."' She died before her 
hasbaud, and both were buried at Clapton. Tbe title became extinct in I7fl4, OQ the death of 
their second son, 6ii Booth Williams, third Bart. 

* See baptisms of two children, 14 Oct. 172S and 2 May 1730.— Edward Earlinff appolx>t«d 
College Baker 28 Nov. 1726 {^Chapter Book). 

* Kce his first marriage 1 Ang. 1725, and his burial 16 Jane 1732. Admioislration on ber 
estate was granted to a creditor 6 Feb. 1733-1, she being described as of St. John Evajigelist, 
Westmioster, widow. 

* Mar. Lie- Bp. Lond. same date, for Nicholas Hooper, of St. Andrew's, Holbom, 
bachelor, aged aborc 22, and Anne Levic, of tbe same parish, epinstcr. above 19, with consent of 
her father Cbriatian LcTie. — Nicholas, a son of this mBrrioge, was bom 6 Feb. and baptaied 
3 Mch. 1736-7, at St. Margaret's* Westroroster- 

' He only son and heir of William Tryoo, Esq., Merchant of London, and of Frognal, in 
CbislehuTBt, Kent, by bis wife Alice. He was an eminent West India merchant, and 
Director of the Royal Assuraoce Company. He died 8 Oct. 1747, and waa buried at 
Cbislehurst. His will, dated 17 Aug., was proved 9 Oct. 1747. She waa dau, of Bobert 
Yard, Esq., one of the Masters in Chancery, by bia first wife^ whose maiden name appeata 
to have been EIwcb. Bhe died and was buried at BaLh about Jnao 1734. Their only child, 
Mary, who was bom the Stb and baptiEed at 5t. Olave's, Hart Street, London, 17 Dot. ITU, 
died nixmamed about 1774. 


1750 April 28 Philip Smallridge, of Crisleton, co, Chester, and Ann Friend, of 

St. Margaret's, Weatminflter, both single.' 
I_ May J4 Edward WilliamB of Ustim Colwyn, co. Montgomery, Esq., and 
Ann Lloyd, of St. Clement Danes, both single," 
June 8 Jofieph Fiaher, of Lincoln's Inn, and Sarah Kency, of St. 
Andrew's, Holbora, both single,^ 
173f Feb. 9 John Lodge, of St. Helen's, London, and Catharine Milner, of 
St, Margaret's, WcHtminstor, both single.^ 
March 2 Edward Kinaston, of Lincoln's Inn, and Ann Gee, of St. Mar- 
garet's, Westminster, both single.'^ 

1751 June 24 Thomas Brian, of St, Andrew's, Holborn, widower, and Mary 

Dewell, of St- Martin in the Fields, widow, 
Ang. 9 Oharlea ETcreEeld, Esq., widower, and Henrietta-Maria Jenkin- 
son, widow, both of Horsham, co. Susses." 

1 He son of the Rt. Rev. George Smalridge^ Bishop of Brieto], by Mary dau. of Bev. 
Samuel De L*Ai^le, D.D., Prebendarj of Westcoinatcr. He was ImpfiKed at Bt- Margnret's, 
WeslDiiiiater, 7 Jaly 1701, matriculated at Oxford, from Christ Church (dieted from St. Peter's 
CoUcge, WeatmiQflter) 13 July 1717, and waa B.A- 2 May 1721, M.A. 19 Mch. 1723>*. and D. and 
D.D. 27 Oct. 1742. He wae instituted Rector- of Chrifitleton, co. Chester, 8 May 1727, and 
became a Prebendary of Worcester U June 1731, and ChanceUor of that dioceae in 1742. He 
also held the ciirat^ of Mortlake, ISorrey, from 1737 until his death. He died 23 Oct. 1751. bhe 
was dan, of Re^. William Freind (brother of Dr. Robert Frciod, Head Master of Westminster 
School)^ by Bridget dan. of Bct. William Glover, of Buroham. Bucks. She eurvivefl ber hnsbaad, 
and adminiaterod to his estate 14 Jan. 1752. 
/^ > Heof Ystymcollwyn and MeilliooyddT co. Carnarvon, boo of Arthur Wdli^mdt, of the 
latter place, ^Bq., by Margaret dau. and heir of Lumley Williams of the former p]a<:e, Esq. 
Bhe only daio. and heir of Roderick Lloyd, of Essex Street. Strand, co, Midi., and of Lincolo's 
Inn, Etq.f Clerk of tb« Ontlawries in the Court of Common rieas, who died twelve days 
after thii mairiage. (From ber father's will, her mother appears to bare been the relict of 
Robert^ or Richard, Pugh, and mother by him of Anne Pugh, wife of Dr, John Wynne, 
Bi^op of Bath and Wells.) Rbe died shortly after the birth of their only child.Anne (wbo 
became the wife of Sir Robert Howell Vaughao first Bart, of Nannou), and he remarried^ 
2 Nov. 1732, Lady Charlotte Hert>ert, dau. of William second Marquis of Fowls, and relict 
of Kdward Morris, Esq. 

■ He was admitted to Lincoln's Inn, 21 Feb. 1723'4, ba son and beir apparent of Joseph 
Fisher, of 6t. Andrew's, Holbom^ Oeot. 

* Ho a Citiieti and Merchant Taylor of London, and was buried at Bt, Helen's, Bishopsgate, 
£S Nov. 1774. Bhe youngest dan. of John Milner. Esfj., Consul- General in Portugal, by 
Elizabeth his wife, and sister of Jane wife of Bishop WiTcocks (see her burial 1 Apl. 172G) and 
of Kliiabetb Milner (see her burial 30 Ju^y IT32). Bhe was buried at St. Helen's, Diubop^ate, 
2fi Oct. I78G. The baptisms aod burials of their children and grandchildren are recorded in 
the register of that parish. 

* Died, August 1736, Edward Kynattoni Esq., one of the sworn Clerks in Chancery 
{Blritrricai EegUter.) She dau. of Rev, Dr. Edward Gee, Dean of Lincoln (see bis burial C Mch, 
1729-30) by Jane his wife (see her bnriai 23 Apl. 1733). One of their daughters of the same 
name was baptized at St. Bennetts, Paul's Wharf, London, 28 Sep. 1704, but probably died young, 
as this Anne was a minor at the date of her father's wilt in 1727. 6he administered to the estate 
of ber hosband, who was described as of St. Andrew's, Holborn, 23 Aug. 1736. and was herself 
bnried at Highgate^ Midx,, 22 May 1737. Tlicir only children. Kdward, Thomas, Jane, and 
Anne, alt BorviTed her, and the two sons were Ijaptized at St. Andrew's, Holborn, vii., Edward 
30 Aog. 1733, and Thomas 7 Dec. 1736, the latter t>eing a posthumous child. 

* He son of Nicholas Erersfiddf of Charlton Court, near Steyning. Sussex, Esq., by Elizabeth, 


1732 Jaiy 27 JacobnaWhitcbnrch, Jr., of 8t. Bartholomew Exchange I^ondon, 

and Mary Rust, of St. Olave'H, Hart Street, both single.^ 
; Aug. 17 John ETelyn, Esq., of St, Margaret's, and the Hon. Mary 

BoBcawen, of St< Martin in the Fields, both single,* 
I73f Feb, 18 The Rev. Edward Cranke, Clerk, Rector of Hatford, co. Berks, 

widower, and Jane Abdy, of Albine, in Essex, Bpinster.' 
1753 June (— ) Robert Scott, Esq,, and Anne Middleton, both aingie and of St. 

Ann% Weetminster * 

fonrtli dan. and coheir of NichoUa Oildridge, of Eostbonmet in the same coont^^ Bsq. He wa« 
M,P. for Horsham in several Parliamenta, (By hia first wife, Mary, dau. of Beujy Duncombe, 
of Westoiif CO. Snrray, Esq., to whom mairi^, at St. Paulas Cathedral, 21 J11I7 1702, and who 
was buried at Horsham 2B Jan. 1713'*, he had a son, Charles, who aacceeded, by & limitation in 
the patent, to the now extinct baronctcj of Fcnnor, of Welohee, co, ^usaei.) He died 17 Jan. 
174B-9, and was buried the 2lBt at Horsham. 6he a dan. of Charles Scarborongh, Esq., one of 
tbe Clerks of the Board of Qreen Cloth to Q. Anne^ and relict of Bir Robert Jenhlnsont tliird 
Bart, of Walcot, co. Oxford, to whom coamcd about Feb. 1711-12, and who died 29 Oct, 1717, 
Her age at her first marriage^ according to the Mar. Lie. Fac.» was about 17. (See her aiater*a 
second marriage, 9 Mch. 1725-fi.) She was also buried at Horsham, 16 Aug. 1670- 

^ He sou of James Wbitehurch, of Londoo, descended from the family of that name of Frome 
Selwood, CO. Sonierect. aixd became a wealtby merchant. Hia will (signed Jamu Whitchoni), 
then of Twiekeuhun, Midx., dated 21 Dec. 1782, with sereral codicils, was proved 22 Feb. 17B6. 
He left large beqiieats to various charities. She second but eldest Burviving dau. of Edward 
Rufltf of Crutched Friars, London, Wine Cooper, b; bis wife Anne Buck, of Bromlej, Kent, who 
were married at All Hanows Barking, London, 7 Oct, 1707. She was baptized at St, Olave, 
Hart mreet, London, 21 Aug. \1(J9, aud waa living as late as 1757, but died before the date of her 
husband B will. See her sister's marriage, 30 June 1737. 
y 'He elrtest son of Sir John Evelyn, first Bart, of Wotton, co. Soir^, by Anne, eldest dan. 
of Edward Boscawen, Esq., and sister of Hugh, first Viscount Falmouth. He was bom at Wotton 
24 Aug. 1706, and succeeded aa second Bart. li Julj 1763. He died 11 Jnne 1767, and waa 
buried at Wottoo. She his cousin, fourth dau. of Hugh, Qrst Viscount Falmouth, by Charlotte, 
daiL of Charles Godfrey, Esq. (ace Iheir marriage 23 Apl. 1700), and was bom the 13tb and 
baptized at Bt. James, Westminster, 21 Nov. 1705. There bad been a previous Mar. Lie. Vic. 
Gen. 22 May 1731, but the marriage appears to have been deferred. She died IB Sep. 1749, and 
was buried at Wotton. (See the marriages of her brother and sister, 3 Feb. 1742<3 and IS Aug. 

3 Edward Cranke matriculated at Oxford, from Trinity College, 18 Mcb. 1691-2, aged 15, as 
son of Edward Cranke, of Birmingham, co. Warwick, Gent., and was B.A, &I Oct, 1696, MA. 17 
Nov. 1698, and B.D. 27 Mch, 1706. According to his father's will, proved 15 Jan. 1688-9, he 
was second and youngest son, by his wife Joyce. He became Keelor of Hatford, and Vicar of 
SlAuford in the Vale, co. Berks, and, dying 28 June 1756, in hie 7&th year, was buried in the 
former chm\;h. She, his second wife, was only surviving dau. of Sir John Abdy, second Bart, of 
AlhiuB, Essex, by Jane, only dau. of George Nicholas, Esq. (see their marriage 10 Maj 1687), 
and was haptiEed at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, 19 Mch. 1689-90. She came into poesesnon of 
the family estates, on the death of her nephew, Sir John Abdy, fourth Bart., 1 Apl. 17fi9, but 
died without issue, 18 Oct. 1767, and was buried at Halford. (Her husband*s first wife, Elixa- 
beth, died 3 June 1729, in her 52nd yeuj. and was also buried at Hatford. lu the Marriage 
license in the Hegistry of the Archdesconrj of Oiford, dated 31 Oct. 1721, she is called Eliza- 
beth Tudcr, of 8t. Peter in tbo East, city of Oxford, sj^inster, and they were to marry at Stones 
field in thai county.) 

* Robert Scott, M. P. for the shire of Forfar in Scotland, mwricd to Miss Middleton, daaghtCT 
to Colonel Middleton, an agreeable young lady with a fortune of £5000. iHittorieal Regxttor, 
Jane 17^3.) The Weekly lUgirter says, married Jtmc Znd. Bobert Scott, of Logie, Esq., was 
elected M.P. for Forfarshire about Mch. 1733. 


1738 Nov. 10 William Sogers, of St. George's, Hanover Square, and Barbara 
Hamnound, of St, James, Westminat^^r, both single. 

1734 April 24 Benjamin Lester, of St. Martin's in the Ficlde, and Ann Parsley, 

of St. Magnus the Martyr, London, both single,* 

Dec. 17 Thomas Clarke and Hester Hawes, both single and of Bromley, 

CO. Kent: (married in King Edward's Chapel).^ 

1735 Oct- 7 Francis Jeffreys, of St, Margaret's, Weatminster, and Mary 

Willoughby, of St, George's, near Ormood Street, Middlesex, 

both single.* 
173^ March 4 James- Plaxton Marshall, of the Inner Tempk, and Jane Slade, 

of St, Thomas, Sonthwark, co. Surrey, both single.* 
178f Feb. 14 John-Wyrley Birch, of Handsworth, co. Stafford, and Kuightley 

Wroth, of Loaghton, co. Essex, both single.* 
Feb. 17 Richard Stone, of St, Mary Woolnoth, London, and Mary 

Harris, of Barking, co, Essex, both single.* 
17S7 June 30 Richard Hoare, of St. Dunstan's m the West, widower, and 

Elizabeth Rust, of St. Olave's, Hart Street, London, spinster.^ 

1 Mar. lie. Vic. Gen., 23 Apl., gives aame namea and deecriptions ; he aged above 21, and 

' The odd money in the Rcceiver'a hands {&2 13f. \d.) given lo Mrs, Clarke and her family^ 
her hnsbftnd, Thomafl CUrto, late College Baker, having, eince being turned out, nm away and 
^cti them m great dietTesR {Chapter Beck, mb IG Deo. IT45). 

* See her burial 22 Apl. 1742, and h^a 20 Nov. 1744. 

* Mar. Lie. Vic. Oen., 3 Mch., gives same names and descriptions ; he aged 24, and she 28. 
His admiHaioo not fotind in the books of tbe Inner or Middle Temple^ 

• He second and yoangest son of the Rev, Peter Birch, D.D., Prebendary ol Wcslminater 
{tea Me bmial 4 Julj 1710), hj hie third wife* Sibyll. second and yoangest dau. and eoheir of 
Hmnphrej Wjrlej, of Hampstead Hall in Handsworth, co. fitfiffonl^ Esq, (eee her burial 12 Aug. 
1708). He was bora 31 Oct. and baptized at Ht. Mai^aref a, WeBtminstcr, 16 Nov. 1707. He 
«nb*eqnenlly took the additional auniamo of Wyrlcy. She hie first wife, itAU. of Robert Wroth, 
of Loughton Hall, co. Essex, Esq. Her age, according to the Mar, Lie. Vic. Gen,, dated 12 Feb., 
was 32. Bhe died in 1770. and he remarried Jane, third dau. of John Lane, of Bcntley. co. 
Staffofd, Esq., but died in 1775, without issue bj either wife. His n-ill, in which he is called 
John Wjrley only, dated 11 Jan. 1772, was proved 29 Dec. 1775. 

• He apparently eldest eon of Andrew Stone, an eminent banker of Winchester and of 
Lombard Street, London, by hii4 wife Anne Holbi-ooke. lie was also a member of the bankiDg 
hooae in London. Be died at Hford, co. Esaex, 29 May 1763. and was buried in Barktug 
chnrchyard. (See the buriala of hia brothers, the Archbishop of Armagh 28 Dec. 17G4, and 
Andrew Stone, 24 Dec. 1773.) t^hc dau. of William Hams of Ilfoiyi aforcfjaid and his wife 
Bliiabeth. Letlera of adminiatrarion to her estate were grnutcd H Dec. 17K2. — "On Thursday 
laat Mi. Richard Stone, a Banker, partner with Mr. Mariin in Lombard Street, was married to 
Miaa Hams, slaughter of Mr. Harris of Lford in Essex, and sietor of Mr. James Harris who 
formerly kept the Crown Tavern behind the Jioyal Exchange, an agreeable young lady with 
£6000 fortnne " (*. Jamejt'j Evening Post, 22 Feb. 1736-7). 

' He second son of Heniy Hoare, Goldsmith and Banker in London, by Jane. dau. of 
8ii William Benson, of Bromley, Midx, Kt., and was bora 2 Mch. 1709. He was t;hcriff of 
LcmdoD in 17*0, and Lord Mayor in 1745, an<l wm kniRhtol 31 Oct. m the hitter year. He died 
12 Oct. I7C4, and was buried at St. Dunstan in the West. (His eldest son by hia former wife 
w« created a baronet, 10 June 1786.) She hie second wife, third but second eurviving dau. of 
Edward Rnat, of Cmtchod Friars, St, Oiave, Hart btreet, London, Wioe Coo|>er, by hie wife Ann 
BiKk, and waa baptired at St. Olave, Hart Btrect, 12 Nor. 1710. (See her tdster's marriBgc, 27 
JdIj 1732). 8be died 29 June 1752, and was buried at hU Dunstan in the West, Their only 
•on Heniy died without BurriTing ittoe. H 

50 UABEi^GBs nv 

1 737 Sept. 20 William Baker, of St. George the Mirtjr, oo. MiddlcMi, bachelOT, 
and Mary Bilbey, of 8t. Mary le bone, in the same connty.* 
Oct- 22 John Hopley, of St. Catharine Cree Church, bachelor, and Anne 

HarriB, of St. Botolph's, Bishop^te, London, widow- 
Nov. 10 Seth Jenny, Esq,, of St. Botolph's, Aldgate, London, and Ann 
Harwood, of St. Gregorys, London, both Bingle»* 
17&I March 6 Edmnnd Lewin, of Westmili, Herte, and Mai^aret WUlianm, of 

Harley, co, Berka, both gingle." 
174f Jan- 29 Thomas Fenn, of Sudbnry, co. SniToJk, and Jndith Ford, of St. 
Mary Abchnrch, London, both single.* 
1^ 17^ Feb. 3 The Hon. George Boecawen, Esq., of St. Martin's in the Fields, 
and Ann Trevor, of St James, WestminBter, both Bingle,"* 
1743 Nov. 17 John Blake, of St. Andrew's, Holbom, and Mary Tymeirell, of 
Oamrewell, go. Surrey, both single/ 

1 Tueadajr William Baker, Eeq., of East Btreet, R«d Lion Sqaara^ waa married at Weet- 
minBler Abbej to Mr*. Silhy, widow of Mr. Bilby. of Oxford Roml» a rich boilder and brick- 
maJcer: a fortune of £10,000 (^St^Jamet'* Ei^enin^ Pott, Thureday^ 22 Bep. 1737). 

» He probably eon of Beth Jenny, of St. Mary, Wiitechapel, Gent, (whose wiU ww proved 
8 8ep. 1721). by Mary hia wife. (Mar, Lie. Vic- Gen. 6 Nov. 1692, for Setii Jenny, of St, 
Stephen'^, Walbrook, Mariner, bachelor, aged about 36, and Uaiy Pigott, of the same pariah, 
widow, about SO.) He wba many yean Secretary to the CommiAaJonera of the Tictnaning Offlcei 
and died 3 July 1715. Hia will, dated \% Dec. 1744. was proved 11 July 17ifi. She only dan. 
of John Harwood, LL.D., F.R-S., F.B^., of Doctors' Commons, Commissary of St, Panl's, etc., 
l^ Atmo, dan. of Samuel Bnlteel, of Dcvonehire, Esq. She wob bom the 10th and baptbed 20 
May 1706. at 8t. Mary Aldennanboiy, London. She died at Richmond, Smrey^ tO Jane 1766, 
and WAA buried with her parents in a vault in Islin^n cborchyard. Her dan. Anne Jenaj 
administered to her estAte 2 Aag. following. 

* He eon of John Lewin, of Broxbounie, Herts. Esq., by Lucy, dan. of Qeorge Johnnoii 
of Bowden Park, Wilts, Bsq. He matriculated at Oxford, from Edmund Hall, 26 July 1714, aged 
16, and was B,A. 21 Apl I7ia. M-A. as of Magdalen Hall 31 Jan, 1720-1, and B. and D,D. 
6 May 173B. He was instituted Rector of Wcstmill, Herts, 10 May 1727, and held also the 
UviDg of Stone, in Kent, and was Chancellor of Bochester. He died 24 July 1771, in his 
73rd year, and was buncd at Broxbonrne. Bhe don. of John Williame, Esq., and sole faeireM 
of her mother Mrs. Margaret Williams, of Hnrley Place, Berks. She died 30 Meh. 1763, and 
was also buried at Broxboune. (A notice in the GaU. May. of this date states that she waa 
a niece of the then Bishop of Bochestcr, vix., Bishop Wilcocks, for whose burial eee n# 9 
Hch. 1756). 

* Mar. Lie. Pac. 26 Jan. ; same descriptiona, and each aged above 22.— Thomai Tenn, 
Esq., to Miss Judith Ford of Abehorch l^ne {Gent. Jfa^.).— Died 26 Feb. 1781, Mrs. Jnditii 
Fenn, of Budbmy, Suffolk (i&i(i.)»-They were evidently the parents of Thomas Fenn, Baq., 
of BalUngdon in Suffolk, who died 31 Jan. 1818, in his 7fith year, being then the aenior 
partner in the Sudbury Bank. 

* He fourth son of Hugh Sr«t Viscount Falmouth, by Charlotte, dao. of Charles GodfTeyi 
Esq. (see their marriage 23 ApL 1700). He wae bom the Ist and baptiijed at St. Martin in 
the Fields 2 Dec. 1712. He was in the artny and attained the rank of jieuL-Oeneral 22 Feb, 
176a He died 3 May 1775 and was bui}ed the llth at St. Jtaaon. Westminster. (Bee ^ke 
marriages of his aist^s 17 Aug. 1732 and IB Aug. 1746). She fourth dan. of John Morl<7 
Trevor, of lYevallyn, co. Denbigh, and of Olynde, co. Sussex, Esq., by Lucy, dan. of Edward 
Montague, of Boughton, eo, Northamptou, Esq., and was baptized at Glynde 16 Jan, 1709-10. 
She died at Bath in 1733, (Bee her stster'a burial 29 Mch. 17S0). 

< He, aon of Capt. Jotm Blake and Mary his wife, was bom at Limehouse, Hidx,, 27 Aug. 

' 1713, and became, like his father, a captain in the merchant service. His residence was somo- 

time at Watcombe, in Brockenhorst, Hant«, and afteiwaids in Parliament Btmet, WestniDAter. 


17^ Jan, 27 John Catling: w^d Mary Woolfe, both single and of St. Margaret's, 

1745 Aug, 2 William Seymour, of Eafit Knoyle, AVilts, widower, and Mary 

Hyde, of St. Mai^aret Pattens, London, spinBter." 
Sept. 12 Sanmel Kent, Esq., of Lambeth, Surrey, and Sarah Perkins, of 
St. James, WeBtminHter, widow.^ 

1746 April 15 Thomas Tracy, Esq., of Stanway, co, Gloucester, and Mary Dod- 

well, of Sevenham^ton iti the same county, both singled 
May 27 Thomas Cotton, of St. Dnnetan's in the Eaat, London, and 
Maria-Tereaa Purcell, of St, Martin in the Fields, both single."* 
^ Aug. 18 Charles Frederick, Esq., of 8t. George's, Hanover Square, and the 
Hon, Lucy Boecawen, of St, Martin in the Fields, spinster.* 

He died 25 Feb. 1790. 6ho only daa. and heir of Cluirles Tymewell, of PecMiam, co. Surrey, 
Gent.f by (apparently) hia third wife, Arabella, widow of John Hitchin, of the eame place, 
Gent.i and wm bom about 1723. After her hatband's death she resided at Goldwdl House, 
8peen Hill, Betka, Her will, dated 7 June 1797. wm proTcd 16 Mch, lft02. Their eldest 
niFviviiig daC' aod coheir morrlGd Henry-Hmde Felly. Esq,, and was mother of bir John- 
H^ijy Pellj, first Bart, of Upton, Essex. 

^ bee Ms biuial 29 May 17G2, and hers 2 Feb. 17S8h and notes thereto. 

* fie of Eart Enojle, Wilts, fourth son of Bir Edward tScjnioQr, fifth Bart, of MnidoD 
Bradley in lliat coooty, by Letitia, daa, and heir of Bir Francis rophomn of Littlecotc. Wilts, 
E.B. She his second wife, dau. of Bamnel Hyde, of St. Mai^aret Patiena. London. Mer- 
chant (afterwards of Bromley. Kent, where buried 26 Feb, 1747-8), by hie first wife Klizabeth, 
dan. of Timothy Keyaar. She was bom 19 Feb, 1726.7. and died 8 Not. 17fiB. ThJa marriage 
ifl iiot noticod in the accounts of the Beymonr famnly. and he ia aeaig^ned only one wife, 
Elisabeth Hippye. of Frome. oo, tiomenet, to whom he was married 17 Apl. 1737, and who 
died 32 Mch, 1741-2. in her 2eth year. He dlcjd 5 Jan. 17*6-7, leaving no issue by either 
wife. They were all buried at East Enoylo. 

* Mar. Lie, Vic. Gen., 10 Sep,, for Samuel Kent, jiui„ o! Lambeth, Esq., bachelor, aged BO 
■nd upwards, and Barah Perkins, of 8t. JamoA, WcKtminHtcr, widow.— He a younger son of 
Samuel Kent, Esq.. mentioned in the hlHtorips of Lambelb ae an eminent distiller and at one 
time occupant of the well-known Vanxhall House. 

* He younger son of John Tiacy (second but only surviving flon of Ferdinando Tracy, 
third «on of John third Viacount Tracy), by Anne, dau. of Kir Robert Attyns of Happcrton, co. 
GlouoCBter. Chief Baion of the Exchequer, He dieil 2 July 1770. and wb£ buried at titanway. 
She only dan. and heir of Sir William Dodwell, of Sandywell, co, <lloucester, Kt., by bis eccond 
wife, Muy^ dan. of Prancia Fuller, Oeut.. and reliet of John Miller, Esq. (who were married 
at St. Paul'B Cflthedml 7 Sep. 1723)- Bhe died 22 Feb, 1799, anil wa? alao buried at Stauway. 
Their only wya^ Dodwell Tracy, bom at SerenhampCon 19 Mch. ]74rt-7, died unmarried in 

' Harried, 2T May 1746, Mr. Thomaa Cotton, merchant in Tower Street, to Misa Maria 
Tema Pnrcell. with «12,000 {Oimt, iTa?.)— (In a MS. list of the ofQcialft and inmatea of the 
HMDinersmitb Conrent (jf^fwi the editor) occurs, in 1726. -^ Tercta Pur^el^'^ evidently a« a boarder. 
and probably rery young.) 
\^ * He third son of Sir Thomaa Frederick, Et. (brother of Sir John Frederick, firat Bart, of 
WertjninBter) by his wife Maiy Moncreif. and was born 21 Dec. 1709. He became Surveyor- 
General of the Ordnance, was created a E.R in 1761. and did 16 Dec. 1785. She ninth dau. 
and fifteenth child of Hugh firat Viscount Falmouth, by Charlotte, dau. of Charles Godfrey, 
Esq. (see their marriage 23 Apl. 1700). She was bom the Gth. and baptised at St. Martin in 
the Fields lA May 1719. She died IT Jan. 1784. and both were buried in the family vauTt 
at 8t Olare. Old Jewry, London. (Bee the maniagee of her eister and brother^ 17 Aug. 1732 
ud S Feb. l7i3-3). 


1746 Dec. 15 Joseph Clarke, of SU Marf Cole, London, and Mary WOks, of 

St. Lnke'e, Middle^:, both single.^ 
17-17 Nov. 7 John Lewis, of Dartford, Kent, and Catherine Villiei^ of St. 

Margaret's, WeBtminster, both single,^ 
174J Jan. 10 Nicholas Tomer, of Stoke^ near Guilford, Surrey, and Anna 
Towers, of Petworth, Sossei, both single.^ 
i^ 1748 May 17 William Dolben, Esq., of Finedon, Northamptonahire, and Jndith 
English, of Hampton Court, Middlesex, both single* 
Bcpt. 8 George Golding, of CheveDiug, Kent, widower, and Elizabeth 

Warr, of St. Margaret'B, Westminster, spinster. 
Oct. 27 Charles Sheppard and Isabella Higgiuson, both single and of St. 
John's, Hackney.' 
1749 April 6 Samuel Miber, widower, and Sarah Crookenden, widow, both of 
St. John's, Hackney. 
May 22 Jacob Mather, of Wiggan, co. Lancaater, bachelor, and Alice 

Higgin, of St. Mary Aldennanbury, London, widow.* 
Oct- 19 Thomas Test, of St. Mary at Hill, London, and Mary Haakina, 
of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Soirey, both aingle. 

* Mar. Lio. Bp. Lond., 11 Dec., for Joseph Cfark, of Bt, Mary Cole [Colechiircii], London, 
bnchelor, aged above 21, and Mary Willu, of Hi. Luke^s, Midx.f epiiifitcr, above 20, with consent 
of ThomflB Cecil, of Bt. Luke'a» Scarlet Dyer, her guardian appointed bj the Court of Chancery : 
to maiTj at 8t. Paul's Cathedral, Wcafmiiister Abbey, or St. Mary's. Whitechapel. 

s Mar. Lie. Fac., 26 Oct., for John Lewis* of Dartford, Kent. Clerk, and CaUierine ViUiera, 
of St Margaret'fl, WestmJDnter, both Bingle and afted above 21. — He was elected to Oxford from 
Kt. Pctct'ii College. Wealminater, and matricnlated from Christ Church 12 June 1734,'aged 17, aa 
son of John Lewis, of London, Esq,, and was 13.A- 24 Apl. ZTSB, and M.A. 10 Mch 1740-L He 
became Rector of Dartford, Kent, in 17*7, but resigned in 1756, and was inatitoted Dean of 
Os»ory. in Ireland, 24 May in the latter year. He married a second wife, and died 28 June 
178,1. fibe dnu. of Rev, George VilJiere (descended from John Viflcount Purbcck), Vicar of 
Chalgrove, co. Oiford, by Catharine, dan. of T. BtcpbeuB, Esq. Sbe died i Apl. 1756. {See 
note to baptism of John NicoJl. 2! Sep. 1727.) 

* Mar. Lie. Bp. Lond- 9 Jan. : same descnptions ; he ae;ed aliOTe 27, and she abore 21. — 
He was younger son of Nicholas Tumor. Esq., lord of the majior of Btoke, by Margaret his 
wife, and succeeded to that OHtate on the death of hia elder brother, Jonathan Harris Turner, 
Jan. 1746-7. 

* He only rarviTlof? son of the Rev. Sir John Dolben, D.D,. second Bart, of Finedon, oo. 
^'Northampton, by Elizahetb, second dau- of William. Lord Digfey, Baron of GeashiU, in Ireland. 

He m.itriculflled at Oxfortl, from Christ Church. 28 May 1744, aged 17. He waa High BheriJi of 
Korthamptonshire in 1700. and M.P. for the Unirersily of Oxford for more than 30 years. He 
tiucceedcd as tbirU Bnrt. 20 Sot. I75fi, and died 20 Mcb. 1814. She his flrat wife, only dan, 
and heir of Bomeraet English. Esq.. by Judilb, dau, and coheir of Hugh Reason, of Hampnet, 
CO. Sussex. Esq. rihe died in 1771, aged 40. (Her husband remarried, 14 Oct. 1780. hia conmn 
Cbarlotie. dau. of Gilbert Affleck, Esq. and Anne his wife (sec tbeir marriaee 3 Not. 170G), 
and widow of John Scotchmer, Esq.) The baronetcy cipired on the death of their ton, Sir 
Jobn-EngliHh Dolben, 27 Sep. 1837< 

* He eldest son of William Bheppard, of Ironmonger T^anc, London, Blackwell Hali FaclorT 
by Sarah, dau. of Charles Rlaughter. aim of the name place and occupation, and was living in 
1769. She was living in 176G. A child of this marriage. Isabella, was baptized at St. John's, 
Hackney, 4 Sep. 174t>. 

* Mar, Lie. Fac, Rame date : Hame deeciiptiona ; he above 21 : to many at Acton, Uidk,, 
CbleehJU, co. Warwick, or Westminster Abbey. 


1749 Nov. 9 JameB Brown, of St- Peter's, CombiP, London, and Sarah Miller, 

of Stoke NewingtoD, Middlesex, both single,^ 
NoY. 14 John Cleland, widower, and Ann Snow, spinster, both of St. 
Ttfargaret's, Weetminater,^ 
I7U F^^*- 24 Pita -William 8 Barrington, of Lillej, Herts, widower, nnd Jane 
Hall, of St, Clement Danes, Middlesex, BpinHter.^ 

1750 May 5 The Rev. Edmund Garforth, of the city of York, and Elizabeth 

Willoughby, of Birdsall, co- York, both single.* 

1751 Aug, 13 Sir William Maynard, Bart., of Waltons, Essex, and OharJotte ,'■- 

BiBshoppf of Parham, Sussex, both single.^ 
Sept. 16 James Wickes, of St. Gabriel Fenchureh, widower, and Elizfibeth ^ 

Waters, of St. George's in the East, widow. 
Oct- 5 CresweU Tajleur, Esq., of the Middle Temple, and Phil3is Walker, 

of Kensington, Middlesex, both single.* 

1752 April 2 James Cresset, of St.Martin's in the Fields, bachelor, and Anne 

Knight, of Keneingtou, Middlesex, widowJ 

■ MftT. iJc. Vic Qeo. 1 Nov. : Bame descriptiona ; he aged above 30, and she above 24. 

' Mar. Lie. Bp. Load. 13 Not. : eame deacriptionB ; eho aged above 21.— Children of Ca}>taiH 
John Glelaod asd Ann hie wjCc were baptised at St. Matgaret'e, WcHtnimnter, duriog a few years 
after thifl date.— Sir William Johnston, aixtb Bart, of Jobnalon, marriHl, Mch. 1757^ Elizabeth, 
dau. of Captain Cleland, of Queen Street, Westmioster, 

' He younger eon of Sir John Banington; eixth Bart., of Barringtoo Hall, EHsex, bj t^nean, 

dan. of Qeorge Draper, of Hitehin, Hert^, Esq. He snccccded hie eUer brother as eighth BartnT 

in 1776, and died 24 Sep, 1792, in bis S5tb year. Bhe his second wife, and dan. of Matthew HaT^ 

Esq. fihe died in Great James Street, 13 Apl. 1797, aged 75. Their Iwo eona auceeeded succca- 

. eirely to tbe baronetcy, which became extinct oti the death of the latter in 1633. 

* He only eon of Edmund jDrin^, of Maltoo, eo. York, by hia third wife Mary, sister of 
William Qarforth, of the eity of York, Esq., whose sole heir he became, and in accordanee 
with whose will his name was changed to Qarferth, by Act of Parliament, in 1747. He wa>4 
baptised at Malton, 11 June 1700, and waa educated at Trinity G>l1ege, Cambridge, where A.B. 
1723. and A.M. 1727, and of which college he became a Fellow. He died 6 Feb. 1761, and waa 
buried the 11th in the chancel of St. Martin cwm Gregory, Micklcgaie, York. She second dan. 
of Hon. Thomas WiUonghby (second son of Thomas first Baion Mi^ldleton), by Elisabeth, dan. 
and heir of Thomaa Sotheby, of BirdRall Hall, co. York, Esq. She was baptized in York 
Minuter, 10 Jan. 1720-1, and waa buried with her husband, G Feb. 1799. Tbey had issue five 
sons and three daughters, and their eldest son, William, was High Sheriff of York in 1815, 

^ 'He only bod of Sir Henry Maynard, third Bart, of "Wnlthamfltow, Eseeii by Catbnrine, dan. t> 
of Oeoi^ Gunter, of Racton, co. Suasei. Esq. He was bom 19 Apl. (721, auceeeded as fourth 
Bart. 16 Not. 1738, and died IS Jan, 1772. 8he second dan. of Sir Cecil BiBabopp, fifth Bart;, of 
Porbaoif Sussex, by Anne Boecawcn, dan. of Hugh first Viseouut Falmouth. t>hc died 16 May 
1762, aged about 3t. Their son Charles became second Viscount Maynard. / 

* Har. Lie, Foe 2 Oct. : some dcBcriptione ; he aged 2G, and bhe 17 : to marry with eooeent 
<rf her father, William Walker, of Kensington, Bntton-Bcller. — Creswell Taylcur was admitted tu 
the Middle Temple, 7 June 1729, as hod and heir of Creswell Tayleur, of MesRon, co, b^alop, Esq. 
He matriculated at Oiford, from Pembroke College, IC Oct. in the eamo year, aged 18, his birth- 
place being given as Bowles Magna [Great Bolas], co. t^aEop. 

' He von of James CreMett, Eaq.^ Envoy at various Courts from 1693 to 1710, who died in 
JdIj of the latter year, ae he waa about departing on a mission to Eaoover. He was Treasurer 
to the Priiice of Wales, Secretary to the Princess of Wales, and Comptroller of the Army 
AcconntB, He died in Albemarle Street, 22 Apl. 1775. His will, dated 21 July 1773, with 
ieverat codicdls, was proved 26 Apl. 1776. He directed to be buried at St. James, Weetminster, 
nefti bis father, moUier, brothers, aud aiBters. Hia father was buried there 28 July 1710, hi» 



1752 Jime 18 Charles Petlej, Esq^ of EiTerhesd, Kent, and EKsabeth Paul, of 

St. Andrew's, Holboni, both idiigle,^ 
Aug. 8 Balph ABfiheton, Esq., of CoOTdale, co. Lanowter, and Bebecca 

Rolls, of St. Uary Abchorch, London, both aingle.' 
1758 March 4 Henry Brooker, of SU Margaret's, Weatminater, and Henrietta 

Belcher, of St. John the Erangehjit, Weatniinster, both 

March 15 Jonathan Ellison and Sarah Smith, both aingle and of St* 

Sarionr'B, Sonthwai^^ 
May 20 Thomaa EUiaon, of the Inner Temple, and Elizabeth Smith, of 

St. Sarionr's, Sonthwark, both single,^ 
Jane 2 Henry Combmne, of St Margaret^ Lothbiuy, and Rebecca 

Estconrt, of St. Geoi^'e, Hanover Square, both single.* 
Sept. 10 William Richards, Esq., of the Inner Temple, and Margaret 

ClaTell, of Smedmore, co. Dorset, both aingle*^ 

moCber, Mrs. Loniaa Haria Cresaett, IT Sep. 1744, and bimeelf 29 Apl. 1775, Sho eldest child 
of Williftm Bobiiuon, of Bokeby Park, co. York, Esq., hj Anne, dno. aod beir of Bob^ Wmltoa, 
of Condall, CO- York, Beq., and was aistcr of Sir ThomoB RobmBOD, first Bart ol Bti^by, aad of 
Bfchard, Archbishop of Armagh, created Lord Rokebj. She waa bom at York, 4 Not. 1699, afid 
iras first mamed, in 1731, to Robert Knight^ of Bairellfl, co, Warwick, Bsq., irbo, by m fonim 
wife, was father of the Earl of Catherloagh. 8hQ died 5 Jane 1759, at Kensington, and waa 
buried with her father at Merton, co. Surrer. 

^ He oolj SOD and heir of John Petlej, of Rivet-head. Kent, Rsq. (eeoond ton of Balfdi 
Petley, Eaq-, Sheriff of Kent in IfiftO)- bj his wife Jane Lockjer. Be was eometime Storekeeper 
of the Ordnance at Chatham. He died at River-head 27 Jnlj, and was hurled there 5 Aug. 
1765, aged about 37^ She dan. of Robert Paul, of Ewart, co. Northmnberiand, Eaq. She aor- 
vivcd her hnsband nearly sixty years, dying 19 Feb. 1833, aged about 92, and WM alao bmied at 

' He BOD and heir of Balph Anheton. of Downham and Cnerdalei oo- Lancaster, Esq., by 
Haiy, dan. of Thomas Lister, of Amoldsbiggin Id Gisbnmei co- York, Esq, He wa> bom %B Jan, 
17I9'20. and was buried at Downham 3 Jan. 1759. She eldest dan. and coheir of William Hnlla, 
of Fieetandi, in Bromley, co. Kent, and lord of the manor of Popes, in Bishop^s Hatfield, oo. 
Herts, Esq., and a merchant of London, by Anne. dan. of Henry Savage, of Bt^ Andrw^a, 
Holbom, Esq. She was bom the Ivt, and baptised 10 Dec. 1732, at St. Mary Abchnrch, Ltmdoo, 
She died at Beaconefield^ Bucks, 11 Ecp.n and was buried at Dowobam, 1 Oct. 1813. 

* Bee his burial, 6 June 1787. and hers 23 Jan. 1602, and notes thereto. 

* Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen., 14 Mob., for Jonathan Ellison, of St. Savioor's, Sonthwark, bachelor, 
aged above 27- and Sarah Smith, of the aaine pariah, spinster, above 30. with consent of Chariea 
Hcrase and William Priaolx. her guardians appointed by the will of her mother, Sarah Smith, 
late of Wandaworth, Surrey, widow, deceased, and under an oider of the High Coort of Chancery, 
of which she is a ward. 

' Mar. Lie. Fac. 25 May : eame descriptions ; he aged above 33, and jdie aboTC SI. — Ibomaa 
Ellison. Gent., admitted to the Inner Temple. 15 Oct. 1747, as son and heir apparent of Francb 
Elliiran. of Weuterham, Kent. 

* Mar- Lic- Fac, 28 May : same descriptions \ each aged abore 21- 

' He eldest eon <^ William Richards, of Warmwell, co. Dorset, Esq., by his wiCe fiosannA 
t^vage. He was baptised at Warmwell. .% Apl. 1724- and admitted to the Inner Temple S8 Apr. 
1741. He died 10 Apl- 1803, and was buried at WannweLl She only surviving daa. ukl 
erentually heir of Edward Clavell, of Smedmore. co. Dorset. Esq., by EUiabelh, daq. of George 
Darner, of Dorchealer. in the same county, Esq. (annt of Joseph Damer, firvt Baron Milton and 
£arl ot Dorchester). The Mar. Lie- Fac. is dated 6 Sep.. and her age givvn aa above S3, 8h« 
died 24 Hch. 1B17, aged about 90, and was buried at WarmwelU 


1768 Dec 18 Edward Williams, Esq., of the Inner Temple, and Elizabeth 
O^iper, of St. Oeoi^'s, Bloomfibnry, both single.^ 

[^Ths Marnagg Act of 1753 ;put an end to inditeriminaU mar- 
rioffM m the Abbey. The three follovnng are all that ar9 
recorded during the nexi eerUurt/, each having been solemnized 
by virtue of a Special Lic^neeJ] 

1755 Jnly 31 Henry Oxenden^ Eaq,, of Dean, in £he parish of Wingham, co. 

Kent, and Margaret Chudleigli, of St. George's, Hanover 

Square, both Bingle." 
1757 Jan. 34 Bamber Gascoyne, Esq., of St. Clement Danes, and Mary Green^ 

of Childwall, in the connty Palatine of Lancafiter, both single.^ 
1775 Jan, 12 The Bt, Rev, Dr. John Thomas, Lord Bishop of Rochester, Dean 

of Westminster and Dean of the most honorable Order of the 

Bath, widower, and Dame Elizabeth Yates, widow.* 

' He wva mdmitted to tbe Timer TemplQ 3 Uay 1737, aa son and heir apparent of Edward 
WiniamH, of All Hallows, London Wall, Eaq. He died, without iseue, 6 Feb. 1769. aged 35, and 
wu buried at Totteridge, HerU. (On his moaumcnt at TotlerLdge he ia called a Barriuter cf the 
Middle Temple, while a notice of hia death in the Qent. Mag. repreaeots him aa of Strjeanta' 
Inn). She eldest daa, of Franeia Capper, of Liacoln'a Ina and of Buabey, Hcrt«, E»q., by Hary, 
dAU. of Thomaa Bennet, an eminent bookeeller in 8t. Paul's churchyard, [^he waa bom 21 Feb. 
and baptised 4 Mch. 1726-7. Bhe died 2 Feb. 1793« and was boried at Totleridge. In her will 
she b«qtj«athi>d £400 for the nne of the poor of Tottcndge, on condition that the vault containing 
her own and her hofiband's temauu should never be opened on any pretence, 

* He eldeat acm of Eir George Oxeuden, fifth Bart, of Dene, Kent, by Klizabcth. eldcet dau. 
and coheir of Edmund Duncb, of Little Wittenbam, Berks, Esq. He was bom Ibe fifth and 
baptixed at 6t. Martin in the Fields, Midi., 17 Sep. 1721, and succeeded a^ alitb Bart. SO Feb. 
I77B. &be yonngcst dau. and coheir of Sir George Chudleigbi fourth Bart, of Haldcn^ DeroDt by 
Pnncea, dau. and coheir of Eir William Davie, fourth Bart, of Creedy, Devon. They died tbe 
Mjne jeoTf at Broome House, in Borham, Kent ; she 30 Mch. 1803, aged about 70, and he 16 Juue 
foUoirlng, and were boned in the family vault at Wiugham. 

' He son of Sir Criap Qaacoyne, Kt., Lord Mayor of London in 1752, by Margaret, dan. and 
hcix of John Bamber, H.D., of Bifrona. in Barking, Esses, and was b&ptized at All Hallows 
Btaining, London, 2% Feb. 1724-G. He matriculated at Oxford, from Queen's College, 21 Oct. 
1743f bat appeara to have taken no degree. He became a didtin^isbed M.P. aud politician, and 
wafl Becdver-General of H.M.'a CuHtoms. He died at Batb 27 Oct.. and woe buried at Barking, 
Ebbcx, 7 Kov. 1791. Eho third and youngest dau. and coheir of Isaac Green, of Childwall Abbey 
and Hale Hall. co. LancaBter, £aq., by Maiy, dau. and heir of Edward A^inwall, Esq. She 
died 8 May 1709, aged about 69, aud was buried at Hale, co. Lancaster. Their grand ^daughter 
was mother of the present Marquis of BaUebnry. 

* He eldest son of Hev, John Thomas. Vicar of Brampton, co. Oumberland, and bom at 
Carlisle 14 Oct. 1712. He matriculated at Oi:ford. from Queen's College, 17 Dec. 1730, and took 
IhedegreeeofB.C.L.eMch. 1741, and D.C.L. 25 May 1742. He wae appointed Prebendary of 
WMtminst«T 23 Apl. 17M, installed Dean of Westminster 19 July 1768, and consecrated Biahop 
of Bochesler 13 Xov. 1774. He died at Bromley House, Kent, £2 Aug. 1793, and was buried at 
Bletchinglcy, Surrey, where he had been rector tbirty-sLc years, bhe, his second wife, was dau. 
and coheir of Charles Baldwyn, of Munslow, co. Salop. Enq,, and relict of Sir Joseph Yates, Et., 
oat of the Judges of tbe Common Pleaii(to whom married, at St. Giles in the Fields, 1 Mch. 1763. 
and iriio died 7 June 1770). Bhe died in 180B. (Biahop Thomaa'a firat wife was Anncn dau. of 
Bir William Clayton, first Bart, of Morden, Surrey, and relict of Sir Charles Blackwell. second 
Bart, of Sproweton, co. Norfolk. They were married at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall^ 19 Aug. 
1742, and she died 7 July 1773, and was boiied at Bletchingley.) 


[Thgri ii no record of any marriage in the Abhsy after the last 
date until the following one, and each of ihoee hereafter recorded 
was solemnised by virtue of a Licenee^'] 

1869 June 28 Arthnr-Christopher Thynne (son of John Thynne, Sab-Dean ot 
WestminBter), Clerk in holy ordera, bachelor, of fall age, and 
Gwenllian-Elizabetb-Famiy-Iaabel Kendall (daughter of Rns- 
BcU Kendall, Esq., deceased), of Winterdyne near Bewdley, 
now residing in the Cloieters, apinater, aged 17.* 

1860 Juiy 19 John-Gilbert Talbot, Eaq. {son of John-Chetwynd Talbot, 

Barrister-at-Law, deceaaed), bachelor, of fiill age, and Meriel- 
Sarah Lyttelton (daughter of George-WiUiam Lyttelton, 
Baron Lyttelton), of No» 11 Carlton Honse Terrace, flpinaterj 

1861 May 14 Edward-Henry May (son of William May, Surgeon), of No. 68 

Pentonville Boad, Surgeon, bachelor^ of foil age, and Sarah 
Lnpton (daughter of JamcB Lupton, Minor Oanon of thia 
Chnrch), spinater, ^ed 29,* 
Sept, 5 Henry-Howard-Molynenx, Earl of Carnarvon (son of Henry- 
John-George, Earl of Carnarvon), of Highclere Castle, New- 
bury, bachelor, of fall age, and Evelyn-Georgiana- Catherine 
Stanhope (danghter of George, Ear! of Cheeterfield), of Bretby 
Park, Burton on Trent, apinater, of fidl age * 

1862 June 18 Albert Peareth, Esq. (son of William Peartth, Esq,, deceased), 

of Cambridge^ bachelor, of full ^» and Margaret-Enmia 

^ He fifth BOQ of the Hon. and Ber, John Tbjaiie (commonly called Lord John Thynne, 
third Bon of Thomas aecQud Martjuis of Batb, K.Q.), D,D., Prebendary aad 6ub-deari of West- 
minater, aad Rector of Bacbwell, ■», Bomenot, by Anne'Constantia, tbird dau. of the Ber. 
CharieB'Cobbo Bererford, and waa bom 9 Nov. !832. He is a Prebendaiy of Bxeter» and 
Bcctor of Eilkhampton* co. Cornwall. (See the marriages of bia aifitei- and brother, 12 Aug. 

1863 and 30 Juoe 1864.) She eldest dau. of BuBseTt Kendall, of WaJthamBtoir, Esq. (who died 
9 Feb. 1847), \yj Mftrj, dau. of the Rev. F. Thorp (who Temarried Major Frank GreAlej). 

* He eldest son of the Hon. John-Chetwjnd Talbot (fourth son of Chaile»-Chetw7nd 
second Barl Talbot), Q.C, Attornej-Qeneral to H.R.H. the Prince of Walea, and Becoider of 
Windsor, hy Caroline- Jane, dau. of Jamefl-Archibald Stuart- Wortlej-MackenEio, first Lord 
Whamcliffe, and was bora 24 Feb. 1835. She eldest daa. of George- William, fourth Lord 
Ljttelton, bj Mary, dau. of Sir Stephen- Richard Oljuue, eighth Bart, of Hawaiden Caatle, and 
was bom 17 June 1840. (See her sister's marriage 7 June 1864). 

' He son of William Maj, Esq., by Lucretia, fourth dau. of John Costall, of Market 
Overton, co. Rutland, Esq. He v/aA bom In Bon Lane, City of London, 4 Jan. 1335, and 
baptized at St. Hiehael'a, Queenbithe, in said city. She dan. of the Ret. James Lupton, M.A, 
of Oxford, Minor Canon of Westminster and St. Paurs, Rector of St. Michael's, Queenhithe, 
London, and Vicar of Blackbourtoa, co. Oxford, by Anne, dau. of Thomas and Temperance 
Dry. She was bom 15 Apl, 1839, and baptised 30 Oct. following at 6t. Michael's, Qaeenhittiei 
(See his brother^s and her sister's marriage 28 May !863, and her father's burial 27 Deo. 1B73.) 

* He eldeat bod of Henry- John- Geoi^ Herbert, third Earl of Carnarvon, by Heoi^etta- 
Anna, eldest dao. of Lord Henry-Thomas Hovard-Moljneux- Howard (brother of the twelfth 
Duke of Norfolk). He was bom 24 June 1831, and succeeded as fourth Eart 9 Dec. 1349, 6ho 
only dau. of Qeorge-AugtistuS'Fredeiick, sixth Barl of Cbesler&eld, by Annc-Elisabetbf elde«t 
dau. of Cecil- Weld first Lord Forrester. She was bom 3 Oct. 1834. 


Kepean (daughter of Evan Nepean, Canon of this Church), 
ephiBter, aged 20} 
1868 May 28 John-WeTison Jtfay (son of William May, Burgeon), of 68 Pen- 
tonTiile Road, Merchant, bachelor, of ftiU age, and Emma 
Lapton (daughter of James Lupton, Minor Canon of this 
Chnich), spinster, of fnll age.' 

Aug- 12 Enatace-John Wilaon-Patton, Esq. (8on of John Wilaon-Patten, 
Esq,, M.P, for North Lancashire), Lieut, lat Life Gnards, 
Regent's Park Barracks, bachelor, of full age, and Emily- 
Constantia Thynne (daughter of John Thynne, Sub-dean of 
Westminster), spinster, of fall age.^ 

Sept- 8 George-William Kitchin (aon of Isaac Kitchin, Clerk in holy 
orders), Gerk in holy ordera, bachelor, of fall age, and Alice- 
Maud Taylor (daughter of Bridges Taylor, H.B.M. Consul for 
Denmark), of 9 Eaton Terrace, spinster, aged 19.* 

Dec 22 Arthor-Penrhyn Stanley (son of Edward Stanley, Bishop of 
Norwich), Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, of 6 Grosvenor 
Crescent, bachelor, of ftill age, and AugnBta-Frederica- 
Blizabeth Brace (daughter of Thomsa, Earl of Elgin and 

' He secoDd aon of WEltiun Peareth, Bsq^ of Uavrortb Boiue, cc. Durham^ and of Cliff 
Hoase, Bandgate, by Katherme fifth dan, of Tbomafi-Law Hodges of Hempfltoad, go. Kent, Esq., 
maoj jean M.P. for that coontj. He waa bom 25 Apl. l$ll, and educated at Cambridge. He 
died 19 Apl. 1669, and waa bnried at HomnondeD, CO. Kent. 8he fourth dan. of the Rer, 
Bvaii Napean, M.A^ Caooo of Weetminster', Uioiater of Grosrenor Chapel^ South Aodlej Street, 
ud Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen (fourth boh of the Rt. Hop. Sir Eran Nepean, first Bart. 
of Lodere and Botheuhajnptou, co. Dorset), bj Anne second dan. of the Rt, Hon. Sir Herbert 
JGDner, Kt., Judge of the PrerogatiTe Conrt of CaQterbarj. She waa bom IT Dec. l&il, and 
baptized at Fnlbua, Hidx.^ 26 Jan. 1842^ aod anrviTed her hnsband. Bee her brother's 
mairtage 9 Nor, 1864, and her giater'a 27 Jolj 1S60, hei mother's borial 11 Sep. 1S71, and her 
fiUher'a IB Mch. 1873. 

' 8ee hifl brother^^ and her siater'e marriage H Maj 1861, and note thereto. He was bom 
in Bow Laoe, City of London, IT Mch. 1829, She was bom 14 Hch. 1841, and baptized at 8t. 
Uichael'B, Qaeeohithe, Loodoo. See her father's bnrial 27 Dec. 1873. 

* He eldest son of the Rt. Hon, John Wilson- Patten, of Bank Hall, co. Lancaster, by Anna- 
Uaria (his ooniiil) fourth dan. and coheir of the Ute Peter Patten-Bold, of Bold, in the same 
conn^, Eaq. He was bom B Feb. 183B, gazetted a Lieutenant in 1857 and Captain in 1863, 
and retind in 18S9. He died at Ligbt Oaks, co. Stafford, IT Dee, 1673. She second bat 
eldest snrriYiiig daa. of the Hod. and Bev. John Thynne (commonly called Lord John Thynne, 
third «0Q of Thomaa, second Marquis of Bath, K.G-,)^ D.D., Prebeodary and Bub-deaa of 
Wesbniniter, aod Rector of Backwell, co- tkoneiBet, by Anne'Conetantia, third dan. of the 
Bey. CharlcA'Cobbe Beresford, and waa bom 4 ApL 1840. (See the raamages of her brother 
And meter, 28 Jnnc 1859 and 30 June 1864). Bee baptiama of their chUdren,38 Sep- 1664, 
27 Not. 1867, and 25 Jnne 1870. 

* He third Bon of tbe Bev. l»ac Kitchin, Rector of St. St^pheny Ipswich, by Mary, daa. 
of the Ber. Joseph Bardgatt^ Rector of Melmeiby, co. Cumberland, and waa bom at Haugblon, 
CO. BniTolk, 7 Dec. 1827. He matriculate at Oxford, from Christ Church, 4 June 1646, and waa 
B.A. 10 Hay 1B60, and M^, Jan. 1853, and was Student of that colle^ until hia marriage. He 
reodea at Oxford, and is Ceuaor of Students not attached to any College or Hall, and Chaplain 
to the Biahop of Chefliter. She Mcond daughter of Bridges Taylor, Esq., HhB,M, ConsnZ for 
Demna^ by Bmily-Alioe, dan. of Gen. Sir Hugh Halkett, ILC.B., G.C.H., Commander-in-Chief 
of the EaDoreriou Army, and wa« bom in SoclcBton Street, London, 4 Oct, 1844. 




Einaardin^}, of Su Jamee's P^aoe, Uiddlcaex, 8pu»ter, of 1 

IMl Jul 7 Oioljuek^ Aiuton-Leigb, Em}. (um of JnHKt-Edv-ard Ac 

Lfijgh, Utok in bolj <ffdQrfi),of No, t>A Dtries 8tnM*l, ik^iLC^ 
IJqQve, MiddhMac» bAcbeJf^r, of ttdi ago, and UdesiQa-Miuyl 
Treneli (cUngtiUj of UicJiard-ObetieTix Treiidi, Aithbtshop of 
DnWui), £j>itiat^, of fhU «^.' 

Jaiu lA Hic Ilt>u, Jdin-JUftjciT Bi^niii3c«r'M»joT (ran of John, Lord 
Ht-nnUwr), of Thorithuixi HiOJ, HuflVlk, L»cLvIor, of full 
luul Abce-Miu^ Cuffi? (^iaiiftiiitjr uf Jobii-Oiwajr-OXN>iuior^ 
Eftrl of Doflftrt), of lii Low]]d» Hanxt, Bdgnve Sqafti^^ 
spiastor, n]C<Ml 19,' 

Junu 2 William Wftt4>rfi0ld (eon of Tbomafl-Neteon Wat«rfleld, dooeaBod,^ 
lato aenior olerk in the India Office), of the D«ii^ Cit 
S«rvia>, baohdor, of foil ago, and I»uuu*ncnEnl1 Gaf (dangbt 
of Jam»i Oaj, MArnbant, d4)c«ttiej:l), of 31 Blandfbrd Sqnara,^ 
flt. Ifarrlebone, spinster, of FtUI ngft.* 

June 7 fnxlBrick-Otiarlca Oavendub, Esq., coaimonly called Lord 

tkk OnTeodish (ion of WtUjam, Duke of DevouBhire, K«G-)^J 
of DevoDfihirc EIouec, Piceudilly, bachelor, of f^ agv, and i 
Hou. Luoy-Oarolinc Lylt«ltoo (daaghtor of Oeorge-WiUin3 

' lie aocond but laHj tonriTinir aoh of tlit Bt. fi4ir, Hd^riud Rtiulcj, Buhop of Nonrkhj 
Qnotbcr of tlw finrt hor^ ^^mkj of ildcrloj), hy Calbartnc <1au. of th« !Urt, OtwftU : 
Bubor or bloke. 0^3. fTfUop. lud w&8 bum at Aldcrlcj Itcctorx. ChcatiiiA 13 Deo. 1610. BmJ 
loaUieuUccc] At OxToiil. ftom DnlJiul OallrjEO, 30 Kov. 1^30, n&tt haa IJ.A, 8 r«b. 1886, 
U-A- u Ffi]]ov of r^lTcnity Cultpfffi A Junif l^|0, Hn Uvunft » Cj^on ctf Cnbt 
U Aug. ISAI, lutd of Cliritt Cbtircb tn IBliti, and ««« tsTttUA D,D. nt dfoffd k Ui« InUor jcw.l 
He vrm io*t&]lud l>(ULu oC Weatimiuler 9 Jftn. l&CAr b&cocnirtg «f ^^£0 Dcftn of Uie Order oCj 
Xbe £Jiitb, Ho la al» Dqmtj Cloik of the Llcwt to Hei Majnlj-. &ui] 1 Vk^l'nfi'tcDt cf UaJ 
Bocklj of AuUqiuutefi. She ^ jrotmguir dau- of Tlii^mut MTcntti EmI of KIgin Aod eUrf&ih of '^ 

DatuiikLvi, CO. Fife, B«r)., uid wu bom S Apl, t8£2. Sbo <nu ft Ladj-m^WRiUng t& Uk late 
Docliewof Kent, nnd wft> aiipoiurcil U^cknl Bedchiualwr*«'amau toQw pTMeol U^tttjint 
IMS], wul ExUft ]if^ichamtx!r*«oniaii on hur inArh«|pc whlct UUcrp(«i rtic^stiu rttalu* Uor 

C^Utiou nivittd are wrouglj truupoMxl tii iIki Abbey Ke^intcr, m they iwdaUj mxt le «lt the 

' Ut ddol eou of tlic BtiT. Junct-Bdwanl-Auntcn LcJgb, VioAT of Bn^, CO. IIqtIu. lif 
Bminaidao^of C1wl«atitBAtb,of S«U<iiia,co, Bowe, Bw^.bdiIvu bora at Wa^ Park. IkTtt, 
ae ff«|>. Ifl29. Ho mi A rellow of Triolty Col]«v^, irxfonl. nod u a DvTljit«rMU<Uiv, of 
Linoola'a Itin, BLo ddcvi dftn, of lb« Uott licT.»iu1 Rifhf IIlio. Ifkihanl'Obciiovix Tmtcib.D.Du 
AfGhU«hi>p of l>abllD (Iftio Doan nf ^^'oatmiiurtcrX by PmnoM-Mof? (bis oouis) ftldosl dn, of 
FraDcU Trcftcb, of HopwoU Hull, co. Tl]ip«mi7« EftC|.. ^d ittht«r of Protelcli-lfuOD, er«oodl 
Lard Aifcloim, and WM bom at Bonlcdoti. HanUf SJa^y l#SI, 

> Hd 0]d«i( iOD (i John. foujUi toitl Bcnnlkiej, by Amu^ chlca: dan, of Sir Eilvftrd 
EttriMO^Iint Bartp of Hanio aul BroxDO, c^ Scffolk^Mrd vaa bon» ? Kdt. ISI}. Mko oqIj 

dm. of John -Oivv -O'Connor, third Barl of Doftm. t? BlbabvCh-Lttoy. IMnl diu. of Jolia- < 
Prakrlok-Tvi^ian Cunpbell, firrt Bail Cftwdor, uid ww bom 7£ Uny 1$44. 

• hem U Amr- and haplUed fi Scfi. 1S52h at ^L John Sfa^^tbt, WttUnio*ter, WilUaK, 
wo of Thookaa<£{cbou Watttrtdd, Q«iil., aivl EUwbeUi lita wtf^ of tbo CloiaUn, Wo«tmla>lcr 


LytteltoHf Bm^a Lyttelton), of U Carlton HonBe Terrace, 
spiiiBter, of fall age.^ 

1864 Jnne SO Fr&ncift-Johti Thynne, Efiq. (aon of John Thjnne, 3nb-de&n of 

Weatimiiflter), bachelor, of fnli age, and Edith-Marci a- Caroline 
Sheridan (daughter of Richard-Brinsley Sheridan, Esq., H.P. 
for DorcheBter), of 48 Gro*Yenor Place, 3t, George's, HanoTer 
Square, spinster, of full age.' 
Nov. 9 Evan-ColTille N-epean, Esq. (son of Evan Nepean, Canon of this 
Church), bachelor, of full age, and Elizabeth- Anne Jenner 
(daughter of Edward- Francis Jenner, Eegistrar of K. M. 
Court of Probate), of 18 Lowndes Street, Holy Trinity, 
Chebea, spinster, of full age.° 

1865 April 27 Charles-Archibald Murray, Esq. (son of the Hon. Charlee-John 

Murray), of 1 6 Dean's Twd, bachelor, of ftUl age, and Adelaide- 
Emily Feildii^ (danghter of William-BaaO-Percy Feilding, 
Earl of Denbigh), of 49 Eaton Square, St, Peter's, Pimlico, 
spinster, of full age,* 
1865 Aug. 1 Henry-John Mod taga-Donglas- Scott, Esq,, commonly called Lord 
Henry Scott (son of Walter-Francis Montagu-Donglas-Scott, 
Duke of Bnccleuch and Qaeensberry), of S7 Belgrave Square, 
bachelor, of full age, and Cicely-Sosan Stnart-Wortley (daughter 
of John Stnart-Wortley, Baron), of 8 Stmtton Street, Middle- 
sex, apiiister, of fhll age.<^ 

^ He second eon of William, eerenth Bukc of DeronHhireT by Lady Bltmche-Georgiana 
HowMd, dMi, of George, sixth Eari of Carlisle, and was bora 30 Nov. 1836. She aeccod dBc. of 
GeoTge-Willianif foorth Lord Ljttelton, bj Mary, dau. of 8ir Stephen- Richard OiTune, eighth 
Bait, of Hftwardea Caatlc, and waa born 5 Sep. 1841. (See her Hist«r'a marriage Iff July 1860.) 

* He fonrth son of tbo Hon. and Rev. John Thynnc (coinmoDly called Lord John Thynce, 
third son of ThomaBf second Marqtiia of fiath, K.G.), D,D., Prebendary and Sub-dean of West- 
minster, and Bector of Backwell, co. Botneraet, by Anne-Oonatautia, third dan, of the Tver. 
Charles-Cobbe Beresfordf and was bom IT Juno 1S30. (Sec the marriages of hia brother and 
aster, 28 Jnno 1659 and 12 Ang. 1663). She eldest dan. of Richard -Brineley Sheridan^ of 
Pfampton Court, co. Dorset, Esq,, by Marcia-Maria. ooly BurriTiug child and heir of Qeneral 
Sir Colqnhonn Grant, K.C3,, etc, and great-granddaughter of the Rt. Hod. Richard-BrinBley 
Bberidao (see his burial 13 July 1816), and was born 11 Ang. 18B6. See the baptisms of their 
cbildren, 31 Ang. 1865, 6 June 13BT, 2G May 1868, and 31 Hch. 1873. 

' He second son of Canon Nepean (eee note to bis sister^s marriage, IS Jane 1862). He 
wae bom 7 Dec 1836, and is in the War Office. She eldest dau, of the late Edward- Francis 
Jenner, flaq,, by EliEabetb-Tereaa, dAn. and beireas of tbe late Jobn ISaundera, of Beigate, Esq. 
(who remarried the Rer. Thomas Fuller, Minister of St. Peter's, Pimlico). She waa bom 
IS Oct 1843, and is her hnaband'a first coQsin. See the baptisma of their children, 16 Oct. 1865^ 
S Hch. 1869, 8 HiA. 1870, and 4 Uch. 1871. (See also the marriage of another of his aiatere, 
2T JdIj 1889, and tbe burials of hiH mother 11 Bep. 1871, and bis father 18 Mch. 1873.) 

* He eldest son of Hon. Charlea-John Hurray (second son of William, third Barl of 
Uansfield) by Hon. Fnuces'EliEabeth, second aurfiTiug dau. of ThoznaS} first YiBconnt Ansoo, 
and waa bom 10 Oct. 1836. She fourtii daa. of Sir William-BaaiL- Percy Feilding, sevcoth Earl 
of Denbigh, by Lady Mary- Elizabeth-Kitty, eldest dau- of Thomas, first fiarl of Ducie, and was 
bom 24 Nor, 1836. 

* He second son of Sir Walter- Francis, fifth Dnke of Bucclench and seTcnth of Qaeensberry, 
by Lady Charlotte-Anne Thytme, youngest daa. of Thomas, second Uaiquia of Batbj and wu 


X866 Aug. 15 Henry Weigall, Esq, (eon of Henry Weigall, EsqO, of 4a Dean's 
Yard, bachelor, of fall age, and Uoee-Bophia-Mary Fane (dan^- 
ter of John Fane, Earl of Westmorelatid), of 29 Portman 
Square, spinster, of fnll age,* 

1868 April 16 Robert Brown^ Clerk in holy orders (son of William Brown, EsqOj 

of the Cloisters, bachelor, of f^U age, and Grace Borthwick 
(daughter of John Borthwick, Esq.), of 12 Upper Berkeley 
Street, spinster, of fall ^e.* 
Jnly 28 Thomaa-FranciB Wade, Esq., O.B, (son of Thomas- Francis Wade, 
Colonel H, M/a Army, C,B.)j of the Deanery, bachelor, of fall 
age, andAmeha Herachel (daughter of Joha-Frederick-WiUiani 
Herschel, Bart.), of Hawkhnrat, Kent, spinster, of 1^ age.^ 

1869 July 14 Charles Cordon, Marquie of Hnntly (son of Charlea Gordon, tenth 

Karqnis of Huntly), of Langbam House, Portland Place, 
bachelor, of fcdl age, and Amy Brooks (daughter of WiUiam- 
Cunliffe Brooka, EsqOj ^^ 5 Groevenot Square, spinater, 
aged 19.^ 

Jnly 27 William-Victor Paley, Esq. (son of George-Barber Paley, Clerk in 
holy orders), of 9 St, Jamea'a Square, bachelor, of foil age, 
and Augnata- Harriet Nepean {daughter of Evan Nepean, 
CanoD of this Church), of the Cloisters, spinster, of full age.' 

KoT. 8 George- Charles Spencer-Churchill, Marquis of Blaudford (eldest 
son of John-Winfiton Spencer-Churchil), Duke of Marlborough, 

bom B Hot. 1832- Bhe joungcet dau. of Jobs, second Lord Wb&mcliffe, bj Ladj QGorgiBii&- 
EliEHbetb Bjder. third daa. of Duillej, firat Em-l of Harrowbj, and was bom 14 Oct 1636. See 
baptpismfl of their children, 17 July 1866, 26 Aag. 1B67, 15 Aug- 1868, and 7 Mch. 1&73, 

' He Bon of Henry WeigaU, of St. MBiylebone^ Midz,, Esq., Bcnlplor, by Selina bia wife. 
She yoDQgeat dao. of Jobn, eleventh Karl of Weetmorelaod, by Lady PrisdJla-Anne Welledey, 
youngest dan. of William^ third Borl of Homington, and wae bom 6 Bep. 1B34. See their son^s 
bapliam, 8 Jan. 1B74. 

* He aafltuned on his marriage the additioual eumame of Bttrthtvifk, and in 1B69 became 
incombent of Grange, in BoiroirdBle, near Eeawick, co. Cumberland. He la also Hon. Chaplain 
to the Biflhop of Aberdeen. She third but only aurviving dan. of John Borthwick, of CrookBton 
and Borthwick Caatlet co. Edinburgh, Eeq., by bis first wife, Anne^ eldest dau. of the Rt, Hon, 
Robert Oundas, of AinislOD, Lord Chief Baron of Hcotland. 

■ She fifth dan. of BLr John-Frederick- William Herachel, Bart, (only eon of Bir Frederick- 
William Herachel, the dlstJoguished astronomer), by Hargaret-Brodie, dan. of Kev. Alexander 
blewort, D.D., of the Caoongate Chnrcb, Edinburgh, bee her fatberV burial 19 May 1871, 

' He eldest bod of CharleHi tenth Marquia of Hnntly, by hU second wife, Maria-Antoinetta, 
only florriTiiig dan. of the Eer. Peter- William Pegua, by Charlotte, Countess Dowf^jjerof Lindaey. 
He waa bom at Orton-LongneviLle G Hob. 1847, and succeeded to the marquiaate ia 1863. Hfi 
is Premier Uarquia of Scotland. Bhe driest dau, of William- Cunhffe Brooks, Eaq., of BaHow 
Hall, Manchester, and Qroevenoi Square, London^ M.P., by Jaue-Eli£abetb, elder dau. of Ralph 
Orrel, of Stockport, co. Chester, Esq. 

* He younger boq of the Rev. George-Barber Paley, Rector of Freckeoham, Suffolk, hj 
Catherine- Anne » dau. of the late William Robertson, of Bath, M.D., and was bom Nov. 1840. 
Bbe (bird dan. of Canoti Kepean (see note to her siater's marriage^ 18 Jane 186S}. She iras bom 
26 May, and baptised at Fulbam, Mldx., 10 July 1840, See their daughter's baptism 12 July 
1870. Bee also her brother's marriage 9 Nor, 1864, and the boriala of her mother II Itep. 1871, 
md her father, 18 March 1873. 


etc, K.G,), of 10 St< James'e Square, bachelor, of fall age, 
and Lady Albertha-Frances-Anne Hamilton (daughter of 
James Hamilton, Dnke of Abercom^ etc., K.G-), of Chesterfield 
Hoaee, South Audley Street, apiDster, of full age,' 

1869 Nov, 8 Henry-Charlefl-Keith Petty- FitzMaar ice, Marquis of LanBdowne 

(son of Henry Petty-Fitz Maurice ^ Ifarqnis of Lanedowne, etc., 
K.Q.), of Lanadowae Honae, Berkeley Square, bachelor, of ftill 
age, and Lady Maud-Evelyn Hamilton (daughter of Jamea 
Hamilton, dnke of Abercom, etc., K.G,), of Cheeterfield House, 
South Audley Street, spinster, aged 18.^ 

1870 Feb, 10 Henry- Warwick Hunt, Clerk in holy orders (son of Heiiry Hunt, 

Gent.), of 3 Brook Street, Hanover Square, bachelor, of full 
age, and Ad^le de Havilland Rivaz (daughter of Francis Rivaz, 
Gent), of 17 Dean's Yardj spinster, of full age.* 
July 26 Walter-George-Fran t Pbillimore, Esq, (son of RoberUJoaepb 
Phillimore, Knight), of 16 Great Dean's Yard, bachelor, of ftill 
age, and Agnes Lnshington (daughter of Charles-Manners 
Lnehington, Esq.), of 18 Queen Street, St» George's, Hanover 
Square, spinster, of ftill age,* 

1871 April 25 John-Charles Thynne, Esq. (son of John Thynne, Sub-dean of 

Westminster), of the Cloisters, bachelor, of fall age, and Mary- 
Elizabeth MacGregor (daughter of John-Athol-Bannatyne- 
Mnrray MacGregor, Bart.), of Hampton Court Palace, Middle- 
sex, ipinater, of full age.^ 

' He eldest sou of Jolin-WmAton, sixtb Duke of MaHborough, hj Frances-Aaue-Bmilj, 
eldest dsD. of Ch&rleB Williarn^ third Marquis of Londouderr;, and was bom IS Maj 1S44. She 
saxth dan. of James, second Harquia of Abercom, by Ladj Louisa-Jaoe Kussell^ sceoQd dau. of 
JohD, sixth Doke of Bedford, and was bom 2U July 1647. See her eistcr's marriage the same 

' He eldest son of Henij, foarth Marquis of Lansdowne, by hw second wife, Emilj-Janc, 
eldest d&u. of AuguAte-Chat-tes- Joseph, Comte de Fiahanit, by tbe Baroneas Kdtb and Nairne. 
HewaA tx>m 13 Jon. 1815, and succeeded to the marquiaate in t66<i. I^be youngest dau. of Jimica, 
second Marqais of AbeFCom, by Lady LoQisa-Janc Russell, second dau. of John, siith Duke of 
Bedfordn See her sister'a marriage the aame day^ 

' He only son of Henry Hunt, Esq., M.D.. formerly of Dartmouth, co. Devon, then of Brook 
Street, HinoTer Square, and of ^hcrmanbuiy Park, co. Sussex, by his first wife Maria, eldest 
dan. of Arthur Hunt, of RodlapT co. Deron, Esq. (formerly of Dartmouth, Merchant), and was 
bom at Dartmouth 20 Feb. 1835. He was educated at Wcatminstei school, and Trinity College, 
Cambridge, where A.B. 1858, and A.M, lB6i, and was instituted to the rectory of Steppiuglej, 
CO. Beds, in December 1861^^ and to that of Shermanbuiy, Sussex, in 1872. She seventh dau. 
of Francis Eivai, Esq., of 1ft Cowley Street, Westminster, by Maria- Magdaleno-Paelcj his wife. 
She WAS bom at Putney, Surrey, 23 Oct. 1833, and baptized there 4 Dec. followiog. 

* He only son of the Rt. Hon. 6ii Robert-Joseph Phiiliaiore. Kt., D-C.L., Judge of the High 
Court of Admiralty and of the Arches Court of Canterbuiy, by Charlotte- Anne, dau. of John 
Benison, of Ossington Ha!lt Notts, Esq., and sister of the late Speaker of the Honee of Com- 
monB, and wai bom 21 Nov. 1845. She dau. of the late Ch arias- Manners I-ushiagton, Esq. 
(jonngeet son of the late Bt. Hon. Stephen -Kumbofd Luahingt^in), by Henrietta, eldeet dan. 
of Henry-Stafford Northcote» Esq., and siater of Sir Stafford'Henry NorLhcote, eighth and 
[seient Baronet. 

* He a Barrister- at-Law, jonngei son of the Hon, and Bct. Lord John Thynne, by Anne- 


1871 Aug* 3 William-JameB MorriB^ Major in Her Majesty's Army (sob of 

Henry Morris, Esq,), of the Cloisters, bachelor, of foil age, 
and Alice-Phiilips Wood (dan. of Western Wood, Esq,), of 
Onslow Oudens, South Kenrangtott, Midi,, Bpinater, of ftiD 

1872 March 12 William-Carr Sidgwick, M,A., FeUow of Merton College, Oxford 

(son of William Sidgwick, Clerk in holy orders), of 16 Dean's 
Yard, bachelor, of fall age, and Sarah-Isabella Thompson 
(danghter of John-Vincent Thompson, Serjeant-at-Law)^ of 
21 South Street, Park Lane, Midi., spinster, of fbll age. 

July 27 Augnate Eonzand, Esq. (son of Ars^ne RooEand, Esq*)] of 16 
Dean's Yard, bachelor, of fhll age, and Christine Kilsson 
(daughter of Jonas Nilsson, EsqOt of 84 Brook Street, St- 
George's, Hanover Square, Middi., spinater, of foil age,' 
1874 Aug. 3 Tatton Sykes, Baronet (son of Tatton Sykea, Baronet), of Sled- 
mere, CO. York, bachelor, of foil age, and Jeasica-Anne- 
Chriatina- Cavendish Bentinck (danghter of Qeorge-AognstiiB- 
Frederick- Cavendish Bentinck, Barhater-at-Law), of 3 Grafton 
Street, St. George's, Hanover Square, Midi., apinater, of ftill 

Ang. 19 Qeorge-RobertrCharlea, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (son 
of Sidney, Lord Herbert of Lea), of London, bachelor, of foil 
G^, and Gertmde-Frances Talbot (daughter of Henry-John, 
Earl of Shrewsbory), of London, spinster, of iUl age.' 

Nov. 5 Richard de Aquila Grosvenor, M.P. (son of Richard, Marqais 
of Weatminater), of 76 Brook Street, St. George's, Hanover 
Square, Midi,, bachelor, of fall ^e, and Beatrii-Charlotte- 
Eii^abeth Vesey (daughter of Thomaa, Viscount de Vesci), of 

Conrtantia, third dan. of the Rev, Charles-Cobbe Berestotdj and born H April 1&38. (Bee the 
marHAgea of hie brothers &nd aister, 28 Jnne 1859, 12 Aug. I8G3, and 30 June 1804). Bha 
jouDgeet dan, of the 7ate Sir Jobn-AtboNBannatjDe-Murraj^ Mac Gre^for, third Bart, of 
Uac OregQf, co- Perth, by Mary- Charlotte, youngest dan. and cobeii of Kear-Admiral Sir 
Thomas- Mastennan Hardy, Bart. See baptismB of their children, SO Not. 1872, Z2 Jan. 1874, 
and 11 Feb. 1875. 

^ He BOD of an emiiteat French merchant. She. the famous cantatriee, was bom, of hnmbte 
parentage, at Wederelbf, near Wexio, in Sweden, 3 Aug. 1843. 

' He etdeat &on of Bit Tatton SylEes, fourth Bart, of Sledmore, by Mary-Anne, second dan. of 
8ir William FouIU, ecrenth Bart, of Inglcby Manor, co. Tork. He was bom 13 Hch. 1836, and 
succeeded as fifth Bart. 21 Mob. 1863. She eldest dau- of Qeorge-Augustus-Frcderick-CaTendiah 
Bentinck^ Esq., M.P. for Whitehaven (only son of Major-General Frederick-CavendiBh Bentinck, 
yonngest kju of WHIiam-Henry-Cavendlah, third Duke of Portland), by Prudence-Penelope, dau. 
of Col. Charles-Fowen LesliCf of Qiaslcjugb, co. Houoghan. 

■ He eldest eoa of the Rt. Hod. Sidney Herbert, Lord Herbert of Lea (the emintrnt sfateaman 
and Secretary for War), by Elitabeth, only dau. of Lieut. -General Charle»-Ashe A'Couri;, 
younger brother of William, first Lord Heytesbory- He was bom 6 July I860, and saccoeded as 
SQCood Lord Herbert of Lea, 2 Aug. 1861^ and, on the death of hie ancle, 25 Apl. 1862, aa 
thirteenth Earl of Pembroke and teoth Earl of Montgomery. She third daa. of Hemy-John, 
dghteenth Earl of bhrewabury, by Lady Barah-filisabeth Bereaford, only surviTlng dan, of 
Heniy, second Marquis of Wat«rford, 


4 Carlton Houae Terrace, St, Martin in the Fields, Midx^, 
apinfiter, of fall age,* 
1875 Jan. 5 Montagn- Cecil Bronit, late of the 15th Hnaeare (aon of George 
BroQD, Pcffit Captain R,N,)i of 36 Bury Street, St. Jamee, 
Westminster, bachelor, aged 3i, and Oaroline-Ahce-Jane 
Leighton (daughter of Francia-Knyvett Leighton, Clerk, D,D,, 
Warden of All Souls College, Oxford), of 20 Dean's Yard, 
spinster, aged 18. 

1 He ftnctb wa of thie Ute Bicliard, oecond MsTquie of WeatmiTiBlCT, bj Lodj BltEabetb- 
Umt Lereflon'Gower, joungEst daa. of George-GraovilleT first Duke at Sutherland. He was 
born 38 Jan. 1837, and is M.P. for Pliotflhire. 6be tbird dau- of Sir Thomaa Veflcj, third 
Vieoount do Veaci, by Lady Kmma HcTbert, yonngeet dftu. of George- AnguBtns, eleventh Eail of 
Bembnlte and eighth Barl of Moatgomeiy. 

( 64 ) 


March 5 


July 19 


March 18 


May 15 


Jan, 26 


Nov. SO 


Dea 5 


April 1 

Baptisms in Witsimimttv ^hf^t^. 


Bridget, daughter of Sir Herbert Crofls.* 

WiUiam, son of Thomas Godwin," 

Robert, son of Jamea Hooper.® 

John, aon of Sir John Pountny.* 

William, eon of Jamee Hooper.* 

William, aon of Sir WiHiam UdalL* 

Leonard, son of Sb Thomaa BilBon-^ 

George, son of Dr, Robert Tonlson, Deau of Westmin^r," 

» Dftn. of Sir Herbert Croft, of Croft Castle, Kt, by Mary, dau. aad sole hdr <rf Sir 
Anthony Bonnie, of Holt Caatle, co. Worceater. Bod died, anmarried, 21 Dec 1694. She baa a 
moonment in Hereford Cathedral Her father died, 10 Apl, 1622, at the fienedictiiie 
Monastery of Docay, of which he had become a lay brother. Bee her 8i8ter'a burial 14 Dec 

■ See his father's burial 23 Sep. 1622. 

* See hift father's burial 30 Dec. 1651, and his mother's 7 Mcb. 16*1-2.— Robert Hooper, 
widower, and Jane Ingrami widow, had license to man?, from the Dean and Chapter of 
Westminater, 6 July 1633. 

* Son of Bir John PouUne^, of Misterton, co. Leicester, Kt-, by Margery, dau. of Sir John 
ForteACne, Kt. He marned Margaret, dan. of Sir Thomas Dentoa, of HiUeaden, Buck^ Et^ 
but died without iasue, 16 Hay 1637, and was buried at Uiatcrton, when bis sisters became his 
coheirs. His baptism ia also recorded in the register of St. Margaret's, Westminster, bot under 
date of 17 May. 

* See hiB father's borial 30 Dec. 1661, his mother's 7 Mch, 1661-2, and his own 27 June 

* Bldcflt son of Sir William Utjedalej the younger, Kt., of WickbaxoT Hants^by bis firat 
wife Anne, dan. of Sir Bdward Cary, Kt., third son of Heury, Lord Hunedon. He was bom 
17 Oct. 1614, and was buried at Wiokham 4 Not. 1617. 

' Second son of Sir Thomas BHson, of Maple Durham, Hants, Kt, (aon of Thomas, Bishop 
of Winchester), by Susanna, youngest dau. of Sir William DTedalo the elder, of Wickbam, 
Hauta, St., who weE« married, at Wickham, 6 Aug. 1612. He married Eleanor, eldest dau. of 
Sir William Lewis, Bart., of Borden, Hanta. His will, dated 29 Aug. 16flB, was prored 12 Feb. 
1695-6, by his relict Eleanor, and he was buried at Boriton, Hants. 

' Sec bis faUicr'fl burial 16 May 1621. His mother was Margaret, sister of Dr. John 
Darenant, who succeeded his father as Bishop of Salisbury. She died 20 Oct. 1633, aged 49, 
and was boned in Balisbuiy Cfttbednl. She was miLrried to Hr. J^mntotiy at St. Uary-le-Bow, 


1619 April 8 ' ChriBtopber, son of Sir Edward Villers.' 
Oct, 3 PranceB, daughter of John Packer.^ 

1620 April 16 Edward, Bon of Sir Edwarf Villera,^ 

June 1 Barbara, daogbter of T>r, TonUon, Dean of WeatniinBter.* 

1622 April II Mary, daughter of Bartholomew Allen.° 

Jnne 1 Barbara, daughter of Sir Edward TOlers.* 

Sept, 16 John, BOO of John Seward/ 

Not, 22 Dorothy, daughter of Dr. Newell, Prebendary of this Church.^ 

162$ March 18 Anne, daughter of Bartholomew Allen." 

London, 17 JoTke 1604, being then widow of WiUiam Townlcy, Ocnt., who died about Oct. 1603. 
A MS, Qote in a co|^ of Camderv'a Annals in the Bodldao Library says that this son was 
bom 18 Mch. He probably died young, as he is not named in the family wills some years later. 
Tfae QAine \b rightly 2\tun4im. 

' Son of Sir Edward Villifri, Kt. (half-brother of George, firflt Date of Bnckingham), by 
Barbara, eldeat dau. of Sir John St. John (aee her burial Ifi Sep. ir.72). He probnbly died 
young, aa his name has not been retained in (be accoante of the fnmily. A MS. note in a copy 
of Camden's Annatt in the Bodleian Library aaya that be was bom IS Meh., and that tbc 
sponsors at bia baptism were Christopher Villien, John Wentworth, and the Lady Butler. 

» Mar. Lie. Bp. I.x>nd. 13 Jnly 1613, for Joho Packer, of St. Martin in tiie Fields, Genl^ 
bachelor, aged 41, and Pbillipp MiUa, of the city of Wcetminstcr, Gentlewoman, aged 3B, dau. 
of Francis MiUh, of Southampton, Esq., and with his consent ; to marry at St. Catherine Cree 
Chmch.— He woA bom at Twickenham, Midx., abont 1fi72, and appears to have been in public 
employments, at one time in the Signet Office, and of considerable social distinction, A letter 
of hifl, dated 17 Jan. IdlO, addressed to Sir Thomas Bdmonda, Ambassador at the tbrirt of 
Brassels, will be fonnd in the " Court and Times of James I.," 1848, i. 104, and Camden, in his 
Amtaltf statee that the Marquis of Buckingham, Baron Haye, and the Countess of Dorset were 
sponsoTfl at the baptiom of one of hie children, in Westminster church, 24 June 1618. It is 
probable that be acted as secretary to George Villiers, ^r^t Dujce of Buckingham. He was 
baried at St Margaret's, Westminster, 15 Feb. 1648-9. His will, dated 20 July 1645, with a 
codidl 2 May 1648, was proved 27 No*. I64l}, by his relict Phillippa. He described himself as 
of Shellingford, co. Berks, Esq., but residing in a house within the College of Westminster, and 
stated that bis lands bod been segueHtered by the King's forces, except the manor of Groom- 
bridge (in Speldhurst), Kent, where be had built a chape!, and which he beipieftthcd to one of 
his BODB^ who still held it in 1696. This daughter is not mentioned in bis will, and probably died 
jonng. Bee the baptisms of other children^ 11 Bfch. l6a3-4, 13 May 1$26, and 13 Aug- 1627, and 
of a grandchild, 22 Apl. 1645. 

■ See bia burial, 2 July 16Bfl, and note thereto, 

* Rightly Tbujuon. See ber father^s burial 16 May 1621, and her brother's baptism 
1 ApT. 1019, and notefl thereto. Sbe probably died young, as ehe h not named with the other 
diildren In family wills a few years later. 

* See baptisms of her sister and brothera, 13 Mch. 1622-3, 25 May 1624, and 9 May ]ri27. 

' Eldest dan. of Sir Edward Villierty Kt. (half-brother of George, first Duke of Buckineham) 
Ijy Barbara, eldest dan. of Sir John St. John (see her burial 16 Sep. 1672). She married, first, 
Tbomae Wenman, son and heir of Philip third Viscount Wenman ; secondly, Sir Richard 
Wentworth ; and thirdly, James Howard, third Earl of Suffolk, to whom she was eccond wife. 
6bc died 13 Dec. 1631, and waa buried at Saffron Waldeo, Essex, 

? See his fatber^s burial. 6 Apl. 1624. 

* See her sister's baptism 2,^ Mch. 1623-4^ and her brother's burial 30 Nov. 1626, and note 
thereto. She is not named in her father's wili, dated 11 June 1^42^ and was proliably one of his 
two children whom be states were buried in the Abbey ; but no record of her burial occurs in 
the eziBting Begister. 

* See baptisms of her sistet and brothers, II Apl. 1622, 25 May 1624, and 9 May, 1627. 


Mardi 11 

March 23 
























162| Mardi 11 Katherme, daughter of John Packer-^ 

Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Newell,* 
1624 April 22 Lodovicke, son of Walter James* 

William, eon of Bartholomew Allen * 

Mary, daogbter of Bichard Okely." 

1626 May 13 John, son of John Packer.* 
Mary, daughter of 8ir Harbottle Qrimeton^ 
Lffititia, daughter of Sir William Hix.* 

1627 May 9 Heuiy, son of Bartholomew Allen,' 
Robert, eon of John Packer,'^ 
Margaret, daughter of Walter James,'^ 
Anne, daughter of Robert White, Pettycanon. 

16S9 Sept, 15 John, Bon of Bichard Okely.^^' 

1 Bee her siHter^B baptism 3 Oct. l€]9, and note thereto. See also the baptfam of ber own 
danghter, Katberine Qell, 22 Apl. Ifi4fi, She married John Gell, afterwards second Bart at 
HoptOQ, CO. Derby, who died about 1689. She died before her huBbandj ftnd was buried at 
Wirksworth, co. Derby. 

9 See hex sister's baptism 22 Not. 1622, and ber brother's baHal 30 Nov. 1GS6, aod no(A 
thereto. Bbe iBmcDtioned in the Chapter Book, 16 May 1661, as then wife of Mr. Henry Tucker 
(who joined with her in a petition for the repayment of £2S0 lent by ber father to tbe College), 
and is again mentioned, 20 Jufie 1662, jia a widow.*— Mar. Lie. Pac. 29 May 1650, for Henry 
Tucker of Hnaelyr co. Southampton, Qenl, bachelor, aged 26. and Elixabeth Newell, of 
Clotball, HertSf spiitster. 

■ Bee his mother's burial 13 Feb. 1B72-8, and note thereto. He is not mentioned in either 
tbe will of his father, dated 17 Nov. 1634, or of hia mother, and probably died young. 

* See baptisms of his sister and brother. 1 1 Apl. 1622, 13 Hch. 1622-3. and » May ]li2T. 

* See ber brother's baptism 15 Bep. 1629, and note tbereto. t^he died 24 Mch. 1632-3, and 
was baried at Launton, co. Oxford, as eldest daughter. 

* See bia sister's baptism 3 Oct. 1619, and note thereto. Prom his father's wiU he appears 
to hATe been second son. He became a Fellow of the Koyal College of Phyeicians of LondoOf 
8 Feb. 1669-70, and his will, dated 92 June 1703, was proved 16 Apl. 1708, Be described himself 
as of Chilton-FoHatt, Wilta, bnt directed to be buried at Shellmgford, Berks, among hiB family. 
His wife, whoee naaiden name was erideutly Fettiplace, surrircd him, but be appears to have 
left no Issue. 

T Dau. of Sir Harbottle Gnmston, Qrst Bart, of Bradfield, Bssex, by Elizabeth, dan. of 
Ealph Coppenger, of Stoke, Kent, Esq. She died young. 

' Rightly Mic&t. Sec her burial, ae tbe Countesa of Donegal, 1& May 1691. 

" See baptisms of bis sisters and brother, 1 1 April 1622, 13 Mch. 1622-3, and 2S Hay 16S4. 

^ See his sister's baptism 3 Oct< 1619. and note thereto. He became lord of tbe manor of 
Bhellingford. Berks, and married Temperance, dau. of Col. Edward Stephens, of Bodbory, co. 
Gloucester, a member of the Long rarliament. According to the monumental inscription id 
Le Neve'e Moit. Anff.. iii. 30, be died 26 Feb. 1681-2, and was boried in Shellingford church. 

'^ See her mother's burial 13 Feb- 1672-3, and note thereto. She was living ae Margaret 
CoUinson at the date of ber brother Wilham'a wiU, 12 June 1669^ but is not named in that of her 
mother three years later. 

" Kicbard OaktUy^ of Oakeley, co. Salop, Esq., had a patent from the Dean and Chapter, 
as Receiver and Solicitor, 27 Jan. l62fi-6, which was renewed, 7 Dec. 1626, to him and 
his brother John Oakeley, jointly. He died 26 Sep, 1663. and was buried at Launton, oo. 
Oxford. His first wife, and the mother of the children baptized in the Abbey, was Mary Combefl, 
aiater of John Combes, of Gray's Ino, Baq. He marriwl, secondly. Margaret, dau, of Christopher 
WotidbI), of Lambeth, co. Surrey^ Gent., who died 5 Aug. 1671, and was also buried at Launton. 
Xhii nm Jt^m was pntbably the elde«t son, and died young, as he is not tuuned in the pedigm 

[1687 April 







March 20 








March U 













Slizabeth, daughUr of Thomas Tue/^ld.y 

Edward, aon of [blank] Gowen.^ 

Kicbard, bob of Thomas Hazard.' 

Henry, 8on of James Trye-* 

Kalpb, BOD of [blank] Harman. 

Katharine, daughter of John Oell.^ 

Katherinep daughter of Mr. Henry PurcelL^ 

Mary, daoghter of Mr. WiUiam Tucker/ 

William, eon of Mr, Christopher Chapman,^ 

Sarah, daughter of Mr. Perkins.^ 

Paul Thomedykef^^ a young man about 20 years of age^ and 

of the Lunilj recordod at the Tiaitatioa of Shrop«bire in l€^. Sec bia slBtcr's baptian^ 15 Julj 

' Thii entiy does not occur Id the Abbey Begiater, but in that ot St. Margaret's, West- 
mlnctar, where it dutinotly stated that she was baptised ijj the Abbey, aad that her father was 
boried the same day. 

■ Bon of Williani Ga^een, of Weatmiostcr (second aon of Thomofi Uawco, of Brutol), by 
Amte, only dan. of Isaac Bnah (see hi^ burial 30 Dec. li!4l). b; Frances his vnlc (sco her bniiat 
B 8ep. 1641), The Har. IjIc of the parents was isaaed by the Dean and Chapter of West- 
minster, 8 Bep. l€34. A monumental inncription in the Cloiatera states that the mother died 26 
Nor. lQ59f and was there buried, with Ave of bcr cbildren, but no positive recortl of any of the 
barials occnrs In the R^iater, except of ttaat of one daughter (see ber burial, 14 Apl. 1650). Bee. 
howsiTer.-the bariat of Edward Cof^en, 30 Jnno 1043^ who was perhaps this cbitd. 

■ t^ hia father'a bnrial, £5 Jan. 1666-7. 

* James TVy. Qent., had a patent from tho Dean and Chapter, 23 Maj 1G31, as Sexton, and 
another. 11 Jan. 1631-2^ as a BoU-ringer, and is also mentioTied in the (Chapter Rook. 22 Dec. 
1638, as Master of the Choristers. Hlh wife wae Jane, dau. of Bazill t^mith, clerk of the pariah 
of Rt. Andrew^ Holhom, who recorded in the register of that parish the baptisms and burials of 
all his gmndchildren, Frwn that register it appeara that this child was bom 12 Mch., at his 
father'a honse in theOreat Almonry, near tbe Singing Men's Rents, and was buried at Ht. Andrew's, 
Holbom, IT KoT. 1644. bis father being then also dead. The mother waa living 5 Feb. 1647-8, 
when she administered to her father's estate. The St. Andrew's register also states that a dau., 
Kllcabatfa, vaa bom 30 Apl.^ and baptised in the Abbcj 1 Maj 1636 ; bnt no record of it occnrB 
in the Abbey Register : she was alao buried at St, Andrew'^, Holbnm, 26 Jan. 1636-7. Another 
■ODi Bichud, bom 20 Kot. and baptised 2 Dec. 16.^9, and another rlnn.i BliEabeth. bom 7th and 
baptised 21 Aug. 1641, both in the Qreat Almonry, were probably also baptised in the Abbey, 
hot no reoord occnn of either- Other children of Mi. Try were Ijom and baptized at Kentish 
Town, Midz. 

■ Her mother was Ratherine- dan. of John racker(sec her baptism 11 Mch. 1623-4). Sho 
waaeldeet dan^ and married WiUiam Eyre, of Higblow, co. Derby, Esq. Their t^ccond son, Jobn» 
asBDined the snmame of Gell, tbrougji wbom thej were ancestors of the celebrated classical 
antiquary, Bir William Oell. Her hnnband was buried at Hatheraage, co. Derby, 9 Aug. 1706, 
and she died at Derby 28 Feb. 1721-2. 

* Dan. of Henry Furcell. Qent of the King's Chapel (see bia bnrtal 13 Aug. 1664), by his 
wife Elisabeth, who was buried at Wt, Margaret's, WeHttniuster, 26 Ang. 169fl, and sister of 
Henry Pnrcell, the eminent composer (see \iiR burial 26 Not. 1695). She married (Mar. Lie. Vic 
Oen. 20 June 1691) tho Rev. William Kale, of Kheldwicb, Kent, and was ber mothoi'a od- 
ministratrlx, 7 Bep. 1699. 

T See ber bnrial 26 Nor. 166?, and her father's 1 Mch. 1678-9. 

■ Bee his burial 91 Mch. 1662-3. and his father^s 17 June 1681. 

* Bee her father's hnrial 16 Mch, lli62-3. 

* Only BOD of John Thomdiht, one of the early Lincolnshire omT^p-ants to New England 
(we his bnrial 3 Nor. 1668), and nephew of the Rev* Herbert Thurndikc, Prebendary of West- 






















DncU Peadj' one of the King's scholars, about 16 years of age, 
was baptized by the Dean, publickly, in the fbttt then newly 

set np. 
John, son of Henry Hawkea,' 
Richard, son of Dr, Walter Jones." 
Mary, daoghter of Mr. "William Heywood/ 
Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. John Needbam,* 
Mary, daughter of Mr. William Tncter.* 
George, son of Mr. Thomas Comey.^ 
George, son of John Stockdalen* 
Frances, daughter of Henry Hawkes.* 

minster (see his burial 13 July 1672). It ie probable that the aerere notions of the latter would 
not allow him to rccogniae the ■validity of a prior baptism in New England, and hence the re- 
performance of the ceremony here. (See the baptifimfi of hia fiistera, under similar circumatanceg, 
10 Apl- 1669, and note thereto). He returned U> New Englandf whefe he wae living in I6S1, 
and was the ancestor of the present American family of this nvne. 

* He was elected from Kt. Pcter^s College, WeHtminster, to Trinity College, Cambridge, in 
1G64. Among the marriage allegations in the Registry of the Bishop of London is the copy <^ a 
certificate, dated at Cadiz, 12 Nov. 1671, stating that on that day a conple were married on 
board H.M. Bbip Rupert, by Duel Fead, chaplain of that ship, ordained hj the Biabop ol 
Lincoln. Among the entries in the Camden Society's Tolome entitled "Secret BerricaB of 
Cha«, TI. and James II.,'' mb 11 June 16S3, is the payment of £20 to Duell Pead, Cteik, *' bounty 
to him for the charge of his transportation to Marylaod." He appeare to have be«n afterwarda 
Chaplain to the Duke of Newcastle, and, on 6 Bee. 1691, he waa licensed a» diTflle or 
Minister of St. James, Clerke□we]^ His name occurs frequently, from 1699 to 1703, dgned to 
roarriagc allegations in the Bishop of London's Kegistry concerning parties who were to marry 
in that church, his signature being sometimce " Duel Pcod," and sometimes '^ Deuel Pead/' and 
indifferently "curate" and "minister." On 13 Jan. 1678-9, he himself had a license from 
the Vicar General to marry Mary Dyell, of St. Botolph, Aldgate, widow, and, on the following 
£4 Dec, another to marry Bineabeth Mudd, of St. Qabrlel Fenchurch, widow ; but it appeara 
doubtful whether either license was carried into effect, as by hia will, dated 17 Feb. 171M2, hia 
wife's name was Sarahs and he then had a dau. Sarak, already married to the Hev. Charles Lee, 
Ecctor of Bishop's Wickham, co. Essex. In the will, and also in the codicil, dated 16 Nov. 1T2I, 
he mentions a son Deuel, doubtless the one who was A.M. of Bidncy College, Cambridge, in 1713, 
The will was proved by the relict Sarab, 12 Jan. 1726-6, on which day he is said by the papers of 
the period to have died, and the parish register of ^i. Jmncs, Clerkenwcll, records his burial on 
the 20th of that month. Her wiU, dated 4 Oct, 17^7, was proved 14 Jan. 1739-40, by her bod, 
the ItcT. Deuel Pead. 

' Sigbfty Bajriw. See his burial 14 Feb. 1663-4, his mother^s 4 Nov. 1671, and bU 
father's 5 Mob. 1699-1700. 

■ See hia father's burial 15 July 1672. His mother waa Philippa. dau. of Dr. (Nimnel Fell, 
Dean of Christ Church. He was still living at the date of her will, 20 Sep. 1678, and is therein 
called her third sou. t^ee the marriages t^f his sisters, 3 Dec. 166S and 7 Feb. 167G-6. 

* ColUctanea erroneously intimates that she was a dan, of Dr. William Heywood, Pre- 
bendary of Westminster, whose burial occiu-s eight months before this date. See her father't 
burial 20 Feb. IG63-4. and her own 16 iSep. 1664. 

* See her father's burial 13 Feb. 1705-6, her mother's 7 Apl. 1708, and her own IS Feb, 

• Sec her burial 13 Aug. 1670, and her father's 1 Mch. 16T8-9. 

' Thomas Comcy is mentioned in Dr. Busby's Accounts as one of the Choir in 1664. 

• See the mairiage of bis parents 21 Nov, 1656. 

' Rightly iZflwi*. See her mother's burial 4 Nov. 167 1 , and her father's 6 Mch. 1 699-1700, 
Um> Lio. Vicp Qeik, A Apl. 1683. for fiichard Blyth, of St. Maiy Bavoy. Barber, bachelor, aged 


Jmie 6 

Sept 5 

Dec 11 


Jan, 22 

March 7 

March le 


Oct, 4 

Nov. 25 


Feb, 23 


March 31 

June 14 

Julj 26 


March 22 

March 24 


Mary, daughter of Solomon Shorten^ 
Kathfirine, daughter of Mr, John Needham." 
Elkabeth, daughter of Edmnnd Fipee.^ 
Elizabeth, daaghter of Mr. John Tjnchare> 
Thomas, SOD of Thomaa Kettlewell.^ 
John, aon of Robert Fletcher,^ 
Solomon, son of William Bnrton.^ 
Alice, daughter of William May.^ 
Henry, Bon of Mr. William Tucker," 
Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. John Ncedham>^ 
Mary, daaghter of Mr. Thomas KetUewell.^^ 
NeviU, aon of Mr. John HomphreyB. 
John, 6on of Heuiy Hawkes,'* 
Thomas, aon of Mr. Thomas Enipe.'^ 

ftboat 36; and France* Hawke, of St M»Tgarct'B, WeatminBier, epineter. about IB, with cooAent of 
her father, Searj Hairke, Gi^nt. tiee the buriala of their childreti, 9 ticp. 1686, 16 ApL 16^, 
and 7 Aug. ITOI. 

' See her uwHage S2 Dec IGBT, and her father's buridl 29 Jao. 167T<8. 

* See her bnri&I 27 June I68I, fact father's 13 Feb. 170S-tf. and her mother's 7 Apl. 170&. 

* See herbnnaL 7 Aug. 1667, her mother's 18 June 1676, aud her father^a third marriage 31 
Aug. 1676. 

* 8ee her brother's marriage 24 Mch. IGhO-l, and her mother's burial 13 Aug. 1684, and uijtea 
thereto. iShe married Mr. Philip Btondell, and boih were liTiog at the date of her father's wilt, 
13 tiep, 1693. 

■ See his father's burial 6 Mch. 1676-7, and hlB molher'ti 7 Aug. 1711, 

* tiee hifl father's burial II Oct 1693. 

7 See his sister's baptism 5 Dec 1669. William Burton was one of the twelve Abbej 
Almsmen in 1BB8- 

■ Dan. of WiUiam May {described in his wiU as of St. Margaret's, Westminster, Cook), by 
hia flnt wife Alice. See this child's bunal 12 Jon. 1667^8. The mother woe Juried at int. 
Uargazet's, Westminster, 1 Nor. 1676, and the father 20 Mch. 161I0>1. tiee baptisms of her 
brothers and sisters, 13 Eep. 1669, 7 July 1671. 8 Aug. 1672, » Mch. 1674-5, 1 Nov. 1676. and 11 
Oct. 1677, and burials, 9 Aug. 1672, 11 June 1673, and 4 June 1678. 

■ Bee his father's burial 1 Uch. 1673-^. 

» See her father's burial 13 Feb. 1705-6, and her mother's 7 Apl. 1708. Sha was a 
ncond dau, of this name, and married (Mar. Lie. Fac. 23 Aug. 161^2) Charks Battclj, Esq., 
Becondai7 of the Bemembraucer's Office in the Exchequer and Ueeeiver of the College rente uf 
Westminster Abbej, who was admitted to the Middle Temple, 8 Dec. 1686, aa fifth son of 
Hicbolas Battelej, of Buij 8t. Bdmunds, co. Bufilolk, Oeut., and who died in 1722, aged about 
d. In hii will, dated 13th, with codicils 26 and 30 April, aod proved H Oct. 1722, be directed 
to be buried at Great Welnethom, co. Suffolk. See baptiams of their children, 1 Apl, 1695. 20 
Jnly I6Se, 20 July 1698, 2 July 1639, 6 Oct. 1701, 10 Dec. 1702, 3 Dec. 1703, 6 Apl. 1706, and 
16 Mch. 1706-7, and buriaU, S June 1693, 25 Sep. 1G95, 23 Mch. 1698-0, 31 Jul; 16ir9, and 17 
Apl. 1705< She was liTbg at the dates of her husband's will. 

'' Beccuded also at St, Msj^aret's, Westminster, oa dau. of Thomas and Mar; Ecttlewell, 
but ondor dat« of 10 Jone, See her burial 12 June 1673, her father's 6 Mch. 1676-7, and her 
n]Other'«7 Aug. 1714. 

» Aightlj Baml^. See his mother's burial 4 Not. ]671t his father's 5 Hcb. 1699-1700, and 
his own 17 Maj 1703. 

^ The child's Christian uame, Thomas, is undoubteiUy an error in the Register, ajid should 
be AtcAartf. (See the burial uf his brother, 4 Not. 1674, where a similar error occurs, and is 
explained in the note thereto.) See his mother's boiial 36 Aug. 1686, hia father's 9 Aug. 1711, 
wid hia own 33 Feb. 1702-3. 




















1669 April 10 Alice and Martha Thorndyke, of ripe years, related to Ur. 

Thoradyke, Prebendary of this Church,* 
Alice, daughter of WilUam and AUee Mayf 
Mary, daughter of WilUam Burton ,■ 
Oregory, bod of Mr. BromhaU^ 

1670 April 13 Margaret, daughter of Mr, John Keedham." 
Margaret, daughter of Dr, Stradling, one of the Prebendariw of 

this Church : bom the aame day, between 5 and 6 o'clock in 
the eTening.' 

1671 May 8 John, son of Mr, Thomas Bichardeon,^ 
John, eon of William May.^ 
Alice, daughter of Henry Hawkes,^ 
George, son of Dr. Stradling, Prebendary of thia Church : bom 

24 November.**' 

' 8ee the baptism of their brother 18 Apl. 1663, and note thereto, ITiey were probably 
n-baptlzGd for the same reason there stated. See tbeir father's burial 3 Nor. 1668. Hu will, 
mwie before be left T^ew England, Htatet* that he mteadcd to bring them with him 
to Eagland, and describes them as bis two youngest daughters. It will be noticed 
that this re-baptism did not take place until some months after his death- They were 
reeiding with their uncle, Kev. Herbert Thomdike, Prebendary of Westminster (see his 
burial 13 Joly 1672), until his death, and he made a considerftble provision for them in his will, 
on condition that they should neither return to New England, nor *' roartj with any that goe* 
to mass or any of the new licensed couventidea,'" and the payment of a portion wae dependant 
npon their marrymg, or willingneea to marry, " encb as sincerely cleave to the Church of 
England." As no subsequent trace of them has ever been discovered in New Bnglandi it Is 
probable that they accepted one of the latter contiogenciesT and retained their beqaeets- 

* (In the unofficial register only, the writer of which says that the ceremony was performed 
by himself). Bee her sister's baptism 25 Nov, 1667, and note thereto, ftnd her own burial 
llJnne 1G73. 

' See her brother's baptism 4 Oct- 1667, and note thereto. 

* Baptisms of children of Etchard and Dorothy Bromhall occur in the registen of Bt. 
Margaret's, Westminster, about Uiis time. 

* See her father's burial 13 Feb. 1705-6, and her mother's T Apl. 1708; also her own 
marriage fi July 1691, and note thereto. 

" Bee her mother's burial 1 Oct. 1681, and her father's £4 Apl. 1688. Bhe probably died 
young, as she is not named in her father's will, 

' Mr. Thomas Kichardson succeeded Mr, Henry Pureell, as one of the Qentlemeu of the 
Chapel Royal, in Aug. 1664. He died in that office 23 July, and was buried at Chiswick, 
Midx., 6 Aug. 1712, a^d about 70. His will, dated 23 Apl, 1711. was proved 30 July 1713, hy 
his nephew Pelham RichiLrdAon. risiduary legatee^ and he left bequests to other nephews, 
Thomas and William Uichardson, and Lieut. Charles Hay. He married (Mar. Lie. Vic Gen. 
6 Dec. 1669) Mrs. Melior Gower, §iBter of Lieut.^ Colonel James Oower, and coiwn of Mrs, 
Frances Qower (see her burial, 17 Apl. 1698). Bhe was buried at Chiswick, 4 Oct. 1706, aged 
about 58. This son Johu was also buried at Chiswict, 27 Mch. 1711. Bee his sister's baptism, 
15 Apl. 1676. 

* See his sister's baptism 25 Nov. 16A7, and note thereto, and bis own burial 4 Jnne 1678* 
(The onofficial register saya, ^'son of William and Alice May," bnt gives the year 1670, and the 
writer adds that the child was baptised by himself.) 

» See her mother^s burial 4 Nov. 1671, and her father's 5 Mcb. 1699^1700. 
>° See his mother's burial I Oct. 1681, and bis father's 24 Apl. 168S» He was living at the 
date of his father^s will, 1 Apl. 1688. 


















[167&] April 








March 24 










Thomoi, 901% of Wilham and AHc0 May,^ 

Elisabeth, daaghter of Sir Thomaa Meeree, Et> : baptized 

Anne, danghter of Mr. John Needham^^ 
Anne, daughter of ThomaB and Mary Eettlewell.* 
James Lord Tallo, eon to Richard Earl of Arraa by Dorothy 

his wife,* 
Elizab^th^ daughim- of William and Alie$ Mayi^ 
Elizabeth, daaghter of Stephen and Margaret Crcspion : bom 4 

Apr. at 8 in y" morning, being Eaater day^ and was hapt. the 

Bame day at erentide/ 
Melior, daughter of Thomas and Melitft Richardson.^ 
Dorothy, daughter of Wiltiam and Dorothy Jackeon,^ 
Cornelia, dangbt^ of Daniel Bemard,^*^ 
Stephen^ gon of Stephen Oreepion.^^ 
Hmnff son of William arid Alice May}^ 
Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel Bernard.^ 
May ( — ) EUzabeth, daughter of William Hopwood.** 

' (Iq the nnofflcial regiater onlj, the writer of which aaya that the ceremoTij waa performed 
bj himself). See hla aistflr's baptiflm 25 Not, 1667^ ftnd note thereto^ and hifl own buri&l 
9 Aug. 1672. 

* (Eecorded also at 8t. Margaret's^ WcBtmiiuterT where it is stated that abe was bom tlie 
17tli of the aame monthO ^e W3« jouDgcst dau. of Sir Thomas Heeres, of Lincoliit Kt, bj 
Anne:, dsu. of J:^i^ Eramias De Ia Fontaine, of Klrby-Bellars, co. Leiocatcr, £t. She tnarried 
(Mar, Lie Fac., I May 1701) Sir Horatio Pettus, fourth Barl. of lUckheAth, co. NorfoUi, whom 
■he BUrrired, and her will, dated 22 Bep. 1741, was proved 17 Augn 1746, 

> See her father's btiri&I 13 Feb. 1705-6, and her mother's 7 Apl. 1708; also her own 
marriage 8 Jolj 1703, and note thereto. 

* See her father's botial 6 Mch, 1675-7^ and her mother's 7 Aug. 1714. 

' James Butler, Lord Tullogk. ttee his burial 10 Oct. 1676, and note thereto, 

■ (la the nnotBcial register oJily, the writer of which sajs that the ceremoDj was performed 

bj himself.) Bee her sister^s baptiom 26 Nor. 1€67| and note thereto. 8he was linag at the 

date of her father's will, 13 Mch, 1690-1. 

' (There is no year mentioned ia the Register, but Easter-day fell on the 4th of April in 

167C, and that date accords with the position of the entry.) See her bmial 22 May 1676, her 

mother's 22 Mch. 16B7'8, and her father's 2 Doc 1711. 

* bee her brother's haptiam 8 Hay 1671, and note theretOn According tu her fatber^s will 
she waa bmied at Chiswick, and must hare died before 1678, as her name does not oocur in the 
i^[fiter t± that parish, which begitu in that year, 

> SeehcrburiaLlS July 1691, her father^s 23 July 1714, and her motber^s 16 May 1718. 

* The mother was Cotnelia, sister of Rev. Stephen Crcspion (see hia burial 2 Dec. 1711) 
and of ElJEabeth Grespiun (see her burial 23 June 1681), in whose will she and her children are 
mentioned. See her Bister's baptism lb May 1677. 

" See his burial 22 Aug. 1676, bJs mother's 22 Mch. 1687-8, and hia father's 2 Dec 1711. 

° (In the onofiQcial register only, the writer of which says that the ceremony was performfid 
by himself-) See his aiater's baptism 26 Nor. 1667, and note thereto. His mother was buried 
at St. Hargnfet'Si Westminster, the same day. He ia not mentioned in his father's will, dated 
13 Mch. 1690-1. 

^ Bee her aister'a baptism 24 Mch. I67fi-6, and note thereto- 

^ See her father's burial 17 July 1683, and her mother's re-marriage 18 Kot. 1683, She 
and ber sister (eee her bflfitiam 22 July 16H0) were the onJy surviving children at the date of 
their father's will. 











March SI 


























Uargaret, danghter of Stephen Crespion,^ 

William, son of Miles Sandys, of Miaerden, co. Gloucester, hj 

Mary hia wife.* 
ThomaSf son of WiUiam and Susan May.^ 
Charlotte, danghter of Sir John- Pettna,* 
Catherine, daughter of Elias and Mary Silvester.* 
William, aon of Dr. Patrick.^ 
Charles, sdn of Mr, English. 

Thomas, son of Dr. Spratt by Hellen his wife ; born 5 April' 
Frances, daughter of WiUiam Hopwood.^ 
Simon, son of Dr. Simon Patrick by Penelope hia wife.* 
Thomfft, son of Mr, Lumly Itobinson by Anne his wife.'* 
Edvrard, son of Eliaa and Mary Silvester.^^ 
John-Bapttsta, son of Mr. Henry PnrcelL" 
Amie, daughter of Mr. Lmnly Robinson and Anne his wife." 

1 See her barifll il Oct. 1679, her mother's 22 Mch. 1687-8, and her father's 2 Dec 1711. 

1 The mother was daa. of Stephen Soune, of Little Tharlow, Suffolk,, eldest aod c>f fiir 
William Soaroe, KL 

^ (In the unofficial register only, the writer of which says that the ceremony was performed 
bj himself,) See bis balf'Sister's baptism 25 Not. 1GG7, and note thereto, and his ows burial 
4 June 1678. Ha was eldeet child by hia father's second, wife, who was buried at St, Hargoret'o, 
Westminster, 5 Apl. 1687, as Mrs, SttMinJta May. 

* Sbe was third dau. of Sir John Pcttus, third Bart, of Rackheath, ^forfoUc, by Har^, dan. 
and coheir of Nicholas Burwell, of QTa7'B Tnn, Esq. 

* A bell-ringer Rppointed 15 Apl. 1700. the Bliaa SiWestcrn deceased {Chitptrr Boirk). — See 
baptisms of her brothers and sisters, 21 Feb. 1661-2^ 24 Aug. 1SB5, 9 Jan. 168fi-7, 12 May ISSfi, 
21 Oct, 1689, 22 Feb. 1690-1, 24 Apl. 1692, and 10 Ang. 1693. 

' Bee bis brother's baptism 3 Oct. 1680, and note thereto, bis sister's baptism 21 Deo, 1666, 
her burial 20 Sep, 1687, and his own burial 12 Julj 1678. 

7 Rightly Sprat. Bee his marriage 9 ApL 1716, and his burial 15 Ifay 1720 ; aUo borials of 
his father 25 May 1713, and hie mother 3 Mcb. 1725-6, and notes thereto. 

* See ber father's burial 17 July 1633. She was living at the date of his will. 

' He was second and only surviTing son of Rer. Simon Patrick, PrebeDdary of Westminatfir, 
and then De&n of Peterborough, afterwards successively Bishop of Chichester and Ely, by 
Penelope, dau. of William Jephsou, of Froyle, Hants, Esq. According to bis father's autobio- 
graphy he was born the previous day. He went from Eton to Cambridge in 1697, and wo/t A.H., 
of Queens' College, in 1701. The some authority says he married, 14 June 1702, the eldest dau. 
of Mr. Fountain, of Melton, near Doucaster. and had a daughter bom 21 July 1704. and a son 
23 Mcb. 1705-6, (Miss Catherine Patrick, who died at Bury, unmarried, in I792,aged 82, ia 
said to have been a grand -daughter of Bishop Patrick, and if so. must have been hia daughter). 
He is said to have wasted the estate [eft bim bj his father, which wa^ sold after iiis death for the 
payment of hia debts, etc. See baptisms of bie brother and eieter, 1 July 1678 and 21 Dec. 1685, 
and their buriolSn 12 July 1678 and 20 Sept. 1687. 

^ Only son of Sir Lnmley Bobinsoo. second Bart, of Kentwell, Suffolk (see his burial 10 
June 1684), by Aone, only surviving child and heir of John Laurence, of Westminster, Esq, (see 
her burial 13 Dec. 1690). He sncccedod ns third Bart., and married Bliiabeth, eldest dau. of Sir 
Thomas Hare, second Bart, of Stow Bardolph, Korfolk, but died without ieane, 21 Apl. 1743, and 
the title became extinct. 

" Bee his dster^s baptism 31 Mch. 1678, and note thereto. 

u See his burial 17 Oct. 1GS£, bis father's 26 Nov. 1695, and his mother's 14 Feb. 1705-6. 

» See her father's burial 10 June 1684, and her mother's 13 Doc, 1690. She married Sir 
Comport Fytcho, second Bart, of Eltbam, Kent, and was buried at Eltham, 29 Apl, 1737. Her 


Oct. 12 


Oct H 

Dec. 2 


April 24 


George, Bon of Dn Thomna Spratt and Hellen hia wife.* 
Elizabeth, daughter of Charles and Jajic Kni|)e : bom the J Uh : 

died 12 Dec. 1705,* 
Elizabeth, daughter of [blank] and Anne Beck, 
William, eon of Mr. Sill, Prebendary of this Church, and Anne 
bifl wife ; bom April ISth.^ 
168f Feb. 16 Thomaa, bod of Dr. Samuel de L'Angle, Prebendary of thig 

Church, and Mary his wife : l>orn Feb. 6th,* 
1685 Aug, 24 Henry, eon of Ehas arid Mary Silvester,'^ 

Nov. 22 Edmund, eon of Edmund Gifford : baptized at y^ Gunsmith's 
near y* Horsgard, St- Martin's parish.* 

mm William socceeded to the baionetcy in 1720, bat died a minor in 173fi, and the title became 

1 Bighdj Sprat, Bee bis burial 4 Oct. 1683, his father's 25 May 1713, and bis mother^a 3 
Ucb. a725-«. 

» Bee her burial Ifi Dec. 1705, and the marrii^e of her pnrcntB 5 Dec, 1682. 

' Rev, -Williap Sill, A-Mh of Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1662, was collated a Prebcndaiy 
of Carltale 27 March 1668. He Bubeeqacntly became Chaplain tn ibe Bisbop of London, who 
gaTC him the Prebend of Ncasdon 10 July 1678h which he appcnrs to have eicbanged for that 
of St. PancrM 24 Sept, follQwingi on which day he was also installcMi Archdeacon of Col- 
chester. Both of these preferraentH he appears to have Bubscquciilly renigned, his successors, 
Dr. Sherlock in the prebend and Dr. Beveridge in the arch<leaconry, Ix^ing appoiiitoil on Ibe 
iame day, 3 Nor. 1681. The records of hia rarious prcfcnncnta as given by Newcourt {Htprr- 
toHtiin, i., 93, 166. 197, 286, 922), and perpetuated by Le Kevc (sec Ilardj'a edition of the Fii^U 
Hi. 362J, are most confusiug. and, if all were correct, could only be reconciled by the aBSumption 
that two of the same name were collated to London prebeniln in the pnme year- In both 
Inetaacesit is said that the Bucocsflions to the prcheod and archdeaconry were "per tnort.SiU"; 
bat this was clearly an error of Kewcourt a, for the editor ha^ oiamincd the original records in 
the Bishop's KegrielTy, and they both simply but distinctly say that the offices were laitfuUy 
ra^ant. He wm insEitntcd to the rectory of St. Augustine, with Ht. Faith, London, i Nor. 
1680, and waa inBtailed a Prebendaryof Westminster 22 Oct. 1681, and held both of these prefer- 
ments until his death. His will, dated Ifi May, waa proved 7 July 1687, and he was buried in 
the cbnnh of St. Augustine in Jane of that year. £□ his will he commended hia wife and 
cbildrea to bis brother, Mr, Toby Sill. In his marriage iiccnac (Faculty Office), daiad 3 Feb. 
1682-3, he la described as Beotor of St. Augustioe. a bachelor, aged about 46, and hia wife as 
Anne Smith, of Hildersham, co. Cambridge, Hpinatcr, aged about 30. This child was llring at 
the date of his will. See the baptiam of another son 7 Dec^ 1686, and hiA burial 20 Dec. 1688. 

* fiev, Samuel de L'Angle (whose real Bumame was Do Daus), was son of Jenn-Maiimilien 
De Daax, Beigncur de L" Angle, senior paator of the Reformed Church at Houen, by Marie, dan. 
of Kend Bochart, Sieur de Hi^nillet, and sifter of the learned t^amuel Bochart. He wan Kf.A. in 
Fr»nce,aad had preached for thirty-five years in the reformed churches at Ilonen anti Charenton 
before taking refuge in England from the religious persectilions of ihc pcritKl. He was created 
D.D. at Oxford 12 Feb. 1682-3, and installed Prebendary of WeBlmiuhicr 13 Oct. following, lie 
appears also to have held the living of Sterenton, Berks. Re diixl the IZtb. and wils buricrl nt 
St. Margaret's, WeBtmioater. 21 June 1693- ^cd about 71. His will, signed 13 June, waa prove*! 
3 July in that year. See his wife^s burial 13 Dec. lGf^7. This son Thomas was living at the 
date of hia laiher'a will. (See a burial 2 Dec. 1687.) 

■ See hia sister's baptism 31 Mch. 1678, and note thereto. — Henry Sjflresfer is mentioued as 
one of the ten children of the Chapel Royal (Chamberlayne's Angii^e ^'otitia. edit. 1704). 

■ EdmondfirjfflrJ, fonrthsoo of the Rev, Kichard Giffard, rector of Gayton,co. Northampton, 
by his wife Anne Chrislopbereon, of the Isle of Ely, is described in the Hcralda' Visitation of 
KorUuunptonahire aa " a OnoBmith in London, now liring, 26 July 1682," and as theu marriei]. 
There can be Uttle doubt of his being the father of the child baptised. 


























1685 Dec. 21 Penelope, dangbter of Dr. Simon Patrick and Penelope hia wife : 

bom Dec. 13tb.i 
168| Jan. 31 Mary, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Lewis, 

Thomas, aon of [blank] : baptized at Mrs. Wataon'a booae in 
CharleB Street. 

1686 May 30 Thomag Rose, above 20 years of ^e,» 
Edward, son of William Sill, Prebendary of tbia Charch, and Anne 

Mb wife : born Kov. 23th.' 
16Sf Jan. 1 Elizabeth Littleton atiat Tynchare.^ 

Theodosia, daughter of Eliae and Mary Silvester.^ 
Margaret, daughter of Joaiaa and Margaret Boucher.' 

1687 April 6 Theopbilog, son of Dr. BrevolJ 
Sarah, daughter of Robert and Anne Tanner.^ 
Cbarlefl, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Linacre.* 

1688 May 12 Eliaa, son of Eliaa and Mary Silvester.^ 
FranccB, daughter of Henry and Frances PnrcelL" 
William, son of John and Mary Aldridg." 
Francis, son of Francis and Mary Richardson.^' 
Catharine, dangbter of Dr. BrevoL^^ 

163£» May 1 Hellen, daughter of Thomaa and EJizabeth Jennings.^ 

Philip, son of John and Katherine Littleton alitu Tynchare.^' 
Edward, son of Henry and Frances PorcelL" 

> See her brother'i b&ptiflm 3 Oct. 1680, and note thento, and her own borial 20 Sep, 1687. 

■ The wiU or IhomM noae, of Bt, Uvrguet's. We«tmuuter, Vviner, dated 19 Jan. wai 
proTod, in the Court of the Dean and Chapter. 11 Feb, 1695^ by the relict Grace, iJt/pr>uf 
/oH/rria. Jt mu merely the ordinv? seamao'e poirer of attomej, and the endorvemeat itatea 
that the deceased wm attached to no ahip at the time of hia death. 

> See his biother'a baptiem ?4 Aphl 1GS4, and note thseto. and hiflownb«rul SO Dec. 1688. 

* (Recorded ftbo, nune date, at St. Margaret'*, Westmioster. wbeie described aa daiL of 
John and KaCherine Littleton aiitu Tincher). ^ce the marriage of her paroita 24 Mcb. t68<^l. 
She was liring at the date of her ^randfathef's will, 13 Sep, 1692, 

* See her nster^B baptism 31 Hcb, 1678. and note thereto, 

* Se« the boiials, probAliIj of her parents. II Dec- 1695, and 3 N'or. 1724, 

T See his father^B bonal 29 Jan. 1707-8, and bid mother's Julj 1719. The name rifhtly 

* See ber bather's burial 14 Not. 1696. end ber mother's 3 Ang. IT?7. 

* (Rensded alao at St. Margaret tn Weetminster, bnt nnder date of 31 Jolj.) See hia 
mother's bnrial 6 Jolj 1703, and ha fiber's 29 Aog. 1719, in vho« wiU be is not named. 

" See bis sister's baptism 31 Mcb. I67S. and note thereto. 

" (Recorded also >t St Margaret's, Weetminster« bat onder date of 1 Jane-) See ber 
£ath«r^ bojul ^ KoT. 1695. and ber mother's 14 Feb. 1705^, 

^ Bighily AUfiJf*^ See hia fathers borial 7 Dec. 1724. 

>* See hi» sister's baptism 10 Hcb. 169t>-I. — Letten of administration «oe gtanted 11 
Ftbw 1697A to Mary, relict of Ftaacia HichArdsoo. who died at Jamakm. on board me of tbe 
King's ship*.. 

^ Rightlj ^ Br^r^L See her fathers fcorlal 29 Ju. 17i>r-3. and ha mother's July 1719. 

■ (Beeofded same date at St. Margaret's, Wtstmiosier.) S«e her mocfaer'i boriai 16 Ji^y 
ino, her father's 29 Mch. 1734, ud her own. as Mrs. HeUen Shrider> ST Meh, I7&2. 

■ Sc« tbe mafriagr of bis parents 24 Mch. t6Si>-1, and hu own borial 4 June 1689. 

^ See hia father a burial ±6 KoT. 1695. and bra mocha's 14 Pcb. tr05-«. He waa aHK^atcd 
Oita&nif^ St. Martarrt'a. TeitmiMter, 8 Jaly ITJ^ and hb W KVomr 6 Ang. lT4a 


Oct. 21 

Oct. SI 


July 9 


Jan. 1 

Feb. 12 

Feb, 22 

March 10 

March 16 


July 31 

Dec. 12 


Jan. 5 

Feb- 11 

March 22 


April 24 

June 20 


U&7 13 

Aug. 10 

SepU 7 


George, son of Eliaaand Marj Silvester .' 

Richard, aon of Dr. Richard Annisly and Dorothy hifi wife.* 

Shorter, Bon of Robert and Anne Tanner,* 

Henry, aon of Dr. BreTol and Suaan hja wife.* 

John, BOn of ThomBs and Elizabeth Jennings*^ 

Simeon, son of Elias and Mary Silveater," 

Mary, daughter of Francis and Mary Richardson^ 

George, eon of John and Catharine Littleton aluti Tynchar^.^ 

Rob^Wames, son of John-Jameg Nicolai and Pmdcnce his wife. 

Catharine, daughter of James and Elizabeth Rawlins.^ 

William Cock, aged 17 years. 

John, son of Charles and Jane Knipe.^** 

Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. George Berkley and Jane his wife." 

William, son of Etias and Mary Silvester.^* 

JanCj daughter of William and Margaret Needham.'* 

Thomas, son of Thomaa and Elizabeth Jennings. ^^ 

Mary-Sophia, daughter of Blias and Mary SiWester.** 

Anne-Barbara, danghterof Littleton Taylor and Mary his wife." 

' See his Etetcr'e bflptifim 31 Mch. 1678, and noto thereto. 

> Right!; Aurutlai/. See biB father's barial 25 Not. 1701, and his otd 18 Not. 1690. 

' Bee h^s father's bnrikl H Nov. 169G, aud his mother's 3 Aug. 1727, 

* Rightly de Brival. See his bmial 22 Aag. 1691, his fatber^a 29 Jan. 1707-8, &Qd hiB 
moiber'BJnly 171». 

* Bee his father's buiiiJ 29 Hch. 1734, and bie motbefs 16 July, 1720. Id the will of 
EliEAhetb Co&tei (flee her borial 13 Feb. 1734-5) be is called ber couBm, and was^ at lU date, 
31 Dec. 1733, one of the Clerks of the House of Lords, and living Jo St. Margaret's, West- 
minster- He died II Jan. 1736-7. leaving a aon John, and a dau. Mmy, Hia nill, dated 
7 6ep. 1734, was proved 25 Feb. 1736-7. 

* See hia aister^s baptism 31 Uch, 1678, and note thereto. 
' See her brother** bftptism 27 Not. 1663. 

' Bee the niairiage of his parente 24 Mch. 1680-1. He was living at the date of his 
giasdfather'B wiU, 13 Sep. 1692. 

■ See her brother's baptiem 31 Dec. 1693.— Lattrcll ootcs, in his 2>pjiry, B Jnne 170 J, the 
abBoonding (^ Ur. James Rawlins, a printer, accused of printing the '^Legioncs Addresse to tbo 
Lords,'' and, 27 June following, hia airest and committal at Northampton, 

" See tbe marnage of his parenla 5 Dec. 1682. He was living, as second eon, at the date 
of biB grandmother's will, 1 1 Nov. 1706. 

" Rightly Berkeley. See the marriage of her parents 4 Mcb. 1689-90. She was their only 
chUd. She married, at St- Dionia Backchurch, London, 25 Apl. 1717, Jobn Brome, of Tuppenden, 
CO, Sent, Ksq., who died 22 Feb. 1747-8, and was buried at Famborough, in that county. She 
died 8 ApL 1730, leaving five young children, and was also buried at Famborough. 

° See his sister's baptism 31 Mch. 1678, and note thereto, 

'* See the marriage of her parents 6 July 1G91. She married, about 1710, William Pigott, 
of Broadhurst, co. Sossex, Ksq., wbe died 22 May 1722, and was living to 1734, when she 
erected a motiument to his memory iD the church of Horeted Keynes. Their four sons at! died 
young, and their dan. Catharine was then living, as sole beiress. 

1^ (Recorded same date at St. Margaret's, Westminster.) See his burial 24 Nov. Ifi93, his 
mother's 16 July 1720, and his father's 29 Mch. 1734. 

" See her sister's baptism 31 Mch. 3678, and note thereto. 

" (Becorded also at St. Margaret's, Westminster, but under date of 6 Sep.) See the 
mftRiageof herpHrenta 24 Nov> 1692j and their btmala 14 Nov, 1701 and 2 Nov, I70C. 























Anne, danghter of Christopher and Mary Carter.' 

Mary-Peters, daughter of Henry and Frances Parcel].' 

John, Bon of James aud EUzabeth Rawlins." 

Mary, danghter of Stephen and Mary Crespion : hc^n Jan, 16tli.* 

Josepha-lsabella, daughter of [blank] WilliamaoD, 

Marj', daughter of Edward and Ann Godfrey ; born May 22.* 

Mary, daoghter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hornsby. 

Phihp, son of John and Mary Homesby: bom June 14th. 

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elisabeth Marley : bom 

June Kth. 
Sopt. 21 Ratherine, daughter of William and SatheriDe Shepherd: born 

the same day." 
1605 April 1 Catharine, danghter of Charles and Elizabeth Bsttely.^ 

April 18 Catharine, daughter of John and Catharine Littleton: horn 

April 0th,* 
July 20 William, son of Charles Knipe, by Jane hia wife, dai^liter of 

Mr. John Xodham : bom July 23rd.* 
Edward^ son of Edward and Ann Godfrey : bom Not. lat.'^ 
John, son of Dr, Hiehard Ajmesley and Dorothy hia wife-" 
William, eoa of Littleton and Mary Taylor.'* 
Ann, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Battely : bom July 14th,'^ 
Littleton, son of Littleton and Mary Taylor," 
John, son of Charles and Elizabeth Battely : bom July Uth.** 
Eliiabeth, daughter of Dr. Bichard Anueaky, Dean of Exet«r." 

> $««itbarul9ApM701. 

1 Se« her tathex'd bqhal S6 Xot. 1695. and her mother'^ 14 Feb. ITOv^. 

* 8««bis sister's baptism 13 Dec. 1*^1, mil note Ihereto. 

* U^ her UmuX 22 ^p^ 17I£, her father's 2 Dec. 171K uid her mother's iJan. 1759. 

* Se« her bnjtfaer'd baptism 10 Xor. 1695. 

* The vin ^ Cathehae SAryjtrrd^ oT St. Mu^uei a. Westmiiifttf. widov. dated 17 Sep, 
1T:^V wsiA prot^ iti the C\-urt of the Dean and Chapi«r^ j^ JuTt 17-1. she haTing died the Gth. 
j^he vr&s evuteailr px>T. AmoQg her small bequ««t» vas one to William Sbeppcrd. 

' See her molher a hapiL^m 31 Uch. 1^^6^ and note thereio. aad her own bcural iS Sep. 169S, 
■ :>ee the marria^ of her pareau iV Mch. li>SO-], 

* See the marriage <i his paivnls i Dw- l^S, He pK'Tcd hia mother's mU, 19 Jan, 1724-5, 
uhl ym then deijciibed ad uf Londocu " raoker.~ 

*■ S?e hi* sister's baptism ^3 Uax l6iM. 

" ?^ hU fathers burial ^3 Not. 1701. hU ovn 3t Au;, 1^^ and that of a farmtraoDot 
ihijname ?3 Feb. l€;^»-90. 

= See ibe marria^ of his partatu it Sot. 1«>L and their borials U Sot. 1701 and S Sot> 
170^. Thb t«4>usm is also cei^vried the ttuat date at ^l Vai^aiec's. VcAmiiutn. and aa 
havicji taLea plaoe in che Abbet. 

^ :^«« ber mother's boptbon SI UiA, li56S. and aote thereto, and the boriat of a farraei 
ohild of Chid name* i June lif93. $he id not tLamed in her father's will ia I r±±, azkd rrideatlj 
died Toong^ 

^ ^BevvrdevI alft> th:s date at St. Uarj^aret's^ Wfrstmiix-^f- 1 Se« the marnaf« of his 
parents :?« No*, l'^± their borials H So*, 1701 and* Sot. l7LKi, and hUowu » Maj ISS6- 

" See bj4 OKthera b«pciaa 31 Uoh. Ic^^. and ootv tbjfKto^ and hij o«a boriAl 23 Mck. 

> liitthet basal 7 Au^. liJ». aol her Eafihec's ^ ^^ot. 170L 


















































Jane, *3anghter of Charles and Elizabeth Battelj : born June 26th,' 

Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Richard Annealey.* 

Stephen -PranciB-Monginot, son of Stephen- if on gin ot Dampieire 

and Frances hia wife.^ 
Miles, son of John and Grace Pitman. 
Jame«, son of Thomaa and Martha Liicaa> 
Jnliana, daughter of Dr. Thomaa Dent, Prebendary of this Church.* 
Mary^ daughter of CharleB Batt^ly, Esq., and Elizabeth bis wife : 

bom Oct. 1st.* 
Elizaheihj davghtsr of John and Elizabeth Ohnrch.y 
Mary, daughter of Mr, John and Elizabeth Dolbcn.* 
Anne, daughter of Mr, Simon and Elizabeth Bolt.^ 
Charles, son of OharlcB Battely, Esq.^ and Elizabeth his wife : 

born Dec. Ut^ 
1708 Sept. 14 Penelope, daughter of Daniel Wiiliams (one of the Choir)." 

1 See her mother's baptism 31 Mch. 1668, and note thereto, and h«r own burial 31 July 

' Se« her father^e buiial 25 Kor. 1701^ and note thereto. She mazried, &rst, when Ter; 
young, William Greene, Esq, (brother to John Greene, of NoDauch Park, Hurrej. Esq., who 
marned her SLBter Dorothy) ; secondly, 16 Aug. 1737, Mauriee second Lord Havershamj who 
died n Apl. 1746 ; thirdly, io 1746, Fite-WiUiam White. Esq- ; and. fourthly, Samuel Ashhuret, 
Esq., who flurrired her. She died Nov. 1772. and her will, dated 26 Jan. 1769, wa« proved 
4 May 1773. 

* Har. Lie. Fac. 17 Apl. 1695, for Stephen -MoQginot Dnmpierre. of St. Martin in the 
Fields, bachelor, aged about 29, and Frances Breval, of b1- Margaret's, WestmiuBter, spinster, 
aboLit 24.'^&be was baptised at Si. Fanrs, Covent Garden, 3 May 1670. t£e her father's 
buri&129 Jan. 1707-5, hermother'B July 1719, and probably her own 31 Dec, 1730. 

* See hiB father^s bmiai 4 May 1720. 

* Bev. Thomas Uent, M.A., was installed Prebendary of WeHtmiuater 15 Kep. J694. On 25 
June 1695, aa M.A. of Dublin, he was incorporated at Oxford in the same degree, and oa 3 July 
foUoivtng accumulated the degrees of B.D. and D.D. About 1G95 he purchased Lawfotd Hall, 
uid the advowBon of the living of Lawford, in Esflci, where he was bnried 6 Feb. 1721-2, TIo 
held also the rectories of Lenton and Fialcerton, co. Lincoln, and in the register of the latter 
porifih his death is recorded, as occurring at his owti houAc in WestminstcTr 1 Feb- 1721-3. He 
nuuried (Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 12 Not. 1G85) Aliee Ajloffe, described as of St. Andrew's, Holboroj 
spinster, aged about 22, with her mother's consent (his own age being stated as about 28). Sbe 
was buried at Lawford 16 Feb. 1739-40. Thia child, their youngest dau,, died the 3rd and was 

'Imricd 15 Aug. 1706, also at Lawford. 

^ 6ee her mother'^ baptism 31 Mch. 166S, and note thereto. She was living, unmarried, at 
the date of her father's will in 1722, 

' {This entry ia not in the Abbey Register, but occnra in Ibat of St. Margaret's, Westminster. 
wha« it is distinctly stated that the child was baptized in the Abbey : hence its incorporation 
here.>— See her burial 9 Feb. 1701-2, her mother's 22 Dec. 1732, and her fatber'a 10 Jan, 1740-!. 

■ (Recorded also at St. Margaret's, Westmin?^tcr, under date of 22 Feb.. where the entry 
reode Ihos ; " Mary, dau. of John Dolben. Esq., born the 20th in the Great Cloiatere.") — bhc was 
dan. of John Dolben, Esq. (second son of John, Archbishop of York), by Bliaabelh, second dau. 
■nd coheir of Tanfield Mulso, of Pincdon, co. Northampton, Ef»q. She died 21 June J7I0, and 
was boried at Hncdon. 6ce the marriages of her nisU-ra G Feb. 1702-3 and 3 Not, 1705. 

* Kee her father's burial 23 Dec. 1715. The name was often written Boxdte. 

" Sec his mother's bapiiem 31 Mch, IG68, and note thereto. He was living at Ihe dale of hiJ* 
grandmother's will, 11 Nor. 1706, but died before that of his father's in 1722. 
" See her father's burial 15 Mch, 1719-20. 

170J Jan. 


1704 May 





1708 Dec 8 KHKabeth, daughter of Gharlea Battel^, ^,, and ElizabeUi bu 
wife : bom Nov. 27th.' 
Anne, daughter of John and Elizabeth Chnrch.* 
Hellen, danghter of John and Mary French,* 
Dorothy, danghter of Thomas and Elizabeth French : bom the 
eame day.* 
Kov. 13 Eliei^th and Edward, danghter and Bon of Mr, Daniel Williami 
(one of the Choir) : bora the same day.* 
1705 April 6 John, eon of Charles Battely, Esq., and Elisabeth his wife : born 
the same day, abont one o'clock, a^m.* 
Jnly 6 Simon, son of Mr, Simon and Eli£a1>eth Bolt/ 
Dec. 14 Elizabeth^ danghter of Dr. Edward Gee, Prebendaiy of this 
Church, and Jane his mtet bom Dec. 11th ftnd priyately 
baptized Dec. 14th. Hecaived into the Chnrch Jannaiy 3rd, 
170{ Jan. 17 Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary French." 
Feb- 14 Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth Chnrch.** 

[^ff^e mid ths Baptisms in ths Fmi VolumB.'^ 

I70f March 16 Jane, danghter of Charles Battely, Esq. (Beceiverof the College), 
and Elizabeth his wife; bom March 8th>" 

■ See ber mother*! bapti&tn 31 Mch. 16&8, and note lber«to. She waa liTing, munArrittl, at 
the dMe of her father's wilt in 1722.— James Brooker, of Bt. Bride's, London, and Eliubeth 
-PiU/fy. of St. MaT^Bret*s,Wcrtmmsler, were married at St, Pai]ra,CoTeitt Garden, 11 Aug. 1734. 

* (Recorded abo at St. Mar^aret'e. Westminater, but under date of 13 Jan.) Bee her Inirial 
Ifi June 1708, her mothefa 22 Dec. 1732, and her fathcr'fl 10 Jan. 1740-1. 

' See her father's banal %V June 1725, her mother^ S Feb. 17fiS, and her own, ■■ HellcD 
Smith. 21Jal7]7U. 

* See the marriage of her paienU 14 Jan. 1702-3, her father's burial [Feb. 1721-2], and hw 
own 17 Dec. 1709. 

* See their father's borial 15 Mch. 1719-20, and that of a former aon of this name Ifi OcU 

« See bis mother's baptism 31 Mch. Ifi68. and note thereto, and his own borial 17 ApL 170G. 

' (Recorded abo at St. Margaret's, WeslmiDsler, but under date of 8 Jolj.) See bU father'a 
burial 23 Doc. ITlfi. He was admitted to St, Peter*fl College, WesfmiOEter, in 1719, and elected 
to Cambridge in 1723. but went to Oxford loMead, and nmtriculatcd from Christ Cburcb 24 Uaj 
in that jear. He became Bectar of Deane, HantB. 23 Dec. 1729. and took the d^ree of B.C.L, 
at Oxford* 28 Not. 1747. He appears to have always signed hin name Bo¥U€. 

■ See her burial 19 Ang. 170G, her father's G Mch. 1729-30. and her molher^s 23 Apl. 1733. 

« See her father'* boriat 21 June 1725, hermother'a 6 Feb. 1758. and her own G Jan. 1736-7. 

" See her fathcra borial 10 Jan. ITJO-l, and her mother's 22 Dec, 1732. She probablj died 
jonng. aa she was not menlJoned in her father'^ wilU 

" See her mother's baptism 31 Mch, 16«8. and note thereto. She wan married, at B*. Paars, 
Cerent Garden, 13 Apl, 1728^ lo Jamea Merest,-Eaq.. one of the Oerksof the Honae of Lorda, 
then a widower (see the burial of hLi firat wife J7 Sot. 1727). who died 27 Dec. 1763, in his 70th 
jeer, aud waa buried a( St, Margarefis We^minstcr. 19 Jan. 1753. but whose remaiofl were 
BDbflcquently remort^ lo Woking. Surrej, where his father had bven Vicar roanj yeara. She 
died 15 Feb. 17^, aged 73. and was aleo buried at Woking. Thej bad eight sona and fite 
daagfateiB, all of whom were baptiaed at Bt Margaret'^, Westminster, and KTm o£ whom were 
buried at Woking. 


1707 Jaly 25 Sftrah, daughter of Mr. James and Sarah Bronghton.* 

Aug. 19 Thomaa> »on of Thomag and Elizabeth French.* 
[ Sept. 21 {^ruiiarty son of Daniel and Ann Williams.y 

170J Jan. U Judith-Dorothj, daughter of John and Marj French: bom the 
flame daj> 

1709 June 8 Charles, 8ou of John and Elizabeth Church.^ 

Aug, 1 Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Ehzabeth French : bom 

July 31bU« 
Sept. 2 Dorothy, daughter of Daniel and Aone WilhamflJ 
Dec 10 Henry, son of Dr. Edward and Jane Gee : born Nov. 30t}u'=' 

1710 Aog. 4 Mary, daughter of John and Mary French,^ 

Not- 19 Laurence, son of Dr, Laurence Brodrick, Prebendary of this 

Church, and Anne hia wife : born the same day,"" 
Dec. ( — ) J^nes, son of Mr. James and Sarah Brooghton.'^ 
17|| March 24 Anne, daughter of Laorence Brodrick, D.D,, Prebendary of thiB 

CJhurch; bom March 18th.^* 
1712 May 22 Martha, daughter of Dr. Edward Gee, Prebendary of this Chui-ch, 
and Jane his wife : bom May 1 5th."* 
Dec. 9 Francea, daughter of John and Mary French : born Dec. 5th." 

1711 May 9 ThomaB,BonofMatbhewand Elizabeth French: bomApril ICthJ^ 
May SO John, son of John and Mary French : bora May 6th,'* 

June 18 Williaro, son of John and Lucy Hotchinga. 

1 Boe ber borial 6 Aog. 1707, hor father's 3 Feb, 1710-11, and her mother'a 17 Apl. 1727. 

' See the marriagQ of his parents 14 Jan. 1702-3, hia own burial 20 Aug. 1707, and hia fatbcT^s 
[Fd3. 1721-3]. 

' (Not in the Abbej He^ist«r, but recorded in that of St. Margaret's, Westminster, aa having 
tAken place "" Itx the Abbo)'.") See hia father's burial 15 Mch. 1719-20. 

* Bee her burial 6 Kot. 1710, her father's 21 June 1725, and her mother's 6 Feb. 1758. 

■ E«<! hia boriat 4 Jnlj 171D, hia fatbcr'a 10 Jan. 1740-1, and hia mother's 22 Dgc. 1732. 

* Bee the znairiage of her parents 14 Jan. 1702-3, herovrn burial I Not. 1710, aad her father's 
[Feb. 1721-3]. 

' Bee her fallier^s burial 15 Mch. 1719-20. 

' (Recorded also at Ei. Mai^aret'a, Westminster, under the aamc dates,) Bee his burial 
9 Apl. 1710, his father's fi Mch. 1729-30, and his mothcr^H 23 Apl. 1733. 

■ Bee her btirial 16 Jul; 1735, her fatber'a 21 June 1725, and her mother's 6 Feb. 175S. 

^ Dth Brodiicl waa a yonnger brother of Alan, first Viecoant ftUdleLon, and was installed 
Prebendary of Westmioster 17 July 1710. lie was instituted Rector of Miibury^ co. Oxford, 21 
Dec. 1713, and was atso Chaplain to the Honse of Commona. He died at Kensington 19 July 
1746, Hie wife*a majden name was Humphrya, and they ^^erc married at Gray's Inn Chapel 27 
Apl. 1710 (by Mr. Humphrya, perhaps her father), See other bapti^^ma 24 Meh. 1711-12 and 17 
July 1714; also the burial of this son 18 Jan. 1710-11, and other burials 23 Apl, and 3 June 1713 ; 
aleo the Iwptisms of two graodchildjreu of ]>r, Brodrick, 21 Dee^ 1742 and G Jan. 174[3-4]. 

'I See hi* burial 21 Dec 1710, his fathers 3 Feb. 1710-11, and his mother's 17 ApK 1727, 

» Bee the baptism of her brother 19 Not. 1710, and note thereto, and her own burial 3 Jono 

» Bee her burial 31 July 1731, her father's 6 Mch. 1729-30, and her mother's 23 Apl. 1733, 

^ See h^ burial 17 Dec. 1713, her father's 21 June 1726, and her mother's 6 Feb. 1758. 

^ The father's Chriatiao name ia clearly an error in the register, and should be Thtunm. 
See the manUgc of his parenta 14 Jan. 1702-3^ his owq burial 17 June 1714, and his father's 
[Feb, 1721-21. 

^ Bahis burtal 2 Mch, 1T19-20, his father's 21 Jcne 1725, and hia mother's 6 Feb. 1708. 


















March 29 


17H July 17 Anne, daughter of Dr, Laurence Brodrick and Anne hia wife.* 
[171^ March 10 William, son of ^beri Friend, D.D., Head Master of the Royal 

171$ Aug. 23 Anne, daughter of Dr. Robert Cannon, Prebendary of thia 
Church, and Elizabeth hia wife : bom Ang. 8rd.^ 
Mary, daughter of Mr. Cliarles and Mary Low : bom Jan. lOtb,* 
Ann, daughter of Thomas and Ann Done : bom Not, 30th.^ 
Jndith, daughter of John and Mary French ; bom Dec. 18tb.* 
EHzabeth, daughter of Sir Jemmett Raymond and Dame Ehzabeth 

his wife : bom May 7th/ 
Charles, aon of Mr. Charlea and Mary Lowe ; bom July 25th.* 
Jenny, daughter of Tbomas and Anne Donne : bora July 26th.' 
Thomas, son of Dr. Robert Camion, Prebendary of this Church, 
and Elizabeth his wife : bom March 5th.^*^ 
1721 April 25 Francis, son of William Morice, Esq., and Mary hia wife \ bom 
April 7th.'i 

' See her brother's baptiam 19 Nov. 1710, and note thereto. She died yoong. 

* (Not in the Abbey Register, but in that of St. MargaietX Westmineter, whore the 
following is appended to the entry : " Bap. in the Al]l>ey, by the De&n : rcgiatcred here by the 
teave of Dr. Onley, at Dr. F*rieiid*B desire "0 eon of Eev. Bobert Frexnd, D.D., Prebendafy of 
Westminster and Head Master of Weatminater School (bnried at Witney, co- Oxford, t7G4), by 
Jane, dau. of Bgt. Samuel de L'Aiiglc, Prebendary of Westminster (also buried at Witney, 1756.) 
He matriculated at Oif ord, from ChriBt Church (elected from St, Peter's College, Weatminster), 22 
Jane 1731, and was B.A. 30 Apl. 173a, M.A. 8 Jnne 1738, and B. and D.D, 6 July 174B. He 
became Beotor of Witney 4 ApL 1739, and of Islip, in the same county, 1747, and was installed 
a Prebeodary of Westminster 17 Oct. 1744, but resigned and accepted a Canonry of CbriAt 
Church in 1756. He was installed Dean of Canterbury H June 1760. He died at Canterbury 
36 XoT- 1766^ and waa buried at Witney. He married, in 1739, Grace, second dan. of William 
Robioflou, of Eotchy Park, co, York, Esq., who died 28 Dec. 1776, and wa« also buried at 
Witney, See his sist^r^a burial 8 ApL 1714, and his brother's 16 Jan. 1722-3. 

* Eighily Lome. See her father's burial 31 Meh, 1722, 

* See her father's burial 7 Feb. 1728-9, and her mother's 20 Feb. 1782-3. She was the 
eldest child, and was living h Oct. 1739, the date of her brother Morgan^a will. 

■ See her burial 19 Sep. 1723, aiid her mother's 6 Mch. 1723-4. 

* See her father's burial 21 Jane 1725, her mother's 6 Feb. 1758, and her own, as Jodith 
Powell, 14 Aug. 1744. 

' Second dau. of Sir Jemmett Eaymond, of Barton Court, co. Berks, and Wolrerton, co. 
HanCe, Kt., by his second wife, Elizabeth, only dan. of Henry Skjlling, of Draycott-Flttpain, co. 
Wilts, Esq. Lady Kaymond died 10 June 1754, and Sir Jemmett 27 Dec. following. This 
dau. wafl liring at the date of her father's will, 22 Oct. 1743, nnmarricd. See her siBter's 
baptism 11 May 1721. 

■ See bis father's biuial 7 Feb. 1728-9, and hia roother'a 20 Feb. 1732-3. He was the eldest 
son and aecond surriving child, and proved his brother Morgan's will 19 Oct ]739. 

* Rightly Done. See hcT mother's burial 6 Mch. 1723-4. She was only Horriving child, 
and inherited her father's conaiderable fortune at his death, 8 Xov. 1732. 

^ Bee his father's burial 31 Hch, 1722. He matriculated at Oxford, from Balliol Collc^ 
17 Doc. 1741, but doea not appear to have taken any degree. 

" Grandson of Bishop Atterbury. See hia mother's burial £1 Feb. 1729-30. He matriculated 
at Oxford, from Christ Church (elected from Kt. Teter's College, WestmiuHtcr), 10 June 1740. and 
wa«B.A. 20 Apl. 1744, and M.A. 2 Apl. 1748. He was appointed Rector of Traddery and Yicarof 
Ogashint co. Clare, Ireland, 22 Oct. 1748, and Vicar of Kilfntonan, in the same county, 
IS Mch. 17&5, and is said by hie family to hare become a Prebendary of Limerick, tliougb hia 


17S1 Ua7 11 Add, danghter of Sir Jermnctt Raymond and Dame Elizabeth his 
wife; born April 17th-' 

1722 ( — ) ( — ) Aune Wynne, daughter of the Right ReT, John, Lord Blehop of 

SL Aaaph, Prebendary of this Church ; born March 10th, 172^.^ 
Oct, 25 Ann, daaghter of the Right ReT, Joseph [Wilcocke], Lord Bishop 
of Gloucester, Prebendary of this Church, and Jane his wife ; 
bom Oct. 9th." 

1723 Oct, 11 Thomaa, aon of Thomas Barrett, Esq., and Anne his wife.* 
172^ Jan. 18 Elianor, daughter of Francis and Elianor Winckles : born 

Jan. Ist.^ 
Jan, 26 Joseph Wilcox, son of the Right Rot. Joseph, Lord Bishop of 
Gloucester, etc., and Jane his wife : bom Jan. 4th.^ 

1724 Oct< 14 Nicholas, son of Air. Charles and Mary Lowe : bom Sept. 20th.^ 

1724 J<^' ^6 Joseph, son of Robert and Dian» Jackson: bora Jan, 6th." 
March 19 John Wilcox, son of the Right Rev. Joseph, Lord Bishop of 

Gloucester, etc., and Jane his wife : bom the same day.' 

1725 Aug, 1 Samnel, aon of John and So&anna Denuo,^*^ 

lunifl dom not Appear in Atcbdeacon Cotton's Fmti Eccle^itt Hihemi^a, He mairiod, U 
Jiui« ITM, Huj, dAQ. of WiniAm Spaiglit, Esq., Barrister-At-Lnw, of Mix-Mlle-Bridge, co. Clare, 
in IreUod, wbere he died 3 Oct. 1778, aad was there buried. 

^ See ho- Biffter'fl b^^tism 29 May ITIS, and Dote thereto, bhe was fourth dan. and Hccond 
<^ her lume. She died 30 Jane following. 

• Her father was coiuecrat^d Biubop of St. Asaph 6 Feb. 1714-6, infltAlled Prcbendniy of 
WeHtminster 16 Feb. 1721-2, ti'anfllatcd to Batb and Welle, and coofirmcd 11 Not. 1727. He 
died IB Jn]j 1743, aged 76, and was bnried at NoHhop, tM. Flint. Her mother was Anne, day. 
of Hobert (or fiichanl) Pngh of Benoaath, co. CamarTon. Kbe wiu married at 81. John 
Kmngeliet, Weetminjfler, 20 May 1742. to Henry F&ne. Esq. (brother of Tbomofl eighth Earl of 
Westmoreland), of Wonnsley, co. Oxford (ece the burial of his first wife 7 Oct. 1739), by whom 
■he hikd an only dan., who married Hir Thomas Ktapleton, fifth Bart, of Grey's Coutt, nnd thus 
became anoeitresa of tiia preflent BaroneM 1^ Dct^penser. Khe died in 1744, and was buried at 
KoTtfaop, with her father, (Bee the baptism of a brother 24 May 1727, and the burial of 
another 16 Oat. 1723.) 

< Bee bet bmial IS Dec. 1729, her mother's I Apl. 1725, and hor fathcr^a 9 Mch. 17Bfi. 

• Third ion of Thomas Barrett, of Lee Priory, in Ickham, co. Kent. Esq. (ancestor by hia 
■eeond wife of Sir Bgerton Bridges), by his first wife Anne. dau. and coheir of Sir William Boys, 
of Ganterbtuy, Et,, M.D. He was bom oQ the prcvioos day, and died fibortly after hiii bapiium, 
M he was buried at Ickfaom on the 13th of the name month, 

■ See the marriage of her parents 13 May 172L her mother's bnrial 7 Not, 1724, and her 
father's 4 Oct 1738. 

• Bi^tly W\iceekt. &ee his mother^s burial 1 Apl. 1726, hia fatlicfs 9 Mch. 1756, and bis 
own 81 Dec. 1791. 

' Bee his father's burial 7 Fob. 1728-9, and biB mother's 20 Feb. 1732^3. Ho was the third 
son, and fifth and yonngcst surrinng child, and was living 6 Oct. 1739, the date of his brother 
Horgan's will. 

• See fab father's burial 7 Heh. 1729-30, and his mother's 11 Apl. 1736. 

• Bigbtly Wilecek*. Bee his mother's burial I Apl, i72B, and his father's 9 Mch. 1756. He 
prohftblj died young. 

" The father was Rev. John Denne, of a very ancient family at Denne Hill, in Milton, Kent, 
who was of Corpus Chiisti College, Cambridge, A.B. 1712, A.M. 1716, and KT.P. 1723, 
mud became Bector of Bt, Leonani, tfhorcditeh, Uidx., aud, 22 July 112>^, rrebendary and 
AmhdeKxnof Bocherter. He died at fiochcster 5 Aug. 1767, aged 76, and was bnried in 



1725 Oct 12 Samuel, son of Reuben and Jiuie Clarke: b<aTi Sept. 

1726 May 24 Henry, eon of Dr. Edward Willes, Prebendary of tbU Charcb, 

and Jane his wLfe.^ 

1727 May 24 Jobn Wynne, boh of the Eight Rev. John, Lord Biahop of St. 

Asapb, ete., and Anne biB wif^ : bom Afay 7tb.^ 
Jnne 3 Margaret^ daughter of Mr, Cbarles and Mary Lowe.* 
June 29 George, aon of Dr, Edward WiUea, Prebendary of tbia Obnich, 

and Jane his wiie.<^ 
Sept, 21 JohD, Hon of the Rev. Mr, John NicolL* 
Oct. 17 Thomaa, aoa of Robert and Diana Jackson.^ 

tbe Cathedral there. The mother waa jtnmgeet dau. of the Rt. ReT, Somnel Bradford, Bishop 
of Rochester (dee his buiaT 22 May 1731) by Jace hia wife (eee her bmiol G Mch- 1738-9). 6ho 
was baptized at St. Mary Aldermary, London, 16 Not. 17Q3 ; majned^ in the Buhop's Chapel M 
Bromley, Kent, 2 June 1724 ; and died at Wilmington, Kent, in 1780, aged 77. See tbia child's 
burial 5 Aug. 1725; also the baptisms of two other children, 9 Not. 1729 and IS Jan. 1780'1, and 
the boHal of another 22 May 173L 

^ The father was Rot. Reuben Clarke (son of Alnred Clarke of Godmancbester, co. 
Huntingdon^ Eeq., by hia first wife Sarah Askluun) who was of Emmanuel Collie, Cambridge, 
A.B. 1709, A.M. J713, and ».T.P. 1728, and was installed Ajchdeacon of Basex 1 Aug. 1737. Ha 
died at Godmaochester 9 Aug. 1746, and was buried there the 14th. (See the burial of his half' 
brother 5 Jime 1742). The mother was eldest dau, of the Rt. Rev. Samuel Bradford, Bishop of 
Rochester (see his burial 22 May 1731), by Jane his wife (see her burial 5 Mch. 1738-9). Her 
marriage settlement, dated II Jan. 1723-4, was advertised for eaJe by a booltaeller in ClerkenweU 
in IB70. tibe died 8 Rep. t7G1, andv^ buried at Godmancbestcr the I5th. See this child's 
burial 31 Mch. 1727, and the burial of aoother aon 9 July 1728. 

» See his father's burial 1 Dec. 1773, and his mother's 18 Oct. 177J. He was bom 34 
^ril. fie matriculated at Oxford, from Wadham CoUege, 14 Mch. 1743-4, uid waa B.A. 7 Not. 
1746, and M.A. 8 July 1749. He became succcBsively Prebendaiy, ChanceUoi, and Precentor of 
fiath and Wells, and held the lattnr office from 5 Aug. 17C7 until bis death. He died, unmamed, 
3 Aug, 1772. 

* Bee his sister's baptism 1722, and note thereto. He succeoded to hia father's estate of 
Soughton Hall in Flintshire, and died urimarried. 

* See her father's burial 7 Feb., and her own 8 Feb,, 1728-9, and her mother's 20 Feb, 

* See his borial 10 July J736, his mother's IB Oct. 1771, and his father's 1 Dec. 1773, 

* The father matriculated at Oiford, from Christ Church (elected from St. Peter's Coll^fe, 
Westminster), 28 June 1704, aged 19, ae eon of John NicoLl, of Preston, co. Northampton, 
Gent., aud was B.A. 28 April 17QS, M.A. 15 Mch. 1710-1 1, and D.D. by diploma 18 Apl. 1733. 
He had a patent as Second Master of WcflCmioster School 20 Mch. I71fi-G, and one as Chinf 
Master waa ordered 5 Feb. 1733-4 (Chapter Book). He was inatalled Prebendary of West- 
miuster 6 Oct. 1740, and Canon of Christ Church 30 Dec 1761. He died the I9lh and waa buried 
23 Sep. 17G&, in Christ Church Cathedral, iu his S2nd year. Hia relict, Alice, was also buried 
there, 21 June 1773. (She was previoualy wife of John Lewis, of London, Gent., who died in 
1721 , by whom she was mother of Rev. John Leivis, Dean of Ossory (see his mairiage 7 Not. 
1747), aud of Dr. William Lcwis^ an eminent physician of Oxford.) This waa their only son. 
He matriculated at Oiford, from Christ Church (elected from St. Peter's CoUege, Westmioster), 
8 June 1746, aged IS. and was B.A. 4 May ITGO, and M.A. 5 July 1753. He became Rector of 
Meon-StokCf Hanta, and was installed Prebendary of Salisbury 9 Mch. 1767. He died 12 July 
1759, in bis 32nd year, and a small moDumcnt was erected to bis memory in Christ Church 
Cathedral, but no record of his burial there occurs in the cathedral register. 

7 See hit lather's burial 7 Hch. 1729-30, and hia mother's 11 Apl. 1735. 









March 10 










1728 Jane 26 Mai^aret, danghter of Dr, Edward Willes, Prebendary of this 

Church, and Jane hie wife : born Ma^ 27th. ^ 
Oct. 14 Henrietta, daughter of William and Elizabeth Hawkins ; bom 
Sept. 16 th." 
172^ Jan. 20 Jane, daughter of Robert and Diana Jackson : bom the same 

1729 April 20 Thomafl, son of Thomafi and Snaanna Grant : born April 9th.* 
Mary, daughter of Francis and Mary Wiackles: born May 17th.^ 
William, son of Dr. JcJrn and Snsamia Deonc : born Nov. !*rd.* 
John-En gliah, Bon of Charles and Hellen Seagar : born Not. SOth.' 

17-}^ March 10 John, son of Dr. Edward Willes, Prebendary of this Chnrch, and 
Jane his wife : born Feb. 20th.^ 

1750 May 2 John, son of William and Ehzabeth Hawkins : bom April 23rd.^ 
Anna, daughter of the Hon. Charica Ingram, Esq., and Elizabeth 

his wife : bom Sept, 29ih^^ 
17df Jan. 17 3neanna,danghterof Thomas and Susanna Grant : bom Jan. 10th." 
Samnel, son of Jotm Denne, D.D.^ and Susanna his wife : bom 
Jan. 13th." 

1751 Dec. 20 William, son of Dr. Edward Willes, Prebendary of this Church, 

and Jane his wife.^° 

' See her bmial 5 June 1742. bcr raother'a IB Oct. 1771, and her father's 1 Dec. 1773. 

* 8ec the mairiage of ber parents 15 Aug, 1727. 

« Sec her father's burial 7 Mch, 1729-30, and bcr mother's 11 Apl. 1736, 

* Bee his mother's burial S Maj 1743, and Mb father's 15 Aug. 1746, whom he Burvived. 
Sod his wife'9 bnrial, 21 Apl. 175S. 

* Bee her father'fl banal, 4 Oct, 1738. The mother was his second wife. (Mar, Lie. Fac, 30 
Dec. 1726, for PraBcis "Wiackles, of fit. Margaret's* Westminster, widower, and Marj Heath, of 
the Hame parish, spinfter, aged above 25,) ^be mirvived her husband, and, having booo appointed 
Colle^ LaondieBHi 2 Mch, 1731-2, contiDued to hold her huhband's Tarious posts unlil Chrietmaa 
after his death. The Dean and Chapter ordered £20 to be given to her and her five children, 11 
Doc. 1738. Bbe waa buried at St. John the BvangeliBt. WcBtraineter, 4 Feb. 1766. Thin daughter 
appears to hare been living in Dec 1738. 

* See his brother's baptism 1 Aug. 1TS6, and note thereto. 

' A Charlea Seagar wa£ a Yeoman Poiter at Qate la 1692, and a Charles Scgar was theit a 
F«ge of the PrescDoe Chamber. — Lettera of administration were grantei) by the Dean and 
Chapter of Wefltminster, 7 Jan. 1706-fi, to Henry t^eagar. uncle and curator assigned of Charles 
beagar, minor eon of Charles ii^e^ar, late of bt. Margaret's, Westminster, deceased. — b^ce the 
bnrial. probably of a brother of this child, 9 Oct. 1731. 

' See hij mother^s burial 18 Oct. 1771, and bis father's I Dec. 1773. He became a Captain 
In the Nary, and died, unmarried, in 1804. 

* Bee the marriage of his parents 15 Aug. 1727, 

*" See the marriage of her parents 9 Meb. 1725-6. She died young. 

" Bee her mother's burial 8 May 1743, and bcr father's 15 Aug. 1748. Hhc was living at the 
dAte of her father's wiU, 12 May 1743. 

" See hia Imtther^s baptism I Ang. 1725, and note thereto. He was of Corpus Cbristi 
Collf^e, Cambridge, A.B. 1763, and A.M. 1756, and became an arcbfcofogical writer of con- 
iideiable note. (See an account of bim in the Gent. Slag-^ 1799, p. 722.) Ho died atWiLmington, 
Kent, 3 Aug. 1799, baring been Vicar there since 1767, and holding also dtiring the same period 
the Vicarage of Darent, in the same county. 

» Bee bis mother's hnrial 18 Oct» 1771, and his father's 1 Dec 1773. He matriculated at 
Oxford, from WadJuua College, S June 1747, aod wae fi.A. 27 Feb. 174^-50, and M^. 20 June 1753, 


173| JttiL 18 Elizabeth, daughter of Francis and Mary Wincklea.* 

1732 Dec, 4 Margaret, danghter of George and Elizabeth Garletoa : born 

Nov. 18th.3 
173J March 11 Mary, danghtet of Dr, Edward Willes, Prebendary of thU Chnreh, 

and Jane hie wife," 
17dS April 12 EJizabeth, daughter of Richard and Anne Powellr bom March 

April 15 Samnel, son of Thomas and Susanna Grant: bom April 7th." 

1734 Jnne 26 Ehaabeth-Arthnr^ daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Ingram : 

bom May 24th.* 
Oct. 1 6 Martha, daughter of Francis and Mary Winckles ; bom Sept. 20tb/ 

1735 July 4 Anne, daughter of Richard and Anne Powell ; bom June 4th,* 
Nov. 7 William, son of ThomaH and Susanna Grant : bom Oct. 30th.* 

1736 Sept. 14 Anne, daughter of Owen and Maiy Daviea : bom Aug. 23rd-'*' 

He became Bectof of Christuui Malford, co. Wilts, and flQccessiTGly Prebendary and Cbftncellor 
of Wellflj and Archdeacon of Tauoton and of Wella. holding the Utter office from 20 Oct, 1767 
until his death. He married, in tTB6, Margaret, aifller and coheir of William JeauBT of Shrotoo, 
CO. Dorset, Baq., and died 12 May 1616. 6he died 17 Jan. 1821. 

^ See her father's burial 4 Oct. 1738, and her sister's baptism 12 June 1729, sud note 

' The father was Rev, George CarletoUf Chanter of the Abbey, which appointment he receiTed 
4 Sep. 1726. He was sworn a Qent. of the Chapel Bojal 8 Aug. 1715, and Bnb-dean thereof 16 
Aug. 1732. He was of Bt. John's OoUege, Caaibridge> where A,B. 1704, and A.M. 1708. He died 
16 Dec. 1746. The mother was hie second wife. (Mar, Lie Fac.26 Oct. 1717.£orOeorge Carleton^ 
of St- Bride's, London, widower, aged npwards of 30, and Elizabeth Dillingham, of HnmptODt 
Midx., spinster, ^cd 13 and upwards, with consent of her mother, Elizabeth Dillingham.) Bir 
John Hawkins (_Huterj/ of Afiuic, v. 406) aays that her fiifiter married Dr. Greene, Orgaoist aad 
Composer lo the Royal Chapel, and that they had together kept a miUincr's shop in Paternoster 
Row, and were cousins of the wife of Mr. Charles King, AUnouer of St. Paul's, who was a aister 
of Jerry Clark. Prom the names given to their children, howeTcr, it may be rnther conjectured 
that they were immediately connected with the family of Dr. Theophiles Dlllinghan:, Arch- 
deacon of Bedford, whose son and grandson, both named Theophilus, were buried at Hampton, 
where the mother and daughter, according to the license, were both liTing at the time of 
tbiB marriage. Theophilua Carleton, the second child of the marriage, was baptized at St. 
Bride's, 13 Dec. 1719. See the burials of other children, 26 Dec. 1728, 24 Mch. l72$-30. 10 Mch, 
1736-G, and U Mch. 1738-B. 

■ See her mother's burial 18 Oct. 1771, and her father's 1 Dec. 1773. Bhe was the fifth and 
youngest, but fourth sorviTing daughter. She became the wife of the Rev. Paul-Qeorge Snow, 
Bector of Clipsham, eo. Rutland, and Prebendary of Bath and Wells, who succeeded her brother 
William 04 Chancellor, and was finally Treasurer of the same, from 1763 until Lis death, 27 
Aug. 1706. She died 31 Aug. 1818. 

* See her burial 12 Aqg. 1736. and her fathei^s 4 Feb. 1738-9. 

* See hie burial 9 Dec. 1739, bis mother^a 8 May 17*3, and his father's 16 Aug. 1748. 

' Bee the marriage of hei porentJi 9 Mch, 17^6-6, Bhc woe living at the date of her 
father's will, 27 Jon. 1746^7. 

T See ber fattier^s bnhal 4 Oct. 1738, and her eister's baptism IS June 1729, and note 

■ See her father's barfal 4 Feb. 1738-9, 

> See bis motber^s burial 8 May 1743, and his father's 15 Aug. 174S. He was living at the 
date of his father's will, 12 May 1743. 

^ See her father's burial 1 May 17C9, her mother's It May 1778, and her own 3 Apnl 


17S8 May 15 Jatnee, son of James and Mazy Chehnm : bom April IStb.^ 
17}} Jan. IS Maiy, danghter of Owen and Mary DaTteH: bom Dec. 17th, 

1740 Oct. 7 Samuel, son of Thomas and Susanna Grant : bom Sept. iSth.^ 
1742 Dec. 21 Elizabeth, danghter of Benjamin Bathurat, Esq,, and Kalbarine 

his wife : bora Nov. 28rd.* 
I74[}] JazL 6 Benjamii], son of' Benjamin Bathnrst, ^bQv ^^^ Katharine his 

wife: bom Dec- 5th, 174-[^].* 
1745 Nov, 12 Marjf danghter of John and Mary Catling ; bom Nov. 6th." 
1747 Sept. 4 William and Ann, son and danghter of Thomas and Mary Wright : 

bom Ang. 2Jst7 
Nov. 12 John, son of John and Mary Catling : bom Nov. Ist.^ 
1749 Oct, 27 Anne, daughter of John and Mary Catling ; bom Oct, 1 9th.» 
1761 Aug. 21 SoBanna, daughter of John and M^ Catling: bom Ang, 

1752 Sept. 19 Hannah-Mary-Ann Lewis, about 40 years old, bora at Pensyl- 

vanja, was baptized b; the Rev. Mr, Bayly. 

' Bee his father's burial 10 Aug. 1743. HU baptiHm is aUo recorded tbe eamc date, at 
fit. John the ETangeliat, Westminster. He matriciUated at Oiford, from Chriat Church, 30 Jane 
1758, and wu RA. 4 May 1769, M^. 22 May 1762, B.D. 11 Not. 1772, and D.D. 18 Jtme 

" See hef father^s bnrial 1 May 17fi9, her mother'a II May 1778. and her own 6 Feb. 1786. 

> See hiflbarial* Oct 1741, bin mother's 8 May 1743, and his fatbcr'e Ifi Ang. 1748. 

* Tbe father was of Lydnej, co. Oloucfster, third son of Sir Eenjamin Bathiirtt, £t., by 
Prances, dan. of Bir Allen Apeky, Kt., aod younger brother of AUen, first Karl Batburst- The 
mo^er was his second wife, to whom married early in tbe sams year. She was onjy surnving 
dau. of Dr, Lawrence Brodrick, Prpbendary of WcHtniinstcr> and Aunc his wife (see her brother'^ 
baptism IV Not. 1710, and note thereto). By his two wives Mr. Bathurst had Ihirty-aix children. 
Hq died 6 Not. 1767. His widow died about 1794, and was buried at Mtxbury, CO. 
Oxford. This daughter married William Prowett, of Addcrbury, co. Oxford„E»i., and was 
molher of Uev. John Prowett, Rector of Catetield, co. Norfolk, and Great Tey> co. Eaflox. 
6ee her broUier's baptism, immediately following her own. 

* See the preceding entry and note.— From the imperfect dates given in the text it is 
probftble that the record waa made some time after bi^ baptiran. A i-ecorded pedigree, how- 
erer, in the College of Armh, states that he was the aecood child and eldest son, by Mr, 
Bathojst'B second marriage, and that he was bom in 1743. He waa in tbe anny, and died witfa- 
oQt issue. 

« See her burial 6 Aug. ]7ec, her father's 29 May I7fi2, and her motber'fl 2 Feb. 1788. 

^ Kee tbe daughter's burial 11 May 1752, the mother's 4 June t75ti, and the father's 29 

■ See tbe marriage of his parents 27 Jan. 1744-5, and their burials 29 May 1762 and 
2 Feb. 1788. Be held various subordinate Abbey offlcen from 8 June 1762, when he succeeded 
his father as Bellringer, until bis death, and, according to a monument in the Cloieteta, waa 
finally a Verger aod Sacrist for 33 years, tmder five succeseivG Deans. He manied, at 
Carshalton, Burrcy, 26 Oct. iTBfi, Sarah Prances Fairchxld, described as of St. Margaret^s, 
Westminster, the witnesses being Thomafi-Kichard Faircbild, Charles Beeves, and Mary 
Kempster. He diod 3 Mch. I82e, in his 79tb year, and she 5 Dec. 183!}, aged 78, and both 
were buried In tbe churchyard of Lewiehatu, Kent. See the baptiam of their only daughter, 
II Oct 1787. 

» See her burial 9 Dec. 1749, her father's 29 May 1762. and her mother's 3 Feb. 1788. 
■^ See her bcrial 79 July 1752, her father's 29 May 1762, and her moLhcr'b 2 Feb. 1788. 


1762 Oct, 5 Mary, danghter of Thomas and Mary Wright; bom Aug. 

1753 Jan. 22 Ricbard, eon of the Rev, Christopher Wikon, Prebendary of thia 

Church, and Anne hia wiie : bom Dec. Slat, 1752." 
1756 Jnne 5 Benjamin^ son of John and Mary Catling : bom May 18th.' 

July 2 James, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Ansley : bom Jane 20&.* 
1756 Dec- 10 Margaret, daughter of the Rev* Dr. ChriBtopher Wilson, Prt- 

bendary of this Church, and Ann hie wife: born Nov. 21at,* 

1760 May 5 William, eon of the Rev, Dr. William Markbam and Sarah hia 

wife : born April 5th,* 

1761 Jan. 2 Harriet, daughter of Henry and Henrietta Brooker : bom 

Dec, 15th, 1760.' 
1766 Oct, 15 Samnel, son of the Rev. Dr. Bamnel Smith (Head Master of the 

School) and Anna hia wife : bom Sept. 20th.^ 
1766 July 14 Deneill, son of William Cope (Chapter Clerk and Regiatrar) and 

Ann his wife : bom Jnne 18th,^ 

^ Bee her barl^tl It ApL 1754, bar mother's i Jone 1759, and her father's 29 May 1762. 

* The fAther w&b of Cathennc Ball, Cambridge, A.B. 1736, A.M. 1740, aud B.T.P. 17G3, and 
became a Prebeadar; of St. PaQl'H £1 Oct. 1745. He wa« installed Prebendary of WestminBter 3 
Hay 1746, bat resigned about July 176S, on be<»jmlug a ReaidentiaTy of St. Paurs. He vas oon- 
BCcrated Bifihop of Bristol 6 July 1763, and died 16 Apl. 1792, tn his 7Bth year. The mother 
waa the youngest dau. of the Rt. jElev. Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London. This, their eldeat, 
son waa afterwards of Budding Hall, in Yorkshire, and married, in 1781, BliEabethf second dau. 
of the Rev. Dr- John Fountayne. Dean of York, but died before 2fi Not. 1791, the date of hi* 
father^s will. Soe bis sister's baptism 10 Dec 1756. 

> See his burial 20 Aug. 1776, his father's 29 Maj 1762, and his mother's S Feb, 1788. 

* A new watchman of Dean's Yard appointed 3 Jaae 1760, in tbe place of one Antutlef 
discharged {Chapter Book). 

> Sec her brother's baptism 22 Jan. 1753, and note thereto^ Bhe wm their fifth dau., and 
married, May 1797, Sir Hugh Smytb, third Bart, of Long Ashton, co. Bomenet. She died in 
1819, without issue. 

' See his father's burial 11 Nov. 1807, and his motbefa 3 Feb. 1614, He was eldest son, 
bom 6 Apl. preceding, and was educated at Westminster School, He became Private Secretary 
to the Hon. Warren Hastings, Goyemor of India, and in 1761 was appointed Beddant at 
BeuareB, but returned to England in 1763, and settled at Becca Hall, near Aherfard, Yorkshire. 
He married, 20 Aug. 1796, Elizabeth, dau. of Oldfield Bowles, of North Aston, co. Oxford^ Eaq. 
He died 1 Jan. 1815, aud vas bnried at Abeiford. 

' See her biuial 25 Feb. 1780, her father's 6 June 1787, and her mother's £3 Jan. 1802. 

< See his mother's bnrial i Dec. 1789, and hia father's 31 Mch. 1608. He matriculated at 
Oxford, from Christ Cburcb (elected from St. Peter's College, Westminster), 30 May 1782, and was 
B.A. 3 Hay 1786, U.A. 14 Jao. 17S9, B.D. 7 Mch. 1797, and D.D. 7 July 1808. He hocaroe 
Prebendary of ttouthwell 4 Not. ISOO, Canon of Christ Church 10 Mch. 18<^, and Dean 1 Mch. 
1824, which latter dignity he resigned, exchanging for the Golden Stall at Durham, to which he 
succeeded 21 Sep- 1831. He Bocceedcd alao to the family liviug of Dry Drayton, co. Cambridge^ 
where he died, 9 Jan. 1641. He married, 8 Aag, 1603, Anne-Brady, dan. of William Baruett, of 
Arcadia, in the Island of Jamaica^ Esq. She died 23 Feb. 1826, aged 44, and was buried in 
Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, t Hcb. following. Tbey were parents of the Iter, William 
Smith, of Oreatbam, Hanta Qwbo succeeded to the living of Dry Drayton), the Bev. Henry 
Smith, Vicar of Easton Maudit, co. Northampton, and Ihe Rev. Charles Smith, some time Ticar 
of East Oarston, Berks, and Bector of Boothby GrafEoe, co. Lincoln. 

> The father, William Copei of Bridgaa Place, Bexley, Sent, E>q^ yonngof brother of tho 


Aug. 27 
March 11 

Aug. 17 


April 2 


Feb. 6 
Jan. 6 


1766 BepL 28 DftTid, eon of the Rev. Dr. William Markbam and Sarah hie 

wife : bom Sept. Ist.^ 
Anna, daughter of Samuel and Aima Smith : bom Aug. 2nd.^ 
Bobert, son of the Kev, Dr. Robert Fowler, Prebendary of this 

Church, and Mildred; bom Feb. IStb.^ 
JohD, son of William Cope (Chapter Clerk, etc.), and Ann his 

wife : bora July 22nd.* 
SuaanDa, daughter of George and Susamia Slemaker : born 

March 18th.^ 
Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel aud Anna Smith : bom Jon. 1 1th/ 
Geoige, son of George aud SuBanna Slemaker : bom Dec. 13th, 

March 11 Fr&nce«, daught^ of the Kev. Dr. John Blair, Prebendary of thia 

Church, and Ann-Peraode bis wife: bom Feb. 11th at hia 

Prebendal house in Little Dean'a Yard.^ 

Her. Sir Bichaid Cope, ninth Bart, of HanweU, co. Orford. was appointed Ecgistrar and Chapter 
Clerk 19 July 1763, and held those offices until his death. 8ep. 1£03. The mother w&r dau. and 
heireas of Benjamin Qreenwood, of 8t. Uuy Cray, Kent, Esq., and thcj were married Sep. 17G5, 
She died 16 Jan. ISlO, and both were biiried at Beilejr. Thia non succeeded hia unele as tenth 
Bart, 6 Nov. 1806, and died, withont issue, 30 Dec. 181S. He married, 13 Sep, 1810, Elizabeth- 
Dorothea Francifi, of Park Place, St, Jotnea's Street, who rctnarried, SO Aug^ 18^i Henry Kueh, of 
Heckfield* Hants, Esq. She died 16 Feb. 1840. and was buried with her first hueband at 
EvoTsley, Hanta. See hie brotlier'a baptism 17 Aug. 1T£S. 

■ &H bis faiher'i burial 11 Nor. 1807. and hie mother's 3 Feb. ISU. He was fourth boo, 
bom the Jst oC the same month, and was educated at WeHtmiuster School and Chriet Cburch, 
Oxford. He eabaequently entered the Anny, became Lieut,- Colonel of the 20th Ref^iment of 
Foot, and was killed 36 Meh, 1795, whilst directing an attack against a fort near Port-au-Prince, 
in the island of St. Domingo. He died anmarried. 

' See her mother's biirial 4 Dec. 178^, and her father's 31 Mch. IBOS. She mamed James 
W«ke^ Bsq., Bairiflter-at-Law (aon of the Bev, Dr. Charles Wake* Prcbenilary of WeEtminster), 
who died 10 June 1841, and was buried at HeaTitree> co. Devon, where she waa also buried, 
16 ApL 1849. 

< The father was of Trinity College, Cambridge, A.B. 1747-8, A.M. 1761, and S.T.P. 1764. 
\ He WBfi installed Prebendary of Weslminnter 16 Feb. 17G5. but resigned in 1771, on becoming 
>V^ Bishop of KitUloe in Ireland- He became Archbishop of Dublin 22 Dec 1778, and died 10 

Oc^ 1801. Thifi bis cmly son matriculated at Oxford, from Chrittt Church, IS Jan. 1785, and was 
BJl. 23 Oct. 1788. He waa afterwards Archdeacon of Dublin, and in J813 became Bishop of 
Ossory. Of his two tdsters, one became Countess of Kilkenny, and the other was mother of 
the fifth Earl of Mayo. 

* See his brother's baptism 14 July 1766, and note thereto. He sncceedcd him as eleventh 
Bart. 30 Dec. 1812, and waa of Bramshill Park, in Everaley, Hanta, He died, without issue, IS 
Nov, 1851, and was buried at Breisley, 

* Bee her father's burial 23 Aug. 1802, aud ber mother's 10 Nov. 1818- 

» See her mother's burial 4 Dec, I7S», and her father's 3* Mch. IfeOS. She was married, at 
St. George's, flloomsbury, 14 May 18i>0. to the Re7. Kobert Narea, Archdeacon of Btaffortl. 
Prebendary of Lichfield, Preacher at Liucoln's Inn, and licctor of All Hallows, London Wall, 
to whom she was third wife. He died 23 Mch. 1829^ and was buried at 8t. George's, Bloomsbury. 
She was buried at Heavitree, Co. Devon, 26 May 1853. 

T See his father's burial 23 Aug. 1802, and his mother's 10 Nov. 1818. He appears to have 
married Uary Brcdell^ and a daughter of theirs, of that name, was baptized at St. John tho 
BTangeliat, Westminster, 1 Sep. 1795. 

< 8fle her latiier's burial 27 June 1782.— .Died, 23 Aug. 1600. in Bonthompton Bow, Blooms- 


1772 Feb, 24 Henry, son of the Rev. Dr, John Blair, PrebencUry of this 

Church, and Ann-Peraode hia wife : bom Jan, 18th.^ 
March 7 John, Bon of Samuel and Anna Smith : bom Feb. ISth.' 
Oct 18 Elizabetlir daughter of George and Hnaanna Slemaker ; bom 

Sept. 18th,» 
Dec. 31 William-8t. Andrew, aon of the Rev, William Vincent (Second 

Master of the School) and Hannah hia wife : bora Kov. SOth-* 
1778 Feb, 22 Sarah, daughter of the Rev. Dr. John Biair, Prebendary of this 

Chnrch, and Ann-Peraode hia wife : bom Jan. 18th.* 

1774 Feb. 24 Henry, son of Samuel and Anna Smith : bom Jan. 23rd.* 
April 28 John, son of the Rev. Dr. John Blair, Prebendary of thie 

Chnrch, and Ann-Pereode hia wife : bora March 2drd7 
May 12 Qeorge-Gilea, Bon of the Rev. William Vincent (Second Maeter 
of the School) and Hannah his wife : bora April 11th.* 

1775 Oct. 22 John, bod of George and Snaanna Slemaker : bora Sept. 30th.* 

1776 Feb, 6 Anna-PriBcilla, danghter of the Rev. Dr. John Blair, and Ann- 

Pereode hia wife : bom Jan. 6tb,^° 
April 16 William, aon of William and Frances Trivett: bom March 26th." 
Sept. 2 Thomas, son of Qeorge and Snaanna Slemaker: born Aug. 8nL" 

buij, MisB BUir, eldest dAoghter of the Ute Bfft. Dr. Blftir, Pnbendary of Wefltmiruter 
{GffHL Mag.) 

* See hJB biirial 8 Jan, 1774, and hie father's 27 June 1782. 

' See bU htJTiAl 27 Jul; 1773, hia mother'a 4 Dec. 1789, and his father's 31 Mch. ISOS. 
' See her father's borial 23 Aug. 1802, and her mother's 10- Not. 1818. She ttAnied Pitt 
Cohbettf and bb his wife administered tfi her mother's estate 16 Feh. 1819. 

* Bee bis mother's burial ^3 Feb. 1807, and hie father's 29 Dec. 1S15. He was eldest son. 
He matriculated at Oxford, from Christ Church (elected from Bt. Peter's College, Westminflter), 
22 Jmie 1791, and was B.A. 22 April 1795, M^. 16 Feb. 1798, and B.D. 29 Not. 1827. He 
became Rector of AU Hallows the Qreat and Less, Loudon, in 1803, and Ticar of Bolnej, Sussex, 
in 1B27, the 1att«r On bis own presentation as a Prebendary of Chichester, which appointment be 
had held since 1 Apl. 1801. He died at Bokiey 22 July 1849, and was huried there. 3ee the 
baptisms of his daitgbters, 30 Nor. 1S0€ and 30 Not. 1808, and the hnrial of his Bcm 4 Mch. 

* 6ee her father's burial 27 June 1782. — Married, at Bnxat, in Bengal, Capt Henry Hyndman 
' to Miss Samh Blaii, second daughter of the late Dr. Blair, Prebendary of Westminster {ScoU 

Mtigaiine, Oct. 1795). 

* Bee his mother's burial 4 Dec. 1789, and his father's 31 Mch. 1808. He matriculated at 
Oxford, from Christ Chnreh (elected from St. Peter's College, Westminater) 22 June 1791, and 
was B^. 22 Apl. 1795, and M.A. 20 Feb. 1798. He became Vicar of Alconbniy, co. Hnntingdon^ 
in 1803, and exchanged for Eilsby, co. Northampton, in 1809. He was admitted a Prebendary of 
Southwell 3 Mch. 1807, and was senior Prebendary at hia death, which occurred in London. His 
will, dated 29 Feb. 1844, was proved 16 Mch. following. He married Frances, dau. of Sir William- 
Btias Taunton^ of the City of Oxford, St., who HurriTed him. 

' Bee his father's burial 27 June 1782. 

* Beo his mother's horiol 23 Feb. 1807, Ms father's 29 Dec. IBlfi, and his own 3 Feb. 1859. 
< Sec his burial I Jan. 1778, his father's 23 Aug, 1802, and his mother's 10 Not. 1818. 

« Bee her father'i borial 27 June 1782, 

" He was admiHed to Gt. Peter's College, Westminster, in 1791, and elected to Cambridge 
in 1795, where A.D., as of IVinity College, in 1799, and A.M. in 1808. He became Bector of 
BradweLl, co. BaJfolk, in 1810, 

n See his burial 1 Oct. 1775, bis fftlhef s 23 Aug. 1802, and his mother's 10 Kor. 1818. 


1776 Deo. 12 Hsjanah-EliEabeth, daaghter of Che Rev, William and HaDnah 

Vincent: bora Nov, 9tii,* 

1777 Feb. 24 Thomas, son of the B«7. Dr, Samuel Smith (Head Mafiter of the 

School) and Aima hia mfe : bom Jan. 2lBt.^ 
April 12 William, son of the Rev. Dr. John Blair, Prebendary, and Ann- 

Peiaode his wl& : bora Feb. 25th.^ 
177S Jan. Id A&kin, an East Indian &om Bengal, aged about 16 yeare, waa 

baptised by the Rev, Dr, Blair, Prebendary of this Collegiate 

Church, by the name of John. 
ApL 18 Harriet, daughter of the Rev. Dr. John Blair, Prebendary of 

thifi Church, and Ann-Peraode hia vife : born March 21at/ 
Jane 27 Rebecca, daughter of Anaelm and Rebecca Bayly : bora June 

28rd, and half-baptized Jiine 27th. Fully baptized April 

29 th 1779."* ^ 
Oct. 26 FnmdB, son of the Rev. Dr. Samuel Smith (Head Master of the 

School) and Ann a hia wife : bom Sept. 24th." 

1779 Feb. li John, aon of George and Susanna Slemaker: born Jan- 


1780 Sep. 21 Patrick-George, aon of the Rev, Dr. John Blair, Prebendary of 

this Church, and Ann-Peraode hia wife : bom Ang. 23rd.^ 
1782 March 23 Edward-Angnatua, aon of the Rev. Dr. John Blair and Ann- 
Peraode hia wife : born Feb, 22nd.* 
Jtme 3 Charlotte-Jane, daughter of Joseph and Jane Thome: born 
Uay 8th.<« 

* Bee ber bmial 13 Feb. 17T7, her mother^s 23 Feb. IS07, and bcr falbcr's 29 Dec. 1815. 

' See hu mother's buri&l 4 Deo. 1789, tiia father's 31 Mch. 1B0£, and hU own £2 Hch. 

> Bee hia fathei'ft bnriftl 27 Jane 1T£2. 

* Bee her father^a bori&l 27 June 1782. 

' The father matricnUted at Orford, Crom Bxetcr College, i Nov. 1740, aged 21, ab eon o( 
Anaelm Baily, of Haresfield, co. Glonceatcr, and was described as ^* Ptcb. fil." He then signed hi£ 
name " Baily,*" bnt appean enbecquently (o hava changed the orthography, aa he took the degree 
of B.C,L. 13 June 17W, then of Chriat Church, aa " Bayly," and proceeded D.C.L. 10 July 1764. 
The linden fftnv ftif Zf , 2S Kor. 1776, calU him Sub^iean of the Chapel Ro;aL From the Cheque 
Book he appeara to have been swom a Gent, of the Chapel 29 Jan. 1710-1, and Priest in ordinary 
13 Mch. 1743-4. The mother waa his Mcond vife. &ec the burial of his first wlft' 21 Not, 1775. 
Two days after, via,, 23 Not. 177fi, according to the parish rcgiater, ho was married, at St, 
Hargaret'as Westmioster, to Rebecca Moore, of that [lai-i^, described in the register- as a spinster, 
and in the Ltmdon Chnmiel^ referred to aa " a lady of large fortune.'' See the biirial of another 
child of this marriage 20 June 1778, and the burials of his childien by his first wife, 211 Oct, I7B1, 
8 Oct. 1754, and B Not. 1782. The last claii60 of the text was of course a subsequent addition. 

■ Bee his mother's burial 4 Deo. 1789, and his father's 31 Mch. 180H, He entered the Civil 
Berrice, or some other public employment, bat retired at his father's death, and resided some 
time in fierkahire. He died, unmarried^ at HeaTttreei eo. Devon, and was buried there 18 Nov, 

' Bee hfa father's burial 23 Aug. 1802, and hia mother^a 10 Nor, 1818. . 

■ See Ms father's burial 27 June 1782. 

* See hia father's borial 27 June 1782. 

1* Bee her taUu^B burial 21 Mch. 1795. E^he was living, unmarried, 8 Aug. iBlfi, when she 
Adminiatered, A fonjc iu>i», to her father^a ertate* 












1784 May 22 Joseph, bod of Joeeph and Jane Thome ; born April 26th.* 
1786 June 22 Latchemi, an Eaat Indian, aged about 12 yeare, baptized by the 
name of Anne. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Jane Thome : bom Oct. 8th.^ 
FraaceB-Ann, danghter of Johu and Sarah - Frances Catting: 

born Sept. 5th.» 
Kaiy, daughter of Joseph and Jane Thome : bom Jan» 18th.^ 
John and SoBanna, boh and daughter of the Her* Dr. Samuel 
Smith, Prebendary of tbiB Church, and Susanna: bom Mch, 
Caroline, dai^hter of Isaac and Lydia Dare : bom May 16th.* 
Thomas- Watflon, son of the Rev. Thoma^Watson Ward and 
Ann hi& wife : bom Jaji» 19th.^ 
Nov. 15 Carolina, daughter of William and Mary Agglinton : bom June 
1797 March 26 Ann, daughter of the Ber. Thomafi-Watson Ward and Ann hia 

wife: bom Mch, 20tli-a 
1799 Jolm-HoTsley, son of the Bev. William -Whitfield D&kins and 

Sugui hiB wife : bom July 9th.^ 

■ See his fatJier'a burial 21 Mch. 1796, aud bis ovm [Feb.] 1800. 
> See her father's burial 21 Hcb. 1795, and ber own 19 Sep. 1797. 

' 8«e her father's baptism 13 Kpv, 1747, and noie thereto. She mftrried^ in 1816, Iliomafl- 
Kewlej BeevG (seicond boh of Cbarlea Reeve, of SoathaU HooBei co. Midx., Eaq-), then in the 
aervice of the Bank of Bnglaud, from which he retired in 1S26, having entered it in 1810, He 
was standard-bearer to the corps of QentlemeQ-at-Arma during the reign of King WiUiun IV., 
and port of that of her prosent Majesty, on whose coronation he was knighted. Lady Eeeve 
died at Richmond, Suney^ T Jan. 1668^ and 8ij Thomas on the foUowtng 17th ApL, aged about 
75. See the baptisms of their children 22 July 1&19 and C Jtme 1831. 

* Bee her father's burial 21 Mch. 1796. She was living 6 Jan. 1793 (named in the will of 
Esther Sejinore boi-ied 13 Mch. 1793), and apparently 8 Aag. 1815. 

' See ibeir mother's horial 29 Hch. 1792, and their father's 31 Mcb. 1808. They were Dr. 
Smith's only children by his second wife, who Burvired their birth only ten days. See Che 
bmial of the son 7 July 1792, The danghter died joung^ and was buried at Dry Drayton, co. 

■ See her mother's burial 3 Oct. 1797, and her faUier's 12 Feb. 1810. She was living at the 
date of his wiU, 28 Jan. 1810. 

7 See his mother's burial 31 Mch. 1797, and his own 24 May 1808. The father was admitted 
to 8t. Peter's College^ Westminster, In 1777, aged 14, and was elected to Cambridge in 1731> 
where A.B. 1786» and A.M. 1788, and a Fellow of Trinity College. He became one of the oehen 
of WefftmiDsteT School in 1784. In l7Bfi he bad the vicarage of Pelmerabam, Beda, and in 1801 
tiiftt of Shambrook, in the same county, where he died 30 May 1B25, aged about €3. 

■ See her brother's baptiom 24 Feb. 1796, and note thereto. She wae living at the date of 
her father's vriil, 16 Oct. 1824, wife of Jonathan Hayuc, of Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, Kaq. 

* See his mother's burial II Dec 1834, and his father's 2! Jon. i860. He became S.O.L. of 
lenity College, Cambridge, and Hon. D.D. of King's College and the UniTeraity^ Aberdeen. He 
was for upwards of twenty yeora Chaplain to the Forces in London, Priest iu ordinal? to the late 
King and her present Majesty, and Domestic Chaplnin to their Eoyal Highnesses the late Dukes 
of Tork and Csnibridge, and to the King of Hanover. On his father's death he resumed the 
ancient orthography of the family namCtTix., GaJtyitt. He became Vioar of Holy Island, Durham, 
in 1867. and was living in 1875. He married, 9 Oct. 1S23, at Cann, near ShaftesbnJ?, Dorset, 
Sophia-Matilda-Carolinej youngest dau. of t^e Bt. Ber. William-Lort MooBel, Bishop of Brlctolf 


1601 Laura-Anne, daughter of the Rev. William -WTutfield Dakina 

and Sosan hia wife : bom Dec. 31 1800,i 
IflOS Elizabeth and Frances, daughters of the Rev. William- Whitfield 

DakinB and Snaan hia wii^ : born May 6th.' 
1808 8ep. 22 ThomaB-Hill, son of the Rev. Jamea Bmedlej and Katharine hia 

wife : bom July 23Td.' 

\^ff&r€ end His Bt^tiantB in iiu Second Volume.'] 

1804 July S Mary-Harriett, danghter of the Rev. William Page and Mary 
hia wife : bom June lfit> 

hj ImbeUa, dnii* (d Jobn HAggCTBtoOr of Cambridge, Esq. She died, At Holj Island vicarage, 
98 Dec. 1873. 

^ Bee her mother'^ burial 11 Dec 1&S4, and her father's 21 Jan. 18fiO, This baptiBm is also 
reoorded at Bt. Hirgoret's, WesbEUDHtw. and the date there given as 21 Jan. 1801. She waa 
married at St. MarganCs, We«tniinatef, 20 Nov. 1830, to William- 8elby Sirbj, Esq., then of 
KensmgtoDy Hidx, She died 16 Nov, 1B41, at WaltoQ-ott-Tbames, Gurrcy, and was thei^ 

* See their mother's barlal 11 Dec. 1834, and their Father's Si Jan, 1860. Their baptismo 
are alno recorded at St. Margaret's, Westminster, and tbo date there given as 31 Dec. 1802, 
Bliaabeth wag married at £C HargAret'a, Westminster, 5 May 1821, to Louis-Heniy Desangee, 
Esq., then of St. Lnke'e, Uidz. (who died subseqnentlj at Nice), and was livtug in the Iste of 
Wight in 1870. Fiancee was married at St. Hargaret's, Westminster, 22 Jaly 1S28. to the Itev. 
George CoweU, then of St. Pancras, Midx. (who died in Canada, about 1861), and waa Uving in 
1870, at Radne, in the State of Michigan, United States of America. 

' The father waa eon of Thomas Smedlej, of Bi^ilt Hall, co. Flint, Eeq^ by hia wife Jane 
Foulkes, of Mertjn, near Holywell, in that countj, where ho was bom 19 July 1TT5. He was 
admitled to tit. Peter's College, WeatmlDSter. 178S, and elected to Trinity College, Cambridge, 
1793, where A-B. 1797, and A.M. 1802. He was Usber of WcfltminBter School from 1797 until 
Aog. IBM, when he became Uaater of the Free School at Wrexham, go. Denbigh, but resigned 
Dec 1809. He aubeeqQenlly resided with his i*on at Chesterton, co. Cambridge, where he died 
2 Feb. 1853, and was buried in the cburchjard there. The mother was dau. of Alexander 
fiaby, Esq. (at tbia period of liie Sanctuary, Westminster, and of Cobham. co. Surrey, but after- 
wards of Llaaelly, co. Cannorlhen), bj his wife Anne Cox. She is described in licir Mar. Lie* 
Fac, 22 Feb. 1600, as of fit. Margaret's, Weetminator, spinster, aged abovo 21. Sbc died in the 
antqmn of 1806, and was buried at Wrexham, where this son, who died about 1808, waa also 
buried. See his brother's baptiam 29 July 1804. 

* The father eldest son of the Bev. WLlliam-Emmonuel Pago, Rector of Frod^ Chester, 
by Jane Bell bis wife, and was bom at Frodsham 18 l^'cb. 1778. He matriculated at Oxford, 
from Christ Church (elected from St. Peter's College, Westminster), 3 June 1795, and was BA. 
11 Apl. 1799, M.A. 1 Feb. 1802, B.D, 20 May 1809. and D.D. 13 May 1815. He was Vicar of 
Willen. BucIls, from 25 Feb. 1806 until hta death. In 1812 he became Vicar of Btevcuton, 
Berka. and Bector of Nunbumhclme, co. Torlc, but resigned both in 1817, and took the Rectory 
of Qaainton. Bucks. He was alao Sub-Almoner to the Archbishop of York, He became Second 
Master of Westminster School in 1802, and Head Miutter in 18U. He died at OxFoid 20 Sep. 
1819, and was buried the 26lh in Christ Church Cathedral. The mother dau. of Tliomas Davis, 
of Bicester, CO, Oxford, Surgeon, by Hannah Tanner bis wife, and was bom 2fi Aug. 1780. She was 
married at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 12 Aug, 1803, She died 12 May 1820, and was buried 
at Steeple Aston, co. Oxford. This daughter, their oldest child, was married at St. Margaret's, 
Westminster, 20 May 1828, to the Rt. Rev. ChriBtopher Lipscombo, Bishop of Jamaica, to whom 
she was aecond wife. He died 4 Apl. 1843. and was buried at Jamaica. She died at Brighton 
14 Feb. I860, and was buried at Hove, near that place. See the baptisms of her brothers and 
siMeratf Oct, 180B, 12 Feb. 1807, 10 May 1808.21 Sep. 1809, 1 Apl. 1611, 9 July 1812. 10 Feb. 
1S14, 16 ApL 1816, aikd 10 Mch. 1818, and (he burials of her brothers and sister, 16 Nov. 1817, 
14 F^ 1933, and IS Dec. 1860. 


1804 July 29 Edward -Arthur, eon of the Rev, James Smedley and Katherine 

his wife: born July 20th.* 
Oct. 17 Hannah-Mary, daughter of George-Gilee Vincent (Chapter Clerk 
and Registrar of this Collegiate Church) and Mary hifi wife : 
bom Sept. 18th.^ 

1805 Oct. 9 Cyril-William, gon of the Rev. WOliam Page and Mary hie 

wife : bora Sept. 18th* 

1806 April 11 George-Giles, son of Qeoi^e-Giles Vincent (Chapter Gerk, etc,) 

and Mary his wife : bom Nov. 28, 1805> 
Nov, 30 Joflepha-Mary,danghter of the Rev. William-Saint AndrewVincent 
and Frances- Elizabeth- Gayfere bis wife ; bom Sept, 10th-* 

1807 Feb. 12 Jane-Perryn, daughter of the Rev, William Page and Mary hiH 

wife: born Jan. 15th," 
June 25 George, bou of George-Giles Vincent {Chapter Clerk, etc,) and 
Mary his wife : born June 8th J 

1808 March 21 Ellen, daughter of Joseph Allen, Prebendary of this Church, and 

Margaret his wife : bom Mch. 5th.^ 

^ EeG hie brother's baptiem 22 Sep. 1803, and note thereto. He woa admitted to St. Peter's 
College, WeBtminater, 1818, and elected to Trinity CoUege, Cambrit^e, 1822, is^here A-B. 1826, 
and A.M. 1829. He waa Usher of Wefitminster School from 1828 to 1836, when he became Vicar 
of Chesterton, oo. Cambridge^ and was Btill In posBGSfiion of the living in 1874. 

' See her falhcr'e borial 3 Feb- 1869. Her mother waa bis fijrt wife, dan. of the Her. Francis 
Worslcy, D.D., Bector of Chale* Isle of Wight, and died 10 Sep. 1807, at Bellic^ham, nnd waa 
btiried the 15th at Oodshill, both in that island- She died, nmnan-ied, 4 Jan. 1866, and wu 
boried in ffensal Green Cemetery. 

' See his sister's baptism 5 July 1804, and note thereto. He waa the eldest son. He 
matriculated at Oxford, from Christ Church (elected from St. Peter's College, Westminster), 9 May 
1823, and was B.A. 1 Feb. 1S27, and M.A. 22 Oct. 1829, becoming a Student of hiB CoUege, He 
was Curate of St. Margaret's, Weatminater, until 1843, when he became Incombentof Christ 
Church, WeHtnjinHter. and bo continued until Jus death. He died, unmarried, H April 1878, 
being then Senior Ktudent of Christ Cfaorch. 

' 8ce hia father's burial 3 Feb. 1869, bis sister's baptism 17 Oct. 1304, and note thereto, and 
hia own burial 30 Oct. 1806. 

* See her father's baptism 31 Dec. 1772, and note thereto. Her xnother was Frances- 
Elizabeth-Gayfere, dau. of Evan Jones, of Oakham, co. Rutland, by his wife Anne Ellington, 
and was married at Oakham 1 Aug. 1803 : she died 18 July 1866, aged 80, ami was buried at 
Frostenden, Suffolk. Thia daughter married, at St. Pancras (New Church), Midx., 7 Nov. 1833, 
Richard Robertson, Esq., who died 9 Jan. 1847 and was buried at St. Fancras (Old Chmx^b), and 
was liTing, hia widow, in 1874, 

See her sister's baptism B July 1804, and note thereto. She was second dau. and thifd 
child. She died 14 Dec. 1822, and waa buried at Eenaington, Midx. 

' See hie father's burial 3 Feb. 1859, and his sister's baptism 17 Oct 1804, and note thereto. 
He became a Solicitor in London, and Steward of the Manors of the Dean and Chapter of 
Westminster. He married Caroline, daa. of Charles Bedford, of Great George Street, Wevt- 
minster, Esq., Proctor and Deputy Registrar of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, by Sarah, 
dau. of Lawrence Deaborongh, of Huntingdon^ Esq. He died at Putney, co. Surrey, 35 Mch. 
16G1, and was burie^t in Kenaal Green Cemetery. 

■ The father was of Trinity CoUege, Cambridge. A.B. 1792. A.M. 1795, and S.T.F. 1&39. 
He WRS installed Prebendary of WeatminHter 16 Oct. 1806 (Chapter Bitok}. He was consecrated 
Bishop of Bristol 7 Dec. 1834, and translated to Ely (confirmed) 17 Aug. 1836. He died 20 
Mch. 1S4G, in his 7Gth jGra. 


ISOd Maj 10 WiUiEoiL-EmmaiiiiGl, Bon of the Rev. William and Mary Page : 

born April 9th.' 
Nor, 80 Frances-Ami, daughter of the Rev. William-Saint Andrew 

Yinceiit and Francefi-Elizabeth-Gayfere hie wife ; bom Dec. 

15, 1807 * 
1809 Sept 21 Anne, daughter of the Ber. William and Maiy Page: bom 

Aug, nth." 

1811 April 1 Emma-Boae, daughter of the Her. William and Mary Page : 

born Feb, 25th.* 

1812 July 9 Elizabeth, daughter of the R«t. William and Mary Page : bom 

Jane let, at tbe Second Master's honse,^ 

^After (his date there are two copies of the Regisisr^ and, 
as ont sometimes contains more particulars than the other, 
they are here combimd, the portions from the second copi/j 
as well ae from sundry loose slipe (evidently the original 
notes of the entries), being placed toUhin parmtheses,^ 

1814 Feb, 10 John-Emmanuel, son of the Rev. William P^e (Clerk, Under 

Master of Westminster School) and Mary his wife : bom Dec 
25, 1818.* 

1815 Jan, 1 William-Charlee-Fynes, son of the Rev. James Webber (Chaplain 

- to the House of Commons) and Caroline Frances his wife: 
bom the same day.^ 

1 6ce hifl oBter'a b&ptiflm 5 July 1804, and note thci-cto. He waa eecoiid aon and fauTtli 
chUd, He matriculated aX Oxford, from CbriHt Church (elected from ^t, Peter'^ (JoUcgc* Wesl- 
mijut«r),13M&yl826,andwafiBA.21 Jan. 1830, MA. 30 Mch, 1S3», B.M,^4 Apl.1834, and D.M. 
13 May 1837. Ho becwne a FeUow and Trqaaurer of tha College of Pbywiciana, aaii pnictiBcd 
hie profEfiflion in London. He majiied Julia-KAthcrine, d&Ur of R- Keatc, Ksq., berjcaut-Sargeon 
to Her Maje«t7* aod died 2 Jan. 1868. 

' See her fathoj-'fl baptirao 31 Dec. 1772, ami her aister*^ 30 Nov. 1806, and notes thereto. 
She nurried, at Bolney, co. Boasex, 19 Sep. 1833, llegioald-Broolce Boddiugtoiii of Burchcr 
Court, CO. Hereford, Esq., J.P. and D.L. for that countj, who died 8 Jan. 1863. aged 54, nnd woa 
Inried at Btanton-upoa- Arrow, and was livmg, his widow, in 1874. 

* Bee her tdater's baptiem 6 July 1B04, and note tliereto. Fihewao third dau- and fifth 
chikL Bceherb[mall3 Decieso. 

* See her eiiter's baptiam 5 July 1804, and note thereto. She was fourth dau. and sixth 
child, bhe died, unmarded. IH Aug. 1866, at St. Tudy, Cornwall, and was there buried. 

' Bee her Hiiiter^B baptism 6 July 1804, and note thereto. She was fifth dau. and Bcrenth 
child, and was stilt lining, unmarrif^d, Dec. 1870. 

* Bee bia idster^a baptism u July LH04, and note thereto. He wan third eon and eighth child. 
Hee his burial 14 Dec. 1833. 

f Eldest son of the Ber. Jamca Webber, afterwards Prebendary ami t^ub-dcan of Wost- 
minsUr, and, 14 Not. 1B28, Dean of Ripon, by Caroline- Fnmceft, dau. of the Bcv. Charles Fynes- 
Clinton, D.D., Prebendary of Westcolnstcr. Dean Webl>erdied at Kipun3 Sep. 1847, aged 7u,and 
hill widow waa btill living in 1S68 in her Suth year. He matricLilated at Oxfonl, from Christ 
CltUTch (elected from Bt. Pelcr'a College, Westminster), 23 May 1S33, nnd was B.A.26 Jan. i8H7, 
and H.A. 17 Oct, 18^9. He was Usher of WeEtmimtter ^School from 18:^7 to I84U ; Incumbent of 
Maiden Bradley, WillA, from 1842 to 1844 ; Perpetual Curate of iit Botolph, Aldcregatc, London, 
lB4fi; Uinor Canon of 8t Paul's I8oO; and Bah-dean 1853. Sb waa still Uring, 1875, Bub- 


1815 May 29 Charles-FranciB, son of Henry Pynefl, Eeq, (of Welwyn, co< 

Herts, M,P.) and Katherine hie wife: bom March 6th.* 

1816 April 15 CharleB, son of William Page, D,D., Head Maater of Weat- 

minster School, and Mary his wife: bom March 7th.* 

1817 April 17 Anna-Maria-IaabeUa, daughter of Henry Fyaea, Esq., M.P.> 

etc., and Katherine his wif^ : (borit July 6th 1816).^ 

1818 March 10 Vernon, eon of William Page, D.D*, etc, and Mary hie wife: 

bora Jan. 19th.* 
Not. 4 Francis- William, son of Geoi^-Gilea Vincent, Chapter Clerk, 
and Emilia-Elizabeth hia wife : bom Sept. 80tb.^ 

1819 May 15 Lonifla-Emma-Mary, daughter of Henry lyoea, Esq., M-P., and 

Katherine his wife: bora Sept. 10th, 1818.* 
July 22 Charlee-John, son of Thomas- Newley Reeve, a Clerk in the 
Bank of Engluid, and Franceb-Anne hia wife : (bom Jnne 

de*n, Bnccentor, and first Minor Canon ot St TaoTa^ and Vicar of St. Botolph, Aldef^ste. Bee 
the baptisms of his brothere and iosteij 25 Mch. 1331^ 6 July 1824, and 31 May 1826, and tb« 
burial of another brother 17 June 1833. 

^ Eldest son of Hemy Fynes (aftcrwardfl Henry Fynes-Clinton), Esq., who died 2i Oct. 
1352, and was buried at Welwyn, BerU, by his second wife, Katherine, dau. of the Et. Rer. 
Henry- William Majeodie, Biahop of Bangor, who was still liTing in 1368. He matriculated at 
OxfoM, from Christ Chuioh, 13 Dec. 1332, and was BJi. 9 June 1836. He went to Spain in 1833« 
Euid for bia military serrices received the Order of Bt, Ferdinand from Espartero. He died^ 
unmarried, at St. Pan] de Loanda, B Jnne 1B44, vhile British Arbitrator nnder the Treaty with 
Portugal for the abolition of slavery, nod was there buried. See the baptisms of his sisters, ]7 
Apl, 1317, 15 May iSlfl, 2 Api. 1B21, 16 Jnne 1824, 15 May 1826. and 22 Joly 1329. 

■ Bee his sister's burial 5 July 1804, and note thereto. He was fourth son and ninth child. 
(His baptism ia recorded also at St, Margaret's, Wefltminater.) See his burial 16 Nov. 1317. 

* Bee her brother's baptism 29 May 1816, and note thereto. She married, lit Ang. 1839, 
TlioinflS'Oambier Parry, of Highnam Court, co. GlouceBter, Esq. She died 11 Meh. 1848, and 
was buried at Bonmemoutht Hanta. 

* See his sister's baptism 5 July 1804, and note thereto. He was £fth son and teutb child. 
He matriculated at Osford, from Christ Church (elected from St. Peter's College, WcatminBter), 1 3 
May 1336, and was B.A. 6 Feb. 1840, and M.A. 17 Dee. 1342, He waa Perpetual Curate of 
Wigginton, Herts, in 1341, and afterwanlB Curate of Barford, eo. Warwick, In 1846 he became 
Perpetual Curate of Maiden Bradley, Wilts, but resigned in 1351, on account of iU-bealth. In 
1858 he became RectoT of St. Tudy, Cornwall, and vrafl etill in possession of that living in 
1874, He married, 3 Aug. 18GS, Mary- Anne- Powell, dau. of D. Q. Adey, of Markgate Cell, 
Hert«, Esq. 

* See his mother's burial 12 Sep. 1346, and bis £ather> 3 Feb. 1859. He married Cedll»- 
Eliia, dau. of Francis Worsley, of Newport, Isle of Wight, Esq., and had issue. He died 8 Ang, 
13^7, and was buried at Eensal Green Cemetery. 

' See her brothcr'a baptism 29 May 1815, and note thereto, ^he married, 23 Aug. 1853, at 
HertJngfordbury, Herts, the Rev. Thomas-William Weare (eldest son of Col. Thomas Weate, of 
Hampton Bishop, co. Hereford, K-H., Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty, by Anne, dau. and coheir of 
John Pugh, of Gaer, co. Radnor, Esq.), who was bom 2 Nov, 1813, matriculated at Oxford, from 
Christ Church, 7 June 1332, and was B.A. 26 May 1836,and M.A. 25 Oct. 1838. He was many years 
Second Master of Westminster Bchoul, became Bcctor of IsfLeld, SuaEcx, in 1867, and died at 
tSpeen, Berke, 24 Feb. 1871. She died 11 Jan. 1865, and was buried at Hampton Bishop afore- 
said. See the baptisms of t^eir children, 10 Nov. 1866, 16 Feb. 1858, and 12 Mch. 1859. 

7 6«e his mother's baptism 11 Oct 1787, and note thereto. 


1819 Dec* 24 Thomas, aon of George-Giles Vincent, Chapter Clerk, and Emilia- 

Elitabeth hla wife : born Nov, 26th.^ 
1821 March 25 Cjril- William, son of the Bev. James Webber, Prebendary of this 
Church, and Caroline-Frances his wife : born March 24tb.^ 
April 2 Henrietta-Elizabeth, daaghter of Henry Fynea, Eaq,, M.P,, and 

Katherine his wife: (bom Dec. 25th, 1820).' 
Jane 3 Prances-Mary, daughter of Thomaft-Newley Reeve, a Clerk in the 
Bank of England, and Frances- Anne his wife,* 
1S22 Feb, 27 Frances, daughter of the Rev. Edmund Goodenough, D.D., Head 
Master of Weatminster School, and Francea his wife ; (bom 
the same day)»^ 
KoT. 26 Mary-Margaret, daaghter of George-Giles Vincent and Emilia- 
Elizabeth his wife; bom Oct. 2nd.^ 

1823 Jnly 8 Sophia, daughter of the Rev. Edmund Qoodenoagh [lU siipra'] 

and Frances hia wife : (bom May 13th).' 

1824 June 16 Emma, daughter of Henry FyneB-CUnton, Esq., M.P., of Welwyn, 

Herte, and Katherine his wife: (born at Welwyn Jane ITth 

i 6«€ his molber's burial 12 Sep. 1848, and his father^e 3 Feb. 1859, He was admitteri to 
St. PfllflT's CkJU*^, Westmineter, in 1838, and woot to St. Jolm'a, Cftmbridge, where B-A. 1842, 
and M.A. I&IC. He waa sometime Curate of Wantage, Berk4, and became Itcctor of PuHcy, in 
that county, in 1866. He married Dora, dau. of Wiiliam Watkine, of Badby, co. Korthampton, 
Esq., and was Vning in 1874. 

' See hia brotbcr'a baptlem 1 Jao. 1S1£>, and note thereto. He died 18 Jan. 18^9, and wa« 
bulled at Dawliah, Deron. 

■ See her brother's baptimi 29 May 1815, and note thereto, She died, anmamed, 7 Feb. 
1839, and was buried at Tours, in France. 

* See her moCher'a baptism U Oct. 1787, and note thereto. 

• The father was third and youngeat eon of the Rt, Rev. Samuel Goodenough, Bishop of 
Carlisle (act his burial 18 Aag. 1827), and wsa bom at Eahog, Midj^. Ho matrjculatod at 
Oiford. from C3hriflt Church (elected from St. Peter's College, Weatminstor), IS May ISOl^^ed 16, 
and vas B.A, 24 Jan. 1805, M.A. 22 Oct. 1807, B,D. 30 Apl. 181&, and D.D. 20 Oct. 1820. He 
became Vicar of Warkwortb, co. Nortbumberland, in 11*18, Sub-Almoner to the Kingn and was 
Head MaatCT of Woatmiuster School from 1819 to I8i*8. He was a Prebendary of York 23 
June 1824, and of Carlisle 22 Apl. I82ti, and was im^tallod Prebcndar; of WcEtmiTister 2 June 
1826. He became Hean of Wells 6 Sep. 1831. died 2 Majr 1845, and waa buried in Wells 
Cathedral. The mother was dau. of S&mueUPepja Cockercll, of Westbuumc Hourc, Paddinglon, 
Uidx., Esq.. and Anna his wife, and was married in 1821. She died at Qrauoda, and was buried 
at Malaga, Spain, in 1855. See this cbild^s burial 29 Apl. 1828 ; also the baptiams of her 
Ittotbera and slstera. 3 Julj 1823, 5 Mch. 1826, 7 June 1826. 27 Nov. 1827, 17 Dec- 1829, and 
5 Feb. 1831, and the burial of her brother 24 Apl. 1838. 

' See ber molher^s burial 12 Sep. 1848, an<i her father's 3 Feb. 1859. She married, at 
St. Margaret's, Westminster, IC Oet. 1850, Cbarlos- St.Clarc Bedford, Esq- (son of Oeoree 
Bedford, Esq., of Bedford Bow, London, and Dorkings Surrey, by Judith -Elizabeth, dau. of 
John Thompson, of Chiawick, Midx., Esq.), the present Chapter Clerk and !^teward of the 
Manorial Coorta of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, and Coroner for Woatminater (aee the 
baptism of his dau. by a second marriage- 4 Sep- 18til3, and note thereto). She died 5 Feb. 1857, 
le*Ting three daughters, and was buried at Kcuaal Green Uemetoiy. 

^ ;^ee her sister's baptism 27 Feb. 1822, and note thereto. She died at Wells, Jan. 1839, and 
was buried iu Wells Cathedral. 

" &Mherbnither'sbaptism29Ma7l815,andnotethereto. She was living, unmarried, in IS68. 


1824 July 6 CharlefrJames, 6on of the Rev. James Webber, Prebendary, eto,, 

and Caroiine- Frances big wife : (bora July 5th).' 

1825 March 5 Annabella, daughter of the Rev. Edmand and Frances Good- 

enough: (born Nov. 14th 1624).' 

1826 Feb. 2 Edward, son of Rey. George Preston, Clerk^ and Emma his wife : 

(born Oct. 12th 1825).* 
May 15 Margaret, danghter of Henry Fynes-OIinton, Eeq. [ut tupra^ 

and Katharine bis wife; {born Jane 28th 1825)> 
May 31 Jemima- Anne-Caroline, daughter of the Rev. James and Oarolme- 

Francea Webber : (bom the same day),* 
June 7 Lncy, daughter of tbe Rev. Edmund and Frances Goodenough 

lul supra'] : (born Feb, llth)." 
}S27 June 22 Anna-Maria-Penelope, daughter of Clinton-James Fynes-Clinton, 

Eaq., M,P., and Penelope hia wife : (hving in the Qoistera io 

the Close: born May 16tb)/ 
Nov, 27 Frederick-Addington, son of the Rev. Edmund and Fnmces 

Goodenongh: (bom July 6th).* 
[1828 Oct. 20 Emilia, daughter of George-Giles Yincmi and ^nUia-EUzaheik 

his wife : bom Sept. 26tt,»] 

1 See bis broiher's b&ptiam I J&n, 1815, and note tbcreto. He matricnUtfid at Oxfind, from 
ChriBt Church, 19 Oct- 1843^ but aiterwaids entered the Anstrion Militarj Service, and became « 
Ueittenont in tbe 4tli Austrian Lancers, He died in England, 9 June 1860^ from the eSeeta of a 
wound in hifl Itaod caused bj (he au^idental dischai^e of a pistolt &nd was buried at St. Botolph, 
Aldersgatc, London. 

^ See her aister's baptism 27 Feb, 1B22, and note thereto. She married, 1863, Hemy-WiUuun 
Craufurd, Eaq., Capt. RJtf. (who died in 1859), and \r&a Jiving at Ljndhurat, Eanta, in 1870, 
with a son and daughter. 

' Nee bis fatber's burial II Sep. 1841. 

* See her brother's baptism 29 May 1815, aud note thereto. She married, U Apl. 1862, the 
Rev. Jamcs-Richftid-Pbilip Hoste, Vicar of Cropredy, eo, Oitford, 1860,and of Dorking, co. Surrey, 
1870, when both were liTiDg. 

* tiee ber brother's baptism 1 Jan. 1B15. and note tbereto, She died 29 June 184(^ and was 
buried to Kipon Cathedral. 

' See hex sister's baptism 27 Feb. 1822, and note thereto. She was ItTing, unmarried, «t . 
LyndhuTst, Hants^ in 1670. 

' The father wa« second «on of the Ker. Charles Fynes (who assumed the additionat , 
surname of Clinton in 1821), D.D., Prebendary of WestmioBter, bj Emma, dau. of Job Brough, 
Esq., and waa bom in 1792. He died 1 J Apl. 1833, and was buried at DcQtoo. co. Lincoln. The 
mother was dau. of Sir Willi hid -Earle Welbj, second Bart, of Denton, by Wjlhelmina, only 
dau. and heir of William ^pry, Esq., Governor of Barbadoes. They were married 8 Hay 1826^ 
and sbe died 5 June 1S34, and was also buried at Denton. This dau. died, and was buried at 
Dflwlish. Devon, about Dec. 1639, or Jan. 1840. Bee her sister's buriftl 1* Jan. 1846. 

* See his si^rter'e baptism 27 Feb- i822, and note thereto. He was admitted to St. Peter's 
College, Westminster, l&il, and afterwards became a merchant at Calcutta. He died Sep. 1869, 
on bis TOya^ home from It^dia, and was buried at sea. 

* See ber mother's buriaJ 12 Sept. 1843, and her fatbet'a 3 Feb. 1869. She was liTing, 
mmiarried, in 1869. (This baptism is regularly entered in the parish register of St. John the 
Evaogeliat, Westminster, and is not recorded in the Abbey Register, but on a loose slip in tie 
Tolome, which states that it was performwl that day by WUliam-St. Andrew Vincent, Eector of 
All Hallows, Thames Street. It may, therefore, be doubted whether it actually took place in the 


1829 Jnlj 22 Agnes, daughter of Henry Fynes-Clinton, Esq., and Eatherine 

bis wife : (of Dean's Yard, CIobo of WeatniinHtcr).' 
Dec 17 Edmand-Vernon, son of the Rev. Edmnnd Goodenoagh, D.D., 

Prebendary, ete,, and Frances his wife i (lx>rn June BOth),^ 
1831 Feb- 5 James- Graham, son of the Rev, Edmnnd and FrancoB Goodenongh, 

[tti supra} : (bom Dea 3, 1880).^ 
1844 Harcb 7 Edmnnd-Henry, son of the Rev. Geoi^-Herbert Reptoo, Minor 

Canon, and Annabella-Cecilia his wife : (bom Jan. 17th),* 
1846 June 26 Charles- Louib- Hart, son of the R^v. Henry-Hart Milman. Canon 

of thie Chnreh (of the Cloistere, Close of Westminster), and 

Mary Anne bis wife : (bom May 8th) * 
Jnif 10 Lucy, daughter of the Rev. George- Herbert Repton, and Anna- 

bella-Cecilia his wife ; (bom June 20th).^ 
Aug. 16 Mary, daughter of the Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, D,D., 

Canon of this Church (of the Little Cloiaters), and Snsannab- 

Hatley bis wife : (bom Mch. 19tb).' 

^ See her brother'a baptiem 29 May 1815, and note thereto. She mftmed, at Wclxvyn, Tieria, 
£6 Nop. 1846, the Hon. and Rat. Rlehanl-OodolphiD-Hcory HastingH, who died 10 Mch. 1865^ 
ood wBfl bmied at HertiiigfordbaryT HgHb^ She was living in 18C8. 

> See biB sLster'tt bapt[sm 27 Feb. 1822, and note thereto, and hiri own burial 24 Apl. 1838. 

* See his 8ieler*» bapliHm 27 Feb. 1822, and note thereto. He waa living in 1870, a Captain 
in the RojaL Navy, and had rcoentlj commanded H.M.5. Minotaur. 

* The father wm second son of the Rev. Edward Repton, Prebendary of Weatminater, Vicar 
of Shorebam, Kent, and Iticnmbent of St. PhUip's, Regent Street, WoRtniinnler, by his wife Mary- 
Ellis, dan. of Joseph Herbert, Esq., GovemoT of Uontserrat, West Tndiee^ and was bom in Kt. 
Harylebona, Midx^ 20 Not. 1813. He matrieiilated at O^ord, from Untvereity College, fi 
June 1835, and w»fl B.A. 18 May 1839. He diet! 8 Apl. 1SG2, and was burieil at Torquay. The 
mother, whose oamee are rightly CccUia-ADnabella, koa fourth dau. of Ucnry-Harlfltouge Fory, 
Lord Qlentworth (eldest son of Edward-Henry first Earl of Limerick), by Annabclla second dau. 
of Tenniaon Edwards, of Old Court, co- Wicklow, Esq, She wan born 22 April 1817, and married 
10 Jan, 1843. She and her three siflters, being aifltcre of the bceoud Earl of Limerick, were 
granted, by royal warrant, 12 Sep, 1845, the rank and precedence of on KarVn daughters. She 
was liTing Jan. 1871, as waa alao this son. Sec the baptisms of other children, lU July 1846, 
9 Dec. 1847, S Jan. 1851, 22 Dec. I6ij2, 12 Mch. 1857, and 12 June lBr,0. Besides thc^^, another 
■on and daughter were baptised in the Abbey, although iuadvertently omitted in the Register, 
Tit, Anbrey-Gough, bom 24 Not. 1848, who waa living Jan. IS71, and Florence- Mulgrave, bora 
14 Apl. 1858, who died in Feb, 1860, and was burie<l at Shorcham, Kent. Another sou, Francis- 
Edwardtbom 8 Aug. 1854, wae baptized at Almondribury, nenr Bristol, and wan living Jan. 1871. 

^ The father was youi^eat son of Sir Francis Milman, fitat Dart., Physician Co King 
George III., by Fraacea, dau, and heir of William Hart, of Staplelon, co. Gloneestcr, Esq., and 
wu bora ia Brook Street, St. James, Westminster, 10 Feb. 17i*l. He matriculated at Oiford, from 
Brajenose College, 25 May 1810, and was B.A. 27 Jan. 1814, M.A. 27 June 1S16, and B.D. and D.D. 
17 Dec. 1849. He became curate of Ealing, Midi, ISlfl ; Vicar of St. Mary's, Reading, Berks, 
1817 ; Rector of St. MargatetX Wcaiminster, 1835, being by virtue ibercof a Prebcndazy of West- 
minster ; and Dean of St. Paul's, I Not. 184U, Dean Milman ilietl, uinvcraally bclove^I and 
revered, 24 Sep. 1868, and wae buried in St, Paul's Cathetiral. The mother was the youngest 
dan. of Lieut.-G en. William Coclcell, of Sandleferd Lo<lge, Berks. She was married 11 May 
1824, and died in London I July 1871, in her GSth year. See the burial of thia son 22 Feb. 184^, 
and of two daugbters, 4 Feb. 1839 and 23 Juue 1842. 

* Kee her brother's baptism 7 March 1844, and note thereto. She was living Jan. 1871, 

' The father waa third son of the ReT, Christopher Wordsworth, D.D,, Matter of Trinity 


1847 Dec. 9 EmeBt-AngnstOB, eon of the Rfiv. George- Herbert Repton, 

Minor Canon of thia Ohnrcb, ttnd the Lady Annabella- Cecilia 
hia wife : (born Jnlj 24thV 

1848 Apl 25 Christopher, eon of the ReT, Dr. Christopher Wordaworfch and 

Susanna-Hatley his wife ; (bom M;arch 26th),' 
1949 May 1 Susanna-Mary, daughter of the Rev, Wiliiam-Henry Cope» Minor 

Canon, and Marianne his wife : (bom April iBt).' 
June 20 Lorina-Charlotle, dangbter of the Rev. Henry-<>eoi^ Liddell, 

Head Mastfir of Weatminster School, and Lorina-Hannah his 

wife: (born May 11th)* 
1851 Jan, 6 George-Edward, son of the Rev. George- Herbert Repton, Minor 

Canon, and the Lady Ajmabella-Cecilia his wife; Q»om Sept. 

29, 1850)* 
Feb, 24 Jam^-Arthnr-Charlefi, son of the Rev, Henry -Geo^e Liddell 

and Lorina-Hannah hia wife : (bom Dec. 28tb 1850).* 

College, Cambridge (a yoonger brother of the Poet Laureate), by PriBdIla-Llojd hia wife, and 
was bora in 1608. He was also of Trinity College ; A.B- 1830, A.M. 1833. and S.T.P. 1839 ; and 
wafl some time Bead Master of Harrow School- He became a Canon of Westminster, Nov. 18*4, 
and anbeequcntly Archdeacon, and was conefcrated Bishop of Lincoln 24 Feb, 1869. The 
mother waa second dau. of Oeorge Prere» of Twyford House, Herts, Bsq., by Elkabeth- Baper, 
only dau, of William Qrant, of Rothienmrchua, co. InvcmeBs, M.D., and was married 6 Dec. 
1838. See the baptisms of two other children. 25 Apl. 1848, aud 21 July 18B2. This daughter 
had been privately baptised at Leamiogton, 22 Mcb. preceding, and was now received into the 
Church. She was living in 1870. 

^ Seo his brother's baptism 7 Mch. 1841, and note thereto. He was at this date Kcedved into 
the Church, having been previously baptized at Ardelcy, Herts. He died 17 June 1884^ and 
was boried at Tunbridge WelU. 

' See hiH sister^s baptism 16 Aug, 1846, and note thereto. He became a Scholar of Trini^ 
College, Cambridge, and in 1870 Fellow of St. Peter^s College, in that Univeraity, 

' The father was son of Lieut.^Gen. Edmund-KiJey Cope, by Maria daa. of James Furber, 
Eaq., and woa bora 27 Feb. 1811. He was a Minor Canon of Westminster from 1843 to 1863, and 
succeeded his kinsman Sir John Cope (see his baptism 17 Aug. L7G8) as twelfth Bart, of Hanwell, 
CO. Oxford, IS J4ov. 1851. He was living, 1874, st Bramshil! Park, Hants. The mother wna 
fourth dau. of Heory Qaraett, of Green Park, oo, Meatb, £sq. &he was married 12 Aug, 1834, 
and died io 1862. This daughter was living in 1870. Sec her bTOther'a burial 28 July 1843. 

* The father eldest son of Rev. Henry-Geoi^ Liddell (second son of Sir Heniy-Oeorge 
Liddell, fifth Bart, of Ravensholme Castle, Durham, and younger brother of Thomas-Henry first 
Lord Ravensworth), Rector of Easington, Durham, by Charlotte dau. of the Hon. Thomas Lyon, 
third son of Thomas, eighth Earl of Stratbrnore, and was born at Binchester, near Bishop Auck- 
land, Durham, 6 Feb. 1811. He matriculated at O^otd, from Christ Church, 9 May, 1829, and 
was B.A. 25 May 1833, MhA. 29 Oct. 1835, and B.D. and D.D., by accumulataoo, 10 Oct. 186a. He 
was Tutor of Christ Church form 1636 to 1846, and became Head Master of Westminster 
School in Sep. 1846, Dean of Chriat Church 30 Jone 185B, and Vice-Chancellor of the University 
of Oxford 8 Oct- 1870. He was Chaplain to the late Prince Consort, and is Honorary Chaplain 
in Ordinary to Her Majesty. The mother second dau. of James ReevCj of North End. Lowestoft, 
Suffolk, Esq., by Lorina, dau. of John Forr, of Gove Hall, in the same county, Esq.. and waa 
boTn Mch. 1826. They were married at Lowestoft, 23 July 1846. This daughter was married at 
Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, 7 Feb. 1874, t« William - BaiUie Skene, of PiUour, Fifeshiw, 
Eaq. See the baptisms of two other children, S4 Feb, 1851 and 17 June 1862. 

* Bee his brother's baptism T Mch, 1844, and note thereto. He died in Dec. 1852, and was 
buried at Shoreham, Kent. 

> See bis sister's baptism 20 June 1849, and note thereto. He died, at Westminster, 37 Nor. 


1851 Jnne 20 John-Hermaii, flon of the Rev. Cbrtrles Merivale, Clerk, Rector 

of Lawford, co, Eaaex, and Judith -Mary- Sophia hk wife (late 

Frere, fipinater : bom May 19th},' 
Jaly 4 ■Walter-William, Hon of Charles- Wi Ilium Strickland^ of Dean's 

Yard, Barriuter-at-Law, and Georgina-Selma-Septimia htfi 

wife ; (bora May 19th) » 
Sept. SO MargaretrMair, daughter of the Rev, John-Clarke Haden, Pre- 
centor of this Church, and Sarah his wife : (born Aug. 8th ).^ 
Dec, 13 Harriettfi-Cbarlotte-AgneB, danghter of the R«v, AVilliam Cnreton, 

Canon of this Church, and Harriet hia wife : (boni Oct. 


1852 June 17 Alice-Pleaeance, daughter of the Her, Henry-Gcci^e Liddell and 

Lorina-Hannah his wife : (born May 4th) * 
July 21 Dora, daughter of the Rev, Christopher Wordsworth, D,D,, 
Canon, etc,, and Sosanna-Hatley his wife ; (Iwm June 2lHt).' 

" The f&Uicr Becond boh of John-Herman Merivale, of Barton Place, revon, Esq., by Looiaa- 
Hcath, dan. of the Kev. Joseph Drory, D.D., of Cockrood Hounc, Devon, and was bom In 1H08. 
He wft8 of ei, John's CoUege, Cftmbridge, A.B, 1630, A.M. 1S33, Aod S.T.B. 1840. Ho becftmo 
Sector of Lavford, Eesci, 1843 ; Chnphun to the Speaker of the Koium; of Commons, ldG3 ; irnd 
Dean of Ely, 1869. The mother fourth dau, of George Frere, of Twj-ford lloasv, Hcrta, Eeq., lUid 
jounger siBler of Mrs. WorduwoTth, vrife of the Uitdiop of Lincotti (see note to the haptiam of her 
dan, 16 Ang. 1845), She was bora 1617, and married 1850. Thin eon was living in 1S69, hftving 
Jn5t completed hiB course at Winchester School. 

' The father eldest son of bir Oeoi^e t^triukland, acvcnth Bart, of Bojnton, co. York (who 
a^ffloiied in 166£t the aumajne of Vholmley^^ by hie tirtit wife, MHry^ only child of the Rev. Charles 
Conatable, of Wassand, co, York, and was bom in 1H19, He was of Trinity Uollcge, Cambridge, 
where A.B. 1842 and A.M. 18*7, and waa called to the Bar in the latter year. The mother dan. 
of Sir William- Mordannt'titurt Milner, fourth Bart, of Nun-Applcton. co. York, by \aa second 
wife, Haniet-Kiitabcth, dan. of Lord Bd ward- Char lea Cavendish- Benlinck. Thej were married 
19 Feb. ]8C0, and ahe died In 1864, Her hosband reman-ied, 22 May 18B6, Anne- Elizabeth, 
joungeflt dan. of the Hcv, Christopher Nevile, of Thorney Hal!, Notts. 

" The father of CorpuB Christi (JoJlegu, Cambrideo, where A.B. 1828. and A.M. 1831. Ho 
became FrieA in Ordinary to Ihe late King, and aftcrworJd to her present MajcMy, Iti 1834 he 
woH appomt«d Minor Canon of tit. PauJ'a, but sabsequenlly resigned, and in lH4ti became Minor 
Canon and Precentor of WestminHlcr. He was also rector of Hntton, near Brentwood, Eeeei, 
from laWJ until his death. He died at Chalfont Ht. Giles, co. Bucke. 20 Ctet. !8G9, aged 64. The 
mother was dau- of John Mair, of Nightingales, Back?, Ea^, and waa living in 1872. See 
the baptiems of other children 10 Nov. t8D3, G Dee. 1865, and 20 Jiine J857. This dau. was mar- 
ried at Chalfont Kt. OlleSf 30 Apl. 1872, to the I^t. Arthiu'-Jame^ Bichards, Bectoi of Plnmstead, 
Norfolk. fDorlb Bon of the Itev. Kdward-Tew Richards, Rector of t'orliiigton, Hanta. 

* The father cldc*t son of Williajn Curoton, of Weatbury, t^hropshire, Etq^ by Mary, dau. of 
Thomas Nevcombci of the same place, E&v, and wnj4 bom at Wo^bury Ifi June 1808. He 
matriculated at Oxford, from ChriHt Church, ly Oct. ia£6,and wasB.A. 18 Nov. 1830, M.A, 30 May 
1833, and D.D. 1868. He became a Canon of Westminster and Rector of Si. Mai-garcffl, WcHt- 
miauter, in 1849. and was Chaplain in Onlinarj' to Her Ma]e>>ly. He died 17 June I8ti4, and wnrf 
buried at Alberbury, in Shropshire. The mother eldest dau. of Edward Blore, Esq., D.C.L. and 
F.B.K. (the eminent architect), by barah-Anne, dan. of the Rev. William Hodge*, Vioar of 
Matteisej, Notts, and waa bom in Welbeck Street, Cavendish hiquare, 8 July 1821. fehe wan 
married, at Maiylebone church, 9 May 1843, and waa living, as well aa this duughter, Uec. 
1870. Bee baptisms of other children. £U Jnne IHG3, 1 May I8GG. I Apl. 18G7, 2 Dec. 1858, and 
19 AU7 1864. 

' (^ har sister's baptiam 20 Jnne 1849, and note thereto. Uhe was living Dec. 1870. 

* See her sister'a baptiBm IC Aug. 1845j and note thereto. She was liTing in 1870. 


1852 Jnlj 31 Lonisa- Charlotte-Temple, daughter of Robert -Temple Frere, 

PhyBictao, of No, 9 Queen Street, May Fair, 8t, Geoi^'s, 
Hanover Square, and Theresa -Arabella -Fanny his wife: 
(born JnJy 3rd).* 
Beatrice -Jane -Temple, daughter of the Rev. Henry-Temple 
Frere, of Patgrave, co. Suffoll:, Clerk, and Sarah-Maria- Heath 
his wife : (bom July 11th).* 
Dec. 22 Bouverie- William, son of the R«v. Qeorge-Herbert Repton, Minor 
Canon, and Lady Annabella- Cecilia his wife; (bom Oct. 

1853 June 29 Algeraon-Bentinckj eon of the Rev. William Cureton, Canon, 

, etC/, and Harriet hia wife : (bom Jane 2nd)> 
July 21 Walter-Edward, son of Bdward-Copleston Buckland, Esq, (the 

Deanery), and Rose-Mary his wife: (bom June 22nd)." 
Nor. 10 John- Harry, son of the Rev. John-Clarke Haden, Precentor, and 

Sarah hifl wife : (bom Aug, 25th),* 

1854 Sept. 14 Mary-Ellen, daughter of Edward-Copleaton Buckland, Esq., and 

Rose-Mary his wife : (bom Aug, 9th ),^ 

1855 Jan. 2 Amy-Lonisa, daughter of the Rev. ChBjrle&-Maddock Arnold, of 

Clapham, co. Surrey, Minor Canon of this Church, and Jane 
his wife : (bom Nov, 10th, 1854).^ 

May 1 Margaret-Mary, daughter of the Rev. William Onreton, Canon, 
etc., and Harriet his wife ; (born March 14th).* 

Dec. 5 Algernon-Onnerod, son of the Rev. John-Clarke Haden, Pre- 
centor, and Sarah his wife : (bom Oct- 19th)-'** 

^ The fatber, bom IT Jan. 1S20, was eecood but eldest eorvivuig eon of the Rev. Temple 
Frere, Prebendary of WcBtminster, by Jane, eldest dan. of Sir Richard Bichajde, Lord Chief 
Ba^Dn of the Exchequer, ood elder brother of the Rev. Henr^-Temple Frere mentioned in the 
foUowing entry. The mother was hia fiiat wife, and dan. of the Rev- WUliam DoweU, of 
Swaffham, CO. NorfoTt- This daughter waa living in 1869, See her slBl«r'fl baptiam 17 Feb. 

' The father, born 1821, was youngest anrviving brother of Dr. Robert-Temple Frere men- 
tioned ID the preceding entry. He became Rector of Boretont co- Norfolk, 1854, and waa living 
in 1870. The mother was eldest dan. of William-HeaUi Jary, of Blofield Lodge, South WaJaham, 
CO. NorfoUE, Esq-, and was marned in ISfil- Thia daughter was living in 1869. Bee her sister's 
baptism 27 May 1866. 

* Kee hie brother's baptism 7 Mch. 1B44, and note thereto. He was living Jan. 1871. 

* 8ee hia edster'a baptism 13 Dec. 1B51, and note thereto. He died 28 July 1854, and wM 
boried at Weetbuxy. in Shropshire, 

* Tbe father eecond boq of the Very Rev- William Buokland, late Dean of Westminster, by 
Mary, dau- of Benjamio Morland, of Abingdon, Berka, Esq. He was born 14 May and baptized 
at Chriat Churcb. Oxford, 1 Ang, 1828. The mother dau. of the late John Walter, Esq. and 
Sarah Ms wife, and waa bom at Belgrave House, Pimlico, 8 May 1833. They were married at 
&L Peter's, Eaton Square, 26 Aug. 1852. and were both living, as well as tiiis aon, in 1870. See 
the baptisms of bis dater and brother, 14 Sep. 1854 and 2 Jan. 18fi6. 

* Bee hia aietcr'a baptism 30 Sep. 1851, and note thereto. He was living in 1872. 

' See her brother's bapliam 21 July 1853, and note thet^to. tihe waa living in 1870, 
> The father waa of Ht. John's College, Cambridge, A.B. 1839, and A»M. 1B42. Ho became 
Incumbent of St. Mark's, J^outb Norwood, Surrey, in 1859, and waa living m 1870. 

* See her sister^s baptism 13 Dec. 1851, and note thereto. She was living Dec. 1870. 
» Hee bis nater's baptism 30 Sep. 1851, and note thereto. He was Uving in 1872. 


1856 Jan. S Herbert- WiQiam, son of Ed ward- Copies ton Buckland, Eaq.^ and 

Eoae-Mary his wife : (bom Nov. 18th, 185.i).* 
May 27 Mildred- Alice-Temple, daughter of the Rev, Henrj-Temple 
Frere, Clerk, (Rector) of Burston^ co. Norfolk, und Sarah- 
Maria-Heath his wife: (bom April 13th),* 
Not. 10 Henriettft-ADn a- Louisa, daughter of (the Rev.) Thomas- WiUiam 
Weare, Second Master of Westminster School, and Louisa- 
Emma-Mary his wife : (bom Oct. lOth).^ 

1857 Feb, 17 Mary-Margarefc-Temple, daughter of Robert-Temple Frere, 

Physician (D Queen Street, May Fair), and Thcresa-Arabelia- 

Farniy his wife : (born Dec. 27th, 185G).* 
Feb* 17 Ethel, daughter of the Rev. John-William Dolignon, Cierk, 

{Rector) of Hilborough, co. Norfolk, and Emily hie wife: 

(bora Dec. 28th, 1856.)* 
March 12 Cecil-Cope, son of (the Rev.) George-Herbert Repton, Minor 

Canon, and the Lady Annabella-OecUia bis wife : (born Dec, 

24th, 18o6).« 
April 1 Emily-Blanche, daughter of the Rev, William Cureton, Canon, 

etc., and Harriet his wife : (born Feb. 14th)/ 
Jnne 20 Marion, daughter of the Rev. John-Clarke Haden, Precentor, 

and Sarah his wife : (bom March 9th).^ 

1858 Feb* 16 Esther- Katharine- Chn ton, daughter of Thomas-William Weare, 

Second Master of Westminster School, and Louiaa-Emma- 
Mary his wife.* 
D«c. 2 Anna-Maud, daughter of William Cureton, Canon, and Harriet 
hia wife,'"* 

1859 Jan. 18 CecO-North, son of Charles- Maddock Arnold, Minor Canon, 

(the Cloisters), and Jane hie wife ; (born Sept, 23rd, 1858, at 
Norwood, CO. Surrey)." 
Jan. 24 Hilda, daughter of (the Rev.) Rolxirt Bamby, Vicar Choral, and 
Sarah-Ann hia wife : (born at the Cloisters Sept. 21st, 1858)," 

1 Bee Iiifl brother'a baptism 21 July IS63, and note thereto. He was living in 1870. 
' See her HiHter's baptism 31 Julj 1852. and note thereto. Sho wne living in iSfiQ. 

* See her mother a baptism 16 May 1B19, and note thereto. She wan living in 1870. 

* Sec her ^ieter'a baptism 31 July 185S, and note thereto. She died 1 July ItJtil, and was 
bnried at HoydoUt Co. NorfoUt, 

* Tbe father matriculated at 0;crord^ from Bnlliol College, 6 July 18^2, aged 10, a.-^ only son nf 
the Hey, John Dolignon, of Hilboitmgh, co. Norfolk, hjv\ khh B.A. d June ISSU, He became In- 
cumbent of East and Went Looe, Coniwan, in iSftS, but resigned in IHdli. The mother <\au. of the 
Eev. George Montagu, Rector of ^outh rickenham, Korfolk, by Emily, fourth dan. of tbe Itcv, 
William Yonge, Archdeacon of Norwich. Tlicy were married in 1852, and were both living, BJf 
well aa tills ilAUghter, in 1870^ at Hwaffham, Korfolk- 

' Be« hia brotber's baptism 7 Mareh IS44, and Dotc thereto. Re wa« living Jan. 1871. 
' See her sister's baptism 13 Dee, J851, and note thereto, ^he was living Dec- 1870- 
" t*ee ber sister's baptism HO Sep, 1851. and note thereto. Fbc was living in 1872. 

* Bee her mother's baptism 15 May 18iy, and note thereto. She was living in 1870. 

^^ Bee ber sister's baptism 13 Dec. 1831^ aod note thereto, bbc was boru 20 July in the 
same year, and was living Dec. 1870. 

** ^G his sister's baptism 2 Jan. 1855, and note thereto, 
" See her sister's baptism 18 June 1864, 


1859 March 12 Edwin-ThomaB-ClintoD, son of (the Rev,) Thomaa -William 

Weare, Se€ond Master of Westminster School, and Lonisa- 
Emma-Mnry his wife (born FyneB-CIinton) : (bom Feb. 12tb),* 

1860 April 4 Francis-WaJter, boh of Walt^r-Chajrlee Montagn-Douglas-Scott 

(third son of Walter- Francis, Duke of Bnccteach and Qaeens- 

berry)» and Anna-Maria bis wife: (bom March 5th, at 37 

Belgrave Square)," 
Jane 12 George-Mulgrave, eon of George -Herbert EeptoD, Minor Canon, 

and the Lady Annabella-Cecilia hie wife," 
Sept. 11 Arthur-John, son of John Fcaf^r, of Wandsworth, co, Surrey, 

Gent-, and Amy his wife ; (bom May 22nd). 

1861 March 4 Walter-Henry, sod of WiUiam- Henry- Walter Montagu- Donglae- 

Scott (commonly called Earl of Dalkeith) and Louifia-Jane his 
wife; (bom Jan, 17th, at 37 Belgrave Square),* 

1862 May S Margaret-Isabel- Wray, danghter of Samcel-Rood Jones, Minor 

Canon of this Chnrch, and Catherine his wife : (bom March 


July 19 Charlra-Henry^ son of Waller-Cbarles Montagu-Donglas-Scott 

' [u£ supra\ and Anna-Maria his wife.* 
Aug. 28 Charles' Frederick, son of Henry-Manning Ingram, Under- 
Master of Westminster School, and Mary his wife,^ 

1 See his mother's bftptinn 15 May 1819, aod oote thereto. He was tiring in 1670. 

^ The father third eon of 'Walter-Fran ds, fifth Duke ot Buceleucb and serenth at Qaeena- 
beir;, bj Lady Charlotte- Anne Thynnef youngest dau. of Thomas, second Marquis of Bath, and 
was bom 2 Uch. 1834. The mother fourth dau. of Sir William- Edmund Cradock-H&rtopp, 
third Bart, of Freathbj, co. Leicester, bj Jane-Marj, eldest dau. of Henjj-BbomfieW Keenc, 
Esq., of IrelAnd. Thej were married 7 Oct. 1868. Sec the bapiifims of his brothers and sistar, 
19 JuljldGS, 31 Aug. 1865, and 11 Not, t87a 

' Sec hid brotber'd baptijoa 7 Uoh. l$44t and note thereto. He was hom 6 Ma; preceding, 
died Feb. 1862, aud waa buiied at Torquay. 

^ The father cldeat aoo of Waiter- Francia, fifth Dulce of Bucclcuch and seventh of Qoecna- 
beiTj, by Lad; Chailotte-Anne Tbyiuie, youngest dau. of TbomAB, seootid Marquis of Bath, and 
wasljorn y Sep. 1H31. The mother third dau. of James Hamilton, second Mftrquia of Aberoom, 
b; Lad; Louisa-Jane Bu&scll, second dau. of John, sixth Duke of Bedford. They were m&nied 
£2 Not. 185d. See the baptismu of hifi brothera and Eister, 21 Ma; 1664, 9 Jon, 1873, and i May 

< The father third son of Wilham Jones, Esq., Secretary to the Bdigious Tract Sodet;, and 
a Solicitor, b; Maria, dau. of Itiohard Cooper, of co. burre;, E^q., and was bom in the parish 
of Chriat-Church, Sxurey, 3 Oct. 1826. He matriculated at Oxford, from Pembroke Cullc^, 
23 Feb, 1»48, and was BA. 1851, and M.A. 1»64. He became Inoumbent of St. Matthew's, 
Spring Gardena, WestminHter, Not, 1854 ; Lecturer at Bow, Midx-^ May 1868 ; Minor Canon of 
Wi^tminater, Feb. 1859, Precentor of the same Nov. 1869, aud the same month Priest in 
Ordinary to Her Majesty. The mother dau. of the Ute John Wray, Esq., ReceiTcr-Qencral of 
the Metropolitan Police, b; Ann> youngest dau. aud cobcir of John Cox, of Peterborough, Eaq., 
and WAS bom 24 May 1828, in Suffolk Place, Pall Malh They were married at St. Martin iu the 
Fields, 2i} Apl. [856. and were both liTing* as well as this daughter, Dec. 1870. 

< bee his brother's baptism 4 Apl. I860, and note thereto, 

T He was bora the 20th of the same month. The father eldest son of Hugh Ingram, Esq., of 
Bteyning, Sossex, J. P. and D.L. of that county, by Mary, youngest dan. of the Egt. BtileniKa 
Boetock, Vicar of Eaat Grinstcad and of Felbcldge Chapolry, in the same county, and was bom at 
Bteyning 2 Aug* 1824. He waa admitted to BU Peter's CoUcge, Westminster, in 1839, uid elected 


1864 Hay 19 Manan-Lonise, daughter of WjUiam Cnrcton, Canon, cte., and 

Harriet hia wiie»' 
May 21 Jobn-Charlea, son of WiOiflm-Henry-'Walter Montagu-Douglas- 

Scott (commonly called Earl of Dalkeith) and Lonisa- Jane hia 

wife: (bom March BOtb, at Hamilton Place, co, Middlesex).' 
Jtme 18 £nia-Fr&nc«flf daughter of Robert Bamby, Vicar Choral, and 

Sarah-Ann his wife : (bom April 8th).* 
Jnne 28 Florence-Ada, daughter of James-Edward McConuell, Engineer, 

2 Dean'fl Yard, Weatminater, and Charlotte-Bow ton hia wife : 

(born April 8th), 
Sept. 28 Conetance-Eleanor, daughter of Eustace-John-'Wilflon Patten, 

Captain let Life Guards, and Emily- Constant! a his wife : 

(bom Aug. 25th, at 24 Hill Street, Berkeley Square).* 
Nov. 15 Francis-Manning, son of Henry-Manning Ingram, Under Maattr 

of Westminster School, and Mary his wife.^ 

1865 Jan. 5 Franccs-Elizabeth-Jane, daughter of Benjamin Waters, Butler 

to the Dean, and Mary bis wifc.^ 
Jan. 14 EloiBa-Margaret, daughter of Benjamin- Fuller James, Afisistant 

Master of Westminster School, and Eloiea-Mary hia wife,^ 
Aug- 31 Evelyn-Mary, daughter of Walter-CharleH Montagu-Douglas- 

Scott [ui si^a^ and Anna-Maria bis wife.^ 
Aug. 81 Marcia-Selina-Helena, daughter of Francis-John Thynne, Esq., 

48 Qroevenor Place, St. George's, Hanover Square, and Edith- 

Marcia-Caroline his wife.^ 
Sept 2 Edward-Qrcaves, sou of Stephen Salter, Architect, 2 Great 

College Street, Westminster, and Celia his wife : (bom July 


to Cambridge in 1843, where A.a 1847 and A.M. 1850. He a-afl onlflined Prieet Not. 1851, ftud 
becrnme Second Master of WestminHler Schtxil 2 Jdy 1861 . The mother eldest dao. of George- 
Abraham Crawley, of FitBToy Farm, Highgate, Mkls., aud of Whitehall riacc, London. Esq,, by 
Caroline, third dan- of DaTid Powell, of T-onghtoo, Essex, Bkj,, ami was l)oni 5 Dee. 1827, in 
Gower Street, London. They were mairiedf at tit- Anne^s CbiiTch, Higbgatc Rise, Mldx., 31 Aug, 
I8fi9, and were both living, as well bb thia son, Deo. IBTO. 1:^ l>a|>tiams of olber ehildren IG 
KoT. 1864, 18 Mch. 1866, 31 Mch. 1669, and S Sep. 1871. 

^ See her Hister'a b^>tiam 13 Deo. 1851^ and note thereto. She was bom the preceding 2lBt 
Feb.. and waa liring Dee. 1870. 

' 8c« hiA brother's baptism 4 Mch, 18G1, and note thereto. 

' See ber steter's baptkm 24 Jan, 1659. 

^ See the marriage of her parenU 12 Aug, 18f^3. Rbe was living in 1870. 

* 15ee hie brother's baptiam 26 Aag. 1662, and note tbereto. Be was bom the Gth of the 
ttane montJi, and waa living Dec. 1870. 

' Poathumoua cbiLd, the father having died 21 Sept- previous. The mother a dau.of Thomas 
Patkinaoa of Fishwiclt, near Preaton» Lancwfaire. Both still living at the Deanery in 1871, 
Two other children died within a week of their father's death, and were burietl wilb him in 
Holywell Cemetery, Oxford. 

T 8ee her fli«ter'a baptism 2 Feb. 1874. 

■ See her brother's baptiBm 4 Apl, 1860, and note thorcto. 

■ See the marriage of ber paronta 30 June 1864. She was living in 1870. 

" The father son of Stephen Salter, senior, of Hammersmith, Midi,, Arebitectural Modeller, 
bj MuUia, dwL of Bob«rt Aldridge, of Mudenhoad, Berks, fiaq^ and waa bom at St. Albon's, 



1865 Oct. 16 Evan-Alcock, son of Eran-Colville Kepean, Esq,, of Miteham 

Common, co. Surrey, and Elizabeth- Anne Lie wife : (bom Sept. 


1866 March 12 Cecil -Victoria-ConBtflBCeT daughter of Schomberg-Henry Kerr 

(aecond son of John- William-Robert, Marquis of Lothian), 

Itioni&gii House, Whitehall, and Yictoria-Alexandrina his wife : 

(born Feb, Uth),* 
March 18 Anne-Caroline and Roherfe-ADtonj, daughter «ad bod of Hemy- 

Manning Ingram, Under Master of Westminster School, and 

Mary his wife : (bom Feb. Uth).^ 
July 17 John- Walter-Ed ward, son of Henry-John Montaga-Donglas- 

Bcott (second son of Walter-Francis, Dake of Bncclench, etc) 

and Cicely-Snsan his wife: (bom Jnne 10th, at 3 Tilney 

Sept. 4 Emma-Jnlia-Vivi^i, daughter of Charlea-St.Clare Bedford, 

CJhapter Qerk, 21 Dean's Yard, Close of Westminster, and 

Harnet-Emma his wife.^ 

1867 April 3 Eliaabeth-Margery- Brace, daughter of Tbomas-Charlea Bmce, 

Esq.f 12 Hertford Street, May Fair, and Sarah-Caroline his 

June 6 Bevil -Granville-Carteret, son of Francis-John, Thynne, Esq., 

Haynes Park, go. Beds, and Edith- Marcia- Caroline hia wife.^ 
Aug. 26 Robert-Henry, son of Henry-Jobn Montaga-Donglas-Scott 

HertB, 14 Apl. 1826. The mother dati. of Williftm Willianu, of Totnea, Devon, £aq. They 
were m&rded, at St David's, Sieter^ tl June 1857, and were both Jiring in 1870. Thia Aon 
died 20 Api. 1867, Bod wfl« boried io Highgate Cemeteij. 

> See the marriage of his parents 9 Not. 1864. He was liring in 1870. 

' The father second sod of Jobn-WiUiam- Robert, Beventh Marquia of Lothian, by Lady 
OBcil-Cbetwjnd Talbot, daa. of Charlea-Chotwynd, second £arl Talbot, and was bom 2 Dec. 
1833. The mother eldest dan. of Walter- Fronciet fifth Doke of Boccleach and seTenth of 
Qaeensberry, by Lady Charotte-Anne Tbynne, yoongest dan. of Thomas, second Uajquia of 
Bath, aad vraa bom 20 Nov. IS44. They were married in I860, 

* See their brother's baptism 28 Aug. 1862» and note thereto. They were both liTtng Dec 

* See the marriage of hia parents 1 Aag. 1865. 

■ See note to a baptism 26 Xot. 1822. Mr. Bedford^ therein motioned, remarried, 6 Aug. 
t86ip at Christ Church, Marylebone, Harriet-Emmo, dau. of Robert- Edwards firongbton, Esq., 
Metropolitan Police Magietrate, by Caroline-Louisa, fourth dau. of John Deochampe, Esq. (who 
took the surname of Chamier by Hoyal license dated 20 Oct. 1760), descended maternally from 
the eminent Daniel Cbamier, Minuter of the Eeformed Church. This daughter^ the issue of 
this marriage, was bom the preceding 28 Jnly, and was living in 1870. 

* The father fourth and youngest but only surriTing son of Thomas, serentb Eafl of Elgin 
and elerenth of Kincardine, by his aecond wife, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Jamee-Townsend 
Oswald, of Dunniltelr, co. Fife, Esq. He was bom 15 Feb- 1825, and is U.?. for Portsmouth, 
and a Barrister-at-Law, of Lincoln's Inn, hamig been called to the Bar in 18£4. The mother 
eldest dau. of Thomas ThombiLI, of Riddlesworth, co. Norfolk, Esq-, where (bey were married 
19 Not. 1863, By an iDadfertence this child's Christian names were wrongly entered in the 
Register. Tbe names intended to be giren her were simply '^ EliESbeth-Marjorie/' See her 
Bister's baptism 25 July 1871, 

' tiee the maniage of hia pu«ntft 30 Jooe 1864, Be waa liTlng in 1870. 



[ut m^d], 8 Tikey Street, Park Lane, and Cicily-Su&an his 

John-Alfred, son of EDStace-John Wiison-PatteB, Onpt. 1st Life 

QnardBf 1 2 John Street^ Berkelej Square, and Emily-UoiifitaDtia 

his wife.* 
Belaid- William, bod of Beginald-Garton Wilberforce, Esq., 

LavingtOD Houae, Petworth, Sueaex, and Anoa-Maria his 

Francis- Molynenx-Yorke, son of Herbert -Attgostnfl-Tiemcy 

Nepean, Capt, in H< M.'a Army, Qneen Sqnare, WesttDineter, 

and Alice his wife> 
Algernon-Oarteret, son of Francis-John Thjnne, Esq., Haynes 

Park, CO, Beds, and Edith^Marcia-Caroline his wife,^ 
Rachel' Cecily, daughter of Henry-John Montagn-Donglaa-Scott 

[ut 99^a] and Cecily-Saean hie wife.* 
Catherine-Mansel, daughter of ETan-Coiville Nepean, Esq,, 

Cloisters, and Elizabeth-Anne.^ 
Arthur-Dayid, son of Henry-Mann in g Ingram, Under-Maater of 

Westminster School, Little Dean's Yard, and Mary.^ 
Molyneni -Edward, son of Evan-Colville Nepean, Esq., 29 Talbot 

Road, Paddington, and Elizabeth-Anne,^ 
ETelyn-Loniaa, daughter of Euetace-John WiUon-Patten, late 

Capt. iBt Life Guards, 33 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, and 

Emily 'Oonstantia, ^ 
Jone -Catherine-Victoria, daughter of William-Victor Paley, Esq,, 

Eaton Square, and Augusta- Harriet.^^ 
Walter-George- Leon, eon of Walter- Charles Montagu- Douglas- 
Scott (third eon of Walter-Francis, Duke of Buccleuch and 

Queen eberry), Mont^u House, Whitehall, and Anna-Maria.^* 

' Bee the muri^feof his porenta 1 Ang. I8ii5, 

' He was bom the preceding 24 Oct., ftod waa UTine i" J870. Bee tlie marriage of his parents 
li Aog. 1863. 

* Tho father second but eldest BDrriTiog boo of the Rt, Rev. Bamuel Wilbciforce, Biflhop of 
Winchester, by Bmiiy^ eldert dao. ot the Rer. John Sargent, of Wool-Lavington, co. Fussci, and 
waa bom 23 Jan. 1838. The mother fourth but third aurviving dan. of Richard Denmao, Esq., 
(third son of Iliomaa, firat Lord Denman), by Emma, joungeBt duu- of Hugh JoncB, of Lwk Hill, 
CO. Lancaster, Esq., and waa born 8 Sep. 1848- They were raaniod 16 July 1667, and were both 
liriDg in 1870, aa well ae tbia wn, who waa born 2^ Mcb. 1666. See the burial of hh great- 
graadrather S Aug. 1833. 

* The father third aon of the Rer. Evan Nepean, M.A., Canon of Weatminatcr, ete. (flee note 
to hiB Biater's marriage 18 June 1862). The mother dau. of Major-Gcneral James-Waller 
Baylej, of the Madras Army. This cbild waa living in 1870, 

* Bee the marriage of his parenta 30 Jane 1664, He was liring in 1870. 

* 8ce the marriage of her parenta 1 Aug, 1865. 

' See the marriage of her parent* 9 Not. 1864. She wo* living in 1870. 
» See hiii brother's baptiam 28 Aug. 1862, and note thereto. He was born on the 3rd of the 
same month* and waa Uving Dec. 1870. 

* See the mairiage of hie parents 9 Nor. 1864. 

■* She waa bom the preceding 26 May. Beo the marriage of her parenta 12 Aug. 1863- 

" See the marriage of her parenta 27 July 1869, 

B See his brother'a baptism 4 Apl. I860, and note thereto, p 

1867 Nov- 27 

1868 April 23 

April 27 

May 25 
Ang. 15 

1869 March 2 
Match 81 

1870 March 8 
Jane 25 

Jnlj 12 
Nov. 11 



1870 Nov, 22 

1871 Marcb 4 
Jnlj 25 
Sept. 6 
Nov, 28 

1872 March 13 

JdIj 6 

!fo7. 80 

1878 Jan. 9 

MBich 7 

March 31 
Mftj 26 

Oct, 2 
Oct. 15 

Emily-Florencc, daaghter of Henry-George-LewiB Orichton (boh 

of the Bart of Erne), Lieot. 10th Hnsears, 96 Eaton Square, 

St. George's, Hanover Sqoare, and Grace-Letitia,' 
Arthor-Frederick, son of Evan-Colville Nepean, Esq., 29 Talbot 

Road, Paddington, and Elizabeth- Anne,' 
Angnfita-Marj, daughter of Thorn aa-Charles Bruce, Barrister-at- 

Law, 40 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, and Sarah -Caroline,* 
Edith-Mary, daughter of Henry-Manning Ingram, Under-Maater 

of Weatminster School, Little Dean's Yard, and Mary/ 
Emilia-Chrifltian, daughter of Robert-George Gauflsen, Esq,, 

Brookmana, Herts, and Selina.^ 
Claud- Frederick- William, eon of Arthur- John-Edward Russell, 

10 Sonth Andley Street, St, George's, Hanover Square, and 

Edith-SybO-Mary, daughter of GeDrge-Henry Finch, Esq,, 17 

Queen Square, Westminster, and Edith. 
Joan-Emily-Mary, daughter of John-Charles Tbynne, Barriater- 

at-Law, Cloisters, and Mary-EJizabetb.^ 
Herbert- Andrew, son of William- Henry -Walter Montagu- 

Donglafl-Scott, commonly called Earl of Dalkeith, Hamilton 

Place, St. Geoi^'s, Hanover Square, and Louisa-Jane/ 
James-Francis, son of Henry-John Montagu-Donglas-Scott, M.P. 

(second son of Walter- Francis, Doke of Bncclench and 

Queensberry, K.G,), 3 Tilney Street, St, George's, Hanover 

Square, and Cecily -Susan.* 
Mar^&ret-Carteret, daughter of Francis-John Tbynne, Esq., 

Tnrrey, Beds, and Edith -Marcia-Caroline,' 
Edith-Margaret, daughter of George-Edgar Frere, Solicitor, 48 

Bedford Gardens, Kensington, and Adelaide-Mary. 
Jamea-Daniel-Bird, son of Jacob-Day Otis, Merchant, New 

York, U.S., and Eleanor-Chipp. 
Francis-Lealie-Matthew, son of Matthew Forster, Barrist«r-at- 

Law, 18 St, James Place, St. Jamee^ Weabninster, and Amy- 

1 The father tliird mid joungest son of Sir John Crichton, third Earl of Erne, and the 
mother diHi. of Major CoJe Hflmilton, of Beltrim Caatle, co. Tyrone, who were m&rried ia Aug. 
)S69. Thu child waa bom 25 Oct 1870, Bee a baptiam 28 Not. 1871. 

^ Bee the majrioge of his parents D Not. 1S64. 

> She waa bom 9 Jnne. See ber siater's baptism 3 Apl. 1867, and note thereto. 

' See her brother's baptism 28 Aog, 1862, and note thereto, 

■ The father, late a Captain in the Qreaadiei Gnarde, eldest bod of Robert- Will lam Qanwen, 
of Brookman's Park, Herto, Eaq,, and bom 14 June 1843. The mother dan. of Uajor Cole 
HamiltOQ, of Beltrim Caglle, «j. l^ne. Thej were majried, at Cmm Castle, Fermanagh, the 
Mat of the Karl of Eme, 31 Dec, 1870. See a baptism 22 Nov, 1670, 

» Seethe marriage of her parents 25 ApL 1871. 

T Sec bis brother's baptism 4 Hch. 1861, and note thereto. 

* Bee the marriage of hia parents 1 Aug. 1865. 

* S«c the marriage of her parenU 30 Jnne 1864, 


1874 Jan, 8 Lonifl-Arthnr-Frederick, son of Henry WeigaJl, Esq., 35 Bryan- 

Bton Square, and Roee -Sophia-Mary,^ 
Jan- 22 Geofftey-Cbarles, son of Jobn-Charles Thynne^ Esq., Barriflter- 

at-Law, Little Cloiaters, and Mary- Elizabeth.' 
Feb. 2 Dorotbea-Mary-Kfttberine, daughter of Benjamin- Fuller Jamee, 

Clerk in Orders, AaBiatant Master of WestminBter School, 

1 Little Dean's Yard, and EloUa^Mary-Angela.' 

1875 Feb, 11 Lionel-CbarleB, son of Jobn-Charles Thynne, Esq,, Barriater-at- 

Law, Little CloisterB, and Mary-Elizabeth * 
May 4 Katberine-Mary, daughter of William-Henry- Waller Montagu- 
Donglas-Scott, commonly called Earl of Dalkeith, Hamilton 
Place, St. George's, Hanover Square, and Loniea-Jane,* 

^ Kee the matriAge of hia parcnta 15 Aag. 186A. 
' Bee the marriage of bis parents '2b Ap]. ISTl. 
> See her aUtert bftptiHm H Jao, 1865. 

* 8«e the muriage of his parents 2^ Apl. 1871. 

* See her toother's baptism 4 Mch. I66i, and nolo thereto- 

( 108 ) 

Burials in WBtsitmimUx ^bbe^. 

[There are two distmci sett of BwiaU recorded in the Regtslers, from the commence- 
ment down to the end of the year 1812, after whkA the eniriee are madt m- 
discriminateiy. Thefiret set is thus prefaced ; *' Burialls Df the Oollegiatb 
Chuech of 8t. Peter's, Westminster, attd the Chapfbli* theeeop." 
The other is headed simply *' Bubialb in the Cloisters." For grBoter 
convenience, lo^ stte are here incorporated in one unbroken chronological 

160| [Jaii,](— )The Lady Htmadon, wife to Henry Carew, Lord Hunedon,* 
dyed Jan, 19, 1606, and was bnried in St, John Baptiat'a 
Cbapel, where lyeth also the Lord Hnnadon/ 

1607 Not, 23 John Winterbome, Verger i" [Cloisters], 

Dec. 16 Mary, the danghter of King James:* in King Henry 7th'a 

' kxiae, dan. of Sir Thomofl Morgan^ of Ai-keston, co. Hereford, Kt-, bj Anne, dan. of Jobu 
Whitney, of Whitoej, co, Gloacestct. She waa the relict of Sir Henry Carey, K.G^ flpHt Lord 
HanBdon, who died 2'S July 1696, aod was also buried in the Abbey, Her w^ dated tbe lOth, 
WW prored 22 Jan. 1606-7, 

' He bad a joint patent as Portet of the Lower Gate 4 Dec. 1598, and a patent aa Verger 4 
Dec lfi99 {Chapter B^k). Dean Goodman mentioned him in bia will, dated £ Mch. 1600-1, u 
one of hia nearest and moat faithful aervaots. He married (Mar. Lie. D. wid C, Weatminflter 
B Feb- 1G93-4) Elizabeth Lodge, of Westminster, widow, whose maiden name, from hiB wiU, 
appears to bare been Wilaon. (Hhe survived him, and remarried, at St. Margaret's, Westminater, 
16 June 1608, Hcarsey Norraanvill, of l^t. Clement Danes, Gent.) Hia wiU, dated 26 Aug. 1606, 
was proved, in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, I Dee. tG07, and its contents indicate that 
he was a Yorksbireroan. (See the Ijurials of John and Richard Blackbome, 8 Jaj^ 1608-9 and 
28 May 1610, who were bis nephews.) 

' Third dau. and sixth child of King James I. (see his borial 6 Hay 162fi) by Anne of 
Denmark, dao. of King Frederick II. (see her burial 13 May 1619). There is an undoubted 
error in tbe date here given, and strangely perpetuated on this child's monument in the Abbey, 
which it is highly important to rectify. The inacnptioo on the monument states that she diad 
on this day, aged 2 years 5 months and 8 days. If this were so, her birth must hare taken place 
on or about tbe 8th of July 1605. All the accounts, however, including contemporaneous HB6., 
state tbat she was bom, at Greenwicb, on the 6th or 9th of April in that year, and it eeems im- 
poBsible that a discrepancy of three months could have arisen concerning a royal birth. On tho 
other hand, if the age as stated on the monument be correct, she should have died on or about 
the 16th or 1 7lh of Septemhfr 1607, and the iiacteenth f>f September \a the date given by Camden 
in his AnnaU as that of her death ; which ia even more strictly in occordonco vvith the monu- 
mental itatement, as, tn a JUB. in the Bodleian Library (Smith,'103, p. 39), the time of her birth 
is given as about four o'clock in the morning, and she would thus have tired 2 year* and 5 


1608 Not, 18 FranciB Kenedy, grandchild to the Lord ChaandoiB:^ in St. 

Blaw'e Ohapel, 
160| Jul 8 John Blackbome, j" Scholars' Bntlcr:^ [GUnttert']. 

March 20 Oabharine Stanljr, 8rd danghter bo the Earl of Derby ^^ in St. 
NicholBfl's Chapel. 

1609 Jnne 22 yfMBm Mtth ^ IGlaiaiert]. 

Ang- 29 Sir FranciB Vere :^ in Su John Evang. Chapel 

moiitha, and at leut hAve entered apoa tbe eighth day of the next mooCh. Howes, Also, in hia 
contioiiation of " Btow's Chronicle^" gives the I6th of Se|itember oa JLc date of htr deaths aud 
the 33rd of the sune month as that of ber burial. This testimony maj be safely acccpttKl ; but 
there is tdao monl evidence eqo&tly aa strong. On examining (he historieaT aod eflpcciallj the 
correspondence ot that period, it will be foond that duxlng the (Jhri>>tiiias holiday? of lOQl tUc 
court presented a Bcene of UDuaual caiclj. Maaqucfl, and thcairicfllSk and gambling were the 
order of the day — the King being Tcry aniions to have a p!aj on CliHfitmru night, and the Quren 
lodng jC400 at cards on Twelfth Eve, Whatevpf mav have been the vicca of thst court, and the 
mcmlity of the period, it ia simply impossible — if foi no other reasons than those of court 
etiqnette, bnt^ it is to be hoped, for far better ouea — that the^ thingH could have iaken place, if 
the mya] child had been dead and buried only nine days, or, as ^ould bavc been more probable, 
was then lying a corpse in the palace- As the entry in the Register and tbc inscription on the 
monnnoent txow stand, any fntnre historian would be JQstiScd in poiuting to the apparent fiLcts 
aa an eridence of the giosa and outrageous immorality, and even inhumanity, of the royal 
pATenta, the court by which they were upheld, and the nation hy which they were tolerated, aod 
it IB somewhat eztiaordinary that the manifest error haa not before been detected and cxpuBcd. 
There can he Uttle donbt that the transcriber of the old register misread December for Sep- 
tember, and that the present inscriptioa on the monoment was cut after tbc new rcgisiter waa in 
use, and the date taken therefrom. 

' BoD of Kir John Kennedy, of Scotland. Kt.> by ElJE&betb, eldest daii. and coheir of Qiita 
Brydges tbiid Lord Chundotj who are naoally said to have had no issue- (Lady Ecnnedy subse- 
quently dispated the ralidity of her own marriage. I'articulars of the case will be foouU in 
a small Tolume printed in 1681, entitled The Cfntu^cticn ; flr, Choice ColUctient of ^aUert 
in the Rsign qf £. Jamee.') 

' Soft of Christopher Blackborne. of Sharnford, co. Leicester, by lisabel, tfister of John 
Wintcrbome (see his burial 23 Not. 1607). He had a joint patent with his uncle Winterborne 
□f th« portership of the lower gate, 4 Dec. 1598, and a patent aa one of the butlers of tbc 
Collage, 3 Dec. 1607 {Chapter £t>oh). He is mentioQcd in Dean (ioodman's will, dated 2 Mch. 
IGOO'I, aa one of bis nearest and most faithful servants, lie #aa married at St. Ma^ga^et's, 
WestminsteTt 6 Apl. 1600, to Alice Fbillips, bat outlived ber, and married again, as hia umicu- 
pative will, made 1 Jan. ifiOH-9, was proved, in the Court of the Dean anil (Jhapter^ on the 2Uth 
of the same month, by his relict Oertrude. Sec bis brother's burial 28 May 1610. 

> Dan, of William StanUg, sixth Earl of Derby, by Lady Blizabetb de Verc, eldest dau. of 
fidward, scTentcenth Earl of Oxford (sec ber burial 11 Mob. 1626-7). bbc died youug. 

* His win, in which he is described ad of Westminster, Yeomao, elated the 14th, waa proved, 
in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 22 June 1609. It mentions his sister Ellen, and her dan. 
Anne, then wife of Hicholaa Love; alao hia nephews and niece, Hugh, Thumaa. Itobcrt. and 
FriJicea Suttle (brothers and sister), and his cousins, Anne and EllEabcth Purkase (sisters), and 
Anne and Majy Eamsay (sisters). Ho does not appear, from the records, to have held any 
position about the Abbey, but he left legacies to several of the minor officials on condition that 
they were permitted to bnry him in the Cloisters. 

* Second sou of Geoffrey de Vere (third son of John, fifteenth Earl of Oxford), by Eltzabelb, 
dan. of £5ir John Hardkyn, of Colchester, Essex, Et. He was knighted in 1588, and wbs some- 
time GoTCmor of the British Forces in the TifctUcrlandH. According to the inscription on his 
montiment, he died on the 28th Aug., set. 54. His widow adminiatcred to his estate on tbe 30th 
Ang,. and iu the record he is dejjcribcd as '^ Ute Captain of the town of Purtflmouth, co. bouth- 
ampton,^' By his wife, Kliiabeth Dent, dau. and coheir of a citiicn of London, he had several 
ohQdieD, who tSi died In his lifetime. See his brother's burial 8 May 1 635. 




Mnrch t 


April 29 

Mny :r^ 


Sciptp (» 


Jul^ £4 

Doc. a 


Motdj 17 


July :* 

Lwiy itoncb, wife uf ffir Kdw&rd Soucb :^ [m fito Abhy], 
Tbomjift BnOillt^ion. i:*kT uf tfie Fi \v Subwl : ■ [frt/A#aM<»y]. 
Ridiard BlacklKimc, the Colle^fti rmlk^r-Builer:' ICtoitttrs}^ 
MargttRH, wifr vf Arthur A^-;tLjd : ■ lCi&isUrs\ 
John M^illmmA, Caterer to ifn; ToHcgc :* t6'fei>^*], 
Hcurjr< Printx* uf W^lte ^ died Kot, ^th; linger lib gnind- 
mutiiiT^e moDTiuicDt.'' 

Hoburt Stole, uiiti of l^to |[«iitl4:inorj of ihv Chft|>ftl :^ [(^tito-f}. 

I Sir KdwAni JSfluAk, kniffhUd at WlittAhikl] SS Jalj leos, n« K&igfat MamI]^ oT B<«Unil 

m tlie rdtrQ ol K. Jiuui^-a L llioofilr wlfo Mihorto Mriffticil him w^JfliubeUi. ilau^i^r Kciinr 
Uicld1«ni^it\ at Gd^cIcJ. Midx.. nnd fliUir <it Karjf iiJAiiUanctc (pc« hci buiul IJau. |M|T-}A>. 
Bat be appeori Ui bar« prrviowlj mAtritil. Amou^ thv caofrikj^ tkcoaea grvutvd fc? Ite 
Dciui UJd Ch^ptrr uf Wi^trmiiiNli-r W imc, <lAt<Rl 20 Dec- IC'D'^t fn &lwiml ZoudiiMiC W»l- 
miaicri Riitr, 3i\r| Rtoricir Bnlturiia^ of ihr mii« pnHjih, iliiu* c4 [bltiikj BntlajnOi lito of 

CockiDuIiau, cv, N'^frfo^k, FC«|,» <ln:ciu«<l util ttiej wore mfurlcd U Hi Mftrjputl'K W<*utliurt«rt 
tbo fnUowbif dhj. Thif wan pr^lNiblf ibc kdj bnmcd in tlic Ucct. 

' AnjCKCg tbv rcconLi of lh« D«au ait'l CbapU'r u Uk- probato fil llio will cd Tbonuw 
UiiMlvtou, Iat« uf W«*tD;iliifrl«r. OvnU, dnUd :)0 ApK iSlO, but tLc will iImU £« bWdje. Ibe 
fovcutOFft nAin«4 wn) lAiif*1«t JVaook vtd Pm&H* Viddldaii,— A rhi:iiTd* Mkl4l«Uin mativn- 
bted ftt QKf<irtl trom Qoecn'vCobcffe. Apl. inoa aged IH, »- I'fnb. flL." Lciidon.-4hio of tliU wr- 
Duuo <«h(w Ubriiitau name hw nob bMQ prQAarred) v» Sottnud Hoitet cf Wtttniiurter IkJiool 
from 1503 to IfilO, Hndit U uonmprobftblotliM this enU7 rfCon bo Um. 

■ Htjc lii» liT^tbi-FK b<tri*l 8 ^la.u- lOi^S-D, nciil oolt Ifaerpto, flo hn^ nl^ci ■ |»I«dI *■ bott- 
rtogfir I& May liWJ. Tlicprobnte of hi« irlll lnunaiig it* ChapUr rooiirtK <h« «:X«GUfjn« balTiig 
Hpnt7 Blockbomc K^d Wiltiam Owkr. but the; viU UkM t> mMnff< 

* (Ughtl; Afftit^ The dUe in t]ie text ii probublj inoorrcct. The fDacription on bho ublct 
to her niewijrj Hid LhM of ber buabniirU Mill oc the wiM of Ui« Kut CUuMrx, bafl vvidmtlj been 
mord Ulan oiiuu rK^l, Atiil U uUcuUt^l (ijilj t? aitNlviirl, It unw ii«laa Ibdl >lio il j«(l tftpl. IftlO, 
EnhftrSSrul jHtr: tW Tui uiuifhpt] liTrn^tn hiH 71)-| ; UiU In- i>r#i-tMl th« tibl^ U Ap!. 111! : nnd 
thftt hcditd in tOlV, mhl>8uthycjir. Uut it bocruln that hcdiod In lftl5 (hxi hUbtiilAl £4 
Aug*, in that fcar),Aiiil it iii probable thai hUt age %i bt« lUutb, tu vtntcd in the hi«:riFtk]ii, vru 
Obt&iued bjfKldiujE ibc cUffcn^QCf Imjiw^cd lOIOauiJ WV fohiBa^H4MaEcrJfct hik w;l«>dcnlh. 
)1 niAj al*u bv Jdubtcd thnc liEa wif< win eleven jutn hi*Hciiiuf( umI in ii»pre inohAblf lb*t «lio 
(tiofl in )w.r A?«^<l, inMft*ii of h«r J'JJnil yntr- Th* *arU«t nopyof thp \twfijiiitin lo ItA fuunl Uln 
tCfCfj'i Jtfonittruata Wivfnornutffictnia. 14$2. It waji thr^Q eviticnttjr j)lniJ>«it Ulc^U. bvt the 
jrcAT of her death ift giwu an 1610, which la probaUir corfeot, hhiI tuxotAt wttli tJu? ttnttnicnt 
ijifll tbo tAtilei wn« pi3i lip m ApJ, ifll I. f n A |iodlf:n^at ihccail of ibo Vlfliailcm of tiljtltont- 
fkitc, lC@3,]unon9 ihoOoagb U&TJ, lu the BovlloiUk Llbnoj, Aho iiiCftUoil ftd&TLghtBr <i Ocat^Q 
HiiU«r.of HuiAir^fJitn. 

* He hbd a patent lu Cbric <d tbt; Kitcben SS Apl. t^9. Ho i« mcotioEod U I>eaQ 
OoodruJU** tHU, dAl«c1S Hch, lOOiVI. uoii«of hUaetriMtuid tnuH fAithfol srrfwii*, Uk w&U 
wac fin>T«d £8 Oct« ItilS, by U* trJlct UarKirct. bnt li aot lo be found. Uik widow ictaurlid 
(Uu. Ue. D. ana O. Votnlnitet, H Jon. 1613-18) John Vjta^ of Su MnrptfcTi^ Wcftmhwttft 
licnt 8o« ib<^biu-iiLt of hb »oa ar> JuJj E4)4^ 

* Uoiuj-Kml«iiuh| oldettobild d Kiug Jjoue^ I. C*^ ^^* burial 5 May U2A) by AcnC of 
Denmark, diu. of Kiof Ficderick TI, (ho b>r burial 13 Uay 1619). Uo wu bori) nt StiKins 19 
Kob. IHIM, REid WW croabed Prince of VTnl'^a i Junv iQia lie died nt »l, Jnam't I'oiacv. and 
vm bufied ondor the monmiKiktof his gnui<iiD«ihoTt U1U7 AJlipch of t^oolo, w^i wo rcmnini bftd 
been broditbt f^m Nooilaud ihr ptcriotu mnntJi- 

' Admtftiflltmtfon va« jrrantoit by tb^ CuiiH uf tho <:oaiiniiMry of Iho DUhc^ of UciAm, SO 
Mcb. 1C12-I3, to A^ctt rtlk't of Jnnx^ji Wallurn of 8t. Ani^rcw'fl^ Hoborc, 

* (Eriummasly JtiAA ui OlUttaitfa), Kb will. H Uobca (}toDO tkc dtloft of AUrioftiPfi 


161S July 5 William Cook, Gerl: of the Kitchen : [Cloisfers']. 
16^ Feb. 14 EUifl Bonner, the College Porter:^ \_Cloisler»}. 

1614 [July] ( — ) Isaac Caosabon ; died July 8th: at the entrance of St. Benedict's 

Oct. ( — ) The Marchionesae of Winchester ; in St, John BaptiBt's Chapel* 
Not. 16 Jane, wife of William Bonghton, Esq. : in the broad aisle, on the 

Sonth side.* 
Dec. 23 Gabriel Brickhead, a College servant :" [Cfoisters^. 
16^ March 20 David Roberta, one of the keepers of the monnments/ 

1615 March (— ) The Lady Catharine, wife to the Lord St, John, of Blctso: in 

St. Michaers Chapel J 

[Ali>hingtoii],co. DcTon, Qent, dated lO Hept. 1611, waa proved 31 Jalj lfil3 by bia eon Joseph. 
He directed to be bnricd in Exeter CatbeUral, wbereiD he was brought up iu hi^ childhood, aad 
Mt £A to the gentlemeD hi^ fellows and friends of H,M/b Cbnpet, whereof he had long been a 
member, la hia moDumental inflcHption (preacrvcd oa\y in Lo Nave'a Mvh. Ang., i. 39) he ie said 
to hare been a Qent. of the fiojal Chapel sevent; years, and to have died 3 July 1613, aged 
06, Hie Cheqne Book aaye that he died 2 Jitlj^ ^' of the age of 97 years," and describes biin as 
■^gospeller." See his sod's burial 6 June 1617. 

^ Dean Goodman, in hia wiU dated 2 Mch. IGOO'1, gave him twenty sbillingai a0 one of his 
nearest and most faithful servantti. 

' Dr. Isaac Catanhcnt the eminent eeholar : son of Arnold Casaubon by bin wife Jane (or 
Johanna) %i$ Rousseau, and bom 18 Feb. lfiG?-60, at Geneva. He came to England in Oot. 1610, 
and on the 17tb Jan. following waa made a Prebendary of Canterbury. He is usually said to 
have been also a Prebendary of Westmineter, but no lecord of bis appointment or installation 
appears in the Chapter Boolcs. His will, dated 31 June, was proved 30 July 1614 by his relict 
(ueherborial U Mcb. 1635-6), The date in the tcit ia probably that of his burial, as ho is usually 
laid to bare died on the 1st of Jul/, which is also the date on bis monument. Camden, however, 
in his Am/naUf aaya that he died on the 30th of June, 

■ I^y Lucy Cecil, second but eldest surviving dau. of Thomas, first Earl of Exeter (see bis 
buiial ID Feb. 1622-3), by his first wife, Dorothy Nevill, second dau. and cobeir of John, fourth 
Loi4 Latimer, and wife of WiiHam Paulet, fourth Marquis of Winchester (who died 4 Feb. 1628-9), 
Camdok, in hii AwiaZf, says that she died the 1st of October. Her will, dated 3 Bep.^was proved 
12 Kov. 1614, 

* Itelict <jf William BoughtoUf of Lawford, co. Warwick, Esq., who died about 1596. She 
waa dau. of Humphrey Coningsby, of Hampton Court, co. Hereford, Esq,, Gent. Pensioner to 
Q, EUtabeth, by Ann^ dau. of Sir Thomas Bnglefield^ Kt. Their grandson, William Boughton, 
Esq^ waa created a Baronet 4 Aug- 1641. Seethe buna! of her dau., Mrs. Ann Fleet, 1 Sep. 1658. 

* Bightly Birkhead. A beqnest in Dean Goodman's wiQ. dated 2 Mch. IGOO-l, reads thus : 
'* To Qabriel Birkbead, my godson, who hath served me ever since be was a scholar, £8 : 6 l S." 
His will, which ia now missing, was proved, in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 13 Jan. 
1614-15, by his relict Frances (see her burial, jis Frances Bush. 9 ISep. 1641}. He was probably 
Bon and grandson of the persons named in the following inscription on an old monument in the 
Cloisters, not now in existence, preserved by Camden in his TUgfs, Hegiiue, etc., edit. 1606, p. 61, 
tU. :— " Heere vnder lieth Anoe Birkhed, being 102 yeeres of age, who departed this life the 25 
of August^ Aon. Dom. 15&B. And Cbrietopber Birkhcd her Konne, being 77 yccrcsof age, who 
departed this life the 20 of May, being Ascention day, an. ilo. 15^5." — Christopher Byrkhed and 
Eatii. Banyster were married at St- Margaret's, Westminster, 17 Oct. 1569. 

* Letters of administration were granted, by the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 3 May 1615, 
on the estate of DaTtd Boherta, late of Wcetminster, Gent., to Rice Williams, bis uncle by the 
mother's side, who ia frcqnentiy mentioned in wiUe of this period as Clerk of the Kitchen, i.«. 
to the College. 

' Pan. of Sir William Dormer, of Klthorpe, K.B., by his second wife, DorotJiy, dan. of 

112 BrRlAl/8 IN 

1615 May 17 AnBe^ wife of John Bingly, Esq.:^ [in the Abhiy], 
Aug, 24 Arthur Aggard:^ [Cloitiers]. 

Sept. 27 The I^ady Arbella, daughter to Charles, Earl of LereDox, and 
wife to William Seymour^ and grandchild to the Earl of Hart- 
ford ; buried near Henry, Prince of Wales.' 
IffJi March 9 Francie Beomont : at the entrance of St. Benedict's Chapel* 
Slarch 24 John May, the College Porter ^ [Cloisiiri^. 

1616 March 29 Two of the Earl of Argayle'a children: in St. John Baptists 


Anthony (Jateaby of Whiston, co, Northftoipboo, Esq., nod relict of John, aecoad Lord 6t John 
of Bletaoe, wfao died in 159G, ^be was aiater of BLr Robert Dormer, Kt. and Barl;., created Lord 
Donner 30 Juoe I6IG. The entry ia misplaced in the Rflgieter (probably in transcribing), 
coming after that of Francis Beaumont, 9 Hcb. 1€I5'€. She died 23 Mch. 16H-5, according to 
ber monnment, and waa buned, according to Camdeo^s Annaltt '^^ Mch. 1615. Her will, dated 
26 Aug. 1009, ffaa proved 22 Maj 1615, by her only child, Lady Anne Howard (see ber burial 8 
June 1638), 

' DaQ, of Thomas Henshavr, Citizeo and Merchant Taylor of London (called in one pedigree 
''Silkman, antl serrant to K. J&mes"). ^ho died 11 Jan, 1611-12, by Flower his wife, dan. of 
John Gold»<borvugh, of Tcrksbire (Visitation of E»i»cx, 1634. and Funeral Cerlificate. T. 16, 337, 
in Coll. Ann.). Her husband was probably the Sir John Bittfflffy (knighted 10 Jan, 1617-8), 
Remembraocer in the Exchequer, who was cooTicted in the Court of Star Chamber of extortion 
in office, ood imprisoned with the Earl of Suffolk, Lord High iVeasurer (Carte, iv. 47, 48). 

' Arthur Agard, oue of Ibe Deputy Chamberlains of the Exchequer for 45 years, and one of 
the Qrat and most active members of the Society of Antiquaries. He was son of Clement Agard, 
of Foston, CO, Derby, by Eleanor, dau. of Thomas Middleborough (as is usually said^ but a pedi- 
gree io ooe of the Ck>ugh M9S. in the Bodleian Library aaya ^habethj dan. of Thomas Middle- 
more) of EdgbastoD, co, Warwick, and was bom at Foston in 1640, His monument, as recot, 
makes him die in 1619, in his 80th year; but his will, dated 16 Jan. 1614-5, aod sealed and 
deliFered 22 Ang. 1615 (the day, according to Camden's AnnaU, of bis death), was proved 28 
Aug. 1615, by his nephew William Agard. See bis wife's burial 6 Sep. IGll, and note thereto. 

> The unfortunate Lady Arbella Stuart, dau. of Charles, fifth Earl of Lrnwr. by Elisabeth, 
dau. of Sir William Cavendish. She was bom about 1577, and married in 1610. The date in 
tbe text is always given as that of ber death, which took place in the Tower of London. Camden, 
in his AnnaU, says that she was buried io tbe eame crypt with Mary, Queen of Scot^ and Heniy, 
Prince of Wales. Her husband (not herself, as in tbe text) was grandchild of Edward Seymour, 
first Eari of Hertford, to wbicb title he succeeded in 1621, and was restored to the Dukedom of 
Somerset shortly before his death in 1660. Her Christian name is given in the Register as she 
invariably wrote it, althoogb it is usually hut errooeonsly spelled Arabella. 

* Francis B^vmont, the dramatic writer, third and youngest son of Sir Francis Beaumont, 
of Grace Dieu, co. Leiceater, Kt., one of the Judges of the Commoo Pleas, by Anne, dan. of Sir 
George FicrrepoLot, of Holme Pierrepoint, co. Notfs, and relict of Thomas Thorold, of Maiston^ 
CO. liiucoln, BBq. The date in the text is usually given as that of his death, which oocmred in 
his 30th year. By his wife Ursula, dan. and coheir of Henry Isley^ of Suodridge, Sent, bo left 
two daughters. He left no will, but bis relict administered to bis estate 26 June 1619. See his 
brother's burial 19 Apt. 1627. 

■ There is an error of a year in tbe date. His will, dated 20 Mob. 1616-7, was proved 11 ApL 
IG17, in which he is called •' Yeoman, servant to tbe Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church 
of St. Peter of Westminster." He left hia lands, etc, in Toft and Haidwick, co. Cambridge to 
bis brother Nicholas May, of Evcrsden,ln the same ooanty, with remainder to his son John, He 
also left legacies to the children of his deceased tister Elixabeth, wife of Riohard Newman. 

• Twin sons of Archibald Campbell, eeventh Earl of Argyll, by bis second wife, Anne, dan, 
of Sir William Corawallis, of Brome, co. Suffolk, to whom married 30 Nov. 1610. They wcie 
baptixcd in Somerset House 31 Dec 1615, but are not mentioned in the Peerages. (Bco Lcti^t 
(^ Q4or$e Lord Carm, Camden Soc., 1869, p. 21.) 










[1616] Not, 









Sir Thomflfl Parry : in St, John Baptist's Chapel* 

Thomaa Bilson, BUhop of WmcheBter ; at the entrance into St. 

Edmund's Chapel.* 
Abraham Brodley, a King's Scholar : ICloisiers']. 
Roger Edwards, one of the Vergers :^ [w i?te Abbatj']. 
Richard Hackler, Prebendary of this Chnruh :* [in thi Abbey^- 
Mr, Lewis Prond : at the entrance of St. Benedict's ChapeJ.* 
Thomas Poyner, Chief Baker:« [CTwjftr*]. 

^ Bmx ot Sir Thoma* Vanghan (who changed hie name to Pairj), Troasnrar of the Household 
and Master ol the Coart of WardB and LiverieA temp. Q. EIlk. (who dicxi in Dec, !5liO, aud waoi 
aJao buried In the Abbej), by Aone. dau. of t^ir WitUam ReatU. of Boarstall, Bucks, and ruliet, 
Giat of Sir Oilea Grarille, and secondly of Sir Adrian Foitescuc. Lie woa of Hampatcitd Marshall, 
fierkt, of which oonnty be waa Bheriff laiG and lu88, nnd Deputy Lieutenant 169fi. and waa 
U,F, for 3t. Albania 1603. He was alKO Ambaeaador to France. In 1607 he became Chancellor 
of the Dachj of Lattcaster and Haater of the Coart of Wards, but wap siinpi^ndcd from the 
ChanceUonhip and ejected from Parliament in 1614, for aome parliamentary otfeuco. Ho died, 
without [fisucj Id the pariah of St. Mary, Savoy, on tbc day precediJig his burial, as iu usually 
■aid, bnt in one of the lett«ra of G«orge Lord Carev (Camden Soc., li<5it^ p, 34), he ia meationed 
as dead, under the date of 24 May. His wife Dorothy aurrivcU him until 1U24, when she waa 
bn/ied at Welford, Bf^ka. 

' Eldest son of Herman Bilson (grantUon of Arnold Bilsou, whose wife ia Kftid to have been 
A dan. of the Dcka of Bavaria), and bioro in the city of Winchester. He went from Wineheater 
School to New College, Oxford, where B,A. 10 Oct. 1GG6, M.A. 25 ApL 1570, B.D. 24 June 1671), 
andD.D.2lJan.l5SO-I. He waainstaUed a Prebendaryof Wincheaier 12 Jao. 1576, conaecratod 
Bishop ot Worcester 13 Juno 1596, and translated to Wincheater 13 May 1597. He is always 
said to hnTO died oo the dnj stated in the text as that of his burial. Hia age. according to the 
inscription on hia monamenti waa 69- Letters of adminiHtration wore granted to his relict Atme 
on the 2Cth of the same month. Kee the baptiam of bia grandaon 5 Dec. 1616. 

' In a wllJ of the period he is alao called "one of the four maater bell-rlngciB," Dean 
Goodman, in bia will dated 2 Mcb. 1600-1, mentioned him as one of hta "^ □eoreat and moat 
faithful serranta." 

* The Editor hae hod no hesitation in correcting a manifeat error in the Abbey fiegister, 
where this entry standa under the year 1626. The tranacribcr waa probably mialod by the zigzag 
form of the figore I usually found in MKS. of that perioil. There is qo difficulty in idcotif^og 
the parson here named as Bichard Sackluit (or Hakluyt, aa he alwnya aigned hia name), the 
famoQs collector of voyagea and diacoTerics. He was tho sccoyd son of his parents, who both 
died during the infancy of bis youogor brother Bdmonii, probably about 1560, nnd i& supposed to 
hare been bom in or near London about 1^53. He was elected from WetitmiiiBter School to 
Oxford in lfi70, where B.A. 1:673. In at least one official document he Is atyled D.D, He became 
a Prebendar7 of Bristol about 15R6, Rector of Wctheringpeft, Suffolk, in 15U0, and waa inataltcd 
a Prebendary of Wcatminater A May 1602, becoming, shortly after. Archdeacon of the same. lie 
signed the records of the Chapter meetings from that date luitil 3 May 1616, and bia auecca^or 
waa installed 29 Nov. in that year. Hia will, dated 20 Aug. 1612, waa proved 23 Nov. 
1616, the same day that ia given by Camden and others ha that of his death- He waa twice 
married, and hia only child, a son Edmond, who was hia ciecutgr, was by hia Arut wife, whoso 
name baa not been ascertained and who die<1 about 1507. Hia second wife, Frances, who was 
Tiring at the date of hia will, is described in the Mar. Lie. Bp, Lond., dateil 30 Mch. 160J» as then 
of St. Lawrenee-Jcwry, Loudon, widow of William Smithe, of St, Botolph. Bishopsgate, London, 
Gent, (who had been dead about eight months), and aged alwut 50. In the same license 
Mr. Haklujt ia described aa one of the Chaplains of the Savoy, aged about 52, and oa havmg 
been a widower about aeven yeaia. 

* Letters of adminiatration were granted, 7 Feb. 1616-17, on the estate of Lewis Projt-de, late 
of St'Qilea in tho Fields, Midx., to hia son Thomaa Prowde. 

* Hia will wai proved, in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 11 Apl. 1617, but only the 





















1617 Maj 16 DenDiBHosgingam, Gentleman Sewer to King James: [Clmiters2- 
John Stone, one of the singing men :' [Cloisters^. 
John Gregory, singing man :^ ICloist^t]. 
Ambrose Fiaher:* [Cloisters']. 
Mrs. Katharine Palmer : [Clcnsiers']. 
IGU Jan. 4 Mary Mtddlemore, one of the Maids of Honor to Qneen Anne : 
on the Korth side of the Church.* 
EdwHTd FeJld, a College Cook :* [Cloiiters]. 
Edward Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury: in St, Edmund's Chapel-* 
James Ramsy, son to the Lord Viscount Haddington : in St. 
Paul's Chapel^ 
Karch 2 The Lady Ehzabeth Evers, first wife of George Carew^ Baron of 
Hnnedon, and afterwards wife to the Lord Evers : in the Lord 
Hnnsdon'a vaolt,^ 

record of the probate now ezlsto. Dean Goodman, in his wlU dated 2 Mch. 1600-1, mentiooed 
faim aa one of hiq nearest and moHt faithful BfrvaQta. See bia wife's burial 30 ApL. 1626. 

* See his father's burial 3 July 1613^ in whose will be was named^ and wboae motimaent he 

^ There ia probably an error in the date, as letters of admioiBtrattoD were granted on bia 
estate, on the lOtb of the B&me month, to John Cobden. 

' The author of A Defence of the Liturgy ef the Church of ErUfiandj which was not pub- 
lished until thirteen jears after bis death. He was A,M. of Trinity Coll., Cambrid^^ and was 
instituted to the rectory of Holy Trinitj, ColobesterT EsGex, l£f Apl. 1610, He ia said to have 
also been a tutor in tbe family of Dr, Gabriel Grant, Prebeodarj of Westminater, who adminia- 
tered to his estate, as a creditor, 11 Dec, IGIT. He appears, from the dedication in the volame 
meatioaed, to have be«n brought up in bis youth among the PuHlauH of the period, and to hare 
been afiected with physical bliodoeaB during the most or the whole of his life. 

* Eldest dan. of Henry Hiddtemore, of Enfield, Midx., Groom of the Privy Chamber to 
Q. £1izabetfa, and sister of Bobert Middlemore^ Equerry to K. James I. She was appointed Maid 
of Honour in 1603. She died the day before her burial. 

* Mar. Lie. D. ami C. WefltmioHtor, 18 Aug. Ifi09, for Edward Field, of Westminster. YcomanT 
and Jane Dui, of St Andrew's^ Holbom, widow- Hifl will was proved, in the Court of the Dean 
and Chapter, 11 Feb. 1617-18, by tbe relict Jane, but ia now lost. Dean Goodman, in hia will 
dated 2 Mch. 1600-1, mentioned him as one of his nearest and moat faithful servants. 

' He was third son of Geor^, aixth Earl of Shrewsbury, by bia lirBt wife. Lady Gertrude 
Mannere, eldest dan, of Thomaa, first Earl of Rutland^ and succeeded bis brother as eighth Earl, 

8 May 1616. He died, according to his mouument, ou tbe day before hie burialf in bis 57th year, 
uid left no surriviog isBUe. Hiawill, dated 16 Jan.^was proved 28 Feb. 1617-8, by his surviving 
Conntesa (see her burial 7 Jan, 1625-6). 

' Eldest son of John^mjoy, Ear! of HoMeraess (see his burial 28 Feb. 1626-6), by hisfirat 
wife, Lady EliEabetb Hatcliffe (eldest dau. of Hobert, fifth Earl of Sussex), who was married 

9 Feb. 1607-8 and died 6 Dec, 1618. He was baptised at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, 11 Mch. 
1616-17, the King being one of hia sponBOrt. bee also the burials of his brother and aiater, 
25 Vcb. and U Sep. 1621. 

" Elizabeth, second dan. of Sir John 8pencer, of Altborp. co. Koribamptoo, Kt,, by Catherine, 
dan, of Sir Thomas Kitson, of Heugrave, co, Suffolk, Kt- Bhe was relict, first, of Sir George 
Carey, second Boron Hunadon, who died 9 Sep. \ 603 aod waa buried in the Abbey, and, secondly, 
of Balph, third Baron Enre, who is usually sard to have died in J618, but whose will was proved 
8 Apl. 1617. To her Spenser dedicated bis '^ Mother Hubbard's Tale/' Letters of administration 
were granted on her estate, 20 Mch. 1617-S, to her only child Elisabetb, then wife of Sir Thomaa 
Be^eley, afterwards wife of Sir Thomaa Chamberlajne, Kt., Chief Jnstice of Cheater, etc, who 
ia often erroneously said, even in the most recent peeragoH, to have been the second husband of 
her mother. 


1618 June 10 The Lord Olirer Lambert : in the MonnmentpS.' 

Sept 7 Margaret Stnart, daoghter to the Lord Aubigny : in St, Edmunds 


Oct 24 Mr-ThomaBKejnelli8 [C/oittersy 

( — ) ( — ) Angel Channdler, under brewer to the College : [^Cioiskrs']. 

KoY. 19 The Lady Eliaabetli Fane : in St. Michaers Chapel.* 

1614 Mardi 13 Mr, John Pauton : in the long aiale, on the South eide.* 

1619 May 13 Anne, Queene of England, dyed Mar. 3, 1616, and was buried 

li/Le>j IS, 1619, in a little side Cbapell on the North side 
of K. H. 7th'B inoDnment." 
Sept. 11 Sir OhriBtopber Hatton : at the entrance into St Erasmoa' 

' Onlj aon at Walter Zam^rt, Baq^T by hia fLrst wife, RoiK, dau. of Sir Oliver Wallop, Kt.f 
mnCGstor of tbe Earls of Fortemoutb. Ho was kaighted bj the Earl of S^acXy at the Backing of 
Cadk, in 1596f aod in lAOl iraa appointed Governor of CoDnaugbt. He waa created Lord 
Lftznfaart, Bnroa of Cavan, 17 Feb, 1617, and by bis wife. Heater, dau- of Sir WUliam Fleetwood, 
of Carrington Minor, co. fiedti, Kt., was ancestor of the Earin of Cavan. He ia said, even in the 
lftt««t peerages, to have died 9 July 1618, bat hia will (without date) was proved 15 Juno, 
and confimu the date of hia bnrial in the text. In Camden's AnmtU tbe date of hia death ie 
giren oa £3 May^ probaldy O.IJ. See the burial of bin great -grcat-graodson 23 Apl. 173S. 

* A young child of Esme Btnart, Lord IfAHhiffny, who Buccceded as third Duke of Lennox 
(see bis burial 6 Aug, lG2t), bj Catherine, only daa, and boir of Sir Gervase Clifton, Lord 
Clifton of Leighion Bronuwold, who remarried James, second Earl of Abcrcom, and died in 

* Not Rt^nell, a« in Collectanea, A copy of his will, without the date of probate, is 
among the records of the Deao and Chapter, He left bequests to bia mother and Mr, Strowde, 
bis father Howell^ nacle Hervey, aunt Evelyu and bcr children, couaiu Keightley and bis wife, 
brother Humphreya, coasin Worsley, etc- His wife, whose name is not giveo, was his executrix, 

* Second daa. of Bit Robert Spencer, OiBt Lortl tipcitcer of Wormleightoa, by Margaret, dau. 
and eo-heir of Sir Frauds Willoagbby, of Wollatou, Notts, Kt. l^be was married 3 Sep. 1607, 
at BringtOD, CO. Northampton, to Sir George Fane, of Bustoo, co, Kent, Kt-, and died, without 
issue, in ber 28th year. 

* Hia will, ju John Panton, Eaq., dated 27 May IA18, was proved 27 Mcb. 1619. He be- 
queathed bis manaioD-bouae at ^^ BiTmskia,^' lauds in Llcwcuy lately descended to him from his 
fatheT,and other lands iu tbe counties of Denbigh and Flint. He left only three young daughters, 
via., AnnerAlatfaeo, aod EUtoor, tbe fb^t of whom appears to have died ahortly after him, as sbeia 
not Tiamed Jo her moCher'a will. The date of hia death is given in Camden's AnnaU as 7 Mcb. 
See bis wife's burial 27 Nov, 1619. 

* Seoond dau. of Frederick II., King of Denmark and Norway, by Bophia, duu. of Ulric, 
Duke of Meekleubai^. Bhe is oaually said to hare been bom 12 l>i.-c. 1674. but the inscription 
on her e<^n-p1ate, exposed in 1718 and copied into one of the Funeral Books of the Abbey, reads 
thua :— " Anne of Demnark, daughter of Frederick 11., and Consort of King James L, died ai 
Hampton Court 1 nouas Martis lfil8-9, aged 44 ycara, 4 jntmthf, and JB dayji'' If tbe inscription 
was correctly copied, it would fix the date of bcr birth about the middle of October, inatead of 
December, 1574. She is usually aaid to have been married 130 Aug. ICDO, but some writers, as 
weU aa contemporaneous MS^., give the year aa 1589. and the official " T'apcrs relative to the 
marriage," published by the Bannatynu Club in 1828, seem definitelj to determine the ceremony 
as having been performed, by proxy, in Auguat of the latter year. It will be seen that the 
Bcgiiter gives the date of her death aa 2 Mch. ; but contemporaneoua MS8.. and also Comdcn'a 
AnnaU^ say 1 Mch., while the monumental inscription in the latter, said l^ have been compoaed 
by Camden, repeats the expressioD above quoted fixjm the coffin-plate, vie-. " 4 nonos Uurt,,'' t.^, 
4 Uarcb. Bee her husband's burial fi May 1626, 

' Sod of John Hatton, of Stanton, co. Cambridge, Esq., by Jane, dau. of Bobcrt Bhuto, oac 


1619 Nov, 27 The wife of Mr. John Panton ; in the long aisle, on the Sonth 

16^ Jan. 18 The Lady Mary Seymore, daughter to Edward, Duke of Somerset :* 
[m the Ahbey], 
March 7 Francis Mannora^ Lord RoBse: in St, Michaers Chapel," 

1620 July 5 Thomna Marbery, Esq. : in the long aisle, on the Sonth side.* 
July 25 The Lady Elinor Spebnan, wife to Sir Henry Spelman: at the 

entrance into St, Benedict's Chapel.* 

of the Barons of the Exchequer and a Justice of the Queen's Bench. According to the record of 
hia admieaion to Graj'a Inn, 1 Nov. 1589, he wbh Iwm at Abiogton, co. Korthampton. He be- 
came eveatually heir (o the estates of his diBtant kinsman Lord Chancellor HattoQ. He was 
eometicne of Clay Hall, in Barking, Sssci, and afterwards of Kirby, co- Northamptoo, and was 
created a Knight of the Bath at the ooronatiou Of K. James I. According to his monnment he 
died the day before hia bqrial, aod hia relict administered to his estate the I5th of the flame 
month. His vife was Alice, eldest dan. of Thomas Fonahawe, of Wore Park, Herts* Esq., 
Bemembrancer of the Exchequer to Q, EliEnbetb, by his second wife, Joone, third dan. of Thomas 
Smith, of Oatcnhauger, co, Kent, Esq. She was baptised at Christ Chnrch, London, 24 Dec. 
1581, and married, at Barking, Essex, 13 Mch. 1601-3. See the bnriala of the^ children 18 Aug. 
1624 and 4 July J670. 

1 See her husband's burial IB Hrfa. 1€lB-9. Her will, as Elenor Ponton, dated the 24th, 
with a codidl 2G Nov., was proved 4 Dec. 1619- She was dau. of 9ir William Bootb, Kt.| by 
Elisabeth, daa. of Sir John Warburton of Warburton and Arley, co. Chester, Kt., aod dster of 
Sir Oeoi^e Booth, firat Bart' of Dunham Maseey, co- Chester, anccator of the Earla of Warrington. 
In moat of the printed accounts of her family sbe is erroneously called Alice: she meotiouB her 
sister "Alico Booth'* io her will, aod comnaittcd to her the custody of her two snrviving children, 

' Fourth dau. of Edward Seyiturur, first Duke of Hotnerset (the Protector), beheaded 22 Jan. 
15SI-2, byhis second wife, Aiioe, dau. of Sir Edward Stanhope, of Sudbuiy, Suffolk, aad of 
Rampton, Notts, Kt., who remarried Francla Newdigate, Epq., died 16 ApL 1667, and was buried 
in the Abbey- fihe was first married, 4 June 1B83, to Andrew Rogers, Esq., eldest son of Sir 
Eichard Rogcra, of Brianstone, co, Dorset, Kt., wbo died in his father^s lifetime, and without 
issue, i Dec. 1601. She remnrried, at Long Ditton, Surrey, 22 Rept, 1607 (the marriage is also 
recorded in the parish register of Barnes), Kir Henry Peyton, Kt. (son of Thomsa Peyton, of Bury 
St. EdmuDdflf Suffolk, Esq., by Lady Cecilia Bourcbier, dau. of John, second Earl of Bath), who 
wBs abroad, engaged in theVeuetdan ware, at the time of ber death, and whose will, dated 11 Apl. 
1618, WHS proved 20 Feb. 1623-4. the record whereof states that he died '^beyond seaa." The 
name in the Register is caloQlated to mislead, as she was really Lady Mary PcyUm. In Camden'a 
AnnaU, under the same date, her burial is thus noticed : " Maria fietmoura vidua Rogei», uxor 
Peiton jam in beJlo Veneto, soror Edw. Comitis Hertfordisa, noclumo funere in Ecclesia CoUe- 
giata Weptm : inhumata, raagnft Nobiiium calerva comitante," 

* Bon and heir apparent of Francis MtiitJttrg^ eiith Earl of Rutland (wiio_ died 17 Dec 
1632), by bis second wife, Cecily, dau. of Sir John Tufton (see her burial 11 Sep, 1663). He 
was legally Lord iTflo*, of Hamlakc, by a special provision in the grant of the barony to his 
father. He and bis only brother Henry dted in childhood, and it was alleged from the 
effects of sorcery E According to Camden's AnnaU, he died on the 5th of the same month. 
The register of St. Martin in the Fields recorfa his removal from that parish to the Abbey on 

* Letteraof administrationto his e^ateweregrantedrby the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 
29 July 1620, to his brother George Marbury, senior, of Marbury, co. Chester, Gent., which con- 
nects him with the family of that place. He was probably a son of James Marbury, of Marbury, 
Eaq., by Elizabeth, dan. of bir William Venables, of Kinderton, Kt., and apparently held some 
position under the GoverDmcnt, or about the Court, 

' See herbusband'a burial 24 Oct. 3641. She was eldest dau.and coheir of John Le SUange, 
of Sedgeford, co. Norfolk, Esq. She wa< married there 18 ApL 1690, and died 24 July 1620, 


Aug. 25 

BepU 18 

Dec 28 


Uarch 21 


March 25 

April 17 

April 18 

April 23 


Un-KatberineNeyle:^ [ChisUrt]. 

Thomaa Roberte, a College Cook :' [Ohisfers}. 

Mr. Zonch Allen r id the long aiale, on the North stde.^ 

Jfdin Hebbonic, Eaq. : at the entrance to the Vestry,* 

Charlea, Baron of KingBtoB : in St. ThuVb Chapel.'' 

Katharine Gibaon : [Cloisters']. 

WUliara Mills : in the long aisle^ on the South aide. 

Mrs. Julian Crew, danghbor of Sir Randolph Crew : at the 
entrance into St. John Baptist's Chapel.^ 
May 16 Robert Towdboh, Lord Biehop of Sornm : in the long aisle, on 

the South side, over against St. Edmund's Chapel.^ 
May 17 Mrs, Masters :* ICl&isfers'], 
Jane 14 JohnDearing: a King's echohr: IChisiers']. 
June 14 The Lady Lncy Baytou : at the entrance into St. John Baptist's 

> TbeinBCTiption on her momunent^ not now to be fonod, described her as Enthenne Sto^ica, 
wife of Wiliiam Jfeile. mother of aeven children, aod as djing 24 Aug. It also adiled thftt by 
her vcre buried Ur. Boger Parker, a serrant to Q. Elizabeth, UoT&thy Xeile one of her dnnghtent, 
and CTibeU Clarke her dan. Mildred'i daughter. Of the first and laAt no reeonl oecurs in the 
fieguter See her haaband's burial 23 Jane 1624, and her daughter's 2.^ July 1G22. 

' Probate of his wiU vrag granted, by the Court of the Dean and Cbnpter. 7 Oct. 1620, to his 
relict Ellen Friehard alua Roberte, but the will itself is missing. Dean Goodman, in his will 
dated S Mch. 1600-1, mentioned him as one of his nearest and naost faithful servantA. 

■ His Tin, as of »t. HartiD in the Fields. Gent, datt'd 22 Dec. 1G20. was proved 18 Jan. 
following, by hifl relict Barah. The register of that parinb calls him a chirm^eon, and slates 
that he died on tbe 26th. He wa« second eon of David Allen, a sui^^ii of Chesterfielri, co. Derl^, 
where he waa baptized 6 June 16B6. His mother. Anne, appears to have remarried Qotlfrcy 
Heathoi>t(^ Alderman of Chesterfield. His wife was a niece of ItobeH Hjoce, of Preston, co. 
HuffoLk, tbe famous antiquorj, and was bia executrix in 1638. Their issue were a son Zoucb, 
and a posthnmoiifl dau. ^arah. 

* His win describes him as of Cobhamf co. Kent, E^q. It is dated in 1618. and hie relict 
Anne administered 27 Mch. 1621. He left all his estate to her, to bring n|> their dau, Monr, and 
an nnbom child, and mentioned no other relations. He referred to sums due bim for servicer 
rendered to the King. 

' Second ton of Air John Bamsay, Earl of noldcmess (bcc bin burial 28 Feb. ]G2fi'G). by his 
fiift wife^ Ladj Elicabetb Ratclifle, eldest dau, of Kobcrt, tiflh Ear! of Susbg:(^ He waa baptized 
at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, 17 May 1618. Prince Charles being one of his flijonsora. Bee the 
bizrials of Ms biT>thDr and sister, 28 Feb. 1617-8 and 14 ^p. 1621. 

' OnJj dan. of Sir Ranvlphe Cretvfj Chief Jirstiee of ihe Kiug^s Bench. \-fj his first wife 
Julian, dan. and coheir of John Clipflby, of Clipsby, co, Norfolk. Esq. She was born 17 Feb, 
1600-1. and died, unmarried, 22 Apl. 1621. (fee her brother^? burinl B Feb. ]64?^-9. 

' fiobert DnrnMR, bom in the parish of St. Botolph, Cambridgo. wht^re he waa bnptizcd 8 
Jan, 167G-6, aa son of " HenoW Toulnesonn "; educated at Queens' College, Cambridge, of which 
■ometime a Fellow, and afterwants B.T.P. ; inBtalby) Dean of Wcflfmirtfitcr 16 Dec. 1617, and 
consecrated Bishop of Saliabury 9 July 1620. Ho died 15 May, leaving a wife Margaret (pistcr 
of Dr. John Davettant, who succeeded him in his bishopric) and fifteen (or, a£ one authority 
•aya, thirteen) children. Kee the baptisms of two of tbcm, 1 Ap1. 16l'J an'i 1 June 1620. The 
statement of bis biofrapbere that he left his family in gn.-at |>orerty is contradicted by the will 
of hii widow, who bequeathed considerable property aud money, and bj a letter of Bishop 
Da^enant which speaks of her giving reasonable portions with her daughters. 

> Bee budals ^ Oct 1642 and 24 July 16fi4. 

> Eelictof !JirHeniy.&^fi^4m,of Bromham,co.Wilta, Kt.(whodied24 Bep. 1616), and dau. 


1621 July 16 Mr. Edward Hooper, Oi^aaiet:» [C7w&r*]. 
Aug. 6 Mr. Matthew Holmes, Channter:^ [^Cloi&iers']. 
Ang. 31 Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Darrell : in the South aide of the long 

8ept. 14 The Lady Bridget, daughter of Johu, Earl of Holdemea: in 

at. Paul's Chapel.* 
8ept. 15 The Lady Sophia- Anna Cecill, daughter U> the Earl of Exeter: 

in St. Joho Baptist's ChapeL* 
Sept. 22 Thomaa Finch, the College Gardener:* lOioisters']. 
Dec. 29 William Lawrence -J ICIoitiars]. 

of 6ir Jolm Dauvers, of Danntseyf in the same couaij, Et., by Blkabethf dan. and cobdr of Sir 
John NevJlJf fourth Lord Latimer, ^he died in 8t, Hartin in the Fields, &ad the record of her 
removal to be buried in the Abbey occujBf under the same date, in tbe regiffter of that padflh. 
Her will, dated 23 Not. 16^0, was proved 28 Jan. 1631-2, by her broUier Sir John Danrers and 
her son Sir Edward Bajnton. 

' Bightly Ednumd Hooper. He had a patent from tbc Dean and Chapter for life, ftB Uaster 
of tbe Children, B Dec. 1683, and another, as OrganUt, 9 Maj 16QG. He was also aTlentleman of 
the Chapel Rojal (ewora 1 Mch. 1603-4), and " an excellent composer of Church Anthems.'' He 
died 14 July, His will, dated 20 Oct. 1620, confirmed 11 Jaly 1621, waa proved on the last day 
of that month. He mentioned his long Bcrricea to the Abbey, of thirty-eight years or more, and 
directed to be buried in the Cloisters near hie former wife, whose burial ia not mentioned in the 
RegiHter, and which probably took place before 1607. He left forty sbiUings yearly for twenty 
years to the poor of Great titoughton, co. nontingdonf and beqnests to the poor of Halberton, co. 
Devon, where he was bom ; of Bradnineh, in the same county, where be was partly broaght up ; 
and of Greenwich, where his honourable master Sir James Dyer put him to school. He also left 
twelvepence each to sixty-Heven poor men and women, which probably indicates his age at the 
date of bis will. He left fievcral children by hia first wife, vix., James (see his burial SODeC-lBSl), 
Gabriel, John the elder, and a married daaghter named Ijce \ and by his second wife Mary, who 
was bis exGcatriJi, eight others, all under age, of whom he named in his will John the ybunger, 
Catherine, Edmond, PcJeena, and Alice. 

- Not Nathaniel, as in Ct>lUcUxnea. He is mentioned, as then Chauntcr, in Dean Goodman'fl 
will, dated 2 Mch. IGOO-I- According to Camden's AnnaU he died fi Ang. Hifl will, dated 22 
July, wa»i proved 16 Au|;. 1621 by bis reUct Susan. It mentions no children, nor relatjons, except 
his wife's sister Margaret Hannam. 

' First wife of the Rev. George Barttl. D.D., Prebendary of Wefftminrter (see hia burial 
1 Nov. 1631). A pedigree in Rt. George's MSS., CoU. Arm., iv, 77, describee her as ** Blisabeth 

dau. of Eton." She left two daughters, Elizabeth and Anne, who were both living at the 

date of (heir father's will. Other accounts represent them as the children of Dr. Darcll by bis 
second wife, but his will confutes this Btatementj and Anne was baptUcd at St, Margaret's, West- 
minrter, 24 Mny Ifllfi. 

* Dau. of t^ir John Ramsay. Earl of Hotdcmeia (see hia burial 2B Feb. 1625-6) by bis first 
wife, Louly Elixabeth RaCcliffc, eldest dau. of Robert, fifth Earl of Sussex. She was bom about 
Mch. 16U-6. See the burials of her brothers, 28 FeK 1617-8 and 26 Mch. 1621. 

' Rightly Cecil. 8ee her father's burial 10 Feb. 1622-3. She wan onlj child by bis second 
wife, Frances, dan. of William Brydgcp^ fourth Lord Chandos, and relict of Sir Thomas Bnailh, 
Master of Requests. She was bom the 13th, and baptized at Wimbledon, Rorrey, 30 July 1616, 
but in the record of her baptism in the register of that parish she is called '' Oeorgi-AnOA." 
Queen Anne was one of the witnesses. 

• His will was proved in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 15 Oct. 1621, by bis relict 
Mary, but is now missing. Dean Goodman, in his will dated 2 Mch. 1600-1, mentioned him as 
one of his nearest and moat faithful servants. 

T The inscription on bia monument indicates that be was a servant to one of the Preben- 
darieB. He died 28 J)^., in his 29tb year. 

H2i Jan. 


1622 Jnlj 







Ur. John Whitbye ; in the Soath side of the long fliale.^ 

Dorothy Neyler:» [Cloialers']. 

Francis HoUIb, Esq. : in St. Edmand'a Chapel.^ 

Sir Cbrifitophcr PerkiiiB:'on the Xorth Bide of the long aisle, 
within the Monmnentfl,* 

^ Hi< name was Thcmat, not John, His F^merat Certificate in the College of Arms describes 
him u ThomaB Whitb^t ^^ HoobsIdw, co. Midz^ Esq.* aud Btat«s that he died in WeHtmiDHtcr 
the Z3ad, and woa boned in the Abbej 2G Jon. 1621-2. It also adds that he married, firnt, Jane, 
dau. of Christopber Hewes, of Holt Caatle, co. Deobigb, and, Becondlj, Margaret, widow of 
Sdmatid Agar. He appean to have married a third wife, fihortlj before his death, as a marriage 
ticeoM was granted at the Bishop of London's Registry, 4 Uaj 1631, for Tbomos Whjtbj. of 
HoDn«low, Eeq., widower, aged BO, and the Lady ^lice Dome aiiag Pennycooke, of the some 
pariah, aged 50, widow of the late Lord Dome - and administration waa granted, 16 Feb, lG2l-2« 
on the eitale of Tboma« Whitl^, of HoonHlow, 1o his relict Lady Alice Dome, pending 
ptDOeedingi in the PrerogatiTC Court of Canterbury between the said Lad; Alice and John and 
Timothy Whitby, sons of the deceased. (This '' Lady Alice Dorne " is a mysterious personage, 
and does not jppear in any of the peerages. Hugh Farrer and Alice Penyqaick were married 
in the Church of Bt. Peter ad Vincula, in the Tower of London, 24 Sep. IGIO, and among the 
Olea of the Hoiue of Lords is a petition of one Itohert I'layle, dated S Mcb. 1623-4, stating that 
hewaa "impiiatmed for arresting John Scott and Dame Alice Dome bis wife, at the suit of 
William Fawcett, not knowing that they were protected as servants of the Earl of HoUlemess.") 

) Rightly 3%Ud. Bee her mother's burial 25 Ang. 1G20, aod her father's 23 June 1624. »bc 
was baptized at Bt. Hugaret's, Westminster, 11 Dec. 1611. 

■ Third flon of Hir John Holl^j then Baron Houghton, created Earl of Clare 2 Nov. 1624, l>y 
Anne, dan. of Sir Thomas Stanhope^ of ^belford, Kotts, Kt. He was admitted to Cray's Inn 12 
Aoj?. 1617. According to his monmnent he died 12 Aug,, in hid 18th year, "returning home 
from making a campaign in the Netherlands." 

* In TJie (^urt <ff JfzM^ JaimM th^ f^rtt, by Dr. Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of Qloucc^ler, 
edited by J. 8. Brewer, 1939. vol. i. pp. 329-335, will be found a curious account of this person, 
which may be thoa briefly Huromarized : be was a priest* and professed Jesuit ; came to England 
from Rome with a grandson of Lord Treasorer Burleigh ; become a convert to the Church of 
England and got the Deanery of Carlisle ; tiring of this, came to London and acted as Aub&titute 
for Sir Daniel Dunn, Master of Hcquesta, whom he GTentnaUy tucceedcil in that ofllcc, and was 
knighted ; manied, in the expectation of preferment, tbe motber-in-law of tbe Earl of Middlesex, 
then Lord High Treasurer; but, failing to derive the benefit be sought by the mnniagc. took 
offence at hU wife, and left his whole estate to a servant, whom he knew to be a childless man 
and then dying of a consumption, who, however, restored tlie greater portion of it to Sir Cliria- 
topber'a widow. Other notices of bnn, of the period, are usually coitcb«<1 in the same conlemp- 
tnoQs language. Tbe ascertained facts about him ore few. He certainly obtained tbe Deanery 
of Carlisle about 1596, and retained it until bis death. He was knighted, at Whiiehall, 23 July 
1603. Ho waa admitted a Commoner of tbe College of Advocates 20 Mcb. Ifi04-o, and was then 
described oa a Doctor of Laws and Master of Requests. On the 5tb Nov. 1617 be hatl .-l license 
from the Bishop of London to marry Anne Brett, of St. Martin in tbe Fields, a widow, aged 
about 50, whose husband had been dead about a year. He was dcscribetl as a bachelor, aged 
about 60. She was a dau. of Anthony Beaumont, of Glcnficld, co. Leicester. Ei*i. ; piater of tbe 
Countess of Buckingham (motber of George Villicrs. first Duke of Buckingham) ; relict of James 
Brdt, of Hoby, co. lYcicester. Esq. ; and motber of Anne, second wife of Lionel Cranfield, first Karl 
of Middlesex, Sir Christopher^ in bra will, dated 30 Aug. 1620, dcAcribcil bitnaelf as n Knight. 
and one of the Mastcra of Requests. He mentioned no relations, except bis siHter^s children. 
To bis wife be bequeathed 100 marks per annum, and sandry plate, etc., provided she waived bcr 
right to her thirds. After a few unimportant beiiucsts, be tben appointed as his sole hpir and 
executor. In consideration of his long Bcrvicea, Antbony Knight (or Bright), wbo. however^ 
renounced the execatioQ of the will, and the relict Lady Anne admiuitftercd, 2 Sep. L622. The 


1622 Sept. 22 Mr. ThomaB Godwin, PetticMion ;i [^Aw^a], 

Oct. 22 Gabriel, bou of Dr. Grant, Prebendary of this Church : on the 
North side of the broad aisle.* 

162f Jan. 4 Elionor Ernward;^ [<7fowfor*]. 

Feb. 10 Sir Tbomas Panton : on the Sooth Bide of the long aiale.^ 

Feb, 10 Thomaa Cecill, Earle of Exceter: in SL John BaptiafB Chapel,"* 

March 21 Randolph Roberts, Under Baker: [Chiilers]. 

property beqaeatbed to said KoTght included his manor of Pftddingdeftn, &nd his houac in Cannon 
Row, WeBtminHtcr. When it ia remembered that, allowing for the difference ia the Taloe of 
monej, the annuity bequeathed to bifl widow amounted to about £700 per annum of onr present 
cuirencj, aud that he was probably not a rery rich man. it would seom that bin memory might 
properly be relieved from at least a portion of the odium beretofore attached to it. It is erident 
from the wills and other recor<Is of the family of this name of Bunoy, co. Notts, that he was 
nearly allied to the contemporaiy ancestors of the first Barouet. but the precise relationship has 
not yet been ascertained. 

■ See his sou's baptism 19 July 1608. 

* Son of the Rev. Dr. Gabriel Grant, Prebendary and Archdeacon of WeBtminfter, and Vicar 
of Waltbamslow, Eshcx, by his first wife. Dr. Grant, who was eldest son of the Rev, Dr. fidward 
Grant, Prebenda^r and Bub-dean of Westminster, and sometime Head Master of Westmineter 
School (who died J Aug. IGOl and was buried in the Abbey)^ died about Sep. 1638, having 
married a second wife 11 Feb. IG38-4. He was Gi^t married before his father's death, and 
against hia wishes ; in con&equenee whereof, as be relates in his will, he made a vow to disinherit 
him, and did so, by preferring his younger brother John. Dr. Gabriel Grant left no will, and 
his relict Hannab (or Anne) administered to his estate 18 Dec. 1638. 

3 Rightly Eliamtr Arnenfwd. Her will, as of Westminster, widow, dated 31 Dec. 1622, was 
proved, in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 9 June 1633, by her dan. Jane Amewood, 
ahe mentioned her other daughters, Anne Amewood and Elizabeth Browne. The legacies 
were eomparatively trifling, and she was probably a domestic in the fiunily ol some one of the 
Abbey officials. 

* He is mentioned as a Oent. of the Privy Chamber to E. Jamee T-, and General of H.M.'s 
Forces in the Palatinate. In 1610 he was Gent. Extraordinary of the Privy Chamber to Prince 
Henry. He was knighted at \^^itehnll 2 Mch. leOfi-?. He had a license from the Bishop of 
London, 28 May 1612, being described as of the cily of London, bachelor, aged 40, to marry 
Mary ^bule, of 8t. Dunstan in the West, London, widow, aged 86. His will, aa of Cbiswick, 
Midx., dated 1 June 1620, was proved 21 Uch. 1622-3, by his relict Mary. Her maiden name 
appears to hare been Rayneberd. and she wad first married to ..... Coombee, by whom she had 
two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, who were living in 1620. Uer second husband was Richard 
Shute, of Fetter Lane. London, whose will, dated 18 Kov,, was proved 18 Dec. 1611. Sir Thomas 
Fanton left bj her three young <1aughtera, Constance. Laurcola, and Margaret, The seoond dau-, 
Laureola, was baptised at Willcsden, Midi,. 2 Jan. IfilS'O, and had a license from the Bishop of 
l^ndon, 7 Jan. 1^*40- 1, her mother being also then dead, to marry John Oakeley,of St. Hargaret^s, 
Wcatmiofitcr, Cent., a bachelor, aged 41. 

* Eldest son of WilliamOf/7. first Lord Burghley, Lord High Treasurer, by Mary dau. of Peter 
CbeVe, of Pirgo. Esscj. Esq., and sialcr of 8ir John Cheke, Kt. He was bora in Great St, Mar7'a 
pariah, Cambridge. 5 May 1542. succeedeil as seoond Boron Burghley 4 Aug. 1598, and wiis 
created Earl of Ejtftrr 4 May 1605. He died 7 Feb. His will, dated 21 Nov. 1622, was proved 
11 Mch. 1622-3. Hid first wife, Dorothy Nevill. second dan. and coheir of John, fourth Lord 
Latimer, who died 22 May ICOf*. was. according to bi^own will and that of his dan. the Max- 
chione^ of Winchester, certainly buried in the Abbey, although do record of it oecuta in the 
Register; but his second wife, Fraucea Brjdged, dau. of William, fourth Lord Chandoa, who 
survived him uniil 1663, was as certainly buried in Winchester Cathedral, although the inscrip- 
tion on his monument in the Abbey states that both wires were boned with him. See the 
buriabof his daughters, Oct. 1614 and 15 Sep. 1621, and of his eon 9 July 1640. 


1688 Jane 5 Samnel Blount :^ [^Cfoisters]. 

Ang- 8 Mr, John ParBons, OrgADiet :* [^Cloisters']. 

Sept 27 Mr. John Fox, Prabendar}' of this Chareh : on the North Bide of 

the hroad aiele>^ 
Sept. 29 Mr, Ellis Winne : on the South side of the long aisle.* 
OcL 11 Tbomaain, dang-hter of Mr. John Frost, Chaunter of this Chnrch : 

on the North side of the broad aialc.^ 
Nov. 10 Mr. William Cambden, Clarena. : on the Sonth side of the broad 


1 Lett«n of ndmiDifftration were granted, S3 Jnl; 1S23, to Anne Blount, reliot of Samuel 
Blount, late of 6t. Maiy, E^roj. 

* He had a pftteat from the De^n and Ch^iter, 7 Dec- 1621. aa Organiat and Master of the 
Choriiten, at £16 per annmn, and for tcacbing and finding the children, nt £36 13s. 4d. per 
«noam. Hk will. dated 3! Jnl^.wasprorocia] Nov. 1C23, bj his relict Jane, in the Conrt of tfao 
Dean and Chapter. He left iMue Wiltiam, Dorothy, and Thorn^tEine. iknot venea in Aphmol(^ 
M^. 38, p. 1S4 (Bodleian Library), gjcatlj commend hia Mkill as a musicLnn, 

■ HJ8 wiir, dated 22 Sep. and proved 3 Oct. 1623, completely identifies him with the one of 
thii name who became a Prebentlary of tit. Paurs 13 May 169t, and Rector of Hanwc^l, Midx., 
10 t^p. 1KI6, and whose identity punled both Ncwcoort and Lc Neve. It dericnbcs him as a 
Bachelor of Divinity, and one of the Preltendanei* of Westminster. In the latter oSlcc he wan 
Installed 6 May 1606. He waa a son of John Fox, citiien and goldbmith of London, who died 
8 Jane 1597, aged 78, and was buriod in the church of Ht. Lawrencc-Jcwry, and who built and 
founded tbe Free Qrammar Rchool at Dean* near Cockermouth, co. Cnmberlnnd, to the main- 
tenance of which the son also contribnted liberally. He evidently died nnmairied, and left con- 
mderable legades to the children of his l>rother Richard, and of his sLstern. Alice wife of Edward 
Heme, and Ellen wife of Francis Bam, of Homchurch, co. Esnex, Eeq. 

* Third Km of MottIh Wynnr, of Owydir, Ksq., by bin first wife* Jane, dan. of Sir Hichard 
Bnlkeley, of Be*nxnaria, Kit., and yonnget brother of Sir John Wynne, first Bart, of Qwydir. He 
was one of the Clerks of the Petty Bag in the High Court of Chancery. Hi^ will, dated 25 Sep., 
was proTed Ifi Oct. 1623. His wife Anne, dau. of Aldcnnnn Gage, survived him. bat he cvidentlj 

'left no isme. Aa his eldest brotiicr was born in IGG3. his age wan probably about 05. 

* See her father's burial 10 May 1642, and her mother'it 14 May 16^9, 

* Bon of Sampson Gun J^ citiEcn and paintcr-stainer of London, by KliEabetb.dan.of Qilea 
Cnrwen, of Poalton Hall, co. Lancasterj and born in the Old Bailey, London. 2 May 1651. He 
became Reeond Master of Wentminster ^hool in 1575 and Head Mar«tcr in 1592-3, Prebendaiyof 
Batisbory 6 Feb. 1586-9 (Hllhough a layman), Richmond Herald 22 Oct. 1597, and the next 
day Clarendeiu King of Anns. He died at ChislehunH, Kent, the 9ih, and waa undoubtedly 
buried in the Abbey 19 Nor. 1623, the date in the Register ticing an error. The inscription on 
his monnment also perpetnates an error, as it records his death in his 74th year, whereas, if the 
date which he himself asaigncd to hia birth be correct, he was exactly 72 yrg. 6 mos, and 7 days 
old. His will, dated SI May. was proved 10 Nov. 1623. the very day after his death, by his sole 
mecDtor, William Heather, Gent, 

Bnt little can be added at the present day to the personal history of thia famoua man, the 
excellent society which bears and perpctnatea his name having exhausted alt occear^ible refiources 
of information respecting bim. A few entnee from the Chapter Books of Westminster may, 
howerer, not be without interest. His name Qrst occurs 16 May tii87, among certain regulatioos 
respecting the College Library, thus : " Item, that Mr. Camden, usher for the tyme present, or 
the niher or a petieaoon hereafter, by the apoyntment of Mr. Deanc, shall be kepcr of the said 
Ulnuie, who shall havo a care to kepc and leave, order and dispose, and safelio performe the 
nme, and for hU paynea there imployd shall have jearlie twentj ahilling^/' On 2 Dec. 169! 
Mr. Caioden bad Uie leaae of " a little tenement in the Close for the term of his life." Under 
the date of 28 Jan, 1593-4 -. " It is decreed that Mr. Camden, scholemaeter, and Mr. George 
Bellott, TeteiLver, shall haTe their diett allowed them at onr common table, during the tyme of 














1623 DeCp 17 Sir Richard Cox, one of bis Majesty's Clerks of the green cloth : 

on the Sonth side of the broad aislc.^ 
162j Feb, 17 Lodovick, Duke of Richmond and Lennos, Lord Steward of 
His Majest/a Houeehold, dyed Feb- 16, 1623, and was buryed 
the Dext day in a little side Chapel on the South side of 
Z, H, 7th'8 Momment, and his fimeralB were solemnized 
Apr. 19, 1624> 
Mr, William Belcher, Petticanon : [Cloisters]. 

1624 April 6 Mr. John Seward : on the Sonth side of the long aisle." 
Mr. Thomafi Edwarda: in the broad aisle, on the South side** 
John Darcy, Eaq. : in St, Nicholas's Chapel. 
William Glover : [Cloisters']. 
Mr- William Neyk :^ IClaislers]. 

M^ Dean« and the prebeadartea keping table in the CoUedge, and tbe time of the contynewyng 
of theii two Bcverall ofEyciea." Under date of 10 May 1594 : "Whcraa we have receaved hir 
Ma"" letters in favor of Mr. Camden, it is agreed by tbe Deane and prebcndariea present that 
there ehall be a Chapter holden the 13 day of June oeat, being Thuradaj, for the dewtifoU satifl- 
fying hir Ma*i*' pleasure in that bebalfe/* And under date of 13 Juae 1G94 : " Wee tbe Deane 
and Chapter have graimted and passed under our soale the daje and yeare above written, unto 
Mr. William Camden our Scholemaeter, a Patent for bis manes Diet during the life of the said 
Mr. Camden." 

It may be added that the register of St. Auguatine's, Loadon, records the manli^ in that 
church, 4 8ep. ]5T5i of ^^ Sampson Camden and Aris Carter ;" but whether this was a second 
marriage of the father of the great antitjuary, or that of a brother or other relative, it is impos- 
sible to determine. 

^ Third son of Thomas Coxe, of Beamonds, Herts. Bsq,, by Bridget, dan. of William Lansford, 
of CO. Sussex, and bom in the parish of St. Peter, near St. Albans, In the former coanty. Be 
was knighted at Whitehall 24 July 1603, had been Taster to Q, Elizabeth^ and was at his death 
one of the Masters of the King's Household, He died unmarried, 13 Dec., in his 6&th year. His 
will, dated 10 May, was proTed 24 Dec. 1623, by his brother, John Cox, of Beamonds, Esq. 

* Ludovic Stuart, eldest son of Eeme, first Duke of Lennoi, by Catherine, youngest dan. of 
William de Balsac, Seigneur d'Entragucs and MarcousaiS) Goiiemor of Havre de Qrace. He waa 
bom 29 Sep. 1574, and uucceedcd as second Duke of Lennox 28 May I5&3. He was created, 6 
Oct. 1613, Baron Setringlon and Earl of Richniond, and, IT May 1623, Earl of Newcastle and 
Duke of Bichmond, He married^ firsts Lady Sophia RathTcn, dau. of William, first Eatl of 
Gowrie, andf secondly. Jean, dau. of Sir Matthew Cam])bell, of London, Kt. See bis third wife's 
burial 12 Oct. 1639, and his brother's 6 Aug. 1634. He died without legitimate issue, and his 
Engliah titles became extinct. 

■ Bis will, dated 31 Mch., was proved 16 Apl, 1624, and describes him as of Btoke-under- 
Hamdon, co. Somerset, Gent., and as having a bouse in Weatmmstcr. He mentioned hia wife 
Joane, his daughters Bridget and Philtippa, and his son John (sec his baptism 16 Sep. 1622). 
He was a brother of Isaac Beward, and of Henry Heward, D.D., Prebendary of Salisbury^ who 
admioifltcred to his estate on behalf of hia minor children. 

* His will, dated 13 April, waa proved, in the Court of tbe Dean and Chapter, 1 June 1624, 
by hia relict Jane and by Griffith Pritchard, M.A. He U described as of the city of Westminster, 
Gent. He left bis estate in England and Walen to hin wife and daughters, Grace, Frances, and 
Catharine, and mentioned his sons-in-law Reynold Conn'ay and Robert ap Hagh Griflith, Qont. 

* He was a brother of the Most Bcv, Richanl, Archbishop of Tork, being eldest son of 
Paul yeiU, a tallow chandler of Weetminater, by his wife SibUl, and was bom about 1B60, He 
held several patents of m!nor offices from the Dean and Chapter, finally becoming B^istrar. or 
Chapter Clerk, J May 1G07. His wiU, dated 30 Jan, 1615-16, with a codicil 21 June 1624, was 
proved 25 Jane 1624. See the burial of his first wife 25 Ang. I6?0, and of a dau. 26 Jnlj 16». 














1624 July 10 Mr. Arthur Manwaring : in the broad aiele, on the Soatli aide.^ 
John WilliamB;' IChtaters'}. 
Eame, Duke of Lenno:t, Earl of March, etc. : in the same 

Chapel [mth Lodovick^ Duke of Richmond'\? 
lira. Jane Batten : in a vanlt in St. Eraemnti'H Chapch* 
John Reynoldfi, Bntler:* [ChUlera]. 
^ Robert Lane : in the broad aisTe, on the South side,° 

Among other ctuldren bj her, faia sod John became oTcntoallj Dean of Ripon, aad his dau. 
Francos wife of the Ber. Dr. Edward Burbj, Archdeacon of Wincheater. He mfttried, secondly, 
Jojcot daa. of William Stapleton, of Lit^wood, co. Stafford, Esq., who aurvired him and re- 
married the Ber. Thomaa Harding^ hXi., Rector of Sonldem, cO' Oxford, and for many years 
Beoond Hutor of Westminster School. She died £S May 1650, fet. 49, and was bnncd in Bt. 
lUry's Chnrch« Oiford. Panl Noile, the father of thia William aod of the Archbishop, wafl 
horied at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 16 Jqdg 1574, and his widow, bibQl, whose maiden Dame, 
from her first hnsband's will, appean to have been Tapping, waa remaniGd them, 25 April 1575, 
t4j Robert Newell, and becflJue mother of the Bev. Dr. Robert NewoU, I'rebendary of Westminster^ 
Bnb-dean of Lincoln, etc. : see the burial of hia son 30 Not. lr>26f an<l note thereto. In Dr. 
Neweira will, dated II June, 1642, he states that she wa« baried in the great north porch of the 
Abbey, but the record of it does not occur in the Begister. 

^ Letters of Bdministration were granted by the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 2S May 
1625, on the estate of Arthur Hanwayring, Esq., laic of the city of Wcstminater, to Peter DaiiLcU, 
hu aister'a bod. He was a younger eon of Henry AtainKarinff, of Kennincham* co. Chester, Esq.f 
SherifE of Cheshire in 1575, by Elinor, dau. of Sir Thomas Vcnables. Baron of Kinderton. The 
will of Uaiy, widow of Arthur Maawayring, Ocnt., dated 21 Mch. 1G2G-7, was proTcd in the 
Court of the Dean and Chapter, 12 Feb. 1629-30, by KTorard Maynwaring, Gent., whom she 
mentioiied as liring with her, bhe bequeathed the arrearages of the annuity due to her from 
Peter Damen, of Tabley, co. Chester, Esq, They appear to have left no issue. In a herald 
pointer's work-book in the College of Arms he is described a£ of Canterbury. 

* The date should probably be 1621. The nuncupative will of John Williams. Jate of Weat- 
Duiisteri was proved in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, I Aug, 162E, by his mother, Margaret 
Dyer aliai Williams- Bee hia father's burial 24 July ICIS, and note thereto. 

' (This entry, in the portion of the Begieter devoted to burials within the Abbey, imme- 
diately follows that of 17 Feb. 1623-4.) He was second win of E^mc t^tuart, first Duke of 
TjnTi^g l^ Catherine, youngest dau. of William de Balsoc, Seigneur d'Entragues and MarconE«is, 
Qovcmor of Harre de Grace, and was created, 7 June 1619, Baron Stuart of Leighton Broma* 
wold, and Earl of March. He succeeded hie elder brother (see his burial 17 Feb. 1623-4) aa third 
Duke of Lennox, but enjoyed the title little more than six months, dying of the spotted fever, at 
Kirby, co. Northampton, 30 July in the same year. Sec the burials, of his son 18 Apl. 1656, and 
<a his daughterB, 7 Bep. 1616 and IT Mch. 1693-4. 

* Youngest aarviving dau. of Kir Chriatopher Hatton, of Kirby, CO. Northampton (see hia 
buTial 11 Sep. 1619, and note thereto), and was baptised at Barking. Eaticx, 22 June 1609. She 
"died of the spotted fever, a pretty gentlewoman, much lamented'" (Court and Timet qfJam^Lf 
IL 471). 

* He had a patent from the Dean and Chapter as chief butler, 3 May 1620. 

* Son of Sir Robert l^ne, of fiorton, co. Northampton. Kt. by his first wife, Catherine, dau. 
of Sir Roger Copley, of Qatton. co, Surrey, Kl. He was knighte<l 23 July 1603, being then one 
of the Gentlemen Ushers to the King. He was of Ketton, co. Rutland, and of Barford, co. 
Warwick, and waa aherifF of Rutland in 1612 and 1622. He married, at Chclttea, Midx, 12 Aug. 
1619, Dudley, dan. of Sir Arthur Gorges, Kt., by Elizabeth, dau. of Ileury, Earl of Lincoln, who 
survived him, and was buried at Chelsea 2i Aug, 1667. His will, dated 22 Sep.. was proved 2 
Oct. 1624. Besides his wife's jointure, and a remission of upwards of £2.000 due to him from 
the King, he left his estates to his cousin, William, Lord Feilding, Earl of Denbigh. (The 
register of St. Uartin in the Fislds records his death in that parish, and his bimal in the Abbey, 
uiid«r the aame date as that in the text). 


J 624 Dec, 2 Mrs, Alice Buktr i in the long aiale, on the North aide.^ 
1625 April 7 Thomas Beck, Head Brewer:^ [Chul^ra'], 
April 30 Elizabeth Poyner:* [CTow^a], 
May 5 JameBT King of Great Brittaine, etc., djed Mar, 27, and waa 

bnried May 6th in King Henry the 7th'8 vanlO 
June 9 Richard Gylea, singing man :' [Cloisters]. 
July 15 Henry Yere, Earl of Oxford, Lord High Chamherlaine of 

England: in 8t. John Baptist's ChapeL^ 
Aug, 10 Mr Morgan Mathewes:' lOlou^a']. 
1G2J Jan, 7 The Lady Jane, Dowa^r of Shrewebnry: in St. Edmund's 
Jan, 14 George Limeter, Esq, : in the long aiele, on the Sonth Bide* 

^ Kcc ber husband's burial 2 Oc:t. 1635, Khe was bis first wife, and in his will he desired to 
be bmied bceide her m the Abbey. In the Visitation of Berkehit^ she le called the dao, of 
Edward JervySt of co. Bouthamp^n. 

* Be had a patent from the Dean and Chapter, as chief brewer, 4 Dec, 1590. Dean Goodman, 
in hia will dated 2 Mch. IGOO-1, mentioned him aa one of his nearest and most faithful serranta. 
Hifi wiU, dated 25 Mob., was proved in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 22 Apl, 1626, b; bis 
relict Mary. See bia son's burial 4 June 1645. 

' Sec her husband's burial 7 Apl. 1617. Her djtu. Margaret Jackson, widow, administered to 
ber estate 25 June 1625, in the Court of the Dean and Chapter. 

* James Ktuart, son of Henry, Lord Damley, bj Marj, Queen of Scots ; bom in Edioborgb 
Castle 1^ June 1566 ; succeeded to Ibe IScottish throne as James VI. ; crowned King of England 
25 July 161)3. See the burials of his Queen 13 May 1619, and of their children, 16 Dec. 1607, 
8 Dec- 1612, and 17 Feb, 1661-2. (For an interesting account of the recent discovery of bis 
coffin see Dean Stanley's Mfimitriali of Wfittmimtffr Abbe^, third edit. p. 6B1, etc. If the precLw 
place of his interment iniUcated id the text had been accepted, the long search would have been 
nnncceseary, but we should then bavc missed other discoveries of the greatest interest and little 
leas importance.) It is carious that the Cheque Book of the Chapel Hoyal gives the date of his 
burial aa tbc 7th of May, instead of the 5th, as do also the contemporaneous diary of Sir Simonds 
D'Ewcs and various other authorities. 

* Letters of adminiatratiou were granted bj the Court of tbe Dean and Chapter, 26 Jan. 
1626-6, to his relict JSarah Gyles, 

" Only son of Edward de Vercj seventeenth Earl of Oxford, and only child by his second wife, 
Elizabeth, dnu. of Thomas Trenlham, of Roceater, co. Stafford, Esq. He waa bom 24 Feb. 
1592-3, and baptized at Sloke Newington, Midx., 31 Mcb. following, and succeeded as ^ghtoentb 
Earl in 1604. He married Lady Diana Cecil, second dau. of Williano, second Earl of Exeter, who 
survived him, but by whom be had no issue. He died during the dege of Breda, in command of 
a regiment. Hih will, cUted 20 May, was proved 16 July 1626. 

' The will of Morgan Math^tv. of Dwblin, Esq., dated 8 July 1626, was proved 3 Jnly 1636, 
hy his son Hugh Morgan. He left surviving n wife Anne, daa. of Griffith Pigott then deceased. 
He mentioned hie coudna Sir David ap Richard aliat Morgan, Clerk, Samnel Davica, of Dublin, 
and Itogcr DnviCH, Constable of Dublin Castle, He appears to have died while temporarily 
Bojouniiug in Wcetminstcr. 

* Jane Ogle, eldest daa. and coheir of Cuthbcrt, seventh Baron Ogle, by Catherine, dau. and 
cohdr of bir Reginald Caraaby, Kt. bbe is usually called Joatiff in tbe books, but in tbe Abbey 
Eogister. oa her monument, and in her will, her name is distinctly Jdnf. See her husband's 
burial 9 Feb. 1617-16, Her unncupativc will, made 20 Dec. 1626, was poved at York 1 June 
1627, by her sister. Lady Katherine Cavendish. 

■ Tlie name occurs variously aa Lfnietayerj Lemitaire, Ziiueter^ Ximifw, and Lymitter. He 
matHculatdl at Oxford, from Broadgates Hall, as George IiivtUerf 28 ApL 1580» aged IT, and is 
described as'^Pleb. fil./' ^^ (^ cO' Kent, He had a grant of Anns 14 June 1616, as George 


162^ Jaw, SO James Chappell, Bellringer:' [^Ofoiaters]. 

Feb. 28 The Lord John Ranisej, Viscount Haddington, Earle of Holder- 

nes : in St. PauVs ChapeL^ 
March 13 Anne Chapman:* IGloisters']. 
1626 May 23 Sir George Hollis : iii St, John Evangelist's Chapel.* 
May 30 Mr. John Easton : [Cloisters]. 

Nov, 50 John, son of Dr, Newell, Prebendary of thia Chnrch : in the 
Porch, on the North eidc."* 
162^ March 11 Elizabeth, Conntess of Derby : in St. Nicholas's Chapel.^ 

I^emitaife^ of the city of Westminffter, Eeq-, son of Thomas Lernctayert of co. Kent, and grandson 
of NichoJaa l^emeta^er, who came to fLngljmd from NormaDd^, The baptianiB of six chLldreti* 
by hia wife Anne, are reoorded at St Bride's, London, between 1506 and 1602, and in one of them 
he IB described aa a '* gentleman ttelonging unto the office of the First rmits " : in the St. Bride's 
Hegistcr the name is always Lymittar. He had a patent from the Dean and Chapter of Wcst- 
mioHter, 3 D«. 1607, aa Receiver-General and Solicitor, and the same was renewed, i May 1621, 
to him and Mb Bon Charlee. Ha died intestate, but the witi of hia widow, Anne, dated 8 Dec. 
1627, was ja-oved in the Conit of the Dean and Chapter, S3 Feb. 1627-8, by her married dan. 
Mary Browne. 

■ He is mentioned as a deputy bell-ringer in a will dated in 1609. In bia own will, dated 
19 Jan.. and prc^red in the Court of the Dean and Chapter 17 Feb, 1625'6, he is described as of 
the city of Westminster, yeoman. Tt menliona only bis wife Elizft])cth, and his »on and beir 
John, then a miiior, to whom he bequeathed a meaauagc and tenement in Thamea Ditton, co. 

' Sir John Banttay^ Kt. (son of James Ramsay, who died about 1580). the preserver of tlie 
life of King Jamca I. on his attack by the Ruthvens. He was created Viscount Haddington 11 
June 1606, and Baion of Kingston-on-Thames and Earl of Holdet-neM 22 Jan. 1620-1. He 
EnanJed, first, 9 Feb. 160ti, Lady Elizabeth Rateliife (eldest dan. of Robert, fifth Eart of Sossci), 
who died 6th Dec. 1618, and secondly, about July 1624, Martha, third dau. of ^ir WiBiam 
Cockayne, of Rushton, co. Northampton, Rt., who survived him, and remarrie<i Montague Bertie, 
second Earl of Lindaej. His will, dated 6 Jan. 1625-6, was proved, after a l^al contest, 16 Feb. 
1626-7, by the Coonteas Martha- By her be had no i&sue- See the burials of liis children by his 
first vife, 3d Feb. 1617-18, and 25 Mch. and 14 Sep. 1621. 

' Probably, from his will, the first wife of J&mea Chapman, Baker to the College : ace hia 
burial 15 Jan. 1663-4. 

* Younger brother of John, first Ear] of Clare, being son of Deozell Holift, Esq., by Eleanor. 
dan- of Edmund, firat Lord Sheffield of Butterwick. He was Imptized at Irby-on»H umber, co. 
Lincoln, 1 Sep. 1577, knighted at Greenwich 2 July 1609, and was u Major-Gcucral in the 
Neiherlaods. He died on the 19th of this month, and his wiJ!, date<l 13 May, was proved 16 
June following. He died unmarried, leaving his nephew Den^ell, afterwards Baron Holies of 
Ifleld, his residuary legatee. 

* Son of the Hev, Robert Newell, D.D., Prebendary and Sub-dean of Westminater (who was 
half'brother of the Moat Reverend Richard Ncile, Archbishop of York), l>y his wife, daughter of 
John Clarke, of Cluthall, co- Herts, Yeomnn, and sister of the Hev. (iahriel Clarke, D.D., Arch- 
deacon of Durham, Dr. Kewell, in his will, dated 1 1 June 1642 ariil pruved 1 May 1646, states 
that hia wife and another child were buried in the same locality in the Abbey, but no record of 
cither occurs in the Register. The other child was uodoublcdly Dorothy, who was baptize*! in 
the Abbey 22 Nov. IG22, as he left but ooe surviving dau., Elizal^eth (see her baptism 23 Mch. 

* Lady Eliiabeth de Vera, eldest dau. of Edward, seventeenth Earl of Oxford, by his first 
wife, Anne, dan. of William Cecil, Lord (Treasurer) Burghicy, and wife of William Stauky, 
■iitb Earl of Derby, to whom married 26 June 1594. In the parish register of RTcbmond, 
Sorrey, she is said to have died there on the lOth of March. The Earl survived her, and died 29 
Sep. 1642, but was buried at Ormakirk. See the burials of her daughtere, 20 Mch, 1608-$ and 15 
Feb. t656-T, hei siBt«r 1 Feb. 1628-9, and her grand-daogbtfir 4 ApL t62S. 


162f March 17 CharleH, Marqaees of Bnddngbam, Earl of CoTentry, ion of 

George, Dnke of Buckingham i in a little Chapel on the North 

side of E, Henry 7th'B moimment,' 
1627 April 19 Sir John Bcumont: in the broad aisle, on the South side.^ 

April 21 The Lady Anne, wife of Dndly, Lord Oarleton: in St. Paol'a 

Chapels . 
April 26 Elizabeth Greene:* [C^^^tors], 
June 1 Daniel, son of Mr. Thomas Day :* [Gloittsrs]. 
Aug. 1 Dr. Heather, Dr. of Musick : in the broad aiale, on the Sonth 

Get, 18 Henry Northridge, singing man :^ [Cloulers]. 
Oct. 23 Sir John Burrough : in St. Michael's Chapel.^ 

^ Et^est son of Geor^ Villien, firat Take of Bacltingbom (see hia bnriol 13 Sep. 1623), hj 
Ladj Eatherine Manners, only dnu. And hciresa of Francis, sixth Earl of Rutland. Accordiag 
U> a hgnucope in Aahmole M8. (Bod. Lib.) 243, p. 185, be was bom 17 Nov, 1625, and according 
to his cofSn-plate^ exposed ia IStiT, he died IG Uch. t62€-7. 

* Second son of Sir Francis Jieaament, ot Grace Diea, co. Leicester, Kt,, one of the Juatices 
of the Common Pleas, b; Anne, dan. of Sir Oeorge Pierrepont, of Holme Pietrepont, co. Notta, 
Kt., and relicl of Tbomaa Tborold^ of Maraton, co. Lincoln, Eaq. He iras bom in 1582, and waa 
created a Baronet 29 Jan. l€26-7. He is alwaja said to have died in the year 1628, and it ia 
poaaible that the date in the text is an error b; the transcriber of the old Register. His widow, 
Dame Elizabeth, did not administer to hia eetate until 3 Jan, 1628^9. In ColUctanea the 
date is crroneonsly given aa the aStb April. See his brother's burial 9 Mch. 1616-16. The fiiat 
coUcctcd edition of hia Poems was privately published in 1869, by the Rev. A, B- Grosart 

' Dau. and coheir of George Garrard, Esq. (second son of Sir William Oarrard, of Domej, 
00. Bucks, Kt.}, hj Margaret Dacres his wife. According to her monument she died 18 Apt., in 
her fortj-flccond year, wUhont issue, having been married twenty years. See her hnsband's 
burial 19 Feb. 1631-2. 

* See a borial, probably of her husband, 29 Jan. 1627-8. 

* BrroncouHJy Mr. John Day in G>ll€ctaiua. See bis father's burial 10 Apl. I6S4. 

^ William Heather, bom at Harm onils worth, Midx., waa awoni a Geotlenaan of the Ch^iel 
Royal 27 Mch. I(il6, and waa created Doctor of Music at Oxfoni 18 May 1622. (Sec a porlnut 
and memoir of him in Sir John Hawkins's Hittory t>f J/w^rr, iv, 30.) Hia will, dated 21 July, 
waa proved 16 Aug. 1627. He lived in tbe Almoary, Westminster, and had bOQSea and lands at 
Chiselhurat and Bromlcyf in Kent. He mentioned bis hrotber-in-Jaw W^ilUam Ryman, then 
deceased, and numerous coueins of tbe namen of Manning,' Bannister, Pearman, Pescod, and 
Buckridge, but left his lands and residue of personality to his couain Wilham Ireland, of Weet- 
minster, Gent., who was his executor. He bequeathed £17 6a. 8d> per annum for ever for a 
music lecture at Oxford, and left his widow £160 pec annum for life, and £300 to diapoa« of by 
will at ber pleaanre : see her burial 6 SeP' 1635- 

^ Henry Northedge had a patent from the Dean and Chapter aa one of the bell-ringerfl, 15 
May 1598. Dean Goodman, in his will dated 2 Mch. 1600-1, mentioned Henij NoHfuxgt a* one 
of his nearest and most faithful servants. Heniy N<trthage was appointed by the Dean and 
Chapter, 4 Dec- 1606, an usher of the hall, with a livery and twenty shiUings per annnm. Henry 
Northidge bad a patent for life, 6 Dec. 1613, as purveyor to the College. These notices doubtless 
all rofer to the person named in tbe text, as it was quite usual for the sir^ng-men to hold other 
offices connected with the Abbey, 

* Eldest son of tUcbard Burgh, of 8low, co. Lincoln, Esq., by Anne, eldest dau. of Anthony 
Dillington, of Knighton, laic of Wight, Esq, He was knighted at Greenwich 4 May 1623, and 
was colonel of one of the six regiments sent to the Palatinate in Dec- 1624. He waa alain while 
besieging tbe citadel of St. Martin, in the Isle of Rh^, in the preceding month. The 20th of 
September is nsnally mentioned aa the dat« of hia death ; but a MS. in the Bodleian Librazy 
(Ai«ftftMn B. 480), entitled "A Journal touching the Voyage to tbe Isle of Ree, 1637," nnd^ir 
date of 11 Sep., says, " This night abo Sir John Burgh was slain"; and a poetical account of Bir 


162} Jao, 19 Philip Feilding, Esq., 3rd son to William, Earl of Denbigh : in 
a little Chapel on the North aide of K. H, Tth's monument.* 
Jan, 29 George Greene, singing man ;' [doistera.'] 
1628 April 12 Mra- Alice, wife to Dr Corbet, Dean of Christ Church iu Oxford -.^ 
[in the Abbei/], 
May 21 James Harvy, Clerk of the Works i* [Oioisters]. 
Jnne 24 Isabel Boaton -^ [Gtautsra^. 

Jnly 11 The Lady FranceB, Connteefi of Kildare : in St» Bencdict*B 
^^Ang. 21 Peiree Griffith, Esq, : in the brood aisle, on the South aidcJ 
Sept. 18 Geoi^, Dnke of Bnckingham: in a little Chapel on the North 
aide of K, H, Zth'a monoment,* 

John BiiT|fb, bj Bobert MbTkhaia, poblished in 1626, faaa a fine portrait of him, on whicli is 
engnTcd. " Blayne W^ a muaket boHet 11 Sep. 1627." His will, dated 17 July lG20f was pnn-ed 
3G Oct. 1627. by his brother. Edward Buigh, rcsiduor? kgHtec. 

' Third and yoangefit «on of William FGildiDg. flnt Earl of Denbigh, by Sasan, dan. of Sir 
Oeor^ TiUiere, of Brookcsby, co. Leicester, Kt., am) sister to Goorge, first Duke of l^uokiugbam. 
See b[p fliater'a bnrinl 12 Ma? 1638. 

' Bee a barUl, probablj of hie wife, 26 April I6Z7. ITe adiniiiifflcred to the estate of his eon 
John, 8 Jan. 1626-7, He appears to have been awom a GcntlGoiaD KitraorUinary of the Cb&pul 
Hoyal 24KOT, 1601. 

> Dan. of the Rer. Leonard Button, D.D., Canon of Clirint Church* Oxford, and wife of the 
BCT. BIcbATd (hrMt, D.D.^ afterwards sueccHBirGly Bifihop of Oxford anil Norwich, who died 28 
July IA35, and was boned in Norwich Cathedral, ^he was ba]>tized at t^L AldaleX eity^ of 
Oxford, 6 June 1602, Bee her mother's burial in 1644. '• She^was a verj benutiful woman, and 
so was her mother " {Anbrtif'ji Letters, ii. 294). 

* A patent was graated by the Dean and Chapter, 3 Dec. 1610^ to Roger Edwards and 
Thomas White, '^of tbe office of looking to the conduit pipes and the leads of and about the 
chnrchi'' but James Barcgy, who had held the office fori j years, and was thcti bedridden^ was to 
hare the annual fe«» (£6 13s. 4d.) as long as he ahonld livo- 

■ Probablj a dan. or other relative of Josiah Boston, of Westminster, to whose estate his 
reUot Bebecca administered, in the Court of tbe Uean and Chapter, 22 Oct. 1625. 

• Second dan, of Charles Howardj first Earl of Nottioi^'ham, by his first wife, Calherine, 
eldest dau. of Henry Carey, first ilaron Hunsdon. She mnrricd, first» Henry, twelfth Earl of 
Kildare, who died 31 July 1G97, and, BPcondlj, Henry Brook, ei|j:bth LoH Cobham, tfho was 
attainted fn 1606 and died in imprisonment 24 Jan. 1618-9. Her will, dated 21 June* was proved 
8 July 1628. 

^ ' Second but eldest sarriving son of Sir Rees Griffith, of Penrhjn, Kt., High Sheriff of Car- 
narvonshire in 1567, by his second wife, Catharine, dan. of l^erce Mostjn, of Talacre, Esq., who 
remarried Eur Thomas Moetyn, of Mostyn, Kt. He appeoTH to have cquippe<i and soiled a priva- 
teer at the period of the Spanish Armada, and afterwards cru]ze<l wUh I>rake and lUleigh. In 
tbe time of K. James i, he was accused of )>irac7 by the t^panisb Ambassador, who proi^sed the 
charge so strongly that he was compelled to bcU his cslato to Lrlitain a panlon- lie mnrried 
Uargaret, dan. of Sir Thomas Mostyn, of Mostyn, Kt., by Ursula, dau. of William Gootbnnii, of 
Chester, by whom he bad three sons, William. lEobert, and Rees, who all died young, and four 
danghtera. Bee the burial of his kinsman Feb. 1l»3li-7. 

' Younger son of Sir George ViJliers of lirookesby. co. Leicester, Kt.. by his second wife, 
Uary, dan, of Anthony Beaumont, of Glenfield, go. Leicester, Esq. (see her burial 21 Apl. 1532). 
He wu bom at Brookesby 28 Aug. 1692 : marriedn in 1620, Lady Kntherioc Manoero, only daa. 
and heir of Francis, sixth Enrl of Butlnnd ; aod was assassinated at rorttmouth 2B Aug. IGS'it. 
He was created Baron of Wbaddon and Viscount Villiers 27 Ang. 1016 ; Earl of Buckingham 5 
Jan. 1616-7; Harqufa of Buckingham 1 Jan. 1617-18; and Earl of Coventry and Duke of 
Baekingham 16 Uay 1638. Bee the boriats of hie children, 17 Mch. 1626.7, 10 July 1648, 28 Nor. 


Sept, 18 


Jan. 8 

Feb. 1 

March 17 


April 4 


Thomas Rapier:^ [Cloistert'}, 
Dorothy, wife of Lawrence CharlcB:* IChisUrs]. 
The CoantesB of Montgomery : in St. Nicholas's Chapeh* 
The CounteBB of Deamond : in Bt- Pad*B Chapel* 
Sherlot Stanly, daughter to the Lord Strange : in St< Nicholas'B 
May 13 Charles, Prince of Wales: on the South side of K, H, 7th's 

Ang. 10 Elizabeth, wife of John Hitchcock:^ [Olcuters^* 
Aug. 12 The Lady Juh'an, wife of Sir Randolph Crew : in the long aiBle, 
on the North side.^ 

1 8ee ft burial 3 Dec. 1658^ and note thereto. 

> See ber huabond'a burial 29 Jane 1B42. 

' Lady Susan de Vere, third and youcgeHt dan. of Kdward, seTenteenth Earl of Oxfordt hj 
hii firat wife, Anoet dan. of William Cecil, Lord (Treoatirer-) Bui^hlej. She waa the first wife of 
Sir Philip Herbert^ created Eail of Montgomery 4 May 160fi, who succeeded as foiutb Earl of 
Pembroke 10 Apl 1630, aod died 23 Jan. 1649-50. They were married at Whitehall 27 Dec 
1604, according to moat accounts; bnt Camden's AhjuiIm give the date 4 Jan. following. See 
her sister's burial ll,Uch, 1626-7, aod her son'e 23 Kot. 1G59. 

* Blizabetli, only surviving child of Thomas Butler^ tenth Earl of Ormond and third of 
Ossory. b; hia second frife, EliEabethf dau. of John, second Lord Sheffield. She was mnzried, 
first, to ber consin-gennan, Theobald, Vtscoont Batler of Tulleophelim, co. Carlow^ who died 
Jan. 1613, and, secondly, to ^ir Richard Preston^ Baron Dingwall in Scotland, wbo was created 
Earl of Desmond in Ireland 22 Nor. 1622, and who waH drowned in the Iri^h Channel 28 Oct, 
1628. Bhc ie said to hate died in W&lea 10 Oct, 1628, shortly i>efote her husband, and wm 
probably remored to be tiuried t^ her father's first wife and her own brother in this chapel. See 
the bariat of ber only child 24 July 16B4. 

' C%artittte StanUy, eldest dan. of James, then Lord Strange, who aacceeded as seventh 
Earl of Derby 29 iiep. IU2. and was beheaded at Bolton 15 Oct. 1651, by Charlotte, dau. of 
Claude de la Tr^ouille, Duke of Thouars, famous for her gallant defence of Lathom Honae aod 
the Isle of Man, and who died 21 Hch. 1663-4. She died in her infancy. See her grandmother's 
burial 11 Mch. 1G26<7. (Sir Egertou Biydges, in his eilition of Collina'a Pterage, iii. 83, states 
that Charlftf third eon of Williamj sixth Karl of Derby, was biiried in the Abbey on the 24th of 
this mouth ; but no record of it occurs in the Register, and he has perhaps been in some way 
confounded with this Charlotte.} 

* Eldest child of E. Charles I., by Q. Henrietta- Maria, third and youngest dau. of Homy IV. 
King of France ; bom and died at Greenwich.^" Mary, Q. of England, delivered of her first son, 
etillbom, 13 May J62D, about 3 A.M," (Horoscope iu Ashmole MS., Bod. Lib,, 343, p. iBB). 
Other accounts, probably more correct, state that he lived long enough to be baptixed by Dr. 
Webb, and by the names of CharUa-Jamr-t. Archbishop Laud, in his Diary, states that he bnried 
him on the 14th of May. From all the testimony there ie little doubt that he was born aboat 
three o'clock on the morning of the 13th, and buried a little before midnight on the 14th. The 
date in the llegiater is an error. Hee the burials of hia eistera and brothers, 8 Dec, 1640, 21 Sep. 
and 29 Dec. 1660, and 14 Feb. 1684-5. Another sister, the Princess Katharine, being fonrth dau. 
and seTenth child, was bom and died 20 Jan. I638'9, and wad undoubtedly buried in the Abbey ; 
bat no record of it occurs in the Regisler, which is especially defective about that period, 

7 John Hitchcock had a patent from the Dean and Chapter, 7 Dec. 1620, as eeoond cook, 
and another, 7 Dec. 1621, as gardener. He is mentioned- in a will dated 7 Dec. 1631 as stiU one 
of the College servants, and probably remarried, as letters of administration were granted by 
the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 20 Sep, 1634, to Judith, relict of John Hitchcock, late of 
Westminster, deceased. 

* Jtiiianaj dau. of Edward Funcy, of London. She married, first, Wr Thomas Hesketh, Kt, 
and, Mcondlr, 12 April 1607, Sir Ran^UpJu OreiM, Chief Juitice of the King's Bench, to wtom 


1629 Aug. 18 Henry, sou of John Lawes:^ IChis/era^. 

[^A hiatus here occurs in the Register of Burials in the 
CUyrstera, extending from the fast date to the ^Zrd of May, 
1640. A$ Mr. Ti/nchare, the transcriber of the " imperfect 
booku" continued the entries reguturbj^ simply noting the 
defkimcy by the expression *'dc&wiit 1G30, ctc./*li is evident 
that the records embracing thisperiod, sofitr as the Cloisters 
are cmic^ned, were then hopelessly fost."] 

1630 Jnne 11 Sir Humphrey May, one of his Majesty's Pri\7 CouncU: on the 

Xorth Bide of the Chapel of Kings.^ 
163? Jan. 3 Sir James Fullertou : near the steps aaceiiding to K. II. Ttli'e 

1631 May 6 Mr. Ellis's mother : in the North aiale.* ■' 
Oct, 6 Mr. Richard Tufton :* [in the Abbey]. 

she wan second wif«» and who died 13 Jan. 1645-6, and was buriefl at Barthomle;, co. Chei^tCT, 
She died 10 Aug- Sec the borials of her Htop-children, 23 Apl. Ifl2l and 3 Feb. IfiJS-U. 

> See hlB fathf-f a burinl ItJ Jan. 1^54-5. 

» Of Cnrrow Priory, co, Norfolk, Vice-Cbambcrlflin to K- Charlca I., and son of Ricliard 
Maj, citiMD and mere b ant -tfljlor of London, by Mary Hillerwlcu bis wife- He was knighted 
at Sewmartet Jan. 1612-13, and appointed C'haucenor of the Duchy of Lancaster 'J Mqh l(jlC-17. 
In 1623 be hart a gtaot in reveraion of the office of MaettT t-f tbo Kolls, but died before it fell to 
him, June 1630, aged abgtit 57. LetlcrB of iwlmiaistratiou were gTanictl, 24 June ]^^\ to 
hi-M relict Dame Judith, hie second wife (his first wife having died iu May IGlo), who wa"* a dan. 
of Sir William Foley, of Boiled, co, SutTolk, Kt- They wore ninme<l, at Bury St, Edmunds, 
3 Feb. 1615-16. hhe died 9 June 1661, aged about 63. and was buried a( lloxtol. See the burial 
of their second eon 16 Mch. 1€43'4. 

' In hia will, dated 28 Dec, UiaO. and proved 5 Feb- IG30-1, he is describoil as a Knight, and 
one of the Oentlcmco of His Majesty's Bedchamber. On his monument he is called First 
Gentleman of the Bedchamber. Re was evidently a Scottifsb Kuij,'hT. And his arms were those 
of Fullerton of Craighall. The rccnmlrent atatue of hirt wife in place-l with hi^ own, but the 
tablet left for the iuBcription respecting ber irt entii-ely blank, and no reeord of her burial uccu™ 
in the Register. Althongh the fact has dropped out of the family history, he married at Abbots- 
Langley, HertJi, 9 Apl, 1C16. Mflgdalcn, dau. of ^ir Aiexacder Clerk, of Balbimie. co. Fife, and 
relict of Sir Edward Bruce;, first Baron Bruee of Kinloss, who dioi 14 Jan. llJIO-ll. and was 
buried in the Rolls Ch^>el, I^ndon. To her Sir James Fullerton Iwqueathed all his estate, real 
and personal, and appointed as hie e^iecutor hei son Thoman. third Baron of KtnTnRii, who was 
BQbseqncDtly created Earl of Elgin. 
l^ * Jane, daa. of Thomas ^totevile, of Brinklcy, co. Cnmbri<ige, Ehj., by Cicely, dau. of 
Thomaa Rndstoa, of Swaflfham -Bui beck, in the eame comity. She married, Hret, Edward Ellis, 
of Chesterton. 00. Cambridge, Esq., who die<i at Cambridge 20 Nov. 15y'l. and. fiecondly, Othowell 
Hill, D.C.L., Chancellor of Lincoln, who was buried in Lincoln Cathedral 19 May 1616. She 
died 27 Apl., in her 78th year. Her will dated 22 Mch. 1621-3, was provetl 9 May 1631. Sec 
her son's banal U Oct. ]Ga6- 

' Fourth but third surviving son of Rir John Tufton, of Hothficld, Kent, Kt- and Barl-n by 
Christian, dau, and coheir of Sir Humphrey Brown, Kt., one of the Jud|ici* of the C<>mmon Pleart. 
He died 4 Oct., and hia will, dated 29 iSep,, was proved 7 Oct. 16S1. It dofy:Til>cs him as of 
Shome, CO. Kent, Esq. ; but he also hail a residence in Tol hi 11 -street, and was the founder of thnt 
street, in Westminster, which still bears his name. He marriefl (Jhrisogon, youngci^t dau, and 
coheir of Herbert Morley, of Glynde, co. Sussex, Ehq., vtho- as welt as a son anit two daughters, 
soTTiTed him. See his sister's burial II Sep. 1653, and that <it hiA great- grandcbi hi 12 June 



1681 Nov. 4 Dr. Darcll : at the lower end of tbe South aiele.^ 
Doo. 21 Dr, Price : in the broad aisle, on the South side.* 

168^ . Feb, 19 The Lord Carleton, Vificount Dorchester, Principal Secretary to 
tbe King: in a Chapel, near the Lord Pnckering," 
March 4 The Lady Mary, daughter to the Lord Marquis Hamilton : in 
K. Henry 7th'a Chapet, near the Duke of Buckingham.^ 

1682 April 21 The Countesae of Buckingham :'^ [in the Abbe//], 

^ 1C83 July 28 Mr. Hugh Holland ; in the South part of tbe Church, near the 
door entering into the monuments,* 

^ Qcorgc DoreU, HQTcmtli son of Edward DaroU, of PAghun, co. BoBHex, Eaq,, Clerk of the 
AcKtcTj to Q. Blizabcth* b; Mnry, dau. nod heir of Harmadoke DaieU, of the game place, Esq. 
Bo matrioula1«d at Oxford, from Now CoUege, 25 Oct. 1589, aged U, and wtu D.D., ae of AU 
Soals, H Jon. 1G07'8- He waa infltalled Prebeudiuy of Westminster 8 Jtme 1G07, and hc^^ame 
Rector of Wormley. Hcn«, 22 Kep. 1610, and of West Banningiield, Efieei, 23 Dec ifill. He 
died »I Oct., and hiH wiU. dated 24 ApU, was proved 31 Dec. 1G3I. He beqooathed £400 
towanls building the New Cbnpel of WeetminsterT in TotbiU Fields. See his first wife's barial 
31 Aug. IfiEl. He rcmamed Anno, dan. of Johu Dare11» of Calehill, co. Kent, Eaq., bj Anne, 
dau, and cohoir of the Ut, Kev, Itobcrt Horoc, Biehop of Winchester, who fiarvived him about 
throo jearv. 

I Theodoro IMcc, bom at Bron-y-fael in Llanenddwn^ co, Merioneth, son of Reea ap Tndor 
ap William Vaughan, of Olgerrao, by Margery, dau. of Edward Stanley, Eaq,, Constable of 
HarU'igh ra:<t1t'. He entered AIL !^ou1»^ College. Oxford, as a cbnrister. and became afterwards a 
Wlow of Jt^us College. He beld for a short time the rectory of Llanvair. near Harleigh, and 
was kustalleil Prcbendwy of Winchester 9 Sep. I59ti. He became Principal of Hart Hall, Oxford, 
to l&H. and vruA created D,D. 5 July 1614. He was installed Prebendary of Lincoln 24 Jan. 
lti3l-:2. Kfiiguing his piHt at Hait Hall and Prebendarx of Westcninsiv in July 1623. He 
beld his Ibiee prebends until his death. 15 l>ee^ 1631. His will, dated 10 Nor^ was proved 19 
Dec. IS31. by bis nei>bew and general legatee. William Lewes^ D.D., Master of the Hospital of 
St. Orv»*t KIB« Wynne t«e hia burial 29 Sep- 1623), in hia wili. calU Dr, Prke bis cousin. 

* Dudley Oirlt^n. yoange«t eon of Anthony Carlton, of Baldwin- Brighttretl, co. Oxford, Kaq^ 
by hi^ ■.Kxnul wife. Joyc«, dan, of Sir John Goodwin, of Winehendon, co. Backa, EL He was 
b*|»tJied al Bald win- Bright well SI Meh. 1573-4. He was created Baron Carlton, of Imbercoort, 
31 May 16lV. aud Viftvitnt DoT\^be^er 2^* Jnly Ifi:^. He died 15 Feb^ and hia will, dated IS 
Aug. IA30. with a coilieil 15 Feb. H>31-*. ns proved 4 ApL 1632, See his first wife* burial 21 
Apt. 16:;f7. He reuarriett Anno, willow of I'atU, fir^ VtA^onni Bayning. by whom be had a 
l>(«thunhiu4 dau. Ftance^ who w^s baptixed at @i. Mafgar^'». Weetminvter. ^ June 1633, and 
bonetl at ^. Olarr^id^ Hart Street, Loudon, S Jan. following, and her motfaer waa boried at 
tSoal&eM. Essex. 31 Jan. l^3?>^- Bolh liile^ beeame exiinoi ai bis deaih. 

* KUWi dau. of Jame^ third Mar^oi^ and afterwards thtke of Hamilion, and doabtles tbe 
child baptind at ^. Martin in tbe Field«v 5 Meh. ]t<3(Vl. as *- Hener^tla Maria Hameltoa filia 
b^Hh>'Uti» riri Jni.vtu Haotehon MarqtKHs UanMlion el Dominx Man* uxoris." :^ ho^ znoUier i 
tvrial U May 1«^ 

* Mary. dau. ^^ Atilb^>tiy Bmuaoni, i.^ tVieofield. cv. Letee^er. Ei^„ and second wife and 
Ttii<\ of ^ Ueorv^ VilUer^ Ki-^ who died 4 Jan. 1A>S^ On the I9ch Jane fuUotnikg. acocvdii^ 
k' the iVkrifh re^ifler <•£ Gwiby, Cv\ Lcivvsier. she rvQi:iTncd »r TiHiam Rayner. q£ Orton- 
Loc^Ctiexille, ..v. HuACiQ^>a. Ks-. wfco difvl abont four ni,^dL* afterwardi^ and sbe nbeequeoUy 
Dftarrwd :>ir TVbul^ t.Xviptv'a. Kt. ^%Y^><ber to W-Viun. &nt Kar! of XonhavpioaV "^u died 
earty ia X\^\ l<S»^ ?^ wa^ ccrmeU iv^istew ^ Buektn^-him I Jiiy lfil#, Scavding to ha 
ooAT=-i*:a:e, she xtw\l 1^ Ap:,> in ter *iiiy-«o.^d ytar. Htr will, daivd !S ApL lOI. with a 
i-v^tef. 4 A^'i- l*t* wa* («vT1^i : May fi^ZU'wic^, r^ tier sr.'* bttrta; t* Sjpw 1*^ 

* A ^lAE^Tie of Wa^iftk st-a y-t Kotvn HcI^au^v wbo =$ sLid by A.;tcvy co baie deaocndcd Fro^ 
ibr Carta etf CpiK o/ hM iiBi^ Hb Dvc^f wta^ of che family of Pay^ie. of Dvnbiigh^iiR- He 
m ^P^vted ti.^ OftM^ndi^ trvn Weatau:un:c ix^x^ iu 1^^. asd i^vabk a FcLsv of TiiBity 


16$f [^^b-] ( — ) J^dge Richardson : nenr the Cloisters* door^ on the back side of 

the Quire.' 
1635 March 27 Dr. Mason, DeaB of Samni and tntonr to Prince CharleB; in 
the Church,' 
May 8 Sir Horatio Vere : bj Sir Fran. Vere hiB brother." 
Sept. 6 Mrs. Heather, the Relict of Dr. Heather :* [/n ihs A £%]. 
Oct. 2 Mr. Baker, his Majesty's Serjeant of the Cbimrgeons :^ in the 

North aisle of the Chnrch* 
Nov, 20 Dr. Panrs wife:* near the Font. 

College. He does not appear to bare ever obtained any i^nglirnh preferment, but was a Latin 
poet of conriderablo note, I^Here of admin JBlration, in vhich he ia dcBcribod hh of WentmiuBtj^r, 
vidower, wore granted, 31 Aag. 1633, to hiA eon. '* Arbetlino^' Holland, also of WesiminetcrT 

^ The Right Hem. Sir- Thomas RichafdeoD. Kt^ sacceaaircly Speaker of tlie House of Gommoun 
■nd Lord Chief Jiutke of the Oommtra Heas and King's Beech. He is uHimllj utated to have 
been the aoa of Dr. Thomas Richardson, a clergjmao of Mnlbartoa, Norfolk, and to have been 
bom at Hardwiek, in that eountj. 3 July l&6!t ; but, in the entry of bis bapiii^ni in the iinivh 
regiMer of Eardwickf of that date, he ie described aa the Hon of llllliam Ricbanlsoii and A^rEiea 
his wife, and a H8. note in the margia identifies him with the Chief Juelioe. by bin firnt wife, 
CiBula (third dau. of John Southwell, of Barbara Hall, Suffolk. Eeq.), who waa buried at St. 
Andiew^s, Holbom, 13 June 1624, he hadtwclTcchildren.of wbomonlyoncanr^ mid four dnugbters 
rarriTedhim. He remarried, at St. Giles in the Fields, Midi., 14 Dec, I62fi, Eliinbeth, dan. of Sir 
Thomas Beaufboat, of Stoughton,co. Leicester, Et,. and relict of Sir John AahbQrakua, Kt. who 
WM created Baraneitf Craroond in his lifetime, with remainder to his hcirn male. She mirviTed 
faim, and wa« buried at St. Andrew's, Holbom, 3 Apl. 1651. Hp died, at his house in Chancery 
Lane, 4 Feb. 1&34-5. His will, dated IS Jan. 1BS4-5, wai4 proTctl 15 ApK following. 

* Bdmnnd Ha«OD, 8. T. P., waa collat<i<i to the Deanery of Salisbury 20 Mch. l629-3{^ and 
died at bis house in Petty France, Wcutminsior, 2-k ^fch. 1634^5. He was third and youngest 
•on of Williara Uasoti, of Egmanton, co. Kotts, Gent., by Julian, dau. of Richard Stringer^ of co. 
Derliy, and relict of William Cardinall, of Great Bromley, eo. E>;gg]e, Baq. He married ElJEabeth, 
dau. of Thomas Barker, of the city of Peterborough, Gent., and widow of Jamca Taylor, of 
Cambridge, Gent, but bad no issue by her il\in. Cert. C<ill. Arm. I. 24, j>. 28), His brother, 
Thomas Mason. Esq., administered to hid estate 16 Juno lfi36. 

* YonngMt ton of GeofFrey de Vere (third eon of John, fifteenth Karl of Osfonl). by Eliwi- 
beih, dan. of Sir John Hardkyn, of Colchester, Kt. For hii' splendid military serrices he was 
created, 24 Joly 1^5, Baron Yere of Tilbuiy. He married Uary, dnu. of Rir WDliam Tracy, of 
Toddington, co. Gloucester, Et.,but died without male issue. 3 Way 1636, and the barony became 
extinct. His will, dated 10 Nov. 1634, wa£ provefl 6 May 1GB&, by his relict Lady wbom 
he left his entire estate, and who only in named in it. See his brother's burial 29 Aug, 1609. 

* See her husband's burial 1 Aag. 16^7. Her will, a^ Margery Heather, of St. Mai^aret's, 
Westminster, widow, dated 3 July 1629, was proved in the Court of the Dean juid Cbapter, 11 
Sep, 1636, by Sir Henry Herbert, of Ribslord. co. Worcester, St., whom she made her residuary 
legatee, and described as her "loriug and kind friend." No relative is named iu the will except 
her niece Margerr Frier. 

* Alexander Baker, soo of George Baker, Esq., Chief Chiruigeon to Queen Elizabeth, by his 
first wife Anne, dan. of Wtlliam Swayrie, of Hackney, Midi. He had been also Chirm-gc?ou to 
%4 James I., and a J.P. for Middlesex. His will, dated 2D Sep. 1635, was proved on the day 
of his burial. See the burial of biH Srat wife 2 Doc. 1524, and the marriage of Mh grand -daughter 
8 Dec. 1662. He remartied Fiances, dau. of Michael Grigg, and widow of Francis PcndietouH 
of London, dnper, who survived him. He died 26 Sep., at bis house on £jt. Peter's Hill in 

' Alice, second wife of the Rev. Dr. William PanUi afterwnnia Bisbop of Oxford. The 
genealogy and domestic history of this prelate havG never heretofore been given, probably because 
not known, or, it known, from motiveA of fabe delicacy. It has only been said of his origin that 


103f March II Mrs. Oaosabon, the l^lict of Mr, Isaac OaQsaboD:' [in i^ 

163f Feb. (— ) Serjeant Griffith, one of hia Majesty's Serjeants at Arms:* near 

the red door in the Soath aisle, 
1G37 Dec. 14 Mrs, Margery Croft, one of the Maids of Honour to the Qaeen 

of Bohemia :^ in the South part of the cross aisle, 
1655 '^^^' ^ ^^' Cicely, wife of Mr. Thomas Killegrew:* in the Church, 

Feb, 6 Sir Clt^y Crewe's daughter:^ in the North aisle of the monu- 


he WHS bom Id Eaatcheflp, London, in luDfl, Atid but one wife hAfl been assigned to him. Even 
in ihe recorded petligrcc of the family id the College of Arms his ancestry and his ^t two wires 
arc completely ignored. The following results h&ve beea obtained after much researcb uid 
difficulty, and may l>e relied upon- Efe vnna n younger son (one of sixteen children) of Williun 
FftuTc. citizen and butcher of London, by Joane his wife, dau- of John Uarrieon, beadle of the 
Butchers' Compaziy, and was bnptized at ISt. Leonard s, Eastcheap, 14 Oct, 1699. He matricolftto' 
at Oxford, from AU Bonis Conege. IC ^'OT. ItilC, and bod the degree of D.D. befut^ IA53. J 
became Hector of Bald win- Bright well, co. Ojcford^ as early as 1633, and was Chaplain in Ordin^ 
to Eingtt ChoB. L and II- On the Ath of April IG61 he was installed Dean of Lichfield, and 
consecrated Binhop of Oxford SO Dee- IGG^. He died 2i May, and woa buried at Bftlr 
Brlghtwell 6 June 1GG5. His will, date<l 14 Not, 1664, was prored 21 Feb. 1665-6. On it 
of Not. 1632 he had a license from the Dean and Chapter of Westminster to marry 
Olemham/' and in 1633 (the rest of the dMe being illegible) the parish raster of ^ 
Brightwell records the burial of " Mary, wife of William Taul, D.D., rector of this par 
was a dau. of Sir Henry Q^embaro- Kt. On the 22nd of Jon. 16B4'5, he was again 
St, Giles in the Fields. Midi., to '' Alice CutUrC' and the Bald win- Bright well regist 
Alioc, wife of William Paul, D.D., rector of that pariah, died on the 19tb and ^ 
Weetminster Abt>ey the 20th of Kov- 1635. There can. therefore, be no doubt of -.,v 4ucuiLiy ot 
the person named in the text. 8he was second dan. of Thomas Cutler, of Ipswich, J.P, for co, 
boSolk, by his first wife, Anne, dan. of Thomas Dandy, of Combes, co. Suffolk. £aq. Dr. Paula 
almost immediately after remanied, thirdly, Rachel, dan. of Sir Christopher Clitherow, EL, by 
whom he had a numerous issue; but the male line has loug since been extinct, while the female 
is now chiefly represented by the Barone™ Le Dcapencer, whose ancestor Sir William Btapdeton, 
Bart., married the heiress of Bishop Pauleys only BurriFing grandson, 

' Florence, one of the two daughters of Heniy Stephens [Stephanus], the famous continental 
printer and author of the Thcta^ruA. by bis first wife, a lady of the family of Bchrimger. She 
was married, at St, Peter's, Geneva, 28 April 1586, to Isaac Caiavhon (see bis burial Jaly 1614), 
by whim she had twenty children, the most eminent of whom was Dr. Meric Casaubon, Preben- 
dary of Canterbury. Her ago at her death must have been upwards of 70 year?, 
u * in;^"om Griffith. In hie will, dated 12 Not. 1633 and proved 23 Feb. 1636-7, he directed 
to lie buried in Westminster Abbey, near his kinsman Peers Griffith, Esq, (see bis borial 21 Aug. 
1^28). He mentioned his sons Charles, Thomas, and Bobert ; his daughters Eathcrine, Bridget, and 
Frances (who proved the will); his soQ-tn-law Dr. Nixon; his brother-in-law Mr. Maximilian 
t*mythe ; his brother Vnchon ; and his cousin Ellic Sutton. His wife Margaret appears to have 
been buried at St. Margaret's. Westminster, 3 Meh. 1633-4, 

* Sec her sister's baptism 5 Alch. 1607-8. and note thereto. Her wiU, dated B Dec, 1637, was 
proved 12 June 1638, by her brother James Croft. She stated that she owed about £100 at the 
Hague, which she hoped her gracious mistrcw the Queen of Bohemia, in constderation of her long 
service, would discharge. 

' First wife of the notorions *• Tom EiUigrew " (see his burial 18 Meh. l68e-3). She WU 
dau. of Sir John Crofts, of Saxham, co. Soffolk. Kt., by Maiy, dau. of Ha Thomas Shirley, of 
WiHlon, CO. Surtsei, and was married at Oatlands, Surrey, 29 June 1636. She wan one of the 
Uaids of Honour to Q. Henrietta Maria. Her only son, Henry, was baptized at fit. Martin in 
the Fields, Midx., 16 ApL 1637. She died the let of January. 

< See her father's burial 3 Feb. 1648-9. She was a yoonger dao., and was bam At Crewe 27 


16S| Feb. 28 Sir Robert Aeton, Secretary to his Majesty;* Bear the step* 
ascending to K, H, Tth's Chapel. 

1638 May 12 MarqncBfle Hamilton's Lady;* in the CountesB of Buckingham's 

Jnno 8 The Lady Anne Howard :" [in the Abhy], 
Nov, { — ) Sir Chnstopher Hatton's son ;* [fit the Ahhey], 
Dec. 6 The yonng Lord Hamilton, son to Marquesse Hamilton ; in St 

fficholas's ChapcL^ 

1639 Oct- 2 Mrs. Alice, daughter of Sir Christopher Hatton : * [in ike A bbetjJ] 
Oct. 12 The Lady Frances, Dntchesse of Richmond and Lenos:' [in 


Jnlj 1631. 8be flied on Ibe 4th of FebmiiTy, ood mDBt have been nn iodcpeodent heirans, w ht^r 
f&thor admiDtBtered to bcr estate on the 24th May following, 

* Second won of An^lrew At/t4>tin, of Kinaldie. pflrisb of Cameron, Fiferthin!, Esq.. by Marj 
Lnndic his wife, and bora in Kinatdie Ca»;t1c abont 1570- Uia ciqoi«i1e poelrj mtroduccfl him 
!o the Conrt of K. James I., where, beeoming first a Groom of the iVivy rhamlxr, he wni* ►shortly 
promoted to be a Gentleman of the King's Bedchamber, and also private Moeretarj to tl-c Queen, 
and was knighted at Rycol 30 Aag. 1612. On the acceseion of K. Charles I. he wna continned in 
the snitie posts, and in 1G36 was made a Privy Councillor. Master of licqaefits. Ma&ter of Cere- 
monieis and Mafiter of W- Katbarine'fl Honpitat. He died in the Pnlftce tit WhitehnU. iiamarried, 
in hiBljSth year. His wiU. dated 2fiJHn.. whs proTcd 7 Mch. 1C37-&, tiy his acphcw John Aytoun. 
then Gentleman Dsher to Prince Charles, whom be made hif hoir. He appears to have written 
bip name indifferently A iUn and Ayton. 

' Lady Mary Feilding. <lau. of William, first Karl of Denbigh, by Rusnn Villiers. sister to 
George, first Duke of Bockingham, and wife of Jumes, thirrl Mnrquit^ and nfterwimls Dnke of 
Hamilton, who was t>ehcftded 9 Mch. 1648-9. She was a Lady of the Qncen'e Beilchomber. and 
died the lOtb of May. See the burials^ of her brother 10 Jan. 1627^, of her daughter 4 Mch. 
1G31-2, and of hei sons, 6 Dec. 1638 and 30 Apl. ]'i40, 

' (Omitted in C^Urcfanta.) Dau. and foIc heir of John, second Lord St. John of lUclsoe, 
and relict of WiUiam.Lonl Howard of Effingham, eldest son of Charles, fir^l Earl of ^'otlingbllm. 
Bee ber mother's burial) Mch. 1615. In the letters of administration granted lo her only child* 
EIiEabeth. Connlees of Peterborough. 20 June 1638. she is described as of Hawnea, eo. Beds, but 
died in the pariah of ^t. Bartholomew the Great. London. 

^ Identified in Ck>llectama as a son of 8ir Christopher llattnn by his wife Alice Fanshnwc ; 
but more probably their grandson, and a yonng child of Christopher, first Lord Hatton of 
Klrby (see his burial Aug. 167D, and hia wife's 11 Jao. 1^72.3). 

* 6ce bifl mother's burial 12 May I6B8. Either Lonl James or Lord William, both of whom 
died young. 

■ See her father's burial Aug. 1670, and h^r mother's II Jan. 1672-3. 

' Lady Francen Howard, only surviving dau. of Thomas, first Vie^couiit Biudon (by hifl third 
wife, Mabel, dan. of Nicholas Burton, of C'arshaUon, co, Surrey, Esri,). and relict of Liulo^ie 
Stnart, second Dnke of Lennox and first of Kichmond (sec his burinl 17 Feb. 1623-4). She hatl 
prcTlouety been the wife and widow^ first of Henry Prannell, of (ho Middle Temple nnd of Bnrk. 
way, Herta^ Esq^ who die*l in 1599, and secondly of Edward Seymour, first Earl of Hcrtfui'd. to 
whom Bbe wa£ married about 27 May 1601 (Mar, Lie D- and C. of Westm inciter), and who 
died in April 1621. According to her Fiineral Certificate (Coll, Arm.) phe died, without issue, 
at Exet«r HoQse in the Strand, the Btb of October, 'Mn the great Clymactcrieall yeare of her 
■ge " [(.«. G3Jt and was bnried in the rault with her last husband, the Vhike of Itichmond. Her 
will, dated 28 July and proved .^1 Oct. 1639, is very long and of marvellous blstorioal and gcnc.i> 
logicat interest, and contains one eccentric direction (for a Im^y of her years), t;z., that her body 
ahall not be opened, hut packed in bran before it is cold, and buried " wrapt iu those sheettt 
wherein my lord and I bst slept that night when we were married." 


16S0 Nov. 29 The Lord Archbiehop of SL Andrewes:^ in St. Benedict's 

IfiH March 17 Sir John Ogle, Coronell :^ lin i/u Abh&y]. 

1640 April 30 The Earl of Arran, aon to Marqaeaae Hamilton -.^ in the CountesB 
of BnckiDgham'fl vault. 
May 2S Mr, Kirk'a daughter x* in the North aisle- 
May 23 Jam^Swayne: [CloisUrs']. 
May 27 The Lord ViBcount Mnsgrove, of Ireland :* in the North side of 

the munninentH, nnder a black etone by the roabes door. 
July D The Earle of Eicet«r :* [m the Abbey.2 
Dec. 8 The Lady Anne, daughter of King Charlefl -J [w* tt* Ahh^^. 

' Dr. John Spottinwood, ddert son of Rev. John 6pottifiwi»d, Vicar of Colder ia Mtd- 
Lotliiau, by BeatruTj dnvi. of Patrick Creycbtonn, Laird of Lngton and Gilmertoa, near Dalkeith. 
He succeeded bis fnthcr as Vicar of Colder in 158S- but became Cbaplain to Ludovic, Dake of 
Lennox, in IflOl^ and thus Connd hifi way tft the Court. He become Archbishop of Glasgow 20 
July 1G03, and was translateil to fit Andrews 30 May T616. HoTing had the honoor of crowning 
E. Cbarles I., he waa made Lord Chancellor of Scotland in 1635. He died 26 Nor,, in hi§ 7-ltb 
jcjtr. By his nife* Kncbcl Lindsay^ dan. of David, Bi&bop of Bom, he had a numeroos issue, but 
only two sonfl and one dau. aurrived him. See bis brother's burial 31 Mch. 1646. 

' Fifth Fon of Thomns Ogle, of Piochbcck, co. Lincoln, Esq., by Jaoe- dao. of Adlard Welbj, 
of Gc<liicy, in the aamc county, Ksq.y and was baptised at Pinchbeck 25 Feb. 1568-9. He woa 
knighted at Woodstock 10 Dec. 1003, and was a Lieut .-Colonel under Sir Francift de Verc. Hia 
will, dated 6 Dec 162B, was proved 15 Jidy lG-10, by bin relict Dame EIitabeth,who wah a dan- of 
Comoliuri Dc Vries, of Dordrecht in Hollnnd. (His burial in the Abbey is also recorded under 
the same date in the parish register of St. Peter Le Poor, London.) 6e« hi« eon's burial 36 Heh. 

* CharlcH Hamilton, commonly called Earl of Arran, eldcfft son of Jamea, third Marqaia 
and afterwardi^ Duke of Haniiltou. See his mother'a burial 12 May 1638. 

* Dau, of the notorious George Xirk^. See her molher's burial 9 July 1641, 

' This entry can only refer to Cormac Mac Carthy, who was created, 16 Nor. 1628, Baron of 
Blamcj nnd Vir^count MtirJtfrrf. There is a discrepancy in the dates, as he is usuaUy said to 
have dicii. in London, "20 Feb, 1640." Ho was eldest son of Sir Cormac Mac Ctaiby^of BUmey, 
Lonl of Muskcrry, by his fii^t wife, Mary, dau. of Sir Theol>ald Butler. Kt., Lord of Cahir. He 
married, firsts Lady Margaret O'Brien, dan. of Donugb. fourth Earl of Thomond. and, secondlyi 
the Hon. Etlcn Roche, dau. of Davifl. Viscount Feitnoy, and was ancestor of the Barb of Clan- 
carty. }>ee bis grandson's banal 10 June 1665, and his great -grandaon^s marri^e 31 Dec 

■ William Cecil second Earl of Errtrr. eldest son of Thomas, first Earl (sec his burial 10 
Feb. 1652-3), by his first wife Dorothy Seri 11. second dau, and coheir of John, fourth Lcvd Latimer. 
He wa» bom in l.'»66. He married, Arst, Lady Eliiabeth Manners, only dan. and heir of Edward, 
third Earl of Butland. who dird II May 1591, and waf buried in the Abbey, and, secondly, 
Kliukbeth. dau. of Sir WiUiam Prury, of Halstend. co. Suffolk. Kt. Hia wilt, dated 9 July 1639, 
was proTctI 13 July 1640. by bi4 relict, to whi^m be left hi? entire personal estate. He died with- 
i>ut ^urriring male issue, and the title deAcended to his nephew. 

* Tbtrd daa. and sutb child i>f K, Charles I. and Q. Henrietta-Maria, and bom at St. 
JaniO-«^» l\\lace K Mcb. 1636-7. E^lie dit^i at Richmond on the day stated in the t«l. bat it may 
be iK'ubTCfl if she was buried the suae day. and it is pTOt>»ble that the tran^aiber of the old 
Kegi^Ecr. m^ finding ihc nx-orrJ among the fragmenifc or the date illegible, entered the burial 
Qiider the t»K>wn dato of her dcatK i^lt was she who. according to the account of one of bcr 
mtlcnilajits |iw-*erTe^l by Puller, could not vy bet Ahi^ prayer (the Lord s Prayer) while in the 
agonies ol death, bni would ?^ her *4it* one> ria, '■ Lightok mine eves. O Lord, l«t 1 aleet> *^ 























1544 ^^^' ^ Richard Blizzard L^ [Cl^natart'], 
Morrifi Blaoy ; [Cloiit^rs], 

Sir Charles Machart :* within the North door of the monuments. 
t Marcli IS Rebecca, wife of Charles Beck :" ICloisterg}, 

/■ 1641 April 3 The Lady Barbara Feilding:* in St, Nicliolafl^s Chai>el >" 
John, Bon of Dr. John Tatty : [C/outers'], 
Tjema HarriH :^ lOfoisters]. 
MiB. Aune Kirk, unfortonatelj drowned near London bridge :' 

near the fbnt. 
Fraucei, wift of laaac Buah :^ ICloistsra]. 
Nicholas Ham :» [Cloittera}. 
Sir Henry Spelman:* near St. Nicholas's Chapel door. 

^ HiB wHI, dated 16 Jan. 1640-1, waa prored in the Coart of Ibc Dean and Cliapter, 23 Feb. 
foUoving, bj hifl fclict. Its bequeata are t riflin g, and indicate Ibat he oocnpied some humble 
podtion about the Ahhej. It namca his father John Blaard^ his mother Cliristinn* and fats 
brother John, 

' H has been imposaibte to identify thia person, who rourt ha^Tj been of Home importance. 
or be frould not have bad honourable burial within the Abbej. It ie i^uite probable thai liic 
surname was wrongl; transcribed. A Charles Mac Carthy wiu Lnigbte^l 2\ Mcfa. 161U-20, bj 
Lord GrandJson, Lord Deputy in Ireland, and, aa the pJace of interment wa,-* about the wime. it 
is possible Chat fae was a connection of Viscount Muakerrj buried 11 May preceding, 

* Lettcn of adminiBtration wore granted by the l*ean and Chnpter. ^fl Aug. Itil3, to the 
estate of Bebeoca Andrews aliat Becke, late of the city gf Westminater, tu hur sifter EliEabcth 
Andrews t^Uat PamoldB. 

^ Dan, of Sir John Lambe, Et^ Dean of the Arches Court of Canterbury and Chancellor to 
Q. Henrietta-Maria, and second wife of Baaii Feildinp, afterwards second Earl of Denbigh. 
Accoidii^ to ber coffin-ptate, she died the preceding day. 

* Id his will, dated 24 Apl. and proved, in tbe Court of the Dean and Chapter, 30 Juno 1641, 
he left considerable legacies to the parish of Llooiwiida, cu. C'amarvon, where he was bom, and 
provided especially for building a echoolhouBe and maintaining a nchoolmjistcr there. The will 
gives no clew to hia family, but menliona bin siMtora Jane and Mnrffaret, Iwth married, and his 
kinsman Bvan Hoghes- His residuary legatee and exc?cutor wn^ hja ncpbcw David np-Evun, hx4 
KJater Margaret's eldest son. (On inquiry, it appears that the parish of Llanwndn Tjcvcr received 
faia bequeata, or, if it did, that tbey were not applicft n,H be dircctett.) 

* Eldest dau. of air Robert Killigrew, Kt.. Vice-Cham»icrlaiu to Q. Ht'u rich a- Maria, by 
Mary, dan. of Sir Henry WoodhousCi of Waxfaam. eo. Norfolk, Kt, and bnptEze<t at Hanworth, 
MidjL., 7 Sep. 1607, She waa appointed Dresser to Q. Henrietta-Maria in IUH7, and wb>* (he first 
wife of Geoi^ JTirAff, the notorious Qroom of the t-'hamberu. In Kobcrt Heath's " Claraj»tella '' 
is on '' Epiceiiium on (be beautiful lady Mrs. A. K., unfortunately drowncHl by chance in tbe 
Thames in parsing the Bridge." See the bnrials of (probably) her daugblor-*. 23 May 1640 and 
4 Aug. 1087 -t her siHters, ID Nov. 1677 and 4 Jan. HJ^O-l ; and her brolliiT 18 Mch. \%%2-X t'ur 
farther particuUn of her husband, soe note to tbe burial of Diana. Uouoteas of Oxfurvl, 10 Apl. 

7 Wife, fli«t, of Gabriel Birlchead (see bis burial 23 Dec. 1614). to whom tnarrictl at Kt. 
Margaret's, WcatminslCT, 1 May 1604. aa Francca Faun [} Fane], and, secondly, of Juaac Buah (see 
fais burial 30 Dec. 1641), to whom marrie^l before 21 May If>2H. when Ciinidon (the antiquary) left 
her £2 iu his wiU^ as the widow of Birkheod and nifc of Bu^h. 

■ A pencil note in the Regiirter catla him '^a singing man: *^ probably ojlc of the subonUnnte 

* The eminent antaquary : bom about 1562, son of Henry Siielman, of Congliam. co. Norfolk, 
Esq., by bis second wife, Francen, dau. of William Sanders of EwcU. co. rSurrey, £hq,: koightud 
by K. James I. He died in London, at the houMJ uf bis son-in-law bir Kulph Whitfield, in Bar- 
tbcau. r;ee hia wife's bmial 35 July 1620. 














164] Dec. 50 Isaac Bush :i [Oloistera]. 

UA^ Fob. 16 Mr, FrancU, son of Sir Christopher Hatton:' in Abbot Islip's 

1042 May 10 Mr. John Frost, Chaunter of thiB Chnrch ;* in the North aiale, 

near Solomon's Porch, 
Lawrence Charles, Clerk of the Kitchen :* [Cloiaters']. 
The Lord Harry :^ in 8t. Edmnnd's Chapel. 
William Jeanea, the College Porter: [^CloisUrs'], 
Joane^ wife of Christopher Masters i^ [Cloisters]. 
1643 April 6 Hciu^y AgUonbye:^ near the Vestry door [m the Abbty]. 
3ir Abraham Williams' wife :^ in the Xorth aisle. 

* It) the record of ftdministration to hia estAte, in the Conrt of the Deau and ChapterT Feb. 
161)-:!, he in chUliI ^' Isaac Buf^h alint DoEwcn." He was one of the mGHficngers of the Exchequer 
tfrnp. Jiu. I. Sw hln wife's burial 9 &3p. preceding. Their onlj dan., Anne, waa wife of William 
Uaweti, of WeMtmioBtcr* ami it is stated oa a roooument id the Cioiaters that ehe died 26 Nor, 
Uk\», aod W-H8 there burled irith five of ber cbiJdreti ; but no record cxieta in the Register of auj 
of tbonit except a dau. Margaret {soc her burial H Apl. 1650), aod perhaps a sou Bdward (eee a 
burial 3i> JiinT> 164H). The «i11 of her husl>and, William Gawen, then of Harpenden, Herta^ 
Ueiit,. dati"<l 31 July 16yy> waa proved 11 Aug. 1702. 

> £<vo hia falherV burial Aug, 1670, and hia mother's 11 Jan, 1672-?'. 

* 111 his will, date^l Che 4th and proreil 19 Ma; 1642, he styled himself '■ Cleri:," and is so 
oalUnl in the lvalue Boikk of the Chapel UtJjal, as also " a Baae, from Saltfibur^." He appears 
In have l»een first sworn a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal fi Nov. 1611. and was Chaunter of 
the AblvT as oariy as IK^.I, Hi:^ will state^^ thai he was born at CoTebroolce, oo. Devon, where hia 
bn>lber Itoliert was Iheu re*idinj-. and that he waa brought up in Kxeter Cathedral, of which he 
«ih( HtiU a niomlier. See biA da ii^htcr^a burial II Oct. 1623^ and hia wife's U Ma;f 1649. 

* Ho had a iwtout of the Cater»hip. for life, i> I>ec. 1612^ and another as Clerk of the 
Kilohen it IVo. 1617 (Chapter Book). One of Ihe same name in 15V7. who wa8 called the Dean's 
(\wohmAii. lefi the rt'vci^on of a »mal1 e^ate iti Mepal. Isle of Etj. to I^wrence. bis brother 
William's ^'m. who may have been the |H.'rsoo namoti in the teiL J^ee his wife'a burial 8 Jan, 
lii^S-l^, llv appear* to bare rcmarTicd, at ;^t. ^laif^aiet^^ Wtsiiuinater, I ApL 163S. Bliiabeth 

* William /frrrr^. Axi and heir of Henry Herrey. by Jane. dan. of James Thomas, Esq. 
Kt>T hi*^ jiplendid mllilAry wrviw? he was ktii^hto^l in Kidi>, and was created a Baronet 31 Hay 
liiiy. aiul a i*er of Irelaml the foHowjnfj year, with ihe uile of Baron Herr^ of Boss. co. 
Wrxfi4>L Iht the 7lh of tVbruaiy lA:^ h^' wa^ rai^nj to the English peerage, aa Baion Hen-ejt 
tSt Kidluviik. k>k. Kent. H^ uarriotl. tir^. Mary. dau. of Anthony. Viso>ant Mootagu. and relict 
of H^ury. Karl i\f Souihampi<>u. by whom i^who di^l in I*i07> he bad no is&ae -. and, secoodly. 
l\xnlelL y\*iinpi>t ^lau. of Brian Ansley. of Let. co. KeuT, E^.. Gentlenaan-Pensiooer to Q. EUca- 
beih. by whom be bad ^^vond i^biLdren ; bui. alt dying except Eliiabeth. wife of John Herrey, 
of Ivkwv>iih. E^- the ittlos btvam^ exiiuiM at hid death, (Hi^ j;eei>Dd wifie wa« buried at 
:^. Martin in the FieKls 5 Uay 1^^.^ Ilia will, ilalt^ 16 tWt 1637, was not prored until 
I N*^T. t»l4?i. Se* his dakitrtit<>r's l*urial IT Nor. IWS. 

* Sv<« th^ Hmal v^ i^i^v^bly'l ber hu^buhl i4 July IA54. and a bnrial 17 May l€tl. 

* IV^bably a y\Hm^ aw of Dr. iveor^^ .4y#s^4>y, who was ai Ibid dme a Prebendary of 
WfisimiimcT. aitd rHi ihe Sih v*f May fc'I!\*w-,r.»: wa? ^vortitute^l Dean ol Canto^aux. but Dercr 
in>tal\si ux^l ^««lly af^r deprivtvl of p«vffmieiiCd. He wadBiarried in 16^ ^Uar. Lie. 
1^ Kind. S JuW^ l^» ^Ul'.a Siuiih- who apjvAr> to tiT< i^irrJTed him, ai»d to bare been 
a «'.tne9» tv\ an«t ^e^atifv iiv the wxlt ^^ ikvtfTvy GxvV.raar., Bi^^f^ of Giooovner. daied 17 Jan. 
1^V^^«. IV. A^.hVby d>(v| AI t.Hf^^^i. and wa^ bc;fMi ia CkTt>s Ch^irdl Caihednl II Not. 1643. 
^■ci^ aftx'? i'* ^ V*,>?^Tat :*^t. Soi ;be *^t^aL * J v^^^^bCy"* arv^^ittfr **.&. I IVc 1705. 

' KVihth-r^ xUm. vt IVaujvi Haux^!:^!, oc l:^au^:=g. U^riik G^ai^ aai fiiti wife iJ ^ir 
AUalUB WiUaaM*. Ku OWri <i th< S^^nM aad A«ent <i xht Owen of Bofa»nL 3k wm 


1643 April ( — ) Daniel Tajlor, amginf? niAn : lOfoief&r*], 
June SO Edward Cotcd :' IClouier*]. 

July S Klizabeth, d&nghtcr of Mr. Johu Okey :^ iCloisiers]. 

Hot, 4 Thomafi Peirce, Chaanter of this Gharch -.^ in the Xorth aisle, 

Dear Solomon's Porch, 
Not. 14 The wifW of Edward Hazard :^ {ChUters]. 
164j March 16 Eichard, sod of Sir Humphrey May :^ [in th§ Ahheyl. 

Uarch 20 Hary, Conntesse of Kent, daaghter to Sir Wiliium CadeD :* in 

St. Paara Chapel. 
March 21 Tfaomas Bonlden : [Cloiiim-i']. 

1644 April 18 Colonell Meldram:^ near to the Lord Norris's tomb. 

muried before 1634^ (TiiitAtion of Hcrta), and a|>p&rentl; died without lEbiae. tiir AbmhAin, hj 
bis Kcond vrife, had foor cbildrcni tvro of whom, Abraham and Rebecca, durvircd Uldi. He 
mu boned at ^t. Har^arefa, WcBtmiDster, iz* Aug, IQTA, and hia will waa proved the 22ud irf 
that mouth. Hia lelict, Dame Bebeccfl^ T^marricd, aboat Mc-h. \G'm, the Rev. Sami^son 
Johnun, D.Dm Rector of Fobbltigf E««z, who was buried at 6i. Mar^rut's, Wetilmiiiater, 
25 lA%j 1A6] , and she waa aUo baricd (here ^ Jan, lti83'4. 

' It ii quite probable that this name woa iDcoirecttj traoBcribod. and ehould be Qan^n. 
See the baptkm of Sdwvd Gawen 20 Feb. 1642-3. and tbe burial of Isaac Buah 30 Dec. 1641, 
and notes tliereto. 

^ Probably a child of tbe regicide of thin Domc, who wa« eiecuted at lybum 19 Apl. l|iG2. 

* Tbe record of the prob^c of Ma wiU oocuni in the books of the Ueau and Chapter, but ihe 
will ilaelf ii miaeing. It waa jirored 10 Kor. 1643, bj the relict Kmborou^b. In the Cheque 
Book of the Chapel Boyal occure hiii appointment, as *• Piateler," 24 Mch. lGOi»-IO, wbeu he made 
oath that if he lived to Iw twenty-one yearit of age he would outer into Deocon'e orders, and io 
tbe Hame Tolume, andcr date of 31 Aug- 1€33. occurs his rcsiKualion, in which be is de^ri1>ed as 
^* Dr. of Divinityi" and he i« eo called in the probate of bis will. Thia document i?^ sii^iicd '' Tho : 
Fein" He probably became Chaunter of Wcalmiuster when he resigned from the Chii[icl 

^ Hee her husband's banal 27 May 1644. The name appeare to have been ffavard^ 

* Bee hia father's burial 1 1 June 1630. He was second sod by tbe second wife, and bom 
about 1621. 

> Dau. of Sir William Onrtoi, Kt. (by bis second wife, Hculer, dau. of Peter Tryon, Esq.), 
and flnt wife of Henry Grey, tenth Earl of Kent, to whom married, at Cln]>hnmp eo. t^urreyf 14 
Oct. IS4I, See the burial of her only child 20 June 1644. The Earl remarried, and died in 
1651. his seoond wife and relict, the *' Good C^nntess^^' surriviEig him nearly half a century. 

' There appear to hare beeo two eminent military men of thin name, both Scotchmen and 
both named JtfAa. who are often ooufoundcd in contODiporaneouri history, '!^ir John Meldrum, 
who was knighted at Windsor 6 Aug. 1622. was uodoubtodly the one whn took part in the 
memorable actions at Newark, Hull, Bcarborough, etc., 1643-."*. nnd received his death-wound at 
the latter place. His will, dated 24 May 1645, waa proved 2 June 1647. The one named in the 
text was {hhnel John Ueldrum, of the FarHamcntary army, who xs naid lo have been kiEZed at 
Atreafurd, Hants. His name occurs in the Litit of the ParlinTiieutary Army in 1642. as Lit^utenant 
of tbe Sod Troop of Horse, under the general command of William. Earl of tiudford^ and he 
eridently obtained rapid promotion. As the Battle of Brandon (or Choriton) llciith. near Aires- 
Cord, took place on the Sftth of March 1644^ and hia nuncu|iativc will wa^ made on the Rth of 
April following, it is probable that he was mortally wouiidc<l on that clay ; or. the two datcij may 
be identical, allowing for the difference between Old and New Style, The will states that be wns 
"Tcry much wounded.'* It was proved 16 Nor. 1648 by hia relict Jaue, to whom ho left cen- 
Kiderable legacies, as well as to hin son Andrew and bis dau. Jane, then a minor. Hia remains 
were included amongst those of other eminent Parliament ariaTja which were exbumed after the 
Bcetoration Atid thrown into a common pit in St. Margaret's church-yard, 



1644 May S Theodoma Phaliolr^e ;' near the Lady St. John'B tomb. 
May 9 Hugh Aston :* [Cioigters']. 
May 27 Edward Haazard, Head Cooke:* [Oioister^]^ 
( — ) ( — ) Mrs. Anne Hutton, wife of Dr. Hutton, Canon of Christ Chnrch 

in Osford :* in the South aiale, near the Veetry door. 
June 20 Henry, Lord Grey, son to the Earl of Kent:* in 8t, Paul's 

Aug, 30 James Ney: [CT^wters]. 
Sept, 25 Richard Walker, AlmBinan: [OhisUrs'], 
l_ 1G4J Jan. 9 Sir Robert Amstruther:* between St. Edmund's Chapel and 

King Edward Srd's tomb. 
Fob. 10 Edward Bnrraeton :' [CfowAw*]. 

Feb. 24 Melior, daughter of Mr. Christopher Chapman;^ [CTwsfcr*]. 
March S Adam Frame:* \Cim%i9Ts\ 

1 Probably the eldest son of ^^ Theodoi-o Pftleologus." wboae weU-known monomeDt is m the 
church of Landulfih, CotdwilUt who claimed direct deaceat from the last PoUteolog\t who 
reigned in Confliantinople, by Harjr, daa. of Willi&m Ball, of Hodleigh, co, Suffolk, who 
weT« mamcd at Cottinghom, ia the Eoflt Riding of Torksbiire* 1 Maj 1600, as "Theodonu 
Paletogiie ct Mnria Balls/" He had been a lieutenant in the Parliamentax; r^ment com- 
manded by I,ord St. John, which may acconnt for the pftrticular place of hia intenoent. TTiere 
cui be little doubt aa to the identity of tbia peraon, and the identifioation in the Arc^aologi^ 
(iTiii. 83) of the " mariner/* whose will wnfi proved IB Mch. 1693-4, with the younger Heodoro 
named in the l.andulph iaecription ts clearly an error. That person was a common Bailor, who 
did Dot koon how to spell his own name, if it was his. but wrote it '* PalEoologey." 

^ The inr4cription on his monument states that he waa Clerk of Her Majesty's Robeii^ and 
died 8 May. Sir Hoger Aston, Kt., Master of the King's Great Wardrobe, in his will, dated 15 
Hay 1612. called blm hia servant, and left him £io0 and hia cloth of gold doublet, etc. The 
baptisms of eight of his children oocur in the parish registers of tSL Margaret's. Westminster, 
between 1G13 and 1627. and the burials of four of them in infancy. 

' Kdward Hatmrd had a patent from the Dean and Chapter as Chief Cook» for life, 3 M^ 
1630, and the same was reuewed, 27 Jan. l€£5-fi. to him and to Edward Haaaard Jr. See his 
wife'fl burial 14 N'OT. 1643. 

' (Thin entry occars between thoae of 3 May and 20 June, in the separate list of burials 
within the Abbey.) She wa« a sister of the Bev. Dr. Qeorge Hamdeiit Rector of St. Luke's, 
Chelsea, and of Coulsdon, Sorrej (who died in 1632), aud waa married, at St. ITtomas. city of 
Oxford. 19 Feb. 1600-1. Ber husband. Leonard Uutton. D.D., Canon of Chriat CliUTuh, died 17 
Haj 1632, ID hi* 7Mh ycat> and was buried in the Cathedral. Her will, dated 10 Feb. 1642-3, 
was proved 6 Deo. 1644. !^ her daughter's burial 12 Apl. 1626> and note thereto. 

* See bis mother's burial 20 Mch. preceiling. He died in his infancy. 

C * Eldest sou of Sir Robert Anttnttker. Kt. (second son of Sir John Anstnither, of Anstru- 
ther, CO. Fife. Hereditary Grand Oirrer in Scotland), and nephew and heir of Sir William 
Anstruthcr« K3. at (he coronalioii of K. James I. He waa a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to 
K. James I., priry coancillor to K. Charles I., and a faronrite and Eoccevsful ambassador abroad 
during both reigns. Be married Catharine. dan« of Sir Robert f^wift, of Rotherfaam. co.Tork. Kt., 
and wa^ ancestor of the modem baronets of his name. (See an amosing account <rf him in the 
Diury p/ Ahr^ham 4t id /Vy-v. Surtew Society. 1870. p. 107.) 

' SoQ and hrir of Philip B^nrton, of Atdenhom. Herts, and of St. Uargaret'a. Wntminster, 
Gent., hy Lacy. dan. <tt William PouJler. Gent. See his wife's burial 4 OcL 1691. Tbeir only 
child, Philip, was bapiiaed al Qreal drimsby. co. Lincoln, 17 Jan. 1637-6. and buried there the 
29th of the same month. 

■ See her father's bunal 17 Jane 16^1, and her mothers ID July 170T. 

* His ChriMian name, according X*) the ivcohl of his marriage and of the administntian c4 










1645 ( — ) ( — 1 Colonell BoBchoven ' and Lient.-Colonel Carter* were both buried 
between the ChoriBters' seatfl in the midst of the Qnier. 
March SI Jamefl Spotsworth, Btehop of Cothall in Ireland :* in St. 
Benedict's Cb&pel. 

The daaghter of Mr. Thomas Hasurd :' ICiotstere^. 

Matthew Beck :'^ ICioisterB]. 

Francis Brook :* [Cfewfor*]. 

The Lord Lionel! Craufeild, Earl of Middlesex J in St, Benedict's 

EUzabeth Bletchly : [Cfottters]. 

Mrs. Alice Granston :^ IChisUrs], 

Dr. Lee ;* in the South side of the Church, near the Veatry door. 

ble estate, appears b> bave been Aldam, and liia aorDame id tho latter ia written Fream^. Ho 
had a patent from the Dean ami Chapter, aa Gardeaer, 25 Ma? J6:i3. See hia wife^a barial 12 
Aog. 1644, and a burial 24 Jao. 1661-2, perbaps of bia brother, or a aon by a formeT- wife. 
^ ' Nichotaa SoKa/pgH, of Tregothoftn, Co. Cornwall, elcJcat boo of Hugh Boecawen, by 
Ha^garet, dau. of John Rolle, of Heantou. co. Deron, He v,»s bom in 1623^ and joined tkic 
Parliamentajj army with a regmient of boTse compoBed of his own tenaotH- He left no ismic. 
Ru remains were remoTcd after the Restoration, and buried in a common pit in 8t. Margaret'a 

' A Ralph Carter was a lieateuant in Lord Rocbford'a FarUamcntary regiment in 1643, and 
an Abraham Carter was quartor-mafitcr in that of the Earl of ERsex. 

' Younger son of Rev. John Spcttuvood, Vicar of Caldor in Uid» Lothian, bj Beatrii, dan. 
of Patrick Cr^cbtoun, Laird of Ltigton and Gilmeiion, near- Dalkeith. He was born at Calder 
7 6ep. 1567, and edncated at the DniTersity of Glasgow, He became Rector of Wells, co. 
Norfolk, in Dec. 1602, and Biahop of Chgher, Ireland, S2 Oct, 1621. He left a aon tiir Henry, 
and a dan. Mary, who roairicd Abraham Creigbton, Esfi^ and was ancestrcaa of the EarlH of 
£me. See bia brothers burial 29 Nov. 1631^. 

* See ber brother's baptism ^1 Feb. 1642-3, and bcr father's burial 25 Jan. l66$-7- 

* See bis father's biuial T ApL 162uTinwhobC will he wa^ called second aon. He probably 
■nccecded hia father aa Brewer to the Collie. His own wiU van prove*! 12 June 1645, by bia 
relict Mary. 

' See a barial 25 Oct. 1647. 

' Younger aon of Thomas O-aufieldt dtiEen and mercer of London, by Martha^ (biu. of 
Vincent Randill, also citizen and mercer of London, and baplisted at St. Michael, Basaiabaw. 13 
Mcb. 1674-6. He was knigbted at Oatlands 4 July 1613, became 3Jastcr of the Reqiiest^ in lBt6, 
and Lord Treasurer of England in Oct. 1G21, but was imjieached in 1624. He waa crcatol, 
July 1621, Baron Ctanfield, of Cran field, co- Bedford, and, 16 f>ept. 1622, Earl of Middlesei. He 
died fi Aug, See the buriala, of bia second wife 12 Feb. 16*;0-70, and of their sons, 18 Mcb. 
1647-8, 13 rtep. 165lj and 6 Not, 1674. By hia first wife, Elizabeth, dmi. of Richard Shepherd, 
eitizen and (frocer of London, ha had iasuc only three daughters. 

■ Mar. Lie. D. and C. of Westminster, 12 Juno 1G0I>, for Hciiry Grantden, of Grarcseod, 
Kent, Gent-, and Alice Hatcher, of Westminster, widow.— Letters of a*! ministration to the estate 
of Alice QrawidetK, late of Westminater, were granted 23 Sep. Ifi-IS, by tho Court of the Dean 
and Chapter, to her dau. Mary Goodwyn- 

* There can be Jittle danger in identi^ing this peraon as the William Lee alias />^, D.D., 
who is described in the Atho%. Oa^on., and of whose ultimate fate, having traced him to this very 
year, Wood waa uncertain. On 13 Nov. in this year lettera of administration were grantetl, by 
the Court of the Dean and Chapter, to the estate of " William Leo alifig Loe, &-T.P-, late of the 
city of Weatminater,"' to a creditor, which shows that be died withiu their juriBdlction, and there 
is no record of the death of any Dr. Lee, in any of the professions using that title, at this period. 
He appeal* to bare been a native of Kent, and entered public life as master of the College 
Scliaol at Qlouceeter and Vicar of Churcham in that county. He was installed Prebendary of 












1645 Nov. 28 The Lady Elizabeth Norris, wife of Edward Ray, Esq. : * in St. 

Nicholas's Chapel. 
Dec. 10 Sir William Elveston, Knight, sometime Lord Chief Jastice of 

the Kinj^doin of Scotland, aud one of the Cup-Bearera to KiDg 

Charles I. :" in the East Cloister, near the Library door. 
Mary Reed: \_Cfoisl«rs]. 

Mrs. Anite Ward : near St, John Evangelist's Ofaapel 
Mrs. Grace Scot :^ near St. John Evangelist's Chapel door. 
Dr, Twiase •* in the South aide of the Church, near the upper 

end of the Poore's table, next the Vestry. 

Oloucesler m 1602, nnd wb4 tiub-dean of that Cathedral in 1605. In 16IS be became paator of 
the EDglish Church at Hamburg, but returned to England as earlj as 1624, and sabsequently 
officiated vs curate at Fntnej and Wandtiworlb, In Surrey. It is of taim that the aiorj is told 
that, having to preach in a church near London at a morning, service, when a Mr. Adam was to 
preach in the same church in the afteraoon. he selected for his text the words '^ Adam, where 
art thou ? '^ ; to which hi» colleague responded later in the daj by a disconrae from the words 
** £p, here am I." Be waa a poet of considerable skill, ae may be judged from the fact that be 
publiahed a volume of his veraee composed exclusively of mono^llaUes. This curious work was 
reprinted in 1871, by the Rev. A, B. Groaart, in bis FnlUr WitrtAifis' Library, Uie Editor's 
" Hemorial- Introduction^' to which may be consulted for all that baa been gleaned respecting 
his personal history. 

^ Only dftu. and heir of Francis NorrfifB, first Earl of BerkahireT by Lady Bridget de Vere, 
dau. of Edward, Berenteentb Earl of Oxford. She was married, atBt.MaryAldermaryt London, 27 
Mcb. 1622, to Edward Wray. Esq, (younger son of Sir William Wray» first Bart, of Glentworth, 
CO. Lincoln), Groom of the B^-chamber to K- CharTes I. Through her only dan., Bridget, she 
was anccstrcBH of the present Earl of Abingdon. 

> The name of Sir William Eiphinstone occurs in the Roll of the Ordinniy Lords of the 
Session in 1637, and in thai of the Lords Jiietjce-GeQeral shortly after, but he appears to have 
been displaced in 1611. He was knighted at Whitehall 3 Feb. 1636-7, and in the old lists the 
name is Mretton, as in the text, but ho seems to have written it himself Flphin^jmn. He was 
the yonngest sod of George Blphinstone of Bijthswood. and brother of Sir Geor^ Elpbinstone* 
Justice- Clerk. His will, dated 2fi Not. I6'dii, was not proved uutil 9 Dec. 1647. Except a legacy 
of £100 to bis nephew William, son of James Elphinstoun of Woodaide, he left a^l his estate to 
Bir David Cuuningham, Kt. and Bart., to whom be was deeply indebted. 

■ Eldest dan. of Sir Thomaa Uauleverer, fir&t Bart, of Allerton-Mauleverer, co. York, by his 
second wife, Mary, dau. of Bir Thomas Wilbrabam, Kt. According to the inscription on her 
monnment, she was bom in 1622, and married in 1644 to Col. Thomas Scot, M.P. Both her 
hosband and father were among the judges of K. Charles I, : the former died in 1656, and the 
latter was executed at Charing Cro^ IT Oct, 1660. See her brother's burial 2b July 1675, and 
(probably) her mother's 10 Mcb. 1662-3. 

* William Twisse, D.D., Hector of Newbury, Berks, and Prolocutor of the Assembly of 
Divines nnder the Commonwealth. He was born at KpcenbamlandT in the pariah of Speeo, co. 
Berks, about 157fi, the bod of a clothier at Newbnry, whose father had emigrated from Germany. 
He was educated ab Winchester and Oxford, and became a FeUow of Hew College 11 Mcb, 
Ifi97-8. At the time of bia death he appears to have been holding only a lectureship at 6t. 
Andrew's. Holbom, where be died on the 20tb July in this year. His will, dated 9 Sep. 1645, 
with a codicil 30 June 1646, was proved G Aug. in the latter year. He would seem not to bare 
been so reduced in circumstances aa the accounts of him usually represent^ for, besides other not 
incouEtctcrabfo legacies, he bequeathed his manor of Asbampetcad, Berks, to trustees for the 
benefit of his younger children. He left four sons and three daughters, but bis vrife (Frances, 
dau. of Bamahas Colnett, of Combley. Isle of Wight) bad predeceased him. His remains were 
included (t>ut why, it is difficult to say) among those of others exhumed after the Reatoration and 
Uirowa into a common pit in St. Margaret's cburobyard. 


1646 Aug, 17 Edniand Nelham^ Petticauon of this Chorchi and one of the 

GeDtlcmen of hia MajeBty'a Chapel:' [^OfoistgrB']. 
Oct, 1£» Robert Deverenx, E&rl of E^sex -.^ in St. John Baptist's Chapelt 

in a vanlt on the right side of the Earl of E.xetcr's moDunient, 
1644 J'*^- ^ The Lady Henrietta- Man a Carre, Jaii^hler to Robert Carre, 

Earl of Anthmm :^ in Bt. Nicholas's €ha|tc]. 
Jan. ( — ) Mrs. Mar^ret Herle: ICIoisiers^. 
( — ) ( — ) Mrs. Weaver* and her sister; the one in Januarj and the other 

in February: ICioisterB']. 
March 1 Christopher, son of David Owen:^ in the North porch, 
March 5 John Broxholme, Esq. : " at the North side of the steps going to 

the Commnnion table. 

1647 Oct, 5 Robert Smith, singing man: [Cloisiera'], 
Oct. 25 Leonard Brook :' [Chisiers]. 

I64J March 12 James Hamilton^ Lord Fomaii, son toWillJamf Earl of Lemerick •} 

in the Oount^s of Buckingham's vnult in St. .MichaeVs Cba]>el. 

March 18 Mr. Edward Granfeild, youngest son to Lionel, Earl of Middlesex:^ 

^ He was one of the " siogmg men " of the Abbey ae early as 1617, and in holy ordera, ob on 
the 6(h Nov. in that year he wad admitted iuto the place of ^* K pi til tier'' in theCUa|>el Huyal. aud 
was described as ** Deacon/' and '' a base of the Cburcb of WpBtZDJnster/' Hin relict udEuiui^tGred 
to bis estate, in the Court of the Dean and Chapiter, 10 May 1647. i^ee her buiial d Jan. lliCti-7. 

= The famoufl Cominiuidet-^Jn-Chief uf the Parliamentarian Army. He was the eldest and 
only surviving son of Kobert, aecoad Earl (Queen Elizabttb's uiiftnlunalc favv-uriie), by Kraucea, 
dau. and beir of Sir Francis Walsiagham, and widow of Sir Philip ^Sidney, and was baptized in 
the houBG of his grandmother Lady WalDingham. in Seething Laiie, St. Olnve's, ilart Street, 
LondoD, 22 Jan^ 1590'!. In J603 hia father's dignities were restored to bim, and he became third 
Earl of Essex. Ho was first married, 5 Jan. 1005-6, when about fifteen years uf age, to Lady 
Frances Howard, dan. of Thomas, fii-st Earl of SuHolk, Enjm whom he wan divorced in IGlS, ami 
seeondjy, abont 162S, to Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Willinm PauLet. of Eildington. Wilis, from whom 
he was also dirorce<l a few years later. He died 14 i^p. 1(540, without ^nrviviiig j^buo, and the 
title became extinct. Hia win. datetl 4 July and 5 Aug- 164^, was {irove^l lb Dec. ili-It>. 

* Dan. of Robert Serr, first Earl of Ancmm (wbo died at Amsterdam in lli54), by bis second 
wife, Lady Anne Stanley (see her burial In Feb. 1650-7). 

* Prol>ably wtfe of William Weaver, to whose estate hrs sister Surah a<1ministeicd, in the 
Court of the Dean and Chapter, 21 Oct, \GG!>. iu behnlf of hij minor children. Winiam and Eliza- 
beth, t^ the burial (probably) of the hitler 12 ApL 1676. 

* David Owen ha/i a patent, as one of the bell-ringers, 22 Dee, lt)3W. 

' Of Bro^hotme Place, city of Liucifln, and of llHrmw. co. LitiL^oln : eldest son of William 
Broiholme, Esq., by his second wife Anne, dau. of William Marbttry, of Girsby (Burgh-npon- 
Baine) co. Lincoln: bom the aOth and baptized 26 May i:iy3, at St. reler-jit-tJowis, city of 
Lincoln. His will^ dated 10 Apl, 1045. was proved 20 Kov. 1047. by biif relict Dame Troth (widow 
of tiir Henry Fowkes, Kt.), who was buried at Barrow 18 Aug. l6o7. 

' See a burial 22 July 1645. 

* James, Lord Ptflnutnt, iufaot and only son of William Hamilton, who was ercatcd. 31 Meh, 
1639, Lord Machanshire and Polmont, and EaH of Laruirk (and who became second Duke of 
Uamilton on the death of his brother Jamci^, who was behea<led 'J Iklch. 1641^-^). by Lady 
Elizabeth Maxwell, eldest itau. and coheir of James, Karl of Dlrletoun. to whom ntarried in 
l&AV. The Duke, who wafs mortally wounded at the hattle of Worcester, died 12 tiirp. lOT-l, and 
was haried in Worccsiter Cathedral, The Duchess remarried Thomas D-ilmahoy, Esq., and died 
in 1662, 

< Third and youugcat son of LionelOrai\fuld, Grsi Karl of Middlesex (see his burial 13 Aug- 


in the South arsle, within the monnmeDt door, under the stone 

laid for Dr, Selbye, 
1648 May 6 William Hatton : ^ [Cloisiera], 
Jane 5 Mrs. EHonor Lyue:^ [Oioislers']. 
July 10 Francie, Lord Villera, youngest Bon to George, Dake of Back- 

ingam -^ m his father's vault, in the Chapel on the North aide 

of K. H. 7th's ChapeL 
July 15 The Lady Anne Goring, Coantesa of Norwich :* in St. John 

Baptist's Chapel, in the Earl of Oxford'B vault, on the left 

aide of the Earl of Exeter's monnment. 
Aug. 5 James Holland^ bellringer: lOloistgra]. 
L. Nov. 6 Mr. John Lloyd :^ [Cloisters], 

Nov, 7 Thomaa Arandell, Esq., a Member of the Hoose of Commons :• 

in the Quier. 
Nov. 17 Mrs. Harvy, danghter to the Lord Harvye:' in St, Edmund^a 

Chapel, between the Lord Ruaaell'fl monument and the st«p, 
1B^ Feb» 3 Sir Clipsey Crew :* in the North side of the Chapel of Kinge, 

near 3t. Eraamua'a ChapeL 

1645), by hifi Gccond wife (see ber burial 12 Feb. IGS9.T0). He died 16 Mch.fSged abont twenty- 
three. His uuncttpativG will, made on the day of Mb death, and proved 4 July 1646, deficribes 
bim aa of Copt-h&ll, Mldx, but aa djiag in Bt Botolph. Aldgnte, London. 

> Sec a burial 12 lilay 1G80. 

' The will at William L^na, of WestminfiteTf waa proved in tbe Court of the Deoji and 
CbApter, 19 Feb. 1643-4, by the relict CatberiDe, but is now mifising. Thi« wa^ perhape, » 

■ Francis Villiergj youngest and posthumous sod of George, first Dulce of BucldDgbam (see 
\xvi burial m Sep. 162B), by Lady Katherioe MaDners, ooly dau. and heir of Francis, sixth Earl 
of Rutland. Be was bom the 2Dd. and baptieed at St. Martin in the Fields, Midi., 21 Apl. 1629* 
He wafi io the royal army, and waa killed un the 7th of tbia month in a akirmiah with (be Parlia- 
mentarian forces near Kiagaton'on-Thamea. Aubrey calls him "the beautifal Prancis VillicTB.** 

* Second dau. of £<lward Nerin, siitb Baron Abergavenny (by Racbel, dau. of John 
LennarU, of Knoll, co. Kent, Esq.). aod wife of Qeorge Goring, firat Earl of Norwich (see bi« 
burial 14 Jau. 16G2-3). She is always called Mary in the accounts of her family, and the 
libristian name Anne in the text was probably an error of the tranacriber. 

£^ • HiH will, dated 20 July Iti'tT. and proved 5 Dec. 1648, describes him aa of Bettws, co- Salop, 
Esq, I son of Hugh Lloyd, £sq-. then deceased, and brother of Jamen Lloyd. Re had already 
conveyed his lands to his eldest uon Hugh, and now made his younger son David bis readuajy 
legatee and executor. The will also mcotions bis dau. Anne Lloyd and her dan. BliEabetb- 

* Kecond son of John Amndell, of Trerise, co. Cornwall, Esq., by bis second wife, Oertrude, 
dau. of Wir Robert Dennis, of Holcoml^ Kt. He married Mary, dau. of Sir Gamaliel Capel, Kt. 
His will, in which he is deacribeil as of Daloe. co. Ckunwall, dated the 3rd, was pi^Ted 17 Nov, 
1646, by his eldest aon John. It Eiko mentione his son Francis, oud his dau. Qertrnde Heech, 
widow, with daughtera Mary and Grace Meecb. 

' Helena, dau- of WiJiiara. Lord Hereey^ by bis second wife. Bee her father's burial 8 July 
1642, and note thereto. IShe died unmarried, aged thirty and upwards, 

■ Sir CUptbyCrtfre, son and heir of Sir RaniUpbe Crewe, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, 
by his firat wife, Julian, dau. and coheir of John Clipsby, of Ciipsby, co- Norfolk, Keq, He was 
bora 4 Bep. 16^:*, an<l knighted at Tbcobald'a lu June 1620- He married, at St. Margaret's, 
WeftlminBter, 7 July 162S, Jane, second dan. of Kij John Polteney, of HiatertOD, co. Leicester 
Kt.. by Margery, daughter of t>ir John Forlescue^ of Salden, co. Bucks, Kt. She died 2 Dec- 
i639, in her thirtieth year, and was imdonbtedly burieil in the Abb^, but is not meniicaied iu 


16+J Feb- 16 Mrs, Mary Moore :* in the North eide of the Chapel of Kinga, 
under the black etone bj the Robe door, 

1649 May 14 Mrs, A:ine Proat, widow :* m the North aide of the Chorch, near 

St. Andrew^B Chapeh 
June 14 iBoac DoriBlans, Dr, of the Civil Law :" on the North side of 

E. H. Tth'a Cbapet, near Qaecn Elisabeth's monument, 
Oct. 10 Mra. Mary, wife of Col. Edward Prichard * on the North side of 

the Chorch, near 3t. John Evangeligt's Chapel door. 
16U Jon. 10 Mrs* Catharine Cooper, widow -^ on the North side of the Church, 

near the monnmeota' door. 
Jan. 21 Qeo^ Wilde, Esq. :" on the North aide of the Chapel of Kinge, 

near 3t, Paars Chapel door, - 

1650 April 14 Margaret Gowen:^ [C^PM^*]. 

May 23 The Lady Cathanne Thinne:^ in E. H. Tth'e Chapel, near the 
stepa at the Duke of Richmond's monument. 

the Register, lo bis will, dated 13 Apl. 1647 and proved 4 Apl. 16^9, he directed to be buried 
near bis wife, "in the Abbey Chorch of Westminster/' Keethe borinTfl, of his Fdptcr 2<t Apl. \G2l, 
hifl rtep- mother 12 Aug. I629,hifldftn. 6 Feb. 1637-8, and bia son 22 Fob, lGsS-4. 

^ Probably a relative of Dr, Gabriel Moore (see his burial 39 Oct, 1652), and possibly his 
wife, aliboagb she is oot mentioned in bia fdll. 

> }^ee her hnaband^s bnrial 10 May ]'>42r aod her daughter's 11 Oet. 1G23. Iti her- hn^band's 
will she is called '^ AnnaetaBia." 

' Bom at Atkmaar in 159.^«and educated at Leyden* of which Uuircrsitj a Doctor of tbe Civil 
Law, HehadaLectnT«BhipatCambridge,hat was sileDc«don account of birj rcpublicuD principles. 
He became afterwards Judge Advocate in the anny of the Poritamenti and finally a Judge of the 
Court of Admiralty. He waa admitted a Commooer of the College of Advocataa, London^ in 
162fl. and to full membership in 1fi4fi. In May \fti9 he was sent by the T'ariiament as Envoy 
to the Hague, where he was aseosainated about the 13th of thai mouth. His son Isaac adminis- 
lered to his estate 2o May KiiH. Bin remains were aftenvarda disinterred, and buried in 
St. Margaret^s churchyard ; but not. it id said, in the common pit, lie mHTiied in this country, 
and had at least another son, John, who was bom 20 Nov, 1U27, and buried at Maldon, EsseXf 
3 Jan, 1631-2, Hia flon Isaac also mairiedT and died in Sept. ItiBK, teavir^g issue Ttmac, James, 
and Anne. In the register of Leyden UniTcrsity his name ia Dori'^luer. 

* Eldest dau. of Arthur Manaell, of Briton Ferry, co. Glamorgan, Esfi. Her husband admin- 
istered to her estate 24 Vov. following. He was thint son of Edw&jxi l^ricbard, of LaiLCiLyach. 
CO. Glamorgan, Esq-, and in a herald painter's work-book in the British Murium (Ifnrl. MS. 
KMfi, p. 20) is aaid to have been also buried in the Abbey. 28 J:?ept. 1050, but no record of his 
bnrial is in the Begister- 

■ Her n-ill dated 4 Dec. 1649, was proved 26 Jan. 1649-50, by Daniel Blagrave, of Reading, 
Berks, the well-known regicide, and a member of the Parliament then in session, whoiic wift 
Sliiabeth was her daughter by a former haiiband. Abraham Hull, of t^t. Leonard's, Shore- 
dilcb, who died in 1622, She remarried, in Aug, 1624, NicbolaK Cooper, of SL Peter's. C'rOndiill, 
Gent., whom she also snTTive^l, The will also mentioaa her other daughters, then wivea of John 
Billingstey, John Fargiter.aud John l^amtx^rt, and Sunan uumnrried. and also her aiater Anna Betls. 

' Younger eon of George Wylde, of Droitwicb, co. ^^'orcoMtcr. Strjeant-nt-Law. by Frances, 
dau. of Sir Bdmond HuddlcRton, of Bawston, co. Cambriiigc, Kt.. and brother iff John Wylde. 
Chief Bartm of the Etche<iuer. He matriculated at Oxfonl, from Balliol College, l» Mcb, JGOT-8, 
>ged fourteen. Re died 16 Jan., being then a Member of Parliament. 

' Dau. of William Gan-cn and Anno bis wife {^oe note to buna! of I:^aac Biiah, 30 Dec. 1041). 
See also the burial of (probably) her brother 30 June 1643. 

' Dau. and coheir of Charles Howard, of Dorsetshire, Es^^ by Rebecca, daa. of William 
Webb of dalisbar^, (In a pedigree in Segar^s Bartma^e ber father is called a natural son of 
IhomoB, first Viacoont Biadon, while the VitJtation of Wilta, 16aa, ropresetiis bim as a brother 


1650 July 2 Edward Howard, Ver|rer: [Clois^s]. 

Ang. IS Sonthwell Peacock^ and Edmund Gr^fory, two of the King's 
Bcholare, unfortunately drowned. : [^Clotal^s']' 

Sept. 20 Mr. Philip Ludlow :* on the South eide of the Chapel of Kings, 
under the long Btoue by Richard the 2nd's monameut, 

1651 June 12 Mrs. Mary, daughter to Sir Thomaa Ingram:' under the great 

HtoDe at the Ba£l end of the Chapel of Kings, near the middle 

of the ateps. 
July 5 Walter Gibbs :* [Cloisters']. 
Aug. ( — ) Edward Popham, Gent. :^ on the North aide of the Chapel of 

Sept. 13 James, Earl of Middlesex:* on the South side of the Chapel of 

of ViscoTiDt Bindon, and in the moDiunentAl mecription of ber bod Bir Henrj she in distincUj 
c&ltcd A grand-daughter of Viscount Biiidon.) She waa pecond wife of Sir Thomaa Thynnt, of 
Longleal, and mother of Bit Henij'Frederick ThjnneT first I*art,, &nd thna aQceetre» of the 
pi^sent Marqaift of Bath. 

^ Jitters of administration were granted, 7 July 1664, to the estate of Barah Peacock, aliag 
Sonthwell, of Si. Clement Danes, eo- Midx^, to her husband William Peacock, and. If] Jan. 
16G4-6, to the estate of said William Peacock, to his son Robert Peacock. This entrj probablj 
i^era to another of their £0DB, 

> Bia ouncupative will^ proved J Oct, 1€50, by his brother Nathaniel Ludlow, sole legatee 
and eiecnlor, thuR commences : ^' Hem**, that Philip Ludlow, late of the city of We«tminflter, 
bachelor, deceased, departed this life on the high seas on board j* ship Sepbier, od the 13th of 
August lost, 1660, he heing commander-in-chief of the Brazeele merchant ships homeward 

■ See her father's burial 17 Feb, 1671-2, and her mother's 27 Mch. 1680. She was their oulj 

* An old pencil note En the Register staten that he was one of the " dnging-men *' of the 

* Fifth son of 6ir Francis Popham, of Littloeoit, Wilta, Kt. (son and heir of Sir John 
Popham, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench), by Anne, only dan. aud heir of John Dudley, 
of Stoke Kewiogtop, Midx.. Esq. He married Annc^ dau. of William Corr, Groom of tbe fied- 
cbamber to K. James I., and had iaene a son Alexander and a dau. Letitia. He was one of tbe 
Admirals of the (Parliament) Fleet, and died of a fever at Dover, on tbe ]9tb of August. The 
date of his burial in tbe text is manifestly incorrect, and tbe transcriber protiably inserted what 
be knew to be the month of hia death. Anthony Wooii sajs that he was buried on tbe 24th of 
September^ but Heath's Chronicle sajs the 24th of October, and states tbnt it was on theeveuing 
of the day appoiotcd by the Porliamenl as one of tbankqgiTiDg for tbe royalist defeat at 
Worcester (which occurred B Sept.), and which they hod first fixed for tbe 2nd Oet.^ but after- 
wards pos1|iOEted until tUe 24lb, and that the funeral was attended by Cromwell and many of the 
membera. The»: minute detailA appear to establish the rlate of burial aa tbe 24th of October. 
His remains were iocludcd in tbe royaf warrant for disinterment after tbe Restoration, but it has 
always been understood that thej eBca|>ed the inteodcd indignity of being thrown into the 
common pit iit the churchyard, and were allou~ed to he carried away by hia friends. Hia 
elaborate monument was also suffcnxl lo remain in tbe Abbey, but on condition thai the ioscrip- 
tion upon the tablet should be thoroughly licfaced, which was accordingly done. The story by 
Dart, that the tablet was simply turned with the inscrLption inward, is a pure myth. 

* James Cranfield, second Earl of Middlesex, eldebt son of Lionel, first Earl {see his banal 
13 Aug. 1646), by his second wife (see her burial 12 Feb. lfi69-70). He was bapticed at 
St. Luke'p, Chelsea, 27 Dec. 1621. and married, at St. Bartholomew the Great^ Loudon, 3 Mch, 
1645'6, Lady Anne Bourchler, third dau. and coheir of Edward, fourth Earl of Bath, who surrired 
him and remarried tiir Cbicbe«t«r Wrey, second Bart, See his daughter's boriol 22 Mch. 16GS-8. 


1651 Oct 21 Bir Richard Price i^ in St. Paul's Chapel, on the North side of 

the Earl of Bridgewater's tomb. 
Oct, 30 Thorns Haselrigge, Esq.:* on the South side of the Cha\ie[ of 

Eingfl, in the middle of the aisle, near the monnmeut door. 
Dec 30 James Hooper :^ [Clinsterg']. 
165J Much 7 Margaret Hooper, widow :* [Oloigters']. 
March 10 Abraham Wheeler :* ICfoistenJ 

1652 Aug, 6 William Palmer, Esq. :" on the North aide of the Church. 
Sept. 10 The Lady Margaret Hix:' on the South of K. H. Tth's monu- 

Oct. 29 Dr, Qabnel Moore, one of the Prebendaries of this Church :^ in 
the Quire, near the Snb-dean's seat. 

^ ' Eldert SOD of 8!t John Fri/tf, of Gogerddan, co. Cardigan, Kt,, hy Mary, dan. of Sir Henry 
Bromley, of SbtvwBrdino Caatle, Sbropahire, Kt. He waflcrtated a Unit- (havinp; boon pruTiouply 
knighted) 9 Ang. 1641. He married, first, Heetcr. dan. of tiir Hn^h MLddktnn, Uart., and 
secDodly, Uary, dau. of Patrick, Lord Buthin, and relict of Sir Anthony Van-Dyke, Kt.. and 
he bad administered to her c^late on the preceding Hth of May- Hia hod, t^Lr Kichard. adminia- 
teied ia his »tat« on the 27th Not. foUovring. 

* Brother of Sir Arthnr Setilrige, the weU-known Parliamentarian, and b yoangcraon of Sir 
Thomai Hesilrige, first Bart, of Nofloley, co. Leicester, by Frances, dan. and heir of t^ir WiUiam 
Gorges, of Aldcrton, co- Northampton, Kt. He married, at St, Luke's, Chelsea, Alidx.,A t5op. 1G32t 
B«becca, dan. of Thomas Sheafe, D.D., PrebeDdary of Windsor, and Rector of Welford, Bcrkg- 
Ib the Visitation of Leicestershire, 1619, he is dencribed as a " mercer," bat in the record of his 
marriage at Chelsea as ''Esqnire." Heath's Chronicle mentions Sir Arthur's brother, in 1647<8,fla 
BUboTning witnesses to vilify the King, and he evidently served the l^liamoiit so faithfully as 
to secure honourable burial within theAbboy. and thus rendered hie memory m ohuoiious that 
his rematna wet« included among those disinterred after the Kcstoralion and thrown into a 
common pit in. the churchyard. His brother-in-law, Thomas hheafe, M.D., administered to his 
estate, 23 Jaly lGfi2, in bebaJf of his minor children, Dorothy and Frances. In the record of 
adtnininratioDhe is described aa ^ late of St. Martin'e, Ladgate, London,'' and he had doubtless 
been a mercer on Ludgate Hill. His dau. Dorothy, in 1058, wan wife of John Qrimstone, and 
fheD administered de Avau ih^ to her father's estate. 

' One of the '* singing-men" of the Abbey, eldest son of Edmond Hooper, the Abbey Organist 
(floe his boriat 16 July I6S1), by bis first wife. Hce the baptisms of bin children, 13 Meb. 1608-*J 
and se Jan. 1610-11, his wife's barlal 7 Mcb. 1651-2, his danghtci's 2b Jan. 1658-9, and his son's 
27 June I6«3. 

* ttec her husband's burial in the preceding entry, 

' Letters of adminifitratton were granted, 24 Mch. 1651-2, to Ret>ecca Wheeler, relict of 
Capt. Abrmbam Wheeler, late of tJic city of Weatminstor, but who (Ued in Scotland. He was 
probably a Parliamentarian officer. 

* Letters ol adminietration were granted, 19 Aag.lGfiS, to the estate of William Palmer, Esq-, 
late of Farefleldj co. Bomeraet, bnt at his death of the city of Westminster, to his brother 
Peregrine Palmer, Esq. He was eldest eon of Sir Thomas Palmer, Kt., by Dorothy, dan. of 
John Uallett, of Enmore, co. Bomcr^et. 

T Eldest dau. of William, fourth Lord Paget of Beandesert, by Lettice, <lau. and coheir of 
Henry KnoUys, Esq^ younger son of *Sir Heoiy KnoUya, K,G. ttbe married, at Drayton, Midx., 
8 Sep. 1625, Bir William fficJvSt first Bart, of BcTcrstonc Cattle, co. Gloucester, who died 9 Oct. 
1680, and was burled at Low Loyton, Essex. Bee her daughter's baptism 13 July l(i26, aod 
het burial, as the Couatess of Donegal, 15 May, 1691. 

* 8oa of Richard Hoorc, of Grantham, co. Lincoln, M,]\for Grantham in 156S» by his second 
wife, Goditha Green, and baptiEod at Grantham lb Apl. 1585. He was installetl Prebendary of 
WestmiDster 8 Udi. 1631'2, but was, of course, not now m possesfiloii of his stall. The doscrip- 
tion of hf m in the text was clearly an interpolation by tho tranBcriber, aad illustrates the manner 


146 BUEIAI^a IN 

1652 Dec. 20 Humphrey Salway, Esq, :* on the North of tlie Chapel of Eings. 
165§ March 10 The Ladj Elizabeth Maleveren^ on the North side of the 

March 22 The Lady Anne Cranfeild, daughter to the Earl of Middlesex :■ 
in St. Benedict's ChapeL 

1653 May 24 [blank] Carew> Lord Leppington:^ in St. John Baptist's ChapeL 
June 24 Colonel Richard Deane ^ in Henry 7th'a Chapel. 

In which tbe earlier portioD of the Re^Bter was oompiledf aa a datise Irom his wiU amply proves. 
**I deeire," be wmie, ^'to be buried in St. Peter^s Church in Weetminster, wheieof Imu sons time 
a Prebfn^ary^ in the aisle on the backside oE the etaU or seat which tken behynged to vte.*' He 
died at his Lodgiaga in Clemeat Lane, Wefltminater, on the 17th of October. His will, in which he 
1b Htyled " Doctor of DiTinitj," dated 12 Oct., was proved 2 Nov. IS52, bj Gabriel Moore, hia 
nephew and residuary Legatee. See the burial of lUrs. Mary Moore, IG Feb. 1648-d, who, Lf not 
his wife, was probaUj a relative. 

> Eldest son of Arihor Sattt^, of Stanford, co. Worcester, Esq., by Mary, dan. and coheir of 
Thomas Scarle. of London. Esq. He waa at this ticne a member of the Long Parliameut, and 
also held the office of " Kemembrancer of The Public Exchequer.'^ Although tboa offleiaJly con- 
nected with the then QovemmeDt, he appears to have refused to act as ooe of the Commissioaen 
appointed to trj the King, and docs not seem to have deserved the indignity to which his remains 
were subjected after the Restoration ; but hU name wa« iocloded among those in the royal 
warranty and bis bones found a final reoting place in the common pit in the churchyard. He 
married, about 1GI4, Anne, second dau, of Sir Edward Littleton, of Pillatoa Hall, eo. SlJtfEord, 
KL. wbo died before hinii and tbcir dcsceodants are still seated at Moor Park, in Shropshire. 
Hia Willi dated 18 July 1648^ contains the curious statement that there was then due to him from 
the oounly of Worcester his '^ wages for attending the preeent Parliament from the 3rd of 
November 1640. to the present time." A codicil, dated 19 July 1651, recites that the Parliament 
of the Commonwealth had, on the I5tb ioal., voted that £900 per annum for seven years should 
be paid to his representatives, out of the office of the Remembrancer of the PuUic Excheqqer, 
towards the payment of his debta. The wiU wu not proved until 3 Ucfa. 1663^, and thee by 
his principal crodiCor. the executors appointed declining to act. 

■ Daa.of Thomas Wilbrmham. of Woodhey. co. Cheater, Esq^ by bis aecond wife, Mary, dan. 
of IVler Warburton. of Arley, in the same oounty, Esq. She was aeoond wife <tf Sir Thomas 
MattUivrer. tint Bart, of AlleHon Mauleveier, oo. Tort (one of the B^cides). who died about 
June 1656. She is always called ifsry in ttie booka. but there can be zu doabt <J her identity, 
as she wu the only " Lady " Maoleverer living at this period, and as on the 2d, 9th, and I6th of 
July in the foUowing ye«r (16M). the publication of her bosband's intended maniage with 
f^umnaah lUylton, of Fulham. Midi^ vidow. is leeordcd in the pari^ register of SC Margaret'^ 
Westminstcx (The mairiage. however, a^^Mars not to have taken place, as there is no record of 
it imhehistojiesof tbebaronet'sfamilr.and her will, aa " t^ua^nnab Bayltcm^of Pulham, widow," 
was dated ?7 Nov. 1669. and proved 4 Jan. following.) She leb a dan, Elisabeth, but none 
namc^l Maiy. and the name of her husband's firal wife was Maiy. It b probable that her name 
la corrKtly given in the icxt. $ee the burials* of her dan. ±6 Feb. 1613-6, and her sen 2S Joly 

■ Toui^est of the only two daughters of James rv«ai^U; sccood Eail of Mtddlcsa (sdc his 
bwial IS i^pv 16MV by Lady Anne Boorvhiet- She wa^ abmi five yew of age. 

* fffmrf OtTff^ Mmmoiily called L<vd Leppmgton. only ttxt of Bouy Carey, commoply 
called l^vd Lrp^ngiw ^Meood sec of ^r Henry C^rvv, srinvid Earl of Ucnuooth and Baron 
Car^y of Leppingti^V 1? Mary, natural dau. of Emanuel, eleventh Lord Soepe and fitvt Earl 
of Sa&leriand. l\a faifaerdied in 164^. ani hi« mother rvmarried (at St. Diimis Bac^cfavreh, 
UMhkw. IS rVK lt^M^^ OkarW PawM, l*^\ !?t. John, aftnwards Puke of Bohoo. He would 
hav« *«<v«edtf<i to the Barkkm. if he bad survived hi» grandfaifaer. wbo died 13 Jmie 1661. Be 
dkd wty yv«nf, 

* TV w^l-knowik PwJ iampp tajT tVD«nJ-ai-fi<a. He wv iht ekbest •» «f Edward Deane, 
qC nanodC ok Okncvwer, E*i, iy hit tvcuod wife, Aaae Wa«e. (Ar a dabonta and 


1653 8epL II The Lady Cicelje, Conntess of Rntland:^ in St. Nicholas'ft 

Not, S4 Hrs, Francefl Carew:' in the Lord HanBdon'a vanlt in 8t> John 

Bi^tiet'a Chapel 
165J Jan., 5 Edward Fulham, Qerk of the Works :^ [Chistera']. 
Uarch ( — ) John Hohneateod :* [Olwtffrs']. 

1654 April 1 William Greene ;* [Craters]. 
April 10 Mr. Thomas Bay :« [CloiaUray 

Jaly 4 Idr, William Strong :^ on the South aide of the Ghnrch. 

kdminble account of him mnd his caicer, codhdU his ^' Life '* bj the Hgt. Jofan-Bathurst Denne, 
pabliihed in 1870.) He ww killed during the Dftval eugagetoent with the Dotcb, on the 2nd of 
JuQeT being oolj in his lortj-aeoond year. He married, at the Temple Cfacrcb, 21 Moj 1^47, 
Mazjt dao. of John Grimsditch, of Knottiaglej, co^ York, Esq.. who survived him and remarricdt 
at St. Bartholomew the Qreat^ London, 2 Jan. 1654-5^ Colonel Bdward Salmon, another well- 
known Parliamentarian. Colonel Deano'e remainB were ignominioosly exhame^l after the Heslo- 
ntion, and, with tfaoae of othcra equally emmeot in maintaining the honour of the British Qagj 
thrown into a CMnmon pit in the churchyard. Hia will, dated 31 Moh. 11i53t wns proved 20 
Jan, 166S-4, by his relict. He left two daughters, Mary aod Hannahs Tbe stnpirl atoricfl propa- 
gated by his political enemies u to his Tulgar origin and early career have been abuodantly 
disproved by hia recent biographer, and posterity is already doing justice to hin mcniory. 

' Cteiif. eldest dau. of bir John Tnfton, Kt^ and Qret Bart, of Hothfield, Kent, by bis second 
«ife, Christian, dan. of Sir Humphrey Browne, Kt.. one of (he Judgen of tbe Commoa Picas. 
She waa flret tnarried to Bir Edward Huiigerford, of Farley Coatle, Wiltn. Kt., nod afterwards to 
Francia Manners, sixth Earl of Rutland, who died 17 Doc. 1633h and was bnricd at Botte^ford, 
eo. Leiceiter. See the boriaU, of her son 7 Mob. 1619-20, and her brother « Oct. 1631, Her will, 
dated 10 Dee. 1649, was proved 4 Sep. 1654, and a codicil dated 7 June 16^12, probably sab- 
seqnently discovered, was proved 27 Nov, 1651. 

* (Erroneonsly **2ifT, Francis Carew*' in CoUfHanca.) Probably Frances, dan. of Hon. 
Thomas Gtrfy (second son of Robert, first Earl of Monmouth), by Margaret, dau. and heir of 
^ Thomas bmJth, Kt.. Master of the Requei^ts. l^be was bom in 1681, and died unmarried. 
Her faCber, who was a Groom of the Beilchambcr Co King Cliarlcs I.h wan born at Berwick-on- 
Tweed, and baptired there 16 Bep. 1597. He died at WhitehaU 9 Apl. 1634, and waa buried on 
the 14th in the place indicated in the text, but no record of the fact occurs in the HogiBter. His 
widow remarried Sir Bdward Herbert, Kt., Attotney-Qencral. 

* Bon of John Fnlham, of Hope-under- Dinmore, co. Hereford. He had a patent from the 
Dean and Chapter, ae Clerk of the Works, 4 May 162L His relict Dorothy administered to hia 
CBtate 20 Jan. 1653-4. Hia son, the Rev. Edward Fulhani, D.D., waa the first Canon of Windsor 
imtalled after the Restoration, He died 9 Dec, 1694, and waa buried at Comptoo, Surrey. See 
a pedigree of the family in CDlUetanea Tbp. et Oen. i. IS. 

* His nancupative will, a« John Hotvtrtead, of St. Margaret's, WeatminHter, Gent., made 
Feb. 1663-4, WM proved 16 Dec, 1656, by his relict Margaret, who had then remarried (see her 
hnrial, an Margaret Chamber*, Jan, 1677-B). The will merely bequeathc<i £10 to his dau. Ann, 
and was witoeBsed hj Thomas Baper, who was one of the Abbey porters. He wan probabl; a 
minor offlcial. 

' Wniiam Qveeoe had a patent from the Dean and Chapter, 7 Dec, 1621, as under cook, 
and is mentioned as one of the College servants in 1632. 

* One of tJiG Qentlcmen of the Chapel Royal, and Master of the children. His will, dated 
Ifi Jnly 1653, with a codicil 2 Jan. I6fi3'4, was proved 18 May 1654. HU relatives named in it 
were alt of Hampshire, and he appointed his kinsman Sir Anthony Aablcy Coopern Bart., one of 
hii etecutoro. See his son's borial 1 June 1627, 

' Rector of More Criehel, co. Dorset. 1640 : appointed by the Parliament Minister of Kt. 
Dnnstan in the Wect, London : one of the Assembly of Divines and Preacher in the Abbey 
dnring. the Gommonwvaltb. He made himself eo obnoxiona to the royalists that his remains 
















1654 Jnly 24 Mr. Chrietopher Masters :* IChisters']. 
Mr, Edward Lee:* [GlofsUrs], 
Mrs. Alice Harpham : [Clouters^. 
Colonel Humphry Mackworth :* in K. Henry 7th*8 Chapel. 

165^ Jan. 16 Capt. John Miller :* [Olotstera], 

John Lawee^ singing man;* [^Oioisters']. 

William and Melior, son and daughter of Mr. Cbnatopher Chap- 
man,* in one grave: [Cloitierg']. 

[^Anotfisr hiatus here occurs m the Cloieter entries^ heing 
noted in the Register thus : " Deeont 1655, etc." The next 
entry is under date of 5 May, 1658,] 

Feb. 28 Mra. Penelope Herbert:^ in 8t. Panra ChapeL 

1655 April 18 James, Duke of Richmond and Lennox :« in K. H- 7th*B ChapeL 
June 21 Sir William Conatable;^ in K. H. 7th's Chapel. 

were included tanongst those diamterrad after the Rcstor&tioD and Uirown into a common pit 
ia the chiirchjortl. Bis relict Damuis odmiaistered U> his estate 22 Aug. I6fi4. 

* Sec the bnrials of (probftbly) two of bia wiTca^ 17 May 1621 ftod 26 Oct. 16«. He appeare 
to bare married again, at St, Margaret's, Westmiaster, 1 Oct, 1646, Mrs. Hugwot Hodges. He 
doubtlees held AOtne minor official position in or about the Abbej^ 

' ProbaUj a graodaoQ of Bdmond Hooper, Organist of the Abbey (Bee big borial 16 July 
1621). who had a dau. living at the date of bis wjtL, married to a Mr. Lee, with a son Bdmood. 

* He wfta admitted to Graj'a Ion 24 Oct. 1621, oa son and heir of Bichard Mackworth, of 
Betton G ran ge» Shropshire . He became a Golooe] in the service of the Parliament, and woa 
appoiDted Gotctdot of Khrewsbury 2 June 1646, He waa a member of Cromweira second Pftr- 
liamcDt. and also one of hia councils He married, first, at St- Andrew's, Holborrif 30 Jan. 1622-3, 
Anne, dau. of Thomaa Waller, of Beacouflfield, Bucks, Esq., and, secondly, Mary, dau. of Thomas 
Yeoablea, Esq,, titular Baron of Kiuderton, co. Cbestcr. His son Thomaa admifaistcnd to his 
estate 18 Jan. 1654-5. Hia remains were disinterred after the Restorationf and thrown into a 
common pit in the churchyard. 

* !*robablj an officer in the service of the Parliament 

* See tbe burials, of his son 18 Aug, 1629, and his brother 25 Oct. 1662. He waa a «on of 
William Lawes, of Dioton^ Wilts* Hia dau. Margaret Criape was living, a widow, in 1662, with 
three sona, 

* Kee their father^a burial 17 June 1681, and their mother's 10 July 1707. Melior, the dan^ 
was baptized at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 6 June 1662, 

^ Dau- of Hon. James Herbert (sixth aon, and second of that name, of Philip, fourth Barl of 
Pembroke), by Jane. dau. of Sir Robert Spiller, of Laleham, Midi., KL Her parents were mar- 
ried At Bt. Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London, S Aug. 1646, and sbe was baptized at 8t. Margaret'^ 
Westminster, 2 Dec- 1651. t^ee her brother's burial 18 Mch. 171B-16. 

' James Stuart, eldest aoti of Eame, third Duke of Lennox (see his borial 6 Aug. 1624), bj 
Catherine, dau. aod heir of Sir Oprva^e CUfton, Lord Clifton of Leighton BronisWDld, He was 
bom in Blackiriarfl, London, the llth. and bapliaed at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, 29 ApL 1612. 
He succeeded as fourth Duke of Lennox, and waa created Duke of ICichmond 8 Aug. 1641. He 
died 30 Mcb. See hia wife's burial 28 Nor- 1685, and his son's 4 Sep. 1660. 

^ Sod and heir of l^ir Robert Constable, of Flamborough, co. York, Kt, liy Anne, daaghter 
and heiress of John Hussey, of Driffield. He was knighted by the Earl of Essex, in Ireland, in 
l,'ifi9, and created a Bart. 29 June 1611. He had been Colonel of a Begimcnt df Foot, and some 
time GoTomor of Olouceeter, and was one of tbe signers of tbe death-warrant of K. Cborlea L 
His will, dated 13 Dec. 165+, was proved 18 July 1655, by his relict Dame Dorothy, who was the 
eldest dau. of Thomas, firat Lord Fairfax. He left no issue, and the title became extinct. Hia 
relict died 9 Mch. following, and was boriod in tbe chtuch of St. Hory BiahophiU,' Benks, 

Westminstee abeet. 149 

1656 Not. 23 Mr. Stephen Marshall :' in the South side of the Church, 
lfi56 [April 17] JameB Usher, Archbishop of Armagh :" in St. PanVs Chapel. 

Oct. 1 Sir Philip Herbert ;^ in St. Nicholas's Cfiapel. 
^ Oct. U Mr- Edward Eilis:* in the North aisle of the Chnrch, 
165f Feb^ 16 The Lady [blank], Conntesa of Antrum:* in St. Nicholas's 
March 24 The Lady Bridget, Conntesa of Lyndsy ;* in St. Andrew's Chapel. 

1657 May 1 The Lady Penelope Herbert:' in St. John Baptist's Chapel. 

YotIl Kot only were his remuiifl eifanmod after tbe Refitoration and tbrowu into the common 
pit in the ohnicbjard, but his catatea irere cepeciallj excepted in the general partlon gab- 
Bcquently gTBCted hj K. Charles II. 

1 The eminent preoclier of his day, vbose great abilities and iofluGQoe over tbe I'arUament 
were admitted even by Clarendon, He whh a native of Goflmaochestcr, co. Hunlingdoi*, and 
entered Bmaaael College, Uambridge, 1 Apl. IG15. He was Btvarioua tim<;B mJQJHter at Kinchiag- 
field, Esacx, St. Margaret's, WestminBter. and St. Mary- at- the- Quay, Ipswich. He died VJ Nov. 
His will, undated, was proved 11 Feb. 1655-6. Ilia remaioa wcte removed after the RcBtorntioo, 
with tho«e of many others who had rendered themselvofi obnoxious to the roynliNts. to a common 
pit in the churebyanL (The scandalous story, firet started by ropys, and occasionally repro- 
duced to this day, that two of hJa daaghters, named Aime an<l iiebocca. were actrcBSes and 
courteeanifl during ibe reign of King Charles II., and even that King's cwn ni^f^treEacs as late na 
1A72, may be aafcly repudiated as untme. At the date of his will bis wife wom dead, and five of 
his daughters were already married, three of them at least to clerpymeu, and had several obil- 
dien. His remaming dauj^hter, li^uaan, was unmarried, but more than '2\ years oE age, as she 
proved her father's will.) 

' Son of Arnold Usher, one of the t^ii Clerks of the Irish Chancery, by Margaret, dan. of 
James Stanihurat. Speaker of the Irish House of Commons. He was bom in Uublin, 4 Jan. 
loSO-l, and educated at Trinity College in that city. He became ProfesBor of Divijiily in that 
College, and subsequently Chancellor of St. Patrick's Cathedral. He wjls elevated to the 
Biahopric of Moatb. by patent dated 22 Feb. Ifi20-I, antl trannliilcd to the Acchbisliopric of 
ArmaghbypatentdatedaiMch. 162^-5. He also held the see of Carlisle m rowiw«>nf/(jw. by patent 
dated 16 Feb. 1641-2, and in 1647 was appointe<l Preacher to the Scxriety of Lineohrs Inn. He 
died in the Countess of Peterborough's house, at Ecigatc, Surrey, 21 Meh. UiE5-6, and was buried 
in the Abbey, by order of Cromwell, 17 Apl. 1656. His only dau. Elizaljcth, wife <if Sir Timothy 
Tyrrell. Kt., administered lo hid estate 3 May following. He raame<i, in JC14. Phccbe, only dau. 
of Rev. Luke Chaloner, D.D., who was buried at St. Paurfl, Cov-ent Gnnlon, 22 Nov. 16u4. 

' The identification of n person of this name and rank ougbt not to be even dithcult. but has 
bepen ao for Imposstble, which leads to the suspicion that there is some error, either in name or 
/. * Second son of Edward EUia, of Chesterton, co. Cambridge. E»|,, by Jane, dau. of Thomas 
Stoteville, of Briukley, in the same county, Esq. (sec her burial 6 May ItiSi), He wa& Gentle- 
man-waiter to King James I., and Cup- hearer to King 'Charles I. Hij* will, dateil 15 July, was 
proved 21 Oct, 1666. He evidently dieil unmarried. 

* Lady Anne Stanley, only surviving dau. of William, nixth Karl of Derby, bj the Lady 
Elizabeth de Vcre (see her burial 11 Mch. lfi26-7). She was first married lo Sir Henry Portraau. 
iecond Bart., and secondly to Robert Kerr, first Earl of ^Im'rww.who died at Amsterdam in 1654. 
See her daughter's burial 4 Jan. 1646-7. 

■ Only dan, and heir of Edward Wray, Esq., by the Lady Elizabeth Korreya (tee her burial 
2B Nov. I64fi), and bom in 1627. Hhe married, first, Edward ttackville, second snn of Edward, 
fourth Earl of Dorset, wLo died in 1646, and, secondly. Montagn Rertie, second Earl of Lindjifp, 
to whom she was seoond wife, who survived bcr and died 2u July 1666. Her eMest son (by 
her second marriage), James, beeame ^ aron Norreys in her right, and was created Earl of 

' PoBthumona dan> and coheir of bir Paul Bayning, second Viscount Bayning, by Penelope, 

160 BUBIAXS m 

1657 Aug. 4 Colonel Robert Blake, Admiral at Sea :^ in K. H. 7th'i Chapel. 
165J Feb. 2 The Lady Elizabeth Lomlej:^ in the Ewl of Exeter's vault in 

St. John Baptist's Chapel. 

1658 May 5 Robert WiUie^ singing man: [Cloisters], 

Sept, 1 Mfh, Anne Fleet:* in the South aisle of the Church, near 

Mr- Cambden'a tomb, 
Sept. 29 Robert Coleman, Esq. :* [Clcigters]. 
Dee. 3 Thomas Koper, atmBman :^ [CloisUrt']. 
165| Jan, 28 Mrs/Margaret Hooper;* [Cloisters'], 

dftn, and heir of Sir Robert Nanntou, Et,, Secretaiy of State to E, James I. She was bapldzed at 
6t. Olave, Hart Street, Londoa* 14 Kot. 1638, and wa§ marned at St. Martin in the Fields, Midx., 
IS June 1647, before she was qmte nine yoara old, to Hon. John Herbert, joun^t eon of Philip, 
fonrth Earl of Pembroke and firat of Montgomery. Bee her huabaud^s bnrial 23 yov. 1669, and 
tbatof her ontjflister, the Countesfidf Oxford, 27 Sep. 1659, wboae marriage took place on the same 
dftj aa her own. Her mother had remarried Philip, fifth Earl of Pembfolte, her husbaoda 
brother, and hei almoet nnnatm-al marnoge at her tender age was probablj infineQced hj family 

^ Tbc most famous naral commoDder of his own and perh&pa anj other age, whose name 
and fame arc still precious to Englishmen, although his bonea were subjected to the indignity of 
di&Dtennent and removal to the common pit in the churchyard. Surely, an exception might 
have been made iu his case, for he was always simply the BritiBh officcTf and never the Commoo- 
weolih partiz&n. He was a younger- son of Humphrey Blake, of Bridgewater, co. Somerset, 
Gent., by Sarah, dan, and coheir of John Williams, of Pawlett, in that county, and was baptised 
at iSi. Mary's, firidgewatcr, 27 Sep. 1599. There is a discrepancy between the date in the text 
and those in all the accounts of the period, the latter stating that ho died on tbc 17th of August, 
while his ship whs entering Plymouth harbour, and that he was buried in the Abbey on the 4th 
ot September. His will, written with his ownhand^ and signed and sealed onboard the" Kaaeby," 
the Q lying in St. Helen's Roads (Isle of Wight), 13 Mch, 16&&-6, was proved 20 Aug. 1657, He 
died unmarried, and left his property, which was con&ideraUe, chiefly to his brothers. 

* Elizabeth Comwallis, second dan. of Sir William ComwalUs, of Brome, co. finffoUt, Kt^, by 
his first wife, Lucy, fonvth dan. and coheir of John Keville, Lord Latimer. She married, first, at 
her father^s house in St. BotoJph, Bishopsgate, London, 22 Nov. 1596, Sir William Sandys (son 
and heir of Sir Walter Sandys, third eon of Thomas, Lord B&ndys of the Vyoe), who died in 
1629; and secondly, at St- Bride's, London, 11 May 1630, Richard, first Viaconnt Lumley, 
to whom flbe was second wife, and who survived her. Her will, doted 16 Sep. 1641, with a 
codicil 26 July lC52.was proved 29 June 1659. 

' Oau. of William Boughton, of Lawford, co. Warwick, Esq., by Jane, dau. of Humphrey 
Coningfiby, of Hampton Court, co. Hereford, Esq. (see her burial 16 Nov, I6H). She married, 
first, Ralph Wright, of Snelston, co. Derby, and, secondly, John Fleet, of Hallow, co. Worcester, 
Esq., whom she survived. 

* In the record of the letters of administration granted to his relict Anne, 10 Dec. 1653, be 
is described as *' late of Great Yarmouth, co. Norfolk." Richard Smyth's OMtuary, tmder the 
date in the text, says '' Mr. ColeuLan, once dwelling in BeU AUey, in Coleman Street [London], 
died at Westminster." 

' Thomas Jiaper had a patent as one of the porters of the Abbey, 6 Dec. 1617, and was meo' 
tioned in 16,^2 as one of t^e College servants. He had now, evidently recently, become one 
of the twelve privileged Almsmen of the Abbey. On 18 Mch. 1655-6 he was married, at 
St. Margaret^H, Westminster, as Thomas Bajirr. yeumao, to Elizabeth Vaughan, spinster, and abe 
administered to his estate 31 Dec. 1658. In this record bis name is also given as Baper. Bee 
the burial 18 Sep. 1628. of, perhaps, his father. 

* See her father's bnrial 30 Dec. 1661, and her mother's 7 Mch. 1651-2. She died unmarried, 
and her will, dated 17 Jan., was proved 18 Feb 1658-9, by her married airter Mary Swetnam. 
8he Uved in the Little Almonry. 


1659 May 24 The Lady Ratcliffe ;' in the North aisle of the Church, 

Sept. 27 The Lady Aane, Oonntess of Oxford:^ in St. John BaptiBt's 

Sept. 29 Scipio Squire, Esq. :^ lOloiMters], 
Oct, 7 Mr. Lambert Osbastoa, one of the PrebendaricB : * in the South 

aiale of the Church. 
Nov. 15 Mr. Goland:* [Ciohters]'. 

1 Anne, eldest dan. of BJi Frsncia Trappea, of Hairogjitc and t^idd, co, York, Kt.. hy Mary, 
third dtra. and coheir of Bobert AtkioBon, of Stowell, Co. Glouceatflr, Esq, She waa marrifni, B.t 
the Church of 8t. Anne and St. A^es. London, 21 Feb. ]6S1'2. to 8ir Qcorgp. JladcliJ^i: of 
OTcrthorpe* in ThorahiU, co. York^ Kt. who died, a political cnJe, 2& Maj 1657, and was buried 
at Fluahing. She died 13 Maj 16£9, in her oBth jeor. 

* Eld«t dan. and coheir of Paul, second Viscoant Bayning^ hy Peoelope, dau. of Sir Robert 
KauDt^m, Kt. She was married^ at St. Uartio m the Fields, Midx.. IB June li>47, to Auhrcj de 
Yere, tireatieth and last Earl of Oxford (ece hie burial 22 Mch. 1702-3), wLen abc could not hare 
been more than aboat ten years of age, as her father was only twt;nty-two at bi<i death in lti38. 
and her naothcr then only eighteen. Sec her flistcr^a burial 1 May 1657, and note thereto. 

■ His will, as " Sdpio Le S^uirf, Ksq., Senior Chainberlftin of the Court of Receipt io the 
Excheqaer." dated 23 Sep. 1G59, was not proved until 16 Jan. 1662-3. He directed to be buried 
to the CloistepB, near the monument of his ancient friend Mr. Arthur Agard (see his bnriat 
E4 Aag. 1616). Sir Bimonds D'Bwes mcntiooa him as Deputy Chamberlain aa cariy as 1630^ 
and, from his reference to Agard, he was probably brought up in that office. He was admitted 
to Gray's Inn 10 Ang. 1627, ae of 8t. Martin in the Fields, Oent^ His wife Elizabeth and 
sereral children smrived him. To his noh Scipio he bequeathed his lands of inheritance at 
Bagsbot, CO. Surrey, and in Middlesex and Devonshire, 

* Lambert (hbaldetttm, or Osb<rljitonf a$ hia family appear to have always written the 
name. He is always erroneoilaly said to have been the eon of T.ambert OinliolaUm. llcctor of 
6L Olave, Sonthwarbf and to have been bom in that pariah. His baptism docs not occur in the 
parish regiitet of St. Olave^ nor was his father ever Rector Ihere. On the contrary, in the 
Visitation of Lon^lon, 1633-4, he ia deacribeil as a " habenlauher," and in that of 1664 an a 
*• Gentleman." The baptisms of two or three of his yonngcr children are recorded in the 
Bt. Olave^s register, and he la there described as a habcrdaahcr. Anthonj Wood aaya that he 
died in 1663, but thia son Lambert administered to his estate 26 Apl. 1622. His wife was Martha 
BankeSi. of a London family. Their eldeat son was the Rev. William O^tiotston, Rector of Eajft 
Hanningfleld and Great Pamdon, Eesex. who died aboat 1646-6, Their third son, Robert, con- 
tinaed his father*s busmeot, and his tJiird son, Rot>ert, aim became Rector of Great Pamdon, and 
wa« tmrted there 3 Hch. 167f)-HO. They had several other isons and daughtera, who appear to 
have all died young. The person named in the text was their second son, and waa educated at 
Weatminater School, whence he was elected to Oxford in 1612, His name, however, does not 
appear in the mAtricuUtion register until 20 Oct. 1615, when he ia described aa the aon of a 
" gentlematt,^' bom in London, and aged twenty-one. On the 25th Oct. in this year he was 
admitted to Oray'a Inn. He took hia MA. degree 27 Apl. 1619. On the 7th Dec. 1<>21 be had a 
joint patent (with Rev. John Wilson, D.D.), from the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, of the 
Head-Ma«tership of Westminster School, which was renewed to him nione 27 Jan. 1625-6, In 
July 1629 he waa collated to prebends of both Lincoln and Wei^troinntcr. In 1638, having 
eiprened himself too freely respecting Archbiabop I^ud, be was ileprived of all his prefermenta 
by the 8tar Chamber, fined £5,000, and sentenced to have hia cotp nailed to the pillory in 
presence of hie echotara, but escaped the execntion of this sentence by flight. Tn 1641 his livings 
were rest^ired to him, but, becoming disaffected with the courtse of the Parliament, they were 
again seqneatered, and be lived in retirement until hia death. He died unmarried. 

' Rev. Richard Gotiland, A.M., Eecjier of the library, to which i>oat be was appointed by a 
patent from the Dean and Chapter, dated 27 Jan. 1625-6, with a dalary of £20 pei annum. The 
inacription on his monument statefl that he bequeathed a " large anm '' for the purchase of choice 
books for tb« Library, but the exact amount nnmed in his will waa £10, which was to be 



1^56 KoT. 2S J<Ati Herbert, Baq.:MnRt.XiGholf^«Cfaapel. 
IfiGO [Aog.jC— ) Tbc Lady Cnrewo :* in the Qnier. 

Sept. 4 EATnr, Dake of RichtnoDd aad Lennox:* in tbo Soith side 

K. H. TLh'sCliopeL 

Bopl. 21 ]Jciiry,DakeofGloci?d&l€r:« intheSootJindeor E.H.Tih'RClMipel, 

[Nov.] ( — ) Thomafl BlakE*, E*q,, cjue of ihe timoaw of hi* Mbj^7*6 Bed- 

cJittmbcr :^ tu Uie Iforlh fiide of llie Cbunih. 

■■pCBided la the purchndo of ^' the olioiofM pi«a:ei of the vorlscil Jnfao Oansrdo*. Vrurfm, bdJ 
6lllMli»>" Bo wft* luvuIUid > I^bvoitury of Mnc«1& 8 ApL ItfOI. He dud 10 Kov. 1668^) 
tfrUoatlj nndUETlod, Ht> idll in nbkh he atatcd ibat be ww bom In tto |«ri4i of &<. awilbttij 
cdly od LliwoU. ttiu dntod IH Mdi. itiM-S^, n&d wru putt; IQ lUciogljrpbiiM, vlilch 
dftciphorvd hj bi* aoptov, tt ynm {irDT^d 30 Apl< lACO, b; bis favotbrc-iO'lAir nod MridoAif 1 
j«tiil«. R«v< Bttry Pnt**. VE«Ar <if I,tdbury, oo, Huc^fonL wfao h»l manied ki« lUer Alice. 

' T<Antp(«t iKin of PhilJp, fouTth EurX <tt I'coihTokt^ txtd tinri ci UiinlpMiiery. by bk fimt 
trlfo, Uidj Siwni de Vere. dwi- tfid vTeulniMjr cobdr of Kdvard, veTenicWh K«f1 of OUoid, 
Ho dkd vllbout In13■^ Mid lit» brotbern, Pitiliji, flfili Karl uf Pembroke. na4 Uie Ucn. Jima 
TUffbttt, ftctminiatdTwl Ui bU MtHta 17 Apl, lOGiX tiwt liji wif^'ii barul I Mikj tfSr.7. an^ noiek 

' Apn«, fivconcl dau, nf Hr Nicbolwi Hyic Kt.. C>tkd Jiuitfc« t4 ibo Ktnc^ Ueivrb, bj Uuj. 
dm. ol A rthar Swrnuc* of Sonon. fiaatn. Rsq. Slie died 2S Aug. tdOO, i& btr Ofcitf ^ jcw, I 
tbeu ibe widow of ^ir Ko« <^ry, «fai> b«<l bKo tatHW » kni|Ebt-bim&ti«t fof bk ■nrrkiM i 
tbo lD«iDurabl0 irXfiLHlltlna to Ibe Mt: <pf KM, In Uw [drbfa ragfaKJof ^t^ Amlrcv't. Hufbonif] 
Uidz., iiudsr tbo rliil« vf 1 Ucb, ICiO-L, hm btirlol Urcoardad Ihvi: '-Htr Rox- rxfj, nn If 
Qont : dird at John Kcrlyo'*. Ucmt Allejr, 2$ Ftb." Ekitb uppeoi to b«r« diixl U^eaiuIc. 
luMnptiDii on bcv gnveikue, Look l^id from s>Kbl, b onu of tb« fe* in the Ahbej thnl bivc ocverl 
bden prlntod, nnd U tbenfgre here glveu m tnU. H rcub Okim ; 'Antut ^'fn*/ii< //yif(< £^11. 
Aurati f ^)/rf9ti An^tUf JinititiariJ f iMia I i.^jeor Itotm JituttH Ginj f 1^ i OySimrdi pornAI 

/Wt mtUufan Chnrtt i ffrirtatian Brittania i Pott r^fitnHm Gtrmlmm / iMhfm tm^mmmi 
Anne rt4HidU / X* C»i. A^. { AMn4> ,^atU L, f HaUtu If.D.C.lX.' Am • 
liMiuux of llic Jneiaomoct and luieerULinrj of burUki regUtcn jui4 mamnnailAl in«erl|ikc0 1 
befifeldiy, It maj Le bote<l ihat tn tbc Abbuj Rpfit&tr ibU Udj's name i» £1«niF, vidoa bet 1 
vtono Aivy. while ber hTulmnil'iAnn*, impiilml wilh hur i7iri>, mi Uie Utter, htd imiMiliAalilj" 
tboM of Onp#. 

' Eimc KtuATt^ oail; soa of Jtjnn, foortb Doke of L«mox and flnt od BicbnioDA (aee Ms 
burial IK ApL ItiU), b|- Udj Morj VUUcn (w bv burt«l M Kor. )5»). Be wu bom la 
t^ndoQ > K'>T. l(Ut>. rtuccudcd bi* fntb«v ■aeoeood Daico of ftlebaftoad and BAb of LcbtKi£,aiid 
dlAil ill l^aria 10 An^- l6ii<L Thnu dateaMM ukait ffom hk ooffln*plata, eafiAaid In t>itT- 1^ 
inacfipli^u on bifr mODUmcDt (probabi; iuaccimtcljrediOesttnecjcuiljratatOBtfaal bedkd H Aag. 
Udl. in bivdercntb jenr. 

< Ptkiw H^nrj, fourtb and jnungeci, butUdrdmrrlvtagvDiiaudcl^lahdUliof K.Ch«l8il. 
aitbd Q. QcntietlA'VaTia, tie wu bodv at OklUndf. Svmj, < JilIj lOIO.aad ns tmated Barl of 
OambrldtfA abd Duke of GlocKoaler ISHajr l^H* U« waa OMlUtod la 0iLriahnx4 Casde aftn 
liii fat]wr*a death, unl aabM|UMU; ««ot o«t of ibo klujpktti Vjr CraawdL Ue ra«iuii«l Mj 
Bn|r1aiidontbo1tci4ora»ioa,nicldiod at Wbtteball, of tbeniiaU-poi.onibe 13th of tbiai 

' Ccl<uial Tb^fDiuM Itiuf^t. Ibiitl but tfdeA mrviving Km of AjiibruM Btaiepf, of LiUla ' 
llonan^dioitb, 00, Soifulk. Cvi^ by bb lint wifa. Uuiba, dau. of Jtcc«r Baibar, of Suty M. 
Sdmmwn, £b|. Re voa Uipbacd U Hanilngdkettli 15 July li>lX Q« bft^ bemi Oofood oi ^ 
tcgiincnl nf fb«t in the royal amy. and ptflicnlvly diJtioE"^^^ biauelf &n tio itefodoe 1 
Walltnglovd OttUo^ Htbad aJao bocn UuvuroOiruf Vanooulh ami Ijiodguard Kelt, and a fir 
of IbcEbilcbaiDljciloK. CLa^le*!. aud JL lit laairk^l, el A. U/iiteX Loolum. ^Pcb. l«10-l^ 
MarjH d&u. af Sif Kogor Xoetb, of Uildmbftll^ eo^ Sttlfoll^ Eu. aba lumrii) liim. and died In 
I4T1. IdarKvel. uaeof baidi(njrtit«na£ido^dr^njarHed81doeyrBnri of Gi>do^iltt. txad HtfEb 
IWuiuvrof RnclwKl {wan ya burial 8 OcL IT]>}. Cbl. fiUgyo died H ^^. lOGO, am) waa doaM- 
liM toned diuiag tbal moatb. 


1660 Dec 29 The Pnncesa Royal, Marj, the King's eldest meter, mother to 

the Prince of Onmge,' waa laid in a vault on tbe South eide 
of K. H. 7th'8 Chapel, 
166{ Karob 22 The I^ady Anne Bertne, eieter to the Earl of Lmdsj :^ in St. 
Mjchaera Chapel. 

1661 (~) (— ) The Ladj Alisbury ;* at the East end of the Chapel of Kings 

going up to K. H. 7th'B Chapch 

1 Eldest dftn, and third child of K. Cfaos. I. and Q. Henrietta- Mnria, and bora tt St. Jamefl'a 
i Not. 1631. She married, 2 Maj 1648> William of Nassau, only mn of Henry-Frederick, Prince 
of Onngc, who succeeded to that title, and died 27 Oct. 16&0. Their onlj' issue waa William- 
Heniy, «ftenrard« K. Williun III. (see his burial 12 Apl. U02). 8hc died of the smaLl-pox on 
the 24th of this month. Her will was dated on the day of her death, and proved on that of her 

' Third dan. of Hohert Bortie, first Bari of Lindtey, hj Elizabeth, only dan. and heir of 
Edwazd. firit Xxvd MoQbaga of Boughton, co, Northamptoti, Kbe died anmazricd, agod about 

* There can be no hesitation in identifying this lady as the wife and relict of Sir Tbomaa 
Aiftethvry^ Bart,, mother of FranceH. first Countess of Clarendon, and thus great-grandmother of 
Q. HarylL and Q. Anne- It is possible that the tranecriber of the old Hcgi^ter placed tbe entrj 
too early in tie ieries of bnriaU in this year, but there can still be no doubt as to the peraon 
indicated. There was no other Lady A;lcBbnr7 at this period, aud the place of her interment, as 
stated in the text, was the Hyde vaalt, in which all the membcra of Lord Clarendon's family 
were sabeeqnentJy interred. Keeii^es, Pepjs, in his Diarj, under the date of 13 Nov, 1661, states 
that the Duke of York was in mourning for his wife's grandmother^ whiob, he adds, was thought 
'' a great piece of fondness/^ Hitherto this expression appears to have been regarded as con- 
finninf certain mythical stories respecting the alleged hnmUc origin of the Duehese of York's 
mother, the first Counteas of Clarendon; but it maj now be suggested whether it bad not 
reference to the moaraing being continued so long after the death of the person for whom it was 
worn, and especially as she must have been in a very advance^l old ago. It seems strange that 
the history of a lady who was the direct ancestress of two of the reigning sovereigns of Great 
Britain shonld have remained to this day in utter ol^>scurity> but even Lady Theresa Lewis, so 
late at tBG2, wrote, "it is not known from what famiiy she sprang, or where she died.^' 8ach 
fact?i therefore, aa the Editor has been able to discover will now be presented in detail. Her 
name was Anne, and she waa the eldest dan, and coheir of Francis Denman, of Weflt Retford, 
Notts, by Anne. dau. of Robert Blount, of fickington, co. Derby, and relict of Nicholas Towers, 
Hbqaircfc Her father waa only son of Nicholas Denman, of West Retford, by Anne, daa, of 
Hompbrey Hert^, of the Grove, Notts, Esq., and second sister and cobeir of ^\t John Hercy, Et. 
Hu arms borao by the Demuans of West Retford, viz., Argent, three lions^ beads erased gulea, 
were those of a knightly family of the same name temp. E. Edward I. Francis Denman, the 
father of l4dy Ayleabury, appears to have bceo Hector of West Itetford from 26 Sep. I57S Xg £1 
Jan. 1505-6, when he resigned, and waa afterwards described as of Old Hall, West Retford, 
JS^i'jv. He died in 1B99, and was buried at W«t Retford, his wife aorviving him. Their 
Mcotid dau. and coheir, Barbara, married Edward Darell, Esq., son of Sir Thomas Darell, of 
Pagham, BusBex, Et., and died 22 Mch. IGM-fi, leaving, by their only surviving son Edward, a 
grandson. Dr. John Darell, who founded a well-known hospital at West Retford. The only other 
dan. and coheir of Francis Denman and Anne bis wife was Anne^ who married, first, William 
Darell (probably a brother or half-brother of her sister Barbara's hoaband), who died in I6I0, 
and, secondly, *' Thomaa Aylefibury, Esq." He is thus described in the marriage allegation, at 
the Uiflhop of London's Registry, dated 3 Oct. 1611, and as of St. Andrew^s, Holbom, and also as 
having the consent of his father, '* William AjlcJ^bnry, Esq/' She is described aa " Anne Darell, 
of the city of London, widow, whose hnsband died about a year ago/' (William Ajlesbury, the 
&ther, mairied, fint, Anne, dan. of John Poote, of ^aperion, co. Gloueester, Em^., by whom he 
had mo^ Kdmondp eld6it Boa, who waa living 1629-30, with two daughters, Dorothy and Anne ; 



1661 AprU Sd Tht- JMy Elizabeth, Dtch^H of Kichmond and Lennox :' on 

tile South fiide of K, H. Tth's <*^jApel. 
May 3 Mrs. MRrg^ry Coflin: [not/it^r*], 
' May 6 CI»irloB. [)ukc uf Onmbrkljci', wn U> the Thikv ff York;* lu A 

vault ou tlie SoulJi sidt- of K. R 7tU'fl Cli»i*el. 
Julj 15 Gcijrgc Cox, trnfortunfltclj- dn>viicd; [^7w"*f*»'4], 
Jnljr Id The vr't(r. of Dr. Qiiorl^^rmuii, ouo of tbc Riii;^ a PhyddtnA:" in 

the South |>evrt or the cro^e oialo. 
Nov. 6 r>r. G^Ji^o Joy, Dean t>r PoUirboron^ :* btlirKin Mr. Cnmden'fl 

nnd Mr. Cuiuinboti*^ m^nnmonU. 

Bliabetb, whet dlrd nnmArrinl, io ihi^ serrioe d Dunu Dorothy Kt/tcoarU Knd whoAO «I11> dftltd 
I Jan., w pmrfKl 8 Trb. Itt^O'SD; juiuih^r Oih, uho tnnrrie-l Fr«»pi« ^fa^th, i4 E<t|^voTth, eo. 
Oloucork-r. Qout.. ivtjumjrviirfl Itvr uid iLivil iit lOM , aiuJ TliuniH\ t^icuij urn, iih\t wabuni !■ 

Boqutttt ftnil of tJjn Siliiil, fmil, OmtiK fo tLc foultuml ftfior tbc dctth cif K. (IjuU-** ),. ilM nt 
Br«dft in tec7. tlu (atlicr. ^'tur tbc death cif liM tlr^L *r jfr Adti<% had a Ucrruse fmm Itic Buhop 
cf Loticlon, >Utoil )3 Julj Ifi0a« he being dcfcrt ted im ot St. Aiidmr'*, UoLton^ Onitle&un, 
IL tiMuwri, H^ul CT, lo iiuur7 Durolbj UwHliUrUt trldoir.ngvd tiO. tibomr tiutbaitO. uf the MmiC 
pftrihli, llnntlrrmAn, biiil diinl itbfnil iiC>veii j-muh bc^fcnt^.) The phJTdfrn <i >!ir Thnmu A^lvboiy 
uid Adoc (Dbnll vk^ DL^TiDiao)* Wi^ddoa E'Vii&ccii. CoiuiUtt ^f cn^ui'inlcm (wr hvr bonnl IT 
Ang. 1607), 40 Ct^ AA knrjwn, ncre v foUowi ^ WJllfAin, cldut cMM, wli>> wiui tdt(ftix«d hI St* 
IftufBlU'iv WcatminHler. i:iJaIyl4i:e, vid «bo tUod in Jeibiajcii m Ifia;, bciti^ tbcn MvrrUiry 10 
Uw GuTetnOT of lh«t iAljvid; Thimu^ *rcfind Kiil lukjitucd jtt ^t, Unr^^i^r^c'fl 15 I>«<^. Ifil9|0l 
whom nmbintr f«rtber lin» Wn navrtAln'^cl. nnd whft probnltlj tlii>il yMrt\^ : Atine. liftptroM nt 
ISt, KArKvvi'n 38 Do?, tfilft and nuunod thc-n;. 3i Apl. Ili3T, to Mr. John Hriirb4Ri; md 
UarhnTA, boptitfid 4t St. HArpirtt'ti 9 Maj 1027 (luiid doubtloM anmed aftct brr moahct'ft ooly 
■iFU'r), whr diod nniDftrrled, «l Ajiiworp, tn lOfiS. {Tb« dfvM of bor 1a]>tliiia d ynU ht rtsn, 
T«rif A «ubctlT ■ joAT EMin the ootc hi tho DnchoH of Yoik'* jioCikcl-lirinlc qunlf ^ hy T jhIj Tburwft 
1^*Hh. fix,." MydoftrAtmt Bftbru^ wlien abc dioi. twenty-fnur jrarsfilduAilfumnirb itiiFroni 
April to Aiit'U'it,"^ It npjxinr^ thch>(0T«\ thut tbo hitltt^7t> mjidtfrunui tnoc*tra» of Qdovm 
U&ty And Anni^ wjw of purr gentle dcKcot and htinonniblc <:onni'>C'CiciuL uid iLaI tbe ridicukM 
tnidLtkm* mpETcUng ber oiid her dai»j:hirr bad no toundAilon [□ fAci. A* iho r«canl of ber 

buriftl Iadittin«tl7 niii!«r th« j«&r ICfil. it mpLj^ho nj^t^rdiid ia ccrtoia tbat it W atU* lh> itik 
of Unvh. uidlt muy, D«bfl8l>f«n«ASd, bAT«be^n ]ul«r In tbe rcir. 

1 BIdoht diiL jHid coboir (>r Klchnid Rogcn, of HrjAiuLtAc, vo. Darwi, Biq., bj Ana«. dttu, of 
Str HioBU^ Chtvlw. Kt. She mairied, fiml. Hou- Chvlea Cnv^diih^ aoa <if VTillijUB, Int Duko 
of Kvwoaitli} ; »»£, ffn>jiDrlt7, Cbikrlc* t^tuvt. lliinl Duki' of RicJnnvad Miil nlxtb ot LauioK (iM 
hit burlU 90 ft«p. I87S), fo iiliom idio mw flmL vHf«- ^W di(H| (jictxinlinir to b«r ooffin-p1«i«v 

eipMedbi ISfi7)on thoSlidof AprH, inchlldbc^l, uidwMb(iivlyjr{iiiUe,Blftht««if jvAnofax*. 
S«e her daQffbtar'i bnitAl 38 Meh. I«W3, 

' BIdOrt Ktfi of Juii«9, then l>iil4> of rcirk, ft^l^^BV1L^d« K Jnwr^ lU by hh lint vdfv. Acne 
H/dc* ddot d*iu of Edwvfd, fint HvtI of OUmxdi>o (iwclicr buEiol A ApL lOTl). Il« wiu bgm 
?2 Oel. lOAO, And dtvlartnl Dfiltrof Cnifibrid^ bin dird befoi« t}i* pkUal joawl tbe QteM Acsl. 
Ho died 00 the &th of May. 

> Flrwtwifed Dr. Wlllisoi ^ioC«nMte. Phjiddu In Otdlouy to K.nuuiiAlL BABAiri* 
cnlated At Oifonl. fmni BrnMnata Cblle^ 10 OcU IC34, ignd <t2t«eu. w un <4 Wnluv QoaIsn 
nuin, "f Sliflbbbt^ton. Ihtcks, Odd<. Hq rvnuiriod ()tnr. Li<. P«<^ tO Jooc )fi^) WaPj, lUu. of 
tUr rbcnniU Dyke. KU And imi^-dauichl^? nt ^ir Jciliii BrAsniion, Chi^f Ja«iiop vt ihv King"!! 
IlcDch, who MitrrSfwl lifm. tlo ta« bcriod At St. Uantn in tbc V^ckU 11 Juof I6f7, Hb will, 
rittt«d tho 4th, wv prcvc<l Ibc LAch of tlj? Mtiso nudlh^ 

' ItrT. 0«uri;a Jty, A.M., frctoT of Bugbrockc, <xk XartbAnplcja, wu Adttlt>«J « I^v- 
boadAiT ^f T-i«hl1»1(t Ifl Vky Ifl39. If* b*l bo«D a ^tm% mffDrcff In tlin rvfAl oiwb, mi4 vh 

dcfdjcibsd loRcooed Bkhop l>i^ m Doia of PcMrtoroo^ but died UCotc tiv Apfwiiif ac&i oonU 












1661 Nov, 20 Captain Witham:* [Cloisters^. 

Nov. 28 Mr. E4^r Nightingale, one of the Gentlemen of his Majesty's 
Chapel Royal, and Confessor of his Majesty's Honsehold r^ in 
the East Goister. 
Dec. 20 The Right R^v, Nicholas, Lord Bishop of Hereford:* in St. 
Edmund's Chapel 
The Lady Anne Carew * in St. John Baptist's Chapel. 
The Lord Chancellor Hide's mother -^ at the foot of the steps 
going np to E. H. 7th^s Chapel. 
166^ Jan. S4 John Frame, the College grave maker:* in the Sonth Cloiaber, 
Mr. Danid Carter : ICloi^ters]. 

The widow Fraroe,^ buried by her husband: [in the South 

beoamed into effect. Hu deaignatioa as Dean in tbe text was nott therefore, BtrietlycorrGct. A 
mUTJage Teoorded at St. Bride^ London, 2 Apt. Ifi4£»j of " George Jaj, Mioii^r, and Martha 
Hjumizkg,'* probably refera to him. 

' In hid will, dAtod II Apl. 1600, and proTed, in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 29 
Not. 1661, by hia "dear, bviug, and loyal wife Mrs. Mariha Wjtham," he is described aa 
" Thomas Wyt&am. of Petty France, Wei^tminMer, E^q/' He left all his property to his wife, 
with remainder to hJs dau. Mary, then wile of Richard Willou^hby, of Gray'e Inn, Enq. 

* He WB« swom as a Oentlenaac of the Chapel Ro/nl in ordinary 29 June I6!if, and succeeded 
tothenext vacancy 20 July 1620. In ibe Cheque Book he ii^ described ad"a Baae from ^t. Paul'8," 
and ju m holy orders. He v&a sworn Confessor to Hie Majesty's Houeebold in June IGfiO, oad 
died 35 Not. 1661, being succeeded ia that olBce by Kev. Philip Tjnchare, the preacrrcr of the 
old Abbey Begirter. 

* Nicholas Jfoiti (or, m tbe name appears to haTe been uniformly writtcu, Mottcke), (bird 
eon of Sir Thomas Monk, of Pothnidge, co^ Devou, Rt-, by EliEabeth, dau. of Sir GcfiTge timitb. 
He ^as bom about 1609, and appears to bare been a quiet country clei^yman. until the influence 
of his brother, tbe Duke of Albcmqrle (see bts buriah'2ir Aph 1670) secured bU rapid adTance- 
ment. He became ProToat of Eton College in June 1660, and on the 1st of Aug. in that year 
was created D.D. at Oxfoni, by royal command. He wa.4 elected Biahop of Herefoni 1 Dee. 
toUowing, and was consecrated 13 Jan. 16f30-l. He died at bis lodpngs in the Old Palaco 
at WeHtnuoBter 17 Dec. following. HIh will, dated the day before his death, was proved 
13 McIl 1661-2, by bis relict buaanua, who was dau- of Thcjmafl Papie, of Flymtree, eo, Devon, 
Esq., by whom he left only two fcughters, Mary and EJizalieth, A monument was erected iti 
th« Abbey to his memory, in 1723, by bis gran<)Bcn, Christopher Rawlinson, of Cark, Co. 
Lancaster, Esq, 

* Dao. of Sir Henry Carejf, fourth Baron Himadou and flrst Earl of Dorer, by his firat wife, 
Judith, dau. of tjir Thomas Pelbam, of LaugbUin, tiusbei, Bart^ If the date in the text is 
correct, she muiit baTe died the sHme dayj or the day before, as her will, dated 11 Sep- 1067, coq- 
tains a nuncupative codicil, the date of which is 26 Dec. 16IJL It was proved 10 Jan. following, 
by her sister I«dy Judith Carey, ^he died unmarried^ aged aboiu foity. 

* Mary, dau, and heir of Edward Langforrl, of Trowbridge, Wilt**, Esq., and relict of Henry 
I/iftle,ol Purton in tbe same county. They were parents of Edward Hyde, first Earl of Clarendon, 
then Loid Ch&Dcellor («ee bis burial 4 J&n, 1G74'5). Her busband di^^d 29 Sep. Ifi32, aged 

* Probably a brother, or a son by a former wife, of Aldam Frame (aee hid burial 3 Meb. 
l&W-6>. He ifl called " gardener" in the Chapter Book 6 Oct. 16G1, when he and hia wife were 
forbidden to seU beer and pies on tbe premises. See his wifo^B burial 9 Feb, foUowiog. Lcttere 
of admiiuBb^tion to his estate were granted, by the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 2 Feb. 1 662-3, 
to William Hooper, curator aaajgned to bia minor children Anne, John, Bmme aud Edward. 

7 Bee her hoaband's burial 24 Jan, preceding. 


L 1664 

Feb. 17 


Uarch 2r> 
Mnivh £8 
April 15 
Ai>ril 17 
A|rri) 24 


The Qcoeri of Bobemii, daogfatcr U» Kin^ Jiun^:^ En a raoH 

|i_T hrr IroihcT Prince Httnyi 
Itr. Ferae. Ilisl>cp of Cbeftle?;' [m /A# ^frftryj. 

Mm- Mary Oibljons;* in ilieNfknb CtoJflWT. 
Sir Qci^rgr Lirn/s diiu^litcr:* [C7<»*ftr4]- 

Tfai* Ri^lit llev. I)r Brian Dupptt, Lord Bk1io|>9f Wmc&Mter^* 
in tbe North filaJe, itiibin th« mraummto. 

^ ■ PrtikOM iniiAbeib, «tdwt ut<t ont; nvrlTlug dan. of K. Janm I. <kc lii« l<uriil Q M*^ 
Itait) ftxid AwM of Dcniwk(»« b«r timul I) SUj J€n>. Hlx tra* bor«, M iba rkUoe of 
FriklMid in Bcotlopil, 19 Kxx^. \tm, kt»<3 xnArrkO. u VHiiii-h^l, H Fob. lti12-IS. Fndcrkk V., 
Diiko of Battf ii and K1(?vtr>r I'ulalU*^ cf Uto FJtloi?, nftcnvatd* olcded Kin); of BobooUftt ^^ 
WM drlt«u. frain bj> i!riini[iLouf) by Uic Empercv Ferddiiftiid. au^ d«(d M MvdU ^ ?k'<rv. IWKL 
Kjsdlc^Bt Uioc«Evr Uvim-. lAQdoD,l3 7ifb. inSl-l. !I«rittll. <Uu<I IS 5lAjr. IMI. wHproToJ 
4 Uoh. lACI -3. b;r liar na Pnuri? nnpvvi £«■' l"> Imrinl A f)«e, IAS3^- 

* Hem-y. ^btb nci of Sir John Fwno, nf Tcraplir Bdwood, co. LtnMlfl. Kl- SwroUfj of 
tic Ctmiidl at Votk, l.y Eliubptb, dftti- of John :fc«ilbiim. of Wymomllct. I^irl*. &]- *lo 
remArrii^d Sir TLonutf ^ith ofhM Nrrill, of Holt, co. LeioMWr. Hr wm n>LJj\tcct Arcli4«ftoca 
of LcLocMCvr III Oct, \tA\ ; i^mUlc^i Miul«r i>f Timitj Cbllqsc. Otuobridsv* 3 Aug. IfiCOHnolalM 
Duui af KTj la MHu lanco ; ivnd «]iiKcnLt«d BUhop <^f l%«t«<F fn Feb. I«fll*2. He r1i«4 tbo 
Utli Sanclnj^ nftct Hn oonKcrirfion. on ibo ICth of Maruh. it the lioiiae of LU muilMr's «tflr-P"Wi, 
Mr.TLonuLfah'ovai. tkumAdrftpwia Ik. UnViCbnrcbjvd^ln hi4 Aflj-nlntb jrsr EflnwiIl.diLttfU 
tn l((i>ll. m wbicb he cftUcd faJawdf " hi^tewor of Dirinilj, acw dwcltmg nt :«4adb«ck, co. Varfc," 
WM not fr^i'iTd. in cAn«f^uen« of nme (^^1 oontenticm. oniil 30 Uny lGfl3. 

> Arv iufAnt iiot A ymr old. S«« brr xnotb«r'« burial 30 Apl. TflAT, nnd hor fttl)i«v'4 SO rtftp. 

* Daughter of llio Kov, BoUin Kcrclicr, B.D.. rrebnaduy of Wta^-hoctcr. and dnt wife cf 
Cbrbuopher Oibtvius. ]>r. of MrtBlc, «ud Or^jLaiat of ihc Abbry («cbUbQilAl 24 Octv 1610). TUcj 
vroTv nuirHvd, nt Hi. ilarUicjIoiiLffv Uiq T<c«v>^ Loiid<irn« 3S 8i!|i. \t\\h. 

* A young child of hIt Qi^nrv L«i«. ai<4jnr»iJ9 t«coMiJ Bftrt.. fttiil cKotM VlKoaat 
Luicftborouf^ 3J Jcly )$7^ fio luid been kni^bUd. aI Bmgoi, 27 Udu l(fi7. £^ ttta 
Aral fptft, DorcM, dAu, of 8ir Aiitliony Bnbtcon, Kl.. be liAd sucoud and third lUuf^htun, 
Annc-Doji^M uid Anne, nbo bolt) ilivd In EnfAQcy. Tlii^lr older ilitVt Cba^M w» ^f^^ini 
3S Aug. WJM. 

^ VonouifEiTOA hare crept into the JiDCOimtt of the pcnojiat Liitory of thiA dUCinmtlibol 
|irelnl«, tonie of vhlrh (uAy Iw oow pcMdliToly correctedH Hr trna not Ixru a| Grcmwldi. and 
WMUnt iboMnof Hot, GDoffivy !)ctppa, Vicv of Ijviriahnm. K^jlt, by AOttUshtfrtrf Rrr. JobA 
Baogiy. LL.D., rtvbcuduy of Cuu^rbiir/, AoconllogLu bin owu wUthc wAcbaru at LcwUhAOL, 
mill ilio vf-^t^it't of ihLC imridb npordA kife bAptitrti ivn tho t>ii.h i>f Mcb. IMM'O. Thit ■!««« b 
couiirnied b> the r^^ord \ti hij« nmlricdAtion at Oztdril » July* l^&, iii wbidi htfl tieo U i:ivea 
flA AiKloc^n, f. f .. At hb UM UnhdAj. Hill fAthcr ita» nor Vlivit cf IjinirbAiD, nor a clcrfymim. 
In thu Uzforxl iDAtrioulatiDO repxtur ho id OAlicd a *" Ucullcuukii." and to iho BuhDp'a dttd of 
CiiudiUiUjii citf ft cbbT^iy «t Fc4uT>iid|[o, <^ tlcMi^nl, lialj?'! I& Od. Ifidl, li« 1» deacribol as 
"Jnitray J>Dppa.BiBiii]ijc. my Ulc fatbfrr.*' Ah in hiji tncillii^r, Ih-, RciMjfBy'A vrHL dati^l 9T Oat. 
I£t5. DWicA no dAa|^t«f tnarriod to DuppA, and ertdfrjtly iiu<nUi>n« all hb children, wbllo tbe 
LrwldiMiti regulcr loconlA iho narriAfv thCTr, in IS^. of " itfUxj [>uppn ud Lucrcce MarattJI,^ 
wUo wc« ondoublcdly h» (unvita i bal. aficr <fco iDMt oaMul MtvcTt. tifl t«cc of Uiair mbw- 
qovit hblocy anA £iil« lait bnm dik^oinirvd, UariuK Ukrci Oic 4e«Tve «tf D.D. aI OjcImiI la 10?^ 
b» w JA Imtallod Dean <if OihAt Chqn4 >» Nor. IC2!<; tiw^kmi^.a PmbindBFy of Salisbury II Ifay 
1434, and ChaortMiV 7 7une following ; ft(jc*or of hrlnorUi. ^Otfex. W May 16W ; wiw omat- 
crat«d lUifaop of Chlobc«ier IT Juno IS3e ; omflrmcd U^hop of t^litbuvy U Doe. IStl, and of 
WlnC^oUr ^ OuL IMO. Iln dtivl at Rtchmond, Ktinry* 3C Mob. lAf'?, jud kb will, duod Ihe 
ffvoadtog 4ib of Frk, wu pn^od 16 Uaj foliotpin^. 6«« tdi wife's bndal 3l>Ocl. IW&. 





Aug, (-) 






1662 If ay 10 Dr. Peter Heylen, finb-dean of tbia Charch :^ near his own atalL 
Mrs. Jnion :' [in iht Ahhey\ 
Mr. Drew 8temll :» [Clointtrs]. 
Richmond Weelkea ;* [CloisUr8\ 

Colonel Whittle's Lady:* in the Chapel next the Convocation ^ 
Oct 25 Mr Henry Lawee, one of the Gentlemen of hia MajeBtj's 

Chapel:" ICloisUrt'], 
Nov. 26 Mary, daughter of Mr, William Tncker :^ [^Chitters']. 
Dec, ( — ) Sir Henry Wood's son, an infant :* near the Convocation doon 
Dec 13 Mrs. Francea, wife of Dr. Gorge, Prebendary of thia Chorch :■ 

in the South aiale of the Chnrch, 
Dec 25 Jacob Capel, an almaman : [CloisUrtil. 

I Second «on of Henrj Jfeytyn, of Burford, co. Oxfon), Geat,, bj Elizabeth, dau. of Fmnda 
ClampATdf of Wrotliam, Kent, and bom at BurCord 29 Nov. InEl9. He become a FoUow of 
Magdalen College, Oxford, utd waa B.D. 13 June 1G29, and D,D. iu 1633. He was iDctaUctl 
Prebendarj of Westminster 9 Nov. 1631. He had b«en Chaplaio to K, Charlca I., and h'm 
profennentai of which he had been deprived dttring the CommonweaUh, were retlorcd to him 
oa the retuTD of K. Charlea 11. He died 6 Maj, and hia relict Letitia (see hvr burial 17 Mch. 
160T-fl) adjELin)»t<tred to his estate 13 June followittg. Onlj four of eleven children sttrvived 

* Pfobabi J the flrat wife of Sir George Jnxon, of Canterbury, who was knigh1e>l m June 
1663. (Ho married^ firat, at Bt. MargarefB, Weatminster, 12 Apl. 1654, IXirolbj, dau. of Robert 
Fordj of fiJuffolkf and widow of a Ur. Harvey, and, tiecondly. Anne. dau. of Kir Dudley Diggs, of 
Chllham Castle, Eeot, Kt. Lettcn of administration (o Ida estate were granted 22 Aug, 16G6. 
By hlft first wife he had a dau. Frances, whose will, dated 20 June 1717. wne proved 19 Mch. 
1T25-6. She died Dumarried. and at the date of her will waa of the Archbinhop'H palace, 
Canterbury.) It seems impossible to identify her wJtb any other j^ersou in the Juxon i>edigree. 

* Third ion of Henry Stvrreli, of the Middle Temple, K«|., by Margaret hid wife, and bom 
about 1G10, He was the Abbey Purveyor, or Clerk of tbe Works. Biiptiems and )»uria1s of twelve 
childreOt by bis two wives, Mary and Prudence, occur in the registers of St. Morgarei'e, West- 
minsterf from 18 Hay 1G33 to 4 July 1659, and hJa first wife, ^fary, was buried there 17 Oct, 

* There was a family of thia natne in YortaUire, Stephen Weelh, of Fountauw Park. Gent., 
wm buried in Ripon Cathedral in 1667. He was descended from a family at Sawtey in that 

^ ' Charlotte, dan. of Sir Charles Gerard, of Halrmll, eo. Lancaster, Rt., by Penelope, alster 
und coheir of Sir Edward fltton, of Goeworth, co. CheHter, Kt. t^he van viie of Roger WJiitUy, 
of Peele, co. Chester, Esq., who survived her until 16Q7. l:^eo tbc murri^u of her dau. 31 Dec. 
1678, and the burial of her brother, the Enrl of Mncdcafield, 18 Jan. 1693-4. 

* Bon of William LaweSt of Dinton. Wilts, where baptitcd 1 Jan. l59o-6. UU conDcclion 
with the Cbapcd Royal commenced 1 Jan, 1626-6, when he waa sworn " Kpiatler." He woti flwom 
Gentloiuui of the Chapel 3 Nov. 1626, and was afterwar<le, and at hie deafh. Clerk of the Cheque. 
He died 21 Oct. His will, date<I 14 Oct,, woa prove<1 2 Dee. 1C62, bybis relict EUuor, who. before 
1667, remanied John Trowte. He appears to hare left no issue, but mmle a handsome piovb^iou 
for the dan. of his brother John (see hi*^ burial 19 Jan. lG54>6)and her children. He txqueathcd 
to Francis Sambrooke, of Weatminster, Cieot.n one of hie executors, several of his '* viols," and 
"certain oompontions" of his '^dear brother William Lawca." He lived in the Little Almonry, 

' See her baptism 17 Nov. 1662, and herfather^s burial 1 Mcb. 1678-9. 

' See bis mother's burial l Apl. 1665. He was hot only son, and, according to the family 
hiMory, was christened Chartist, 

< Eldefft child of Walter Dayrell. of Abingdon, Berks, Eaq. fthird wjn of Paul DayreU, of 
UUinpton Dayrcll, Bu^ka), by Alice, dan. of Thomas Mayott, of Abingdon, Gent., and relict of 


166f Jan. 14 The Right Hon, the Lord Goring, Earl of Norwich i^ in St. 

John Baptiet'a Ohapel- 
Mavch 16 Mr, PerkinB, the Dean's Bayliff:^ [Oloisiers^. 
March 21 William, bod of Mr. Christopher Chapman :" [Clot^Ura']. 
1663 March 26 Sir John Ogle:* in St. John Baptiet's Chapel. 

H&7 20 John Knight, one of the ahnsmen : between the Great and Little 

May 27 Ralph Atkinson, one of the almsmen :* between the Great and 

Little Cloisters. 
Jnne 27 Mr. Wilham Hooper, Petticanon :■ in the North OloiBter. 
July 2 Mr, "William Jamea> Usher of the College School :' in the South 

aisle of the Chnrch, 
July 17 Dr. Heywood, Prebendary of this Church :« at the foot of the 


John Cbaundler, of tb« same place. Tintoer. 6he was baptized at St, Helen's, AhingdoQ, 20 Apl- 
1604. and married, first, Robert Hovendea, of Mtanlon Harcourb, co. Oiford, Esq., whose will she 
proved 8 ApK 1652, and, secondly^ the Rev. Dr, Thomas O^rges, Prebendaiy of Westminster (see 
his banal U Dec I6fi7). 

1 Qeo:^, son of Oeoi^ Qoring, of Hurstpierpoint and Ovingdeaii, co. bussezi b; Anne, dau. 
of Henry Deaiij« of Waltham Abbey, Ksecjc^ G^q., and elileat sister of Sir Edward Denny, Baron 
Denny, and Earl of Norwich. He was knighted at Greenwich 27 May. 1608, and woa Qeotle* 
maoof the Privy Chamber inordinary to Prince Ueary in T610, and afterwards Vice-Chamberlain 
to the QDeen^ He was created Baron Goring 11 Apl. 1628, and Earl of Norwich 8 Nor, 1646. 
The ObUtiaiy of liiehard Sm^tht npder date of 6 Jan. In this jgot, ftajs ; " Geo. Lord Qoring, ia 
btB pase^e bj laad from Hampton Court to London, died at Brentford, aged about eighty." 
His will, dated at Hampton 2 Jan. 16G2'3, was proved the 291b of tbe same months by his son, 
Charles, Earl of Norwich. See the burial of his Countess 15 July 1648. 

' Letters of administration were granted, bj tbe Court of the Dean and Chapter, 20 Hcb, 
1662-3, to the estate of John Perkins^ tate of tit. Margaret's, Westminster, to hia relict Sarah, 
See the baptism of bis dau. 18 Juue lGti£-3. 

> See his baptism 26 Not. 1662, and his father's burial IT June 1681. 

* Eldest 90U of t?iT John (^le, Kt (sec his burial 17 Mch. 1639-40) by Elizabeth, dau. of 
Cornelius De Vries, of Dordrecht, in HoUand. He was knighted at Oxford 2 Feb. 1646<6. He 
died unmarried, and his brother Thomas Ogle administered to bis estate 8 Apl. 1663. In the 
record of administration he is described as of Pinchbeck, co. Lincolo. 

^ One of tbe privileged Almsmen of the Abbej. He was appointed to an "Almsroom " bj 
the King in Aug. 1630 {^gnet Book. Pub. Hec.'Office). His relict Elizabeth reoonnced the adminis- 
tration of his estate, in the Court of the Dean and Chapter^ 6 June 1663. In that record bis name 
is written Adkinton. 

« bee his baptism 26 Jan. 1610-11, his father's burial 30 Dec 1651, and bis mother's 7 Hch» 

' Ekin of Henry James, Gent, (of a Bristol familj), by Barbara, dau. of Rev. WiHiara Sutton, 
rector of B^andfortl t>t. Marj, co. Dorset, and horo about 1636, at Mochen, co. Momanouth. He 
was elected from Westminster School to Orford, and matriculated from Christ Church 27 Nov, 
1650. Dr. Buflhby made him Usher of Westminster School in 1658, and in 1661 be was promoted 
to the Becond Mastership, which he held at his death. 

' WlLliam Heywood (or Haywood, as he and his son indifferently wrote the name), son of a 
cooper in the city of Bnatol^ where he was bom in 1600. He matriculated at Oxford, from St. 
John's College, 15 Nov. 1616, became a Fellow of that College, and was created D.D. in 1636. 
He was one of the domestic chaplains of Archbishop Laud ; Chaplain in Ordinary to K. 
Charles 1.; Prebendary of Ht. Paul's 21 Nov. 1631; Rector of Laindoo, Essex, 8 Dec, in the 
same year; Bector of St. Giles in the Fietdi^ Uidx., about 1636; and was installed Prebendary 






















1663 July 27 Mr. Thomas Balfiort, one of the Yiolins in the King's aerrice:^ 

Sarah, daughter of Mr. Solomon Shorter;* {^Cloisters], 

Mr. Robert Wise, one of the Life Guard to the Duke of York 
(being basely murdered) : in the North Cloister. 

FranciB Culpepper, one of the King's Scholare :* [^OlaistersJ, 
166| Jan. 5 Kobert Warner, Esq, : [CloiaUn], 

Dorothy Basset :* {^Cloisters^. 

James Chapman -^ in the North Cloister. 

Mr, PerkinBon, one of the Sacrists :^ [Cloisters], 

John, Bon of Henrj Hawkes -J [Cloisters]. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Mr, William Tuukcr :^ [Cloisters'], 

Mr. John Cave, one of the Gentlemen of the King*a Chapel (un- 
fortunately killed) :^ between the Great and Little Cloisters. 

of Weatminffter 28 S«p. 163&. He suffered great biirdaMps during the Commonwealth, baving at 
last to flj from London, and for tome time kept a private school iu WUtubirc, in the name of his 
son; bat recoTered all bis prcfcrmeats after tbe ItestoratJon. His will, dated 12 Julj, was proves! 
36 Aug. L663, hj hta relict Alice (see hei burial 10 Nov. 1G75). He left no issue save an onlj 
BOD (see hifl bunal 2 Mch. 1663-4). He left legacies to the two daughters of his brother Edmond, 
two aoci9 of hia brother Thomas, two sons of his brother Henrj, hie sister Ann Bort^ and three 
cLildren of his sister Morj Atty. 

^ Thomas Balixar, a native of Lnbeek. in Germanj. He come to England in t6£B. and was 
eflteemed tbe most famona Tiolinist of hia time, but destroyed himself prematurely by eiccsfiive 
intern perajice. Anthony Wood, in one of bis MS^., has tliiu choraet eristic note of him : " Dr. 
Wilson, the music professor, the greatest judge of mnaic that ever was, did, first of all, after he 
had beard bim play, stoop down to Boltzar's feet, to feel whether he had a Huff on, that is, to 
see whether he was not a Deril/' 

' Bee her father^s burial 29 Jan. 1677^. She waa baptized at St- Margaret's, Weatminstcr, 
21 Oct. 1662, a« dan. of Solomon and Ann Shorter. 

■ HiB name does not occar in any of the records of Weatminster School, bal appears on one 
of the tableta in tbe dormitoij among Ibose of the Captains of EEectionPn at the probable date 
of 1662. See the burial (probably of hie Bister) 6 Kot. HiC4. They were perhaps children of 
Thomas, second Lord CaUpepCTj Gent, of the Privy Chamber to K. Charles II., by hia wife 
Margaret, dau. and eoheir of Seigneur Jean de Hesse, whom be hail married in Germany. 

* Probably an iafaot dan. of Sir William Basset (see his burial 24 Sop. 1667) whose mar- 
riage toek place on tbe preceding 24 Feb. 

' He bad a patent from the Dean and Cbapler, 6 Dec. 1617, aa Chief Baker, and stiU occu- 
pied that poet 26 tjep. 1660, when tbe Chapter Book leoords his application for £120 arrears since 
1660. His brother, Peter Chapman, bad been Head Brewer. Kia will, in which he is described 
as of WestmiBster, Oentloman, dated 13 Ott, 1663, with codicils 26 Nov. 1663 and 9 Jan. 1663-4, 
was pitjred in the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 19 Jan. 1663-4, by his second wife and relict, 
Uargaret. He left six daughters, all then married ; tbe eldest, Mary, to Anthony Stiu% Esq. Sec 
bis first wife's burial 13 Ucb. 1625-6. 

' John Parkituon bad a patent from the Dean and Chapter, as one of the Sacristfl, 18 Feb, 

T See Ms baptism 7 Dec 1663, and his father's burial 5 Mcb. IG99-1700, 

* See hd father^B burial 1 Hcb. 1678-9. She waa a young child. 

> Hia name first occurs as a Qent. of tbe Chapel Royal on tbe occasion of the Coronation of 
E. Charles IL, 23 Apl. 1661. Fepys thus notices the occurrence mentioned in the text, under 
date of 1 Fcb.^ " I hear how two men last night, justljng for the wall about the new Exchange, 
did kill one another, each thrusting the other through ; one of tbcm of the King'a Chapel, one 
Oave, a^ the other a retAyner of tny Lord Qencrall Middletou's-" The old Cheqw Book of the 












166| Feb. 22 [blank] Dacres, one of Dr. Busbye's boardera : [Cloi^Urs'], 
Mr. William Heywood, one of the BellrinfferB :' [Cloisters]. 
Mr. William Jackson, M.A., one of the GeDtlemen of hifi 

Maji^ty^B Chapel :^ in the West Cloister. 
Charlea, Bon of Mr» John Fieher: in the Little Cloister, 
The Lady Bridgeman, a widow, daughter to Sir Charlea Bartly :^ 
in the Church near the Veatry. 
March 2 Mr. John Heywood, son to Dr. Heywood :* in the Chnrch, by his 

March 11 Mr. Thomas Smith :^ in the Little Cloister* 
1664 April 28 Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Stockdale :» [Oioisl^s]. 

May 17 Mr. George Low, one of the Gentlemen of the King's Chapel -J 

in the Little Cloister. 
Aug. 12 Anne Frame :^ in the South Cloister. 

Clxapel Royal givea a more minute acoonntf thoB : '^ Mr. Jobn Cave, one of tJie OentlemeD of hu 
Uajestiea Chappell Hoyoll, gocing home to laa lodgciag upon the SOth ot JanuArj* about 7 or 8 
of J* clock in the evemn^f aboat the now Exchange, was bj one James Elliott^ a Scott, run 
through the bodj, of which wound he departed thia life the ISth daj of Fabniarj following, 

] He had a patent as one of the belt-ringerB 14 Aug. 1G60. See the baptism of hi^ <Iau. 14 
Heh. 16€^4, and her burial IG Bep. 1664. 

* He entered Christ Church, Oxford, 1 Apl. 1666, aa a aervitor, and was BA. 1 Nov. I6fi9, 
and MA. 15 Julj 16€2. He was aworn a QeutlemaEi of the Obapel Rojal 14 Kov. 1662, being 
then in ho1; orders, aud died (according to tbe Cheque Book) 27 Feb. 1663-4. 

' Elizabttht dau. of Sir CharleH Berkfley^ Et. (who succeeded his son CbarSea as second 

Viscount Fitihardlng in tbe Irish peerage), bj Tenelopef dau. of t^ir William Qodolphin^ of 

Oodolpbin, CO. Cornwall. Her name ia not inentiooe<] in anj of the accounta of her femilj, but 

her father, who administered to her estate 22 Mch. 1663-4, Is particularly deacribed and ideoti- 

fled io tbe record of administration, and her children arc afterwords named in the wilta of her 

brothen and sifter- Khe ia impropertj called in the text " The Lady Bridgeman/' and is not so 

. atjled in the record of administration. Her father did not aacceed to the viscountcy until 1665, 

/ and it is probable that the title waa inadvertentlj applied to her as being a siftter of the then 

\ Earl of Falmouth. Her husband was John Bridgeman, of Friuknasbf co. Gloocestert Gent. 

I (eldest aon of George Bridgcmau, of NyrupafieM, co^ Glouceater^ Faq., who was eldest son of l>ir 

■John BridgemaD, Kt,, Chief Justice of Chester) and was living in IG56. She left two sous, John 

' and Charles, who wore living, reapcctivclj, aa late as 1714 and 171S. 6ee tbe burials of her 

brotherfi and sister, 22 June 1666, Aug. 1666, 26 Dec 1712, and 25 Jane 1718. 

* See hia father's burial 17 July 1663, and hia motber'a 10 Nor. 1676. He was baptized at 
St. Giles in tbe Fields, Miilx-^ 26 Aug- 163!>, and is namod in his father's will as his only child. 
Be matriculated at Oxford, from Christ Church, 28 Mch. 1655, became a Fellow of Oriel College, 
and was UJ^. 28 Hay 1661. Ue died 22 Feb. 

* He is described on his monument as of Elmley-LoTott, co. Worcester, late of C^brist Church, 
Oxford, Bachelor of Arts, and said to hare died 10 Mch., of the amall-pox, in his 27th year. One 
of this name matriculated at Oifordt 31 July 1€GS. as son of a minister, and another ID July 
1659, as a servitor, both from Christ Church : one was B.A. 16 Jan. 1660-1, and the other Id 
Mch. 1662-a. 

* tiee the marriage of her parents 21 >7ot. 1656. 

^ He was in holy orders, and hia name, aa Qi:orge L(nBe, first appears in the Cheque Book of 
the Chapel Eoyal, among those of the ministers, 23 Apl. 1661. He died, according to (he Cheque 
Book, on the prccedii^ day. 

* Bee her husband d burial 3 Mch. 1641-6. 8he was married at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 
24 JuJK 1639, as Anne Stretton. 



ie64 Aag. 13 

Ang- IT 

Ang- S!> 

SepL 15 

BepL 16 

Oct. II 

Oct. 20 

Nov. 6 

\Ui Jan. 2 

Jul. 13 

Feb. 22 

1665 April ] 

Mr, Hcnrjf PtirccU, one of the Otiallmn«ii of the Efng'i Clj«pe1, 
nnd Mfuttcr of tliu Clindren of thu Cbnrch:^ in th« East 

Mnu Mat^ JaxiA r [^wi«rt]. 

Thonma [«ambert, the Dean'A Apparitor;' [OZE>i:AiEfr)t]. 

Jhfarj. daa^htcr of Mr, William lloyirood ;* [CTowtor*], 

Willuni Cart, almaman :* [Chufers]. 

Dr. hmAt, one of tht' Prvbetidariffl of tbis Church:" nctr the 

Pal pit Htfttr^ 
Cicely Culpepper:' lOitfitUrsy 
Mrs. Mary Bu^t : IChiskrB"]. 
Tlte Lor^i CTi&iiwIlor Hy^ie's »ou :" at the foot of the at^pi 

ftHoeDdint: to K. H. Tth'a Cb^L 
Sir Ji>hii Corhri't:* inth^ North ftf«Io Chapel nrxt the Btepn. 
Sir Henry Wofld'a Lady :" near the ConvocalJOTi door. 

> QI* otaaa £Tft oe«at«<n tho Ch^pfTw Book r>f tba CbA-p^l ILnjm] ^ ApK 1fl{[l, ojonoof ilio 
8«BCtcv«D wk> Uiok p«rf in the Oormatioa of Kisfc Gfaaric [1. H*^ tWvA H Ahi^^aiiiI hU retiot 
Biiuhetli ftdifritiUt«r«tl to bu aAUl« f Oot. 1404. Shv wu burivci al SL MargamX WMlinlnH«r 
96 Anfi. ietl9. 8m ttie bnptivn of hLf iTaq. IS Mcb. 1661-3, tb« buri&I of his brgther 2 Aug. U82, 
null tbiiL of bift mure onUuoeit aou 2< S«r. 1€iKL 

■ Hi» r#l»«t Aduc T«Qoimced ikb iulAliiiBt»tIon of bt* «iitaU. In Uiv Cbaii oJ tbo D«m uul 
Outplcr. » Aag. IISTrt. 

* HU relict Lqcj rcnonnoed the tdmioUtntlon of hu «dUki«, in llio Court of tbe Dono tail 
Ouster, 3$ e^p, WL 

* SiwbdrbnfiUmn l« Miii. lOdn-^, athl bcrroUicfl* bvi'ijO 30 FVb. l«63-fl, 

> llift rtllcl KHntMttb rvurmiicDii the nJinifitstrBtloii of tU «Htai«, So fbv Orart of tli« DoAH 

•nid ChHp(«r. lo Od. If.*;!. 

* JftinM, toti of Hidunl Zdxitf, uf lh« dij of Oxfonl. b; bta wcond vrlfc. >nd lupllRcd At 
Al) Hibl4. ID tlul dtjr. 3 K^lj. 15Qft'9. Ho wfw a oommnnfrr of BrMOumc College, Oxford. ^Ji. 
In lOia i kflaovjTl. uf e^ Jitnrj IlkU, tuiJ D.D. ? Aug. IC^, Ih; wn* IiuiUllod PnibaniJvjr ot 
Wcntstlitftlvr JA J13I7 lOAU, »ri<1 fM^uc IC^cIof of Si. An>lmwV.»ni, 4 J&i^ \tt62-3, Th* 
K|[i«er ol thai piritb rcrord* hu dc^tb on the Iftlh of Ofrlober. Dii w\\}, *\nUd Ihc lOlb, wm 
prDtoiinOcC- 10i4, bj hUnltci RIuEAl«th,w1vxiocoTilliiif U> htv jitm* ou fab hatoliineDl. tricked 
In ft brnld tniolur'» work-book {lltul ALS, mir^ p. &2). mm of Uio ranUj of tli7}rufiuld, of 
Kvut. l>r, LmuIic vfH* au uiuEiictiL tfrlualal scholuT, uiil bvquctkUiol 4 uoiuudcialilu uuulUgi of 
hk bookii t^ Ihfi Abbrf tfcb»ry. 

' 8ec Ihc Writtl of (protublj) her lirott*^ I Not. 1663. ITiw uamu probablj O^Uprppr. 

* Sdwud Hf k, ihird AAi of Bdv^nd, Ant l^ont aanndan (<oo Ills burift) 4 Jnu» 167 4- A), by 
bk M09ftd wiIot ynuieci(^acG ber burtAl IT Au^^ iiffiJ}- Itv wm baptuM tn the- chujicE nt All 
^tool^Cotk^.Orfonl, I Apt. lfM5. [IcniAirioiJaUd lU Oifoid, from Ohrl^t Clidn:!^. 7 l>cc. ICm>, 
■fad Afltfcn. %uA viuftnuilTf crrnfM M.A. 9 Kop. in iho fnllowinif jiMtr. Itr diorl. Mivirftfng lo 
kis moftumiL-iit, 10 Jan. ]&^4-5, in bu iiiueto^ulb jv^^r, batng Iben j« E^tud^ul of Cbriirt Cbiirah, 

■ Kroteblj tbt fococid lUrt. of thi» nuac of siokc, co. Scilop, fildut nu of 81t John Oorbert, 
&r« Bart-, wbo ii]«l \u iC^G}. b^ Aimo, dAU. u( fiir George Ujunworlog. of Ightlkld, bluopthin^ 
Ku Do TDtfticiI LcKioe, d^uu ol SIf tCobort KboIIjv, oi Orcj'a Court, co. Oxford, Kl.. who 
mrvlTfvl hiui uiti] I4T0l 

1* H»t7, fourth dM. cfS^rThf^mMOudlncr, Kt.UoQoritcrof LoniloiJ, Aiiomoj-ntfacraUolOi^ 
b7UivlftelUfe«caiCUl]d.kiu1 vcanj witoof mrllcorxlVouJ, St and Bart., of Ti>ailhjun Hull, 
MlbIL, Cleik ni Xhv boftnl of Urr^o Dotb. viu; of Q. Citbmrtuc'i Coaudl< >ad Tnttaurer to 
Q. E«Rfk4Ui-UArlA, wbo dfod £5 U«j ttt'l. Bbo u-m bnrtvv^l At OrDoafoi^ UiWDa. MSdv, 

S< IU>, IC»-7. hl>£ wte a V*id ijS Hoiuur lo Q. iUmiieCtA-MAriA, fti Pvli, Id ttifia uid htm 













166| Feb. 22 [blank] DacreB, one of Dr. Bnsbye's boardera ; [Cloigters'], 
Mr. William Hejwood, one of the Bellrin^ers :' [CioUtera], 
Mr. WiJliam Jackson, M.A., one of the Gentlemen of hlB 

Wajeaty'e Chapel :^ in the West Cioieten 
OharleSf son of Mr. John Fieher : in the Little Cloister. 
The Lady Bridgeman, a widow, danghter to Sir Charlee Bartly ;^ 
in the Chnrch near the Veatry, 
March 2 Mr, John Heywood, eon to Dr. Heywood :* in the Chnrch, by his 

March 11 Mr. Thomas Smith :'^ in the Little Cloifit«r. 
1664 April 28 Elizabeth, daughter of Mr, Stockdale :^ [CioiaUrfi^ 

May 17 Mr. George Low, one of the Gentlemen of the King's Chapel -^ 

in the Little Cloister. 
Ang. 12 Anne Frame :^ in the Sonth Cloister, 

Chapel Royal girea a more minate accomit, thoe : " Ur. John Care, one of the Geatlemen of hu 
HajeaticA Chappell Bojallt goeing home to hu lodgeiag upon the 30th of J&nnary^ about 7 or 8 
of J" dock in the cFening, about the new Eichange, waa by one Jamee Elliott, a Scott, run 
through the body, of which woand he departed thk life the 16th day of February foUowing, 

' He had a patent as one of the bell-ringers 14 Aug. 1660. t^ the baptii^m of his dau. H 
Mch. I6G3-4, and her burial 16 Sep. 1G04. 

1 He entered Cbriat Church, Oxford, 1 Apt. 1666, aa a serTitor, and waa B,A, 1 Not. 1669, 
ftnd M^. 15 July 1662. He waa awom a Qentlomati of the Chapel Rojul li Kov. 1662^ being 
Uien in hoi; orders, and died (according to tbe Cheque Book) 21 Feb. 1663-4. 

■ Bli£ab6th, dau. of Sir Cbarles Berkfl^, Kt. (who auccBedcd hl6 aon Cbarlea aa second 
Viacounl PitEharding in the Iriab peerage), bj Penelope, dau. of Kir William Qodolphin, of 
Godolphm, CO. Cornwall. Her name is not mentioned in any of the accounta of her family, but 
her father, who adminifitered to her estate 22 Mch, 1663-4, is particularly dcsciibed and identi- 
fied in tbc record of administration, and her children are afterwards named in the wills of her 
brothers and meter. Bhe is improperly called in the tc*t " The Lady Bridgeman,'' and ia not so 
I styled in the record of administration. Her father did not succeed to tbe vificountt^ until 1665, 
/ and it is probable tbat the title was iuadrertenCly applied to her as being a sister of the then 
\ Earl of Falmouth. Her busbaud was John Bridgeman. of Prinknaah, co- Gloucester, Gent. 
I. (eldest son of George Bridgeman, of Nympsfield, co, Glaucester, Esq., who was eldest soo of Hir 
!j<^ Bridgemao, Kt., Chief Justice of Chester) and was liTing in 1656. She left two sons, John 
^ and Charles, who were living, respectively, as late as 1714 and 1718. Bee tbe burials of her 
brothere and aster, 22 June 1666. Aug. 1666, 26 Dec, 1712, and 26 June 1718. 

* See his father's burial 17 July 1663, and his mother's 10 Nor. 1676. He was baptiEed at 
St. Giles in tbe Fields, Midx., 26 Atig. 1639, and ia named in his father's will as his only child. 
He matriculated at Oxford, from Christ Church, 28 Mch. 1666, became a Fellow of One! College, 
and was UA. 2S May 1661. He died 22 Feb. 

* He is described on his monument aa of Elmley-Lovett, co. Worcester, late of Christ Church, 
Oxford. Bachelor of Arts, and said to have died 10 Mch., of the amall^poix, in his 37th year. One 
of this name matriculated at Oxford, 31 July 1658, as son of a minister, and another 19 July 
1669, as a servitor, both from Christ Church : one was B.A. 16 Jan. 1660-1, and tbe other 19 
Meh. 1662-3. 

' t>ee the marriage of ber parents 21 Nov, 16u6. 

' He was in holy onlers, and his name, as George Lotm^ first appears in the Cheque Book of 
the Chapel Royal, among those of the mimstera, 23 Apt, 1661. He died, according to the Cheque 
Book, on tbe preceding day. 

" bee her hosband's burial 3 Mob. 1644-6. Bhe was married at 6t. Margaret's, Weatminster, 
24 June 163&, as Anne StrvtUn. 



1661 Aug. 13 Ur Utnty ParceU, one of tbo Qenllmieo of the King's Cbupd, 
nod Matter oT the Children of Chts Cborch;^ in tUc BmL 

An;. 17 TUomftA Dod, olnumftii :' [Ckn'tt^rt], 

Aug. ?0 Mrft. Mary Jnnp T iChuttftrM]. 

flqi*. IS TlirtiTifla LmnWl^ t}»' Hriin'* ApimnU*r i* [fTZ^jiiff**}. 

Sep*. Ifi Miu'v, (kui^hLerof Mr William llpirTTimd:* [CbM/«ra]. 

Oct. II William Cart, nlirunitui :* [67cwAu-«]. 

Octv 20 I)r, r^^inib, one of tlie PrebeDdarieit of t!ii* Clmrchi* neiir the 
Tulpit staii-H. 

Nov. 6 
Jan. IS 

1665 April 1 

Cicplv Cij1|>i.-|iiht;' [ffotfffT*], 
Mr*, Miiry Burnet: \CkuUr»\ 
The Lord Chiincc^llor Ilyde's eon -? at the foot of the Btopa 

aWTOTiding tf> K. H, 7th'a ChapwL 
Sir Jj'hn Corlwt:" in the North aisle Cbapel neit the *tops, 
Sir Ucnrj Wood's Liidy ;** ucnr tb<; Convocatioo door. 

■ nil afUMkO And oocvw io Um Ch*qu9 Book of thP Chap«I Rn^n] 33 Apl- 1^1. u o&o of Um 
Ocnllemon who loofc put ib tbe Cbronat^on of Kinif Obiu^l^ IL Hi^ dic^rl 1 1 Au(f., &Qd bit relict 

X Auff. lOi^. Socthc bHptiamof hiiidaa. 13 UcL. 1661-3, thoborioJ of hbbrothoTZ Aug, IGSS, 
■Od tk>t of blM nuiov cmilirrut imi 16 Nor. IriWl. 

> Bh* ttUct A&DO nuioiDUCvd tbo ftdniSnlntnllDn of hiM Mtato, la tli« O^uH of Ibc Dcmi aad 
Cbapka. 16 Acf. im> 

* Ell* nlici t^c7 rODOTincod ibo ftdminiAruiai of hb OfUU^ I& the Court of Uie Dean ud 

CbA|rl«r, :!6 f^p. 1(64. 

* rvc bcr lAptivn H Mch, 1603-4. na-lbrr fAthufabuiinlK Fbb, ]fiA3-4. 

^ Hit f^tiol Elwil:c1h reii'jiiTiooil th« ftdtnlitimmii^n </ hi* «at«t«k in tba Court ol tbo Dofto 
and Ch4kp(t\ 10 Ocl> V5^\^ 

* itaita ton of RlchftTtl JUrMAf^or ibccUjoE OxTnrd, b; bb nnxind wife, and baptked at 
HI &dnu, Id that dlj, S Feb. t&SS-!). Qc was & oonunontr of BrovcttOM Co1]«jcd> Oxford, BJi. 
la 1610 ; «nctwBnJs of t^t. Uftry ^i^^ md D.P. Au|e» 16no. Tlv imu ^nstulloJ PrctKHflarr ^t 
WtftlintnvUr W July I0l>5, M^tl bMiuni* H#oe<<r of Hi, AmJn'w'k HoTbcpm. « J»tt, l«fla-3. Tbo 
reirb^ruf U»l paii«li rcrordi hiKlvalbon the IHlli uf Octi^Wr, Hla wtll, tinted He lOth, wm 
proved :f2 Ocli I6IH, bf liiirQllclBbubctb.ivb^»aocoriitD^ t£> bcr nrmji on bin hAtobnioDt Iridbod 
in a benOd p«iiilcr'i wori^-book (Unrl, MK [1H5, p. 52), wm of rlio fnmiJy af Bromfidd, of 
K«iiE. Or. lAAbtt wn« on vniltivul (KiuRtaJ jKbuUr. tuul bi^ticatLDl « uuaBtdar»bIf9 uutiibvf of 
bik boobi 1A ih« Abbfj libntt^, 

' i*n> Uc biirial oJ (p^>b»Uj) bcr tmitbor 1 Nov, IG63. Tlic aamc probublj ^Jrjur/^rr. 

* Erlwtd El/dc, Ibird vm of Kil*nu^l. firat Lorl Chkrcuduu (h?o hiA bnnul 4 Jilil. lGri*G), bj 
bb leGood wifb. Fran^KU (dm tier burial IT Aiijf. KityT)^ Hit n-ait bnpliicil In Ihe cbA[ri>l of All 
fiewb'CDlIctfT, Oift^l, I A^iL ]6lC, Qc mnlnctUfitcJ 4l 0«fof>1. fMm Cbfial Ohun:}!, 7 I>c<^- iQ'^t 
Agpod fiflMot, and w«a u^tni^ny i.'rii>Af4*i1 M.A. l> Spp. in Tbo follavtTiij: y^ar. Ho dJo<1» a<?o:trii)ikg ta 
bii manamcnt, 10 Jan. Ififi*-^, in bU nineteenth 5<nr, being llien n Student of Chn*! Church. 

* pTobablj tbe Bocoijij Bnrl. of thia aan? of ^tok<,co- Sfaloji, olcleift fou of Sir John Corbet* 
firet Hart,, vbo died in \Wi. \^ Anno, dau. of «ilr Lioor-^ Mnmwanc^ of Jftbtflold, h'btnpabir*, 
Kk H« nurried LrUiec, Oau. cf Cir Robert KnoUyi, of Orcj'* Coitrtt Co. Oxfuri), ICt., who 
unlrbd Mm uMll I6TU. 

" Uarr, foortb dau. of Sb Tbomaa GaidinfT. KL, Jtccordcrof London, AlTonicy-3ciictiU, ei;,, 
bf L^ <rifu fl|tb«cei Cfalld, aAd second wife cf Si/ H«inrT Wo^id, Rl. and ItfLTi, of Louillinm Ual], 
nift(4k, L1«rk of tbc boanl of Qracn Cloib, one nf Q. CaUiArtoc'i Council Mad Trtrunirfrr lo 
<^ Htfiriclt*-UuiA, who diod £& Uoj I67h »bo w^ak b«ptUcd lU GrK^QTord UoigQa, Uldl,, 

Sit ritli, 1634*;. ifhc VM a Itaid of Hoooar to Q. lUmietU'Varia. at Tarii. lo 1600. and «m 




1605 April 6 The wife of Mr, Pipe* ;» [Ciaul9rM]. 
Maj 9 Mr. Will. riiiEii1yi> i wifv :* lCU>itttr§}. 
3kfky 1 9 Jainea, son uf ^. Sheane :^ [C^«w^f ^ 
JuD? H Tbu Biglil Hon. Januv, gar) cf HuikbortKigh :* iu the lionh 

liinlc of tiif iDoDiim<tit«- 
June 10 Tbc Right Hon. Cluu-leA, VtwxoDt Uuakcrrjr ^ m tho mmc aiaJe, 

Die«r th« Eur] of MarUboi<oaglt. 
Juno 22 Tbu Right IIod. Uic Lonl FitK Uurdlogr Ei^rl of PAlmovth:* in 

^ Jiui« iF€ Sir TMwaril Rranghton :^ in thd North part of the croi^ ai^le 
nMT Ui« inonnment door. 

" Th<?«c four last ITon'"^ Pt^reons dyud i n his Ma"* etrvioo 
Qgaiii»t ih^ I>Hii;l(, exvpi>li:iic "t<Ij thnL Ji* Ti?* B' r<xx4vciJ his 
deuili'a Tvtmiid at aiLv, but djt-d hT^re at tioine.** 

muriud iJivre b tCSl. In 1602 tbu wai one of ifae four B(H)ohuDb«r-wenwi of Qi Xtffaaria^ 
8bc ilW IT M^^1l- ^v tlio burial of iior aaa Doc JGCS, Abd of hcs dia., tbc DnclMiv of 
ISDUthain|!icoa, Id X»v. lOMl. 

■ 8bo wu the Ant wiie of BdmaDd Plpo*. Clork of tfao KltchoD (••• hin tUni ■n^rriiifeo 
31 Acjic. litTfi. ftad note thereto), 

> l^ee her biul«ud'B burial IT June 1671, 

* Cbr[4tO|iher Khccjin U mcntioDcd In tbc Chnptcr BcM^Lk. 1 1 Dec l&tlO. a* udo ttt the bdl* 
lingers. Ttili Tju probably hU vm. 

* JaniDf Ley, thW R«l of Maflhtirtnifi. nu\j Mn of Honrj, «<»xid EarU 1>j Uuy, dan. of 
aU Arihur Capcl. uf UndhaA. H«rta, Kt. He wootedtd to th» Barhlotn 1 Apl. 1638, and, Ajiau 
without iiiifue. wan succeeded hj Itia uui'k Wllltjon, fi^arth nad lau Kitrl H« wa« tlnn at Ma, 
durtnic lli<^ Afhi with the Dat^ off LowHtoft. trhtle coiomandmE hm f.lLip ibc " Old Jotaei,'" a« 
Ja ojually ^d on lite ftrd of thii euolIL, t>ut ad uld brtald |MlBl«r'e wuii'book (lluL Uft. ]<H0, 
p. II), Id which th« am« forbi> hiiltilmipiit him irirktv). ujs tbntbi* iIikI 4 Jtmi 1fiC5, Hu wtll, 

dalvd Sfl Hdi., with a i<<K]icil 3A Mfty 1Ai|5, wju proved 22 Juut hillo«in|r- Hm a not* >■> the 
tort followlDK ihc ontiy of ^ Jane 

■ CbaTlciiHacCanhj,oal]udTisooiiiitMuii]ctn7.eId«>i«oiiof Uooogh.JSnt Eariuf daacanj, 
I7 Lad; Bloaiiot fiutlvr, nuilw of Jiuavs Hrvl Cuke of Ottuoad. Of wv tiWia in tht vsa-li^b 
wiib Ui« DoUh. 3 Jnao (aiV uola id Ibu IaxI fuillawmj; t]i« ^nlrj ui fiA June), H« matrfed 
t^5 Hufaxvi BevIui dao, of UUck. fifth Rarl of CL»nncarda, who snmTKl Um, and aurrird. 
ittcoadlj, Bobcrt Villlcn. called ViKH^uot T^beclu and, thirdly, ftobcrt 7«dldin9,Bfl|. Hiioalj 
ma, Charlw, aatoeedol hin graodlather, ai toooni Eait of Claacaity. tiut died yoaniN wid Ua 

motbur «1xulnUt«red to hh «>tat« la F^b. I6M-T, Hmi bi» KWiOfaibct^K burial tj Ua^ 1640^ 
anil hU nif |ibAw'a maniaga 31 1W-. IfifU, 

' Chav hv, WXflid aoQ of l«lr Chatlot BorkATtrjr, of QmiDn, 00. SomotKt, hj HmAopo, dau. tJ 
fiSr WilUam Oiidolphia. of Oodolpbm. co^ CtanmdU Et* For bU BcrvioM K> the 10^ houM W 
waa koJ^btod 4I Whit«lull ^i Hny IflOQ, and nft^nranl* «rflil4Mt Birov BcAcit^al KaiVhnn 
UMJ VitcuuDt PItihardius, hi ihc Irbli |]«n|t*, aod, I' Udi- lQA1-n, a peer vf Bugl« Dam* 

^3oUtau^U of Lan^pnrt, eo. ^^nnkonrt, tutd Rarl af Pahiinuibf' Ha raairind Mar?, dan. uf 
OoL Barrcj Bigot, of Pipe QaU, 00. Winrxik, irho rvmnnHcd Charl« SadrviUc. *ulh lUrl of 
Donot, and dlad in ICT9. He «&* kiltoct ia a Daral tu^ragtraeiit with \ht IHtcl^ 3 Ju«t (aea mM 
tn the text foUovnu^ iho tiiot cnny), Hia will, dat^d ';i Apl.. vat proTad acj Juse lOfUiu Scv 

Ihc Dianlai^ «f bia ooljr daa, 9 Ha; IGSI, a«>it the tjurfaU of hb brother and iJatcn. U Uffa. 

IMS-t. Ai«. IM6.»Dec.lT]3,uid26Ja<«intf. Hb Ki^lhhiitlAafxplrad aibiadaaUu but 
Iha Lftah <a<B rcvcned. uuder ih« patent, to hit father and hii heir* male. 
L 'Sir Idward Bnmghim, of Uafch«ricil ox D«ob^. mdidcimtly called - CnJ^t '' and " Ek 

iOKl Dan..'' Than ta no f<o«tUT« cfliloaoa that he «aa vrcr aftdor, Ibeayb hi naj ban bcm 
4nbkMlaKnl|KMaiif aok tftwaaafUff 18 A|>L IMi\ m oa that daj be called kt»M»tr oalj 
















1665 July 17 Bir William Killejrrew;* in the North aisle of the monmneDtfl, 

Sir Henry Carew :* in the Cloistera. 

8ir William Ckyton: in the Cloisters. 

Mrs. Dnppa, the relict of the Lord Bishop Dnppa :* [m the 

Mr. Thomas Merrill, Verger :* [CtotsUrs]. 
166| Jan. 1 Thomas Barker, aJmsman :^ [Ctoi8tars'\. 
Mr. Woodroofe*8wife:« [Cloisters]. 

*' Esquire," In tJie record of admioiBtr&tion to hia cetate, 29 Jnlj IGCBf he is atyted "Et. and 
BorL" ; bnt in Aabsequent proceedinga id Ibe Court of Probate he is described as a Knight only. 
Hia will, which appears to haye been diflcOTcred later, wfta dated 21 Oct. ll>64, nod not proved 
ODtil 16Dee. 16C9, and in that he called himself onljakmgbt. (To complicate the matter further, 
his oulj miTTLTing son, in the record of administmtioo to hia eHtate. 5 Maj 17^3, U described as 
** Sir Edward Broughtoo, Bart., alias Edward Broughton, Esq.") He was mortally wounded in 
the lea-fight with the Dutch, 3 June, but lived to reach hie boiue in WestmioRter (see the note 
fblJcwing the entry in the text). He held, under the Dean and Chapter, the office of Keeper of 
the Oate-Honse prison (see the burial of hia second wife» 19 Mcb. l69*-5. for some curiona details 
respecting his connection with that establishment). Be had three sons baptized at St. Margaret'Sf 
WeBtJuinrtcr. viz., Kdward, 30 Jan, 1660-1 ; Bichatd. 17 Feb. 1661-Z ; and John, 19 Jnlj 1663. 
The two latter cvidentl;^ died in infancy, 

' Sixth son of John SUligroK^ Lord of Arwenick, co. Cornwall, by Dorothj, dati. of Thomas 
Hooke, of Potheridge, co. Dgtod, and born in 1600. Be appears to have been knighted, probably 
abroodt and was created a Bart, as of Arweuick, S2 Dec^ 1660, with remainder to his nephew 
Peter, son of bis brother Bir Peter Eiltigrew.Et. He was a great soldier. Colonel of a regiment in 
Holland, and served the King of Denmark. He died unmarried. Hia will, dated the 15th, with 
a codicil 24 Jnne 106fi, was not proved until 4 Sep. 1668. 

* A Sir Henry Care^. Kt,, bad a license from the Biahop of London, 16 Maj 1663, to many 
Martha Acdrews, of 8t. Giles in the Fields, spinsCeri aged 30. He was described as aiao of that 
parish, and a widower, aged fortj-di. His son Edward was buried there 13 Jan. 1661-2. No 
will or administration is to be found of either. See a burial 16 Ang. 1667. 

* Her vrill, as " Jar^ Duppa, of Richmond, Surrey, «idow, relict of Brjan. late Lord Bishop 
of Winchester." dated 16 Oct. 1664, was proved 9 Nov. 16fi:>, by her "cousiD Heniy Mallory, Esq.,'* 
her " sister Blizabelh Marsh, widow/' and her ^^friend and cousin Bir Richard Cbaworth, Kt.^' 
She bequeathed £10 to the poor of Papwortht co. Huntingdon, where she was bom ; the same sum 
to the poor of St. Dionis Backchurch. London, where phe was " bo hap])ilj married "; and £20 to 
the poor of 8C^ Nicholas, Lynn, co. Norfolk, where many of her friends lived. The register of 
St. Dionis Backchurch records the marriage, 23 Nov. 1626. of " Brian Duppa and Jane Chillingt- 
fMi "; but that of Papworth, although in good preservation, does not once furnish this surname i 
that of Willingtim occur? repeatedly, from 1567 to 1610, but no baptism of a Jane Willington is 
recorded. It is posdble, therefore, that she was a widow at the time of her marriage to 
Dr. Duppa. There is nothing in her will, nor in that of her sister Mareh, to indicate their 
paternity. She made several charitable bequests, including one of £10 per annum for ever to 
the almshouses at Bichmond founded b; her hosband. 

* He had a patent from the Dean and Chapter, llJan. 1631-2. as Chief Batler, sacceedinghis 
ancle of the same names in that office, and another as Ciiief Verger 13 May I63fi. (Hia uuole 
described himself in bis will as a gentleman, and a native of Bartbomley, co. Chester, and left 
this nephew bis residuary legatee and executor. From his will, dated 27 Dec. 1631, and proved 
2 Jan^ 1631-2, it is qoite certain that he was also buried in the Abbey Cloisters, but his name 
does not appear in the Regieter, which ie very defective at that period. He left three brothers, 
vis. John, Richard, and Randall Merrell^ one of whose sons this Thomas probably was.) His 
nuncupative will, made about June 166G, was proved 16 Jan. 1665-6, by his kinsman and 
residuary legatee, Richard Lawton. 

* BeeaboHall^jDly 16T6. 

* HAif^nnt, wife of Edward Woodroofe, the Abbey Surveyor (see his burial 20 Nov. 1675), 
She diad 10 Feb. 



MIfifl April 10 Mr. ThomsiH Chiffins, one of hU Majostr'a Bervante :' nwir Mr 

July 6 Mr. Bnrrft^:' [Ctof*tor«], 

Aug, (— ) Mr. JohnUdvan:' [CVoM/m]. 

Aii^. ( — ) Sir William \Uin\y* who died lionornbly in his Majo«ty"« *crviw 
mt ftea, and iraa imbnlined by the Hollanclent («bo bad (alcfn 
hi£ Vidy witb Mm ship wlii?mn he wa« siaio), and Benl over 
by them into Kngiuml ul Uid nH|llc«t >nfl diuricvH of liin 
reUiiouA, wua burittl bi the Xoiih ulale t>r the im>uiuuenl«, 
nt-HT tbc door opening tlicrclo, 

Doc. (— > Sir Hiiglj PoMnrd ;* in thr t*butvh. 
]6Gf Ju. C Tbc Dnohoao of Hichn^orxl iukI T.amox :* [in A* ^frB#|f]. 

Jan* 8 Mr*- Cathaiine NeUiam J [CfeMf*r*], 

^ l^cmiMe TA^'nrAp h^e* oJ lb« Bftldiamlwr, Kreiyrr of Ibo Kin^'tt i'rtr&U Clnfei, tttai 
O^iDplruElc^r uf tlic Bxcwr, He Ih iiiiJil lf> Iviw biH^ri Uirti 4I Hulikljiir; in ll^-OO, juvl brvuifht to 
thn Court of K. ChfkilM I. hj BEihrip DuppA, Ha hvl n f^ntnl d itrtrix iri 1AA4. K* dlid HVidilMilr. 
AMordiEt^ tc Prpyi, on the Hih at April- Hih rdir^l. Drjnnby (^rc hnr btiriftt A A[iL 16S0) »dmU)* 
jttend (ohiateUt; SI AirHl 1660, Thtfir hd. Thorn**, ifrbo wb» b»pU«vd nt 61. 3Ean-'»rt>rHt 
vr«t<(min<»Lcr, 3A Nov. lA^E?, bccAiDO oii^ of flu 8«ttrch«r« M QmrMcmd. and dUd 3) Jan, I'ltHM. 
(Tbc mote ikolorivu* p»iiitrr t<i K, Chmlo 11, \VU!1nm Cliiffioubf wiwa >irot1)cr<it tbc ooc iuiim*d 
ntbpti^it. find iiuccemird tahtEo(Siv« nn Pa^ km) riii*pt Kwpir.) 

* John Surridyfi, Uv U dcwoHlcd In hU flrill. daicd I Jutio ("H proved 7 July Ififl6. uof 
!-l. MiiHiin in tlii? KiHilft, dtiion uiil mercbnnt ta3^Iu^ ti Lc>ti<loii> Ho mcufk^itd hb 1ftl« wlfir^ 
ukil Icfl U^hclni to bin biolhfr LiJto Huiridi:^. ^LN -iAtrr A licv BhjI<t» bt> kuni Itfjjrc, ht» cc>iiitn 
llichAr^l }lojrc, bU coiAiiD Mftry ll<ijec dikvi. of IlivlAn] ^rut Itu-lmj-K llojiii^ jiikI bU idftrr'Ui'Uw 
JnftD 3lck)n>L llij> mi<bMi7 W^fiwH* uid Aiumtiv wwi hfin frimd Jnbn friftlu^. wnioir* at SiL 
PauI'^ CoTdit Omnltm, gnlrLoniUi, 

■ He li <l4«cri1«i1 in hJH wit], ddlcdfk Jii!yutd prorod t Sfp. 10Sd, u of ». FfiuV«, Cbreul 
tiarctm, taylor. Uq left broihors tliri»Ur|>li«TH WlIUadi tnd Tbomti^ ion* Jobn tuaii lttt>iiuM, 
■tid A dau. Aruip, vrJo of Bloc Juciml AcocciliaK lo liU moDiunriil bv ^kd SI Auj^^, *iEvd fS, 

toe buwifc'ft buTin] U Jniuf Ifi'O. 

* Sir ^Vjlt)«iti Sfvlffiy, Tbinl tun of Sir Cbu1«s Dcrittlcy, Ihcc >ricc«d Vbcon&l FiULbardiug 
in the IriAh peeraf^, hj Pen«lopo, din. of Sir WilliAni God^lpbiu, -if GodoEpbiD, eo. Ctvnwall, 
K(- He WAB QoTcrneir el Povtametilb* nnd vicc-Aamlntl r>r the Wbite- Ho nnu ulalti In % ma* 
flg>it wjih Ihc Dafah. 3 Juno, wbllc pomnuwdlng hU owu jiBi]i Ui<t ^'^miv. Tbo Dotch >o 
admired hii (^bllAnlr? thiit tiiej bad lij« bcdj crabilnnl iind dt^pc-iilcd in sutc la tbe grmt 
ohiifrh at 1h« Hicne, BTjd wni m ipecljU moM0np>rtO ffngtood lopTaw HkI ibi^ Klrtj^V dlf^XMl, 
He dlerl omiaAiried, flKod entj »boiit 2T< A credlUir admtidiiitTOil to Tiifa Mloto 2 July 14R^. Boe 
tbc IrarliU of bli brotbon >na «t«tcnv> Ueb.1«(UI^,S2 June 1AC6.S0 Dvc ITlS.wiiJSa June 

* Second Burt, of Kios'i* Symplon, co, Dercn. «d ctf Sir C/evifl Ponanl* ti«t Bart., by 
nftruArei. dfto. c>r ^tr Umr? tlcrki<ley. Ri. IJv Wn CumiJtrolUr ol tbe Kf&B** Heuiebolil. and 
bkd b«9 QoterncpT el Dvnoiouth, lie mjirrial. find. Lady Biidf^ dc Vcre. d^u, <>r Rdn^id, 
MVeaUrtnib Snrl of Oxford, iivd nilfct cf FrAiirlv, ilnit Eiul of Bt*rk»biic. by wliuui bv luid ■■ 
only dHit. I %udf «*c«4id)y, i1m n^rt nf Ur. Itnll*, of gievtruloho, eo. D«voiv, A emltFcr b^- 

ohsMersd 10 bii ivtau^ H l>f>c- 1606- Dyinz wliljout b*uo vwU, h1« brotbor mceeeded lo Uio 
tiiht^ on «1io*e fUath it bi^nune citinet. 

' Mkr>;ui^t,Lbit]-nr Uwrru<.^Buin*tcr(«onntulbeirof tfii Robert Banmrtct, el Pftpenbm, 
KnuLs Kl.), |.iiTiLrt»<lj v'lfv U VHIIinn l^vb, of tb« Vna. cu Olaaurynu. uid of Iflclcfcingioa. 
CO, Oxfcrd, Rv)„ nad now ahxithI «lfo of <TbiulM filUdH, tUrd Ihilu of Rfdtfnand n&d dith ef 
leoLox (see bis buHnI SO Se|x ItrS). 

^ H«« Iwr btubnnd'a bnriol 17 Ang. lOIG- ITtr nitncnpftlm will, n«do on tlie S&d, ««• 
pnvrerl ib« 9tli of the nine monili, la U« Owrt uf tbe D«au and i:3iapler, by Bijuy TkyLv, eola 

lc|;mtoc uid cjlocuUIAp 


166f Jan. IS Mr. Mattheir PennOl, one of th€ Genttemen of the Eing'i 

Chapel :^ in the Littk CloiBtera, 
Jan. 15 MnTalby, the CoU^e Batler; [OMfcr*], 
J&n. 25 Mr. Thomas Hazard, one of the GeDtlemen of the King's Chape), 

and sioging-man of this Chdrch :* m the East Cloister. 
Feb. II The daughter of Sir Joseph Sheldon :^ in the Chnrch, near Mr. 

Camden's monnment, 
Feb. 12 John HiU* and John Warre ; {_CioistBra']. 
Harch 2 Mr. Osbaston^ one of hifl Majesty's servants:^ near the same 

place [t\«-T <n ifts Churchy tiMr Mr, CamtUris nwnummty 
March 12 Dr. Johnson, Sah-AImoner :' near the Convocation door, 
1667 May 30 The Dnke of Kendall, second son to the Duke of York/ waa 

laid in the vault with the rest of the Princes of the royal 

Jane 12 Dr. Norse, a Physician :^ in the East Cloister, by the steps going 

up to the Church* 

^ WU aune first occnre among the Qentlcmen of the Chapel Roj&l at the Ooronation of 
K. Charles II., 23 Apl. 1661. He d^ed Mr name Penialt to an aUegatioD of marriage at the 
Vicar-OeDcrarB Office. 23 Sep. 1G62, when he was described ae "of St. George's. Windsor, Gent." 
He died, according to the Chapel Rojol Cheque Book, 12 Jan. See the rcmaniage of his widow, 
31 Jan. 1670- 1. 

* According to the Cheque Book of the Chapel Rojal. he died the 23rd. His estate waa 
administered to m the Court of the Dean and Chapter, 1 Maj 1BC7, bj Msgdaien Williams, 
principal creditor, and in the margin of the record is written the word *^ pauper." ESee his soa'a 
baptism 21 Feb. 1642-3, and the bunal of hia daughter Ifi Maj 1645. 

' Dau. of Sir Joseph Sheldon^ Kt., AMennan of London, and Lord Mayor Id IGTfi, bj his 
first wife, Eliiabeth, daa. of William Clifton, of 8t. PaurSf Corent Garden. She died jouog. 
See her sister^s naarriage 14 Jan. 16TS-9. 

* John Hill ifi mentioned in Dr. Busbj'H accomita in 1664, u being paid £4 for playing on the 
comet in the chorcb that year. 

* Oq his mounment, which itates that he died 1 Mcb.» aged 66, he ib described as John 
Otholdfftoni of L^^land, co. Lancaster, Esq., Page of the Bedchamber to K, Charles IL In bis 
will, dated 26 Nor. I6fi5 and proved 3 May 1667, he is called John Otbaldeatim, of ytrand-on-thc- 
Green, in Chiswick, Uidx. He left hia whole estate to hia wife ^orah, and, after her death, £600 
to the poor of Leyland, particularly specifying the towoship and not the whole pariah. 8oe the 
bnrial of his wife (who remarried William Altanson) 26 Dec. 1677. 

* William Johueoo, son of William JohnsoDj by Priscilla^dau.ol William Lcman, of Becclea, 
CO' Suffolk, Esq. (brother of li^ir John Leman, Lord Mayor of London), who were both dead in 
1631. He appears to have held ths family living of Warboye, in Huntingdonshire, and was 
created B.T.P. at Cambridge, by royal command, in I66L Accordinj^ to his monument, he died 
4 Uch-f in his 57th year. His will, dated 20 Feb., was proved BO Apl. 1667, He left two brothers, 
Thomas and Robert, each with a eon William. {ColUctanea erroneously calls him ^'Almoner," 
and gives the date of bts bnrial as the 2nd of March.) 

^ Charles, third (but then seccud aurviving) eon and Hfth child of James, Duke of York, 
afterwards K. James II., by his first wife. Lady Anne Hyde, daa. of Edward, first Karl of 
Clarendon (see her burial 5 Apl. 1671), He was bom 4 July 1666, and died at St. James's 
Palace 22 May 1667. He was called Dufee of Kendall, but no enrolment of the patent exists. 

■ Dr. r**wttMNnr»e, He matriculated at Oaf ord, from LiocolQ College, fi May 1615, aged IS, 
asof CO. Leicester, ''Pleb. fit.," Emd took the degree of Bachelor of Medicine SO Nov^ 162S, but that 
of M.D. not until 3 July 1641. He became a Licentiate of the Eoyal College of Physicians, 
London, 6 Feb. 1640-1, but never proceeded to a Fellowship. According to Anthony Wood, he 
wu an eminent physician of bis time, and had a large pracUce in Westmuuter, especially after 



)6^ June 26 Th» Dnke of CamltnVl^, dde«i mn to the Dttke of Tork,< vd« 
laid iu the Mtmc vault [m., imYA tk^ Duk$ o/ Kpn/iatI]. 
June 2^ H^i7 Uodcitiil] nod Iktbcrt Ridi^nli,^ two of Uw Eiufr'a 
echolai9(nn*;irtanatcIy drawne<l): in out grtm iu theWc«l 
Jnly 24 Mr. WllUain R}'ly» one of HiC HonJds ;■ in tho East CloJBMn 
Aug. t Mr C-owly, a fiuiioua Pwt:* nmr Mr. C^auu4?r'H iiiofitiJCutfiit, 

Uw BoMDAOoik Hifl vHn. dnlivl 1 HcIl 1€«].1 with a oc-lloil }| Pn. 1S(3, «w pnv«d IS Jane 
IG6T. br bi« reliut f^4iii (wtm cnrnTcJ htm nntil li(7@) Bud t^ boc W&U«t. ftc left ofJier 
Innc. H« b<y|aoatbed Iftoiin iri OtwII?, ro. LviceM«r. Iu lii* iHll hcftUCed thai hte tomb^Unifb 
with iht dhiUttctcridJc nucriptioa (kc Dart, 11. llfft), vim aLrcadj prepared and paid f<r At a 

> J«m*i, Moond (bat oldvM "timtinff) vm af^it tiiirri ohfld «f J«m», Diiko of Tork, «ft«t* 
wftnlft E- .IhmoA IU hj h)« firsl v;f«, L«ily AnDi> Kjil^ (Iau. of Edwud, fijal Borl crt CUnodm 
(*ec hex hmiki C Apl. IG?]). In tba romrd of hU tMplliim, «t 1^ Mjirtls In Ib4 F1«U#, S2 Jnlj 
IfifiS. ho u al*t«l lo hare bem bom on the llth ol tiat miaaih, but Mix Uaw«n"ii tHtaj 
(RvH^uiar irmmiont, ixlU. lAiItt, 1. £70) Mtjn (.bid Uv wim buni '* twmiij'two minotM pwtono Ui 
Ibo BKiruSit^. OQ July IS, leCN." Hb dial at Ibv fftliic* at Hiohmond 90 Jiuio lltlST. 

> The foiniicr vu ndmiiUd iaUi >;t. Petor'i Collevt, Wotntlasl^f, In 14^, ind Ui< latUr la 
)06e» Th«ae i* tio otber racoM of Ibeni in tbebooksof the OoUogc, except tbe ban ttausnoit 
tbat thtjy wi>ro dmvmcit. 

of the record* Iu the Tover of London^ and bocfLmo Roago-Ro» PartufvAnt^xIncnUDU^ 91 
July LASO, BlwMuilIc PumEiTaDt 4 ^qi. 1633. md Unrwcter fteratd U Xot. 1611. In lfil« 
thd ParlioDiiini Gaulo hfm Kdna? KinJ^of-Arma« ami tab«er|titfn(lj CUr^ucvax, Un he vtaa 
rodUEXd at thn Ktftorallon to hU Icftal rank oa LancafltoT Herald, He marricrt KHxAti«lb, 
mc of Uic jOQikgci Owightcn of Sli Authuujr Cbmler, Mooud Bait^ of Cbicbclcjr. Hui^kn. tlla 
aui TTilthiin ndrnkiiktcnMl to bU mtntc^l! Oct 16GT. 

' .it^d^m Oivrf^. tlir w^ll kiiuwn |jc«t, r»Bunl!j aid to have bvea the |K>0thumoiii» no td a 
grooer. and bom Sq Fltvl t^troet. near Chnacorj \4ia<^. Tlifrf in* ir>fti| n^axunit to iluiil^t the 
Accume; of tbc«e atatemcQta. whmb oara|>ns& aTi tbMt b ever mi bj- any o( thq bio^phern of 

0a«t«7 in r<rgAitl to his onEii^ Tbrrc nr-pimta to bo no d^iuhl that ha was a tKtfthjiiii«iUf eliilit, 
and thai b« diod in Iih 4t'lh ,Ti>ar : nil n/*i?viLnt« oAtit^ir- nt> ti> thi* U-»rnwf. ancl tho latt^ «iui lu- 
iCTibed an hU monLiineal ercclcd b? the Dakc of UncJcLt^ham, IJc (tied, at Iho IVrch Honaei io 
CbsHflcf, Snrte/. 2H July 1<GT« and eonvoqncntl^ hii birth tni»c hi^t oof^urrcd ntxa tLir 3Mh ol 
Julj 151^ Mow Ihi^n wUi bL' found lunun); tbe villa ie Ihtr Pr»ru):ailvo r'onn of Cant^rhiiTj odo 
of f^0iHii# fWIfy, wlu d(w<nbcd htm^cLf &• a ntixai and -tntiDoct- of Loudon, niid of Uio f^uUh 
of 8C. Viobu>l ^ Qticn, It wbm JhIaI £1 Ja]3r IfllH. and wa* proTod 11 Au^t. following hy bin 
relid Thamiidnc. In It necara this povo^ : '' Vbcrew Cod hath bbuied ne vlth iii childroi. 
WtdW tAe fhild or ekitiir^n ttJkirh my m\fe T4i»Mnar ■tnr ff'rrA fPktKai. TiL. P^irr, Aiidrcj, 
Johii^ >t'llliam4 Kalbei^iO, and J^^jMav, J ft re t« <<Acb, oarf iv tk4 ahkUtr ckiOirtn atp iri/e twfB 
ifirfih witka\. £110. lU Ibaagrn of twfluly-uua or iuMTi*go," cte. The dnio df thfn will. nj>ii rho 
fact that tbo post «a» bom afirj tbjit ibic in ihc «»□« rev*— ^dniittloir Uie lotpnibabUity ^ 
■imilaT dtcumMmcc* oocumnp in another famitj uf ihiti unconmon naoio at thia prccu« [icriod 
at ei a b» point r^oncltj^iv^lj en iha tettalor ■#> hL« fAfhtr, Uut tbTreuulhci ^vljlf^Ticc. Thia 
llkomsui Uciwlcj nfipoiatcd. u oqv of the oTonvurB of bia will, hia (n^Acr-if-iitir Jlumpkrtf 
Ct^rXf. Ahmhrkmi C^flrlf J, ifae j>o#t, in hi* wHl. dated 1* S«p. Iflfift ntid |»Kiv#rf 31 Anj. t<lft7, 
madf hifl bivihtr TAmniu hia lolo heir njirl «jL«<cntor> and In tliv wfLl of llda lliodna' Uowlcj. abo 
<if Clor1*rj, ilateil 3fO Uaj and ptorod 1 tfr^- 1669^ thi? Ant direction ia that th« i«frac>4« givrm 
hf hM latcdeaf brcdher AbrahavOQirlexin hit la»t ni11>aml not joi f^il; l» at oni^r dk>Cbar|Ei-4. 
It Uc«iiaiii, tbcrdjrc, th^t iJic puct &»■] tbbi UhI Thintifu Ciivlrj ww ^rvlAcn; and Ibnt Ihu 
Ultot in«UHmf>r thuTbnniu Cuwlrj wbidia^fi In lAlA, tb« fflft that Fi^ hoqacalbcid £AN> to 
bii t^uia itnmphfrii Cturlw afTi>ri)ji ni Icanl probnhlo Cfidcftcc. vbich » ftimgtbrBed bf the 
fact UuU he ah>o bequeathed AlOO to the Stacioiicre^ CompKij. And again, neltbcr tb« bur^ «f 
















1667 Aiif?. 5 Mn Peter de Cordinftll :^ in the East Cloister. 

Eliiabeth, daughter of Mr, Edmnnd Pipes :' {Clouiert]. 

Mr, Henry Carew:^ [Cioisters]. 

The Conutefis of Clarendon * at the foot of the ateps ascending 

to K, H. 7th'H Chapel 
Mrs. Elizabeth Edmonds -^ in the North aiele of the Chnrch. 
Thomas, son of Mr. Thomas DuncUn :' In the North Cloister. 
Sir William Bafiset :'' within the South door to the mouujnenta. 

Thomafl Cowlej^ Eenior, nor of any Cowley, nor the baptiem of Abraham, occure in tiie pari^ 
T^tieter oi St. DuiutaD in the WeHt^ in the je&r 1618, or anjwbere about that time, and it ia 
there that they ahoiild be found, if the poet's fatber waa " a grocer in Fleet Street near Cbanoery 
Lane." The early registeia of St. Michael le Quera arc anfortunatelj loat, bo that no data can 
be obtained from them ; but it aeema from the foregoing facta Blmoat, if not quit«, certain that 
the poet waa the poethumoua son of Thomas Cowley, citisen and atadoner of London, and 
Thomaaine hie wife. 

It ie proper and jast to add that Ur. Peter Cuumaghamf in his edition of Dr. Johnson's 
Xitvi^fjltf PtteU (Murray, 1851, i- 3, etc.). 6rHt called attention to the erroif and gare Cowley^s 
true parentagCf but without any coiroboratiTe evidencOf which probably has induced aubaequent 
writers to ignore his dlHCoTery. There was also an important error ia hia abstract of tbe father's 
will, which gare the poet a brother Andrw, instead of a sister Atidrq/, and thus led to the 
farther miastatement that he had aa " on^y siBter Katberine." 

Cowley was educated at Westminster School, became a Scholar of Trinity OoUege. Cam- 
bridge, in 1G36. and waa a Fellow of that house in L642. He was created H.D., at Oxford. 2 Dec. 

This entry in the text ahowa pointedly the neceBsily of a revision of that portion of the 
Abbey Begisler printed in OolUctanea. In that work the date of burial is given aa *^ the 17th 
of Auguflt,'^ and the place of interment as "at the foot of the steps to Henry 7th'8 Chapel." 
It will be seen that iu CotUotanea the entry relating to Cowley, and that respecting the 
CooDteaa of Clarendrat (aet; her burial on the iTth), were jambied together^ her name being 
omitted altogether. Tbia mutilated entry mialed the editor of Pepya's Diary (see his note 9ub 
10 Aog, 1$6T) into making a chaj^c of inaocoracy against Evelyn, who stated in hia Diary that 
he attended Cowley^s funeral on the 3rd of August, fiTelyn waa strictly correct. Pepys, how- 
ever, only learned on the lOth of August that Cowley was dead, although he had been buried, 
in freat ttate, a full week before 1 

■ Letters of adminiatration on the estate of Peter de Card^nelt, late of St, Margaret's, Weat- 
minater, Esq.. were granted. 15 Aug. l€G7, to Catherine, the relict of Philip de Cardonell. brother 
of tbe deceased,— Peter de Cardonell was appointed Customer and Collector of Southampton in 
Ang. 1660 (Signet Dook. Pub. Record Office). 

> Bee her baptiBm 11 Dec. 1666. and her motlier'a btirial 18 June 1676. 

' See a burial 4 Oct. 1666. 

* Frauces, dan. and eventually sole heir of Sir Thomaa Aylesboij. Bart., by Anne Ms wife 
(see her burial in I66I). and aecond wife of Edward Hyde, lirst Earl of Clarendon (aee hia burial 
* Jan. 1674-6). Tbey were married at St, Margaret's, Westminster. 10 July, 1634, under a license 
from the Dean and Cbapter of Weatminster iauued the same day. She waa grandmother 
of Q. Mary 11. and Q. Anne. 

' On her monument she woa thna described : " Mistria Ehzabcth Ednurndt, apinater. the 
daughter of Walter Eilmonda, of Bayley'a Court, in the county of Buasex, Gent., who departed 
this life the eighteenth of August, in the year of our Lord 16G7, aged 82." Her wiU, dated 
tbe Idtht waa proved 23 Aug, 1667^ by her oephew Thomaa Edmoods. 

' Infant aon of Thomas Donki^ (aee hia burial 8 Feb. l68ti-9). by EliEabetb, dan. of John 
Fox, Esq. (see their marriage IS May 1666). He was baptized at St. Margaret's. Wetttminater. 
tbe Ifiiii of the aajne month- 

? Of Beaupre, co, Glamorgan, son and heir of Sir fiichard Baaset, St., by bis first wife, 



1067 Nov. (^) [&AmI] the [blank] of &ir Stephen Fox ,^ in the NonbCloifiter. 
Dea 14 Dr. Qorg^i oou of the rrabeadArics of ilm Clmrch ;' [i>i the 
l6Gj Jmu 12 Allue, dmiRhter of WfUUju Ma? :' IdoulrrB], 
EOvianl Evuiis, an almsman ^ [(^hi^tftt]. 
The ttifo of Tbouiiw Rt^jtioi ;* [£Wri^»], 
Mwv Ltutitm Htvlcu :" nijar iLo Sub-doaD'fl eoftt, 
I6M April 'J Sir WilJiAin [)ftTon*mt ;' uotir the Vcntrr d«or, 
Laho OatrLcrfbikl, an Aloutnion -^ [nW&rt], 







JAtiTnh 17 





Uiir7»<lHU,of Ki^wArdTbomw^of Wcnro. He married (Sfftr, Lie, Si Kcb. l0<1S-3> Martha, tiriid 
mrvlTbg ilnu. ajmI o^ibcir of Sir Hu^jk Wjcdhani, uf Pitsilco Court, ox Donel* BaH.. aikI second 
wife fcnrl vhlow of R<lwjirt1 Cnrno, oJ Bwcany, co,<)lftnii>iK&n, Kftq., wfao •arrtrnd him utitU 
ICM. Bv <linl, H[^»n]iu|£ to bit Fuiivrul CertlOcalc (Coll. Aiiu-), lo Ulc pAtldti of St. ClonaoC 
Daum, an the Hth <if Soplcmhrr. wittuiul unic : bat ntc rhi^ linriit i>f (|>ivkliftb1j) >a infant d&u. 

5 Jin. lOfiS^. Hifl affc va» tbout hrant}r-ei^bt. 

■ Joftn, Muth »ti uf Sii Slcplicu FciK, Ki.. Uusn oii« of tbe CLorkji of tb« Ortcn Cloth nid 
l^jixi4Ut»of U.U.'h UtiJirtU. %a'X tdUjrv^t^ oat at the liOnU of tbo lYcAcary, bj his fir*f wife, 
CUtMbGlh, (]jMi, of WJUtJiui WbllUr^tJ c<;. Likiioiuter. AuooEdlo^L^ bli luoDuxucnt, b( diM 17 Nov. 
■4[cd •Uiiilan<! jnr. Hii mother f1ii?d 11 Ang. ]^9(utidhvtUt\icT 1)< Oet. 1 716. fend wm bulh 
borod At Purlcj, Will* Soe lixo l^ombi of hi* brothflm. iH) Oci. lCfl[». 3tf Oct. l«7fi. :*l No». 
16T7, uiiU 23 Apl. 16W, Mid of U* bft]f-siM4ir 22 Jftii. lTOT-8, »M^ hLS dAt^s mfttrlMgc 27 Deo. 

* ThoDwa A^M, third »□ of liiir Edtr&rd Ooigvo, gif Wnxolt, oct. Somoml, KU, lir Dorothy, 
dAu. of Sir OeTTbfo 8pck^ of White Ijukiitifton. in tbe mrat ccuniy. Kl^ H« wu >upliKid at 
WruiJl 13 FvbL lfl0£-3. He nutriculfticd ai Ojtf^^id. fr^m QueenV a>lkvt> 1 Pi^b^ iei'l-2. wm 
tfl«rwiTd»A PcLlrwoT Alt Souln^and wiu or^nl^t VAh IV Jnlj IBiiK Iln wn* b^UJlcd Arcrh- 
douoDof Wmohotct IVUah-lCiSU-l, rtvbcniLurrcf Wcttouutrr Eti Oi:t. jiiAl.Kud l'^^bvnllAr7uf 
Sftlisbury 'J» Apl. liW3, »iiil trwmc Hcciorof V^'ro&alt I£ Apl. iu the ]aUvr yvai. Itv (Ifvd, wiLh- 
niit tiB-iW, 13 I)W\ IrtftT, HikwiIIh lUti^l 17 Aiijr. IftfiT. wtlh n iiTiQ<.m[iMiv»» ii^^licil 'Hi ihi* d*J of 
bJjt dcftih, vu pfiJVfi.] 2 J(ui. intiT-^t la tho Cotin of tho 1>mii aad CbapUr, by kU brother 
SunucL ami un 3 Uch^following. In the Prcrosotivo Court of CAacerbary, by hi» ldti«neQ ^omDcl 
l^n^onL Aud Bach Tynic. &e« hiA wril«'« burul 13 Dec. IIMS. 

■ Kw hm ba]itl>TD S^K Sw. IfleT* and n4t« IhoivtO. 

* HU xcUct AnnoAdrntiLiiU'Tod to hU«»tAl«, in/armApanjims^ in Iho Conrt of tbo JJaut and 
Chapter, o« the Uth gf ibe u-mc m(>ulh. 

* 5Qvb<.'rdau^ht«r'aburijI29JiLlyia6e.herhiwbuid'AreiQamagc L4ApL IG^S.kfidliif burifti 

6 ApK lere. 

* Third dftv. ol Thomu UtsbjE^U; of lUftM, Aliix.. Bflq.t by hi* vrif* UAfgvry Bhipw^, 
a&d widow of Ear. Dr. Peter S^u^n («■» bte buial 10 Mfty Lfl6£X thoy wnre marriod In 
UagdalHi ODlItn^e CUpal, Ojcford, 38 Oct. I6SS. Uer wiU. lUtcd 2U SJov. 160i, wu pivrod 
IH Mch, IGJ)7-», h,y !i«r con TboooaA Heylyn. 

' l'<>et ljkur?flU.-> tuccvtOiuff Bva JoriKMi in 1AA7. H« tnu vvooiidaoa of John DaTCMuitt of 
tho ««ty of Ojcford, Hntncr, Aldennui juirl oqcd Uay«r of ibnt dty. by hi* wife Juio f^htphcrd. 
of Durham, ud who baptlKi^d &t Si, Mikrtia's^ Oxt^rd. 3 Heh. IGO^-^I. He ww ItnljirbLcd at the 
•tega of Obuc<«Ut, b Sop^ 1641, Ho died, nl hiA hcujfe in Utile Liuoadn'f Inn Fivldn. 7 April, 
and a creditor, named John Alvty^AdminlMerod lt> hit ««tai«« 6 Unj IA68,ihe relict Dame Jtfar]p 
renouncing. lu a pedifcm ia the CoSle^uf Armv(4 U. H. |^ 177) ^he bd<wrtbea m'* O^firietttt' 
Mari^ du Trnahli.y, wldow^of Hn kiK^i«nt fAiuLly in fil.Gennfl^ llaftU|:c4 lu Fr^u*^." By ber 
be taftatrcndyininsclilldn-'U. HlftflrHl wife, Ance, wuburied At ^^ AndrrwVlialbum. AUc^, 
IGM-A. Anbny. in Inn Xtrv^ o/ Swintrnt .Vr* (li, 309). aaya thac nha was the da(i|:hi<r «}f a 
pkynciaa.uicltluilbybur he bad onv wu, whohiwl bom dead abofvtwtMyyMrawbon howretc 

■ lUnkd. nt Ht. Mnnin ui ihc Fitld^ Iflldx^ S Feb. Mi}3-9, Luke JfntUrJtM^ vf WtA- 
UkiJMUv, and JhIlui Null, nf ht, Mhrtiu'*- 
























1668 Jnly 25 Joattce Neirman'a child:' lOhulera], 

ThomaB Eogget's daughter:' {^Cloiaten^. 

Sarah Qylea ^ [Cloitt&ri]. 

Peter Wood, a King's scholar :* [(7to«/*r*], 

Dr, Medford :■* near the same [i.*., the Fwfry] door, 

Mr, Thomdyke, brother to a Prebendary of this Church :* in the 

East Oloifiter, near the atepe, 
Mr. Thomaa Hughes, singing man -^ [Ghisf&rs]. 

166J Jan. 7 John, son of Mr. Thomas Dnucklin :* ia the North Cloister. 
Stephen Squibbe, aervant to Dr. Triplet:* [ChUi&rs]. 
Dr. Bolton, Prebendary of this Chnrch;^'^ [m the Ahhetf\ 
Thomas Cox, servant to Justice Newman ; " \^0lm8Ur$\ 

^ A child of Ricbard Newmaa, of Pifebead-MogdaJeD. co. Dorset, Bsq.f by Aaiie, eJdeat daa. 
of Blr Cbarles Horbord, Kt,, &nd perhaps & aon Thomaf^ nbo was baptued at St. Marg&reL^s, 
Weotmiiuterf 29 May 1A6L @«e tbe umiTiages of his slaters, IS July 1672, Ifi July 1675, and 
6 Jan. I67fi-6» aud the burial of ftootber child 23 July 1673. Thomas Cox (buried 17 Feb, 1668-9), 
A Aorvant of Hr. Nefl^man, in hia will directed to be buried Iq tbe Cloiaters near bia mooter's 
ekUdrcn, but thi^ is the only burial recorded prcTiona t^ bis own death. Also, on the monument 
of John Oxenbam (see hia burial IS Oct. 1680) it Ih said that '' one brother and three sisters of 
bis wife lie near him," bnt only tbe burial of this obild, and another 23 Jnly 1^73, occur in the 
Abbey Register. 

> See her mother's burial Ifi Jan. 1G67-8, and her father's 5 Apl. 1B79. 

' Mar. Lie. Yic. Gen. 11 July ]665i for Fra[tcis Gitet. of t^t. Margaret's, Weatmluster, citiien 
and grocer of London, bachelor, aged about twenty-four, and Mrs. Sorab Osgood) spinuter, aged 
nineteen^ with conaent of her father, Adam Osgood^ of the same parish, Qeot, t^e her mother's 
burial 11 May 1672, and her father's 22 Aug. in tbe same year. 

• Admitted ioto 6t. Peter's College, Weatmiuater, 1664, and in the records called Woodt, 

* See note to the bnriol of Capt. James AndertoD, 11 July 1676. 

• Jo\% Th^mdilte, brother of Rev. Herbert Thorodike (see hia baria] 13 July 1672). H*? vras 
■on of Francis Thorndike, of ticamblesby, co. Lincoln, Esq., by Alice, dau, of Edward Coleman, 
of Wotdingfield, co. Bufiolk. He emigrated to Kew Eoglond as early as 1632, and died while on 
a visit to England, having made bis will 29 July previous, before Htarting on his voyage, ties 
the baptisms, of his aon IS Apl. 1663, and bis two daughters 10 Apl. 1669. 

' Mentioned aa one of tJie cboir in Dr. Busby's occouots in 1664. 

^ Infant eon of Thomas DonkUy (see his barial B Feb. 16^8-9), by Elizabeth, dau, of John 
Foi, Kaq. Cse« their marriage U May 1666). He was baptized at bi. Margaret's, Westminster, 
28 Aug. 1668. 

* Dr. Triplett (see his burial in July 1670), in his will dated 21 Jan. 1668'9, bequeathed 
him £iK) and £5 more for mourning, but revoked the bequest in a codicil on the 6th Mch. 

>* Samt^l Bolton, eon of Rev. Robert Bolton, Rector of Broughton, co. Northampton, where 
he was bom. He matricnlated at Oxford, from Lincoln College, 31 Oct. 1634, aged fifteen. On 
the restoration of E. Charles II. he became one of his Chaplains in Ordiuary, and was created 
D,D. at Oxford, by njyal command, 12 June 1661. He was installed Prebendary of Westminster 
^ Apl. 1662, and became Rector of Bt. Peter-le-Poor, London, 22 Dec. 1662, and of St. Leonard's, 
Foster Lane, London, 26 Jan. 1662-3. He died 1 1 Feb., and his wiU, dated 27 Dec. 1668, was 
proved 22 Feb. 1668-9, by his relict Mary. The only bequests it contained were sundry books 
to the Abbey Library, and £20 to his youDgest sister Mn. Harah SJmpkin. 

'^ His wiJt, dated 12 Jan., was proved in tbe Court of the Dean and Chapter 17 Feb. 1668-9, 
by hia brotiier John Cox. He described himself as a geotleman, and was evidently in the service 
of Richard Newman, of Fifehead- Magdalen, co. Dorset, Esq., who was then in the public service 
at Westminster. He directed to be buried in tbe Cloisters near the children of hia master. Hia 
mother, two brotiiers, and three sisterB, were all liring at Fifehead-M^dolen. 





















Mr. Nweby : in ilw West Cloisto, 

Sir John Dooham :' near Mr. Chaaocr's rnonamcnt 

Mrs. Dorothy Watts:' in the Sooth Cbisicr. 

Sir Robert Stjijiletoii :" near the Vt«try door. 

The Right UotL the Efirl ol Berbhire:' in St. Joiis BaptUl*! 

The «0D or Sir Stephen Fox :> m tho Kttth Cloiftt«r. 
Tbc wife of Mr. WiUliLoi G&iven:* In ^ Nortli Clotster, 
The Lud^ H«nrivttiv ilfvQ^hter m the Duke of York/ was laid 

lu the roj'nl raalL 

* Onl^ Mti of Sir John Dmb«n, St.* moevHtTelj CMof lUrwi 6S tti« Rxob«q«ar Mid Chlot 
Joiticp of the Eiu^t Beticli in M&nil, And nAJou o( ihc Kj^bocjofr in En^lnndi bf bb Neond 
v^ifo. Klc>»iLCrT, dim. of Qamtt« Qm Vincovmi Moon?, of Droghed^ ftod wna bom al Dabli^ in 
leiG. He nwtricuUlcd &I Oifuid. from Trifistf Ci^11«|^, 18 tscfr. !t(31. On acc^ont uf hln 
t-mlumcc ■« « pt«1. ui^l in ooij«ld<inkt1ij[| cif lib fnULful Krricc in ihr rojal l»>ii>i>,lic wajicnATcd 
b Kbi^ttt ot tbw Halb at th<> (.'oroimlioa of K. CLiulu IL Ho n^rried, Itnri, »I St. HHde'a. Fleet 
SimC Ijin^oot 'i!5 Jun(\ 1G;)4, tbn^n ontjr uliwcctni yauaof afrc, Acue, (Un. of DuaH CoHoa, of 
WhittiniTloQ, CO. Gka<*rtcr, Etq.. bj KUiaWth. *l*u. oJ Sir Btorgc Upping. of Orforiahil*. B» 
hiA MW[k<l tnarTjn^. Ui Ui« Abbo;. SA hUj If^f^Fi. HIh wfll, dftM J3 Ucb, 1666-11, «nu pffOT»| 
9 Unj 11170,^7 blfl dftu. SliiulriTlb. Oiw bcqucti b wnrthj of ootiw. dtntlng UiAt bo vw 
" Htir^'A^rf-OoDOFAl fur Iho rabuildiaif i^f Si. Paul's Oiuich, LoiK-toD." he f;*^*^ *^^ bti foH. katn^ 
tvrentr ^illEritf^ pet day. "io<varda ihttt noblo vid iiiooit work," and aIm 4100 *-ia afiutbttr 
rememlmtncvuf jdEvoiioii U> tb« 'ttme." 

* Hot utmcupiiltTV irlU, nwk ntwut 35 June, vtm pn>Tnl tn tbc (Vmrt of 1h« D««R uid 
CbofitCT. 31 July IG09, bjr bur motlicr Doruthj Vi'alu, lo trbt'iii ilw kti nil Mho ptawod. 

' Tonogcr aon of lUfrlurd Sttf^yhmt. of Cnrllon, m. Tofk. B*r|^ trj Rllubtfht Hftd. of BSr 
Benfj ncmpolnt, EL Ho wm cduoatM at Dotuj, hut relunvd Lo RajrUndojid bcaun* a Pro 
UMdDl, And wii0ft <LiiunAtkpo«tof tomo hqX^ Hu wMkQtj£bl«t| yottinebam, 
13 (top, lct2,aitd WM witbbtEa at tbc bAtlleof Kf1|ohEIU He wvt alaoono of tbc UrntlcuMEii 

Cibv* of Ibo TVItj Cbamboc to fi. Uhnjla |]„ UitL when PHno of W*leii lUiJ after faU 
rwtmvlSnn. n« itifd 11 JdIj. Hii will . tUlvd II Juno, wu pmveil 'JH Jciljr If^fiO, bj Ktiitalirlb 

SInijimi, of WMiniiniitcr, wblow, ^ wbum he left the bulk ■:4 hU ^tnie (Utbouirb be bad n wif^ 
LiTinit whom be bjurlj mtntloDol), In e^oimtdcratltiit, aa Ii« Midi of the lETmt nre »ibo had 
tolvu of biin dujitkj^ bia lun^ illnett. (H« i* >nfd to haw lUTtlcd a Ur«. flABunoiiilr widow, ndt 

* tijv Tlmmfia H»warft, imvid mm nf Hkhikui, Arit Karl of ^IMh, hf bk vmnil nfr, 
Catbcrlotf, cIrlc-Jil d&u, uiO coheir cf Sir Uenr7 Kiicret, of Cburttoa. Will*. Kt-, Auil widow cf 
EkAunl Eicb* Emq. Qe wu creaind* 13 Jan. KUl-f, Haft)n Howvxl it CbatlloD, aod Vincount 
AndoTV. inMalloa K.a. 13 Dec. lOVlKand adraQcvcl loibc Knildr.m (f Urmhltv T Kol>. t02li-«. 
Ut died 10 Juljr ns«d about oiciol;, Soo the burial uf Ua Uouatcfta Si Au^ W73, anil of hii *oa 
tt Sc|t lfl9». 

* Al««ni. hat^ ma of SJr Ktepbcn Poi. Kl, bj hi* fint wif^ BllttbeCh («e hfi brolhor> 
bvriol KoTi l0(Tt aiHl note thereto), Accordinff to bifl roonamonl, he died \ht preceding day. 
ogod rix fotfi v\d onp cnoijih, 

« Aofio. ddoat (bw.. <it j6hH WiudKombo, of Borkdiiro. E^„ mi4 nr«l wlf^t <4 William 
Oawn (ttdosl wm of William Oawm, by Atine. onlj duo. of bur nwfa— itf« hU bi^^l !H> l>c 
IMI, obd ooU thonto> ehe died in cbildb*d nf ber eul^ cblU (Hje htf burial li Jul/ ]ATO>. 
Ocr biubaod. who woa baptix«d U St. Var^arety Watosivler, 21 Uaj 143$, ivmarriod and 
bod i«uv <«M a boiial 90 Kor. 1*174), 

' Tb^ «Uu, aad wTtftib child ol Jsmna. Paho of York, aft«rw«nla K. Jamea U^ bf 
bit im irif«4 bidjr Aoue Hjde; eldcM doa. nf Edwanl, Aral Rari of ClaitAdon (i>ee ber btrlAl 
(Apl, l«rt). 6bo««ibotualVUU(bill»Jac.l60e-f.auif dicdatSt Juori'aralatvlAKur. 



16^ J&D. 1 Robert Cartwrtght, eervaDt to the Archbiahop of York :^ in tho 

Soatb Oloiater. 
Feb. 12 The old Countees of Middlesex :* within the moniiment door, 

near the Karrs moniiment. 
Feb, 12 The Karl of Devonshire's grandchild:^ in EraBmns's Chapel, 

otherwise etyled St. John Baptiat's Chapel, near the Earl of 

Feb, 28 The Daoheaa of Albemarle :' in a vanlt near Queen Elizabeth's 

March 6 Two daoghtera of Mr. Nott -.^ in the Korth Cloister. 
March ( — ) Kobert M&cbelr servant to the Archbishop of York : * in the 

Sonth Cloiater. 
^ March 22 Major-General Egerton's Lady :' at the lower end of the North 

aisle of the Church. 
1670 April 4 The Earl of Carlisle's child :^ in St. John Baptist's Chapel^ near 

t^ Earl of Berkshire. 

' The Archbifihop of York n( thiB time waa the Most Bgt. John Dolben, D.D. 

* Anne. dan. of James Biett, of Hobj^TCO. I^cester^ Bsq., bj Artoe, dau. of Anthonj Beaumont, 
of Glenfield, co. Leicester, Ewj. (and sirter of Muj, Connteas of Buckinghftm). She married, about 
1619, Lionel CraaGeld, afterwonle created Earl of Middlesex (see bis burial 13 Aug. 1G35). She 
died 3 Feb. Her son Lionel, B&rl of MiddleAei, administered to ber estate 12 Jane 1670, under 
a onncupatiTe will of no interest, 

' Frobablj a child of William Cavetidtsh, afterwards fourth Earl and Qrat Duke of DevoD- 
shije, bj Mary, dau. of James, Duke of Ormond ; but possiblj one of three dans, of John Cecil, 
fifth Earl of Eieter^ bj Anne, dau. of William, third Earl of DeTOnsbiref named Christian, Anne 
and Prances, who all died yonng. 

* Anne, reputed dan. of John Clarges (or CUirgiti as the name is written in his will), a 
farrier in the Uaro^, bj bis wife Anne Leaver. Sbe marriod, Srst, at St, Laurence- Pountnej, 
London, 28 Feb, I<>3^'3. Thomas Radford (or Bedford, as the name is written in her father'« 
will), also said to have been a farrier, but afterwards a servant to fVinee Charles, residing in the 
Hews, in bt. Martin in the Fields, Midz., from whom she separated in 1&I9» bat of whose death 
before ber second marriage no eTidence appears to have been obtained. (It waa probably bis father 
who, as '' Thomas Bedford, farrier, servant (o Prince ChorlcSf" was buried at St. Martin in th« 
Fields 20 Nov. 16240 She niarned,BecondIj, 23 Jan. 1652-3, at 6t. Geoi^G'a,Southwark,co. Garrey, 
General George Monk, afterwards created Duke of Albemarle(see his burial 29 Apl. 1670). [She died 
29 Jan., more than tbree weeks after her husband (although be was not buried nntil three months 
later), said to be aged 54. (Her father, whose will was dated 20 Dec I64B and proved 1 Jan. 
foOowlng. left her £30, and made her joint executrix with her brother Thomas, who was after- 
words knighted.) 

' Bee the burials of (probably) their father 26 May 1696, and their mother SO Jane 

* The Arcbbisbop of York at this time was the Most Rev. John Dolben, D.D. 

i— T The Hon, Penelope Needbam, yoongest dau. of Robert, scoond Viscount Kilmorej, bj his 
second wife, Helen, dan. and heir of Thomaa Button, of Dutton, co. Cbeeler, Esq., and relict of 
Gilbert, Lord Gerard of Bromley, tsbe was the first wife of Major-Oeneral Randolph Egerton 
(see his bnriat B Nov. 1681), and died two days before in childbed of a dau, EUtabeth. who was 
baptised at tit. Giles in the Fields the day after her mother's burial, and buncd there 20 July 
1671. An elder dau., Christiana^ was also baptixed there, 25 Jan. 16SB-9, who suirived her 
father. Bee ber son's burial 30 May 1670. 

' Cbarlefl Howard, third son of Charles, first Earl of Carlisle, by Anne, dau. of Edward, first 
L(H^ Howard of Escrick. He was bom 6 Sep, 1668, and died S Apl. 1670, 



ie7D April ^ The Duke <»f Allwriuirlc ■ vrw biid in his vault kpr, Sd : hift 
fnm'mU were oolemuuEul Apr. 30. 

Hay IS William Blount, a K]G}{'k Hcb<>liLr:* in the Nirrth Vlmttr, 

^Mdt 3^ Mujot-lierKTid kgcrtoQ'K diM ^ in the motbor'B grovo. 

Miiy BO AiiTL4% JBugbierof Mr. VMt:* [ri*M/w<], 

June 7 Sin Mnndy:^ in tic Konli Cknsicr. 

June &> Mn- Gikvikii :* in thu North Cloldler 

Jtlljr 1-1 AiiuL'« ilauKtiU-r of Mr M'illuiDi QiLvren ;' in tho Tforlb OIoUtcT. 

Juljr ( — ) Dr. Thi^mos Triplet, Prcbcmlarj-or tbi* Cliurdi • ixv tl»V**Cry, 

Ang. (— ) I'hq Lord !lAtU>n :" [»» M^ .1***-!^]. 

Au;?. 13 Mim*, ^tighter of Air. William Tjickor :^ in tlio Xorth C1oiat«r, 

Sept. £d WiUif^m l>uf:^4cny iywi ,i ^n .- in ^. M&r^* c/mnhyirrti}^ 

■ G^oTff: Kouk. «oootm Km ol tslr Thomju Monk, KL. by RLimbKli. <hn. of l^ QooqEd 
tlinUh. Ug WM bom »t PDtherid^fi* «o. Dctljo, C Dec. Ili04(> and for hi- irotl known Mtfvfew wu 
crcuttxl Dul« <d Albemarle T Julj 1600, Hl- ilivd tb* i>rMtHliuv Snl o£ JAUuftty. UIm will, 
ibi«() 6 Jqqu 1665. iru pivroJ :t Jftri. ]4>6ti-7i>» Ihcr inry iIh; of liii dcAth. tkx the bimiU, uf bi« 
brother JO Uoc.l6ei,bktTifcl>s Fob. U;iif)<TU, nnd bjj lan 4 July Jfi&i>. 

* AocDpltng lo till moatunml. lii> wu ton of AnUionj Blvunt, Geiit., ju<l iSloJ ^ Xuj, «|[«d 
Ift jeurvL Uv w^m ulmittoil inin WminuH'^tor Stjhoal in IfLit?. 

' BafuJol|ili. itpiMinrully i.ii»ly mi i?f HnJor^Uvu'fnil Kiii-rlon (wo IiLa buTfjU 3 Nov. 168l>i by 
hb flfffl wife* Hoo. I'onrlijpc K^cthARi ^mx: her hnibkl ^ M<!b. lC61^T^i). 

^ 6<e burinln :ftV Feb. I'JTi-fi uid H Dec. IG'T, o^<lcnily ol cblldrea cif the nme pHrtaK 
^bnbtj iiitriirr itJUdulii ■>r bervjuiW nbout tha Abbey. Tbe euro&ini% ftco^nliux to iTie uvJiuiuVLit 

' Prvrlmlilj » TsiuOT oflicitil or wrvHUt coiiD«ole>l irith tLe Abboy. ^w miU'riHtt^k ^ N'or. Ili79 
Mid 1 Jou. iCdM^. viil bLdal* 2i Apl. ICTJ, 11 Doc. JGb$, «£>d 4 Uch. icafi*lv pioljably aJI of 
ncrabvra of the ■dime funily. 

* Putfui, wlJowuf Joliii OnvuiiuT ;<(. I'Dol'tv Qirtfdt Qjutlen, Ullui (fOe biH biir1»l Auie- 
IB66). Her will, CaUd tie Itb, wiu proved tbe I4lh of lb« inme monlli, bj her KRi't a-Iew. Hke 
JoncA. of St \*niiVt. Covvul QtHoQ, Uilor, bo«baiu] of h«r dftu. Auto. 

' five btr DiQlhcf A bnrlAl 8 Nov. 1000, uid ocU tberahx 

' Said by Autbunj Vr'tMd to b4ve been bciru iu OxfoM or Ita tiuuity. bul lie DiaUieelAUd 
fh^EO CtrlK Cberch l< Uob. li;3U-l, nged t^> ih ijf ti<MidoLi. awl ¥■» ^'f ai leuUnEUkii. Ilv «im 
iiuUlIed Prebofidivj cf York ^ H*r|x ]G4]» kiid of Su-LUbury f C><<. ir.4.S ±nd wait oulUTed to ■ 
tftnllst rhirham 2U Moli- t6f^-!i, but wt then i^hbttivd. Darirty the UimmintvcMlth he tuijcbt 
Bchoot A\ DublU, Hul *t llAjcf, 00. MkLx. After the Kcit-rinlkei, be v»m ifuUlli^ at PurtAm 3 
Kov, 1660. uid nwuioed hi* other jrtalU He vpa urtBtcd D.D. &! Utf^ 1 Apl. 1K6I, ud i!0 
JiuL. fullowiEiic iavlallvl r^ebvuiWj of VcqliidnBter. uid wu SuVilna at Uie <JcnlL. He b nlit 
1» bjiT* dfed ou Uj4 liilt of Jnljr. and Uj» muflBfiial n<iii"liT girvA thnt lU Il;« date of hU burtU. 
Hb vlll, datod SI Jan- 16&6-^ wu i^ruved IS Autf. 1f!iOL HU rc^duojy Icgilfcf itN^nc bit dsleTi 
31lK Kailurlue Wuroe, Uien r^^Jiltling jii Ireland, and bcr three chilitien, 

* C^liiio|jbcr Kiitlvft, Mcoud of Ottl uaniQ. «ad «iil«A tnrnTing lou of Bir Uhrl»fr>|>b(7 
Ujfetlou, K,fi- <ve Uji buiinl 11 A:[>- ini»). by Alkio. eldml lUu. of Tbouuw F'luftbiLwe, <4 Wen: 
pArk. Ilttti^ K*}., RomcmLruLc«r of Uie IjuhAqner te Q. RUjutbttti. Uc wm bdLj>UMd elI HajUcg. 
CO. £m«x. 1 1 Julj ]eO£> Qe fru oroalf^^l K.ll. xt the Oono&tion of K. (%iixlai L. juxl Ohw 
lUltomof Ktrby, 1.XJ. Konhjvinptca* J9 July 16»9. He died At Etrbji Ju^ IflTD.Mid bl« soa 
Cbn'Moftter ndminiBicrcd to htA v»Ul« ud (h« 21tt of ibe kuii« uuiLib. Sn; ihr kurlak,aC 
<pn>^bly] hiawircN J*iLtC73-3, nuavlbitcbttarxti Kv*. 16^8,3 Oct. 1^9, 10 TcU lOil-}, ud 

sj«M iTia. 

" t^ b«r beptbnii 19 Hch 1664^. md h^? fotber'tt burial I Mck 16TS*0. 
^' In tb« uuodloUl rac'tBcf ouly. Ut itm pci^bly a nuoor eAoiAl or mrvut ebotit th« 

Oct 23 

Nov. 3 

Dec 13 

Dec. 19 


Feb. 21 

Mcudi 9 

Match 12 

W£3TM1N8T£B ABBEY. 173 

1670 Oct 21 Mrs, Prior ;» in the South Cloiater. 
Ephraim Oriapin, an aJmsmau : [Cloisl^s]. 
Dr» WilliB^B wife :* near the North monomcnt door. 
Mr. Thomas Stockdale :' in the South Cloiater, 
Piier Bal^ : m ihe CloisUrs* 
John Thorabnrgh, a child :* in the North Cloister. 
Mary, daughter of Mr, Thomas Holingshead :^ under the dark 

arch, near the Cloisters. 
A yoang male child was laid in the Dnke of Bnckingham^B vault, 
being related to that femily,' 

1671 April 5 Anne, DachcfiS of York ;^ in the ro^al Tanlt, 

1 The will of Eliubeth Prior, of tit. Mortia in tbe Fiel<l^ widow, dated 16 Apl- 16G€, wa» 
proTcd 16 Not, 1670, bj her j*on William Prior, to whom with his brother James she left her 
estate eqaally- 

^ Mary, daa. of Rev. Samuel FoUt D-D., De&o of Christ Church, bj Marg;&ret, dan. of Thomas 
Wylde, Esq, She waa the first wife of Dr. Thomas Willis, the most emiDent phjaiciaQ of hifl daj, 
ftnd their marriage is thus recorded in the paneh register of St. Michael, eity of Oxford, 
under the date of 7 Apl. 1657 : '^lliomafl Willis, of Christ Churcb in Oxford, M.B^ and Mrs, 
Mary Fell, of Hereford ; married by one of the Hereford Jusliceft." She was grandmother of the 
no less famous Browne Willis, the antiquary. See her husband's burial 16 Not. 1676- Accordiaf: 
to her moDumeat, she died 31 Oct., and was buried in the savae grave with her dao. Catherine, 
who was bom fi Feb. 166^-3, and buried 30 Sep. 1657, but of which no record occut-s in tbe 
Abbey Register- There is. howcTer. no doubt about the fact, as in addition to the eridence of 
the monument, her father in his will directed tbat be ithould be buried in the Abbey ne&r hii 
wife and davf/iter. 

' tiee a marriage 21 Nor. 1656' 

* Id the unofficial rcginter only. Probably a minor official or ecrrant about the Abbey j but 
a TAonuit Balee, Esq., was a Oent. of the IVivy Chamber to E. Charles 11. m 1669. 

■ Bon of Edward Tbornburgb, Esq. (Ihinl son of t^ir Thomas Tbornbnrgh, of Blnjley LoTelt, 
CD. Worcester. St.), by Mary, his second wife, eldest dau. of Joho Foi, Esq.^ Clerk of the Acatry 
to K. Charles 11. (see his burial 23 Kot- 169L). He was baptised at St. MaT>^aret'HT Westminster, 
9 Nov- 1660. His father appears to hare also died about thid time, or soon after, as his mother 
was remarried, at St, Pnul's, Covent Garden, 25 Apl- IG72, to Jtfhn Hawkins, of St. Martin in 
tbe Fields, Gent. Bee the burial of a child of that marriage 5 Feb. 1673-4. 

* The place of interment sufficiently indicates the humble rank of tbe father, as it appears 
to bAve been appropriated eictusirely to the lower order of officials or menial servants about the 

7 Natural son of Oeorge Villiers, second Duke of Buckingham, by the infamous Countess of 
Shrewsbury- The following passage in a letter from Andrew Marvellt dated 'J Aug. 1671, suffi- 
ciently identifies him : "Buckingham runs oat of all wiih the Lady Shrewsbury, by whom he 
belieres he bad a son, to whom the King stood godfather : it died young Earl of Corentry, and 
was boried in the sepulchre of his fathers '' ( Workt of Andreic Marvelt^ edit. 1776, i- 407.) Of 
course he was not Earl of Coventry, as the legitimate Duchesa of Burkingham was then 

■ Lady Anne Hyde, eldest dan. of Edward, first Earl of Clarendon (seebis burial 4 Jan- 1674-6) 
by his second wife, FrancesT *la°' of t^ir Thomas Aylesbury, Bart, (see her burial 17 Aug. 1667), 
She was bom at Cranbome Lodge, near Windsor, 22 Mcb- 1637-8, and was married to James, 
Duke of York (afterwards King James II,), at Breda, in Brabant, 24 Not. 1669, the ceremony 
being subsequently repeated in England, at Worcester Houi^, 3 ticp. 1660. She died at St. James's 
Palace 31 Mch- 1671. tihe was mother of Q. Mary II. and Q. Anne : see their burials 5 Mch. 
l694-fiaDd24 Aog. 1714, and the burials of her other children, 6 May 1661, 30 Hay and 26 Jiuie 
1667, 10 Nor. 1669, and 12 Jane and 8 Dec. 1671. 



1671 [ApL] (— ) The Ladff MMr^itrtt ifevf, mfi Id Sir Winiem N^i, Bart, and 
daujfhifr to JiAHy L^rd L/m^m*^ Bartnt of lltiriff, by kin wift 
iht Lmi^ Ani¥!, datufhifr h TlMmat, Lord Wfjiiwort/t, tiarrm^ 
^ }i§muUd 4iiW Eurl of UkPtiand^ dM tU Iic^ ^ Aprii, 
1671, i^^S7- *v\B. — Sk9 vat huncd tjrp^U Mrt. CkrytUan 
Ktr^t fnomrmfniy ttt^o foot from th^ t^mirpf t}\^ Earl iff Bath's 

Ifrv, Thomas:* in the ?C<Tth Cbi&wr, 

Al>rnh)UD niinckliri, a I'hilil •} \t\ iIm* Knrtli <?Lnftt(*r. 

KtJgftr, DukiT r»r (Cambridge,* wak laid vii the Mitiie [i.*., Uu rmfaf^ 

Jnnft 16 Mre. Pcringdicifc, wife of Dr, P*'riiii;:clielfe, Prcbdiidftry of Uiis 

Ohuroli:^ \m tiU Albtif]. 
Mr. William PInmlj, one sf the Sacrisia :• [CloitUn]. 
"iXv*. BInrtch, wife; cf Mr. Willinm (lopwoodf one of Ibo GgdU$- 

men of the King^'B Chapel, aiid PettJcanoD of thil Chimdi:^ 

iti the Eafit Cloister, 
Hot. 4 Th« wife uf Hejir/ FTnwkcs :* m tbc Sooth Ckiisrtor. 






' (Thli euU7 dow nnioocar in Htbor ihi.- uiHrlnl ni uimfni-ln] lt(<^Uur, but <in a loo<e*Tfp of 
pftpor, of wlSolj Ihero vro HT«nd in tb* cbitr>^rkpbj o| tint iirj^rioj. ori-lcoilf notca tron wbbch 
tt« Ckol; inutcrlt*^ hit i^fQelal cnlrlfj^ All tlio otiL^n oonir m thdr appropriate vlncei in ibc 
Rfigldittff. F^roin the mjuuloncw of ihc dtf*cripii(>u, cdpcdallj of tbc preciM.- pla« uf tcti-rnicnt, 
l^i^re nfvnifl do iloubt that the bijriftJ took \>\i%^ \n tb*? Abbcj. bat fr^^m *fjmo cAum ibo cltrk 
ovglOL-fi.'il to wooril SI, Tl»e matur for wanili^ U ituii U»ia lot** «U|i of |xipcj bu bom pnwirrfft 
■0 lon|{ ihnt uow, sAor A bi|>ui>f lwflooinpla(« c«a1ari«i. lie cotilAntm ciuk b« fiUcci pcnojuDbtlr 
oa ncovd.) Abo woa third dku. of John, ivcoikI Lord LoWaoe, hj Lidf Anoc, aficnrMib 
fi&Toa«« WrntRortli. uid wu mkmr^^ hi lOAO lo ^ir Willism Noel, wtxmil et«tt. *\X Kukbj- 
UAlLory, oa [.vicwtfir. Tliniciicli bcr ^(^'^►r»l *aii» Jobti, *hfl tthji Mc^iitTHi of ihn Ute ImOij Bjroii, 
i«if« u»1 wMiiw cjf ilu< i:4-kbi ikltxj |i<vi. Uri- lu^U&nO renuirTloil, tu icr?, I^rmioo** llLdnt d««. 
nf HoKiU». Lord Wnrd, ond cU«il 13 Apl. I6re, bi hlftlMrtj-tWni fMr. 

> Iter uin, ju //ZuKf?.! TbonuuL af Tivdonookfl. col Vonmouih. vridovr, ilalcfi 3 Apl„ vnu 
proved 31 May IG7K bj her brotLCT WiUina M^nc«n (hoCh prol«lj!y, Ttl*t burla! 1 IVb. 16^-3), 
Hat otilj wa, Will&Ajn. to vbc^m %h,t bfqueatbcd b(?r entvtc m LAutrcnic. co. Manmoutb, dlod 
Ih-Iwicil tbc daU aud jirubnlv of bf^r will. Xo oLhcr Tclatioov iT« liKCiUODCd iu llie will, eamjit 
bvr lAiAet Ali^c^ >«tofldpr. onrl hrr ii^«4 Mkr^LrH. 

> Sre tb« buriikl of bl» fnthcr, Tboma» DmUiy, 8 Fob. ICflS^S. If« wm Ibird toa, aoEl 
baptbed »t i^, UftTfpimt'A, WcntDtcrtcr* 9 Kq>_ itiffii. 

* Foarib 9ott acil «iKtb chtbt ot Jtmv9, Oukc ut York (Altfnmdi K- Jamu* IL). bj hu fint 
wjfc. t^idj Anno njd«t Ana, of Btlfmnl, 6nfl Rjtf] of ClArcudod (mc bnr biir1«l ft Apl. IffTt), He 
wu bom »l SI- iFhRH5ti'ft PulAOt 14 t40|i. IflBT. rrt*t«l l>uk< pf CJanibrtdat, •to., 7 Oct, fiill<itrrnir, 
&fid ifi«d at Ktctmood 9 Jtttic L€T1. {In tbc Rcgi«ur thin cntrr imiaollauilf folbwt thtt of Ibo 
boria] of bis lootbcr-) 

• Blifbtlf PrmUw^tcf. I'^ bnr hoSlBUtd-s burtbl S f^. KTS. 
■ Am bu wlfc'*bmlA] tf 31«7 ]««£. 

f 8c« lier faatboad** banal 17 Jalx lltSS. ^c wn^ biJi Hrrt tdfc; nod nppcarv Ui havt tcb 
no Iwoa. (The imoftdAl n^Mtr v^j^t <hit «hc wah Lii:ni^t ^d ibc tsth,) 

> Tb< uuottcial rcgiilcr hj^ ,Vrt. /Vait-^rv tian-kf, niid tbAt »l>t wm burlfd S Kerr, «tf« 
btr banbiXKt'* burial a Mdi. ]UU?-I70o. fibo «iu prob&blThl* lacoobd wife, m be ^isfcw lo 
b«T« mArrlcd. a1 1<1. MBr]f*r«c't, W«iiiuDct«t, IM Ll«o. ItAA, Anu iCopcT, of l^l poiith. fplnater, 
BostbcbtLptimucdbtirdjtldno. T Dtc IGaa. 11 JalrlAe&.SS Ucb. lU€8-9.and 1 Scfiu IGn.oxkd 
burial*, U K«b. 14S3-4 uid 17 Ma; IT«n. 










L i 


1671 Nov, 94 Wr Henry de Vyc, Chancellor of the Garter;* between the font 
and the ConTocation hoDfie. 
J^ Dec, S The Lady Katharine, the Duke of York's youngest daughter," 
waa laid in the vault of the royal family. 
Dec. 11 Mrs. Catharine Dolbeu, daughter of the Right Rev, Father in 
God, John, Lord Biehop of Rochester, and Dean of this 
Collegiate Chnrch :" in St. Benedict's Chapel, 
Thynne Morland, a child:* in the North Cloister. 
167i Feb, 17 Sir Thomas logram:* at the foot of the ataira going up to 
E. H. 7th'e Chapel, on the South side. 
Mr, Owen Adamson, singing man :■ in the East Cloister, 
Mary, daughter of Mr. Thomas Duncklin J in the North Cloister, 
Mr. Lawrence Fisher, singing man i* at the South end of the 
Ea«t Cloister, by Mr. Adamsou. 
March 7 Mr. Nathaniel Jones, one of the TTshers of the Coll^ School ;' 
near the same place. 

^ Sir Henry Da Vlo. ot Goeniaey. His mother appears to bare been Rachel, eldest daa. of 
Bir Philip Cwteret, of St. Owen's^ Jersej (by Eachel, dan. and heir of Bir George Panlet), whose 
firet hoBbaad wae a Beauvoir. He waa tot twenty years resident at Brnasels, and waa created a 
Baronet 3 5ep. lSi9. !□ Sep- l€€0 he w&a appointed Secretary for the French tongue and 
Cbaocellor of the Order of the Garter, and in iS63 he waa Comptroller of the Houaehold to the 
Doke of York. According to Anthony Wood, he waa created M.D. at Oxford. 2B Sep. 1663. He 
married his conain, Maj^aret^ third dan. of Kir Philip Carteret, of St. Owen's, Kt., by whom he 
had a son. Sir Cbariea, at whose death the baronetcy became extinct, and a dao., A one-Charlotte, 
who married John, Lord Frescheville. He diedSO Nov- His wiL] ia dated in 1669 (the day and 
month omitted), and he described himself as Knight and Baronet, Chancellor of the Garter, etc., 
and as then aged seventy-one and npwarda. It was proved, Ifi Feb. 1671-2^ by hia son dir 

* Fourth dau. and eighth and youngest child of James, Duke of York (afterwards K. James II,), 
by bis firrt wife, Lady Anne Hyde, dau. of Edward, first Earl of Clarendon (see her burial 6 Apl. 
1671). She was born at Whitehall 9 Feb. 1670-1, and died at i^l. James's Palace 5 Dec. 1671. 

' Only daughter, by Catherine, dau. of Ralph SbeMoti, of Stanton, co. Derby, Esq., and niece 
of Gilbert, Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr. Dolbeu was iustalled Dean of Westminster 3 Dec. 
1662, consecrated Bishop of Kochestcr 25 Not. 1666, and enthroned Archbishop of York 33 Aug. 
1683. Be was buried in York Mioater 12 Apl. 1686. This dau. died yoong. The unofficial 
register gives the date of her burial as 6 Dec., which was probably that of her death. 

* Probably an infant dau. of Hir Samuel Morlaud, Bart,, by his second wife. Dame Carola, 
dau. of Sir Bc^er Haranel, Kt. Bee the marriage of her pareots 26 Oct, 1670, and ber mother'a 
burial 14 Oct. 1674. 

* Bon of Artbor Ingram, of Temple^Nowsmi, co. York, Esq., by hii second wife, Alice 
FeiTGrfl. He suffered greatly for his loyalty, and after the Keatoration was made Chancellor of 
the Duchy of Lancaster, and one of the Priry CouucU. He died 13 Feb, His will, as Sir Thomas 
Ingram, Kt., of Islewortb, Midx., was dated the 9tb and proved the 27th of the same moutb. 
bee the burials, of bis only dau. 12 June 16S1, aod of bis wife 27 Mch. 1680. 

* Be is mentioned as one of the Choir, in Dr. Busbj's accounts, in 1664. 

' See tbe burial of her father, Thomas BmitUyy B Feb. 1688'^. 6he was eecond dau., and 
was baptlEed at Ut. Margaret's, WeBtmiuster, 26 Aug. 1671. 

* Letters of administration to his estate were granted, 5 June 1673, to a creditor, the relict 
Elisabeth renouncing. See (probably) her remarriage, 19 Feb. 1679-80. 

> He waa elected to OjLford from St. Peter's College, Westminster, and matriculated from 
Christ Cfaqrcb IS July 1666, aged seventeen, as soo of Humphrey Jooea, of London, paytog the 
fees of a plebeian's son. He was B^, IT Maj 1070. 



IG7i Mnroh S Mn. Mur/ (lUnloD i* in the ftpace between the Great 4Uid Little 
March :f3 COTflff* ^/ AfeJf/ury d^td} 
1073 A jwil 2 J Mn, ElijM»bel!i,v iftiof Mr, NichoU** Coply ;* in the NVth Cli^sUr. 
Mttj 1 1 MaiUia, wife vf Mr. Adam Osgood^ Clerk of the Vi'ork* ;* in the 

NorUi riointrr. 
June 2U Sir Frvl£til Bolli»,^ uhtn io iho Ingageruent agaiiiftt lh>o Dntet ; 
ID Sc. EdmEiTid*e Chapal. 
i^ July 8 The Riiflt Ron. Edward, Eurl of S(iD<iirLV Viw-Adniiral at 
jh-'u, ttluin in the nor agaimt the DaUrti : in tlio Dnke of 
Alh«niArIe'A vntilU 

' Tb« plaoQ of intVTmtftil tiiil1d«oUj tndtcft!«H tlmt ihfl tm of liiimljla rank, nod i^rnbAb]/ a 

^ (Tlitii wilr^ U In the unofflolikl nfri«tor onl j. und iht l.vly n&mert wn« not Ikuricrl tn the 
ktthtj I but. Bji«h«dI«{ipR4rr<1 MiJiri'Iy fn>m tbp hiittfici o( the iioblc fiunity wiih which nhc 
tuid bocu ooimcatcd, and vraa idi^uiifjnl orilir aflv' mucl rlilliciiUy, ii te^^tns (irij^r (liHt lliT-mtrj 
»lioiild not bo dmSllfilO t^b* w«n Jior, (bird dan. of Jolm. lirhl I^iM Dmlitr ^r BmniQikl, lij 
BliubeUi TIDtCTV, balf-flUlpr of Qeorpr, Unr. Uuke uf UiJckEDehnin, And to* tbc thlril n-Lfj? alU 
fwlict of Jiunua I-«y. ftr*t Kof! of J/^rifermyi, who ilioiJ U >IcL. l<(iT-K (o vhom Ab« ItiU 
boonmnrricd about ivtcu rcani. Sbtfotouiat iramvi]jAtdjirQiJUTiHlCWinir"a jowiir.her^utjfulJ, 
oodrioh vidij4'."aihi;rK'CL>ndhu»b&iKlrF<con3('4l u^ioubfJ iDOuuiiii'r;f) WilHatn A>htji]mlAi», G^q^ 
CofTcrer c^f tbu llLiii-ffi)ii>lil to K, ChoHciv II-i ti^cond bnti of ?^r Jotm AHhTnirultAin, Kt. f^si "/ns 
buxiod In tlic fAm^T TinliAt .ubburahnm. (ki, Suhicjl. 'Xrs Mdi, \ei'l, adU bu duburau; ajoanmcikt 
orootod vtcet bcr rvmalaL Bcr *«coad buibau^t vm bnrifll vntli Iwr 10 Doc> KTW, i^ Uft no 
JiMe bj dtber buAbacid. 

' Bigblty <hpUf. S«^ her btubondK h^riA\ ^\ Jan, H53-4. 

* So: bur bo«lAb<l'« burial £3 Aug, fnllowiii^. Thny won: muriiMl «t t^i, Marjroj^l'ii W««t* 
ntuBlcr. 13 KcU 1fl.tO-10, bci uame bi'iiig MiutliH V«aTW. hud ibc Ui|^1idm« uC kc\cnil vf llictr 
cUI JroD ocgiir in cbo ngidc^ of Ui»l iiiLfi^Ti. t«ro Ihv IhtHaI cf bor dau, T Scpu tCtil^ 

' Sir /Vfwirrifif flolUif, KT- <in)7 mirTiviDic aou of OvrruM HullcM. nf On»t Grimsbr, <», 
LSncoto. K«)„ tb(f cvltbraUil outlqiiAiy aad Uiulfr of Lbc EUuiiief^U bj bl« ^acond irife, Kliuboib, 
<Uu.of IJcul.-OoL VltliutD Uolc^noTlb. Accuirditigto a horoACflpc m A4hmolcM^.:;i3(Jlod.[,ib.) 
Ph 23i. bo wu U>Ea Juuo IG43, at it o'dmk p^m. Qq gnati; diiticguUbcd bJoiaelf iu ibc *«• 
Jlghl mritb lb* Duioh in l€G\ uiil n-m'Tvd tho honoinr of kni|{bthood. Ilo Acallj Ml in tbo 
tiaral builk of tV>uLbw>ld bajr, 3^ 5laj 1072, He niorrkd (Uur. Ijc> F«u. S4 Kut. 3613) Jaon 
founU dau, of Kichord l^cwii (*on of Jobn l«cwit, oi Morr, «», Vork, St'tOj *"** r«liet <ff 
Valcntitir; Crotn?, of Lfoudoti. wbo flUTviTc<l htm, but bj vbona b« left no iamc. In a will dated 
IT 3£iy ICC^. hv ibm K^Jiig lown in cuiniaunlof ft tnau-of-WBTi ocoun Ibc fatlo«tug tDkrcaUiig 
piMMge : **ln omo mj hndj «bn(iU h*^ liroiijclir fn \imd to he huri«d. I dmrc rbnt immo vtouc 
maj be laid OYtt me. with iLii Snucriplion : ' Kntm-. raoiler. whoioerer Uioti be. if I bod lived, 
^twafl mj tnteat not to bar? ovrcd my mrmnrr f j uif otber numuQiont but vhAl mj ftwurd *bou1d 
ruAc for me of honour uid ut vti^or?; " Ihin wilJ was proved £ Jujie 1Cj2. A latci ciue, dated 
3a A|d. lltTf, vritlj • iiuticutmiircfi^irit, 2d Miijr, tlitTiion bc^onl tbv *' Cuabtid|^" <it vbictl be 
woJi (Animfindnr, wm Afl^vArilfi <]E*n)TAr«<t, anil prifwl 3 Jsn^ l<tT3. 

' Edwnrd BIciTira^a. otlf tarrinoff luu aud beir of Sir Kfdaej UoiitAKu (joooicer brother of 
Umrj. lint Eart uf Mincheal^). bj Paulina, third dau. <4 Jo^n PepjK, of Cottenh«.in, cd, Cam- 
bridge, Kbi. lie WM bom 37 Julj 162^, and laarrierl, at tSt MMryaKr-i. WecitmtUBter. T Nor. 
IM^ J«ulnu. cldnii dui. (^ JuJm. finl Ixml <^n«rCf uf £tcac> lie wjt* crralcd Kul of Kktid4-icbi 
«le.. IS JoljKeO, haling hiwn iQTMtMl vllh Ihr Ordnrof 1b«! Garurr tbu (■rvn'dius :}Hit i>f Mkf . 
Hit ^klUavry a« a naval coannuider k a pan of Ibo hiaUirj of the country* but hi* end vn^ un- 
necwiwrilj iroiflc. Rcfud&g to quit bii i»blp in Ibe tost esimaity« be waa blc-va up in his. 
with a fow i«llnrv wIlq ^vald [joi ]«Avr hlin, Thfti uwarred dnrlntf tlkft tettle la Etaittwold 
lfa7, SS U^ W2. Ha wUl, doUd itl Nov, 10C», «a« pctmd 7 Aep^ 1«7S. 



1672 July IS Mr- Herbert Thorndyke»ona of iJic Prebendaries of this Chnrcb:' 

At tbo i^ud of tin- l^iuit tJ'iUUi; D^-xt thv Uiarch, by bin 

Dr Waller Jonee, BubnloBn of bia Majefily*e ChApcl und iif tbin 

Cburch :^ nciir the Snb-ilranf* iwiit, 
Oitpt- Hoiirj' C\Kfk, uatj of liw Quiitleuwu uf IiIh Mujratj'fi Chapel, 

And Master of the children tlicrCi" in the £u«l 01oi»tcr, near 

TbomAH, BOH of Williftm May:' iu the South Cloialer. 

Adam Osgood, Clerk of the Works :^ in the North Cloister. 

Mr Jf^hn Whitn;" in th^ midjit of (ho Wntt Cloiator. 

Th(> roiinu*?* Dovngor of BerWiiru r' i[i a vault in St. John 

ItaptiAt'H C!mj>el< 
Peter. Bou of Mr, Christopher Oliivpiniui :* at the Wu«t end of 

UiQ North Clobter. 






Sepc< 13 

' The wpll k&oim ««k«fwHc«1 writer. He wai ttird fon of Fnuiri* TharnAiit. oi 
Scamblofaj. oo^ Ltocoln. Baq-. bjr Alice, diu. of Eilwud Colenuu. of Whldm|:f]c1ii, tuifulkf And 
wu Ikitd abonc lOVfl. flo wnj> filucAtt^l at riuiibfUrl|-iT, am} hcvmuc ■ F«lU>w vf Trinitj Cone|[i3. 
bfli iMTOr prrxtfoAflH tA thd ddgrwu bf Dirintf^, Hi> witH InxiAlltit Pr^bAmlju^ of I.fnmln It 
April 1630, hot Maicnvd bU stalT In tM[»» becAinlnic Vicar of CU;bn>ok, ox I^f^jttcr, And Chap- 
Iftla to Juno, dmt Doko irf Richmuad. On 2 Juljr 1Gf2 be wofi iuriitutcd to the Ecctor; of 
Bvl«7. U<rl««fivm wti^cb li^ rftiKil h jM-r Ifklrr, Durittjc %hv i'omiWfur^fn^Ui Iw vm[i\ttjtd bim- 
«?TF *ilb Kip livtkfs lULd on & J^cp, lArtl he wm Ji^nliJlrtl TrcljiTifiUry uf W«*Miui]f»t«r, lie Jiod 
aictc>«ff-k. HiiU-, 31 .July IfiTS- Sm hU broibfirn burial 3 Nov. IflflS. 

i^ ' KMmI mmj of Jnhn Joiun, of 'he dly of Worow*i<*r, G'^uL,, tiy Ann D<'W*, of Towlisk, «. 
WorofUltr, He rofltitculMed M Oiford, frDmChtirt Hiutch, L** Oc(, IflSl.ngc'l 17Hniid procovdod 
to Ibc (IrirrM of UA). ]9 IH^I. IHtfO, Iiaviuc bvi-n inxtnlkMj Prfbeinduj of W^fitiumilcr & Julf 
in tbtt 3r«*r. H< murnca, Jkl Cliri*( Cliurrrb CnthciltaUOKfiiTil. 17 Dec. 14^43 Ow'(>« tliiv^ B D-X 
Phi^lHw, Jiw nt h*T, Or. *h«iih#1 I'**!! !>«*» Hf iluiiit <!hurob, »-hr» rmttitviI him nnlf] a llijft 
Iftia. IU iftid ftt WcuLmm-Kn'. I? Jutf ir>7:f. Hi* will, dalcd 1 Mnj tli71, wa» pn-red I Not, 
]l(72. t(c« hit HOQ** bft|Jtiiim to l^i^C. 1003, and ibv marrugcs of bin ddu^btcni, 3 Doc. 1G6H and 
T Feb. i«;a-«. 

■ He U >«tr1 It' barv bvoa bnraiffaC up in tbe C3iapol. but jinnod Ui« ro^kl ann;- nfld 
nliUinr^l t ripUtii'ii ivimmiuirin in H43, jv-rAlninf^ Ihf (Jtio nnlil bia dntfh Hf tvna M4«l«p 
of Lilt Cbtlilirn ftt tbc Lbronntl(in rif K. ("tiflrlp^ IE. Anlbony Wi>o<l myfl thai bf: dketl of irrief 
bec*a*o hit pupil rcthua Ilamplmj, excelled bim on tbc Into. Oe died 13 Juljt app^tvotlf 

' Kcc bif> triiptitin R Adj;, ICT9. Onrl thjtt frf bi* hintcrSj) Xdt. IGfiT, vid iin1< ihrrdo. 

« H4< iH tn'-nii--inAl in tbn flmptPr BocAt u HUrrk of ibe Work* vt l-atIj hji SA Apr. tilMS. tW 
hlf ■rlfe'> burial It &liy |irotedlnf7, and that of tla dao^ T Rep. Itit^S. nin hvothi>r. Richard 
Oi^ood. i»linjai*ten?d to bU e»lAt4.\ in the Ooiirt of tbo Deac aail Cbapl«T, 2& S<rp. H72. 

■ Id hif win, iSftL^ 1 1 An^. Itiri, ii in ^tat^d thni be ww a naUve of the citj uT Limerick, In 
Inland* Wt ilicv Hick in X^findfta. Frnni Tt* uuntRnt^ he wh* nidcatTj * i^panitb ckvrchant ut 
encuriibtfabiA WUUh. lie dirvCed t^ bn burind hi thn AhtM»j nr^l Uft twiii/iKN to bin nidlbcr 
Joaoe flallf. bi* brctbcf Jnmvs W\iiu. tad bii «i4t«n Uargixret, I'blUU. and Alxiu Wtite, aad 
aitt to bb ociUi^Ti-ffvrtcftit T^'^tHlitJi Wbitc, probablj tbe dao of Ibut Tinme wbo. m \snatiM Vi(u« 
di^j Whiu^, at UmiMldi, to* citaUtt a Baroiicl 29 Juno IQiT. The will wi^ proved, 31 Aog. 
1fi7S. bj the ufiCDion^ Im Londap nwrehimlA- 

' Lady Kliobeth Cecil, clJiHt d»iL tod coLdr of William. u-^omX Kjifl of KKclrr. hj bU 
*mmd wife> EtliutUth, dau, of 8ii WillSam Dnuj. und iviiat of Tbomoc, draC KmtI uf Btirkahin 
(woUf buritl^Juljr l«69). 

* Soc hit father ■ burial 17 Jiuw Mfll, aad bt« mot heKv 10 Jxilj ITOT, Ht died 1 1 Sep. 

L> A 



l$79 Sept. 16 TIa- LmI^ Tillen:^ In the North nbile of the monnment^, near 

St, PanrsChflpel. 
Not, 26 t'okucl Oefrory Collins:* In the Kiut Oloiilcr: thogroaiid given. 
Xo^ 38 Mr. Jolin (*oo|yr, 1410 nf hJM UAJest<r'« RerTnnta :^ in the aanie 

grave with Col, Collins: the ground given. 
Deo. 28 Dn John Doughty, one of the i*rrt)ciidnrirt of this CImrcli :* iit 

lilt! Nfjrth iiin\v of ther oionamcntiL, near BiELhop Du|rfKi'i grare- 


L- I67J Jan. 11 The Lady llntton ntid her dftnghter:* [wi /A# AUfi^]. 

* Bwbnre, rtdoht dan. of Sit John SI. Jobn, of LjrdiAi^-Ingoi, Willi, lod nlict of S& 
KdvFird TlfiicTf. Ku, wbu itiol 7 Qvp^ lOV^ »ud ira* twxivd La IneUad, Ttiey itie» panrott Qt 

8c« lh#^ hnilinraH nf thrir {ThLMmn % A[d. ItilX ]£ Apl. lfi£0, ftni) I Jnni' 1€:fSl li murrbi^ :£& 
Fell. 1083-1. uvl burial* 16 Jul; ICBA ftndS Jitlf 1G8U. Hot vUl, <lAtod the 3nl. wo* prvved S6 
5ftp, IG7?. 

* Letten of adrolD^/AinUfon to bU MUilo «cr« iirHatol, :2!} Mch, 1673, bj the Oonrt cf tbo 
Dcau nod C^A|il«r, lo a orr^llor, hU Jauipliln llurton CVrlliim reooutcing . A poliUoD ol bU liO 
tttn I^iinlit 1/ Uin CoDikcU, iUf«d C Ucli, IfiSA^U. ihowii UkHt froni httflitf t«Mi ft pHvote in the 
ftrmy he tok ta the offico of perjoikDl, then teottiac ensign nt the ble of Ub^ sburtlj ttfler 
IkutcuAEvt, uid Giittltj. hi* c^uio beinip ftlAin At RochotU. iiiuceoded to liu [hhi hi^U rAuk. 
fievBMDowMktng tor lil»iUTCArtof paj ^i^b, Jir<v. Cffftce^ D^mi. Cfiat, S^ VoL13S, N«. m). 

' He wat Oiu-vcr iu Otdtunrj to Lhv lUuv- 

< Bom «t Hartkf. new WoxrcitUir. iu ISWT, whl cducati^ %i Oiford, vlicrr ht- %\znu^ Ibu 
vabKriplioQ IxKjk 30 ApU IG13. Qtr V^cahw a Kvllvw of Mertou ColUicviu IGID, Rccturof La^- 
■nortbi CO. Whnrlcl^ 1 1 J^u. 1633-4, ontt xf l<irwd« Lecturor nl Kt. Kdmuiid'^ SftlUlmrr. Afl4V 
Uje Hesiontlon be becunc Etcccorot chcjun, co- tiurt^j* anrl wa4 iiuiiallol f>cbcnctM70l W^fc- 

ai&»tcr fi July I^SC, proccodinfi la lili dcsroc of D.D., M OxfonL. IP Oct^ foUowlpg. Hcdkdlft 
lJ«c-p atid, according lo AnttDDj Wood, ''alter h« hod lifccl to be twico a ckild/* tlU wll), 
dated 21 Fvb. U67'8, vaa ivOTvd 30 De& 1673, bj bk rtlict Celhtruie. to wliotu hv Idt aU liU 
ertAte,eiid «)u)b«lono xiamtd U\ it. 6echi?r burial, v^ \aAj Boalb, 30 ^j 1004- 
£^ * TbcncND beUttk or tic doubt Uioi tblacaujrcfcn 10 tUciaotbcracdwtrcof CbriAUpbcr, 

Mcond Lord Hattoa of Kiriij, who ««re kiU«I bj an c:L^]«ion of tho ponder ■— g***** at (^nwt 
Cwtlc, Qntmac?. 30 Dec. KT3. The entrj itself U anuUsfador?, nnd Mm unoffldol refut^-r 
duei ikot explelc It^ w it owrolj »je^ under (JiiH dale, -' J^adj HattoaV (u : in ]p* Ahlij " ; but tbo 
daUa and olbcr drconurUnca oo thorooghL; accord tbat the Jd«Qtl£catloD id r^ndt^vl noarly 
cxttoin. Tki- bujta uf tliLt ehouking ocourrcnoc. na gallivf^ Crom the wloui bl>tori» of 
Goortipff/, 'H^P**^ ^ h« bri«£jr ihc«. Towanb tnidnigbt, od iho Sffth of Dc^wnbcr, a torlAc 

thunderitftonn broke over Comet Cutlo. th« nniileaoe of Lord UoUdq. tbcn Governor of 
GoeraMt?, and about one o'clodc on Ihe tnomSng of tha 90th, aocortUjig 10 Ihe |;tarith r^gbler of 
tiL Pctcff^Port^ the powdcMaagoAne exploded, cridontlj from the cflccU of Uu Ughtuing. The 
buUdlngB wvm »Iu]u»i vaiUroljr demollriied, nnd a uoAibcr oJ pcnoiu kQled ouiH^bt. Tbe 
dowig** IjiJj HalLijtj, who wu in tbo npfsr port of Ibo OMtU. wa*«nuhed bj Uir falling in ol 

lb* oeJliog cf b«r eiiortncat, J^j Hanon, the Ooreroor'i «if«, who bwl fied to biur uhUdien tn 
the nnTMijp wa» niso Idlkdf witk her wnitiikg^womftn and oarae, the latter bdniE fotUkd deed 
«t(h his lofdihip'a Mostid daLij;hleF in ber onni, an hurt, though boldi&f in hei hendi hur unul 
|iUjtbiiig, a unoU vUict vup, whiuh hh mticb baltcmd «ud brui«t-d. Thu jomintirt diUd, who 
laj tu acndlc almfvl Itlbd viiJt tobliiih, wa* IiLw-lm mineiiluiulj uvi'd vnlhcul lh# lUMt 
in)urT,ellhotightl)tfnithtdoari«wvkU1o(1, with Ibc elder cUldm one armband bticclMehud 
00 the eredt* ol the icfiiut. But the pr^oerralicai of Xat^ Uattoe bjnuclf irfv even uorc mor- 
velloaiL It le aUd that, b; Ui« torao of tlie eaploeion. be wot actonllj corned un hid ted U' the 
lettlcfncnt cf a vroU *owc jorUa dSMjut^ooid ool awakcsed till a r^ljijircruf bjLilattifica fell upuo blv 
faiw. Of the balldh^c in whMi be hod beon alpeping. HKyMnikli-le hod been ita dttrtjnction tlMt 
Doihing WW left otondiog but the frune ol ibc door. 

The quaMim iriiuis whether the ]>orwiM eo auddeidj Jettrojcd vcre net burled where 



167| Feb. 4 Uiehfira, son nf Mr, Uhristopber UbapcnAii t* At the Wesrt end of 

the Nortb Cloiaur. 
Feb. 13 Mm. Aiiu€ JiuL«e :* in tbc Xortb kwIu oT Uic bc>dj of ibe Charcb. 
Uarcb ^ Hcurr duicj^, « »cbotnr oT Lbu Suhoul :° iu Llic Enni CluinUr. 
Uurdi 19 TLuuiua, auu of Mr. Sotiiiuuu Sbortor:* tti Uic Suutli end i>r the 

Bikel Cloister. 

SOEAtotilu BrtJIor «^bUmcHl the toMrrtrittg rfrhniitn copies o! tba tfrifUf nlatSnK U) them In 
tt»lMMnilAL<Tr of >^t. I'clcr-f^^: 

" lUdiunc mtnbeth dt^ Maatdgu, mure dc Mftord tUtton, Uourcr* de oettc Ulc, ajaintM 
tu^ dAzu tc« nUDu ct lo lUbriti <lu <lonjoa 4n CfaAtomi OamcV q^i fat fnppf d'nn coap dc fonilra 
ti ru1«TA pnr lt« ponilnviqiii/ (>tiuenl, Lc luudj 30 X^™ I ATS, onvirno orte h«ini&<1ii nuitn, ajutt 
<t^eiik1i«unK^snenUiil1e«ont (WinimdAUAlel^niplele m&rdi 3J Uo dtf. nxtls. 

"UjulnKnoOdlf^Taftoii, Hmfl 4e Hjlcrd Ha|U>ii, ajaaL At4^ tii^c ilumtoc ncddeal, ct (bint 
onlMunaDe; ««» ^otnuEIca rnmt nuc* <iEU]« le temple, iirec ceUc* de Atckd* hi boUo m^firt Htd* de 

It i» «TJiiMil from thfli; mtn«A Ifaat th« £v'/iM of ItiMb two ladin vvn* nrrl 1iirri«ri MC EH. 
Fetw-PerL Wb«rv were th«7 nrrJed 7 Tlie nilr; in the Mit iwniA to ■&«wer (>■« qi««tloa ixiil< 
elwlTtlj. EM<«t}7«:VfVii dfljB frcm ibo dau In llio ^l. l^tar^Varl ng}rict^iwi time for the 
jonmiT from (Joeracef tfid Uic DCMuauy prr^Muniioiu iu London— wr find -^ tlip Lsd; Hhuoh 
and her diwf M«r " lacczrcd in WudniiuMrr Ab^^. knd <1d»Ii1Ii>« in tl» TDQltof ihc Hbllcm 
frLmlljr. where th« htichanil of ttv«lder lailj uiil f«r«rKl f-f ?i4*r rhililn^ri wi-re nln^^ buiit.vl. Il 
in fd^inhO aod rvtaaonablu tliit «he ihoutd taafe Ixwn iulem^l vlth ih^m, itnA not Uk^ly, under 
the pcaUar ctratraitaiiOGa, diat tht bodia of thr two who hftd pemhisil together ihould hsrc 
hen BepAiiLted, 

Tt* tidcr InriT wii« Klfnfeh^h. eldest flan, atid f>ohoir frf J*ir CHArle« HontAicv. Kt, (rfmuircr 
broihrr of Ht<tiTy. Unl OTikir 4<i M kii^bmtrr)* hf hi« itKir^nH wlfr, MiUT, fmirth djiii. of Wlllian^ 
Vhktniorei l&vi.. citiwn uuJ HldtfrmaTi of Ltnidon (n<Fl Sir WitU*m Whitm^.iW, Kt,, a« unnallj 
ftAlcd), Kbc vut raorritvl, at Hnckiitj. MiJi . ft May ICIKi, to <:iirlM(>|>biT TUtloti. Km\.. ofteT' 
wanhi flni l*«d Hattcm of KIrbjr (src hli Ininal Aug. HS70J, who wn# Ocrcnior r>f UucmBty ta 
th* itiBG of h)» dntth. (ftoealMth« buhkli of hflr«hfldt«n, 5or.l6U9.SOol. 14311, KFfblliU'?, 
AjiclSJutw KIS.) 

The jouDKtr lad^ iM« 1<«dy CkSWc Tufton. ftiutih Ivit thfrd tvrrlTlnir dan. of Joha, AOcond 
ftari crf ilinuf<, ^ Lndf Margwc i'AckriUe, eldon dau. and cohdr of ttiehftrd« thin) Rorl of 
Don*H. »lie WM baptus^ at Sotfaileld. Kent. 7 Jnne 1«4^. and waa thenfort only in ha loth 
jotf Bft hrrduih, t^bo niArned Chri'^ophrr. «r<n(i<f Lord Ilaiiovi. wIia aaoecvdfil JiiiffMhira* 
Uivrttnor of OwTOtP^. Ho tirloe mnarririL (Lnd bin wf[]. djtttf^l 7 &1ny lA^ waa prored 19 Keb, 
I7ft6-*. Iter only furvmng doii^ Ann«. tiwain« Un* m-^ioihI wlfciJ Onuicl FiodiT aiith Barl of 
WinebelaM aod teooud of Kotttngtmn <k« tbe burial of her dan. IB Apl, 1TI2). 

El taaj aA be daemed anM to pcrprtnatc )iorc the tiamv and memoTT of th« faltliful nuras 
above momloaud- Sba wan burStd nt St, PpifT-I^ort, uid in tlw f«gi«1«r ol that pAihSi ^b« Ii 
doBCiibcd pii *" U' CMci^ne WlUJa. ncittrrke de Madame bi OouTcmantc." Ilie pR«nt record U 
bn- onlj uoonmcat. aad ib mode iwo Fcnbrirlfv aitur ahc yicriibcd no nobly. 

' Uediari I reh. 8er his blher'abaTiain June l«8K and hiamcthcr'a 10 July 1707. 

■ tiolfcioT Walter Juitra, ftftj. (who bait a Paitat frum ihfi D«aD and ChHpi&r.A Dec 1012, 
flo* the BalUwUJi of W<«lvii£kit«r and tkn ofli«« of Kivh«Baov), to whom ahv «iu married, at 
Al^ Ballowi OaTkloff. London. G l^ep. IGI6. Hi WM bnriod at Rt. HantaTtt'a Wcatminrter, 
SI Not- 1134. Aooonlinf: to bti wiU, dated IT Xof. atjd prored C Dto, W34, the vtaa a dan. of 
WUUaoi EknOtoe, E«<1h, theo JiTing. and he left by her twelvtii-hildrfM.ftll nSnora. JI«Towti will, 
daivd lu Det, 1672. ntkh utHlk-il* 16 ncd IT Jao. fonowinic. wjio pnvwJl afl reb, KTa-A. Hm tha 
ba(itlimi i4 bir ttiildrwH, 92 A|il, liL34 and 10 S«p< Ulf7. fhf biirinl ^f tuar dn^ Blary Fea. M ApL 
l<S7, 4nd(prababay)nrberdau„ FrauceaQruDdy, ft Ai^l I<>;j>. 

' Vkt o«Iy oac «f thia naroc to the fcoorda cd WcttnxiQstcr Fichool la Henry JStitf^, who waa 
iUol«d toOaail4idge m 1610. 

* 0« uf ibA* nani« uceun Id Dr. I^tbjr'a ncojiiiiTs a* a mrrnher vt iW oUoIr tu 1644, B«« 
hbUthfrr'<horialfi»Jui, 1677 »* Ha wu prebDUy » mo by tU finrt wift. 















1673 April d^ Ohristopber KtiJpe :^ in the South Cloister. 
Lurciioc 8n^»tmuD :* in lIio Kn^i OloJAUr. 
HIiner Slade:* between the CloTBtent. 

Mr, FfaUip Tyochare, (JhanM of tlila Uhuwii :• near thf& door of 
the Lord Xorrts'^ inoimmunt, on ihr ^o^tll mdc of the Chtircb. 

Ciilouol [Wa^tA] Hamliutou;" roceiTtd his deatli woumi ia tho 
cngngcmvitl agmn«l the Dutch : nithiit ihc NurLli twiUiJiDvtil 

< ArtmitW loSt. L'tirr'nCollfge, WeMiiiinricr<£n18T0f»iHlprohBljljrefenvd lolnHioblloir- 
inCca^tnctfTOTo Dr. Hixhbj^ii ftcamnl book: <*P«b.2H. leCfl. Hoc' tlwn ^130 nf Ur. Knipc for his 
ioa't brard «id Injicmcilon CDdrng CmkUcihw da; Iwt put.' H« wm n major cmiilldniCAt bis 
doALli. Ud wda pK>bab1j a brollkcr of tha (Ccv, Dr- Knific. ofutrwardA }Icad MBotcrt- ol WcvUnUflbir 
School (flpchit bnrul V Au^. ITll). 

> TLe bii|jlijaiiit of obildrvn c4 f^frnmee Smvftenh*ivi occur jn tin? pftrixb regitUor of SI, 
Mftrpiruty liVntn]i»At4^r, u^ cafIt iw Iti'Jlk, aii^L in nn Ai:t Hook lA ihQ D^ah and Qiapiftr, naitar 
dMAOi 10 Jul/ 16&9, lAvrvDcc ^>^jiMlii«Geii^U EnciitloQnrl *t » cbarcbwarclcTi of M^Uftrfu«t. 
TliomA* BveCtcnham. of )^wtfT»«iih&iD. <». C'Iihict. Kt-j,, vtbo aiiLrrlc<l» In IfOZ, Muj*. dau.of J^iiti 
Bfrilc*. of UirtJcic. Bt^^. liJui n third ntt onmc^ LAwrciioc. 

■ The wiW of Bt)r)i>T ^bi.1r\ f^ Wftnimfr. lEerk^ dnicd A Uu^ 1iI73, «u pKiW IT 8o(x 1673, 
bj l(^T i4)U'ln<]AW Htrnrj SiaiidlircH^kc fih« dirfctful l/f lie btitt^d in th<^ cbAnml oJ WanT-m^ 
[WmUgDj, but, lu bo- tjnrial docs nol ocour In Uic rcfUicr of Uwt parltb* ihorr iccin^ doOouIA 
«f her idcDlIVj^ iha kfi coDt^ilcrnbl^! ki^iwlo la her chllilren WUlfiuii, Hoary, CSmiIih. RluobHb, 
uid iiarj !^u3«. niipajviilljr HI minur*. h^Bon Jobd gl»d& hor dsiuhtcr Eluaor Strutcirif «, btf 
tern Thciuiai K«ai<\ A»d b^r raiu-riod dAU. PniUC4>4. 

* Hir proton to whom wo Arc Im^Tiiod fi^ the iirMfrvsUon of ib« SATltcr pftrtloai of the 
Abbcj Hrplsicra. The nnme wju IrnlUTcnpotlj- written l^eMan and Ilftlfr, »nd wlih or wIlli- 
Otic ihc 'iii<-« -^i t.ittU'fiN^, In bii vnJI be oallbd liimKlf "^ I'jhcJurv d/ift« Lllllclon." nhiJo of him 
thn« vcuB ori« sikfi'Cd " Littleton nfi^jr lyiiohArc." uinllicr " Llil^cloit afuu Tmker." and Lbe tliird 
-< Tinker d/iiuUlitcIoii." iU liJm*«lf mjznwl llic tfub«cTi|ilio(i boc& fttOifonJ," rhiUpTindUf.'* 
Thu wu 3 Not, IC31, (uid u '^ Pbiliji i^nki n" of N«w U*11?i:fi, be wv U.A. 31 Jdqq \^h, aii4 
U.A. 3 Julj t«Jfi. Hk nam(% bowcrcrr, la Dot Id the inAirlciilAtiori fr^l^lfr, nor Ul tlie ivoord* 
of K#w t'oTlfifMH ami hi* wiif )in^bal>Ty on* of ibo ebaplaiittt, vs biblu clcrli** of whom no Hat liA* 
bt«D iti«KrTciJ- In thu reconl otf bajjtiim of odc of hu djiucbtcra, ut Su Qrv^or^'t. I^mdon, 
IS Oct, 16212. bo it odW A PeUj Ciujoii of SU I^iu^'il U« vm niiUllod ChAuntot of Wc^ 
Dlu«l«r 11 f'cb, 1660<I. imd firit appcom amonif the U^ntlomfi^ of tbc Chapel ftofal ul lli« 
CorvuAtiou of K, CbiLTln Hh 13 A|jl. foltuiFliig. Od UkS911i of Nov. In tho ttme ^mr lio ww 
cwom ConliMar of bin UHj^itj't lIoiiaahoEd* mu-X ratAinod thftt «fBof until bii dcAtb- Hi* urill, 
dsUd 20 F«h. lCTV-3, wu» prored 30 Hhj 1673. Uii wifF Mbit, who aurrivifil liJm, k|»|i«vm to 
hftv* been ft dan. of Wllliuo Klljr, brother of ller.Jabu Klly.Caikonof WiinLiior. Semitic nurriagci 
ctf bU cbUdr«n 18 Jmiv IAG3, 31 Jan. iea-4. And 17 £>«t. IGT2, 

' Probiblj aDii cd NicboJoa JelmiMJij, TikjniMtrr lu tbc Araij <ioe hlv burlkl SI Apl. ICSSJ.hj 
bis flm wif«^ Jabii Clan^utkri. Af ih« ti>wn ijj ^ulh&mpton, wbo «it« htiricd «t SI. Margftr*t'% 
WtftminflCisr, 20 iCoT. inTS (in her Uat. Uc. Vi«. Ota,, 39 Uch. t€70< alio U c«ll«it & apltulcdr, 
■god ulioutm&ctci^n, uiil wiu to mafrj with couMnl o! bcr nioibcr, Un^ Jaac CluugooD, vridow). 

* JmiDiat Uiiaiil^nt eld«ftl »ou uf Sir CtK^irv Hamilton (fourtb ten of Jimt^ fiint KaH of 
Abctvoni)^ ItfuiNHt of InUud. b; Mary ItuUi^, ibtnl dou. vf Wahvr, V^Huunt Tburlcv, *ad fdilCT 
of Ihfi 4nt Unka of Omuad- llr wu dilonul nf ft f*^in»nt of l^oni, aiut wna a|^inl«1 Grrviei 
of ibo Dodohamber lo K. ChArlca II. ftbont Xor. ICftf. He wa* nadi BaAjecr of Wjdo huk 
89 Nov, 1<M 1« knd llftnUiiMi PJ*ce, PwAdilij, u tnU to hmTc IfaaA dcnrol ha tumc. lie died 
A jHoe, *>nd bin irJict KbiaWtb AdaitnteUivd lo hU (atfti« 4 JuJ|- fdlivinng. ttbu vba dAo. i/t 
lolui, fiiBl Ixkrd C^lopcpVT, tad by her h* vtm f»tb<r of Jaimm, maUi Bui of Abocojn (vco Uba 
b«riAl 3 Dtf. 1734). 8bc (tnrrlnfd Un naill I7UI. rhftroivk, in hia Hityr^fMim AAtatU, mn* 
fbobdv hlM wttli Cftpt. Thomu HniAihoo, who wm Id tb« waM banlo. Itds Oobotl w*tt'^**» 














1673 Jnne 11 Alice, dai^hter of William May :^ at the East end of the South 

Jnne 12 Mary Eettkwell, a child :' in the Sonth Cloister^ at the East 

Paul WilliamH : towards the East end of the North OloiBter. 
Sir Robert Murray :* by the Veatry door, 
[blank] Newman :* at the East end of the North Cloieter. 
8ir Eobert Jjong -.^ without the Qoire, over agaiiiflb the most 

Eastvardly Cloister door. 
Captain Leneve :* without the Quire, under the organ tofl. 
Dr. PeriDcbiefe, one of the Prebendariea of this Charch -J within 

the South monament door, 

was meDtioned bj Prince Rupert, in bis account of the engagGmetit of 28th Maj 1673, as havii^ 
loflt & leg, which yraa probably the immediate cauee ot death. 

^ Bee her bapttfim 13 Sep. 1669 ; alao that of her eiater 25 Not. 1667, and note thereto. 

■ See her baptlBm 14 Jwte 1663, her father's burial 6 Mch. 1676-7, and her mother'H 7 Aug. 

' Sir Robert Moray (as he appears to have alwajs signed bis name), son of Sir Robert 
Murray (or Moraj) of Oaigic, by & dau. of George Halket of Pitferr-oa. He was aa eminent 
mathematician and natural philosopher, and one of the origiaatora and first President of the 
Rojal Society. He was knighted at Oxford 10 Jan- 1642-3, and after the Restoration was 
Secretary of Btate and Friry Councillor for bcotlaod. He was also for some time (at least 
nominally) one of the Lords of tiesaioa ami Lord Justice-Clerk. Bjshop Botnet styled him ''the 
wisest and wortbieat man of tbe age." He died, suddenly, in hia pavilion io the garden at 
Whitehall, on tbe 4th of Jnly> aged about seTcnty. According to Douglas {Peera^^ of Scotlandy 
TTonf J ^it., i. 168), he mikmed the Hon. Sophia Liadsay^ eldest dau. of 8ir David Lindsay, 
first Lord DalcoTTCS, who died 2 Jon. 165^ and was buried at Balcaires ; but this does not accord 
with Anthony Wood's account of him, which says that he was " a single man — an abborrer of 
women." (See a good memoir of him in Chambers* Hiographical JhctJonary of Eminent 

' The □□official register says " Hr- Nnman's daughter," A child of Richard Xewman, of 
Pifeheait 'Magdalen, co. Dorfletr Ksq., by Anne, eldest dau. of Sir Charles Uarbord^ Et. See her 
brother's burial 25 July 1668, and Qote thereto. 

* Younger son of ^ir Walter Long* of Draycot and WraiaE], Wilts, Et^ by his second wife, 
Catherine, dau. of Sir John Thynue, of Longleat He was Auditor ^f the Kichequcr and ooe of 
the Pr-lvy Cooucil to E. Charles IL, and woa created a BaruneL ] Bep. \%^% with remaiuder to 
his nephew, Sir James Long, of Draycot, Ho died 13 Jnly. unmarried. His will» dated 27 Mch^ 
with a codicil 30 May, was proved 16 July 1673. 
^ * RKehard Le Neve, second son of John Le Nere, of CaTendiah, G0> Suffolk, Esq., by bis wife 
Catherine (see her burial 29 July 1682). Be was a Lieut, in the royal \^yj as early as 16ti6, and 
received hia Captain's commission 4 Aug. 1671. He was slain on board his own frigate, tbe 
** Edgar/' during an engagement with tbe Dutch on the llth of Aug., aged only twenty-seven 
yean. Bis nuncupative will ye^ proved 16 Aug. i673, by his brother John (see his burial 
2 Aug. 1693). 

^ MioAofrd Ferrinchur/. He bod the rectory of St. Mildred, Poultry, London, shortly after 
tbe Reslnratton, and was created H. T. P. at Cambridge^ as of Magdalen College, in 1663. He 
was installed Prebeudarj of Westminster 3 Kov. 1664, and of t^t. Panra 2 Aug. 1667, and Arch- 
deacon of Huntingdon 20 Apl. 1670. On the 1 at of Feb. 1671-2 he had the united rectories of 
St. Mildred, Poultry, and St. Maij Colechurch, and retained all hia prefenneut« until his death. 
He was also ttob-Almoner to K. Charles 11. According to the unofficial register, he died 31 Aug. 
His will, dated 26 Aug., was proved 16 Oct. 1673. It mentions no relations, except hia sister 
Anno Cloytonp Bee his wife's buiial 15 Jane 167h 



















1€73 ScpU 20 Tbc l>uke of Kichmond and Lenox :^ in Uie vonLL belonging to 
Uie family. 

Sir EdwanI Spnig^:* in tlic Ni.nh ui#to. 

Miijor Moulin r* iu ttie Dork CbiaU-r. 

Duiuibva Duitoii :* iu tlie miildiv of the Nortli Cloiatcr. 

3drri. Hlicitbcth StilYT^-n : i:i tho middle of th« Nortli Cloiator. 
167] Jan. 7 Mftr^^firet, Ouohuflaof Nen^ca^llo:^ in the Norlh aislo, 
Je^An AlIiPj afmnttan .- m /A# Clwt*rtJ 
Mnry, dnnghtur of J«>hii RuukuiM ;* £C7c>wf#r#]. 

il Oct. 1643, nod barbed m Cbrltl Ctmrch Cnlbvilnl. OifonlK ^7 lb» I'dj Carherliie UowvU, 
eldicac doU- of Tlxocphiliu. io«wii<l fiaH n( Siiffnik (vKu rviunrrwl June* [jvingtton, flrvt Bui ol 
Hevlmrvb). Aeooiduiic to* horoicoi« In A»^bmr^Ii* Mi> t^U i*ih)^tiX^ IRO*. licvaa bura iu 
totiilon 7 Mob. l€AU-iO, ikt :>-a &.m. ; bat tbii bardl; uconU vilb tbo bapliun of bi« feUtcr Ibfl 
follovlnE Mb of December (aee note to ber burial, U Nov. 170)). Hi; vm cnnivd, 10 !>«. 1616, 
UoTOQ rstuiut. of Ncwbui;. B<-rkti> MiU C^rl nt Liubfluld, ftuil aaixcvtbsd his cvuidii Bunc. 10 Aug. 
ICfiO, lU tbird Dultu of ltic)itiio"(t uid Hixth of Lemrutr, Ho diwl at KUi-norv. whil« AiiiViA«a4oit 
to DtDHurk, 13 Dw^ I4T2 (eoffiii-plni^, (itfoud jn t96T), without mrvlTiDS iBauc^ >ud his tiUos 
b«QUi# extinct. HitirilUtUtod IS.Iaa. ICTI^a^irwpJvrcd H Feb. iaTS-8. tiwtbo barlidi, of 
hi* flfft irifc 3U Apl. ttiGL, Iu» lecomd lfiGG-7. and hit tbird 33 Oct. 170t ; tlvo ol bit dwL £» Ucb* 

* Tho <Ji«lia|[ujAh«d EUlTikl oauimiuiitari who iliod AiltnSriLl of tbo Blua. JL<.*cardtn|[ to bia 
iTTftUl of urmft, lt« WA« " aoi^ of l<lohfle1d trpittgiie. Ca|>taLn of Hijriir, and Goromnr oi ZtoWfnamon, 
wbo was alaifi in bi« Ujij^t^B Krrioe ngaiott the rebrW who w»i " nco <if John ^pn^^v. a 
uptain gf foot ixi Ireland during tbo nigjt of Q, Kliubfitb." Uja morJwi ma Matt, aecocd 
daugbtCLT uf fitliTknl Lrior, TioihFnridKtt of UunvL«r, aiid bu wa* tbanift«t w(i wjuidu cf 
43*or;*, fint LonI DHrtnionib. A«tAn]iii{{ Ut Dii|r<1tIi*'A MA. litt^ b« vriu kiiiglitwl aii baud bU 
ablp Ibc ** IVlamijh," I .Fuly 1UA5, but oTbcr nutkoniScH ^^a ttic dale f 4 S^p. in tbut year. He 
miwdn^wucd. during on cngaiieiiicot aritb tbc Dutch o€ tbAOOMtof BoIUdJ. 11 Aug. IrtTSp Hia 
aiU, dal«<! 22 Mh/, wi(4 proved 3 Kot. If73. aud c<iiiUD«moo» vilb thv rbvnirtvhMic trnrda 
"beiuit buw rcndjr Iu v[j({n|^ tliu cuqdij'J' Ha ii kMiU (l>j- Lr Vctc) tu litiw iiintifcil at BriiHUflfit 
iHifnro 3dB0. but bU i*iff> Iji lut inriilU>a«d to bit will, tnd b* )«fl no It^EUmaUi Vwji*. He 
bn]uitnihcd £300 to hit >i>Ltf Ann«t t^^n wife of Hngb KcUjr (onie of hiH etecaton. Sir Joseph 
Abcldun being the utbcr), aud 430(1 to bi* i-ouAtn Jolin ^prairg ; but 1b« rMl of bt* tataw^ wbicb 
vatf ociDBidvrablov htt left to ooo Uorothj IJcnnti and tim chLliWo bj bor, rit, Wilhun. Kilwurd, 
ftqtl Dvnjibj &f^ntp^. <Tlcl4Llcr «ii*bK|'Uc«l»t »U OJo* io tliu HcbK UldJi., 20 Mvb. Ifitiir-TO, 
M"d4ii-nr pilr Kdwftrd i^iTAg; and iMinf Uorothj" I) IV ion William, acM«difii; to l>e Sptb, 
waa A coptAin of Eoariaei in Iti97. 

* li^ U]cunafid«lrcglrt«ribiacatJ7mciAlhufl:"IG73 Novev: 7««tb, Uajor M*itlimm\«i: 
ID 7* CL<]fil«r«.*' Tbo place of mtcrmcul wm Tbat appropnAlol to pcrHiii of tlu bumbicct rank. 

* Tbo uiudBuial re^lMcr mjb "Vn. Ualton," uhI llut th« barioJ v«a on lh« IMi of 

* Tbo oEiaRicial rcgitecr mj« '* Mr. Klfcham.'* 

< VoQQfvr alMcr at John, ftnt I^ord Lucai^ of Shtnlldd, nnd tcoood wilo of VUlUai 
C-aTCOdidi, £rTt Lhdce of howoatfUe, lo whom maniv<l, ai Faria, in IMA (iee hia borW 9f Ju. 
l$7C'i>. Aoooidiof lo bor fuauiml otitifioatc, kbo <lipl nt W«1bc<Lk, IC Dec ICT8, la h<tf fifl^- 
■vTcntb jrokt. Aha wai a probflc nulitfircflii of cfiii«idfirmb!« anU* in bor li^j. aji tbo CdUlcyovi of 
htr ]i\nsK poonuv aratian^, «&d fbi]cK>|thif al ditfixmnw abmadnnil/ tcvtlflct ; tut few of th«m 
art to be finnd in modem lilimrtv*. fQid bad no Imbq, 

' la tbc ttiiviUtUl rcylttct valj. 

* Tbo uDodS-^ial rcfbior «^: "Pabr.j'B': a diUd bu: in j* Clopian.** 8«o aoU to a 
banal » F<b, IfiTVl K 


^ 167j Feb. 10 CtiarlcB, Earl of DoncMter, aon to the Dnke of Monmouth :' in 
the moit Eaatwardly vaolt in K. H> Tth's Chape). 

Peb, [6] Elizabeth Tennant :* ICloiiUrs]. 

Feb, 23 Mary, daughter of Mr. Pelham Humphreyg :* [Cloisters]. 

Feb, 27 Dr, Wilaon, one of the Gentlemen of the King's Chapel :* in the 
Little Cloiater. 

March 4 Roger Hill, one of the Gentlemen of the Eing'e Chapel -.^ in the 
Little Cloister. 
1674 March 27 Mr. Thomaa GriQ'en :' in the Cloiatera, near the South- East door. 

March 27 Mt. Robitts, almsman: in ths OloistersJ 

April 23 Mra, Rachel! Darby .■* in the Cloisters, near the South-west door. 

April 24 ColL BushsU: in the Cloisters.^ 

^ ^ EldCfft SOD ot the onfortuaate Jftmes* Dnke of Monmouth (beheaded 16 Jnlj 1685), bj the 
Lady Aone Scutt, dau. and heir of Ftodcib, aecoiid EbfI of BnccTetich (irho rem&rried Charlea, 
third Lord OjmvraUis, and died 6 Feb, 1731-2). Acoording to his monument be died 9 Feb., 
aged on« jeor^ five monthe, and fifteen dnje. See the bnrial« of hia brothers and deters, 6 Dec. 
1679, G S^. 1683, 13 Aug, 1685. and 19 Mch. 1701'A. 

* The unofBciat register saj* : *' Febr. j* 6th a woman hn : in y* ClojBtera.'' 

* The unofficial register eays " Mr. Humphry's child." See her father's burial 17 July 1674. 

* Jehn WiboD, the celebrated Doctor of Music, beUeved to have been tiie " Jack Wilson" of 
Fhakespeare'B sta^. He waa born at FaTerBham in Kent, and appears to have been connected 
with the Chapel Boyal in the reign of K. Charles I. He was created Mua. Doc at Oxford in 
]644, and resided there and in the vidnity many years. In 1GG€ he was conntituted Professor of 
Hunic in the UuiveraityT bat succeeded Henry Lawes aa Gentleman of the Chapel 22 Oct. 1G6S, 
or, more probably* was then reinstated in bis old poEition, and returned to London. According 
to his monument be died 22 Feb., aged seventy'Cight years, ten months, and seventeen days. 
His will, dated 30 Apl. 1671, was proved 18 Mch. 1673-4, by his relict Anne, to whom he left all 
his estate, except a trifling legacy to his dan. Mn, Rebecca Bowerman, probably by his first wife. 
Bee his second marriage 31 Jan. 1670-1. 

' He was admitted Gentteman of the Chapel Royal 26 Nov. 1661, and^ according to the 
Cheque Book, was in holy orders. He died 2 Mch. See the burial (probably) of his wife, 
27 Apl. lG8u. 

< The unofficial register says : ** Mch. 23, Mr, Qri^th bu : io y Cloystera." In the pariah 
register of St, Margaret, Lothbury, Loudoo, occurs the following entry, under the date of 21 Hch. 
lfl73-4 : " Thomas QrifHh was buried at the Abbey at Westminster,'* but that register throws no 
further light upon his history. 

' In the unofficial register only. See a burial 7 Ucb. 1706-7. 

* The unofficial register calls her " Mr. Gowen's sister." Bee note to a burial B Nor- 1669. 
The elder William Gawen there mentioned, according to a pedigree in the College of Arms 
(Benefactors, ii. 107), had a sister Rachel, who, at the date of the pedigree (apparently 1643), 
was the wife of Richard Pitt> It iH probable that she subBequeutlj rfemarricd, and was the per- 
son named in the text. 

* Id the unofficial register only, and a notable illustration of the value of that document, as 
it aettles a long-disputed question as to the place of interment of a somewhat eminent man, 
which the absence of the entry from the official Register left still in doubt. The entry refers of 
course to the well-known Col. Thomas Bushell, the speculative and generally unsuccessful engineer, 
Farmer of the Royal Mines, and Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to K. Charles IL He is said 
to have been a native of WorceHterBhirc, and educated at Bolliol College, Oxford ; but his name 
does not occur in the matriculation register of that University. In 1646 be was Governor of the 
island of Lnndy, in the Bristol Channel, but retired the ne^ct year- Ten years before he had con- 
structed certain remarkable water- works at Bnstone, in Oxfordshire, and subsequently he engaged 
in more extensive enterprises in the minmg regions of Wales. Partly from his failores, and partly 
becaose deeply fn debt, he became extremely obnoxious to Chose who had been concerned with 











1074 Jaly 17 Mr. Pelb&m Uumphrejrs :' in tlic CUtwtfn;, ntikr (be Sontb-cABt 

Clemens Cooke, one of tie Kluj^'a scholars :• [CieMtrsy 
FrMci* Trevor :' [ C/pm/^tj]. 

Ollrolf^ wifv to 8ir Sunnel Morcland :* [in ^ Athet/], 
Mra 8UixJiop ;* [irt iM Abhy"}, 

faifOi «Liki3 b« aIao fitipi?Ar« to hnrft UionrrrJ tht^ hoi>tiUf j of Ihn CrtsmwcllUDA* no ihat it U mIA b£« 
life wv in itanifcr. Givmg cut Uat H? bivi flct) lo Ehc oontiDcaL liv retired Ui ui obMaro hoMft 
in I^tmbrtb Uiirmb. wh^rc bv h^vii in tierrecy thiIi] \hi: ll«^vrA\ ion. H« was in tii^ Eftrotif wkb 
K. CbArl^ U,, v^bo 4>«t»tvd hijii m viirk>u* vay^ niiuliF him Farrovr ut Urn Wcieb ifiln««, lail, la 
1tt7l>,Al>«Dt[Qiii(i/i «l Iba IViv^ Cb*iiiU:r ULs HJ Cotiune. bciwdvofi o|[tC£to bun, Bod, Jionordi&ir 
lo Auliivy, ha A^d £12iM)(>U in dcbt^ Tbcmrac Aulbftrilf *1a1«Atbnt bni]k-tt"at CnpT^ NortAC**; 
io tbf^fnt^iLt 8cotIniicl Tiud " {Lttt&n, tL t'GI), but rrrv u la tbu prccijp period of HUdwcue, 
Hu nuiii'tipnUvc uitl. Diwl^ " int[»<NlLAl4^Tj iMTf'ire ho (l(T|kiLrt«<l ibiit life.'* on the 2lHt of Apdl 
HJ74, wiw tmantl 23 MhJ' ruilU>« injf. I7 Cvl. Tbciiijui CoU'iiT»W, "f N, hlppbon'*, ill K«nl, wbom 
ho nnhTiud M fail CQt*cmoii. Kc» olbcr fumn u mctilioDcd in iu Tq tb« iirulmto iwl he U ■£»- 
MTibed u late nf EiwUm«« cw. Otford. but w dyliu! in Xhc pomh of i^U Mnrtin tu tbo Plcldfi, 
Uidx It h not gfuemltj koowa tbikt b^ luArnivl Dam« Auui*. widow of Sir Witliaoj Wmi'l, 
Ijvuteiinut of Ibe TowcraDif C^fork nf ilc FrlTf irniindl, wbu<llol \u I57R: bul in» j>Mi(rou at 
tbu Ihilillc flc<^nl ofncB (Dam, Oil. CiBn. It J. il4i1ett lii 16^0. in wbicbUi; iirajcit tvr « TrLrwui ijf 
tbo loftve of B«l«ivj manor. UnnfHt44it, Ibo fact U dlatiuclly ilali'd. She dkd io 144S, Ic kU« 
appcfiHt &?0(KL tbc ptriib ct^eivler tf BiiAtaiH?, tliat hi' bod n former vtfc auii«d iMbeU, by whrm 
b4! h«d a «ou Fntiicib (cfiiJAClJj nmncd afior Uinl HjAdctitlur Bacod, ti; «vbo« aerriiK be b»d 
bwn), who w&A bAjitixfd suiil baricil *t EqbIoqg iii Iti^fi. 

' rcLlwin //iiflV>vy4 u ]u3 dgDHl blfi will. Uc *ra« oducAlctt u n cbiofaicr, and pdmlTiul q 
Qoatlenuui of tbo Cbapol Boykl 31 Jui. lOOG-T. On Ibo doatb oE to* otd nuutor, CBft> Ii«crj 
Oooke^ tJ July 16TS, be *ui»e<d«d him u Uuter of tb« chiHreo. On ihs %th of Aoff. followijig 
h« b«d • jiaot pAUiil, with Thoouu Purovll, m OompoMr In Ordinu^ tnr the Vluliiift Io bit 
UAJertj. licdtod^at Windsor. II Julj ItiTI. ngcd onlf twootf -seTCn. Hii vill, <Utod 2:1 ApJ., 
ynm |iri>Tod la llic Court of die Do«d and Ch&ptcJ'. 3Q J aly 14(71, b/ bii njUut C*tbtiHuo. U 
iMnliunc na reUti^nn, r-xrvpt hia ■■tviudn Rvtiy Jrlfe;" biH bv U cairj To h«t« h««ii 11 ncfibcw of 
GoT. JobD Hnmpbrer* a Doled Cromw«lJiftn aktid BmdliUiw^ Bword'beirvr. i^ tb« burial of tda 
d*a.M Feb. l67il-^. 

* Tbe noofllaial ngkt«T o«lli bun CtasMf Otkf. and u/b tbitt be wm buited 10 Aeg. 

Aooording to blv nottRBVot bo wsa rniotf EUfbori Cuku. Kfa^., wbi;» wmb •doi gtf OJoniiMit Ccke of 
LtnifffirH, m, Dprttj, luirl ri fhi* InnT Ti*m|ilc» ^aTi wKn wn^ ]ri>Ein|[n^ Win nf Sir Kilwnni Taikit, 
Kl^ Lord CU(*f Jutllcp, oU., vid diod 8 Au|e.. iii bitciKbtwutb yt^T. U« wM»dinjti<it to Wf«f> 
miiwtar Kcbool !□ 14)73. 
C ' TTifl nnoBlcial mgiftcr Mij»"Jf«:. fyant*ot Invar.'' From the place oi iutonneul. and 
)i»iuier In which tba cntrjriv rocord«d, It it uot likclj ihat vbr bcloniECHl to any of tlio tioblo «i 
^otlr fjifflilie* <■! tbe lum^v hnt wm room pjolinHljr • Aamtmtitx. at tb^ wifb <A noniD minor offlf UI 

about \ht Abbej. 

■ Diuj. of Kir Roffrr HMDOlt, Ki, (tr* bis bxtml 2T Oct. lOffS), bj Cnrola bit wife (•« fa«r 
banal IT U«j l€7tij,aDd lecotid wife of tMrSamud Jfori^nd, KLiuhI I^ah. (itM ibair tuairiajEO 
S( Oct« 1070). 6b(i diod 10 Oct-i in hvr twonty-lb trd you. 8« tho barijO* uJ her children. 
IV [>«A. IrtTI and II Jtino lATfl. and monr rogKr^ming bnr buvbdunl in lb* Da1« to 1h«t burutl of 
bit tMfa wife, 24 Koh. 1GT9-S0, 

« Tb« (UJ'iilicLal r^iter ufn ' MteAtm Staabop^'' llif?n can be Jittle heiltatioEi i^ idontifjitijf 
ikb lady aA 00c of tbo Tvoll-kft>irn lt«i<lN of Hononr to tbo Qqocq nfr^n locniionod in Un aiuaalH 
of Ibe Court of K' CturlcA IE,, Tit. I/tmritfta'M^rUt I'ritv. She w>« c«to of Uio ilaut. 4C 
eiir Harbvt Fric« («m bUbiirta13 K<h. lll77'H>Ly (loditha. Mxond dan- u»d oobdr ol ^ Kmry 
Ardcn, ol f^ofk Hall, ca Warwick. Kt, Ijidy of tb« Privy Obamber I0 ibe Quwu Motl^. She 
appeim to bare been a Ha&d oi Eloaovar from 16€S luitil bcv marriifat «hltii L»k jilaoe «C 
tft« Aodtnr^ I^olbont, ft Doe. U7d. Her bwband wac Ali^xandcr SttnAtipe. of the Inmr 

















Richard Knrpe, a child :" [€tdi»tertj* 
Th« Earl of lIidtUijM^x :■ [m /A« ^U^]. 
Th<uTiiu Oawcn, n cdfU ;" [Cibiiifnv]. 
Juice 3[tiaI]uuD ;' ICltristerg]. 
Mrs. Bfwtric^ Dnckkuid :* [^i tJi4 Abl^y'}, 
The Ku-I of CUnjndou ;' [»i M0 Abht^]. 

ToDpk, B«i'. a jcmnKer ikq of Sir Johu Staobupe, o{ ElTavtca, OOl Dorbj, Et,, >&d «-an ihon n 
wUoirfir. f& the uukniatcc ^lUv^ibii (Vic li«iL S Dsc tS73] bnr a^ !« ^Utcd a« " aboui tw^^cij' 
flrc;" btit flbc «w probablj fonuwbat older, ualcunhc bncnmc a Hnlil otf H c^nour wlit^n ouJ^ 
fbajtecii. li id piu^ to mmc that bet budbanii did m:>L ihlnUiuAtcr Iv Lcr «*IiiLc lUitil SJuiq 
1ATT. notflf IbKo jvnn &hcr Iho tUu in Cbt t«it ; but, ludic dj«pp«tn trum iho Ooort aiuukla 
alUr tbc latter dair, and noTvoco^of her biirial utc be found near Uio fonoer, Uiorc »ci3nii no 
dmbiofbcrSik^Titity. aadit bpfobaU«ibatdiadi«d ia chUdbod. 

■ tion of tlu Her. Inborn** Kntpc, V-i)^, IVcbcnda^ oC WoCtninitcr and HtAd Mailer of 
VTctflmliitlCT ^'booJ (i<« W baHfit 9 Au^ 1711), b/ bia fint wifo Anac (ac<i bci biiHal SH Au£. 
148£>. The (Thmilitn nam^ in Tbr ti<it i« aadoabCedlj na emr. ami nhonlil bn T^maji^. On Iba 
tnuDTirDGut huiH£^;kIlerL*<lVmM, tvcoiiilofUuloama/'aad iHid UibaT«di«d>Nor., age<loa« jnr 
ftaU liiia niocitbt. J'he npnumon'^ aIhii itai«« ibnl tbc lint Tbninna vra* buriail in cbv Gloiiur^ 
2i ir*b. iliIO-1. ignd Rlx dajra, bat tbcrc ii no i^ont ot bii burial tu the Ucgliter. 

* Lionol Ct«ailcld. accond »a of Liaual^flrat Knrl of UidflliMiTc (iao»lua bdnnl IS Aug. IGtff), 
bf hi«iiMnrid wtfa Anct («e b<*r burial 17 Pi-^b. lAtig-70), H« huuc^mIoiI hid brotbfT JimA («ra 
hjs bariul 13 8cp. 1B51) a* tliJnl KhH, and wap on« of the Gvtiiloinon of the Ikilcbambfr *^ 
K- CharTcii [t. H« maTrlod (e«nilloatc. *tlct publication, al gt. Gtln in thv Fiddji £C k\iU ftcd 
at fit Bnde'i 1 Maj. IG&fi] Ladj Uadiel Faae, ilaii. of rraiK^i#, Orvt Rarl of WwlmorclrULd. wid 
trlicCof HfULtf Dourohivr, flilb o^d l^at Earl of BnUi, bul ditid without uaua S^ Got. 1A74. ^ed 
aUidt lifijr. Tb4 C«aDtiwH<tii*d II K^r, IRMt. aiid wak buried ■! Taritfocli , on^ neron. Iliatftloa 
b«coinLa( extinct at bU doatb, Cbarln Stckrllk, <iUI«a1 aoa of bJ« catlj fiorrivinc M»lur Fnsoca^ 
wife of Kiobjtrrl. flfili Karl cjf I)or*rl. waa cruitcd Rniua Oranflald and ICarl of MjcldloMSi 
t Apl. uro. AQi]rTfnlQalIjaiiccecdO(ltoUiefaaLK7«aUt«« 

* Ttic naodktAt reglMcT vafa " Ur. Oawcm'a ohild." tfcn of WilUcai (1ai*«n. of ^Vcfltvioitcr, 
faj bia veoad «;f(^ ^rnrtrntcl. dan. of Williaja OftVTL'D of Uuivut* 1>f bk flmt wife. KatbcriaE. dan. 
i>fQu»>ertHacoa<iW,i« QilL J/i»^,Pfa^acTfan, IL lUT). SooblsHm wirc'«buHKl 8 Nor. 16fi9, 
iod aou tbaT«eo. H(»M00lt(l wtf« vaa IMaf at Ihodatcof bUfaChcr'i will, M Jnlj 16^, ba 
bdofi apparentlj tbcn dead. 

* Tbc «Dond*t RfiMer uf*, " J^fMt JvtHte IfHmam'i ma^d," Tboreu Ona («ee Ub burial 
IT F^b. lAittt-U). wha wu a acrraut to Ricbard KuwauLn, K^i., Ln \il» frill left hoj- Ad, and called 
Iwr bi* fclluir'wrtaril. Id b«r om nuccapaltK; ulll, made lit S>p, 1074. tAic U dowHbed as t^ 
•yiiutcr. t^lie left all t^e bad to hcraTftff'i dangbt«r, Ailuc Oam^tt, wfaL>admimjtored 21 Doe, 

* H«r will, doled ItS Nov.. wm pnrTad H Doci, MT4. i:^ tbi: Court of (bu Daan and <Jh>.ptar, 
bf bcro«iit£a'*)iIr. WillJoni Oavren Ibe jo>in2«rH<lv»lllnir \a the Bowlmi; Alli^y" (tbo aune wbo 
bmeailfjQod[DlbeQot4«t>bi;riaU$KoT. IfifiS) and a(J Nor. IC71). Tottbcon die IcEl £200; and 
10 bit wife Uafgaiet. abv caUod Ucr '^ootidD," uindr? biNiLiwlH. Ln the probate act ibc i« 
Mjlvd " ^Mtrit OheMvnd." bat ahe tAigafA Ibu wlU " Bearriip Ht'ciund," aud wjj dncri1ji»1 aa of 
SL Uajgarvty WosUoiivtca-, Mpuwtw. To her nutlittr. Mr«. iGllvu iCprUaa^ cha Ult all bur 

pkt«> and U) h«r bMtb«r. UauHov Boofcland. K«q^ £''oo. Th« will oontains no otli«T beqa«ata. 
and aflofda no further dew tci bcr identity, 

* lUlward B jdv, tlird ton of Bcurj ttjJe, of Poiton and Diotoit, Wllla, bj Harj, dau. mod 
bi7lr of Bd«u^] fjU]|^>knI, uf lYimbr*di[«ttn dioiaRio coiuij^aad bora at Dtiitoik IS Feb. 1406*}. 
B« VM kaidfatdd 9i Oxford 22 Fob. 1A43-St aAd d«o1arod Lord Bigb CbaneoUov^ at Bngw, 
99 Jin, I0&7<^ enierinr tvWy opoa ibe dnUoa of the pr>st I June ICCO. Ho wm oraatad Baroa 
U^de, oS ntodoti, S ?Cov. IGtiO. and Viicotint Corobiuy and Earl v( CloMidoa 30 Apl. lUl. 
KcmoT«d tram hk bigb oflkw. imiiracbud, anri bihriiabod, In ]6t)7, lie died la eadia at Kouvn. In 
Fkaueo, 1^ Dec ldV4> Hb wHi, daLvl ou tLu lUb of Ibac monlb, waa not povvd lu Bo^laitd 



BU&UIiS 1^ 

ie7t Feb. 23 

Wb March 27 

April 14 

April 2^ 

. Ja&o 1 


June 11 

June 2$ 

Jul/ 2;^ 

McIiorPiteh.acliiH:' [C/flWiw*]. 

Ctirifltopher Chapman, MaaWr of Arte :' [Ctertftrt]- 

Sir Jolm Webster:* [m /A* ^t%], 

Thomto GiW)ert, achiW:* [6V(>i>iff-j]. 

EUEabethCreHpJon, ayouQgchildi'^ died the Slet: [C^/MAr#]. 

Thomafi Morricc :• [V^oisttrM], 

Kkhord J^ihnHon :' lOloijitart}. 

Edniond Moreland, a child:* [Cfm^f]^ 

Join Calicott, a jouth :* [C7w>Ar#], 

LcwU Twn|jlcr, u diild :'" [CTffwt/w*]- 

Sir Uidittrtl Mnltrertr:" [tn //w 4tJ«iy], 

until II tX-o. \G7&. Sec th« bunftla* of his mM^er 28 Doa IfifUhuiaecoDiI wif«1T Auf, 16G7,hb 
•oue 13 Jan. lt>64<£, f Nov. 170». ttn<l 10 Mhj ITU. ftuil of hb don. Ann^, Doohcst of Tork, 
J A|il. IGTI, No lc«B Ihon ivcatj momlcn of tilii familj woro burfcpd In Uic Abbcj. 

■ Ih? lUiuQIciBl icf^lfltcr glvcA the piud&Uic «■ " /Iffu;" but tbc text Id duabttAS corrvei. 
8«i»ciot« to A hiirml 30 Uaj 1070. ftnil molber hnriftl U D««. 1677. 

> He ifa* of Trtollj Co11ef«» Cmabriiifrfv «b«ifi A.B. lU^ lud A.U. 1^1, and, «ocordln|: to 
hli moQumcnt died 35 Hcb. tfoc fal« fftlher's buid 17 June Ifittl, tud hln matlicr^i 10 Jalj 

* la QroDgcr'a Sid/rit^Ak^f Itafery^ UJ. 3^4, Jii mc^ntionr^d & portrait of Ijiiu, d» iIm *<iconil 
Innpniiiaiotu rrf wbicK itn inu^npljon iii&tnl flmt h<* ttiu. nr KtkH Vaf*p(i, "(Tfrniniijuiify inv ihn 
Smperorof kU RauiH jiod Uii«cfiviii,*'uid Uut fae viu cr»t«il n Hatvnot of Kn^lfti^'i, H Uaj 
lOGO. hy K, diftxlM JL. ot I^niTi^iifauK, In hU vtll, d&ljxl 18 Feb. t6Tt-r.. be ducnbed Umtetl 
u ft Baronet. anil of Kirbj, co. Koiiolk, Thcwll^ wni ptcrrn] lAApL lUT&.bjhu aieue, Uw? U«l1ft 
to fthum lis le£( liia houv* iu Noi-wkh ujd UU cstAte geoefvUf. llo Diculkinnl liaTlng ]ea% 
Tiwftm* [jiirrhjiF^^I h lind*? in ItArtvwp [? BufRli], co. Norfolfc, in the nun^ fif hi* Avn. Mtrj 
Vobst«r, which wui then occupied t? bu nqrbew Hrotj GonltlffworCb. to whom bo bc^ucAtb«d 
It The wlU tJao tncDtiona faU hliiter tn Holluid. Mr», CAihArlno Lucfttt : hln oondu Mr. John 
Webster, of Londcin, dmpQr, ani bis two bnithen, nil tbett in UArb«dactt ; and hin oomLn Ur. 
Joba WfltiMor, and bU brothox Ur. Jaoob Wclsl«T, both In Chfapsidd. llo appchloci to htgisI 
OminfrTU (lAniiiiiaeAt U amI hln eieentfii in ohtAininit iliv^n md gf««i Aonui Af mfiniy dd(t to him 
from their late juid pTCAuit MnJMtjn«, At Uio d&Ua of hi4 will he nppem to hftve boea mtdiog 
!jq lodgiii(,-i lu Doriiujii Yard. Hit nunc li not rcco|[ni£Od in onj of tho li«U of bvoodlh 
■Xthouitb ibf n^ *r(oi* to be nci doubt oT tdfl eraition. 

* The uioffioiAl n^fttcr^TOB the nune m Oi^^rt, ll«app<H* lohatv been a child of one 
Abnhom QllbMrt. dtjvon nn4 joiner nf Lrindmn, and frnndrhiirl ft H*1iw4ian Ditndl (tfiO hia 
burial 1 Jun« iCft^X ^<^ °^ ^ l^c tw^vq |»rjvl1f|ci^l »1m«cnen of tho Abbey, 

* ESm faer JfLthQt'8 biuiai S Deo. ITil, her mothci'a S3 Uch. ItBT-A, oad ber oim baptism 
I AtiK 167A. 

* Ttioniaa M^rU^, Aon of Thonn* Moriod of Woodford, oo> lBMra> Bvi^ by Aiine, aao, of 
Etftlph Bii^le, at Ijondrin, Raq, H« liiul heun IIP. for ll*i3«maic co>. Huirej. H?i> th(>i bnrliila* 
of hU wife 34 Out, WJ3, hu dAugbtctv 30 Ucb. ITOQ ftnd 34 Aug. 1747. nnd hla ^ondchildnui 
H Jan. 1710-11 and 3Jau. 1T8C. 

' 7]J« anomctal nvtiMff «4j« *' Hr. iUch : Johmon,'' Ut vh probably aome mlnoo ofllctAl or 
KTvuxl about tlie Abbej. 

■ tn^tmiof Kir Samuel JV^rLrn^ Bvt^ by htoaeamdvih. CaroU(w«b(Tr burial 14 CM. 
1574). U< appuarv to Uvv been bom the 4th. ami baptised U Oct. 1474, at %U UargarofV, 
Weitoiitiuur, altboogh Id th« record of hu baptinn he i» eallod /^iftxi rA 

* BTtdenUy Iho J6bn Ckteat who was adrnttled Co WwUninMV 6chool thii year, agatttM 
whoM aams i« tbo dngle wofd'"vK«rr and prcihab^r the Hm of **Joma" f^iLfi^vrr, obv of tW 
minor eanona tiumtiuned hi Dr. Bnnby'i accounla. 

■> bee burialiG Jane 1681 otid IDO^. l€9\. 

11 gi, Bictaaid MinU^trtTt teoond But, Soo bb mother^ btirial 10 Hdi. 16&3-^ aod nolo 














L Nov. U 

The dftUffhter of Mr. Dunklej:' \jJlo%at^»]. 

Ur. M[L»«DCtt :" \Vlo%9t0rM\. 

Mr, Oven Philips, one of Che Ycomeo of ttic Vutry to the King :* 

CathjinDa-Luara, n yoiuig child of the Dake of York's:* [in (he 

Blopheiir «>n of Sir Stej^ljcii Pox, a young child :* [Cfo^fffrj], 
Mri^ IJcywood, widow of I>r, Hcyw<»od, tormcily Prebcndwjr of 

thitf Church :' [in the A^b^ifl^ 
Dr. WilU* r» [^ /A* Jfr^y], 

ttvMo, Tbc uaoffidhl rcfrut«r givus tb« ^aL« of baiUl u '' Jaljr 7/' arul the ecuj precede* Ibnt 
of Lowia TvmplttT. H« wv uhnltud |q Graj't Inji 12 Jul; 1611, taul b«iamc n Oi^(iLli?miiu of 
Ibu Prlvf CbAinber In 1MH>. U« !■ »<lIi1 Id ttio tooka 1o luivu iniLTrii^l > dnti, of f^ir /Tfnry Oorku, 
jTart., but thU ii ui «rtQr. H<« mKrricd. ot 8t Gilct in Uiu Kfciaji. MuU-. 10 Julf IC43, Auno> 
dau. of 8ir Robert Clcrit«. X<^ of Plt»hc!T. cj>- Kwcx, br Iun vrifc Dnmc Jaditii, dM. ol Bir 
Williftm DanUl. of Londcn, Kl. Tb* TnurU^ AM»jCBiion (Bp. Loiiil.), dated 37 Jmu* IG43. de- 
icnbai bd on ft «pb«tef, Aged nbont twcntj, ojid dijitinctly gWc» bcr ]:iu«oUk« m ftboie, nbilo 
tlio wOlfl of both lier father »d<| tnotbcr (oaflnn It. Dla ovu Agi; wot itAtoU in rixu ftJIcgiitloa ■■ 
■iboDt BifMt«ra, ATuI b* «« th«r«for« P^wnl Afir-lwo ar hU dottb, Boib b« ood bii wlf« ipp«fcr 
t^^TOdicd lulMtM^ 8ae Iba buriKls nf thdr ■ohk.IS Au^. I68T and II Mnj 1^89^ Tb^ir 
dniL. Judith wwi pripf Ipa! legatee. Mid luuDod rjifcuirix. Id Iho vill of hc^r ftrnnilmotlirr, Dnmo 
Juditb Clerke, m IGAi). tbtir dau. Miiry bccvmc the wib. flrstt of Jticbjkrd Wiacmiizi. Esq,, the 
ffni&fnt Bcfj WJ t 6utiC?uD to tliF Ki»K> Biid.KKXiDdlji of TbomiuniirriHni, B1b(|^ uid iabb biiriod 
M SL PftidX 0>vciit G*f<Uai, 13 Aug, JO^O, 

^ Lcttcn of MdmiubrtraUoEi wen grant<?d, 20 J&n. lfiTR-6. to tJie ESture rjt fir Alcxniidcr 
/^HiHf, Ku, otf th« ojtj of Wcatmln'^t^r. to bU ii^plicvr aiuI nt^xi ut kin. Alexander Hum«, Kai^. 
Uc bccttEue A Omtioman of tbc l^rj Cbunbcr :□ £. UiArlrm 11, In lAiil). 

■ Jfary, Kcoad of that uuno, dsu. of Hjoidiui Mvnkicy^ Clotol KuqMir Co ibc Ricg (lec hl< 
bnriil ft ffth. l«B8-»). Sli* wn« Uptit^'H nl Sf, Murj^rrtV W^irtminftPr 19 K<>». }r79. 

> Tbe unofQcbd rvKi^Lcr «ftj9 ^' (^drCtft //nr/nff." Probably ftaon of Eitr Boccr ^iir#n«<r 
(Mt hU burial 37 Oct. U\'Ji\ 

' In the Chcqoe Book o( the Cbopfl Bojftl he u calJcd t!fl^f«H« Owen Pkillipt. nnd it i» uaid 
tbatbv friuiBWtitii nOfiwiD of tbc VT"ti7 ;a Auj:. IffOft.Middicd At ttic:lijn4j»d, in ciurtr/, tf£ Aug, 
tit'A. In bin wi!1h witiirtnf ilnti*, hi> t< ilHtf^riUvl miLiif FIL Hnri^Mnvf.X WiHtm^natpr. (ItKUt-, *nr1 ft 
tnupmtod H S^. I<;t«, bj biAkinnnsuL Haifh llowcllof Prc>t<^a^co. Eftdooff. tncrccf ; power 
beinc ic acr red to wioihcr kin*m»n, ftio* Lewi*, of London, dolbdrawer. TJjc odij legociei la 
Ui will uv 4A0 b> bi» uepbcw, John Jftint^ of ttiahniiueh, co. Ktdnor. aQd£loa to Ui non 
OircD JuDa, tlic tc«talor'>i g^djiOD j £10 to tli« poor of BkUioangb i and tbo fumitUTOi etc., At 
hift Udgln^i, to hfH nouitiii Jovw l^onf. widow. 

' EId«A child of JwDci, Didte ol York fnilcrwird* K- Jiunea Il-\ 1>I hi* »eoond wife, Mwy- 
BMrix-Klo&nora D'£at«, dftu. of Alpbonco, l>uk4] of Modcno, to whom mArnod, at DoTor, 
SE f«ov. len, ftn4 wbo dJcd 9 Mfty 1716. htie wft« bom IQ Jod. Iti71-a, And died at Kt. Juno'i 
HklftM 8 Ootv U7&. Hm ibo boiUU of bcr bn>tber ftod ■Ucn, 1» Dc^. 1677, 4 Uob. 1«80 I, odd 

* S«TMiUi «)o bj the lint wife, uid not nunod iu the acco(itiI4 of the famllj. Sae bSa 
biotbor'i bmUl Not. 1667, uid note tbcrtto, 

' I'Lc ukoffidAi rc£lRcr Mp ^^tu Aiite IHpt^oodr Stw bur bcubAud'a burial 17 July 
lOHi ^bo WM hia osvcotm bj the name of Ali^, nnd h«r brvtlwr it^^lla.1^) Mnnnjufif vv^ an 

oreneer nAiaed in hi^ will, wbich idn niinitit>n«l ber nidoe Alioe Ooodftou, 
1_ ' fo. TImhw Wiili^ 1b^ muet OQlcbniftfd phjrfljclan of hfM daj, and grandfathfj- of Rrownc 
mi1ia> the vdl-kciown lUitiquArj. Ko wui hod of Tbotnu WlUik, of Qroal Bodwjm, WiiU, by 
Bavhul Ho«uU,oCtttaiicIcEit fninll^ at IffonhUtrduc^.Bctks.uid hiu Una ST Jkku.faod Inptiwd 


B0RLAL8 m 


















Uurch 11 






Edmoijd Woodrofffe;* [Cfoiifiir*]. 

Mr*. J-'rancea Minocb ;* [6^^^«}. 
MrH. KutliiLTiiKt ruiiiier:* [CVw/tfffj. 
Mr*. Alice Vaii^han; [Cto*(!ar*]. 
Mr»- Klizftbt-th Woldrun :* [C7owtor»]. 

JuA^ph Gtiudiriu, one uf iiw King'* at^otm :* [ClDidMra], 

Mr». Fmuccfi OrUDdy:*^ [hc ih^ Alh^ff^* 

EliinWth WcAvcrJ* [6'A«>ftr*]. 

Can>K wire of Mftjor Rurtntti:^ IChiittrry 

M Omt B«dw7D, H F^b. 16S0>I, Ho miiirt^aUleil at Oxtod. from Chriit CSmrch. 3 Mrti. 
inH&T,uidiTflB B.A.lti Jun« l«»li. Mjl la Jaoa ihi:;, «,h. « Uqc. 1M6^ am M,l>, »o i>^ 

IIMO, bciog LbdQ Sfill«7 PfufAuor of SuturBl riiUonphf. lit «■* ooo ut tbi flr»l PdluTf* l-( tbe 
KojaI Awicly, mil wm clpotfd Hon. Xrllo^c nf ihfl Rnynl It^Jlciir <if l^hjAtrlAni^ T/j&lon, Dws 
1^4^ He Jicd J I Sov., And U» will, daunl lb( lOtlt. «iui proved on di« j^it of the 9timc uonib' 

^ K^^htJy JCdii\trd Wt'odnrtt/r^ lu hu name thni A|ipcAr« oii bu monumruil ftiul tn hl> will, 
Ilo WB« ajipoijit«J l^ifcjor to iho Abbcf BS Oct. Iftflfl. Ac^wtllDg to hU muaoDicnt he dSoJ 
16 Not., in hit Afl j-fnurrli jmr. tn liw viM, dstnl 1 1 Mob, lfTTS'4. he dcvrlbnl liinwlf u of HL 
Andn.'w\ Holboni. Gcnl,. mvkI a|j|>oEDi4Xl M hit fXBOnkiri Mi, Jolm Xocdkuuii* Hootfi^Vf OftJcraJ 
ciT Um> AU>«7, MJil Mr. Wdtct Lhyp^ High CanfUbto <^ T^. Martin'* li^OriuKL Thf. lattPrjUona 
pFortd liic will 'ZZ Un^, l(^7& rbc will mL-Glioiii unlj hia fUu. Ljdm faUov. bis dhuj^litcn 
flftmh and Mnrr'un^ minnrr^fsnd hwiiaii. DiilJ. 8m hiA wifo't burinl 14 Kob, l^^t. 

oconrF it) Um ucofllelftJ rofftnt^r mil;, 

* The QiiollloiAt rcfivUr kijii " Prnnco Mimmi^lkJ' 

* Accoriin^' Tu hilt mtiiiEiiDcuu >»bc wm ciau. ond coheir of Jcloi I'artrUee. of London, OcaL* 
nad aMond wife Mul widc>* ■>! An^^rrw Pidnicr, Ktfq^ Aamj UacUt of TCa^tuid to Q, Kliuliolh. 
■od Kiutrx -liunn I, and diAxJeit U <uid di«d 4 Jul in her ftevvDl^-sixtb jcnr. Uur will. lUud 
34 Dnc. ItiTS, w[iit|irovf^ U Jnii, IHTfi-Ti, I7 ChftTliv PrftDcklm, of Lincoln'* loo, QcnL, wfaowoA 
)icr rcoidunrjr legatee, lud fep[tkr«nt|j ttoftT reUltry. 

' AcouHiiiK u; b«r nwiiimivnt, iha wm ibint dau. of Dr. 'Hiciinw Wnlilrwi, l^jAlcian ta 
OrdiaBff to K. Chnriw II.. AfiJ <1lwl 5 Fobp^ ikgD^ ninuloeri pWTiif fuitr munlbriT luid d^ur tbi^ 
(^ hia fnihi-A btirijd 14 Ki^b. 1117^7. nnd her mcrthiv'* i'4 Jan, Ififjii-r. 

* D«u, of lU^Tf ilrnkc, Rnq.. aud ivlici of t^r Thomas ifyrfHi^ vbo commMidcd the Frtiwc 
of WiLlua's rci^nii^Di uudcr tb« Eovl ti KovlbamiitOD in tltc GetiC al Uc-pf^D Hvath, dcat SUiFdnl, 
VJ Mob. iOU'^t wberi tbo Barl wibB kfllud and be Mvctul; wuimilixl. hir I'hiJUiftA waa tnHod to 
OiriK Chiuch CsUriidTml, Oifurd, l^vb^ ie43-«. H<ir wUl, aa Dam* KatkrriHt Uyroo, of 
^(. BlAftiti ui Iho PMlik widuw, ibUAtI 1 1 Nor. liS7&, wm pnirod 10 Fffb. ItiTri-^, b? bcr tvo 
maid-icrvnntiv HIiwbetb BonQnh nod Ebxabrtb Bofrj, to whom die bft her pemiori of ilil per 
ACiiraai M an jiidijf*ae olBeijr'fi H^tl-iw. fttnl oonUiiu oo otbar lagaoiML 

r Ue wftB adiallttiiJ to WvattuUintrr K^bool ia 1«T3. 

' r*iiobablj wife of ThomA* Grundj. Gont.. who Ii4d ■ patcfii from Iti* Dc&n Had rhsfiUr, 
27 Oct. 1464, ai It^inAtnr and Cluipter Clerk, and dau, of Wulter Jnm«. E«q., W\£^ DaiJff of 
VMtmEujiUTr (buiM tx. St. HarKarat'a, WcHUniuster. 31 Nuv. 1634). bj bi» vifa Aiutt (imt hor 
tporial lit Feb. I^Tl-V}. U«r ion,TbemM fJinndf, prcrTcd tbo mil of Lia fraadnudicr Jaaci^ 
wild •!» that of kb aiui« Umrj FoK (k« ber bndal 8 ApL 1607), uud wn* tben calkJ of Wot- 
nfiMtar, Oeat, 

* 8tt Ibe barial (iin>b«b1j) of bcr mother Jin. lAlfi-7, tnd note tbertfo* 

> Sblert d«D. of ib>brTl Hania, of Grval Oritoflir. ti>. Ufttoln* B<i|, (seMrod Mb el &lr 
Winuun bankcaf Wootwicb, Keoi. KU t^" Ai^i^ ^■■^^ -^ VA'n^ I^dj<i. Aicbbubop uf rorir), bj 
BliMbeUi, daift.tif IfaookMTwfHkikfOf Wj^ col Km^ IEb^, aad buiaaUutM2>. UerlivdMai^ 



18] DoMtby, irifc<»f Mr. Pipftii:" [Cioit^ert]. 
Caplain Jamoa Anderton :* [Cioultrs], 
Natb!Lnt«l BarktT;' lOltnttfrn]* 
Sir AVtIliciiu Sttndcmoii :* [m ihfi AhUi/]. 
A child |>rivately buried in the Clotslcr, wbotK* name wa* George* 
Jatie» danghtor of Mr. DqiicI.v, m child :' lCi€*'$itrsy 
E4l«phiMt Cn«pii>ii, n child :' [C/w*/rt-a]. 
Briiipjt, d»i4jbl«r of Mr. I>uijc!j, a child :' [CfciWftr*], 
Ueur/, ftjo of Mr. Jolin Dlow :** [Chhterij, ^ 
LnoiM IlftlwtVf K King*)! ncholw:'*' [C/t»i#f«rt]. 

John HcipwiKid, a child:'* [C'ft>iV*»-#], 

Jacne(, Loni Tallo, eoti to iho I^rl ^.^f Amui, m c^btld :^^ [m M« 

Oct. 3i4 Dt. t!ibltf>ii»t" ICfoigl^t}, 

676 [June 



























■fkwft]<dN Sir Ro;^ Ifarmdl, wwi Benmnt Ki AimH to Uio Hon^ of Lord* (am liin tnirl*! 
17 Oct 1693). Sw fllM th« bum1i< <>( hot *!ftu^htm;, 14 Oct. lUT* and » Nor. WHO, nod prdbnblf 
of hor ii>Q ta .iuf[- t<s;a. Ttc ttaomcXtk: rc^icr ^vcm ih? Unic cf livr bunal a« " Mmj 17." 

< v^tDciKl wife of Rdmiiii'l Pi|K4, GcdC^ Ckrk of llic Kitchen t<i the Abbcj (^c his third 
KaorrinfTc 31 Aajr- 1^76. and nol^ tbonto). She? vnu [CBxhiMl at )^. Hjirsajet'it. Wntimtn^tcr, 
S Jmi- ld6A-4. at" l>''in>lbT Mnrrj/'^ In tie rojUTiHtf* •llfinWirnKVlr.OCTnO.ditetl Tjiu pitof Ctlog 
daj, aIic Udcferlbnl m*- Uorrrtlj .Vit«y,"* Af H,C1ctncntDiiTii:A,HiHx,,widi>Wf ngf-d aboirt thlr^- 
thrT«. Aftordrnf^ tc her monanii^nt *^be itlcti ir. Jiin«, ftmj ihf^ nnonidiik rcgistfr ^rm Ifaedateof 
her huriaX u ■* June la.' s™ the ^JiiprUm of her dau. 1 1 D«. IGflit. bud bariAls 7 Ao(. 1567, 
UMcb, lC76->.aiidS0F«b. I6K)-1. ^ 

* The UDofflclol nglflcr RAp *■ Jfr. Jftoic* AndcrtDO." »nil ^T«iithcd«tCM" Jul; 10" Tb« 
will ol Aun AiMlrxloQk uf t^- Miirgiin<t't. WpitminNtL-r, wMov. ditUKl II ApL 16Sft. wiu proT^ in 
the CiMirtff the DtaniuKi Chupkr fl Oct. !fi^7, Ijy lirt drtu- Knrnlirlh CrUcbluw, t^buni'.'ntliTnvd 
har tntin Uqjor AntWctfio mnd tf n*iM«T And«Tton. uid hv-t ilauf^htuni WalU n-ml Moiiford (n>o lh« 
bmffll of Dt, U«<1tonl 30 9ep. ]«ed). 

■ The ancffidal n^itcr fflvtv the date m " Juff 1 1." 8e« a bnriAJ I Jin- lOCA-ft. 

* Toujig«r tfon of sir KKholo^ SffimdWviTm flrM Viscounl Castlelon in tlio IritLh pwrngrr. by 
UiUrvd, dAii. cJ JcOiD HiUuift. of FotCMi, 00. Uiicolii, wliurv thAj wotq ouu-rtcit 20 Au|-. lAM. 
Hli mclbar atftmopMHiJlj oftUad'^Winifivd Klltofl" Intho |vprsifViL lEivfng vaffarod yfOHlly for 
hi» Efi^nltT, he wm kalabtcd by K- l^arien lU *ud ApK>intcd Gcntlomno in OtdiiUkry of the 
Frir; Cliiuiibcr iii IC4f>. n» wrctf the bivtoriM of Mrirj Qci<vri ot K^olk, aii'1 R]n(E» J^m^ l.Atui 
Ciuric* I. Hfl ilioJ 16 July, jiKwl hIxjiiI iiinotj, ftriri bl^ rftlct lUinff Wrtdg^Tl ajJiuiti^si^rcrt to hU 
colMvfeOtn. 1570. atcUcr bulbil lHJiui. 1061-2, 

* DtaofThtnoAa i>i>fiiXiY. Closet K^rptrr to the Kiu^ (*«« lilf< burinl S Pttb. 13SM). 

r ISooblAlMpLi«n I Aoir. ie74l.hitinatb(TT'«1iiirUl3SUch.l<W7'fi.KndhUfathcJ>9Ueo.irU. 

* Dml ofThoiuM />»n«E«^, atM-i Kn«pcr to the King (icc bin burial 8 F«b. 1«8H 9), 

* Kld«A Km. Bc« b^» f«Uicr'* burial e OcL 170Ah <in<l bit luotbcfB^t Oct. 1009, 

>* Itn moininiMit dd*rribv> fajni m lyfu'hnar HbIuht. sin '■f r.hf> H^r Itiobftrd IfALwy. of 

oix f^wii, add auiM (bti be «Eod 36 Au^., Afced lJD«te»n. Ht^ wag ai^lmicrud to Wtstmipatcr 
School in I6TS. 

" tn the DDdttiTiftl Te^*t«Fonty. IkiuMlcAaminoToffidJil or Krviot nbrmt thn Abb«y, 

" Be* hi» buhcr'f b«ri»l IT Jnl* H5B3. 

■ J«inr» BHtiw. Irf>rl TutUipA. iHW!c*t **hiTrl of Tti<ih»pJ> KftrT of Amn («r bU borini J7 J»n- 
leW-a), bj hit MVond wifiv Dori'iliy, <!««. of Juiin S'erran^ of Tamwortli CatfUc, co» Warwick. 
Eft), ^biibnptum 11' Feb. IflTU-t. 

^ C-^rwfd^Aifr Ulbbuiu. the pnuneDt Doctor of Unaic. H« was lecoad »cm md tblrd child cd 


BtntlALS IN 


Dec, [16] 

Dec 2d 


Jan. 9 

Jul. 17 

Jan. 16 

Jan. S2 


Feb, 11 

Pol. 14 

Feb. 5!d 

U&ich 1 

Uarch 6 

Eliafi Blount, a youth :* [CIcisitrs]* 

A chilli uf tlKt LoM Lntimcr'tt ;' [in the ^fr^], 

Haiy Stanley, b poor vldow : [OU)i$tar$]. 

ifanpLTOt Trevera ;" [C^A«si*M]. 

WilliAiQ JackAon, n child i* [Ci'ntUr^l, 

Tlie Duktf of Newciwtle :* [in W* ,4 A**y]. 

Captihin Tbomoa Man :° [£?/0t>/0r«]. 

MargAtot OaJo, a poor woman :' [Ohi^ttrs'}, 

Dr. Thonuia WiJdt^o:' [C£w>/m], 

ifo/*^/ Norton's wifi ,-» «» tt* Cloutsrt, 

Colon<?l Rr^rcnles Lowe:'* [CMrt/#r«]. 

ThomaK Kettlewcll, one of the V«rgere :'' [^fo«/(tM], 

EliiMbdh, d&u. of Juba pAtl«zi» one ciE Uie T«ota«ii of theVoaUj of ihe Chapel ^ojnU nail wu 
bipiiceJ &1 St. Mhr<£tfct'B, WcftrotEutcr, f! Auir> lOlfi* HoiruBoiaetaiii«OTE>iiift uf Wiudcvter 
Ciitbeilral. but pknod a ffntrtMn doniLj; lUc Cirli Wat. Alter Uio Kortontioa be wu sppoiaUd 
j»riuoJ{j4l Oi^buiDt of liic Cbapot IL^aI, prirjitc Orguilit U> tb« KiiijE, Auil OrifiMiJjtt vt thv 
Ablicij, Kc witf create Um. DoOh at Oifonl 7 Julr Ififil. Hn died 'JQ O^t., Aurl bi« ttiui- 
capatiTcwUl iniulo<ioiUioL7ttiof that Dionth, »»« proved A Xov. f ullovniv. bj bii KooDd vrifo 
WKlwIdcw, SUcabetbivboM own viU, dated 19 UcLlfiT'-a.inuijroTCxI T2 Jm. 1362-3, Sec Uio 
bortal or hU ttm vnfc la Apl, lisnj ; klto A burial ^ Hoc ici^, and note thGf«to. 
> ITic uu'^Olclftl tvgtdt«r ^T0« tbfl djiic ■■« *< D«& IG," aad tbc name u " JHuiU." 

* like nnofH^inl rrciMer aji*' 1-' LatimerV ^mi." Hls nam^? wi« Tbooaa, and be dl«d tn 
infaocy. S«e b:a molhcr*! burial G May 16H0, ftnd tioCo tbcroto. 

* The uuofUctnl rcirSAUr taja " Mkrg* j* Ucaae'ft majd^'* 

* Soc liti faUior'B bunal 23 Juty 1714, aiid U* notbCT > IG Utj 1TI9. 

* WUUom 0*TcDdi«b^ K,G„ flmt Lciril of tbc BcdcbAmW to Ibo King, only lurrivlaf aon df 
Blr Churls ruTr^idisb. rjf WdN^irk AbWj. fJriftK. Kt., by btntBt^nond wif^, CktLeritie.iiau-of Cutfa- 
bprt, wtnitlj Banra Oyle. He wii« created Duk> of N«wci«ilv ]r> hicb, 1ti54, and bum knovii »• 
thc'lojal Duke." Aco^rdmg tobisfimcraJ certificate iiL tbc (^Uogcof Arm!sh«iJodatWdbo^ 
X« Dca Ja7ti. aged «3. His vr^II, dat«d 4 Oat. lii;a, wa» pniTird :t4 K«b. ic;a-7s bj hu •no AOl 
ncoooOT, HoDTj, Pob« of Nirvcihrtl«. (^ix) tbi] burinl ttf hjn PuijboM 7 Jaa, lf>73-4. 

* A(?conliiiE Ut h'n mohmiiOLit hft wn« Hi^iitlr-mjin-IWrwir t*» Ui(> Klii^, nnd diwi Si Jui.. agfd 
llfiy-llva Hl« iHII, m nf St, Mar^arciX Wntwmstcr, Riq,. dated on the djiy of hU il«atht wm 
■implj a mcmonuidam tbnt certuia monic» m tarJooa huids in his ouinc vvn rtaltj the pitfierl]r 
ol Mra* Clocty Bammoud. who adoinlBt^nd to UA» tKta^e 7 Mijb. 10^0-7. 

' Tho uaofQc&al r«gl«tv giv^n tb« dnto aa " r«b. 19." 

* He matrkul«l«d at Oxford, fr^nt Ballfol CnlUfc, 14 Nor. H!S4. icod ItrtMO. aa wn of 
TtiomM Waldron, of Tcnboij, co. Won^^iter, and bbd bla degioc cf M.D. there V Apl. Itfifi. Ho 
brcatpe a, PeUow of the Rpjal Oo!iege of PlyticiAUS of LoudoD 9A June 16^5, and vaa Phj^* 
clan iu Orillaarj to Kiji|E Giariw 11. lU dl»l 5 KeU HTTfl*?, aud Lb t«la|« km tdinioiittfvl li> 
in Um Oeiwt of tho Dtoa and Chapter Mirh. fallowing, t^oo Ibo bicrlala, of hia wif* 94 Juu 
l«flft-7, and of fak dauttbteri, 9 Feb. 1&7&-0 acid 17 Apl. I«Sti. 

* Boe bcf bmiband'a burial 30 Jan. IGTT'6. Hiltc waa a Eiuifrin4,i; al 8t. Mwg^ret'a. Voat- 
>odii«Ur> 7 Jaly 1635, of " Bobvi fforton ud JCary tf^NA,*^ Tbfa cntij U la tb« oooffidU 
ftgbler tmljr. 

^ Tlw nncA^lat Tttfiijalaff Mja ''HdkuIua Loo." — Jobo, aon ctf ItervElcaLow, Oo&t^ww bii^lod 
■t e«.Aodicw'a,HdboTn. U June 16A«,~Wntum Marten, who died 11 Ap1, 1700. aiccd bnj- 
IkrvOiaiid mta buried at Uoiuhaco. ex Oxford, BkurM Uax?, daa. oJ"Cob»ol HctcuIm Low«, 
who acrred K. Cbailea I." 

" So« th^ L«fFUsuu of bii dillOrtii 7 Ucb. JQ(^fi'7. 14 Jwu l«cr», a4id « July IffT), ud tbo 
bvrialit (tf bl- d^D. It Jon* ms, imd bl« wife 7 Au^. 1714. 



1677 April [28] 



^ Uaj 






















Roger Irclundf Ihe CoTlego Pouter ;* [^Cloiittfa]. 

Dr< Iwiac Barrow :■ [m liW jij^jf^]. 

]hlr. LaA^vie :* lmlA« AhbHf^ 

ColoDGl lliillips hu ion :< [t'MAfj]. 

Francefl, dAQ^bcer of Gotonel Pbillipt:^ [CWcftnj. 

Hichjui) Dallon, a cbild :« [C^M^f]. 

The EfLrl ^f IKiYcr :* [v> the Abb^2* 

Mr.B<iviaFJoid;=' [t'ijtffrr*], 

Ur. John I^narcDcc :>" [CVi7Mi^«]. 

John Sbiiley:" [CT^cm], 

Tbomafl Han^riltg:^ [t7*w**«J 

Mr, GiibBrt Thonibarg :" [m /jb« Abh0yl 

4>Kfcp VwAdM tc«lM£t Hjv Ih&l he wu bnriwt 33 ApL Hi< mlitt Uufftrj ailailfikUTod to 
iAibihb tho Oeort of tiie Doftn vid Cbjipln-, !!2 Nov, ltiT7. Tltr^ «rerv rnvried ti ^U 

< This einiacut niaUiemftUclAn And dMiie vnm the boh of Tbonu Borroir. citimn and liA«n< 
dnpsr i4 Loiuturii lij Audc, Jaq. of WfHijun Bum^^> ^ KuttU Cray, oo. Xcnl, l^-t ima y/im 
turn in Ixiivlon hIaijii tOO. Hit funil^ wu An 4i)ol«Qt uui Sn ^ft^lk. uid liia Ulli«r'« Lvotb«v 
vft« Imuw Barrcw, BUhop of SU A«apb. IIv bacjin« tfUGCCMiiolv Grfrk f^ftiMOf at Cuabndiie 
in lCrt<>. Q^cmMij ProtcMor M QreHbun Con^rge in 1663, K.B-fi. in IG09. Luc^iiii PniuKir of 
UftthcmUiO U CunDrfdco Ifi 16G4, I'rcbozuUE? of 8idi«barT in lAGH. uul UamIct fi Trialtj 
CoUsyv, Cuabridp^ iu IGT2. He wu aLw ChapLkia tu K. C1iul» IJ^ ukI wils crvntvd D^D., bj 
Hejal dukUU^ Id IflTO. His Life anct Worka wen puhUnhod Ijy ArchbUiop TUEot«oii. Uc ibi4 
Satceuie^ 4 lUj 1677. 

^ ' Th» uBofickt rc^uter a^b " ifrr. Z^ AVm/* wliich » oomot, m b coniArmod by the U^ 
of ?«l«r Le Neve. Ste wah />rt»r«v <l»o- of ThomaM Honk. ^i( rutheridge, », Dnran, B«q, 
(«Mesi brolbcr of Qcvijie, Om taxavnt Duke of Albefiuulc)! auJ Ibr lir«t wtbi of Jgiku Lo Xeve, 
B«f. (••« hl4 borift} 2 Attc^ 1693). nhu. A\ad^ of vriftU-pnic, on thn 13eh nf thu month. And tnm 
boiM in tlic North Ablael the Abhej, Her dqIj childT a dau. Un7, Uvod only lireDtT-Jbnr 

< aee hift cu^ihtr'* hoitftl 5 Bep. I69L ftAd note tbetoto, Tbii wm, prob&hlj. either 7'A<HMf, 

«l»o HM hofD the £ath AiiJ b(*pUcea 27 ?foT. 1601, ot SU I'auI'*, Coreut Guilni. vi Smrif, wLo 
«■« hnm IhA 4lh Ami Upiiwd Ift Jan. UAT-^ ni r^t, Mirtin tn th< Fi«hU. 

' * Sn hd mothcf'i bvmJ £ ^t^ ItiOl, aod &utc tbtrelo. ^c wu b«pt^sed at Acicn, MicU^ 

* Bee hii mother's burUl '2^ Aug- IfiOfif ftnd cute ehcrciOH The iuioQIcUlI ri>^L»ier ta/a bo 
WM buried ID Haj. 

t (fir Jfihn /}af€f K-B^ ddcivt nn of Henry. Umsth Bnron UuDadon nnd flret VSa^eunt 
Bochford MLJ Ekxl of Dorer. by hu fintt wife, Judith, dan- of Sir ThcimAa PeJbnzo, njocefidod bSd 
fallier !a April iao<G> He dioO ?n &Ut. ftjfrrl about liztj-ntne, Icavlnfl oiily ooe dftu.. Huy, fnoN 
rMtoWiJJuiu HcTCnknghuu-of UcTctxli]ghani,co.Cu£foIfc,KK[,,wheQ ihcvuo^vntf and Kjuldom 
bvmmo ciUiact, and ihe BanDy rcvcrud to bJe eouuio Eobef. &e« hie ecoond irtfc'ii biuial 
IS P«h. tltB7>8. Tbe Qoaffi^iikl tYcidiir mjitbat he wnebtukdon the let of June. UiKtitiMi' wna 
adsiairtcred to on the tfth of that moulh hj % oeeditor. 

* 8ct Ihv moth«r> bursal iCt Auff. 1QHA, md nobo thaMto. 

* The anoHtcln] rcglticf taju " Mr. Brrln hUnyd, Ju :/' 
V BU monuvoDt «aya tUl be dv^d 'J3 Julf, 6oe biaJM^we'* burial S Fob. l€6t-5, aad faia 

UOthtf^ 10 Srrp. 16«7. 

" The vDoArfftl repvter «^ * 27 tfop>" 

^ Tfaft unoBeUl rtgllttf imj« "' Tho : Jfeanvrin^/' 

» QUben TX^mfrttvyA, Baq,. (irnikmaa ot the CeUiu- to the Elug, AoconUDg to hli inonL- 



























Bdffftnl, Ron af t^r H<lward Cnitvright :^ [ui Ai j4 »%]. 

TIk Ijjuly Jame^ vife to Sir John Jeamed:' [in ^ Att^], 

Jamefif eon of Sir Stephen Fox:' [C/owttn], 

Tlw Xm\x Kniiicii?, wifo fj" CoUfnel Vjlkm:* [ot lAa Jfr%], 

Thcr hndy Elijutbt'tU. »ife to BirFtaocis CUiiCoii :* [m 1A0 J^Af^], 

Tli« Duke of OuDbridgc;*< [in tJU AbUy}, 

Thomas Pitch, A oliildj' ICioiaUra}. 

Sitnliy luW vrifj> to WQlittju AUaoaon, formcrlj iri& to John 

Rol^&pt Nwton r'" lCioUUr§], 
Qilbert Knip^ :" [C/oitf#r*], 

n^lbeilicd iiUcUlDhi«flnj'fijxt|ijfar> ElMwiir, daie<l S 8cp. IffTO. iratproT«c1 29 Nov, )677, 
\fy hU rflliat Sonh. Vo whom tiu Irft lui^x ta Dun^M^tcr. vj- Turk- Hn Eaootii^e>i bi« liruUiov 
Tbomft* khiI Jclin Thfrmliargti, ^nti hla iriMvn Jitu« W^L Abba rfliintnr, axyd BltMb*tli BxfUj. 
Dr. William JtrbutKin (mw liiii burUl 13 Hch. IflGG-T) fnbi« will {^lUodbi^ hunjudn. 

■ 8oD oC Sir ICilwAnl Carimf. KU. Gmllcmnn UiihcTr cf tht BIncL Kod. bj KlinMb, ^u, of 
Aobert Jobruoo, Aldcmuui of Itoikduii. AccorxlSng lo h\i moniimfint htt lUotl 3(1 Uct^ Aff^ 
wv«a j«BtB Mid nino ukonlh^. Oq« tif thct huiw iiiuuu bud pftRvitih^ wiw born the Itilb aurt bop- 
Ixwl 31 Moh. JMA, at Sf> Uiut^n in tfaa F^kU 8vb I1U Biflin'ii bririal 99 Hoh. 1717. 

' Mary^ jnuDcv^t dao. of Sir Roticrt KrtI!|rrfiTr. Kt.» Vioc'Chambrrlnin to Q, HfnrieUap 
Uftrii^ fc7 UA17. lUa. ci Hir Htiirr Woodhousc* r>f Wuhmm, CO. NorCulk. Kt, Eibt tf^ bfiptiMil 

wboi aooordin^ to her mi>aunicnt. wiu Utn^cmlrO titna tlifi auctcat tordd of D^ostr^bt, U> 
nolbnil- 6h» rltr^T G Vuv.. nrithoat nirviving knHtc, hor on\j i»n Jobn ind on^f daiL Rlaftbrth 

' tifv bt» bTolhor'fi burtJkl Sov. IG£T. nnd note IherctOv Aooordin; to bi« inonTinuni ho wu 
Uw flflh iwn bj Str Stc|>bcn'ft Qnc wtr?, nniltlJ^'il ITI Nor.. »^ cwvItc jiAnnnd «^i mt'nthjL 

* LvAy Fr^nixn llowurd, jcungoL d«u. ut Tliuupliiluiif lecOiud BmI «f Uuttotk, bj Ladj 
BliabffCh Hum4. dau. iiml cohtfirof Qrar^, Rftrlof HunUv, 8bc wufbcflrA wifcof fiir Bdwitnl 
VUtien, Kt <««« bi^ burial 3 Julj IG8P). wnd notb^r of Bdiraid. fimt BaH of Jctm-j (mo bSa 
t)uriJil4Sc|nl71l},ortboTliiaiuotCMPitBbanUjig(Heeborburml 2fl t^v|x ITCW>,And of KalboriM 
Tiliior* [rtv her roarrlJictc 20 Julj IGSVJ. 

' Dmi. «f Sir Willuvm KJIItgr^w, Ku Ocjttlouha Uibct lo lUnfi* Cb«f1C)*L Mkd II., and Tin- 
CbambaHain tu QuetA Cutbt^Hnr. hj M1U7, lUu. of JoUa HilU (J lloaUcj. co. W&rriok. Baq. 
Sbe wMt tirt nmt >Hfr 0I Hit Kruidfl Clintoa. Et„ tbcn Gi-ntlumazt uf Ibt* IVk^ Obnaber In 
Onttnar^ lo K. CbulM H., wbo became Eat! of Udoulii i& lil73. aud divrt tbe folkiwing joir, 
8bc vrju VnmcT l« tbe Qnooa at hor doatb. 

' C*jiflf*. cMott «>ii and tliint <3la1d i.f Jnriic«, Dnke tf YmtL <afu?rwii.r^i E. JftiiHa II,), bj 
bu toi^nd nifc Uar7-Bcatrit-K1«Dam D'SattJ, c^niLoT AlpboDiu. Dulvof Ifixlma. Ho raljom 
ai St, JamM V I Nuv.. and vti«d 13 t)ec-. 10 tbc UMtu; jvu, He waa ca^lfn) ftiii^ pf Comhf^J^ 
but 00 cnrfilmmL jjf ibo i>avinl baa boto fomd. See Ibo buiiala of blH sUtcrv A Oct. 1C35» 
i Mcb, IO«ivi, and s Oct, ie»3. 

r 8m bnrta1« »0 Uaj 1GT0 and tl Feb. l€7i'Jk and notoa tbcnUt. 

■ 8tt ber (int hiubanir* bona) 1 Vflh. ind6*7. ^be remaniod. at fiL Hafliii In the Hfilibw 
10 Sep. IflSCt, UuEA aff^il ati;iil fiirlj-rfiuT, WLLiani Ai^iuam, vt i*i, Uknran4'«. WoUni&atcr* GctiL., 
a widower, aged MbtMi fortj-twa Tlv inarrtafe Ueaoas Hkod tlic Vtic«r>GeitCT*l'a Office wu 
dtfedS Ari>. 

* Tbo QooJEctaJ ri^dvr mja -'buried Jan. 16." See t^ banal of bar fini hoiliaad, Joba 
Holaitead, Ucij, I4r>3-I. nud aote tbereta. 

** flee bi4 wlfe'i burial 38 Feb, 1070-7, and ooto Uiorato. 

■< Sm ki* inotbeT*<i burial » Ang. !«»(, aad Ma fathot'# 9 Aog. ItU. ioocnUif to bla 
WMiumuat bo died SO Jat^ agod tight nitiiiihii. 

167i Jan. 29 
Feb. a 
Feb. U 
Hnrch 4 
March i<; 

157^ Harcb:f^ 
April 11 
April 24 
June 4 
Jnne £4 


Jfr &U, Shorter,'* in thi Cimt&rt, 
Sir HcriJWt Prioc :* [in At ylM*y]. 
Mr. Jobn Jc^uAon : {CU/iikrti]. 
Kliuitjcth Ccx>ki?, a diild :* [in tht Ahhtf\* 

A si>Q of the EvJ of Ri^ziaU:* [in Uu Abbei/'], 

Mr*. Price :* [m (A* Atb^y}, 

Mr. WUlmm Mundf:* [CTou^m]. 

Jo^ and Tfi^muu May -^ in tht Chiztertt. 

The liOtA Outliikgton [*«] Boooc ^* [m rAd J^t^]. 


miiisler, 0«oL, dAUd 30 Jviic 1674, win pn>T«id m tbu Court oC the i>oui and thnptfr, ^ FcU 
inr-a, b? bk aeoona wife and reltet. Atm 8tu>tl«r, On ihQ I8tli of Jau. If^S^JO. be htA % 
Dmqn tPORi 1tk« BUhop of f.ot)dan. in wbicL h« ww daMUbed u of 9i. Mftryp, Ul^ni^uu, Mulx-^ 

tmil7-WT(Vfk, whriWAiprolmhl^ mMthr^r "f hU mn ThfmtAJi (■»> bU bariftl 19 ill{'h, IAI3-S), A*« 
alM ihc bftptjpin of hU dna. 6 Jtmo ]<>'i6. bizr murHtLKo 32 Dec. U87, nad the buml of ftootfaor 

* Iff \n Mvadiy Mfled " Kaii^ht." bat In tbo Mun of lUlTiiknlHtrfttlon u> biii E«Ut«, f]at«d 
# KoT. 1479, b« VTA* cklUd " Ban>Li«t/' m wftif itlao hU aot^ Bit Thovo**- Attica I'ricct iu Aiiuikr 
iMtOFi dntnl 23 I>w. IffSfl, whil* i" ihi* mKTrl*gf IJoonjwi rif thla «t. fmm the Vicnr-lfener*^"* 
oSoe; dated IflJnno tATfr, the fpthcr to tlucribcd ■■''Koight BMTonvtt." HU baronctcf U 
fiOt neogniml It the College of ^mu; and uu f«teiil for \% haa bet'Ti (Hi^trv'unxl. Ht wm «□ of 
IbonM PTlo«> <tf fifrcfotilildR* Kftri., bj Afiao, dsa^r ftod bolrof tkibu RndbAll^cl Rudbftll, Kh^., 
and inuhlma»]rollb«?noT7, Bmxm. Ho wva Cokmri m tbv annj* aud Hftttar of tha lloiuf- 
bold la Ki*nH(*lljuM4n.t nml R rhnrW If, Hf« wu niMri M,P. for Bnxvin in liUO, Hrtil niEain 
IWim IfiOI antU hbt doatb. H» Rurrtetl HodLtha, w:nnd dau, and coboLr of Sir Fliuiij Anion, cf 
Park Hall. a>. Varwick. Kt., I7 Dnrnthca, dan. of BaMI FdlfUo^ of NevrcLham. Eiq. 8hc wm 
a \My of rho Privy Chamber Vn the Qaeca-Uotbtr, and iurriTOd bet hiL^imiid. tSt% tfae burial 

of bii flou,, Wrt, 6Unh<>|v, "i'A Oct. lOT*. 

■ Tlir anoAkial n>f[i«l«r aji '* M^» < Rim - r4rf«l»>;' 

* TTic uuoffidal nijfl«1«T ta7» " L** Navati j" Knrlff at lUnnAlnijh ivui." Bdffari, aon of 
lUeliArd Jonus third ViKVjnnl. and created Earl of ItajnUyh [tcQ hia burial 10 Jan. Kll-Ifl), by 
hln nnr wifo, Elizabeth, djiu. of Frand^ Lurd WiiJ^^d^'Uiix *jt I'nrhut) (wi^ li<.'r ijurial 3 Aug. 
IffVfi^. He i^u Uim H Oc;L nril bnptiMd lU KuT. ICrC. at M- UartlD In the i^frldn, MSibc. Hio 
fatbcr'a mW diBtinmlj mi'ntinriH him, 

* Acoording to her nunainetiii «bo waA .Vnr/JUt, wlfo of Gvrvaac Price. Biq.. tferjoaat <if tbc 
Offloc of Truinr>eta and Gentleman of the Bo*™ to K. Cbarla 11. (lec bJ4 burial IS ^, ICST). 
aad tlic>d 7 Apl^» fn her tliin^r-vlffblh fear- Miq iraa cld<!A iLau. of Jrjbri Atjijcrt, ot ih« cUy of 
l^Eftdon. (}eDt., Iij hU m-ifn Martfa^ And wan fnarri«<l aibniit Dfc. !r^<lO. ibo Mar. Lit:. Fac- bttSnK 
dated OT) The 71b of thai mAntIk Bi.*f thf^l^uria1 nf lifTiiiMi>r. Marj Li^cy. IfiJaa, ITOrt-*». 

* &c« marriatfra 6 Vot. |iIT9 ukd ) Jaii. l««S-ti. and boHala 7 June 1G70. 14 Deo. lU8:i, aiid 
4 Hcb. IflltM. probably of members of hti family. 

' In the CToIll«lal r«^ler only. tSer tb?ir nsier'a ba^itlnD 3U» Nor. 1067, airil rLi>l« thenio* 
Kee al» ttte ba|>UAm of John T JnEy Ir}* 1, jvnit nf Th'iiatJt 1 1 Oct. 1077. 

* Fnn^li Cetilh^i^n, founip'r aun of i'liiltp rtrllinstrn. Of GodmannoiL. CA, ftomenwb, wai 
Oe«k of ih« Conndl la tbn rvii^ ot K. Junca [.. aad via created a Baronet 10 Vah. lti3S-3, 
Dftder K, Cbartfa I.bewat ChAnadl^rr of the Bichoquer and Ambiwador to Uadrid^ami wt§ 
oleiaied to the p€<raj:«, lU July l»3l, m Baron CDtliagtCBi, of Haufrortb, co, UkU. ilv wai 
•atvoqueaily Lord Trcatcirvr and >tji4icir Crf th^ Wartlift faut mnt into caila vitb E. Cbarlea IL, 
aad tiercr rettirud. Ho dLisI at Talladohd in Jiino 10^2. and wn* bnrfoil fa lb« J«euit«*ehun!h 
there. Hit vrin, dated Ihrve ilaya hofore faia doatb, munot proved in RngUbdauiil U> AuifJIMA. 
n« tBATded, la 16ST. Aiuie* dau. of BIr ftlUiiua McrtdiUi, of Undoc. Et.. aiul vidcw of ^1r 



1678 July 12 WilliAm, san of Dr Pntriek, an infoai :> [in r/n Abb^y], 

ColonL'l ThcttiiAM H<iviLrO :^ in the voiilt bvlotigiflg Lo Uio DnkO 

or Riclimoud'H family. 
Henrv, Lord O'Brian:" [i/i (^ A^lny'], 
Mr, Lmnlj Dc»w ;* [CVoi>«ri], 
Hix ThgiuAA Mndiford, a joath i^ (^CUt<*t*r$]^ 
Mr. John vwi Hualcdoolc;* ICloi^Mrt^. 
Kov. 7 Eliiuibcth Jackson, achOd:? {^ClotBttrs]. 













Ilotrrt RrtU* KL^ imdi MiTorluig ton fuac^r*! cvrtifioati: in tbo CoUoffO of Ann^ «^ diod nt h«r 

tbcro b no rooord of her burial Ln tha tUgistcr, whiob bi dcfectiTC Jtt thai |>ariod. Onlf a aoq 
Ohirki Aod a dan. Anao lumvcd her, nnd botJi died m ilicir father'* Ufetimo. Tbc xnonuinoiit 
eraotM bj Lord CDitinf^^m^i nephew iuhI ludT tubu tiiai liis raoAfua iron brought to thii 

counUjiAltfTK but the- '\nU^ ^f tntvrmt^t, in both th^oflSoijil nnd nnoffioiiil rcififtorMt i* ilidinctljr 
t0TS- Tll4 inSFVljititin Jtlto hIiiCoa tlikl 1i« d£«d in bU wwutj-fourth ynitf, 

> (^U« bAptUni I JuljlfiTli, juidthatof hiabnAborSOa, 1G^, aod noteatbcrato. 

' Foufth uo oJ air WiUlui Hvwud, of Nawortli CnAlk. co. Cambcrlnud. bj Morjr, cUcft 
dHu. ol WiUluo, foiitlh Lord finro, uid joun^fer tnotber of OlmriCM, fim RhH of Curb ^h. tlcirac 
LiontViuit of iho Voooion of th(» Ciujird, ftn4 wvii nMod for hj« frnltAiiUj uud daolii. Hodicd inCli> 
ODt lOffltimttti fMiio, J^ the ba^AlA, of biJi irifo (tho DiinboM of Blchmond) 3$ Nor, 148JK Kod of 
lii* brother I SApL lfi»iT. 

' EeiU7 ffBfiei^y Lord Ibraokwi, onlj hoc cf Henry, icreatb EjuI of Thomond. bj Axmc, 
dAu, uiLl cobcir of Huur?. Dflli EatI of Tboniorjil. He dkyl 1 t^«pL, in bia Taibof^a ItfitiiDc. ftud. 
ftOQordinf to tho EtnciJliciftl*tcT, wai buried In thu RichisDnil niult. Hi* will, d^Uid 4 Apl, 
IR73, «M promt £G Snpn 16TS' Tt ctoKdi with tho foltoiriag iTxtraordiDATy Mid aatm^whttt 
Dnnatnrflil para^^ph :— " 1 o^njatc my ui% DnnAtnit O'Drlon, to hcdkour ftnd c^»ej litfl King in 
whatova fac conuDnntU tW la not contrculic^torr t(r ibc Holy ffcnptun: ftod FnitcftAnt rallgiou, 
lu which I oonjun blm (upun |iJiiu uf vij curw) iiul uiilj to oo[itlnu« himi«?lf, but to ulfisc bhi 
bn)Ui«r> Knil viinton to tlo th<. njUDn ; and Ibat bo iiovtu^ marrj » P&piirt j «uJ tlint bo ijJio gr ci 

cvt. if ever Qo<i blew him with rii^b1r«n (which I tfunt be will m&ii^). to l>»«d thmi ilricU; 
in thA ProteMont rdt^im : . . . fadviM Aim ttt cArriih the ISnglifh upon KU rrtat^^ aad dritt 
ovi iA^ Iriih, and erpreialiy ikote n/ tk^tn wkc fo trndtr tXe nnwu t^ gentlemen^ Kve the huiUlv^ 
urhtuwifull Nov, 1702. hivKXiSMflv 1579, «nil hU daiijfhffir £4 Nor. \m^. 

* Tliu imolHoiA] rcgihUir h^h " Ifr, Lumty Dun" proliablj corrvotl^ iJ#ir# Avo aoUs to a 
mfliTlA4E0 9T Hch, 167^. aad a biirla] 10 June lti&4. From iho combicutina ui pccnikr naiDO^ 
be wftfl OTldratl J > m^mlv-r of the f&mily ibcrdn mentioned. 

' Hic nnofflpiftl TPgijitcr sajii limplj ''Tho: Mudrlifonl," amittin^ Uh: pTpfl* "Bit" tia 
WBji probftU^ the <ni\y »o aii<1 tnjc^^uivr of Six Jauih Itpd^crd. of Ijin^duti and t^knrlob (wbo 
w*i orCMcd a Baronot 18 PoK ICHO-l, and wn« ]i.i«at.'<j<jromor of Jw&Aioa, whoto Iw dusd 
ta Jaq. l6?2-3), br BUubeth. d«t nod boii of Str Nlohola^ Sbmninfl, oJ Mari«low. ox J>CTDn. KL 
Dybiig umtcT ag^ Mb MUIOs pa«id to hit lUt^^ Gnus, who mftrricd. rlmt. Kdrarl DrAke, w^ 
diod In JatnoIcA J( Oct 1680, uid, ncondlj, Pcicr HctwcmI, Ksq. (Tbtru iro* another Bitfiaocrt 
of tblfl tuuruv Sit TbomM Uodjford, brohor of Sir JBioe« ; bai h* did uot die until t »epi 1079, 
«ad bi« ion lbom» also d£«d Itf Oct ff-HowJng, both bvioff buritd iit Ju&mko,] 

* Tho iriU of John Vim ffuddt/nfh, R«q^ ono of tho Oon1i«imui (4 iht Privj Chamber to ibn 
Kinar, dAtfd Ifi Oct. lOTfi. wnii prorcd 20 Nor, folbwiog. Uc left Jill hU utntr, real and psr- 
•oDjil* to hii faETOtbcr CcrncUna Von Hudnnok and John hU rmi* «ipedji11j exctitditkg tbe 
dMi^btort Mid bfltiv of biji biothor, Mr- Arnold Tnn RApilniick, ihuir hu«Uind«, clif]dn*3i, mil 
^NMnulaDUf and aUo tho buibanfU, ohiMrvi, and doowndautfc of hu two cbftorv, Kal^oriDn and 

HavlatAw InoooorthoSicnollSookaathorubhcBioord OdBoa U a wnnt. lUtcd Dc<i ICOOi 
lor paying John Tan HMdonIc* Gcnt^ £500, foe fnntnhtng the late Klnc Chnrlea uritli ama nod 
flBUDdnitioD. He ma uppointod ou« of the Q«atleniec of tho Vtirj Chawbcr ibt Mve jov* 
' Beeborbtbi-rVbiuial SSJnlj 171«, audburuuthcia IC Uv ^'l*- 






















F«l>. 15 

"VereTljoinaa, RpiDflter:' [CToiHer*]. 

3JarthACurmll:* [tVoaWm^]. 

Tbc Lord ni;rbcTt of Cberbury :» [w the Abb^\. 

Marifttret Thomson:* [UieiBt^rty 
Mr. Winiam Utilmer :* [CtoMWrO- 
Jam4t Hwigtlui y in ike CitnsifTa, 
IssbolU Ported- :■ [Cloi^t^B]. 

Robert, m,*cond ^n to Uie Lord Cholmondelcj', 1)C)tig ODC of the 
King's Bobolan :^ [tri /A« ^^fr^y], 

■ 6cc her bmbuid't burial 1 Junu lfi64. 

'^ ■ Kdwari, Ihifd LonJ Uctbcrt of CborbiU7, «ld««t ton of Richard, fccoml Lord, bj Lulj 
Muy B|fcTUiu. <laii. of Jubn. Ilr»t Eul of ISriilffcnsict. He married tiricv. Vut died wilhgut 
Uoiu. Dtc 167S, in bU aivty-toorth jw. 

< Voun^vr brother of ThtmiA*, the fjunoiin iro^i&a (we hi» buriftl 3 M«jr 1710, and noU 
thervlo). Hv w&«Uptisc«1iit t^r Uuryaret'A, WcKlminater, lOJime 16iT. Hk fmb^, Iq hi* will 
dAt«d Id Jann rii>3. 4Ul4^ th^t bo hwl obuinod a plaoo for him in h» Unjoft^'s Icttdicn, Uia 
pi^U cif vblct) UU molbcrwM lo cujaj uulU hcEcacbl^l fnll age. Hin ir^Fict Auiiv mltumiM^tcil 
to tu« Mlato, 3 June 1070. th tb« Coortcif tbp DrAn elhiI Cbftplor, Thi^ir iiim 'nunniu aixl (UiiebtoT 
Anoe vcrv lApliwd tH 8t Mnnrvtt'*, Vr«itmiutfl«T, ihe forrocr 4 Sop. 16Tis and tic Latter 
nOct. IfiTT. 

• The DDOfficii&l rceiater mj9 *' Hr*. Mftrg" ThiPUtrA." Sm tbe burial of Jolu) JAi>n/ui«n, 
30 Dec. WOOL pnUU; Uer futhur. 

• Hit will, in w'niob b*[» des«Hb«d aj ^sf BnkhampftcaH Bt. Vv-ter. HffHji(hnt nn whirh U i« 
eotlorwd ihfil «t e1« Utne of his dvtitL he vrtu dvrdlin^ *t m^ettmini^Mr), notf^ry publtCt (latod 
JuDA H77, wfti proved in Xhm C'oait of the Voiin fti^d Chufitc-j, A Feb. l^S'9, hj tU relict 
U4r7, wbom tI lUUti wnd the dnu. of Ur. Jonathan UnwUcj the elder. He 1^ hia manor of 
CcpTdbflT »( Ikrkbara pfis:nd« hud otbcr InndA Id Co^wold. oo. Tcukr |n*'0 liim bj K* Ch&rtu II. 
Iot bli fftithfal «rrvii-^4t l/t hini vi''. bit fAtbrr. to Iw >ot(l frr |mir bin il<<tiiA, nwl amalt In^flrln* to 
hi« bflPthcm Uobat aatl T^otoiit- Itulmt-r, At^X bEs ffstere Maij nnd Anne On ibc 27th Unrch 
1676 he h«J « lioenao froui Uic Yiou-OeGcrar* ofBcc* in which he vn» dctoribed as of Attbrid]ffi, 
S<uJu,Q<tit.,nwUlovor,apdmkptitidxT7'Oighl,ioinbrr7Mn. MnrjitAdloy^otBrldtrei^ 
LonilcD. ipiEuIcr ngwl nbotit Iw-enljr.foiu-, Arx<>:<Unp l*. n moounienUl iti*>Tlpti'>n pra»crrcd bf 
D>Tt(|). 137). And anol^^'^ liy Kftcp (#ifit IflftS, ii. .'IflO), Uifh fif which wr_Te Irmif Hnoc d«fllr«jed. 
bb SnI wjfo and th*lr onlj adh were cJio bnriix] In tlie Cloictcn, btit no Teoonl cf dtbcv ocMon lu 
dlhcrof thcre^ncen. Sh« ladf^vcribcd a* Mar7>dati. cf Wtlliim Oreeno.or l^annorthf co^Toirlc, 
&14., atid U ihM to haTc dlvd 31 J%n l^l-V. Tlio 4oii. IVllllunf who mnUlcul&ted &t Qjiron), 
&<Ha Cbrift Cbizrcb. Slf Ucb^ 105A, luid iriut jLcniciic^l fir the mcdleAl ppjfcaioiL, diod «bf]« on 
Afith to hi0 pttfenU in Ix^ndon, cipjjAr«iEittj' Ln 1A58. In whlnb jeir tJio/eiwtfid the monuroont 
to Ul BiCDOfy. 

> The wSl d Jiimii» /iudglmttt ot bt. Murgucrs, W«HtinIi^atcr. GonK. ^Alod ft Jfto. iGrS-f. 
wm pored 1ft ibeCvnrt oflhr IJojin uul CliApici, 23 l^p. ifiro.tT hln biWherChfcr!™ Huilfrlmtl* 
Ut xDci4b«r> Un. Atifrul litkiat, then «-lfo (d Mr. llif^mu tlalcB t»0 hid bnri&L IS Atis. 1^79), 
vbom Iw bftd a^fv^nted cxveutni, baring rnnnuncctl. UU brother JflremJnh Hutlifbult wa» tho 
only Uha l«gatcv« 

■ Tb* vDofficUl rcgirtcr luiys " ItahrV 

• 80& uf BviWrl. tint Mscount Clii>!mon<lol0ji of the Mcood crciilk>n» hy Elliolictb, Jau, and 
Ohftb of Ooortr« Cmdook, of CuTorm-ell CacUo. cc. l^tAJTord. B«<1^ H« wm iu)mi1l4id into 8l 

-PMtt'B OdIIocc W««taiiQi«^. in \tU. and died 3 Feb. Mloariziic. in bi« Utb joar. ikMi his 
broUier'abaiUI T June lesO; 

*Tfai tiaofficiftl rcguder Mja '*$' W(U: C^rr." wbfcb UprofaoUj covrcclv A SlrWilUmn 



157} Feb- 21 Mr. Houry SimoDS :' [rtoWw*], 

Feb, 22 JnhnTh>iii»on;* [CWttfirry 

Feb, £4 -Jobn Fairboni, a child ;" [<7ftrf*/«re]. 

March 1 Mr, Williaui Tucker:* [<7A»tf/w#], 

March d OhArl'^«, «on of Mr, Th*Hiift» DutM^lin i*^ [CAvM^tJ- 

Murch 11 J»Tie ri|m:'^ [C/o«'*i;in-*], 

M^cb 15 Dcntthy Qodolpbin ;^ [ui ^ J^t#y}. 

l€Td Mim^h :>7 Diann Tempk r^ [*h U« ^ft^]* 

M»rch 27 SUphen Baber:» [Hw/w^], 

A|<ril 5 Tbomw lUgg^tt:'* [6'foMj!#r*], 

April d G«o]yoE£rk:>^ [Cto>i^jX 

April IS Arthur Tbomaoti, a child:" [CVfiiifew], 

Out vm apiiolnUKl mt* of Uir 0«ntkniea o/ Uw PHtj CbAmbw to R, CbArlw TI. tn imxt. 
Ooe of itin iLftmOt mo of Hdr ttobcrt Cnrr, w(w koigbtcd, *t KcwrD&tket, € Bfdi 16?ii-7. 

' nu will (w ntnfj 5y«««fu, of i*l, Marpu^t's. Wntiniturtcr, Qotit., dated ao Jan, WM, 
WMprvfed (n tlm Court i>r Ui« Dfftn Acd Ctiapi«r, 12 3t<:b. fii^l<>vihj;. hjr bi^ tooffLoft QihtIm uiil 
WtUiUK WrVD. S(*|i*>r lo wlxna be bcqucaVJic<t bLii oIaIc in (rti^t f^r bi* vrifc Ubjj aod biA 
mjnor <Uldrvn. 'H« hpiitHn to hntn bcJi) k>idc o^cIaI prjiililan rindffr ttio Bl«hoi>of Lincoln 
(Bwlov). whom, u(liU*'botitnirtiil Jurd and iiUL«lrr." Iieappoinwdovcrvecr ofbJtfwilL Soehia 
w\U'% burial 2S Fob, nsl-2. According to hi*r w\lU he wta buried iu sUrut th« middle of tlie 
Weet doatt^r. 

* Tbc unoffiokl TOfMcf «ajii Tkomp^K'n, u doa olu hU rncmumc^t, Dccordfc^ 1« wUcli tic 
■rwUim fi Jnlj IGTe. md dkd 21 Feb. LGT^9. Sec bU mothcT'i buriiU 12 Kor. teal's, and hfn 
fatbcr'* 30 Dec. ITOO. 

■ eb:ib son of i<ir Pikbuef Fair&ffr-rut Kt, and Dnioo Hu^rj bii irlfe (mv hor bux[ft] 9 Jane 
1491), Aeoordlhs to hb momimcui* hla »gc wu two momlif mail two wifoki. 

^ A WooT CaooD of the AU>?irH «^d il junior- prlot of Ibc CbKpcl Uo7«l at tb<i Um««f ibo 
CoTOnalioQ of K, ChaiU* U. Bumi-ir u>-4 thai be wu rnK^cnlor, or Cbn&t«r, of thtf Abticy. Jlc 
died SS Feb,, Bijd bis rulxl KtiMbftU JKUntii liton4 to bin ntstc. in the Court oS tb« Dthin and 
Chapter, 39 Mh J f'llloTUtg. i^ the bnptisma of hU chl1dr«n, IT Nor, laoZ, 19 5[cb. 1664-5, And 
£3 FeK 1067-^ JUid builulk 2U Nov. |M2. IS PfU ieC3-4, Vid Ul Au^. ti^TO. 

» Siebtlji>0nAJ^. «<e bis Cotbvr'a burial »F^b,16e»-9. He wpr Uptiood at St. MaipuilX 
WcJitminAler, i Jdj ICTS. 

' Iti«;Uly /^;w«. ^M ha tnoiliofa htaitJ 18 Juno IVTfl, 

' Hur uQoniclal rc||i*tcr Mja '^ ifn. Jrw Godolphla." In the ah>eEiOc of nay poetdf« 
^OOCUlcatlon, ti oiaj be »i|fsc»tcd tliat abe »» a juiax^ chfld of tbc Bt, lUta. r^ilncj, aflorwotds 
Bad ol 0«do)phln (mo bit bujfal ft O'^t. 1719)^ vboH marriage took pl&cv b l£7£. 

* DwL of girM'illiam Teoiplo, Bart. (ac« hit bai'lnl 1 Fub. IfiO^K aad hU wife^a 7 Feb. 
lG9i-*), 8he wiu( Imts t^ tltli, and baptlDcd al Hfrhm^jTid, Hnmy, S3 i<c\>. 1605. 

< Accordiitff to hli looatuncDt, fac woa the onlj- child uf BcnJRmiTi IUIxn*, Gcitl,, Alilcrman of 
Btktlu \tj UUxobcth bb wife, aad itm born \> OcU liW3. luid dM 35 Mtb. Iflr^'?. Ill* tattiur 
wan third 9c^ tit Rlrhurd HtXttT. of TwMl<<t^, ni. Homcrtet, mad vat tbrii^ Unjorof D*tb, wbvra 
he died 33 Hoy 170&, In hU KTcal|'-dghth yrar, anil wiu bi^^ in Uie Abl^y Chtj^. He 
aioOMV, Elliabcth, wait tUo. of WtUiiUn Fcx, of Parkj, ca W^llUi, lUq^ appamollr a lirotbct of 
Sr FIcpheL Fox (iLltbnnjElk not Dioniion«d ta Ibo accoiiiiu of th« famil;). after whom Ibk GhDd 
waa probabljr iaiu<«L £bc dicfl 33 Fclh I70i-i, i« bar KrTcmtf-BiaUi Xtaa* auii was aUi; luckid tn 
1)iO Abb*7 n^UKb ot Bath. 

X* DoubtkM a icrTaiit or mtDor iJ^ffidal about Ad Abbey, five bi« toootid nutfrinffo H ApL 
1«6», ood the buj'Ale. nf bU flnl wifo 10 Jao. 1«C7-8, bid dau. 20 Jdj 1«6S, bii ma 7 Maj te!9, 
and hto tecoad vUe K Uch. iG8»-90, 

" lYobabljr a minor oAcU cet aerrafit eanntctod vritb (bo Abbej. 

1 Bca tha faofial, 30 Boo. ITOO, of Joho 7%tmpM», pfolvkblj hi* fitjiar. 






















1679 May 8 Mr. George O'Biian ;^ [m the Abh^y^. 

William, second son to the Lord Comwallia :* [CloiHtrs]. 
Judith Jaham ;^ [m Ihe Abbey}, 
Esqnire Thomaa Knowles * [m the Ahbatf}, 
Anne Tafton, a child :^ ^^Cloistera]. 
WOliam Starnley :■ [ClowUrs]. 
Sosanna Hopwood, a child :^ {^Gl^JistenJ. 
Mr. Thomas Bates -^ [CMsterB']. 
Dr. Oatram, one of the Prebendaries :* [m the Abbe^"], 
William Donkly, a child :'" [Cloistsrs}. 
Oct. 4 Mr, John Banister :" [CTwiw*]. 

1 Second son of Uenrj (fffrient Lord Tbmckvi. He wba bora the lOtb and baptixed 10 Oct. 
1670, &t 6t. Martin Id tbe Fields, Midi. See bia fatber'a bnria] Sop. 1678, and his mother'a 
Jl Not. T702, Tbe luioffldal regieier aajv timt be waa boiled 7 Uaj. in tbe Richmond vault. 

* Son of Charles, thErd Lord ComwaUis, by KliKabetb, eldest dan. of t>ir Stephen Fox, Kt< 
(see their marriage 27 Dec. 1673). 

■ Dan. of Sir JnBtinian Isbam, second Bart, of Lamport, co. Northampton, by bis tot wife, 
Jane, dau. of Sit John Oairard, first Bart, of Lamer, Herta^ Sbe died 18 May. See tbe burial 
oT her twin Hater, Lady L'Estrange, 6 Aug. 1689, Tbey were botu 27 Aug. 1636- Hot will, 
daled 1J> May 1678, was proved 21 May 1679, by her eister L'Estrange. 

* The will of Thomas Xuollyt, of Grove Place, Nursling, co. Southampton, Eiq^ dated 
B tJoT. 1678, was proved 1 July 1679, by his son Robert Knollys, and bis frieod John Speed, M.D. 
He left bis daoghters, Anne and Elizabeth, each £10 pei anuum for life, and the proceeds of 
certain leases iu Oxfaidshirc to his uomamed daugbtcra, Dorothy and PhiladeTphia, equally, his 
BOD Robert being residuar7 legatee- 

* Dau. of Sir Richard Tufton, of Westmioster, who was knighted 7 Mcb. 1680-1, aud wboae 
will, dated 8 Sep., wae proved 12 Oct. 1682, by his second wife, Margaret, dau. of Thomaa 
Lewis of Westmioster, who remarried, secondly, Seymour Trodeobam, Esq., second Eon of Sir 
Joseph Trcdenham of Tregoay, co. Cornwall, Kt., who died in 1G97, aud was buried at Ware, 
Herts ; thirdly (Mar. Lie Pac 12 Aug. 1701), the Rev. Alexander Mills, Vicar of St- CTement's, 
Sandwich, Kent ; and, fourthly, FhiUp Farwell, Esq., who was baried at St, Margaret's, West' 
minster, 5 Sep. 1719. She died 4 Aug. 1722, aged about sixty, and was buried at Ware. Her 
will, dated 5 July, waa proved 6 Aug. 1723, hj her niece Anne Lewis, dau, of her brother, 
Capt, Charles Lewis. 

* The unofficial register says " Will : Starnly bu ; in y" West QoystGn." 

' Tbe unofficial register saya ** Suaao.^' See her father's burial 17 July 1683. 

■ His will, as of Westminster, Gent., dated 15 Apl., was proved 21 Aug. 1679, by his relict 
Abigail, to whom be left all hia estate. See the borial of his atepwa, James Hudgbutt, 16 Jan. 
1678-9, and note thereto. 

' William Oivtram, a native of Derbyshire, sometime Fellow of Trinity and Cbrist's Colleges, 
Cambridge, where S. T. P. in 1662. After preaching some time in Lincolnshire he became Rector 
of St, Mary Wooluoth, London, and id 1634 Minister at St. Margaret's, Westminster. He waa 
installed Archdeacon of Leicester SO July 1669, and Prebendary of WestmiuBter 30 July 1670. 
He died 23 Aug., in his fifty-fifth year. His wiil, dated & Xov. 1677, was proved 3 Sep. 1679. 
Hebeqneatbed lands in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire^andleft legacies to the children of bis brother, 
Francis Owtram, deceased, and of bis sisters, Barbara Borley and Mary fcpreotall, both deceased, 
and Jane Stanley, then liTtng. See bis wife's burial 12 Oct. 1721. 

J' Son Qf Thomas Donkleif. Closet-keeper to the King (see his burial 8 Feb. 1688-9). 

" On the monument his name is Banetter, but in the record of administration to his estate, 
20 Oct. 1679, it is Bannister, He was son of one of the Waits of St. Giles in the Fields, aud at 
first himself a Wait. He is aaid to have been the first Englishman who became distinguished as 
ft Tiolinist, and as saoh entered the service of E. Charles IL, who patronixed bim greatly^ bnt 



1G79 Oct. 








C Hoy. 












l«tJ Feb. 




Etobert AdaToa:' [Cfcisterty 

EluttUjtli Willis:" [(7£w?*ri> 

Margarot Craqiion, a child :" [CTWrtdr#], 

John Juckeoa, it child:* [CloUier&]. 

Mrft. Aiuio Dowua ;* [r« /A# ^^6«j/J, 

M«. Bftdloy ;* [m /A^ /IfiA^y]. 

I)r, ITcnry Edwurda:" { Chitterv^^ 

Un. BethoU:* [Cfi>»>r*r*]. 

Th« Lord Francis «on to tha Dnlro of Monmondi!' [m fltf 

Tho Ltdy Jane tHifford ^.^ [in th* Ahh*tj^. 
Mra. Elizabeth Nwdham:" [in iJtA Abbfi/}. 
The Lad; Anno JTotf land:" Im th« Abbay]* 


pUjJDg. In tha letten of ndmiiiiffCntion ho ii dcMribod v ccf Lambcttw Sumf. Btt died 

3 Ocu, EcAVUg A vvfe Hktj, and a bdh Jftljn, vTbo olio l)CCime an vmiuent violiodtt. 

^ S<» buriola S Oct* Uei uidlAJut; ITIO, 

' Thu imoffiri«l roarifiWr nkft ** bfl t bsTniid j* CoflofVr's dixd*." One t't thlA ttJun* utiRln- 
iitorvd, in ibe Courl gf the DoftQ and C^uipUr, 31 Feb. LAT3H, to Iho oitate of her mothor, 
PradcDCC Willie oJ filv Mnrgarvre, VfeBlmiDtft«r, widow, 

* 8e& her lapiluA 8 July lOir, bcr aioilhora burial 32 Hclu lfleT-6, and ber ficLo^a t Dflik 

< He« hiA ftth«r*« burial 23 Jttlj 1711, and hU mother'a IB Hiy ITia 
*- * The lucificial irpul^ mijb " Mm. Anne ffon^tuv bu ; iu jr* Abbj I7 f IMj Jftnwt* Tbo 
wUloC Anno Z'o'PM, of Ujudou, widQw^daUd fi Julj 1^68, wwpTOt«d Ift Doc. 1619, hy WaImt 
Poweli, of J/ondon, Gent., to wliom uid to bl« befre Bb« li^iuc^Albtd bor laiuU tu LlncolruhJrc. 

' Uridyl* diiit- of Clc&igo CmciioJt ot Fullotlj, Burgh| Alford, etc., 00. LbuiDtn. B«q., bj 
Ellxiilieth. t^an. of f%ir Joha ItolLe of Uaiigh, In tbe muao nonnly, Kt. Sbc marrkd, at St UoLnlo 
in the Heidi. Midi,. )3 Feb, lltri-2, Cbule* iUdlcjr, E«i„ OcnUcraAa ITaber to iho Cine, wbo 
romanicd. *ud lurvUel her nntil about 172S. t^ho died 30 Nuv. 

' IjQtiem of adminlHtrntlon vrera gniDie4 13 FoU 1679-60, by ibe Court of ibc Dean and 
Cli*pt«r» V> th« omUU <d Rmuj Bdwvdi, ti.T.P., lau of £t, UorgarDi'a, WMtmluIor, to 8«aMa 
Vanc,«pJnft«T> the neit of Ida. aad who WM either hUuIceo or ipKnd-4Lnushur("nc^ 

■ Tbe Duofliotal ngtMter tajv '' UnK. MjftiuU bn 1 heyoad j* OoffcRff'i dooro neat j* Mppi.*' 
£^abizri»12GJan. ItiHl^. 

■ VDOftb MOQ <ir JuncB, Dtiko of Monnionth. by tho LadjT Anbe fleotc, and bora ta ]67a> 6eo 
Um bnriiU^ of ld> broibor 10 Vd*. iHTi-i. ax,d at hU Ai^or»« 6 Sop ISftS aod IS Aug. Xlt». 

" Lftdy Juio ^jtnotu. jouei/^bL cIau, c>f William, U4ijnd Dulio of SclaDe^K^t. by his arcoud 
wifi^ Lflflj Fn[ic(« th^Tfrciu. iUo. uf Roljcrt^ nuooud £arJ of Knox. She tnorritHl th« Hon. 
ChATlfj* Mfijif^ LoH Cljlford, ton and heir ot JEldiArJ, eocead B;^rlof Cork and Ont rtt Bartloston, 
vho odialuE>tcrt<i lo bcr cfrULo 31 Jut. 1673-^0, nuit vbo aficniard* rauwilol. r<ho dioU 
DM Nov., aged, ucoi^ling to her mouuincDt. forty-two ytmOt four moothfl, ojid BoiDDtcon ddjv, 
£«« her nHior ■ UiriiLl A Jaa. IriSOd. 

" E^ licr tiapiino 16 Ucb. ier]3-4, her fKlhcr'a btuial IS Pob. 1703-8, and hctf nother'a 

lApi. I roe. 

^ Third dmi. of Goorgo Feilding, uf aoliboU, Co. Wanrlcilt, Em{*, by Uary, btoodiI den* of 
Sh- ThootAM tibirtoj', of Wivlon, c[>, i^iiwoji, Kt. &*« her manfaff* 10 Ni^v. l^ii, ^« died 
SO Fob., in hv.T nmciecatb yeer. >~ho w» thoUiiidwifeof Sir SunoielJU~«''/tfii(f (aijiitcttne*called 
Honland eiidf Horley), well knorufor hl»«dontifioatUinuiv]iKbut wbuwmomafjiflvidlyiUa- 
oolOiiradbyhJaireacberylo thvmif-tiAlctioJtticOoimnionwtaltb. IkvMkai^tedt^lLCbaibwIL 
at BnxUt >0 M«y 1600, <j& th<? I8U1 irf July fjilovrliig crcoiud a Uvojict, aa of E(ulhUDDt«ad* 
Annlntor, Utrk^ and thofftly &ftN uppotated a QeDtlom&o of the i'nrj Cbambfr. Uu married. 



16«0 &I>rchr 

















Aug. 27 

Th« Lady FrAnceft Ingram :* [m &e Abh^^], 

Samuel Snipt^ afmtman :* dM the 17/A, 

Mr. William Fox, wn to Sir Stepheo Vox :* [CTo^rtfrs]. 

K1ii«belli, L«idjr L»t[iAvr, «iid her child thct Lady Gruce:^ [in 

itr.WmUmUnttoa:* [Ohl^Urs\ 

Jancff, third bod to tho Lord Corawallifl, a child ;' [^i^An'^]. 

J/r, Richard CholmonJ^lt^ ^ in the Ahhaj, 

Lord Osftrtf towt hyd m )f Vuke af Menm^uiK* VaaH, a/ mid' 

nijfht, lilt ^ PuJt^ ef Ormtm^t pi^nirs h$ Im&^n} 
Jamefl Van^haLn, one of th^ King's scholara ^^^ {^Cl^i*ttri\, 

viil tnfnmODB ohmnctcr, from whmn, 1ii>trmcr, ho otM*tued a dtrorcL' 1^ Juij^ foilowJnff. vkI itio 
nbaicqtuiitlj IjQcuao tb* waand wifo of tfar (tilbon-ODHuu Oerrtni («« ^ flrvt raomacc 3 Ma^ 
1661, fttul noto thefOto). (Hr t!«iDO«l ilM 34 D«c, ISi^H anil wm boried at tlanuru^nmiLh. Uidx,. 
6 Jan. folkivinf, kbd the bori^tictcy bconmc extinct wi the Joath of hi* non In ITJii. Sm hfa 
•eixmd tnoninge 2^^ Oct. 1^70, and Ihv bi;riii!EL uf hU svcuud wife H Oct. IGT^h and of hi* childro^ 
19 Dec. mil aLd II Jane 1079. 

/^ ' VouDfAtl iloa. erf Hjr ThnmBA Ba)iMjic kcouJ B&it, uad firvt Vitooaut FhiiUi>aWr]^, bj 
lEartan. (UiL of ^ij Uuurr Cbotmolaj, of Whttbjuil Kosbj, eo> YorL< Kt. SMtliebuiJal of lier 
btuba&d, fiirThojDait Ingram. li^Fcb. IGT1-3,aad of bcr OTily child 13 Juno 165K Hd wUl, 
dM«d 2T Bqiw l«76,wiib acocticil 17 Mch. 1670'Sa wiu proved 1 Apl. ICSO, 

' Ikm^Ay, r«lIcE cf Thomaji fi^J^noA* Clowt-koeptr to Iht KIJi^ (»0« bin burial 10 Apl. IdfiO). 
Aflor hvr liiiBlAuifd dcniL sho bocuno LaatidroM to K. Cbartoi £L eho died S4 Uolu Hor 
dkDifbttfr'iij-Uw Auiptillif. widow (if her ton ThodDM ChlfHocb. aduimiatdrM Ui ber cttah; 
SA|]L 16^1. for ti^<< Ifeiii^fit of hor irnkiidobUdrcn- 

* la the nnofflciol rc^L«lcf oalj. 

■ 8ton;d but oLili-vt AarrUiiig mm t>t f^ SUpbcii Foi, bj hts first wife, EllicabeUi VThltUc 
Ho djod 17 Ajd., ill hi* tw«ntj-«KOiid j«ar. Hu vu a CaplAiii in th« Am^. 8iw bid brvlhAr'i 
horinl Not. 1667, and uotv tberr^tu. 

^ Bliuihcth, cMal iliiii. cE r^imoa Bcnact, of BuiobamplQDt Duoksi R«q., by nrAOCt d&a. of 
Oilbcoi Uofcwood, of I>3Qdoa. mcrcbiuit. who were married nt tit. BArtbolomew the I-cflg, 
London, SO Oct. liMO. 5hi* vna vrU« of Kd^ajd Otfburit, cuiniiionly cnllud lyjrd Laf imi^r. deleft 
aoQ of TruswA^ Ant Doko of l4»od«, wlm tfurvivod bvr. Sbo ilJiMl 1 Ujlj. S«q tbo burfiil of her 
MD 39 Doc, 11J76> 

' Hie UQijf&dal ngflatorwyv "a E^ftiiy Maix," and lo was mcntionod In Dr. Bnvby « aconunla 
UOM of the choir, in 16^4. f^ a buml < Ma; 1(H&. 

7 &JD of ChaibsD, UiirJ Loid CvrcvkllLm bj Elknbctb, uUlcvl lUu. of SU fitt-pbeu FoJC, Kt. 
6m lh«ir anarriBffO 9T D«o, 14tS. 

* Fourth aoQ of Roli«tt, fint Vbconal Cholmoiulebjj, of dio Kto^mA cttadon. bj KM«Ab<jth, 
dm, ftUid oobdr of Ocorge CVadock, of Cavcnwdl CWtlc^ co. Bia0Ljrd« Eai. He UicdD Jaik*^ 
Bfoil XM^lr* jcan, See hi» brothers barial U Feb. 1G7$'3. TLu catry ta izi Ibdiuoffidftl 
rogitfI«:i oiilj, Ijut b ovadnuuil Ijj a moouuu^ut. 

* In Iho unoiHetii] ngut^r inlj, Tliumad Butltir, Karl of Cmtry, «14at ■aFviviiiif non of 
JnafVt lA-dfth ICaiI atmI 11r«t L>oko <d Onnond (tfv bb bartaJ 4 AuH^ HlB^j. by KUi^ALMitb bi« wifo 
(K«herbiir.alS4 JiilylfiM). Hu w«hnniAt Kllkc&ny, Irclimd, » July HW4. :iHd dn^jiaO July 
lC6a Jliarvlict ,f:tuiElu« mlmiuiMkrvd to bitf «d&t<.' 14 ^o|\ l&80(wf h«r biuixl 12 Dc^v 1&8«). 
Dii reiDiifV Hic iaIlI (4r bavi] Imu iviuwcit Id Uie fkinir^y raoti lu KilknMiy Qjblbciliv], tiul Llii.'4X< 
U nn coBJlfiial toil uf Ihk ^i any al t^rn A>i(>«7 rtnmU, imit U cwrtatiily hod bot tfOiun ilcitin iil th* 
date of ill EaUi?T'!i wil] fu K^M. Sooa further ciiuy mpt^lnff him 13 Kov. following, tkt: aIm 
Ibc buHalH, of hi n dan. UJuIy 1.17, imd h)iio[i32 Hay trtG. 

» HcwM»liaUt«d iuLoJ^ Potefa Colkt^ WwLniiufltor, in 1&7^, 



168C Sept. 























168! -Tun, 


Wnimm iro[iwood»a child:* [Chisters']. 

Ca0ier\ne Pyoithrrr' tn Oie Chistns. 

Mr. Hmry l^^rrow;* [CTdi>f*r*], 

Glizubcth Fuirbom. a ubild :* [0?0(>ifr*], 

Mr. John O^cuhura;* [Chutert^, 

John Kraier:' [GMiaf^a], 

lEpiiry Johnson :' [Cloisttrt], 

EUiiiiwth LowuilfB 1* [Cioutcr%\, 

Lord Osxsrt/ hatl y i-itremont/ of hUTutl performed ot'sr htm by 

iAr, Critpion.^ 
Datchcw of 8outliampton :^^ [in tfto Mihtei/'], 
Rolwrt Davictf :" [Clotttm], 
ThomuB HiinkoB:" [CiowMw], 

< 8co bi< fotbcT'i btiHjU 17 July lU'^. 
' ill the nnoifficiiil regiirt^ only. 

> Tlw iinonJoinl revisirr **ji ** Atrmr." Thfl will nf Honiy /Vrnr, of St, Maitin in the 
Fl^liUt Mhlji^ Ocmi., <ljiccfl 17 Hep- inw prnTcd 9 Oct. IG&O, li; lili ivllci ApZxm^ to whcim he loft 
all bU «ALaii^ Had wfa« wju aIorc iiauctl In it, 

* Dnu. of ^r Pnln^Ji /b^r^ffPTMv Kt^. ami DAme Monircry'lifn frifc (no bor bui-in] 9 Jau« 


* Sts?hip mAH-in^^ Jaq. 1fJT5-n, atkI tote thoretOp Ho wan luliultted Uitlw Inner Tr-inplc 
19 UfLj lUTO, tm i>t 8iiulb Tawi<jiik, co. Devon, tieut, fic died. Hccunllnif tu hjit moncimcDt^ 
14 0<rf-i flffixl nooj-lj lUiTiy yea™. HU nUei Vmuca iidmlulttored lii bin oiIaU fi Juu* IflSl, but 
tuA oaiK^upntivr will viui proved IS Auj;. lfiS:^ by Ma MhoT, William Oxnnham, then of Sit 
MAnr«ral*)«. Wcftmiiiclcr. E^ hifi son's btiriul ?S Juzi« 1690. 

< nU nJict Auuu ]u)tuini6icr&<t to hi« fstAto ^^ Nov. IGtiO. Iq lb« reconl be U ilracriboil m 
Jc^hu /Vrw^, Int'T uf Hi. &lai)iiu-vt'si, WcBtmkifttvr. 

7 Tb"* Hi^iflSf Ul pegUlTJ- cayi " bn ■ by y* Ooflo.r<!r"ii dtwc," ^lub IndicAUn thAl be wu in 
wuno brtuiUc pcmitlan. 

> Dan, f4 Sir Ro^at HAraicii. Kt. (itee bi« burial ST Oct. H92)^ by bU wife Carola (see hor 
buriAl 17 M«y IS76). Hhe mATrlwl, at M, «AniD m tho KiH.lm MKli^ 26 Oct. IflTfl (in tho Blar. 
T'H'. Vic:. Clciw. dutcil £3 Oct.. Ue>eHl>ed ob ot Dulwlcb. i}iiiu»t47r. A^ct! aboot lw«nty-lvr<>), WillMoj 
I-nwiidr*h, nf WiHA!f»w. Bur^fc*, P.v].. Tnnuy jonn M-P„ vid m IHilfi S*fir*lnTy Ui llie IVcjwniry, 
w]io<lio<l :2(l.lAn. 1723'!, And wan buried tho 2Plh nt WiiiKkiw. in hi,* wppnty-MCond ywir^ hAVlng 
tbrlcc rcmAiTied Cai?f^ tlio burtulof hl« MCondwifo 10 July tOl^A), Hliu dit^lG Nov. She wa» 
HOC^t^K'H cif (bi^ firoKOut fH]hl3y or LowndcAOf Wluddon UqU onu WiukIow. Biiok9. 

* IjQTd l?ivp/y. In thi? uiiofTlcifl] ropiBtcr only, Km tbo entry ai July proooJinfi. 

•* Wnry, dan. And mlo bdr of Wir Honry Wcod, of LoAtUinm, oo. Suflolk, Kt- Aiid Baft.. Ctftrk 
at tbc Gfcon Clotb to E. CbArEo« tin by biH sivotuI wiJu. Hiiry, <lim. of t^ir ThumAB Cinnliuoi-, Kt, 
(hk her burinl 1 Apl. iCtflA). Hbo wm Ihc flnt wife of L^jATlrj Pimvy, Duke of ScmEhAniptoi) 
{vx-. h[]t buriAl 3 Nov. 1730), id whom ulic vu miirrlcd in blamlnotliy. Bhc died without imuc, 
Aud, HUCtifdiu^ 1o the uuoMclnl rcgiirtor. wiu buried in tbc Hnko t^f HoiiinoDlb'« mult. 

*' The unofBciftl rcifiiiti^r waya " Dec, II Robert DtttU bu : by y* ColTercr'B dooiic.** 

>* Tbc uuof?iL'iik] rcL^utrr ifivea tbt haaic " fJawfui" koA the (JbriNtJOA auiio obonid probably 
be Jit^% AA lctt«T« of ntJmhuirntJnn wcTr. gTAntod by the Oonrt cf Ibe Doon uid CbmplGr, Ifl Dec. 
Iflao, DA Ihccnutv Lif Jtihu tlan'fttt, of M. Uargnnt*A, Wutnoiuitci-, to hU rvUvt BiUvU. tfcc the 
burinl (iirobably) of bii* Uclhor =■ Mob. 1GU9>1700. 

« RlirAbctb (•ccond of tHii oiunc). duH. of t*ir Ht^bvrt Kitlijtrow, Kl., Viar-ObMnbcrlQin lo 
Q. UcnricltA-MAriA, by Msry.dAu. of Hlf Honry Woofihoiwc, of Wjuihani, col Norfolk, Kl. i*htj 
wiw bapfiKCd Al 8(,. MrtTiTAfot**. Lollitrary, I,ondoii, I« May 162a» and wfli* maTTicd, At WbllcbAll, 
Oct. 1(138, lu FruiiclB Hojlc, tourtli Aim of HicbAid* dut Biirl of Cork, wbo wa» cixatud Titcvnnt 




















I 4 

168? Jaa. 5 Coantefts of Soutlmmptnn :" \in ih» Abb$f/]. 
Mrs. E]i«fclnjt.J» NriTTiiH;^ [ri ihe Ahhet/], 
CIiiirH Karl of PliTHontb:^ [in the -**%]. 
Nicbolfla, EskH or 3cflr»tliile :* [in the ^ft^^y]. 
Mr. George WhiclOT:* {VhUter»l. 
Mr. Itichard Pipe;' [CloisUr9\, 
Mr. Sackvilc Whittle:' [Cloisitrt], 
John Tlmmson, acbild:* [Cloi$ttn\ 

Tb? Liuiy Iiwbclltt, iluug1it«r to tto Dake of Ycrk:* {in ih^ 

Shanntr% tn IfilV). Hor will, djtter] 27 Jnlj \fiM>. nnu prnvod 8 FeK 1660-1. Se« Ui« bOTftU. <ff 
her broibi^r IS Mc^h, EfSSi-^, bar <Iftcri9 Jul; ICil and 10 Nnr. lG77i ftod b«F din^bUr (bf 
£. Cb&rk-t ri.) 4 Aug. \GhA. 

' l,vlj< Krjujcc* ■x^j'fnuELT, tuvihl diHj. of WiLlluu, acvuDiI Duko uf Suinvrnvt. Ijj liiv m^oiid 
vrifDn l-ddj t^iLDDw D*T«ioiu, dfto. of Bobtttt **6ond Unrl uf K«»x. h1io mmrHod. llrM, Kidb«nl. 
TiK»iim MoItqcqx: «ecoiadlf, tbonuii Vriotbed«7, fourth and liwt Karl of BonlbuaptoD, vho 
died l«Mujlfl67; iiml iLinllj, Caijjtfn^D'Aroy.ftftcrwjttdn aKoadEnrlof HoHcncMp wtao« iHi« 
■bodiwi, «^ nho ftJtiLlQi«u-rt4 ta l](jr«»tAtc II Knb^ 16W-1. 8w ber uvterV duriftl S Deo. I6T9. 

■ Tbo will of KlUdbcUi AhaMh wiilow of 'IlioiuAa Numl, ditU-U 23 St^v. ]<180, vhui jmrved 
99 Jul. 1680-1. by bar frinmii Ttiomm Wjndhchm and Jn]n« FHd^mKD. R*qn. It nf&ioB Vbat 
flhe bad ■rjttlbd aIJ her atatc hy (]l-«>1, vxct^pt Uir* muukipi duo to her from tht^ Quuuu- 8be be* 
qucolh^l £KKJ to b«r brotboT^ Ut. deorgo Bjtbc, aod tb> rcnLduo <if btr ponAAAjtj bo bv id«O0| 
Ikif l«ni UEuffiitcb. 

' Chojlcfl FilB-Cbu'Icj*, iLtp^timittv ton of K- Cbnrlm tl.* by Ontborino, dau. <A Thomia rcRicet 
of Teldoniley. co. Durby, Eiq. Uf* wai crdtltxl. 28 July 1675) Buon of DLrlmoutb. VicKuiint 
TutDOii. and fCi^r) iif Pt^fHtijutk, He married, At WintbMoa, Surrey, ID Sr:p. IOT<L, t^lj UriilKut 
OibonCt third lUu, of Tbonui; 6ivt Duke of Lcedt. who trmam«l. about Aag- LTOd, ibt? Hi. iicr, 
FhllipfiUM, BiHbu(t uf Htm-ifurd, Hud died 9 Mftj 17ie> Ha diud «t TwitrlOTr IT Oct. ItiSO.ttged 

tw«Bly-lbrM^ ladvmu no iMuh. 

' Nklwlat Ij>ko. v^a'uid but old^t lurrlviaE kki of rrnadi. flr»t Kul of ScAradiilc. by Aniio, 
doo.of StrRdwftrd Ciry. of Aldcnbnm uud BcriJiniDp<itaul. Ilerti. Et.. mcooedcd Iua father u 
woond Xul tn]e55> Hodiod 3T Jan.. iiidbineon ftnJ hucowaoT, Uob«rt, tliitd tCut of t«rArHlHlB, 
Mduiluitfcrol toLimtjiLc IOFuIj. lA^O-l. t^' bu wife'* burial 21 Kfo. 1^93, bUmivEct'* 29 Jan. 
1632.3. ind Ihat of hl« grvrid-ElvugbtKr Ifi M»rc}i IfiaO-l, ITie untJEeiaJ rogiiiler uyt ijxjil ho wa* 
buncd ia tbc Uaoidon vault. 

' lie vfiiA twom *< yoanffOM Ycoaiaa of the VoMry " of tb« Cfaftpel Roy^l S Nor. lft€0» uid 
dicd"Kldc!it Vcomao" 4 fcb. 16^04. By tilH win, dale! IT Not. ItiWJ.oad proToU 7 Ucb. iGW}-I, 
he provided for founding oad cade>w^i^ &lm>'hr>u«r4 ia WcAlm inkier for ux pooj iiicd_ Ho 
bctiucathod £300 to hti iiutf!r Siuaa Spurlinji, and 4S00 to hc^r dauifbter Muirarvt florrut and 
ilO «wh to bis couuni» Kcxwy Jiud UiuBhaw, uf IK^ptJord, co, Kent- Uo aIao l^fl rinpi uid 
other kgftctai to numcruuH pcrwiu^ evidently not tift rclationi, uaong wboro won many tj 
Uw pobQlty. 

' Sf« probably bu motb^** buhal \% June IC?^ If *o, ihonaiiw abould 1m« Piptt. 

T BU vlll. aa of St. Mortiu iu tbo Fbldb, ouu of Ub Hft^Mty's Cbirun£ironji in OnliniLry, 
dlled IC P«b-» wot provr^ 17 Mcb. ]6M4)-I. Ho mcntioQcd do childrcnn bat left tbc rcTencicpok <^ 
hta 6lt4l«ft UL EcDt l<i tbc daughters of Sir BtopUou Fox. Ktv.liUBuitur'B biuband, llewoaasouaf 
TUUftinVThSUlo, of Liuicwibin-. luliia Mar. Lk. Vic Qvii, dnl^xl 9 Nuv. lOtiT, b? wa« <3c«i.<ribv4 
IflOf 6lv lUflin m Uin KinMn, diLiioa knd bubvr'chirut^itoh. a wid^wfrr. Hffcd alioni ibirty-fffvwB. 
locording lo bU monumL^nt, be dl«d 19 P«b„ In h\^ dflidb year. Sec but Kcoud ^rifc'i bnrUl 
2> Jmo172P. tndbi^broihor'B la Jan. lti^-9. 

» Tbc tnomct*] JV'iristCT my» ■' T?umj/ivtC S« probably bta folhflr'B burial Z» Dec. ITOO, 

' Scocokd d^u, atbl diild of Jnm^'s I^ulc of Yoib, affcrwi^jdi K. Jmuci IJ,, b^ bi* tcCvud 
wife, ]d«ry' Beatrix- BtooTiArjh l)'Kt€*, dan. frf A1]iboi!LM>, Iiuke of Uodtoa, gJsc vu bcro at 




167^ Feb. 21 Mr- lieury SimonH;" ICiorBier*^, 

Feb. 22 John Thcinei^n :* [VlotMUrt^^. 

Feb. 24 Jobn Fairbom, a child :« ICMiUrs]. 

Muitsb 1 Mr, Wiliimo Tucker ;* IChiatifrti]. 

March 9 Cbarlcf, son of Uv. Tiujiunfi Dimclin :* [CMddr«], 

Harub 15 Dorolb^ Codolpbin:^ [in thi J^^], 

167J) March 27 Dmnrt Tcropb:* [*» f^ Ahh^y]. 

MftrcJi J7 8U.-jih(-u Biib*r:« [ChUt^s]. 

April 5 TbomRs Rn^gelt:'* \€lout^s}. 

Apnl 9 OcorsreKirk:" [CT(>wto'*]. 

April 1 2 Arthur Tlomflon, a child :" iChUttrA^ 

Carr woh ftppoinled one ol tie (Jcntlfir&cn of Uic Privy C1iAml>er 1o K. Cbarlot 11. ia IflTO. 
One <*\ ihiB Dftine, icn ut ^it rk»TKrt Cnrr, wao knigblJKl. uX Ntwraarliett C Wch. Iflifi-T. 

' Hi* will, a> Jlcufj S^mviifm^ of 8i, Mnrgui't?!'*, WMlmiQiitvr. Gtnt., dated 20 JilU- 1^7*-^, 
Wh* povcd In tbc C^^urE uf (ht- Dntii aud Cl;»|iier, l£ Mch. fulli:4'i»{;, bjr bia ociuBiiiir Chnrlcv mid 
WiUIuu Wroa, E«>|r«.^ to vhom h* bix|uo«thod bi* oMaU in truht for hln wifv Unty and h\* 
miitor child itD. I]« &ppeAn to linvf^ bcid aoiDC offltiUI poihioii tinder tlio HtAbopor l.fniuln 
(Bvlov). vrlictnii iuhU"baino[ircJ lord uul iDUtcr,"b«ap)>cmkd ovcnocr othuvilL Scchin 
irlte'i Imrinl 2C Feb. 1T3I'3. Accordiog to her wi^U ^ >rii« burial iu iibout tb« middle of the 
W«-t Clotfrtcr, 

* T>ie Hunfliai^l roj^ttor idjn Thomjuffln. lU doM nlto biA monumPuT, ri«'i:iT<!inff In wbi-^h ho 
vaa bom R Juty IGTIi. and died 21 Feb. 167^-9. See Us mother'! hixtM J2 >«ot. ItiHQ, uid hf« 
fAtiior'«£U Deo. ITOO. 

> SUtb AOTi of Sir Pftlmofl >"h i>Bi>rjir, Kl., and Damp Mnr^CTy lil« wlffl(iiw borbarial Ef Juue 
ll)9f). Aucordlnif Itr bit uiunurticgt, bifl *gi^ wba ^h^u (uL^nlUa and twu wcolui. 

* A Miliar (.'nn^n of ilii? Ahl»cy» lir^d n junior print of the Ohnpcl Itojal at llic tifno of tlu 
CoronjilioQ o( K. CharlcB U. Burncj sijs that bw wna Preccnlor, or Chanlir, oC Lbu Abbcj. He 
dkd 2S Fc:b., and bia nj^iot Elistftltetli admin iMtorod to bid eBtHt«. ii) Ut« (^iiiHof Ibv Doan And 
Chapter. '£\* Mniy rollnwtng, ^^ep ihc bn|>tEHint of hU cbtldrcn, 17 Nov, icn^ i^ aicti> ]fl6«-;i, 8nd 
£»Fob. Uii'.J^p^, uhdburialplJfiNoT. |»!<;:J, l^ Feb. lGt>3 4. nnd 13 Aug. U70. 

* Riglitlj /J/rhi/ry. Rce hlfl fother'fl buiiftlSFeb. lfi88-!». Uc woi haptilDd ill gt-Mnrgafd*!!, 
Wcatntinntftr, 4 Julj )CT8. 

* lU^'hllj Pipa, bee Uor DLOthet'B bariol IS Juno IA7A. 

' The uiiofflciftl regifltcr aajs " Jfra, Jan^ OodolpbUi." In the a»-fipncp of any podliTO 
idoDtiAuHlioiiH il may be aoggvft^^d tbut ebc wun yniiii^ obiJd of Ihc Ut.l^OQ, ^dnt^y, ftftorwonl* 
Enrl of Uodolphb (ser Ids burial & OiL 17l2)j wbo«? marriatrc twk flaw lu IG7S. 

* Don. of Sir WilUaiu TetupK R^rl. {*e*» bis bui-Jul I Fob. 1688-9^ and Mb wifc'i T Fob. 
1Cfi4-fl). She wnj^ Ijorn the t4lh, and baptised al Richmond, tiurrcy, 22 S4'p, IfiAfi. 

' According to tis mouumcni, hv wot thu otilj child uf Baijaoiin Uabcr. Gent-, Alctonnoji of 
Diitb, by SEuuibfIb h]& wife, nnd n-iui 1>nm tO Oct. UH;'^. nod diod 'JS Mcb. ICrS-ti. Ifii fulhor 
WM tliiml sou of B^f^bonl Hnber, of IVvrtGu. on, FsjmcrKt, and naa tbrirc Mayor of Bath, wburc 
be died 22 May 1T05, in hb flfTcuty'Cightb jfJir. (ind wa* hariivl In tbo Abijoy Cliori-h, Tbe 
mctbor. KliKabeth. was dau. of Wtllinm Fax. of FarJty. po. WiUn, Ktci., apparcnTjy n brother of 
fiif f^lcpbto I'o* <nUlioiij;li iivt oit^iiUoiwd hi tbi? BcttjQutH of tbc family)^ after wlioiu thi* child 
woj puibnbly t>ampi1. She died Sfl Feb. 17fl4»fi, in her spTWity^iuttb year, and wa« alH> huried fa 
Ihc Abb^ry Cburcli oJ Batlj, 

1° DijtilAlcfifi a fiGTPiuit or minor ofilcial about the Abbey, f^c hU «ccond marHaKO U Apl. 
16iiN, and Ibc buriaK of bie firvc wife 15 Jan. iao7-@, bis dui. 2t» Jul; ]fi«^hid#!mT Uaj tfiBS, 
aud Ilia iccond idf^ IT Mcb, Hen-Oa 

" ?robnbTy a minor <^fflcifll op tervanl cnnooctwl with the Ab>«j- 

^ See the boilAl, 30 Deo> 1700, of John Tkemptmy probably hia foUWT. 


























Mt. George O'Brian :^ [in fhBAi>b$^\. 

WUHam, secoTid aon lo Ihc I-<ird Cornvailia ;' [CVor«erjj- 

Judith Isliam ;'^ [/n the Abbet/y 

E«4iiiR' ThoiDos Kiiowles:* [i>i the Abli^jf^ 

Ariiie Tuft(>u, a chiM i*^ [ClaisUrt], 

William Stanilcy ;• [OhUttra^' 

Biuanna lIq>woo<il, aohild^'' [£?£nWfv~4]. 

Mt. frhouiAK Bate* :^ [O£0itf/0rjt], 

Dr. Outrun, ono of lUe Fn>l>(3ndiiri«u :' fiii A« JA^^]. 

William Dunkly, a child :'^ [CTowfflr^J, 

Mr. Jobtk GaiiifiUr;*^ [Clcista't}. 

> flMHad tan nl npnrj &jrne7t, T/ird nnmckftn. H'^ wu tinrn Oie lOth and ImptiMil 10 Got. 
lliTft. al ^f. Martin In ihc FfoliU, Miilx, Snc hrn fHlhtr'fi hiiriMl 9 Sep, 1^75, Ami liU tnotbor'a 
1 1 Kor. 1702. Tbc uuoffidat n^Utct my.-i that he vai buriol T Uny, tn the lUduuOTuI TAult> 

* Sou ol CliarlM. Uiitil Lord QjniwiiliiA. by E1iinVx;tb» uldodt dun. ol &ir ttlcphriu F<a. KU 
(•Ot tfadr morriiiKii S7 Dw^ 16T}}. 

■ £>aii. of ^IT JiiAUriiftii Ish«m> 6«coQd Bart, of Lamport, co. NorUurepCoa, hj tla fiftt wLle, 
iTanc dm. at Kir John Qarrard, Ant U^tU of Lnmcr, Herts, tibe died IS Mtj. So? the hnrinl 
(tf licr iwio M*t«r. Lady L'BiitmaEc. rt Aug- 1C81I. Thtj wett born 27 Aug, lfi3«. Hoj- will, 
dnutl lA May 1fi7S, «:*>* pfxiTwtl Ift Muy 107!*, bj her BlslLir L'Butriuti^u, 

* l^o will of Tb'^niiLri A^vdZ/y/. of Orovi» Plfujv, >rart1mjE« <o^ Southanfitoii, RiV|-i Jkttd 
A Xor. liiT^. viu proved 1 .Irily l(t7i>, l^y hiA hmh I^hrri JCiiottir»^ aikI hi^ frJoiLrl John Speed* M J). 
Ue Wl hill daughli-tx Anne nud Elizftbcib. rncb £10 per ftnnam for life, nrni the proceeds cif 
canalti tcasM lu Oxforrlfiljin: to his uumarried daaght^n, Dorodi/ Acd nit]a<1f]l}>hiA. «<jual1y, h1« 
Km BolKitbelQH rt!«iiluiLrv K-^hut- 

* DftH- of Sir Riehftn! Tuftfln, t>f Wi*»rtmiiikf*i-, who wm kriijhtfid 7 Meh, lflflO-1, uml whone 
■frfU, dated 8 !^^. vai prorol 13 Oct. ir>?<^, by hU wcand wife, Unrirarfrt, dau. of Thomaa 
Leiria of W^^tminattif, who I'cmjLrnvd. sHoa^ly. Scjmour Tn^vnhiiiD, Gsq.i bcVoiiJ wu af ^r 
Joarph Tndorhnn nf IVcfiony, <;r>. Ct>mwn1t, Kt„ wtut <I»n1 In l6ifT, atjiI ww buried Rt Ware, 
Hcrta 1 thinllj (UiLT. Lie Fac. 12 Au^, ITiU). tl»r Ilcv. Alvaniidcr MiIIa, VtCAr cf St, OcmcaV^. 
Sandwich. Ki^nt: and. fourthly, Fhtlip Fnrwcll, Kn]., who ww burird ni i^i, Margmrcty Wc«l- 
nloBtcr, G Sep> 1719. Sht? diod 4 Aug, 1723. agod about tixij. and wu buiied nt Wure. H«r 
«i11, djitcd 5 July, wtui prorod 6 Aug. 1723, by h«r uJuco Anu« L^wia, daii, of her brotbtf, 
C*irt. Ch&tloi LcwlB. 

* Tho unofficial re^it^^r aayj ■' Will t SlAmlj bu ; In y* Wal Clo^itcn." 

' Tbf! unofflolal rbsrutpr Hayi " Suun/' !^c»> bcr fntlLct'i burial IT July H^% 

' Hia witJ, sftof WHtminnter, Of^iit., dnU'rl 1A Apl,, woa tiri>r«d 31 Aug. IRTOh by hU relict 

Abigail, to whom hi>[<(t all hlf atUla. tite tJw burial of Uji itcptcoir ^^nmo Hodgbutt, 16 Jon, 

KiTs-a, nnii acto thcicto. 

* William Oftf-^m^ a natlTd ol Dorhjihlre, •omctimo F«11ov of Triiuly»d ChrirtV OoU^gaa, 
C<inbridb!«, whciY s. T. F. in 1662^ Aft«r i^n^ichuiiE mmc liniv Lu Ltu«oliufaiva b« bccama SocIot 
of ^t. MiiTT ^l^l^ULnlh, London, and Sa Ifii^l Mblftl«T al f^t. UArpnrcl**, Wcnimbivtcr. He wai 
installed Arclidencfin of Lcic«»tcr 30 July HCi^^ and rfcl>cnditfj of Vfeitmiuitcj" SO July 16T0, 
lie dk-d ^3 Aug., in hit dfty-flflh ytar. Illh «Lll,UalcU G I^dv. I0T7, vm prtiVQil :J ^p. IGTD. 
T1vibvLacnihv<llnndiiitJ Ilurl:7Hbipcjiii4TjRrolj)Hhir», and left Ivgwdnt^ th*c<blMr?n nf lii* bmihtr, 

Francia Owtiam, deoeaMd, and of Ida iifl(vra» Barbara BuHcj and Mary i^pnTOitdl, both daoiaicd, 
and Jana Btntley, then hting. 8ec \xi% wifn'p burial 13 Oct. 1721. 

" foil of Thomiu Dvnkkfj. ;.:1uh.'1- keeper to the King («c« bis burial h F«b. ltid«-9). 

^' On Uic ULiiiLUinn^l h^M uatna in Baitrttft^ bat in llw n>:orl of ailn^iiiifllintiou to hl« vtattfi* 
30 Oct HTl>t it U JlimitiMfirr. He w&m Bon nFonc fif thi* Wnttitfir He, CIiIm in l.ho Fleldli and at 
firvt 1ifiit4oif a XVaU, Hn U nAld to bare botn f he flnt RnKhflhrnan irho Incame [liflTlnjTJl'^boil aa 
a TloliAict, and ui »ach cfntorcd the verticc of E. Charles IL, who patl^iacd him gruilly, but 



1680 March 27 

















Ang, 87 

The Lady Frances lugram •} {in lh4 Abbey}^ 

Mn;. Clnmiw:^ [in //w -dft/^y]. 

Aiifli*/*f *S/^if/>pj ahmman ^ tiitd lh& 1 7^^ 

Mr. William Fox, son to Sir Siephea Fox :' [Cioisiersy 

Ellukbi'th, Lndy Lnlimur, aud her child the Lady Qrace:'^ [in 

Mr. Wiiliam Iluttou i*^ [C/oiVfcra]. 

JamcB, third eon to tho Lord Comwoilis, a child :^ [ClcitUrty 

Mr^ Richard Choh/iom//>Uff i^ in the Ahhf'ih 

L^rd Ottery was iayd in y^ Duke of Monmoulh'M Vautt^ at mid- 

iiighi^ till / Dukt €f Ormond's j>liasuf4 le hwwn,^ 
Jiuuea Vanghao, one of tho King's Bcholara :^^ [Cloi»UTt^. 

foorthly, at Knfffhtibritlgc Chnpd, Mids.* I Fch, lfi86'7. one Mnry Aylif, a woman of \av origin 
kU'l Infnmoiu ctuiMvitvr. ir^iu whom. Ii-jwurrir. be uLitn^ui^d ndivorat; 10 Juljr ft^Ui/wlcg. and abc 
Mib«oiiDdDllj 1>f>oiiiii? tbc aooond wUo of Sir Oithort-CHap* Oonjd (»q hU drat mo^n^ £ Hay 
1081, and Qutf; tlivrvlo), ^ir 8a!muel died 3A Due. ISSG. and vaa buried at Kammcrsmilli, Hklx., 
fi Jftn, follciwing, ULiI the httpjnctoy likccjuno cxtini^t on the dcaUi of hU soo In ITlfi- Sm hlfl 
Necond morria^ 24i Oct. 1^70, unl the burial*, of luit«cooiLdwi£cti<kt.l0Ti,Hiid<if hia cbildrca, 
11^ Dec. icn uid II June 1615. 
^ I Voongoet dun, <*f Sir TlmmM B^Iutm^ ••ootid Bwl. in*} firrt. TijwDHQt FjtHoonlwrg, hj 
Bubnra, iIau. of Sir Hi^urj Cbutiude^, of Whitbj Bad Koth; , co. Vcrk, Kt. in^j the burial oj hvr 
boaband, "^ix Tbomfm tuflTiiin, IT-i^cb. li?71-2, BJid of bcr only ^hiU 12 Juuc Ifi&l. Hor vlH, 
dated ^^. IG7f;.mt^ acodif^iJ IT Mcli. li!79-60, wa» provc<l I Apt. It^SO. 

■ Difrvtiy, rcli'jl ot Tboinod r^f'fffitrA.Ciowt-kuqvr to tbo KLiig <hh hid burial 10 Apl. iGOti). 
AftT Kct htiEhftTid'f dj?iir}i alio Ivtrumn Ijiiimlmta Ui Kr C-hHr1n« 11, Khr^ di^l 2A Mi<Tl< ITt^r 
da&ffbtcr-in-luw ^UupLilliH. wtOow uf lier b^o Thoraw Cbtdlnch, A'lialniatcrctl lo her calau 
S Al^H 160li for tUe t-oncfll of bor KrandchUdrcn. 

* In Uu; UDoHiciAt rcgictcf only. 

* Bcoaod but «Jdcct larrirmc tiu of Qii Et<|jbi.4i JTvx, bj }dt fintt irih>, Blijuljcllx Whittle. 
He died LT Apl.^ in hin Iw^ntj-woond jiAr. H« wm a CaplALn ia tbo »Tnij. S«« hia brntbrr^n 
bcrlal Nor. I6CT, and doIo thcrcco. 

■ ElixabiTih, cldcjit dau. ot ^tmon Ilvimct> of Bcocbampioo, Buclci* Bfq., by nmR«, dao, of 
OlJberl Uoroituod, of Lfj^adon. niercbaQi) #bu ware tnirrled al M. BarthoLomow thv Lch, 
L«ndan, 20 Oqt, IA1'.^ ^bo wim* wifo <^ Edwju^ Ovbor&o, oanmouly oaUi^ Lord l#niiiDct) cMcA 
■oa of TliuruL-. Gnl Duku of lAHida, who aurviTed bar. Bbo dlod 1 Uaj. Soq the buHal of her 
BDa39 Doc, If^?!!. 

' The nnofflciaJ fcgiiler Kiy* " a Quire U»n," nnd ho ff^a neaiioned in Dr, Ba>by * aeoount* 
aaono of Uir l-IiuIt. Iu [ti^i. frrfv a buriitl 6 Mjtj m40, 

' SoaoJ CbArl^s Ihinl lj>t>1 Ct^mwiUUk^ by Kluklx-lh, «ldoxt dau.of SirSUpb^H Fox, Et. 
8«t tbdr nian1;iizt) £7 Ik-c. KItit. 

* Koartl wn of Ifobcrt. f^ril ViivouQt Cholmondcloy, ot th? wcoiui c-rentJau, hj Blimlcth, 
iliQ, and ootcir of 0(wrgc C^mdock. of Cnvcrswdl Cutlf^ co. Slaffortl, Et*]. Ho *im\ T, June, 
aifod lir<|r« jruam. 8tW Mb brutberV buhal Xi Fob. ]a7^1>, Tliifi tuUy i> tu the ujivlUubd 
ngiatAT only, but ia oonfinnAd hj a monvnivnt. 

* Id ibe uDofficlal nftflt«r onlj. T1i0Ena« BuUer, RjuI of Omtn-if, eldest lurriring won of 
Jomec twelfth Barl an! tint Duke of Oimoad (ace hid burial l Aug. 1G68]» b; Eluuibcth biK wife 
<ne bvr burial H July Ifl^). He vu bom at Kilkion;. Iivioj^d, ^ Julj 1031, ami <Li.hJ 30 July 
10SO. Iliiinliut ^iH^llin lulmiEimlrroil loU4«Btnii« it bc|i. Id^O (w« Lcr buH^ 13 Dec tt^if.). 
Bt4 Ttrnflinn urn mi'il to hAvn Ihhul n-itiAr«d to Iho funilly vault in KilLonn; Onlhi^Jr-Al, but llicTv 
U no eoatinnaUon of thin Lii auj of ihc Abbvy tcoorda, and itcvrialnl; bad not b^cu dc^ncat the 
dale of hi« fatlitr'H will iu i\'S$. See a further cntjyreapoL'Uugbim 13 A'ov.folluwiiijf. bcaalao 
Uia bar&ali^ of bin dan. 1-2 Jul/ HIT, and bu wii 2£ Vlny \7\L 

^ Uc WBA vLmillod ioto St. TotcfB Ool1o)C«> Worilni^Htcr, In IflTK. 



IGdO SopU 9 

8eyu 11 

Sept. 19 

Sv^U 26 

Oct, 18 

Hot. n 

XoT, 7 

Nor. 8 

Nov. 13 

Not, 18 

Dco< 7 

Dm. M 

lC8f Jan. -1 

William Hopwoofl, a cljild : ' [CffflVflri]. 

Mr. Henry Farrow :* [(?bi>f*rf]. 
Eli^ab^^th Kairborn, a child :* [CToi't^er*]. 
Mr. John Oxcnham:* [Ctoietergj, 

Henrj Jobnfii>n :' [C/or«tfr*]. 

Lord Onnfiri/ katl y cfretmmtj tf burial jm/itrmed ww Atm by 

Mr. Criipi<m^ 
Put«hce i^t Southampton :" [in the Ahbey\. 
Robert ri^xvic* :" [C/<>*rt<r*]. 

Lady Shuii>D .^ [in tht Abbsy"}. 

* In ibc vncrffluUil r^irtor onlv. 

■ The niLofficittJ TBguler mjF9 " i^rTOj-/' Tliu will of Henry fknvr, ot fit. Mftnin *r ttie 
FlebliL, MidJi,> OmU. iUt,v\ 17 tMrp.. wu (iruTcO if Ot-L It^m). bj Ilib nrltct A(4iriK Co vbom he letl 
ftll hJn Mttf*!, lUid whn unA iktnno luimo^l in it, 

* Dwu o! Sir PaliDei /'ktrbtrrw^ Kl.. atuI Diuqo Mftrtrer7'liia vife (»q bcr hnrM t limQ 

* 94M hU mamnge fi Jbh, 16TA-6, and not« lliereta Ho tnu whnitUi) to tbe Inner Tom|^ 
12 HBf iftTD, u of fifiitib 1^wli.m. ix}. niTTun. Qetit, Ht itEcd, according to hla ncouimiTrxi, 
14 Oct.. n^d n<nr1; thiriy j^ixn. Hi« rvlict Fnuuiit n«lmiui«tcin>d to hi* «*toto 8 Juw H18I, bat 
bii cimctipnttrr will itnn pr<ri«<l 12 Aatt* l^^> l>y Jiu fnlliur. Williun Oncnhun. <bi^ of 8t 
MArg<LT«tV. WcdDtiiLLoUrr, i^ htn Krn'n k«artal :;H June 1499. 

* KU rcTict AniiR iKhniniiicrcd to hU iviatc 20 S'ov. U^. In the roccrd fas la dasoiibMl u 
John fyiUT. late of dt. UiiqpiKl'^ Wttitmlnater. 

' TUo usoinitia] rv^«t«r •iLj«"bD i bj 7* Coffortn-'i dons*' whlcb fa<tiootA ttuU ho waa (« 
Mom^ humble poittJDQ. 

* Dan. cif KSr Itoirtr lUtvaotl, RL (hm bi« barhJ H Oct> )C92), by fall wife Oiiola (sec her 
liuHnJ 17 Maj tflTA) ^lic mnrHcd, at Rt, Utnin in tbc FidtU, Uidx., 2(i Oi^t, l^u (b th« Unc 
Lki?. Vlc.Ucn»4LnlCil£J (Jct> di^^ribiHl u of DuIwIcIj. n|iin«Uv, ngcd about lwctil5-im>>H WUtioa 
Lovvidoa. of WtTdifiw, Buck*. Kaq*. fiaii/ j^an M.l\ t^nil ni 1005 )ky*f«<ar7^ to Ibo Tmmui^, 
who (bed QQ Jon, 172^-4. aiul wav huHwl Ibo :9fb »l WLniiti/i«> iu \\\9 fCvonlr-Momd jew. bwinf 
Ihricc rdnarrifd (ice tb« buHal f\i hi* «ocond irlte 10 JdW 1C0fiX rtkO di«d fl Ko?. Sie waa 
ADCOttrcM of th« piwni bunit; of Lownde* of VHiadUaD HiU and Winalov, Bnckii 

* Lord O^ttny. In the ciioiHcial rt^lur tml;. B«« tbu mUj 31 Jalj precodlag. 

V Morj. itau. nn^l »lc beJr of Sir llonr^ Wi.txl, of LDuilhAm^ «o. SuHhIIe, Ki. imd Bart., Clark 
of Uic Gfcen Ctotb to K. CharltA IL. by h^sftecocd vlfn, Uuy, cIaq, oJHJrTh^miaadwbaor, Kt. 
(•M bof buhnl t A|>1. IflOA). t^t wtu Ibc 6rvt «rir« of Cbnrlta VHixoj. Dnio of fauttamptoo 
(a» bto burial 3 Nov- 1730). to whom dm wat mAirt^l in hin mlnoriiT. hhu iliud wiihont imuh 
aod^ acoonl]i]|^ to tbv unulSciAl natter, w h l>urjc«l iu ibc Duke of llvuiifjiiiTi'it ibuIu 

" Th« nnoifflaiJil rBtfi«t*t naya ■ t>»e. U Itabcrt /Mrit \m: \^ y* foflcrei'fc docffv," 

■* Tlir nuoiftcial rvsMvi fItM Uic nrunr <* UttTk^r n[id tbu CliriitUn uamc sbonld probifalj- 
bc*A>jla,<^lcttcrB^iwM>ii>0'^ wtie]frHnt«<l hj Wt^ VtAxxi tit ibo Dmui and Qiaptcr, If Dec 
1690, oa tbe wMe <l ^la i7iiirAn; of H. UftTsarctV. WciytmlnaKf, to bla rebct Sanb. Sm 1fa« 
tmrtel (pnAisblj) ud bi» lirulbar ft Uvh. ]«»9-l7i». 

B RHinlxlb (iwnnd at lUt nAnuX <bui- ol l^r Robst Killit^v. Kr, VJooAniAfnlHTUdn l« 
Q. Hwrkita-HariA, br Uaty* ikn. of HSr Hmry W<rxlhoiiae. ol Waihun, co. Korfolk. Kl. t^ 
wia bapliuiN) at St. UargantV, LcAfabnry, l^tidou, 16 Uaj IC93L aftd wm tuaiHol, al WAitcbnll. 
Oct.]MS,toFtanoi»B(7Je,foai1faioaor HlUiaM, HM KnH ol Cork, wbo wm «foal«<l rumtaf 




















I 4 

1^ Jao. 5 Cnsntett of RonUiamptfni l^ [tn ths AbUjf]^ 
Mrt- EUwbftb Nnnnv^:" [tn /A# ;i*Afy]. 
CbirlsM* Eur) oT PliTnoiith:^ [m fAn ilft£«y]. 
Nfclwlia, Etri of Scaradal*^ ;* [m /A* Jft^). 
Mr. Goo^c WhiclM^r:* {Cioalrra]. 
Mt. Richftid Pipe:* [Chis^*]. 
Mr, Sackrilo Whittle:' [C7feif*»r»], 
John ThoinfiOri, n diilil :* [C&^if J^«}. 
Tbe ht^y Imtbella, duu^-hc«r to the Doke of York:* [tn f^ 

I b IMO, H«r iTiU, dftted >T JaL^ l&^O. wm provvd 9 F«b. 14^1. Setf the boriali. of 
"^iirlitUicr M Mch. 1602-8. Ii«r abl«n9Julj lti41 ariil 10 Nuv. )€;r, hii>] bcrr (UutEbtor(b7 
£, Charlci IL) 4 Aug. I6S4. 

■ Id^7 FmiHiQB ^cjmaur, ■ocoiid <!«' of WilllBm, inHuul Ihiko uf Somomct, b/ his sc<ond 

Vucoujit Uotfuvux ; aoc>>uiE[y, TltumftA WrioCbest«j, toujlh suU )iv4 Eaxl >A SouthAiapioii, irbo 
died ICUfltlfifii; aIvdthi^d]J,Ol^yG^«D^\K;, Aftcirwni^HCaDdRftrlof ]IoMijmr<^nhr>««wlf« 
nhcdinJ, ted vbo ftdmi&Lstcred to btircsUle L) Fsb. tftbJ>-l, g«« her ajUs'h l>mi«l SDrc. 1A79. 
' Tbfl will vt BliuWtb jVvnn. itj^Ldh *jI Tbanuu Hnnu, fUUd Sd Kot, IGt^, iru |>njtod 
9ft Jul. litd^l, hj h«t frwiilt Ihomiu IVj»<lh4m *nd Jamv Bridge-man, KM^Ta, It MaUa IbftK 
lihd bftd •cttlcd all ber ciuate bj dred, fjtupt tha m<>Dicii due to hor from the Qaocn, SbiP htf 
qaokUied £100 to her bn>tb«T, Ur, Ooorgc Bjthv, uid Uifl rodidoe ol her penoii&Lij to her mcCct 
&EUbfcm Cbi flinch. 

* canKrla FiU-Cbiirlc*, illcsituiiAte Aoa of S.diArlu t1.. bj CAUier|iic« tlaix, cJ TlKnnv I'oKK*^ 
ol THilemlry, eo^ Dvrbr. Saq^ Re inu cn^lcd, 9M Ja1j IGTIf. Batoii of DoTtmc^nlh, Vitrount 
ToiDCnik and Za^\ of Pljfmmitk. He mftrriod* tt Wknblcdoaf Bitm^, 19 Sep, I^jT^h Ltidj Bridget 
Odbcfnia. third dftu. of Tbconxt, firrrlDakeof Ij«fidft,who renurricd, ibout Au^. 1T(H, Xho Ht, Rev. 
Fhaip Bin*, BMiop of HcrvfonJ^ and <lic<l 9 Uftj 1715. He died >t Tangier, IT Oct, itiSQ. agta 
twcuiy-Utrce. Iv*t£ii|; no &«auc. 

* ^fidiolju I-b1cc. icaind but cldiut HnrriHuj ton o( Fmncia, fint Erfcrl of Spandjilp. by Anoa, 
du. of Sir Bdwd Cnrj, of Aldcabua utl Berlduunpdoful, HcrK Kt, >uoo«Mlcd bid f&lber aa 
MCond Rorl to lO&fi. H« dl«d 27 Jul, Aod bU >on and iuoc«wir, Bobnrt, tlifrd Earl of 8cuwiido, 
odndalrtCfTd io bU «<t*te 10 F^ 16sa-l. Sco hu wtfc'* builjU ;t Nor. tf;V2, hU ilstvr'B 311 Jau. 
|6f9-S* ftnd that ci b^ gnnd^dAOgbtcr IC MarcL Jtlt^ln Tho auoffidal jt^jtCci' nji tbal he WiO* 
buiiMm ilio Hniudon rault^ 

* He wu fwom " j<iunf««t Tenman of Xhe. X^gtrj " of tho CbaF«l Bojat A Not. lAfiO, iii^d 
dkd '' EldMt TeouAD ~ 4 Pcb. 1G«0>I. Bjbli mil, d«tod 17 Nov. lilSO, uidpir>f«d T Mcb. ll^SO-I, 
be prvTidad for fbuudin): and cudotwiog nJiiiB-bou«rft lu W««lmlu«lcr fur «U puur m^ri. His 
b«f[a««Uivd £300 to bU «uUt Stanui Spuiliug^ nsd ^900 to hm dAOgfator MArt^urut UttrHut und 
£10 cu:h CO h50 oc^niiw K/tncj Mtd Ultubaw, «t Dqitford. <». Kant. He Alio left riBg* ocid 
other Ieg«dei to nunicmxu pcoom, eiridvatlf not hU rcU^oo, «moag wliom wvn m%aj of 
th« oobUitj. 

* ttec probably bin ixloUut^ burtol IB Jutic Iflffl- If h>, chc luunc iiboald Ic flp^. 

' Hi* wU!. ■* of St, UsirtEn ia tb* Fii>ld>. one of Hia Unjestj'* Chiitirgwm* in Ordinafj, 
djUod 15 Fcb« WM provod 17 Uch. tCflO-l. He raeotioned no cMldrvn. but left the nvorabn of 
hbftatAtoain Kuct to the daugbtcn of Sir i^icpbea Fc>x>S1qbiitfUer'sbnflbaDd. Rowutttoaol 
WillUm vrbtltle, of l^nciubij^. Id bia Uu. Lie, Vic ItcQ^ dated Kot. 1««T. be wu dttcrfbod 
a» or St. Uariln In the rJcUb. ettlsca aud bAitts-cbiruigt^oi. ■ wldoitcr, offud mbout thirl;-«croQ. 
AfVAfding to hU monuiDoDt. Kb died 19 Feb.. in hi* flftwth jear. ^t^ >>]■ Krotiit wife'i burlfiJ 

SS Jmw 1739. vid bb tiroih«r*> U Jon, USM. 

* The tUMQlciHl r<|[lflt«j ««j* " mow^v^n..* So« probflbly hw fAtbcr** borinl £0 Dffn. I70D. 

* Sfocnd dao. tod child of Jane*, Lokc of Vcrlc. aitrnrirdB k. Juti« IJ.. bj hu Bc<ood 
Yflfe, Uac7-B«a£ii2-BI«ano«A D'Bitc, da*. «f Al|a»«Dao» l^iik4 cJ Utdvu. fibd vn« boxa at 

9 D 


BUfirlAld I2f 

U&TCh 15 
















16$; Maroh 15 Thfi Udy Frftitoea, &in^t«r t4 Robert, Earl of Scoredftle ^ [m 
the Abb9y^. 

Mre. Etimbtth Chttpn»ti;* [Oloist^t]. 
L&ei March 80 Edward Pocre:** [Cf^ittmy 

CiAoUiA Danid CoDin^ood:* [m iA# A^hey]' 

John Briau, oaa of Uie Almuuen :* [0?<7T'ff«r«]. 

John OoUiiiA ;* IChttUrt]. 

ArubolU TonploT ^ [Clotaier§']. 

Anne Windebftok:* [C/^i'^/cr*]. 

Mr. Chri«toph«r Clu^im^n, ono of the Gentlemen of lbeQttir«:<^ 

St. JftAu'i Pft^ftM SSAqk- 1{)Til,ftnddlod tbcnSMcb. 1080-1. 8e« tho buriftlSt of bet Ivother 

13 Dec 1677, DDithOriiUUmiri UCU I67A VidSOoL IfiSS, 

■ Ia-Ij FAdoob Leko, oalf chUd of Oobcort, third Earl of ScmndAlc {tec h\t barUl I Juu 
170i-8X *V Mftty, d»u. mid «ihcir of ffir J^bo Lcwyw, of LcHUtooe, oo, Yorlt, Kt, and Bart. (y>fl 
ber burial 20 Feib. I0S3-4). Thv iinvRldal rcK^itvr «&j8 «bo VMbuiM tn the Huitsdt^ tnuIl 

> 6«« her ffttbcffl burUI L7 June 16H], mndhtf tnothcr'a 10 JulylTOT. She died U Mcb, 

* Ibla eQii7 altonU ft icrloiw toitaiice of laaccnrvj. botb tc tbr ofQcUl tnxl unolSclftl 
rfiflttoiv, Ibo lKtt«r of whicb ^vm the •uno ChH'tiiui nn<! lumnmoH, &nd a^ao Hnlw Th^t he Vka 

* boried Cruin Ur. Hender'n/* Hid vill.u lUlmerui Fefrer. wma dftU<d 1f:i ]k[r;L. 1480-1. aud prorod 
t ApL tjlh^lriK. nnd hU Mi?<nlltT Jm <Afab!biidJ bj the fut tljat ho ili/fclcd tO b« bijjiod in ibt 
Abbcj, ADtl bj the pcifcct occoniaaa- of datci. He woa eviJcfitlj ft goeot at the Ikibiii Qixid 
UTvrti. vrhor« ho lUod. Be bequiMtbcd all hli pcMHeibiiiM to I Ib «ouirin Boboft Potrw. «f London, 
Oeat^ vrbo wiu b&i exi*<RitAT, tiamine paiticulftHj a bond for 4150. aoiL other BOodi^ j«^4^bf oio., 
in hE» chAniWr fli Ebu Hobin Htioil: nlaohlaDiare tn WoodAtock Purk^aml hlitvo fowling euoefa 
the manor hoiuo in tbc cmtodf of tbc tindof bAEIlfTn Then are otbcr iodicaiioDV in hU wiU that 
he cani« EmiD ih9 vicmitj of Woodalock, in OxfoTdshire* and it la probable th^t ba waa of ibe 
bunllj of hie nuue ^t Blvtcblujfton la iliiit wuulj. 

* LoEUn of ftdmbiiiEmtloii «ror< gnnlfd 6 Mey Uai, to the <«lata ol DuJol OolU&fWOOd, 

Bei|„ Late of SL Uartin ia the FicldK, yi^^ bocbclce, lo hie brother Q<orxe Oollinipvood: nad, 
4e AMii«ao«, 10 D^. 1691, tohieaieier Berburn Collingwood, spineter. 

* Onf! .A?Aft Jiir^kemlta pulili^ib^l In 16^5 e quAfto TOlatn« catillcd ''DivUio Voritka." 
Anothci John BirhrmAa vw k miutL-Iari wul Ec*obcj uf Uie vlul tu Londom mod pnbtbhcdla 
lCfi4 » ttr>rl ralEcd *- T«mpti]fD Murirom -.*' ho wne living u Tnto u lAriF. 

* tiiif will ttH John Brgan. of Wntmtiuleri Ocnt.. daUd *J3 Ocl- ]677i wia prorcd in the 
Ooort ol the Deen ud Cbaptar 2^ Mfty Ifitil , bv liit reUrt Rlitabeth, H« loft ODalJ lopacias to 
Richard aad Wiltiein Bttiid: Tbomiu^ Muy. Aiii^, Kti^niwlh, and Jt,uc Horgao; Blargnnt, 
witn of ItichonJ Ib^pfloti ; kiad Mr. t^mitb, hiiabnod of Arne Dm^crd : bll called hi* CVu^b*. 

^ Aoivirdiug tn hi* rnhnnm^Ml, hn wiu hunt 7 S^, liIAT. uiil iliMt IB Maj IfiSl. See Ike 
barUl. protablj oJ hU fftibei. M Keb- 170G^4. The uni;4UciHl n?g:iiaar taje that be itm burtad 

• atl r *«« <rf l*'|g Ntgg." 

« The unomciAi r^jflHUjr u14»*-a cliild." Hoe the burtala » July l«7B aad 10 Oct. 1691, 
pnbftbly ot bcT bFothtr had mi^Oxc?. 

* See bor mothrr'i burial II Jko. lMI-1 and hr:r fatbor'e 16 Aug. 1704. TheuBattclal 
vtgiit«T MTi that ebe wae bniird in Ihi; Sjuih Clouler, 

^ Ue vni aou of Vcicr CbjkT«iuuL. wbo bad )>ooa - heail brewer*' to Iha Oolleg*. and hlmaclf 
bed e patevt frfm lh« Dvaa nad Cheptcr. U June i6m, ts - chief bfewer" Id the vlll of Jamca 
Cbiiipmjul (*n* Iuh Ipanctl lA Jan. l£Cl-4) bo wv oallod " coiiiiick," iib4 wee aunod ae one ^ its 
orcnoen- HU awn will, ee of WeaUalnUv; bt«w«r. daxeil 3f9 BAej, waa praved Ea llae Court of 
the Dean aod Chiqi1eT3$ Jaly )6SL He beqoeetbed frcafeoM tafiie In Ivee and taogley, Buc^. 
which, if hiadau. iatae died without larae, were to goto the auiboritioa of Colnbr^Kik. in Ibet 
couniy, for bladlog onl poor diUdreo ajipwittceN, the ctiltttren of hie own nUtiuua in tluU |>tiic« 



1681 June 
















^ No». 






Mrs. Adriii Lucj :* [m fA^ J^t*y]. 

Sir. Kiiwafxl MaTiM*]l :' [»« /A*' Abbeif], 

Mrs. Elizabeth Cretpion:* [C^(*tff<^ra], 

Mnt. CUhArirkc Xcwibiun :* [in the A ^^fj. 

The Lady Anue Ap&ley :* [»n ^A* Abbey'}. 

Mra StracUing, wife Uj Ur. Siradling, Dwm of ChiclieK<P :' [« 

Jaiia Duiidy, a cliild :' [(7?otfrtr*]. 

Mftjor E^c^i^n ;^ [in rA« ^^^oy]. 

WiUiara HaU:»o [Cfi^tX^r*], 

Jfr. SiH'tn Bing dynd ftnii huriod fy \iit day cf Iketmlm- ati 

to be fint oooaidcrvL ticilicd H June. Eke tiic bafifum of hia rou 35 Xot> lfli;% llic mairu^ 
qIIuicIbu. 1 Sflii, laai.uicl tlie ImrUld. of tiJi wife 10 Jul/lTOT, uiil tii« cbiUlrvii £4 FcV l<l4-\ 
31 Jui. 1«A4-A. ai HoIl 1«43-3, I» Srp. 16TS. 4 Vpb, 11173..^ 2T Ho.h. lATS, IK Mch, IA»0-], uid 
17 Ju. I7I7-8. 

' Aoeordinf to bcr mcmuncDt, iTic mu n tUii. cf '' Edwnpl hacj. of th« Uici«iLt uul n&Ue 
lftmil7of Luc J, 1 El CO, Wftre-tok,'" aD<l"iiii>clA fnalil, 19 Judc l&Si, ftft^d ^xf«en /OArti." hcfi bar 

9 KMcsL B^n nf Sir Kilwftrd Muim^L Kt. ftnd third Bftft^ of Uftrgftm, ea Qlunoriraa, hj 
Hajtbft, dftti. of Edward Cnrrto. of Wcanj, in the nne coouty. B>q, He died 20 June, ngtd 
fifBMO jmn> H« hJ« ^rolinur'fl bnHAl 6 Apl, 1493, ftiid the mJVTiftffe of moIImt 16 Haj 10S6. 

■ Dio. ol tinn&ikln Crtsplon, (itnt.i liy ComnllK, nldc«i <1aii. of Supbm Nitn. Fii^nch evtigr^t^ 
aad ilMcr of Bcr. tiUphca Crcvploup Mmoi Cuioa t:^ the Abbey (icc bU burUl S Dtc^ ITll). 
Her vtU. dnled the Mb. wftsprfvnd 3S Jan« IfiSL Shedlnl oumAnied. Jt|^ ^bout thiHj, 

' Sa her bqitiua A &«p, \mz, ud the burijLU, cif lia &ther IS Fub* ITOJ^O, ud htii motlier 
7Apl. 17«. 

' FlTA wtce of BIT t'eler Apale^. of Apalej, co. Hiukx, and of St Joina^i Sqave, Mldx., fCL, 
CodTcrar to K. Jamu IL. but bci parenUi^ bu never b»u urcrcainM. t^ bcr fton'« buHftl 
TAuff. 1691, Her huttbuiil died the lOUi.uidwM baiied »t Ivor, Bucks, >3 J&d. lA9l-J:bATiDff 
naiBrh«d. ia 1^7, dulierlnc, dau. of t^MXQOAl Fortroy^ ti Be. JiiiDflir VwtDliutcff, bj whom he 
hftd A dm. Cfttbnriae, vtio mnmcd Allutx, ftftcrtfordd Eurl Bathunt^ 

• MjfgarvL, ilLO. uf &ir William Snllcr, 4>f Ivfr, Rtfcks, SL, Cnrror In OnJIiinr^ EO 
K. ChftriM L. bj bU vvoond wifv, AjiiiiIt dAU. of Edw&rd Crott, of lUmfcrd, Kw^t, uid wiibw i^ 
HrWlUiamriinith, Ki, Seo her bmbitnd'i burUl 3i Apl. llEtlS. Tho? wore mftrtlvd 21 Sot. 1660, 
in the chape) ol iUchbst Hoaie. hot father'* kuL Shfr died 19 8op, i^ the bftptino* of her 
Ghildrau, I July 1670 ud ft JJso. 1671. 

' RiKhUy Ihmktfy. e<« hvt tiklXxvt'n WrJAl 3 Fcbn l6$A-fi, 31itf uij^rtskn to bATC bcea hia 
MTvntli dsiighlcv. iKvad cf the DjutiVT Aod bi* fottrt«ODth and fOimifort child. 

• 6ee boriab I Occ ICid and 1ft Jtdr 17ia 

• lundoljili E|,<<Trtoi). ^ Bclloy, oo. gfAfforil. Uaj'^r-Genon] of Horn to K, ChulM 1., ftnd 
Luou-Cbloncl ci the Uorfc Onaidji to K, Chftrlra ll. Jlr died SO Oct., uxd bit vrtll. dated 
» Jimu 1G9I, VM proved fl M^< 1661-3. 15^ Ibc biinal of hU flrvt wife 22 Mob. lOODTO, iLod 
nf hiH nn >7 her SS M<gr IATOl He rMnikm^d, nbonit Ma; |4^':i. Rljuihrlh, rldniT dm]. »nd 
eoheiT of Hriir? ^^lurr^T. £*(|.. ouo od the Oroomrt of tbt- BrxIrbHiabttr lu K, Cb4fl<4 1- Kcc bcr 
burUl ISFGkin:f'm,u]dlhcbiirJAltof blAchlldraibjhcr, IT ApL IG8T and ^Jui, 17^9^0. 

" Urtun ud admmifltnUoo wen gnuitcd* II Docl£81, toUieetlAte of Wiili/un HHl^ ^M« r>f 
the Gilj <4 OjtEord, \o hi« nJiot Aaao. On hie monuutfjit he U c»ll«tl n "(ImilcmjiJi/' imd 
nid to bftTD tmn k^^m hi 1537- Th" uoofllcaikl nrcif^Ur mj" thnt hr^ vn^ buritil in tbo North 
Clouter. 8«c botiLU 4 Feb. IfitiM, t Not. jmKi, and J^ AjiU 1601, aII (n tbth tuimc localilj. 

** (la tbo ttpofficial ivgidtev oiitj. and only i&otp^raicd ia the lot in oHrr ibkt Uuv jia- 
ponut docuneot Bay bo putaervnl tuuct.) His will, m Siephtm 3iug, Clurk, enc of the mliiw 














1 9 

1681 Dec. 14 -Tjunci Orttjfortl :' [Ct,*isttrs], 

Jlr. Nicholas Ou<lard :' ICkittfTM], 
168^ Jaji. 11 Mrs. HtuMutna WiiKkbaok:* [tVuiiffr^J. 

The Lady Sonderwn ;• [iw ihe Abbejf']* 

Mr. WiniMD Cbrk :* [ChUttrA], 

Thtiriiiii Tlijniiit, &«|.:* [wi tt* dWey]. 

cftDona of SL FaxLl'n. LondAQ, lUt^ 12 Feb. 1680-t. vw provrd 16 P«cl 1G£]. by hU reUct 
Carliftrinc. He <Uroct«d to be bnricrl Is Ibo cl^iml^jard d $L (l«OT]c*k In OtotorlnrT, nc» hi* 
fMlicT nod motlicr. He mentionr^l hln dftdghben CUbtrinc Knfb md BUttbetb Brookj^ttiitU 
bi« dn. Tliompton, audbbgramlcbiid JadltblliCDpwiL. BilM»tueaULfdlMidfllnClniJitvi««i«i 
CO. OambrMg*. 

^ Lctten cf ftdmitiiatraUon wertt gnclv<I, 11 Jul. I661-3* to lhec«Ut» of JftmM Cr^fotd, 
Uto of St. UftTgutl'*, WcctmibsUr, bMchoior, U> bit Ui^ihrT Jobii tVuiford uid bU bIbCct H«if, 
vUeof Sd«*nl Ajrc-A. 

■ Nlcbolo* OH^*tr(, n qbUtc of VcchUn^ aod mppcved aon ctf Kicboloa Oa^Art of Brumliw 
vho fTuOfflcliil of MwhliD nsi^ dioit in lf}Oii, Rv viu hmnghl lo ICnglaiMl hfSir Hmtry WoUoa. 
and wiucnutcdM.A>. rtl Oxford, 12 Au|E.l<;i^. H«ft|:*in itonlfthrtwl, A«Mcretiu7to8lrWLlhan 
BorwcU. BlttJitd mirdldiJe, uid on bit return htid Uic degree of M,R., nt Oxford. 31 Jsta. lG4i. Htt 
VBA tccTtilMf to t^r Kdwvd ^ioholoii vbUo Ik^rtrUrj of Stnle ftt Qxford; 4ttcadc<l K. CharJ/f* L 
la the inlo of WIgbi • HftcrwardB became srvrvUrj tv Mnrj, rriaovoB of OnuigD (vb<»^ nllU of 
trhJoh bo wui nn fiooutflr, bmn hi|{h toKlimanj la IiIh fLbiliEt^ und faHlifu!nvB«); lh«n I.fttia 
t*ocrDt&r7 to Will^iboii PrlDoe of Omngv, and of Mn Council; nod nn&llT l^iiin Srcmory to 
K- Chnj](4 11,, wbicb fKut be held at hJi death, Uc died m litlto D«nn'« Yftrd^uid wm buned. 
according In ihe unoOioi^ ivpM«r. in fbu WtAt Cluutet- Ui^ wilJ, ilaU-d 5 llch- l^l'S. wm 
pruTAl la Julj mH3, lij lilf r^lk't R*i^ «bi>u L* doacnLvi «* **dbu^Ur of Jubn'KrftbCoi* 
Ttortirnli*, tJi^e'^iiHl." |.fi|tori of fldni&iiUlr&lion lo bof uT«t« «nre |niii1«d S Kov, Itibfi. Tbdj 
left ihr>ie lUttjfhtirrH : KftrUuiL. ilu^ ddr^Jit, " irom in IloHajid, but Rjttaralitod in RDglAod," wbo 
wumiuricd Kt thf Temple i^'hurcb. l.oodon, V9 Oi?L ]ti7T. to Waiinni Pari«r: Amclw-Uibedla. 
who ninrnt^* ui I68;i. Biirtboli/jEKTW V;iu SiU«rl, lo «rb«« MiUtc tba iidnuikJBWr«d ^ Occ^ 17U; 
uid DuiuLbjr, wLu niw utiniiutjcd nt ibc dulc uf bn f*ib«i> vil]« 

> WffAcd Dr. John \S'iiuh<l)jMik [Hcbla bmUl 16 Aug. ITCMJ, to vbom mMrried m ourl? M 
M& £bo WM dAu. of John IIoJIowa;, of Oxford, Eiq. (iccood von of John UoUtnmj. BXXL)* 
bj ^OMiui^ d4U. of KuT, Tltomoi Ahjam, FrelHitudBTj of iteteibury. SfC the bundaU boT 
danglers T JuQc IGSl and H Jon. 1736-7. 

' Bridget. jvnn^€0t d&u. of Sir BdiF&rd Tyrrell, ot Tliorntovi, c«l Bocki^ Et. (Calbcr of Sir 
Kdw&rd TrrrelL &vt Bart, of TWntonX by hii iCDrmd wiFc, Uoreuvt, dwi. of 11io»m Aalon. of 
Anton, CO. Cbefler, uid raJkt oi Sir WiUmm SavndrrtM, KU (««« bU bnrittl ]g Jnlj 16T6), t^o 
wAn" Motbcrof tbo Ualdaod Henotj'*' to thoQiMtMolJLiugsCbariu* Ltx^d 11. Actctfdioir lo 
bnr moDUAicnt. ahe lived vjtb her buiUud ftftf jcat*, and died 17 Jan,, mitd clfbij^iOlneL 
Her wllJ. dated :» Jaa« t67«, wm pra^od • Fvb. 1081-9. b^ber utceo H«ier Kar^ to wbem 
Abe Inft all h«T OAtatt, and who appnn lo bave Moondod ha m Uolhci of tbe Htalda iLtOireies 

Dutrj/, L ird»). 

> " Ur. Clark. Pose of the Bock 8U±ra to ber Hajetfty, i#latelrdcad"{/AffrWJ'« iHrry.i 
IIH> nia will lUiwi T Fulx lOTV-^. wm* |irovrd 4 ApL J6e3, bj hii reUot Uar; {«« ber btiHal 
99 Oct. 1600) UntoDtlon* hii ^Jik K>ino mid Jh&imi. and bin dua|gb1*r« Un>7 lud Catborisii 
■lao mooiOB due to him " ftuni tbe Kiui; in ihu Orett Wardrobe and In Ibe Cofferer'* dHoiw and 
from tbiT Qucon." HUajsv^ aocofdiogto hisnumuaietit. vMUXtj-tbree. 

* ^Thifl entry ii itnageljr OBftllt«d In tWf4t^m^, altbou^ it rtfen to the wvll-knowa 
"Tom of Tui Tlmuiflud," ttho wiu so bJubaiuuAtj oiurdcred 12 FCb. pxvccdl&E-) lie wan *m 
of Sir HiTiniM "nijiiiif. <i Rtrhmriul. jx>. i4urTc)r. Rt.. bf Btnarl, diM. nikd oQh«u- g| Aer, Dr. 
Walter BalqaaQituUL Ucaii of Ihrbjun uid UoaU'f of tbt Sarny. Dm anbaifj^ inarrtaiK witb 
Elmbetb. Counten of Oflc. took place on or about :; I>w. ^(^\. and tcre drcuiMtancea of bf« 
owl mcnlfr an maccan of hWorj. Ui* wflJ. dated V M«h. IG80-1. wb« prjr«d SI rob. lABI-S, 
tgr hia eiiUf ftUaabelk, wUo ol Jcto HftU, of Gndlord, oo. Wiit^ Eaq^ ithv whia «dU tagat^i. 

VBsnuNarfift ABBfir. 






















I6H HtrchSS The Liuly KftUicHn«IT<yiriinl,(]iiQglitertotbcBarI of Oartjek:* 

[in f4« ^^/tf^J, 
1682 April 20 Stephen Jobii«on,ucbild:' [CViwUrfJ, 

t/Mn Lina£f9, a cJUid ^ in t/i9 Wett CioUUr, 

Mrv, Aiiiiu HoKivnl, wife of CmvcJi Htfwonlr Em[< :^ [m /A« /l^^^y]. 

Mm. Calliarine IIopo:* [t>» tA« ^Mcry]. 

Mr, Thomas Puicoti, Qcxttlomim of Lia JiI&jcAt/a Cbapt-l :' 

Svub Hopwood, a child :* [C7/oi«hr«]^ 

T3^ R^ht Jft^ i)ut La4}f CiMtnm Ro$n r^^ in Off Mammmis, 
OhiLrlwTliomfM):^' [f7io^«M-«]. 

^ Third dM. of OiJktltA, llm Eari of CsrlJ^tf, bj Anna, dun, of Bdwuit AnL l^onl tlow^ 
tf BKrickn tOiQ vw bom av Julj, ■£<! tefpUtcd la n. Jamw. OicrltPiiwcU, MUSx.. « Ang, ICfiS, 
8a(4 <1)c^ aanurHvfl. (Oor bqnU b cnvnucnitlj tt&ted In llrjdir«' ciii(U<fa of Collinn' PcMVg* 
to Imrc takcD place 1 1 Oct Iffil). Boe the buriftli of h«i brvlhen, 4 Apl. lOTD and 1 1 Oct. tC8|, 

* A jrtang child at lUichtAm Johnson {tee the tolhwiittg fliiti?), bj ippur^tlj hi* thlnl wif^ 
(itt her burial 3 Sep, 171k}). 

* He wu appofntfd. nboul Drc. IfrTV, Ji>lnt1j xnth WUlUn Fux. acm of ^r St«|3h«n F<ui, 
RocfdTdr KDil Pitjiniutiir To (bn Artnft uid wfht iincb «l bit tlnalh, whii^h e«can^1 1h* dtj bcfoF*. 
Kl« Appostf to hiv« bfcii tbrioe m&rri«d. f tf bto flnt wUv «•« Ui« iioia to bl* «od'i borial, 29 
Umj 1(73. 6v fail Kccnd marrioffB 27 Jao. lfiTd<4. and note thereto, and hw third wife's buri^ 
8 t^p. 1710; alM the boTial of Another Mn I Juu«17a3. In bhtdnt Hht. Uc, (VId, Qsni.)' dnuxl 
29 Uch. IflTlX bb ^Lge iria |^t«ii tu -^ tbout SU.** Hto >«in. cUtMl Uw I6tb, wait prorcU 2^ Ajj], 
I9A9, bjr Richard BCf4it« Ktq-, wbinu bq <Alt«d bi« b^rotim, anil bf Dir 8t«phaa Fox, Hu &i«n- 
tioned u tbcD llrbK hU motbor Huvin Jobnivin. bi« hrolher WilliMin, nnd bU ■iitem Hatt ind 
Jau) Juhfiioti : ain hi> cvtcr Mltj Dulton'i 1bn?c children, vcd hisiii««>:i Margnret ^milh. 

* A c>]]ld, ba|itix«d tt Hi. MiiT):aret\ Wntmtmbn-. iho Mtii of thi* *ani« nwfith. Hoo hl« 
faUiei\ buriftl IS Aug- 1719, h» miHbiT*- 23 Jui. Iri$3'4, luid lii> uwu iutt«'« 4 Sep. 1083. 

* (Omittfld ill CWiwMKM.) Sm bu Di«TiAg*« 2V Jul/ 1^73. and not« tboreti). 

^ * ThirJ diu. Atid oohdr of Bice GrifBih. of fii. UaniD in the titlds. K*q., nod wife, firrt^ 
of Johb Ih: N«vo. fif CaTvndiBh, co. i^uffulk. nurl of 8U Uutiu b c^v KielOa (who died at Hammer- 
m»tb. Uldi., in lGu4), Mnd, wcoEHllr (Um, Vic. tfcn. 39 Jad. l«nu^}. of Kobert llopo^ Eiq,, 
Chief Clot of tbe Ifpiccrlce to Kli^^ Chultn I. Bud II- A( her hc^uJ nmrrtn^ hir ago wk« 
MMpd ta •hont ihirtj^ t^h«diiyl ^ Jciljr. Sist fho buritdi of hifr vin« Ity lirr firKt- Tmtband, 94 

Aof. 1473 uid 3 A»£. 1603,thnui£b thelaitctof whooi the wu irraiidiDotb«r of John LaNcrc, 
aatbor of F^tH Ee^Uti^ Anf Up/mm. 

f Gscte c4 tht inmo'OB compcaei Snuy rnrodl- Uo bad tlic nppoiiilin«qit. b^ rof aI wmrtaiit 
dated ta Hot. I<W^, ■■ ** MdeicJAo in OrdioHr; for tho 1iit< bi^tl Toir*/* in llac placr i>f Hcar^ 
Laww, ctfweavd, and hwj Tinm h|]j'>iiiT«<l. rn rhi.' pm'4'drnif AntniRt. in ivinjunctloii with iVlhom 
HnnphreTi, **Coflipowr \a ordii^r? for Ihf VkoUrjH," He ilied li Jv\y. Hia will, dated i Jb^i« 
1(81. na froTtd 8 Nor. ICS2. bj hii reliol Cathariac. to ^vhooi hv Idv all bin fpjodt, oxcvpt 45 to 
oaeft ol bit cbildrvn. Sue hi» bMherV buii&l 13 Aufn ItiM. 

* tt«e b«r fkther'i burut 17 Julj IGS3. 

* In the unoiftolai mlptarotlj- 

^ (In ibc uiottoial ngliUr onlj.) Second wife of Sir Hkbjird P&rsoiu fim Vi«c«unt /fUM^, 
ulio RdBttitMarcd 1o ber Mtala 7 Oct. fulloiriuj:. Id th« aooounc* of hlfirttrnlljuhciBeaUrd dMo. 
ol <KoT|« BrTdgm, Mxtb Lord CbuidoA, bj bto ircood wlfo,; Jane Savigfu dao, ut John, 
B«jI ftivcn I bui, ift ibe aeeoDAld of iho Br7dgoa family, tbii Cktb&riiM i« m.\d Ut hft«« died 
mnankd ; probftUj. uulead of trnmarrii^d. wc ibouU read witbout isne. 

■^ Tte «iiulBc:aJ raic«l« aarA TkA^ijwn, ud thmt hn waa biuiad in the Wut CI»igUr. fiec 
llie bttrial 10 Dec. 1700, probaUj of ht« £atb«r. 






















16112 fWpt 17 Marfttfj Rij^htion:^ [fT^/tfr*]. 

Thu IrfuJy OhHTlotUHarie, daughter to the Dnke of York:* [m 

John-ltuptiHta Parccll^ a child :■ ICloisfern'}, 
Mmfititi Winne, Eiiq.:* [in M^ Abt>ep'}. 
IVinco Uiiiwrt, Dako of Oomberland, etc,;* [in th$ Ahhey]. 
Mr FrancJH Mundy:* [C&iV/*r#], 
ThomM Hiiido:' [*7irt>(*r»]. 
KHKal>othBuU;* [CZ/oiiWr*]- 
inH| Jihu, 10 Kiohnrd Batos, one of the AlmBa)en:<* [CU}isUr§\. 
Williiuu Morgan :^'> lOloiBttr$\, 

1 "Hiti uniinitiUl raKlNtar mji HV^AtfOJi, Mid tb>t »h« wm burled in tbe ^S^uf A Cloittor. S«e 
boriHAThRtfo I Julj lilM), uiduuUtliaroloi tlnborlftlfli Mcb. 16S4-& uid 11 Oct 1686. 

< Vkurlvttt'^Mt^riit, tblrtt ilau. ftAd fourth child oC JunoB, Duke of York, aft<rw&rdA 
K. J<unH n>, U; lili uwimd wife, Huy-neatrix-EleaDora D'Eate, dftu. of Alpbonso. Duke of 
Uiii|0»A, Hha WM biiru ftt St. JAmot'i i^Klftoe 10 Aug-, mud died 6 Oct^ io the suse je*r. 

* A|t|uu%»tLj «l(lfwt uhtld uf Hflprj t^roDlli tbe oelebr&ted oompoeor (see his borial 26 Kov. 
IttVft), by Fnuiou hU wife (tM har buri«l U Fob. 1705-6). Bee hiB own bvpUsm 9 Aug. 

i^ • Ulllhtl; irynnr. Hit will, m of Pan-T-brirv co. C&rawon, B>q., dated 27 ApL 1680, with 
iiOOdlolJ 10 Jul;lA(4)t,WMpniv«d D Jan. lfl8a*B> b^ his Q«phow Edward Llojdf of Grar's Inn, Eaq. 
lU tvtl bin vaUtva \w iho ixiuntleit (if Caruarron and Radnor to hia nephew Edward Wynne 
\m^ hU biirUl 36 Uoh. I8WI). aun aud heir of his brother Kobert Wynne, deceased. 

* Tbinl mM, and f^turth obild (^ Fr^vrki V^ Duke of Bavaria and Elector Palatine of the 
Rh(u», K4U«tlaio King ot IhduMufa, who ilied at Majeuce STU Not. 1fi32,b7 the Princeits Elixabeth, 
•Ulwl aud ivnly «UTTUtnj{ dau. i^f K« Jamea I, the anfurtnnate Queen of Bohemia (see her bonal 
17 FVU ItWMf). 1l» wn« bt^n^ at l^nfuv IT l>ec. ltil», and was IMoce Palatine of the Rhine 
auJ IHtlt^ i^t HavarU. «tnd was oreatod Eari of Uoldcineai and Dnke of Camberiand, in the 
KhjtUi^ ivrr«|»^ "H J«u. 1ft4S-4s A* ll»« gallant bul aomewhat rath cavalier kada, his hiiuirj 
U a |virt \4 Ihal i4 lh« o^Huilry. He dkd anRwrnedi at bis boose in Jfpring Gardens, ^ Kor. 
tMX \s! hk» wilU tbttvtl iwv day* bel<«i» and provvtt I LVc. following* Itft aU his pocaesrioos to hia 
iU««iUwat« ihW aikd xUa^tv^^ and tb« moftwf ^ th« 1ail«r. 

* «iw lh» ttwm^ra * Kv^v. ItfTV and L Jan. lfiS$-S^ and the borials 7 Jnne 1670. £4 ApL 
IHT^ «i>d \ Ur^. \*»^is itft'baUy vl ai«JAber» ol hts fanuljr. The anofficUl rvgisur nji, 
^ Ut« l>ttUOia UuteUy tu ; in y* m»ddt« i>f 5* Jtv^th 01oy«tei&'' 

' X^ ttLK^kk^ial TvipMirf f«y« thai he wm biuied in ibe Xtrik dh^fr, 

* liVvv afv (ixsl rwaiasw t:if briirvittg Ihid aunanM to be an «iTvf tn the Repsicr. aod ifaat 
^ imirii t^ten K^ th^^ wk^^^v vil V'tlm^^^^ Uitboos« Pt. of U»K aad OrvaniA <£ ihe AblM? 
\^ W b4uud :N ^V«. iiXiV jn«E«4<r<V tlv wxwd wifr and rvlict of Dr. Oib^^os. pnned his 
wm«Xvv l«».att^i.^^tkrv IMl ^4. Uxh~ l«rr^ ibe aaiie her ^>wv wilt aoi dincteil n> be 
Wn«d tK«r k<« tatw bMttsukX Thi« wilt vm («>vyd i± Jaa. l«&;^^ within a namlt frcm the 
^bM* osi^ V«Lt. H«t WriaJ ctcvm «c« \vwr in the pahs^ ni^vtet 1.'^ ^ Margaret s. W^iani^iana-. 
wWrt >W ^vv<4 ihY w it ehwiHbrt* in tW Ab^«1 Kiqpaarr. a&d tt ^ rvaffMLabtfC tt? fopp:** dtac 
W« wtobr<« *« V \h* }<^v ^ Wc ihwtaBMt WTtv cvTVd i-«i> Ftw b«r will ^ec nASM befun 
•MXna^CO «--\h t%^ Ueb^VAd^ tM w^Mber b«r aaiuhcnL lUiB* cc ih»= it % ifxmx haetmoai u x^-cr> 
tatN^ af^^tAn M^ ^vi» NtyoL Jtn> V . bv'ot wkipcb t^ iraaai;B>.-a to A^JJ by i^ A^ttT* xr^x v 
«Mwi^O>ij^ tbvce ^Oi H v>Mr«K a ^k«itH : b«l dt aniih prvpcc w m^isTai :^ peo6ab^ err.T. azbi 
iMaJhdtvvttr w 4a|hH«H ^^ FK'Oft <^dbcr aaicaain* Eba«a£^ir 3.^c«ti us wv'oji Mem t^iu _-Ac ac :dt« 

t) Mk a(^W«ttt|^ V ^sft wck^^n-^w Willmai Tsjn^ Hm «itE«cnc4 ^ 3< Mowi '-n :a<! ^Ikjocai^ 



l«8f Feb, 17 CipL Frederick CortJWftlliB:' [CT^Jh-*]. 

MATch 18 Hr. Thotnu KiUl^r^v:' [m M« .4Mtfy]. 

Iftaa April 6 Afjuyllciopor:' [e7A>M^ir]. 

Jolj 17 Ur. WilliAtn Hopirood:* lCU>isUral 

SvyU 4 EliiiJjcUi Liflww:* [Ctot^Ur^']. 

6cpt. 5 Chnrlott, djuightcr of Juncn, Dokc of M<Dtnoa(b ;* [m fJW 

Oci. 4 G«orgo, SOD to Dr. Spratt, Dean of WceUoii^atcr :^ [in ths 

IMfnH Sinn. 9L H*rtin in tli« Pi«1r1i^ known m the ^ Red Bihl^" villi r«Tuicdi>T to the 
founder dilldrwi of hl« nid wn-ia-Uir Wllliua Fiyer wJ lua vriTv EUttboth. U« alao Wt 
Icgu'ipOi, TujiBg frcm £5 to £AX to hi« oMiilaa, Tbooui Uoriftn and hit diEon, one of whom 
VM wtfe u> Mr. Prvwil^ Qerk of i^t- Clemeiit DanoB. Ko otJier roUiioxulupt Are mcmtloueii 
Tfa« ODodHdal K|rjri«v ruj* that bo ivm burMd in tlt« BMrt Olo^otM-. &m llio burul, prot«l>lr of 
U*»ljvlcr. *3 Maj 16;K 

^ Fourth »n (■ecood of this iXAm«) tvt Clurk*, f«£ond Lord CorDW^lliA. b7 MHrc*fo% dsD. of 
llkonu* PlMj«l*d,ol AiUugtoD, co. Suascx. B^q- H« was bom 31 Oct., nnrl tupliipd t\ Oilfoni, 
oo. Suffolk. 1 yor. 1658. Efo «M explain of an tndopo&dast Cumpany La Jcnwy, and died ns* 
Tnarriod. })cc bl# LruUkcr'a mairiagQ 37 Doe^ 1678. 

* Ttkc noxorioiu Gtoom of tb« IkdcLambcr to K. Charic* TL Fourth kid of Sir Robett 
SiJltiTcv, Kt, ¥ic«-Cti&mb«Tlun to Q- HcDnett»*Uiiria, bj Hai?. dibu. of Kir Htatj WoodbouM, 
of Wubam, ox Norft>Ik. Kt,. bj Ai^&« bit ifrlfv. dao-of tiSr Nichols Bacoa> Lord Kccprrof the 
Great AmL Uc hw hlLhctto enoncoiulj booo called a tntlrc of ttuiwutUu Mldx.. but be 
■ppsm to hav* bMO b«ni in tho t^amh«f l^t. UaripUYl, ^MMmTy. Lc-ndon, whvrr fii< faih^r 
nddcil UR tho 7tb of F«b. 1011-13* aod vfatfe ho «u c^ruiulj baplixrd on the; 201b of that 
noQllL Re fa«c«ni« a Paice lo B. ChulM 1. iu 1^33, nnd n-ti« tumelitne K««]d«Qt at Vonka, but U 
ducdj knDWD fnna bit ioiimnLc nlalloni wub X, CbarEcH II. Soe bSf fbvl wife** burioJ Ju. 
1A37-A. Bj bcr Ih hoil uul/ «>□(* wd, Jlcarj. boni Iho 3tb bud bapUfr^it at &U Uarlin in thvi Fivlda 
1ft Apl. IfiHT. who al»> btcainff a Grwin of Ih* HcdchHmbcr, wm hi« fiibi«f\ **««t«r, aiifl wiw 
fiiiAllj bnrioil al M^ Maittn in llic Fields 16 Deo. 1-OA. h*! iDarriiXl, st<vti<tI/« at Oio HujfQCt 
2S Jaa. IISC4-&, Clisu!ott«, dau. of John dc n«iH>, of HotlAiid, bj wham be had four »oD> and two 
dacghtvni. Sbe turnv«d him, and IctEcnof admin Utiatioa to her estate wotognaltd IS Uaj 
ITIA, wbbn »fat mtiil h.-kfc TH^rn io bcr «i|{hLf-rvmiith /r-*'. m^ tHnn wis boiii 16 Jul/ 1609 (>oo 
Dr. Howard't Mi^mtUy MUcflhinn. \. 370). Hiit vriil, daiwf fb« ISlh. mu [iigvc<1 ID Uch. 
lAeS-JL 6cc tbc burial* of bia ditora, & Jnlj 1641, 10 Nor. )A77, afid 4 Jan. I«0O.L 

* Fint wife <if Gilci Hcopcr, of Clement'^ Inn, Omt. (»« bia buriJiJ 5 Anir, ir,i>3). Dao. of 
&}nion Brittifli;. cf Ucy, oo. Korfollc. Kb]-, b? hti tint wife, ileaier, lUu. of Sir Cbuioa Hartwrd, 
Ke. Kbo wa* vnarriid aUmi T F'c^, ItiltO-l (Mar. I.ic, I'W.J, aud, a^oordieig to ber mOnODeiiii 
diol 3 Apl ]ri83, in Ilct Iwcutr-Chird jvar. &M t^ie burial of h«r only ion 1» Junr IT^. 

* Oncol ibo G«ritlcjn4c uf tbo Chapet Rcj^al, and a Mubdt Canou of Wnlmin^ter. Ho wm 
adalCI«tl to lb« Chapel Bojal SA Oct. l*Tfi4, na " n bnnrc from KmMr." In hu will, dated ti Jnlj 
and pwti^d in Au(. IS«3p he betpiaatbed '■ a *in4tli enuto lu co. Bjiuu^ la the College uf 8L Pvto, 
ealJod ibo Kiichiti. Buttrx. vkd Ortf^p !»ri, tboru bciuH 18 jcar» toccoar." See tb? bapilaniof 
hU obaOrto. Uar 1677 and 22 My Itm. and th« buriaU of hit fint wife 19 Sep. 1fi7l. aod of 
hUcfafldnD SOcL l«Te, 19 An^. 1079,11 1^». ISgU, and A Auj;. 1683; aim thcrexsamagcor hla 
toeond wifk U Kor. l6fi?L 

* Moe feor fallicr^ larial IS Aug 1719. bor molhn'a 33 Jau. 1683-1, aod tliat ol bcr own 
bnHhor » Maf l«»-i. KvldtcUj a roong child. 

■ £ldr«t daaebtcr. S«o bcr brotbo'* burial 10 Feb. 1673-4. tod note tbcnto, and the buiiali^ 
of anoiber broiber 6 Dec. |dT9. 4nd of hf>r nst^r 13 Xay:. 16^5. 

r fircond ton of t)if Etev. I}r. l1ioint« Sftrvt. who wju tb« aeit jaar mad* Bk«hop oC 
Bu-brfler, t<«^ hiB t^i^Uuu 12 Oct. tC^l. kod tttcburial*, oi bia fi^lbor 25 Uaj 1713, bit otothcr 
fl K(ih.lf^«-a,aadhiBbK)itbrT IK Haf ITSO. 





1 Oct. 










t Jaq. 








Sir AJIen Apaley :> [tn tJa Abteyy 

Mrs, Eliaabelh Blcwe:" [Chiikrt]. 

Tlit^ Liulr Murj O'bEioii.Codikl^jit of KMarfr:* f£t rAi^ft&fy]. 

Jf«. Jiifl* Srnytfkes dff9danti hurM y^ 7** «i y* parish Church.* 

Mr, John O'^dfty ;* ICiovetrfi]. 

Jifra. SiiaaMh Lmatr^;^ in th9 JVfJt Cfoitttr. 

Mr. ^Mojf C^ltf:^ in ih* Norih Chi*ter* 

Mr. William M&rgam^ u< ihrt Abbotff privaUfy, 

Mft. Dt>rMy Haii:^ m the North Chi*i$r. 

) Btdcvt Km of Sir Allen Aptie?, Kt.» Licutn tit the Towor of Loodan. bf Lit tLird wife, 
Looj, joiiUiTur ilan. of Sir Jului Sl Juliu, of LjdiAnI Tr^ifOE, oo. Wl1:«, Kt., who w«r« oinrrlnd &i 
6L Aniiv. Hloctrnuv, London, 3J Oac. 1^15. lie vu bnptucd at All JUU<nr< EUrking. Lonoke, 
B Scpp lAlA. hU muUtcr ^^£ thoD Lu h«r •crcnteeuth ^dat- He vriu FBioouer to K. Cb^rie* 11., 
Mid TrcojiaFifr of thi^ llniiKboEd to JnmcA. DuIm of York, and in Ih? long porliaauDt of 
K- Oharica IT wu moiibor for TbeLfoTrt, co. Norfolk. H« dJod, tci SI. Joswa^ ^uar«, U Odt 
6«« hi* wilo'« bmial £6 8«p. IG9S, oad hU grandMO^* 7 Aug. IGUU 

> Oul7d*a.ot Kdwonl Br«ddock (bw bia buriaJ 17 June Uim), b^ fab wire Kllnbcth <i«c 
hor burial (} Nov. ICUO), »d wif« of Lbo OBkbnt«'l I»r, John £l«p («oii Ki> harxal % OcC ITOei), 
Aciconling to Ihft [mrlab rati«C«r, thf^ war* inani«^,ftt SI. I'tud^o, Comt Owdaii, 4 8epL 161^ 
but ibc iDAttiitfa »11ccatloJa, at Iho Vlo«r*GGDcral'ft office, U daicd S3 0qk Sh« died la ditldbad 
2aOctM«gQd thirty, oDdvattjuiied in the XonliCloiflttir. Sv« tfae ImriftU of her duUrem I Sep. 

16T4. % June 1003. 9 5op. JTt9. Sfi U^y 1730, ood £2 Nov. HAfl^ 

■ Eldest dau- of Unii? O'Brien^ Loid Ibrookmi (loo hi« bttrtnl ^p. l$7d>. bj I^dj 
CatbANHc bii wife (mc bcr buri&l U Nov. 1 JOS). Sii« wb» bartitb«Tlh. ood boptiic-i oi fiC 
Uvtin in th« Pieldi. Uidi., II May ]fi62, *ud becune ihc fint wife of JoLo fitigeeild, 
ei0t«eDlii Barl of KUdw« (tct bia bariol i Uoc. 1T0T). &b« die4 24 Ifov. 6ec bcv looli 
batlaiai Feb.]6aS*4. 

* (to tha anofflcUl r«giitor onlj. end probnbl^ iher* toconlcd bj Ur. iya«Aiuio m oeooonl 
of liar rcltttioiudup tu bin fnmilr.) H«r burial oocntrv in the retfiit*^ of SL Hvcmt'*. Wert* 
UiLttter, ondor ch« dat# of 7 D»c. tii hor mil, dnlod 31 Uaj nod ptrrtd 16 Hoc )6^3. abo 
doKribed henelf w videv of Tbomai ^m^tlia. Uic citiien uid gotdmiilb of London, and iptTa 
Uia nstidue vf buf iMi«le tu b«r ideoe CitlbarlDfi. wliv uf " Jk/bu LiiUcuid aff44 Tinker ito 
TonngiM- " (iM tbfi£r marrio^ S4 Udi. IfiHO'l), tpjioiiittng bim fend hi* fji1h«r, *' Johb Littlattm 

«j£a# Tinker the cider" (ibowTlt«Tof ibo nnotlklHl re^irlAicr), heTex«cub>r>. She wba probobljr m 
fivUr of the wife of the Utter (we bcr buriiU U Aug. ICHI). 

' ill Uie olfiCLal K«gi«ter in writtee, iti peudl. "a siuipiig xntm.'' — Ordered, i lloj 1088, 
thai £4 be iftTBu Uf " Ur. Gtti^rr^, j" titii]|lu|f uijui, fur bin pAjDw and dilUgautx tu j* Quln" 
(CAfl^f^ i^fwl.)— The onofficUl roj^atar ■oyi tliAl be vu buried io the WuL Ctui^tor. Him 
teliet Auu renount^i! admiuistTatlai oT his eaiatc. iu the Court of ibc Dcoa and Chapter,! Dec 
lOBS {••«, proUbl^ bvr iutUI L3 Aae. 1690). 

* (In the irnQftlciivl rcglitct otdj). Jlic nrsi wife of Uev. TboiDAfi Unacrv, UUior Couon of 
WntmhuUr And (i^altcmiui oi ibc i%hpGJ Ttci/al. &» his biuul «& Aag, 1T11>. owl Ibo buiida 
of borr^ildrtm. 21 Mmj ItiSSand 4 ^i^|v 10^. 

' (la the niioffldal reginer onlj). Hi« will, as Af^AeW Ck^Uy, of St kfaTgaiietX Vest- 
miDatei. w^dover. dBtc4 at Bep. 19BU wu proved IS FcbL 1GH3'4, bf bi^ ion CharlM, poiiidpvl 
legatee. Thu wJll nUo inentfOQ« bis titter Sor^b Olotoock. kiv son Ucur? Coplcf, ioid kw 
dAdghtorB Lucy Cop1c7 and Jono KEDgKaiv, Uo dinictod i«i b« bnned in Ibo GJoiBten. ike«T hie 

miSv Eliiabtth (eee her burial 21 Apl. l«Ti>. 
^- ' (In tbo naeffldol re0«t«f onlj.) Accarding to blv mometaeat on the wall ol ibe Kurtb 
Aiile. be «■« Mcond von of WUbnm tlorsac, of TVndegor, oo. Monioontb, £*q., and diod I P«b., 
In bin niMiecntb jcor. 

t an tbd Tinnf&dAl n)gi*t<r onl^) Uu. Lie vie. Oou. 80 Uob. leei, Ur Rohnt Haldol 

OU bhartboffl. 6uHiex. Qffit., bodu^^ oced about twutr-foor, ind Dorothy BUkcr, vt ih» 4 


168} Feb. 15 Sir Thomas PayUm : * in the Monummis. 

Feb. 20 The Right Hon^ Mary, Oouniees of Scaredah:^ in IIun$dm'e 

Feb- 21 TTii Lord Hmry OphaHa, son io the Earl of KildarB:^ in 
Richmond 9 vault, privately, 
^— Feb. 22 John Crew, Ssq,;* in the Monuments. 
1684 April 26 Mrs. Jane Alatt:* [(7/oiJ^ra], 

May 6 The Lady Elisabeth Battler^ daughter to the Lord Oesory:^ [in 

the Abbey'], 
May 13 A stillborn child of Prinu George's buried in the pouUJ 

place, widow, abore twenty-one. — Letters of administration to the estate of Dorothy Hall alUir 
Bl&ker, late of St. Martin in the Fields, Midx., were granted, 16 Feb. 1683-4, to her huaband. 
Robert Hall.— She was first married to Edward Blaker, of Old Shoreham, Esq., M.P. for 
Shoreham in 1674, who died in September IGTS. See, probably, her second hnebaod's biuial, 
8 Not, )69Q. 

^ (In the onofflciat re^ster only.) Second and last Baronet of this name, of Enowlton, Kent, 
Aon of Sir Samuel Peytvn, Gr^t Bart., by Mary, eldest surTiTing dan. and cobeir of Bir Roger 
Aston, of Cranfonl, Hidx., Et. Be died 11 Feb., aged about seventy. He married, first, at St. 
Brides's, London, 21 May 1636, EliEabetb, dan. of Bir fetter Osbome, Et.« by whom he bad two 
daughters (see thdc buriala 7 and 2J Jao. 17150G>; secondly (Mar. Lie, Bp, Lond. 18 Jan, 
1647-8), Cecilia, widow of Sir William Swan. Kt., who was buried at Southflcet, Kent, 30 Oct, 
1661 ; and thirdly (Mar. Lie Fac. 28 Feb. 1666-7), Jane, dau- of fiir William Monins, first Bart, 
of Waldershare, and widow of Sir Timothy Thornhill. Kt., and of two subEequent buBbaods, 
named Matthews and Swift, who was bariod at Bt. Bride's, London, 8 Feb. 1671'2. Dying 
without Hurriving male is«ne, the title became extinct, 

* (In the unofficial register only.) Second and youngest dau- and coheir of F^ir Jobn Lewys, 
of Ledston, co. York, Bart., by Sarah, third dau. and coheir of Sir Thomas Foot, Kt., Lord Mayor 
of London in 1649, and wife of Robert Leke, third Earl of ScaTsdale. See her husband'e borial 
4 Jan. 1707-8, and that of her only child 16 Mch. 1680-1, 

^ (In the unofficial register only.) Henry, Lord Offaty, sod of John Fitzgerald, eighteenth 
EaH of Kildare (see his burial 4 Dec, 1707), by Lady Mary bis wife (see her burial 28 Nov. 
1683). According to bis cofBn-plate (examined in 1867), he died 16 Feb., in the seventh month 
of his age. 
t * (In the unofficial register only.) Eldest eon of SirClipaby ON™ff.Kt.(8ee his barial 3 Feb, 
1648-9). by Jane, second dan, and coheir of Sir John Pultency, of Minterton, co. Leicester^ Et. 
He was bom 20 Dec. 1626, and baptized 3 Jau- following at St. Margaret's, Wealminster. He 
died 13 Feb. Through his dau. Anne (bj his first wife, Carew, eldest dau. of Sir Arthur Gorges, 
of CbeUea, Midx., Kt.). eventually bis sole beJr. who married Jobo Offiey, Esq., be was ancestor 
of the present Lord Crewe, of Crewe. 

■ Her will, as Jane Altatt, of St. Andrew's, Holbom, widow, dated 6 June, with a codicil 
27 Dec. 1683, and proved 9 May IG84. mentions her nephews Samuel and Francis, aons of her 
brother William Boulton, deceased ; her sister-in-law Sarab Churchman ; her husband's nephew 
Humphrey AUatt; and her cousins, the children of John RuAbin, deceased, whose widow 
Margaret was her residuary legatee and executrix. The unofficial register also gives her name 
as " AUatt," and saya that she was buried in (be West Cloister. 

" A child of James BvtUr, afterwards second Duke of Ormond (see his burial 22 May 1746), 
by his first wife. Lady Anne Hyde (dau. of Lawrence, first Earl of Rochebter), who died at 
Dublin in January following. See her sister^s bmial 17 Feb, 1687-8. 

' i. e. of Prince George of Denmark (aee bis burial 13 Nov. 1708) by the Princess, after- 
wards Queen Ai:ne (see ber burial 24 Aug. 1714). Bcymotzr's edition of Stow says "a 
still-born daughter." Luttrell, in bis Diary, mentions the report of the birth under the date 
of 30 April. The interment was, of conne, in the royal raull. The entry is in the unofficial 
register only. 





















Alfixendtr fyihff an AtmtmatL* 

Sir Lamlj ltobio[»ou :* [in th0 AH«if^ 

The Ducht-M of Ormond :* [ta /A* Ahbeg\ 
The CouQh'u i^f Yurinimth :* [m /Af jl^A#y]. 
EUzftbctb Mill!»:' [C/oiilm*]. 

^ [Ia tho uuoffiouLl rcgutcf odIj), Bin wiU, ib» of HE, klikrf&mtX WatmiotUr, "DocJl," wu 
il«t«il ST Tdnf. mul pmv«i). In llm Cwxkti. nf tha Hhati inrl (niii|iUr. 17 Jdm U»t, b^ tiEi 
•OD-ln-lnn AbrftbaTn Gilbert, tiillEcn nnd jOLnct of Ixindon, It mcntitTDii liu «oii ti«b«iiAA 
Curml] intl hia cbildr«zi, Mid bis grmidchndrtn Sebiuilina mid Elwabiftli CtJb<rt, S« bU wtfc'# 
bvihjLl v:i Not. 1AT8. 

> (In tho luoffidiil ngiatvr oalj') Hi* will^ a* of HI. UarEUCl%w Wtt^mtaator. joonum, 
«1aiM 2H Not, I6fl1. wan pmvnl 4 June ICHf. hy Thc'iniut ^^tna^t, htiibond of tU luiuirviiium 
Hnr^vt Smin, vba*c kq Tbonutf VM bid print^ipELl Icgntcc Thctc wiare tfifliiiii l^fAcin t^ 
UlOOuidnQwrgC Wxtttrni null biH tOD G«r|;;e. 

> Sir Lumiff^ Ri^binv>n, ontj furrlrlag cblM and hoLr of Sir Thomas Roblnton. dm Bah. uf 
Kontwoll UaU. J-uns Molfoti. KikOclli, bj Jado. dU«*< ilau. cf Lmulev D^w» of Upton ftithajh 
CO, IlnrDford, Riui, Uc bui^cqihIhI itf tci^ond But., oq Ihr nccUkiilAl dcalb ol hU fatlrr* IS Autf, 
ICSS. He wn* of the luntr Tcmj?!*!, wid died 6 June* in bid tbifty-^ixtb j<W, Be« bJ* wift"» 
bnHAl 13 iKyr, IGM, uiU Ibif bapl(jiin« of but <^iMf«n. H Jdt l(L8l iiicl A Ocl. 1682. 

* rtacQnnflldftl rcglitcTHijii ibat ibt? wubnricd iri Lhc ttouih Ctcdcicr. — Uar Llo. Vic. dvii, 
S OcL IGJiiT, for Thomoa F^t^. cif 8t. AlbatkV Wood ^r«i» Lon<lon. clolbwgrl«r, ba«b«1or. «ge<l 
nbodt twciiTj^foiir. uid Mn. Catbrrini* WHImi. uf Sc, UnririvrcE'fl. Waleninalcrp tpinsttf. aboui 
ninpt^foat witb cnrtM^ul of bet falhar, Mr. Ji^titi Willhu. of tb« mLtac pAtiih, Qcct. 

* Lnilj KHubclLi, onlf fiblld of Sir IUch,'uit I'retfjon, Buxiii Diu^'WJill rn tJio itfcrof:* of 
Hwitiuid 111(1 Barl «f DoaaOTLil Id ihai of IftlmiJ. \ij Liulv (Ctb^U^ib Butli^f . onlf lurdrluff 
cbfl-1 of Thotnnik Ivntb Earl of Ominnfi and thtrd Kirl ol Ouorj. Sliv wa^ bom ?£ Jnljr ICIA* 
Bivl nmrricMl. i[i 1(i39. tirr kiTL«niAi:i Jnm«c ButUr. first Diikc of Ormimd {sto biH burial I AuK- 
IfiAS). Z^hc died 21 Jalj. e^ tbc brtrialii of bor cbU^nau, 31 Jolj 1080, 37 Juu 16«5-a, aait < 
Aug. 1710. 

* Ohnrlotte-Jem{mn-n«tiTicitta'MnnA» ni?i|:lclmhte dan, of K. Cbavtca 11.. bj BUjeabcib, UJH 
daa. of *2ir HdU^rt Killifn^w. nftuPwaMn Viiontiiii«4« hb»iini>n (•« her buriiil 1 Jjji. 1(80-1)^ 
Sbo murriod. nr^t. JAinoa HovarU K«1' (oolj son of Tboma» Kcrwtrd, Bia.. wcoiid tcA of 
TbcopliiEnH. >iorond Earl of Baflalk)^ wbo died in bl« twoAUctb j«ar, aaii wm Imrifd fli l^ltiflwicb, 
Midx-. d Julj lAfi9p bj vbom vliC bad ■ dau.. Sluut-Walbmugb, who became Uaid nf t1oi]i>iLr to 
Q. Auiic. AQd. djiu|E unmiimod lh« 2^\h. wju bbHuH Mi r^t. Jamw^ Wi:fltDi]|uicr, Ul Majt l.U^ 
Rbr iTinrH'*'!. iB#>rnni1tj^ alioitt KITH. Uui IfiVi, WtlHum l^ntlovi, nft^mnU vrntiil Itar] <if 
Ynnnoulb* who »^iTiTcd hfj. and retn*rri«i. She dii^l 28 Mj- (hi the WPuTil of tbi- lia]itiJimfi 
of all her odxldrm h; bcrr wooud biubuid, at St- Uariin in tbc Firlda. iba Jk called " CbtrlcCtifr 
Ucunct 1 ic ■ H in »-J luui \w> , ") 

' Tbti umiAltiiA] icglntv ujr>: -' Ura Bite: UHU Lm; Ui y' NufUi CloTaUr "^LalUoV «f 
admlnlfllralinn «ero|rTaaU4 bjtbc^ C«nTt nf rbn Dnftn hfiil niMptfT. A ]}*«. l«fl3,lo lh« tdtalAuf 
KoWrt Mill*, laic of Si. Klar^aTViy Wp^tminiUT, to Ibc relJpl ElliabeLlb. 

■ Tba UQoffidal r0gl4t4rf mijui '■ Mr, W*li«r Mi*rtancr." On bia Tiioiitimcat be » o«lkd 
** Walter Honimon, Gvot^' ami b latd to bare tljcd fl Axtir. i» bi» irjirtj-vi^btb f««r. Uta will 
a» Walter M"r*lmfT, of Kt. UarUD lo tbc FSctdt, Mida. y/m d«(ed Uic Ttb, and |iro«od 8 A^ 
16^. b; hii ftic^itde ^tr Ooorv« Uaa ind Mr. Jobn Fuvtll. Tie tUXed that ha biul Iwo brr4]i««iv 
John uhI Kidiart, oiw of whom vaa dfwl. but wbii^b b« knew noi. ntirl ^%ve bi the ftartiror 
£R00, or, If belli wrre dead, tbnt sum (o thctr chiMrm. \\\t> oTbtrr bvqiHntd wmr ai Followa: 
tovarlB bultdknf ibp iictt cullcv'-" nwir Clii^l™*«. Jf *'ix> : to Mr*. Jaiw Jobber. *WM* ■ lo Un. Ha^lM 
B&d )ln. Margaret Moyd, «ub itlO; to Mrr. Margar«£ Dfc, ««: !« aJ| rhc Ladj Wantie^^ 



H Aug. 














Mr*, Jam Hampiitn u^t burM in /At o!4 cAurcA jNir^* 

Ohariw Paelon, a child := [tV«H»iflrt], 

Mr. Sidney Biignaih* [in Ihf Abhftf]. 

Mr. Frftluriek Huward* son to Uie Earl of Carlisle:^ [i/i /Aa 

Robtti TttNttfTj fv f ft«&f .-^ m ^A« Vhistsrs. 

,, Mr. J«hn Hardiii};:' [tTM>f*r*], 

Hot, LS TIic LiuLy Jane, Coiiotosa uf Monnirath :" [iVt £A« jlfr^^y]. 

A^ cub £Sj Aiid Ipo bl> frieiLdi Hr^ Thomu BobflOQ. Hr. Tboia*^ Llojd^ Mr. John 
LMtavnl^ Ur.Gror^TalhoT. tir. WiUunu. Mr Samacl UoitwclK H r Thcorthiliu Tprr^ll. jud 
Ur. ICdwu>l LorttfnDrv> oltIi n icuino* ring tcjil moiirniDf; la Uii; nluo of JtlO, 

■ Tho QTK^rral r?gis(ifr tNjn : " M». Vllt : TjncLinre liu ; iu j* Korth Obf<tera." fibe m« 
fbe irlfc oT Ihf wnKT of Ihc oii'tQiciAJ mgWcr «n uficii ijtiotnl, who nppcon^ itniDffelj •noufh, 
alvftj* lo Ihtc vnrittni hi* own tiiuu« " John Tioltcr dJrdt LlttJctaik." Ibe ioacripUoa ou ber 
nofmnmL » fivpn t^ Dart Oi^ 182), mjil " RliMbcih, vife to Mr, John Tiiv^hftn?." And that 
ihe dwd 10 Ang. 1A6^ (clcaHj na em>r). in bcr vixlj-firtb jcKr. It &li«o nildn th&l hor hntbiiiidi 
•'JotiQ LitlTefoti flfta* Tlnch^re," <Hivl 9 J"n*c IfilU, ft(t*<l •iilj-llvo, lliin Ifl probfthlj oomcttUi 
bu nwv pijtrir« I'liil :u Uht In that yenr; but hi* will, tinted 13 Scp^ liiVS. iam DM prQT«d, in 
diP CVnirt of the Uma anil IJli&iJtcr, until Ul Aii^> l>(^. ilcdtroOcd lo be burlod Ln thv OloJiil«r« 
ncftT hii wtf<^ nod Kpi'^^nrt io hkTr been so buriocL bul Ibcre iv no rnyird nf it in the Abbey 
ItegMfT. He mi ixk Wj-onJon, aod vra« ridOitAonuf K^r, I'liitip Tjnchttr«. the|m«OfTerof 
tfaCfvlj ro|iMj>r, Mf<ue«t on ihit flr^ pairc (aCO hbt buriiil 13 May 167R)> So* thf* marrlAKOi, of 
tbclr mo £1 »tb, iTiVM. ami of thdr iIilU. 24 Kov. lU^U, Uin bullAl of tbo Ullcr Z JfoT. 170ft, 
■od ihc bA^lfirm of nnathcr daq. 2^ JmU, litC4-7. 

* In the uncrfndnT riegint*^r -inly. 

* CTxild M jAiprr P**tofi (ihirrf »u of Rohtrt, firet RajI of Vftrmoutt), by bu wile D*XDe 
HtrxiT^r l'^'^f^«(^>-' ^^■^>' borUI 'J Juito1G94}. H« irM bapttsodfti E>t. Hs^Kiu in th« Fioldar 
lAUU.. S Kob. MSM. . 

C. ' the KttoUcda rT«M«p mj* t " Jfrv. SfyJiny Uageivili bfl : t& j* Abby, by Bi.|' Thyun«/' 
Thii b pmbfthly fumwL and thrr* t^ui a^nyily bo % <Sf>ubt ihat %h^ ifnji thp flrnt wife of 
HEdialiu Bi^rjull. oi Sewrj. ia JrcUmln and t»f Pim-N^wydd. An^lfwy, Km|„ M.l*. ftir 
An|[]fttf7 in Util (wr tie Imrial <rf bU aocond wife ]3 Ui^h. 1713-13, «ad of • ftun hy h^ii 
8 Mcb. IG9i-f^). The pnvtf of thin aiipMn to be furoUFictl by n rtii<An1 of the bftpUjim, In tho 
|MUlk r<f;l«Kv of ^ PiudV Curfiit fJiinlcii, 10 f^cp^ 1671. ff U^rj. dAu. of Kichcilai ItngcuoU, 
Buq^* And Obnw J^y^iwy hU ^rlfv. nnd by the fac^t that, thortly &fLcr the dftte of this btirinl. Ur. 
llB^poftll numed Lftdj Aone- Charlotte Bnm^ Uur identity t* iriiknowii, ah she j« i^c ncn- 
boned In tha accotioia of the fnmiLy. This is a pvrtiiicut l]Lu«|j-fttba of the raluc of ttic naoffidAl 

* Krc<lcrickChrUtEiin, »eonil ftOQ of Churlci. lint B&rl of CnflialOt by Aixncs dan. of 
Kdward tint Lord lloirftrd of Ejicri?!):, lie wai born at OopenluwcD A ^'or> lfi04. and was *!iiin 
during Ui« ile^^of Luxombnrs- Hvdivd Linniikrried. (TbounoflidAl n^iitorthyi Ihnl he ww 
bari*d IQ Oct.) Sen the htrialj of Lja brolbvr and «1al«r, 1 Apl, IGTO and 23 Uch. l<ai-2. 

* (En ibo DuaO^lAL reglncr only) iSoc bl> fnthcr'a burU) li Kov, 16H, nnd bU mother'* 
BAng. n^n. 

' In thr) official B«initcr ia wnticn. \n pcndl, "% «iiic]i>jr ninu.^' Efe wu one of the 
"yinicUDarorib«Vidhi»" Su tJiercya^ band of K Cb*H« C, hm Kirly i» 2f) IX'C- 1626, nnl wu» 
■wora a OontlonMi of the Cbapc^ R^yal In lii:iH> He Ih mcuiioncd w one of Ibc choir of tho 
AlAify U Dr. Ilaftby'i acikiunU, rhcanoOldjU rogimor Mya Itml be dkd 7 Nor. Rl# will, luof 
HI- irarvvrM'is W««tninufei. Oqel1.. dated 33 Hep- and provtfrl 37 Kov. ItlJ^I, in thv Conrt df iU# 
Imha lUiJ CtiApter. irivea no dt?w to hi* bunTly. He left hia porlrait to Viwount NewpurUud 
ippoinie^l Vf. TbonM Forrlbam ami Hr Tbomu Moryui roffitlomj l«|E^tNi and axoeaiorn. 

* J>fta. of 8tr Eobcn IlaonA/, Kt. and Han. of S^tlaod. She married, tat, and wh 
















. \\h. 


Thomas 3i[&QAe]l, Esq. :' [in iha Abl^y 

Tlie Karl of R<j4conioi] i^ [m ihs Abimy}. 
Lnoy ByUieU;* [tVwrtcr*], 
Mfn John Luiirt'tiw;* [tVotrtcrt], 

Oharkn Uiu 2'', King >;f f^ri^liiiKl, ScuUiiiid, i^tc, was laid in tJie 
new vault At the Kiut eiul of Ui« Si^uth i^ivk in K- ilcnxy 

fcooncl wUrf uf, Sir Ctmrio* Coole, BcfictOil Bftrt,, who Vw orctticd £C&r1 of MnuirlniiJi, in ihfl 
|if4)nLfi> of IrnlftiiiJ, 6 Ht^p. IfitiL And died IS Do?, following* havlnff liod Ioud lif ber ivo miw 
ind three daugbtcM. Sbe idutM, ■eooadtjr. fSr Bobfit Bobding. of DibUn, vhi> tm created h 
Bnroncr cE IrttAnd, ^ Au^. I«7a, oud wlw w:m buH'-tl at ^fcuufc, co. N<itU. SO 1I<L 1689, lij 
wliooi kiiv hwl ftii only chilO. BliiAbotli, who muilcd Jarjcm IJamil^cin. »<ixlti Karl <if Abercofu 
(toe W burifil a:^ Uch. IT£I>. Lodgv, iP hiA /Vwvy «/ /rvUni/, ihj* Ibat tbflCbuaUiaotf 
Muonli&lli ''lUbd IB NVrvrmbiTr ]£ftriiml vac buHcd »t ^'L MlrluuiH crh^ivli thi^ ^ftfiut;" but 
ihc woi undoubtedly btiricd in tbc Abtnj on tbe vv^cy lUj be suito Ibat i^ ciwd. Tic lUKjffl- 
ciiLt R^tvr rtiieat» ibo oiUrj, ami givta th« |>U<o of bcr buhAl ua " ncorc Hciuj ;* :<b 
muEutiQcnl," Had then b no T«ocird of Iho nnooTni of beer rvouiiw, wbicb. lnd««dL a1 Umt 
}K;,rind, rouUI hanihy haro b<Mni Acoompliiiliod In four djk.j«- 

■ [tidiul ftui <d Buwcy Uaniwll. of BHUkQ Fcrt?, col OUmarfan, K«q. Hv nj|trkiilAt«il ftt 
Oxford, from Jam^ Collc^. 10 Apl. If^63, ngcd fiflccD- Be mvned ElEubcth. dan. nnd heir of 
BJclL«nl OwQV, of roiiduhn, c;o. Brt<*ciii, KHq., wtio turvtvwl hbi, nnd by irhpm ho had » «d 
TboiuM (•«« tit* burliii 16 Jul. ITOA-Qj, oad two dAughtcj^ 3lftrj And l^lltAbdlL H« dml 

> The uncdHdal tvgi*lcr uj> " Otkcwtcb." r^o waa probftbtf ft arrtftnt. 

> WcBtwiorth DilEonn fourth Kiu-l of ifAn-^/an^i-n, the celebrated poet. Ro w»M «oti of 
JjUDDl. ttui>l Karl, bjr KlimbvLb, /Oungnt diu. of ^ir WilLiniD WtuiLwurLh, tx*\ Bott., JUid fUtcr 
of T1iouiaj% tb<.' uitftrrtiiiuiti: Katl of ^irAlTiiri], Hv itiurlnl, Qral^ Lo'1; fniEi[;i<» Bujrir. cldttt 
dita. of l<l<^barJ, lir^t Hurl ^.'t Burliuict^o, aiiO vmlvw uf Colmui] Cunrtii^-j ; nn4, fVoooiUft 
iMbtttls. yoaiiicoit dAu. aud co-hdr uf Utithow Bojntoii. SaQ- (mcodiI «xrv)Tiii|E Am af Ht 
MAUbcv Uofatoii. flnt GaK^ of BArmHtuu, co. VorkJ, who «arTired him, Tbn llomM for tb« 
bttcr nami^c wu gnuit«d bj the Vicar Qviieral \) N'ut. lG7t, luiii hUftgcis tborcin sivou«« 
about tidrij, wbicb^ if corrvoi, yt*j\M ntuke biui txiiifldcrHbty yuunifvr (Jjaa hMn imn bUfaoto 
tapfiMttd' Ha wdA Ciptnm '^f the Bnud ctf (JQcilktucn ruutiouorHf uDil Uutor of th« Honoto 
tiie DuchttiA of York. IIU vr\\\, dihjil 14 Jan. IflVi-S, Id w^lcti he nivnity bequ«athtd \\\ b>« 
Mtfttc Uj hid vtfc Jiubfrlk, wju prutc<l bj her on the 3tit of the >«me mouth, the imofficud 
n^ftMr taf> ihut lia wm barkd U tb? A^ibey " Dture T ^brine iuli'41.'* 

■ Tb« unodlciftl TVgl<laT aajfri '^ Mr><. Liiovy BJllLr^l." Lvtwr* of MloiIultiLrAtloti wor^ 
gruitcd, T r«b' I6»t-A. to Iho ««ttilo of Lit/j J^itkrlt, »£ SL Munjarvl'a, W«jnnkln4t«i; «]i(tul«r, 
to hcT Uriel J'^nAOM LcwiA. SMabaiUl 1 I'^c. li&7V. 

■ Ap|XiitmlLj| fmm hiB iathcr** vnll, third and jDitngCBt fton of Bdward fjaunsi^oc. dtian 
ODil alderiDAD of Cliichenter, bj Itta wife Siians. He wnt b«pthctl >u i^t. Ti-lor tlic Qml (or 
«ubHlM]H>ry ptflrdi)] OilchuAlcr, 16 Jutj lOJSi, bniI wut MuniL'tiiiit f+ivteuirj to ihclOiHncclloir uC 
thtt Eubv^uor. Ho liiud I Vth. 8d« tho bRr£»lis <Tr bU wUc ID ^ep. ]«9T, hU aoa V3 Jotj 1077, 
and hit dan, CL«df Anbc RoUbHon) 13 I>e<*. IGMX 

* eocodd hot tldvt tuniring koi of K. Chas. I. aiid Q. HenHctla'Uiifia. uid bctn At 
St. JuimV 2n U^ iOW.— '* I'riAOe C^barlca bum :i9 Ukj llinO. Af^r,i /rri ^urmlA fM^ dirilUtt«il 
•amic da/'* (HtcovoDpc Ui Aiboialc Mf^. Uad. LlU, ;flJ, p, IKC l>>.— t<W> Juee 37 - <:barolua 
rrirmpM b«|>>~ fdt " ^Ptf. lL«f. K. Martin in the }<^pMt).— CoruiuoDeo'l rvifniog co h>* 
tbimetb tinbdaj. 70 Mny 1^60, aad cruwaMl 23 A]j1. ICAl. Uaiticd at RiiTtJiuuambt Baiil4, 
Saaiay ltf3(i»jt tb« 2lNi ai t» n«uail7said>,CHiheriae,dAU, of Joba IV.. King uf PuttugaL 
vtko «nniT<4l funt and dwd at Lisbon 3t 1}K. JTO£. llo ilkd at WbilirlmlL. 6 f«b,. kaTiujc no 
k^tli&aiE uatic> llic uaoAcUl it^tcd Nif a. unite data of C Feb., " King l^harliu ^ S*' Ujod 



March 14 
















leaf March 4 Anne Wnghtam :^ in th^ South Cloitter. 

Mary Terrick :» [C/owr*r*]. 
1685 April 21 Nkoia» Boueh^, a child: in the CUHSters? 

A mate child buried in Henry 7*^ Chapel, in the middley between 
the efalh* 

Alice Hill :^ ovir agaxnei the Little Cioisier. 

George Vaughan ;' [m the Abbey}, 

Mary Knipe:^ IGloieiers']. 

Charles Qraham, ao& to the Lord Preaton -.^ [in the Abbey"]. 

Humphrey Langford:' [Gloietere]. 

aboat 12 att Nooaei" and uuder date of 14 Feb.f " King Ch&rlefi wfta boried m a new vaolt," 
See the burials of hia brothers aod ehitcTA, 13 Ha; 1629, B Dec. 1610, and 2\ Sep, and 2V Deo. 

^ (In the unofficial regtriter onl;.) See a marriage 1 Jaly 16S0, and burials 17 Sep. 1662 
and 1 1 OcL 1686, and nobefl thereto. She was probablj the second vife of Anthonj Wrightarm 
thereio mentioned, as, on 16 Dec- 1683, " Aolhon j Wrightaon and Ann Barges" were married Id 
the Temple Church. 

' The unofficial register sajs that she watt buried in the *' East cloyster neare Mr. Wbicher/^ 

* (In the unofficial regiflier onl;.) See the buriolH of (probablj) bis parenta, 11 Dec, 169£ 
and 2 Nov. 1724. 

* (In the noofficial register onlj.) On an examination of (be rojat vault in 1868, a coffin- 
plate was dtsoovered) containing the folloviug inscription) which sufficiently eiplains this 
entry ^—^^ James Damlej natural sonn to King James ;' second Departed this life the 22 of 
aprill 1685 Age<l aBout eight Uounths." Even the existence of this child appears to have been 
nnknown, or, at all events, unnoticed in history. As the King, by letters patent, conferred the 
name of DaruEe; on Catherine, his illegitimate child Uy Catherine tiidley, and ccDsidenng the 
date, there can be little doubt that he was the oSripring of the same mother. On the 20th of 
Jauuary following fibe was created Baroness of Darlington and Countess of Dorchester for life, 
and, after the King's connection with her hod ceased, the married David Colyear, who was 
created Earl of Portmore, in the peerage of Scotland- She wss dau. of Sir Charles Sidley, of 
Aylcsfordf co, Kent, Bart., by bis first wife, Catherine, third dau. of John, Earl Rivers, tShe died 
at Bath, 26 Oct. 1717. bee the burial of this child's sifter, as the Duchess of Bqckingbamshire, 
8ApL 1743. 

' (1u the unofficial regi^iter only.) Ii^ee a burial 6 May 16^2, in about the same locality. 

■ Theunofficialregistersaye thathe wflsburied 6 May, and "in Kieter Chappell," As this is 
evidently identical with the Chapel of tit. John the Baptiat, in which John Vaugban, third Earl 
of Carbery, was buried (see 28 Jan. 1712-13), it is most probable that thia was his son George 
(by his second wife Lady Anne Savile, dau. of George, first Marquis of Halifax), who was bom 
the 6th» and baptised at St. Martin in the Fields, Midi., 30 Oct. 1663, and who certainly died 
young, a£ the Earl left only a daughter at his death. 

' Probably a tdHter of Hev. Dr. Knipe, Head Master of Westminster School (see his burial 
9 Aug. 1711), and of ChrtBtopher Knipe (see his burial 28 Apl. ]ti73). According to the 
miofficial register, sbc was buried in the North Cloister, where Dr. Knipe tuid his family were all 
buried. A Mary, dau. of Thomas Knipe, wns baptised at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 35 Feb. 
163o'€, about two years before the birth of Dr. Knipe. 

■ Eldest BOO o£ Sir Bichard Giaham, third Bart, of Esk and Netherbj, created Baron 
Graham and Viscount Preston 12 May 1681, by his wife Lady Anne Howard, second dau. of 
Charles, first Earl of Carlisle. He was bom in 1672. The unofficial register says that be was 
buried in '* Exeter \_i.e., tSt. John tbe Baptist^s] Chapel." 

' The inscription on his monument says that he vras of Langford Hill, co, Cornwall, M-P. 
for Camelford in tbat county, and that be died 24 June. The unofficial register says that he waa 
buried in the North Cloister. 




















Mrs, Jnne Lown<iK:* [OUistfrty 

Muflniii ViHitrs:* [iw (hf Affbey]. 

L»dT ATm« 8cott :' [in rA« A^Avy}* 

r«ndr Anne Howan)* duightcr to the Knrl nf Cftritilft:* [» lAi 

Mr*. Aun Knipc;* [CifffiCffn], 

Margurj Amofi ; " [riJi*/pr*], 

Cijload ThoiDA* IVntuQ * hy EiHvr moumneut^ 

v^e Aoiw (>oe bcr bmiftl 2tf Aag. ITOV). She wu N<^ond vlfc af Willinm lemtdtt. h)f VTfiMlinr, 
Bndcf, Bm|.. HMTQtory in ihoTrtuurj in lOOA, and manj jcin M.P.. Icr tthcrm ibi? viu tnArrkd. 
aA pir riom^nl Dflrtcas Miilx^ 25 Nov. IfiSSL Eu Uie MaJl Lio, Vio, Q^\i. )u^t agv wan yiven ha 
aUjul iWLTUtif-tviO' lliv vnulDeUl rc^f4iT mbj< Umi tlnti wu* butioi in Ihr Kurtli CidhlVT. 
Her biubaiYil mmarrfcd twice, md «*a*' huntJ nt Wiiulav SKT Jmn, I73S-4 (oee ibe barlnl of 
hill drit wife a Sot. 1680). 8w Uig burUl o1 her oi^lr cUiia. Anne Jctt. SB ApL 1T2L 

* Tbtf ujioflicia] m^Mtf tii^: "Un. Fli^attr VilWn \m: bj j< Old Lad? vm«n,'* Sbe 
wfi« tiAii. of Mr RdvATii Vlllifim Kl^ Hi>c«>l«r f>r ibo KhMa of ll*frwj (wbo <li«ri 7 iriep. t6S«, 
wbllti IdOnl t*rc»Ulciil cif MuiuctcTp nail wn« burli>] iu Bx. Ktuy^ Cburcb, YtiughjU), Iff lik 
v-ifo ftartiarft. «1d«t Jad, of t»ir JoLa I^t^ John, of f.f<tlArd Thi;oj(, W{|U. Kl, («« h^r luri^l 
le Sep. 167J>, She died uonurried. and her wilL ilAiod 2i» !^|x 3<itf4, wu pf^>vtd 30 JiUy le^O. 
bj her l^rotbvr 0«or{«, Vitcouiit QmuditOD. aod h«- ntccc Anne. L'uurit«« of BljinfaalJ. tc« tlie 
b&pii«in» of hor brcthcra and fdxtOT, H Apl. 16t9» l& Apl, l(l30,iU)d 1 Jui^ir ie£2, lutd Iho hurUI 
cd her brother 2 Jut^ Kfi?. 

* Sccoiul dan. di Jfline*. Dalce of Blonioguth, bj Lmiy Auna ScoU,aAiJ bom IT Ikf*. I07t. 
8h«dlcdin the Tower cf London, fiee her brother** btinjil 10 Feb. 1r;73-i tmd noxc ihtTvU*. rml 
Ifac buriali^ of ftnoUitr hrolber 6 Doo. 16T9, anil of bvrii«Cer S ^qi. I(183> Tlw unofflcu] n^Ur 
Ba7« tliut Mh» VM bimcd " m Monmouth'* ToaLt, prlTfttdy." 

* KltlMl doJi. gf Edimid, tpcuad Karl oj CiuUiIc. bj KliMlidb, lUiQ- wid cobtfr of BSf 
Wdliiiai 0T<<.ibl«, of Winkimm, HmK Kl,. and vndoflr of Sir Vnitflm Borkolej, Kt^ Ihiid »ii of 
Gurioo^ ViAouimL KltKbbr^lins, She ira« boni tu 1668, &u<3 diol unnurrinl. BrjrdjFcii'f oSlioa 
of Co1lluft'»il0crirj7'' frrcucoiwly ^toa ibc ftneot hor dulb u I69£. tho (uioflldjil niciitrrtaTd 
that tho VAA buried IT Aug. Nm tb« buruli of bor iltftcr uid broths, 3 Nor. 16U4 uid :» Jnlf 

* The uut-fflrinl pi*jEi^t*r tatjn- *'Mr« Knnr Knipi* jfiniof.*' 8ho wn* the And wlto <ii 
Bcv. Dr. Tboma^ Kiiit>i'. FrabeiiiUTj '>f WcftiuJnht«r h/iiI floml-MMstor of Woetoiiiirter ScIkxiI 
(«tt bia hma,} 9 Auk< ^'^M^ ^ho dird 24 Aug. Jf^om ihe wtU4 of h^r himbnii-i vflhtrMQ 
RichariLibotppnnnilotiftve bcco • vitler.fithcr «l Blabi>p ^pnlr (iiMbiv bntml YA Ma/ l7lS},i>r, 
xiirm- [jmbdtitj« iif bi» vrife (w W burial S Ucli. lfila-<>}. ^4« ihi^ bdpHim of bcr no 34 Mob. 
ieitJ^9, ftad rho burUU «F b«r »mi«, M Trh lATl>-l, I Mnv. 1«T4, Sit Jar. U7T^ md S» l^eU 
nO'J.Il, aiuJofbtrdfttiKhter. Aiiue Arnold, ."tO K«j^ |;ax 

* Leit«rtof vltninbtratlcoi vr«iT|rT«iilvdlohcrbroUicT IfatUiew Uadcett^ 2 Oct. 16tl^ vhcft 
«he wu dc«icrlbrd u of ^. Uargmt't, Wciriiiiinctcr. *pinflt«^r. Tfao uuuffit-iHl rrgUtfrr «aji ahe 
wik* biirtod In lh« rkfDtb Cloister. 

f Prribablj wifr of JiLnifH AiflM, ibn Cnllps* e»rd*nflr(iH hifl buHal 14 Mi*b- 1IUP*I?OOX 
Tb« nooilcial rtfSMer iaja ihe wa* bnHcd in tbo Wcit Cloiitcr, when h« wai olv buried. 

* tbeuififflidalreTtitcrMifitb&ibcwubariH "neare y FUrtdfEMcs." Uirbu comedown 
Ion* in hutor/ nn the almoflt fclilary ^n^tAiier of a vuci'r«»rti] ifimfalrr who taikleolyalaii'loNOd 
bifl pr«fm4on. ami bco«Rie a wunbj |rc»ltrmna aoil lutcfu] cjIUvu. It U related Uiat. Iijivirig iu 
€ntt niifht *rca a autu raffldtnt locncnro him aA c*t4ilc w^inh £I^K> n jcar he iicvor tnm|ito4 
furtont B^in. bet wrqoired a pfiailtTc sT^raioo to both c«idj ntvl dio«- Ilia name bM beea 
litvcrred hi ibe well-known Panton ^Irv-ct. Hajrniarkit. Hk «oa Tbomu Iwi^ame a Lieut,* 
Qtnanl In 17U, and tal* dan, KLUabdb oiamod Hcnr7p fifth I^ord Anindol of Wanloar. 














I 4 

March 26 

March 30 


1686 Nov- 12 Mrs, Anne Thompson i' ^Cloutsrs]. 

Mary, DntchesB of Eichmond :^ [in the Abbey']. 

Mr. Robert Nott;> [Cloiekrsy 

Mr. Qervaa Sntton :• [Cloiefers], 
168| Jan. 12 Thomas Hawkins:* [ChiBters]. 

Richard, Earl of Arran :* [m the AhU^]. 

Mrs, Frances Monday -^ {^Cloisters]. 
1686 March 26 Mr. Edvard Winne ; » [in the A bbey]. 

Colonel John Stroad :» [in the Abb^y], 

Anotber daD., Dorothj, in l€7fi) mairiGd WiUiam BtAnley, of Cbelaeo, Esq., nod, if tbe marriage 
allegHtioD can he tniated^ she iraa thca of the npe Kge of nine years, exactly half the age of ber 
baaband I Colonel PantoQ, in his will, beqaeathed the manor uf Coihali, in BDckoall, aad other 
UncU in Herefordshire and Shjopshire. Bee bia wifeM burial G ApK 172fi. 

■ See her husband'a burial 20 Dec. 1700- tibe was his firet wife. Tbe tmofflcial register aaye 
that she waa bnried io tbe West Cloister. 

' Eideat child and only daiL of George VJUieps, first Duke of Buctiogham (aee his burial 
18 ^p. 1326X bj Lady GatberiQe ManDera^ only dau, and beir of FranciSt sixth Earl of Rutland. 
8he was l>aptixed, at 8t. Martin in the Fields, 30 Mch. 1622. tjhe married, first, 8 Jan. 163M, 
. CTutrles Herbert, sod of Philip, fourth Earl of Pembroke ; secondly, 3 Aug. 1637, James Stuart, 
fourth Duke of Lennox, afterwardfl first Duke of Kichmond (see bis burial 18 Apl. 1655) ; and, 
thirdly. Colonel Thomas Howard (see his burial 21 July I67S). The unofficial register Hays that 
abe was buried ^^ia fiichmoad's vault." See the burial of her son, by her second husband, 4 
Sep. 1660. 

■ See the bnriala of (probably) hia father 26 May i696, and his mother 20 June 1700. 

* Letters of administration were granted^ 25 Jan, 1686-6, by the Court of the Dean and 
Chapter, to the estate of Jarria Sutton, of St. Margaret's, Westminster, to the relict Maty. The 
unofficial register says that be was buried in the South Cloister. 

' The unofficial register adds : " an Almesman, ba : by y' Btepps." Bee a marriage 3 Dec. 

* Bicbard Butler, acccud surnriug son of James, first Duke of Ormond (ace his burial i Aug. 
1G8S), by Lady UliEabeth Preston, oulj child of Richard, Earl of Desmond (see her burial 
24 Julj 1684). He was bora 15 June 1639. He was created Earl of Arran, in the Iriah 
peerage, 13 May 1662, aud Baron Butler, of Weaton, in tbe peer^e of England, in 1673. He 
married, first, I*ady Mary Bluart, Jau. of James, first Duke of Richmond and fourth of Lennox, 
wbo died in 1667, without issue ; and, secoadly, DoiT>thy, dau. of Jubu F'Grrers, of Tamworth 
Castle, CO. Warwick, Esq., bj whom be hod issue, and wbo survived him many years. He died 
26 Jan. See hia sou'a Iwptism 10 Feb, 1673-4, his burial 10 Oc^t. 1676, and tbe borial of hia dan, 
£4 Apl. 16B7 ; also tbe borials, of hia brother 31 July 1680, and his aiater 6 Aug. 1^10. The 
unofficial register aays that be was buHed *" in Moumouth'a vault.*' 

' See marriages, 6 Not. 1679 and 1 Jan. 1688-9, and buriala, 7 June 1670, 24 Apl. 1676, and 
14 Dec. 16S2, probably of members of her family. The unofficial register gives hei name 
^* Monday," and says that she was buried in the North Cloister. 
L. ". Eldest son and heir of Robert IfyfUM, and nephew and beir of Maurice Wynne, of Pen-y- 
brin, CO. Carnarvon, Esq. (see hie burial 19 Oct. 1682). His will, aa of Peu-y-brin, dated 14 Mch, 
16S5'6, then residing in St. Martin in the Fields, was finally proved ] 3 Oct. 1687, by hi^ brother 
John, but hia brother Owen was named his heir. He also mentioned his brother Richard, and 
his sisters Margaret, Sidney, Catharine, and Dorothy. The unofficial register aays that he wai 
boried '*by S' Lumly Robinson/* 

* His will, as Jobo Str&dff, of St. Margaret's, Westminster, Esq., dated 26 Mch. 1686, was 
proved 18 June following, by his relict Mary, who is atone named in It, and to whom he left all 
his estate in England and Irclnod.^Mary, dan. of Colonel John Slrood and Mary hia wife, was 
bapticed, at tit. Paal'a, Covent Garden, 5 May 1671, and buried there 2 June following : in the 
latter entry he is called " QoTemor of DoTer."^-GiTiU]a, dan. of Colonel Stroud, was baptised at 




















ICfie April 10 Cftpt. Francia Kansell :* [Cloislsra']. 

Sir Philip Howard :* in Exeter Chapel. 

Mrs, Jano Waldron :" [Gloiiters']. 

Thomas Raggett:* by Mr. Ashburnham'a door: [Cloiitirs]. 

Cnpt. Philip Bell :* by Mra. Linacre : [CioiiUri^. 

Phiiifi Tynchare d^sd att midnight.^ 

Thomas Purcell, a child i^ [Cloiiiers}. 

Mra. EliBabeth Yardly :« [Cloiiters']. 

Mrs. Mai^farot Dalton :' [^Oltnatera^. 

SL Haifrarot'H, WeHtmintter, 7 Apl. 1680.— John f^trode, Ksq., was one of the Gentlemen of the 
PriTj Chamber to K. Chhrlca iLin 1682.— Lattrell. io hia Diary, uitdei dote of 3 Ub; 1686, eajat 
<' Col. Strode, gorernour of Dotci. w Utclj dead." 

' HU wiLL, aa of 8t. M&rgaret'a, Weatminster-, Geot., dated 16 June 168G, waa proved 6 Maj 
16801 b,T the relict Barbara <t«e her buriAl 13 June 1687). HIa children were Ch&rlefi, Fraocie. 
Bllubclb, Barbara, Frances, Anne, Uar;, William, and Rache!. aH in their minoiitj. He held a 
pauaiun of £200 a jear from K. Charles II. for the livea of himself and wife, and bi« sons ChorJea 
and Francis. The unofficial rcKi^er »aja that be was buried in the West Cloister, In Califctaiua 
the date of hii burial is crmneoual j given as 4 Hch. 1683-6. 

' Tbinl son of Sir William Hoirard, of Naworth Castle, co. Comberland, Kt.« bj Mary, 
ehket dau. of William, fourth Lord Kure, and jonngpr brother of Charles, fitst Earl of Carliale- 
H« was knighted at Canterburj 26 May 1660. and was admitted to Oraj's Inn 7 Aug. 1662. 
He marrietl at b^. Martin in the Fields. £5 Apl. 166$. Eliubeth, dan. and heir of ^ir Robert 
Newton, of LoniloD, Bart., and widow of l^ir Jubn Baker. Ibird Bart, of Sisaingburst, Kent, who 
iQTTiTcd him, and waa buHed at Craobnxjk, Ki?ut. 2S N«t. 1693. He and bia brother Thomas 
(see bis burial i1 July 1678) wer« actors in the affair in 1653. which resulted in the execution of 
the Portuguftw Ambassador's brother. Don Pautaleo do Si. He left a son Philip soniriug, 

* See the burials, of her father 14 Feb. 1676-7, her mother 24 Jan. l6ti6-7. and her sister 9 
Pfrb. l67E»-6. Tbe anofflcial register sajs that she was boried in the tkiath Cloister. 

* The unofficial register ^aja : ** Thomas Raggett ju : bn : bj j* little Cloj." See bis father's 
burial 5 ApL 1679, and piubabl^ his mother's 17 Ucb. l66-«-»0. 

* Tbe unofficial register sajs that he wag buried in the West Cloister. :^ ihe burial of 
Vt«. IiDm.-r^ to whom be was perhaps related. 23 Jan. 1643-4. 

' (In tbe unoffloial register onlj). See his maniage 17 Dec. 1672, and bis father's burial 
li Maj 1673. There is no record of his burial. 

' The n&t&ctal re^n^ter sajs that he wu boried 4 Aug.. in tbe East Cloister. See the burials 
«f (prohablT) hU father 26 Not. 1695, and his mother 14 Feb. I70l3-6. 

* Eldest child of Thomas IK^uklej (see his burial ?? Feb. l6Sv<-SJ. br Elisabeth, second dau. 
of John Fijx» Ea]. (see their marrizige 18 Uaj 1665). She was baptiied at ^t, Uargaree'g, 
Westminster. 7 June 1666. S«« her mamage to William YarJUf 10 ApL 1663. and note thereio- 
t^ died 8 Aug.. and ns buried in the ?Cortb Cloisler. with a monnment. Her eldest child. 
BUsabeth. who was bapliied at Greenwich. Kent. 17 Jane 16S4. was liring 25 Jan. IG^^-S. but 
died be&iir her fatber. Her oulr tjiher chiM. Gertnide. became her father ct hetr. and wa^ tiTing. 
latumamed. "Si Uaj 1716. when ber great -ancle. Sir Steven Fox. left her a legacy in his will. 

* liar. Lie. Bp. Lond. •£$ Jan. 1674^. f^v Richard Daiton. jun.. of St. Uartin in the Fields. 
Mii^ tient.. baclwUv, aged iweniy-fiTc. and Uargaret Johnson, of the same pari?b, spinster. 
aV?d iwvntT-two. with the eonwnt of her parvni^ Thev wen; nurrufd. at St. Martin in the 
fields. 4 F*b, ftjllowing. She was buried, accofdtug lo the nnoficial register, in ihe S^irrh 
Cboister. at the hettJ of Mr. Nichi>las Jv>hn.wn i^9e« faij burial 21 ApL 16S2\ wbo«c si^er i^ 
appe«n to hart- btvn. Her hujfband wad <oa of Richard Dalt^^n. &<q . :;^eaat of the Wine 
iVUmr to K- OLarles II- and he was hini?elf Yeomaa uf tbe Cvllar. He married a second wife. 
aad livi^ antt^ 24 Xov. 1 731 . when he died, and wss buried at Leatberhead, in Sum; v. See the 
lMri«I \< his sbcer Ladr Xair Fipebncr. I Feb. 1647-^ : also the t>artaL^ of hi^ childr^i bj his 
tot wile. 2V M^ aoa 13 JvM IfTT^ and of h^ gnsdchiM. Bri(>get Be^a'?^. 3 Aug. 1733. 


























9unu«l Blie, a cliiU : * [iTSni^j]. 
E^ir JameaTomeoti:* [CVmCwa]. 
Ehsiilx^Ih WrighUon, » child :' [ChuUrB], 
Mr. Tbi^in« Saylor :• [Ctowtor^J, 
Mr. Kobwt Abbou:* [Ot^iiftrO- 

Tht LodjF Ann-Sophia^ ^cnmgc^t dao^ter (o tlicir Roj^ Oigb- 

p ctM O Priao: G<x>r|;c and the Prioocn Ann of Denmark;^ 

[m thBAbh^sf]. 
The LadjMa>7.e]d««idiingbtertothdrRo7ikI nighneasea Prince 

Gcor^niti) tht! ?rinr«M Aiiit of DLTimnrk:' [m tky Abl^'], 
Mn, Mury Foxt* in the North aialo. 
The LbiIj* llonnettar Connteos of Boobefiter :^° near the Rftrl of 


■ Bighilj /r/ylA. 5m tbn bapcun vt bU moihtf M Julj IGfiA, and nctc Uioiieio. Tlie 

anolBcUI rqpfltar m7« thftt he wu lniricd in the l^otith Cloiitor, t^Mi Uiff bbrioli ot bl« brolbcr 
■nil vS-ur, lA Apl. Ifiim &tid T Atxg, I'Oh 

> The nnoffioUl re^sUir ^irM lh« Mno name, ttad up ihAt he wm IjEtj-ied fn tbe lir«<t 
CloA«t*T- H« doot not oe<ar in tajof ih«f known luD* of knigLiA or borunctJi, nnd no wtlJ or 
vaeord <i admlnlfcmtlon of bli vmimxc hu bom dr^txn'vri**!. 

■ 1^43 a marriage 1 Julj ]6^0, amJ linHn^lT t<«p. Kits ud « Uch. I«84^. ud oot^ tbavdo. 
Thr nnoffiL-UI tr^^Acr «jv ihhl nbc wb* bim«l iu tJao EiOQtb CUstST, 

< llif uilL a» of St. U^nb in iba E^Uld^ dAtod 21 OcCv, wii proT»d 19 Vot. 16flG, by bi« 
frionil litrnry Gaj, Kfnf,. roAiJuArj Icgnicc. Tht- oulj relnUouit he meotoonod were bivAiiUri, 
Kliiikboib, vTit^iof Wllltam SavILI, Kk{^ and Brtdgoi Ifaxlor He left eondderabk Icgaottf to 
Kilia^ £pc»l Aud Ilia ton Tbonuu. and ringt to munovouf ptmcn* <rf nuik, indodin^ tb« Ixird 
CbaaecHor, (bo Uwtcr of tbc Halt*. Lord DnrUnmjth. «!<■., aul J^IO to Lord Cuitluton out of * 
Ann due to him from ihe Duke vt UncktiijcEiun, TbouncracLot Tcslf^lcrwjslbal Jio wa» boriod 
iotbe Wo]dCloUtcfp 

* Tlie UDoOcinl ngtiter aaji Ibat be was buried In the South dutnter. 

* &CC ilie bllli*]i^ of bcr bntbuid H Ft^i. 1674-7, «ad of brr dAnahCon, 9 Peb. 1ff7C-lt and 
ITApKISM. HcrwiL.dHlcd4 Jan.. vria pnyrciL fn the Cbiirt of th« Duuiiuid ChApkr. l5K«b. 
IH8II-7, bj ber «on Titaotbj WA?ilnjn. TlnT other A^niTing ohiUrcn vtn Honry. TboTnAn, and 
Ago«4. Sbc aiao tncbUoiicd bcr fiitd iDgram. 

' TMnJ butBvC^itl Uvliii; child oT rrluos Odui|CV of Di^-uiutrk (v>ii: hi» burUl H Noir. tT0J4), 
bj tli« PHdovim, AfUtwAfdfl Qocon Aiin* (mo b«r bvriAl 24 Au^, 1714). Hb« vrna born at 
Wtndflor 13 Sfij 1686. ^be died J F«hp, and mu buried in ibo rojal rnnlt 8oo a bnnal 
19 Uaj IfiSi, 

■ t4t<xind but eld«»< linn; cbihl of PHnoo tiowfa oT DctuoArlc (aio Ida burial U Nor. 170S), 
lij thic- PrJu«bos sfLvrvruKlH Quivti Auucfiw bcr biui*l 24 Aug. 17H>. Slic wju U^n itl \niiE4>- 
bAU I J'tno lAdA. fill* diMl a Kiib., AflJ irM burled lu thn mynl roTilt, Sm a hiirlAl IB Mnj Ma4. 

» Eldr^l child of Wikltcr Jamoa, B^].. bj hu wiEi- Ann« («x- b«r burial 13 Fob. IC72-3, 
iod DOle thereto), in whoic will ehe ia n^ntiorioil. SJ^'; vh^ baptixi^ &t St. Uar^nrpt'n, W«t- 
nlnftcirt )S Occ 1410, ami married a Mr, Krm, Ly vrhon Aim had lurrlTiiig Imuo two tcua, JoireH 
■Dd DAukJ. iTct wiU. dti;«d 29 Mch. l^BT. wu ijrored tlic fallowing dAy, b; Jutioi ^J. AcuiJid, 
cf l^^ndnn. Ka|.. adiI TlitiinAi (irunHT, rA WivtaituUvt. Gonr_ whom ihrr »ltcf1 hrr nopltowik. And 
vbcm her mother, in h^ *i]1, nimoij aa A^mnilcliLldniu. Thin uleatiffoatkm U tbc more 
faBpt:?nArit bocAu«v Brydfea^ In bla edition of Oollfnn* Perra^ (iv. £37), atran^ly ounfoundcd 
ber with Mftncirct, ao onnamcd dooffbtcr of r^r ^te[lbcn Kox. 

" riflhdH.Df lUfbAid Uoylc. ll»l KArlorHurlloK^n, byLnly Bll»bctb€lIibnl,dAa.And 
beir of Benry. £flb euil lofil Rnrl of Cnmberlanil. And wife of LAwrvnoe If^do. Atit Karl of 
ioebeater (*ee hb burial lU May 17il>. t(o« tba burials ol her daoitbten^ 3 Jaae 1730 and 
!l Jalj 17ir. 

2 V 






















William Howard. Mr. Pellinff's man -} \C\mi9ri\. 

Mr. Junjw! E(li:if Ion :' 1»_t ln» father. 

Lndj Rlixftlteth Butler, the Karl of ArraRB datij^hter:' [m tt* 

Gi-argc, 6«kc of Itnckirgam : * in Henry Tlh's Climpel. 

Mr», B*rbnm Mtcsell '^ in the Weflt Cloister, 

Lady Lccej-Uamblctoo Sftndjw:' tear the font* 

Mr. John Slioarolc, u memlicr of thi« <*iircli :' \€\^Uiti\, 

' tl»n unnttlck] rnffiitcr ta^\ " Th^i nowmrd bu : aoder y* Arch by V Alroonnen.* Mr-, 
mfUrmrtlj Dr, BdwAnl PcUing. wu one ol llio Prebbadnhw itt ihir* ttro^ 
L- ' Oulj sou erf Majur^UcTienl lUfiikiT(»b /^jtrffin <■«« IiSa htaiaX R Nor. ir>HI), bj hi* *tamd 
min. Khubctb, iluu-ol H^QFj Mnnnj, K«|. (uv her tnirUI 13 fcb. lT19-ia>, Uo wa* bom lliv 
Snt. ftrnl l^^ffbeU fcl St. ail<a ib Iho FUUn UidiL. 17 Oot. tCT7. Ho <Uud IS A|>1 

' Sot ber folhct'* bojial Sf Jaji< IfiSfi-Q. Her aiottivr RdnbJatvred to fa«T OiMA n' mQ 
iafuit. 111 Doc. l^Si. Th« urid^cLal r«jfi«tor mjb iImI abe wm borlod ooat her brother. Laid 
'DilkilEb <m bU biirlat !0 O^r. lliri;). 

* Gcorp3 VUlIcn, cnilj turdvJftie eon uf QvorgTh flnri Puke oT JVwJtriijrAtfvi (hv bit IjurlAl 
IS Sep- I43lf), b/ Lculj* CMhrntif MAnn«nt, o»t/ dbu. uiil iMtr of PtitAOtA, hixfh Hmri of ItulluiiL 
Be viu bam 30 Jbo„ (mil ImpUsOil %i WAlIitJiffonl Kouae' 14 K<:(^ IdlT-^. wilt ■ fpir iiKinilA» \%im 
vuoccecLtJI iv< A.Kioii<1 I>itk«. flcdlcd nt ft tcoAQl'* bouac m Klrkbj'Uduniltlo, nj. York, Iti ApL is 
this yc^r, »nd wu burtnt ihv lu^it dnj hi the ^aHhIi ohurcU there, bbt reranna bcdog ttbi*- 

Dyiti|E vrltjioiit l4|pttmulD luu*. iho UU* b*oftra« catllnct- l4ro iho Imriali^ of bin riutf<bafta Sfi OcL 
ITOI. Lis l4Mlbct> IT »cb, inue^T and !fi Jiilj lf)l0, and hb ri»ur 211 Sov. 1R8A. 

^ KoohoihUBbanrriibtinA] LOApL lAt^A. EdwanJ Wt)il«, C>«cit».&aot«ncaof her bvAMOd'* 
will, BdtntTikBtrrcd toborvtftAt^ 18 Aiijf. fullov'bii;, abounitoruf twrmnkOTMiQCIiwIei. 

* BTJiloJitly vinj tJ tliQ fMliiviwbltf ouortoftftutaf bri liniv. vrliUH) ideiLtlij ft b diAciitL lo 
d«ftftrtnjn#, or avari «hat>ior kbfi bail anj- rlffht la tlia rLKti^cA Ah« bcir*. Th«m liomii, b^vevor, 
■rood namti to lapposF Ibal nha was n iIau. of i}cotee K.itk> ibc^ notorltnw Qnxon cf Uia Uod* 
cbuaber iu K. Gh&rlo* II. {Ur pftrt^mibn of whum mv Iho uol« to 1b« buiuJ <tf Diftwt, tViunlW 
of Qiront, l6Apl. 171!'), bjbiA wife Atiiic. dau. of Sir Koli«rt Kllli«i«w («ee bcrbvij^ ilJuty 
1041). Mhk KliLc'aOkotbcr, tboD l^unc M«17 t«l&ffont. ia bci wilt dat